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Petco Review

Thursday, October 6th

2022 Dog Bed Store Reviews

Petco Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • In business almost 60 years
  • Over 1,500 items to choose from
  • Prices range from $10-$600
  • Free shipping over $35 and free in-store returns

Petco is a company that's been around a while, having been established in 1965. They have over 1500 brick-and-mortar locations including more than 100 in-store vet hospitals. They seek to build communities that help strengthen the bond between the pets and their "parents" .

Lots of ways to shop

When you first arrive at the site you have a few ways that you can shop. The first is the type of bed. You can shop for orthopedic beds to support older dogs, bolster beds to provide cushion for your pet, durable beds that have chew, fade, and water resistant fabrics, and cooling beds to help when temperatures climb. You can also shop blankets to make any space more comfortable or crate mats and pads if your dog is crate trained. The next way to shop is by your dog's size so you aren't looking at beds that are far too large for Mimi or too small for Clifford.

Large selection to choose from

Petco has quite a few choices when it comes to dog beds. If you keep scrolling down you'll find beds automatically sorted by most popular, but there are a number of filters on the left-hand side to narrow the choices down: category, price, size, brand, average rating, if you can pick it up in store or have it shipped, bed fill, color, material, and type. There is everything from the traditional looking pet bed, to a cot, or even a mini couch just for your dog. We also liked that toward the bottom of the page, Petco gives you a number of FAQs and things to consider when choosing your bed.

Loads of details and pictures

On an individual item's page, you'll find lots of pictures with plenty of information on that particular dog bed. An orthopedic one we looked at showed a cross-section of the materials the bed was made of and how that would help make your dog comfortable. It had a star rating made up of reviews from other customers. There was a place where you could look at answers to questions other shoppers have had, including the ability to add a picture of your dog in the bed for other people to see. There were plenty of details to read through as well as an attribute section and information about the warranty.

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Free shipping on $35 or more, but returns are on you

Free standard shipping is available on Petco orders of $35 or more so if your dog bed is a lower-priced item, you may want to add a couple of toys or bags of dog food to your cart to get your free shipping. Otherwise you'll have to put the item in your cart and have them calculate the shipping costs, as there are a number of factors that go into it. If your new bed isn't satisfactory to your four-legged friend you have 30 days from the time of initial shipping of the order to return it - NOT from the date you receive it. You can return it to any store for free, or you can ship it back, but we are guessing you'll have to cover the shipping costs for your return since Petco mentions in a couple of places that returning in-store is free.

Email list invite, but no discount to sweeten the deal

Be on the lookout for pop-ups in order to save money. We were asked to join the Petco mailing list in order to get exclusive offers, plus pet tips and resources. There wasn't a discount code offered, but signing up might still lead to saving you a few dollars.

Not the best customer service

While the selection is great and free shipping of orders over $35 is a perk, we came across quite a few unhappy Petco customers. Complaints ranged from problems with ordering to packages being delivered to the wrong address. Customer service was lacking when trying to get issues resolved as well. Petco has a "B" rating from the Better Business bureau, which isn't horrible, but it's not impressive that this store isn't in the habit of responding to complaints and trying to resolve them. If you have a Petco nearby (for easy in-store pickup and returns) and convenience is high on your list, then go ahead and give them a try. If not, you may want to check out a company that has a few more happy customers.

Where Can You Buy the Best Dog Bed?

Research says that nearly half of dogs sleep with their owners so it's not uncommon if your fur baby sleeps in your bed with you. It's also well-known that although there are some benefits to co-sleeping with your pet, there are drawbacks as well. Most notably, it can lessen the quality of sleep that you get, which doesn't make for happy days at work or an easier time handling the kids the next day. When you're ready for Fifi and Spot to go ahead and sleep in their own places, you'll need to shop around for a dog bed.

Before searching for a bed, take some time to observe your companion's sleeping habits and make note of the things they tend to like. Consider the size, style, shape, and materials that they tend to be drawn to. Does your furry friend get hot at night? Do they like to have blankets to cuddle up with? Do they tend to make themselves a "pillow?" What kind of spaces do they like to sleep in during the day?

The Best Dog Bed Stores Compare Dog Bed Stores Compare Dog Bed Store Reviews What are the best Dog Bed Stores Best Dog Bed Store Reviews

Dog Bed Store FAQ

Just like people, dogs need a comfy bed to sleep on. On average, dogs sleep anywhere from 12 to 18 hours every day, depending on their age and breed type. When your dog has a bed, they have their own safe space that allows them to relax in a spot that is devoted to them and that helps protect their joints and bones for years to come.
Of course, dog beds range in all shapes, sizes, and types. Dog beds are made to fit any size from tiny to massive. Giant dog breeds especially need supportive beds to protect their knees and elbows from hygromas.
Many dogs are chewers - especially at a young age. Look for dog beds that are called "chew proof" or "chew resistant" . While no company can guarantee complete chew protection, many manufacturers make some sturdy options.
Although you generally can't customize a dog bed, you can find an option that fulfills your pet's needs. Many sites allow for you to find a product based on the type of bed fill, bed shape, material, color, life stage, bed type, breed sizes, and more.
When it comes to picking a bed, you must consider how your pet prefers to sleep. A pooch that likes to sleep in a ball or tight circle will like round, pillow top nesting like beds. Whereas a dog that prefers to hide away and stay warm when they sleep is more likely to prefer a tent or cave bed. Along with bed types, knowing the type of bed cover is important. Younger dogs prefer more contouring loose filling pads. Older dogs tend to go for the solid pad since they would most likely have problems getting up and dogs that have health issues, such as joint pain or arthritis, would love to snooze on orthopedic mats.
Dog's beds that have been loved so much that are not pleasant to look at, smell funny, and/or are not sanitary for your pooch should be replaced. If you have a pup that likes to get their paws dirty, a bed that has a removable and washable cover is recommended.
On average you should wash your pups bed every 1 - 2 weeks, especially if you or a loved one has pet allergies. If your pet sheds a lot, or frequently is outdoor, you might want to wash the bedding more often to prevent your allergies from acting up, keep your pouch clean, and to prolong the lifespan of the dog bed.
Most companies offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, that includes a refund policy. If you have a finicky pup, be sure to shop from a customer friendly online company.
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Dog beds come in so many shapes, sizes, fabrics, and price points that it can be as overwhelming shopping for Fido's bed as it is a human bed. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop:

  • The needs and preferences of your dog: Different dogs have different needs and preferences - just like their humans. Is your dog a puppy? You'll want to be sure that the cover on the bed is machine-washable and that underneath is waterproof. Is your dog older? Look for a comfortable bed that supports their joints. What fabrics does your dog tend to gravitate toward? Maybe you'll want something soft. Or maybe you'll want one that is chew-proof - or at least resistant.
  • Style of dog bed: There are almost more styles of dog beds than you would be able to get for yourself. They range from a nice pad to put inside your dog's crate to a bed where you might feel you need to put a crown on their head and start calling them "Your Majesty" - and everything in between.
  • The space where you'll be putting the bed: Do both of you still want to be in the same room at night? You'll want a bed that's not only the proper size for Rover, but that fits well in the space you are looking to keep it. Maybe you're thinking about the kitchen or the living room? Do you want the bed to be "cutesy" or do you want it to match the decor of the rest of your home? Do you need it to double as regular furniture? You'll even find some that are a dog bed on the bottom and a nightstand for you on the top.
  • The price range you have: Dog beds come on the very affordable side to the mini-couches - or even the dog bunk bed we came across - that are more than your human bed cost.
  • Reputation: What are other customers saying about the retailer you're shopping at? Are they happy with their purchases? How well were any problems resolved with the company's customer service? Was shipping free, or at least affordable? What is the return policy?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best places to get a dog bed for the four-legged members of your family. We hope these reviews help you to pick the right one to keep your dog happy, healthy, and sleeping well for many years to come. Sweet dreams to both of you!

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