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The Best Dog Food Stores

Where Can You Buy the Best Dog Food?

If your dogs are like ours, you probably spot a furry little face at your bedside right on cue every morning, telling you it's time for breakfast. You go to scoop out their meal and - oh no - you're almost out of kibble! You already know that "people food" is a bad choice, because it can upset their stomachs (and encourage them to beg at the table too). What if you don't have time to run to the store? Or your local pet supply store is out of your pet's preferred dog food?

Online ordering to the rescue. From familiar brands to specialty manufacturers, most types of dog food are easily ordered over the internet. Better yet, some stores have ways of getting it delivered right to your home within a day - or even a few hours. Also, if you've got options near you and just don't have the energy to run inside, lots of dog food stores let you order online for curbside pickup.

Sunday, July 14th

2024 Dog Food Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Chewy Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Over 4,500 options in dog food
  • Free 1-3 day shipping on orders over $49
  • A+ rated and accredited by the BBB
  • Unconditional satisfaction guarantee with 365-day returns
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Chewy is on a mission "to be the most trusted and convenient destination for pet parents (and partners) everywhere" . And it's working. With 24/7 customer service and 17 warehouse locations throughout the US, not to mention more than 2,000 brands covering dog food and many other types of pet products, this retailer can get what you need right to your doorstep within 3 days (in most parts of the country).

Easy-to-use website

It's really easy to find the right dog food when shopping at Chewy's online store. You can click on the type of food you need from the images at the top of the page: dry, wet, veterinary diets, premium, fresh & prepared, raw, human-grade, food toppings, frozen, and freeze-dried & dehydrated. (Did you even know there are so many types of dog food?!) You don't necessarily want to browse all 4500+ options, so using the filters will definitely save you some time. You can narrow down the products by brand, breed size, life stage, flavor, price, texture, and several other criteria, then sort the results in whatever way is most important to you: newest, most reviews, price, and so on.

Good availability and pricing

How did Chewy measure up in our price comparison, where we took two commonly-purchased dog food products for a head-to-head matchup across retailers? Chewy doesn't offer a single-can option for our canned food example, the Purina One SmartBlend Beef & Brown Rice in a 13-oz can. Your only option is to buy a case of 12 at $19.61. That's pretty much the same price we found elsewhere, minus the convenience of being able to get one can to see if your dog likes it first.

Stock up and save

On the other hand, Chewy sells this dog food in a two-case package for $37.26, saving you some money if you want to stock up. You'll still need to add more to your order if you want to qualify for their free 1-3 day shipping on orders over $49 - but with all of the cool toys, treats, and more that you'll find here, you'll have no problem finding fun things to add to your cart. How about our kibble example, Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream? Availability and pricing were comparable with Chewy's rivals: $17.99 for the smallest bag (5#) and $54.99 for the 28# size (which automatically qualifies for free shipping).

Autoship = discounts and free vet chats

If you set up your dog food for regular deliveries, you'll save an extra 5% each time. Autoship can be canceled at any time, and it comes with a nice perk of free access to chat with licensed vets seven days a week. Your first autoship is discounted 35%: a nice savings if you're buying a big bag of kibble or a two-pack of canned dog food cases.

Best Dog Food Stores

Exceptional one-year refund policy

And, even if your furry friend doesn't like the dog food that you buy, no worries. Chewy has an extraordinary satisfaction guarantee: they accept returns on both new and opened packages for a full year after purchase.

Helpful customer reviews

Top tip for getting something he'll love with no need for returns: check out the customer reviews at the bottom of each product's page. For example, on that Taste of the Wild dog food, there were almost 3,000 ratings just on that flavor variety. You can see at a glance how many stars it earned, what percentage of reviewers recommend it (in this case, 96%), and sometimes see photos of the doggos whose owners are leaving feedback.

Got questions?

Right above that is Chewy's Q&A section. It's extensive, with answers to things like "where is this fish sourced from" to "are these bags resealable" . You can browse questions posed previously by other shoppers or ask your own. Chewy's experts are on the job and will get you the info you need.

World-class customer service

No big surprise that Chewy's reputation is fantastic. Like many dog food retailers, they have an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and over 8,000 five-star reviews from pet owners nationwide. Although some Chewy deliveries have been affected by the shipping problems being experienced across the country, most customers are still getting their dog food right on time. And, this company goes way above and beyond with customer service: we found multiple reviews from owners who received floral arrangements in sympathy from Chewy when their beloved pets crossed the rainbow bridge. It's obvious that Chewy genuinely cares about companion animals and their people.

Winner among dog food stores

Chewy offers the best shopping experience for dog food. You'll find everything you need at affordable prices, and their 1-to-3-day delivery window gets you what you order right on time. With a generous return policy, round-the-clock customer service, and a true commitment to pets and their owners, this retailer earns shoppers' loyalty for good reason. Chewy is our #1 choice for buying dog food online.

Only Natural Pet Review 4.5 Star Rating

Only Natural Pet

4.5 Star Rating
  • Just over 1,000 options in dog food
  • Free shipping on orders of $49+
  • A+ rated and accredited by the BBB
  • No-hassle, complimentary rewards program
  • Autoship program available, save 35% on first delivery and up to 15% thereafter
  • 60-day return policy on both new and opened items; customer pays cost of return shipping

With a name like Only Natural Pet, you'd be right to expect all-natural dog food and treats when shopping at this online store. Headquartered in Colorado, the company maintains a strict promise to provide items for pets that even humans could put on or in their bodies. ONP maintains a lengthy list of unacceptable ingredients (like beef tallow and parabens) that you won't find in anything they sell.

Good prices on the brands they carry

You might not be surprised to hear that Only Natural Pet doesn't carry the Purina canned dog food we used as a comparison across retailers. They do offer Taste of the Wild kibble, and it was priced the same as pretty much everywhere else: $17.99 for the 5-lb size and $54.99 for the 28-lb bag. You'll also find other well-known brands to choose from, like Orijen and Stella & Chewy's, plus Only Natural Pet's proprietary brand.

Discounts abound

How about discounts? Like many online dog food stores, Only Natural Pet offers subscriptions to keep you stocked up automatically, with a 35% discount on the first order and up to 15% off on subsequent deliveries. When you sign up for the Only Natural Pet mailing list, you'll get a 25% discount on your first order as a new customer. Just be aware that there's a maximum value of $35 off when you use this discount.

Complimentary rewards program

You'll also see some savings through ONP's free rewards program. Earn 5% back on every purchase (even if you checkout as a guest instead of creating an account), then spend your accumulated credits every quarter (January, April, July and October).

Best Dog Food Stores

Refunds allowed for up to 60 days

This dog food store offers a return policy that's more customer-centric than many of its rivals. You can return anything you order within 60 days of delivery, for any reason. That's always a welcome perk when you're trying new brands of dog food and you're not sure your pooch is going to give it the A-OK. You'll get a full refund for what you paid for the product; on the other hand, you won't get your shipping charges back (if any), and you're responsible for paying the return delivery costs.

Fantastic reputation

Only Natural Pet is a dog food store you can trust. The Better Business Bureau gives them an "A+" and accreditation, and there were only seven complaints filed there in the three years prior to our evaluation. There's not as much shopper feedback to be found in other places, but you'll see ample reviews on individual products sold by ONP. For example, their brand of kibble in the Powerfood Poultry Feast variety had over 500 customer ratings and an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Check out the reviews at the bottom of any ONP product that interests you and see for yourself.

Not everything is in stock

The one slight downside to shopping here is availability: on several items we selected, there was an "out of stock" notice due to supply chain issues at the time of our most recent visit to the site. Helpfully, Only Natural Pet included a link to other recommended dog food items that were comparable and available for immediate purchase.

Excellent choice for healthy dog food

Only Natural Pet is a handy place to shop for dog food and other products that will support your dog's health and wellness. Pricing is competitive, the return policy is more generous than most, and the company has a good reputation with its customers. Shop here with confidence.

Amazon Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Over 3,000 products in the dog food category
  • Save more with subscription deliveries
  • Tens of thousands of customer reviews to consider
  • Easy to use website
  • Food is not returnable but may be refundable

Amazon has become the site where everyone shops for, well, just about everything. A new dress for a night out? Yes. Tools for the next project? Of course. And dog food? Naturally, with more than 3,000 products in Amazon's vast inventory. Having a Prime membership sweetens the deal: you can see right away whether your dog food will come within a day or two, or even overnight while their delivery elves go to work as you sleep.

No problem navigating this site

Undoubtedly you already know how to use the Amazon site to shop for dog food. Type it in and search away if you've got a specific brand and type on your shopping list. Otherwise, if you're exploring all of the possibilities, use the checkboxes on the left side of the screen to narrow it down. Some of the most-used filters are flavor, feature (like grain-free or organic), dog food bag weight (if you don't want to be hefting 30# of food off your porch), and breed size. Amazon adds a helpful feature we didn't see in many other places: Frustration-Free Packaging. That's fantastic if you've got issues with arthritis and need your dog food to be simple to open every day.

You'll find most brands here

Amazon had no problems fulfilling the dog kibble we researched at each store in our review: Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream in all three bag sizes was available for delivery within two days and priced the same as all of their competitors (between $17.99 and $54.99). We also found our canned option, Purina One's SmartBlend in Beef & Brown Rice, but it was only available as a 12-pack of cans and the price wasn't the cheapest on the market ($19.08/case). However, at least in our area, the Purina wet dog food was eligible for same-day delivery with a Prime membership: a great option if you just realized you're out of food and you can't get out to buy it at a store nearby.

Thousands and thousands of reviews

Despite not being a pet food specialty store, Amazon has more reviews on individual dog food options than any other internet retailer we surveyed - by orders of magnitude. For instance, their best-selling Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Food has a staggering 33,000 customer ratings (averaging about 4.5 out of 5 stars, by the way). That kind of input is super-helpful when shopping around for some new munchies for your mutt.

Best Dog Food Stores

Not our favorite return policy

One area where Amazon isn't as competitive as our highest-ranked dog food stores is the return policy. Pet food isn't returnable, ever - which isn't surprising, given that it's consumable and not exactly non-perishable. Unfortunately, the ability to get a refund is vaguely-worded for most dog food products we saw: "may be eligible for refund or replacement if the item arrives damaged or defective" . Does it count as defective if your dog doesn't like it? Or it gives him an allergic reaction? We're guessing the answer is no. It might be a good idea to start small with any new dog food you order through Amazon and hold off on ordering a larger size until you know it's a winner.

Subscribe and save - sometimes

Another place where Amazon isn't as robust as a dog food store is their Subscribe and Save option. We were surprised that it's not an option for every type they sell: after all, how hard is it to set it up as a recurring delivery? Evidently it's not as easy as we imagined: you'll need to check that box in the filters or look for dog food items that are specifically designated as "Subscribe & Save" if that matters to you. It's not impressively discounted when you do so - often just 5%, and sometimes you have to add another item to your recurring subscription to be eligible - and you might get a better autoship deal with another dog food store.

Plenty of reasons to shop here

All downsides aside, Amazon still ranks high as a place to buy dog food. It just doesn't get much easier, and with quick delivery options you can run out of food on Tuesday night and have a new bag at your door before your dog even wakes up for breakfast on Wednesday. And you'll have a hard time finding as wide of a selection and as many customer reviews even with a store that specializes in dog food and other pet products. Amazon would need to up its refund policy to compete with our favorite dog food store, but it's still a great choice overall.

TruDog Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • 16 options for dog food and toppers
  • A+ rated by the BBB
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee / refund policy
  • Free shipping on orders of $47+
  • Free Love Club rewards program
  • Autoship available (and comes with 10% discount)

TruDog was founded by Lori Taylor, after she watched her beloved dog Truman pass away from a terminal illness at a young age. As she looked into the causes of his death, she focused on the dog food industry - realizing that much of what we consider "quality" pet food is actually very far from what nature intended for dogs to eat. TruDog is her response and contribution to the health and longevity of dogs everywhere.

Freshest dog food around

This is a dog food unlike most others. Everything you'll find on the TruDog site is made with premium, human-grade ingredients, all created in small batches for quality. Ever wonder how long your pet's food sat on the shelf before going into his bowl? Not here: you can count on your TruDog food having been produced sometime within the 30 days prior to your order. That's fresh! They also use dehydration and freeze-drying processes to maintain the nutritional value of the dog food, without the use of any chemical preservatives. Keep that in mind as you shop: a 2.2 lb bag of raw dehydrated food, when reconstituted with water prior to serving, makes up to 6 pounds of food.

What should you buy first?

We wish that it were a little easier to figure out where to start in the TruDog store. Does my dog need a Boost Me Raw Topper? Or maybe we start with Rawgo Beef & Carrots? Given that this is such a different approach to pet nutrition, it would be helpful to see an intro right on the dog food page, instead of having to poke through the FAQ or take our best guess. We suggest reaching out via live chat, email, or the toll-free number on the TruDog site if you'd like some guidance with your first purchase.

Lots of ways to save

When you first land on the TruDog site, you might have the chance to save 25%. Look for the pop-up asking for your email address; you can unsubscribe from their emails anytime. There was also a 25% off coupon featured at the top of the TruDog site during our last visit, which would save you the hassle of signing up for their emails. You'll get free shipping on orders of $47+, and you can get extra discounts when you sign up for the no-cost Love Club rewards program, which earns you points on every purchase. Finally, if you set up recurring deliveries (once you know your dog loves his TruDog meals), you'll save an extra 10% on each shipment.

Best Dog Food Stores

Quality costs more

You'll want those savings, because this dog food isn't cheap. Like it says in their FAQ, a 10-20lb dog will eat about $50/month in "premium" kibble - and the equivalent TruDog food supply costs around $125. But, that same FAQ says that you can expect your dog to be healthier (which means lower and fewer bills at the vet), shed less, and have less frequent/watery bowel movements.

Risk-free for 60 days

We were really pleased to see that TruDog has improved its return policy since our last evaluation. Try any of their products risk-free for 60 days; if your dog doesn't like it, you can get your money back. This dog food is very different from what most pets are used to eating - with the price to match - so we appreciate TruDog making it a no-brainer to give it a shot.

Phenomenal customer reviews

You might not find a ton of feedback for TruDog outside of their website. Rest assured that the company has a good reputation, demonstrated by an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, even if you don't see lots of reviews around the internet. On the other hand, it only takes a quick glance at the hundreds - or thousands - of reviews on individual products here to see that TruDog has quite a loyal following. We didn't see anything they sell with an average of less than five stars, and we encourage you to read through the product reviews for yourself.

Spendy but worth it

If you're committed to feeding your fur baby only the best dog food, using a diet that's the closest to what she would eat out in the wild, TruDog is an excellent option. Most pet parents rave about this food and how it improves the quality of their dogs' lives. Yes, you will spend quite a bit more than you're used to, but TruDog may help your pet live her best life in a way that traditional kibble and cans won't deliver. This is a dog food absolutely worth trying if you can afford it.

PetFlow Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Over 2,000 types of dog food to choose from
  • A+ rated and accredited by the BBB
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • 30-day return policy on unopened items only, customer pays return shipping fees

PetFlow got its start in 2010 with a mission to make it easier for pet owners everywhere to get the best food at the best prices. Their inventory consists of almost 300 different brands of cat and dog food, treats and other supplies.

Filters make it simple to find what you need

It's pretty intuitive to shop on the PetFlow site. Use the filters on the left side of the page to make it easier to find what you're looking for: brand, price range, dry or wet food, any special conditions you're trying to manage, ingredients, even where the food is made. You can also see at a glance how customers have rated each product by average number of "paw prints" (like stars); you'll have to click on a particular dog food to see how many reviews were used to arrive at that average. It's helpful to scroll down to see the reviews, because you can filter them by aspects that might be important to you (like certain pros and cons) or even search for keywords like your dog's breed or food sensitivity. (And don't forget to take a peek at some of the cute doggo photos while you're at it.)

Decent availability and prices

How does PetFlow's selection of over 2,000 dog food options stack up against the competition? We had no problem finding the Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream kibble we used as a tool to fairly compare dog food stores. It was available in 5, 14, and 28 pound bags; the smallest option was priced the same as everywhere else ($17.99) but the 28-lb. bag was a dollar more expensive at $55.99. However, PetFlow had an option to buy two 28-lb bags for $105.98, not only a choice we didn't see elsewhere but also giving us a savings of almost $7. Our canned dog food, the Purina One SmartBlend in the Beef & Brown Rice flavor, was also available: it could only be purchased as a case of 12, not as single cans, but the per-case price of $17.25 was lower than we found at most rival dog food stores.

Watch for discount opportunities

If you'd like to get a 10% discount on your first dog food order, look for the pop-up asking for your email address when you visit the PetFlow site. You'll also have to check a box to indicate if you're shopping for a cat, dog or other pet. Also, if you'd like to set up your dog food for auto-ship deliveries, you can enter code 10x5 and get a $10 discount on your first five shipments. Cool side benefit: every order gets a bowl of food donated to a pet in need.

Best Dog Food Stores

Dog owners love shopping here - usually

Reputation-wise, PetFlow does very well. They've got an "A+" rating and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with very few complaints filed there. And, looking outside of the BBB's listing, we found over 46,000 five-star reviews from happy customers. Our one caveat is that a fair number of the more recent reviews indicated issues with delivery: items coming late and requiring dog owners to buy something locally until their packages arrived. During a time of widespread supply chain issues, that's not surprising, but it could be more problematic for a retailer like PetFlow that doesn't have easy in-person pickup options.

Is it in stock?

We noticed those inventory issues as we browsed the PetFlow site most recently. Out of the eight different varieties of Purina One SmartBlend they listed, all but one were out of stock. There were similar issues with different sizes of Merrick Backcountry kibble and canned dog food from Hill's Prescription Diet and Royal Canin.

No returns on opened dog food packages

Another reason why PetFlow didn't make our top three list among dog food stores is their return policy. They never accept returns of opened products - so if you buy a case of canned food and your dog only eats one of them, you can't return any of it. And, if you decide to return an unopened item within PetFlow's 30-day timeframe, you'll pay return shipping fees ranging from $5.95 to $14.95, depending on the original price of what you're sending back.

Good option, just watch availability

There's no question that PetFlow has a solid reputation and that their customer base is enthusiastic and loyal. You'll find a wide range of dog food brands, from the staples you'll see in a supermarket to premium-quality, specialty foods - but the question of the day is "will it actually be in stock and arrive when you need it?" With how often the answer to that seems to be "probably not" , we think many dog-moms and -dads will want to check out the higher-ranked dog food stores before turning to PetFlow.

Walmart Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Thousands of options for dog food
  • Can get orders through pickup, home delivery, or shipping
  • Everyday low prices on popular brands
  • Return policy depends on fulfillment

What can't you buy at Walmart? From tools to toothpaste and bananas to bangle bracelets, you'd have a harder time naming something that isn't for sale at this worldwide superstore. And, with options that now include the handy ability to place an order online and have it ready for pickup at a designated time - or have it delivered right to your home with same-day delivery or shipping in just a few days - it's even easier to get everything you need. That includes dog food.

Best prices on smaller quantities

As a low-cost leader, it came as no surprise that Walmart had the best prices on the Purina canned dog food we used for a fair comparison across stores: just $1.59 per can, matching the lowest price we found elsewhere. And, of course, you've got the option of ordering online and doing same-day pickup in store if there's a Walmart near you. 12-packs were a little more hit-or-miss; the flavor we were looking for wasn't even listed, and some of the other varieties were either out of stock or exorbitantly priced at over $40, but we found a few competitively priced around $19.

Not many options for specialty brands

It could be a little hit-or-miss to find the dog food you need here. It's no specialty pet food store, and there are only around two dozen brands to choose from in their dropdown list. They're well-known names in dog food, like ALPO, Nutro, Cesar, Rachael Ray Nutrish, and so on. We didn't find very many options for the Taste of the Wild kibble in our comparison (and, in the spirit of full disclosure, searching for "Taste of the Wild" on Walmart leads to some, shall we say, less than relevant results that may be NSFW). There was a two-pack of 5-lb bags of puppy chow, but no other flavors or sizes - and even that option was fulfilled through a third-party Walmart partner, and our delivery date was more than two weeks out.

Best Dog Food Stores

Can you get a refund?

Returns are also a little iffy when buying dog food from Walmart. It varies from product to product, sometimes depending on whether or not it's fulfilled by Walmart itself or by a third-party partner. For example, on a 12-pack of cans of Purina Beyond WILD, the listing said it was covered by a 90-day return policy - and clicking on the details revealed that it couldn't be returned to a local store. Then again, selecting a single can, the return policy disappeared from the product page, leaving us to assume (and hope) that it would be eligible for an in-store return. Unlike many dog food stores, though, there's nothing specific that says you can get your money back if your pet tries the food and doesn't like it.

No shortage of reviews on dog food

Of course, with Walmart being as big as it is, you've got more than enough customer feedback to consider if you're deciding on a new dog food. For example, Purina Dog Chow Complete with Real Chicken had over 3500 shopper ratings at the time of this review, with a practically perfect average right around 5/5 stars.

Good enough

Walmart's a decent place to get dog food, especially if you're already shopping there for other things and they have what you need in stock. You won't get the range of products you'd find at a store that specializes in pet supplies, and the return policy is a bit of a question mark. But, for your average everyday shopper who just needs another bag of kibble for Rover, there's no need to look beyond Walmart's selection of dog food.

Target Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • About 800 dog food options
  • Free shipping on orders of $35+
  • Options for same-day delivery and drive-up pickup
  • 90-day return policy on unopened dog food

Who doesn't love a good Target run? While expanded options that now include same-day delivery and drive-up pickup have somewhat changed the way we shop there, it's still one of the most popular retailers around. Is it a good option for buying dog food? Read on and decide for yourself.

No problem shopping this site

Shopping for dog food at Target is about as easy as finding any other product there: take a look a the featured brands and categories at the top of the page, click on the type of dog food you need (dry, wet, puppy, adult, senior), or use the filters to narrow down the 800+ choices they sell. At a glance, you'll see if it's in stock at the Target near you (and don't forget to change the location if it's not defaulting to your preferred store), as well as if it qualifies for free two-day shipping: sometimes you'll have to place a minimum order of $35.

Not the best selection

How did Target do with the two types of dog food we used for an apples-to-apples comparison across stores? We'd give it a "meh" at best. They had the Purina One SmartBlend listed at the lowest price we'd seen - $1.39 per can - but it was out of stock across the board. There were a few other flavors we could select, but none were available for pickup near us. Fortunately, delivery was an option for the in-stock flavors and we could expect it to arrive within three days. Our sample kibble brand, Taste of the Wild, wasn't even one of the listed brands offered by Target and searching also yielded no results.

Best Dog Food Stores

Mostly household name brands of dog food

Overall, we found a decent supply of dog food from well-known brands like Blue Buffalo, IAMS, Freshpet and more. There's a good array of product options on many items too: kibble in bags ranging from 3# up to 30#, different flavors, and so forth. You'll also be able to see lots of product information, from the nutritional label to guest ratings and reviews. Many types of dog food here have hundreds (or thousands) of customer ratings to consider too.

You might get a refund - or not

How about returns? Target's standard return policy applies: 90 days on unopened items, and you can take it back to a brick-and-mortar store or send it by mail. The fine print says that "items that are opened may be denied a refund or exchange" ; in our experience, Target stores are usually pretty generous with returns and if your dog has a bad reaction to any food you buy there, we think you're likely to get a refund.

Not the best or the worst for dog food

And yet, Target only gets a "just above average" rating from us. Don't get us wrong: we love Target as much as the next guy or gal. And if you're placing an order for other things and happen to need a brand and format of dog food that they carry, there's no reason not to add it to your cart. But, Target obviously doesn't specialize in dog food or pet products in general, and shoppers looking for specific brands might be disappointed.

Wysong Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Three types of dog food: raw, dry, canned
  • A+ rated by the BBB
  • In business since 1979
  • Pioneer in natural, healthy pet foods and holistic pet care
  • Free shipping on orders of $75+
  • 30-day return policy on unopened products

Wysong has been in business since 1979, focusing on natural, healthy pet foods as well as holistic pet nutrition and healthcare. All of the dog food you'll find here is a proprietary recipe: you won't see any other brands besides Wysong's. Everything they sell has been developed by their in-house doctorate professionals and is produced in their own manufacturing facilities. If it's important to you to know everything that goes into your dog's meals and treats, Wysong could be the right brand for you.

Three food types to choose from

There are three types of dog food available at Wysong: dry, canned, and "non-thermal" raw. The kind you choose largely depends on what your dog needs and what you value. If you're looking to give your pet foods that most closely imitate a natural, raw canine diet, consider the options in the True Non-Thermal line. The most popular product in that line is Archetype, which comes in chicken, quail and rabbit flavors. It's priced at $21.89 or $26.29 for a 7.5 oz bag, depending on the flavor; unfortunately, the only in-stock flavor at the time of this review was chicken.

Might have to buy through a different site

Wysong's dry dog food will probably feel much more familiar. Look in the "Original Diets" line for kibble that's closest to what you're used to, with options for seniors, puppies and adults. There are also formulations that are hypoallergenic if your pet has sensitivities, and a vegan option if you're doing an elimination protocol to determine what those allergies might be. Interestingly, Wysong's most basic dry food, the Adult formulation in Original Diets, was only available for purchase by clicking through to our first-place dog food company: supply chain issues led to Wysong relying on a third-party fulfillment partner instead of selling it themselves.

Small number of canned food options

Finally, you'll see just three options for Wysong canned food, all of which are 95% meat or higher: Adult with Organic Chicken, Senior with Organic Turkey, and Epigen starch- and grain-free (in six different flavors). Again, all of these were only available through that other retailer and not directly from Wysong.

Best Dog Food Stores

Free shipping on $75+, but watch for delivery delays

You'll get free shipping if your Wysong order is $75 or more. At the time of this review, the company was experiencing some issues with supply and demand, which made orders take longer to be fulfilled. Keep an eye on that if you're in a hurry or if you're planning on buying your dog food here on a consistent basis. And, speaking of regular orders, you can set your account to automatically deliver any Wysong products you need: that comes with the perks of a 10% discount.

Read up before you buy

Because the dog food available here is vastly different from a traditional canine diet, we strongly encourage you to read through the information on the Learn section of the Wysong website. You'll find instructions for transitioning your pet to Wysong foods, which diets to begin with, and how to rotate through the diets for optimal health. We wish that the feeding instructions were easier to read in the product images; it's hard to tell how much to expect your dog will need of each product, especially when you might be switching from the mentality of buying a 14-lb bag of kibble that lasts at least a month to a pouch of raw food that comes in under half a pound (and for about the same price). Also, if your dog doesn't like the Wysong food you buy for her, you're out of luck as far as refunds go. Wysong only offers money back on returns of unopened products within 30 days of purchase.

More feedback, please

Wysong has an "A+" from the Better Business Bureau, and there were no complaints filed there. That's a great start. We found a decent amount of positive buzz about this dog food company in other places, but none of it was very recent (and the majority of comments were, surprisingly, about ferret food). Wysong also doesn't give shoppers the opportunity to leave comments on individual products, making it difficult to know which ones are the best to try or to avoid.

Just average shopping experience

There's no doubt that Wysong places a strong emphasis on providing top-quality, close-to-natural food for dogs and other pets. The company has been around for a long time, and their feeding options could be a great way to improve your dog's health and prolong her life. But, with so many products needing to be purchased through a different store, and with so little feedback from dog owners about each food type, Wysong only earns an average rating from us.

PetSmart Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Over 1,200 options in dog food
  • Price match guarantee
  • 60-day return policy on unopened products
  • Complimentary loyalty program
  • Options for same-day delivery via DoorDash

PetSmart is one of the largest specialty pet retailers, with over 1,600 locations throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. You may have even gotten your furry friend through one of their adoption events: the company partners with almost 4,000 animal welfare organizations to find homes for pets needing a new home.

Mixed results selection-wise

There are over 1,200 products to choose from when it comes to dog food at PetSmart. We looked at two frequently-purchased types of dog food to see how all of the retailers in our evaluation would perform: Purina One SmartBlend Beef & Brown Rice in a can and Taste of the Wild's Pacific Stream kibble. Unfortunately, PetSmart doesn't seem to carry anything in the Taste of the Wild line, so no comparison available there. When we looked for the canned Purina, we didn't see it at first - because it was listed as an alternate flavor to the chicken variety. PetSmart offered it at $1.79/can - slightly more expensive than other stores - and there's a minimum order of 12 cans if you want it shipped to your home. Otherwise, you can always order online and pick up in store, and PetSmart even has options for same-day delivery via DoorDash.

Price matching available

By the way, PetSmart has a price match guarantee. That means you could show them the price on those Purina cans on the competitor's website and they'll honor that lower amount.

Save with automatic deliveries

Like most of the dog food stores we evaluated, PetSmart can help you stay stocked up on your pet's favorite meals with an automatic delivery program. You'll save 35% on your first autoship purchase and get a 5% discount on every order thereafter.

Best Dog Food Stores

Free rewards program

While you're at it, you will probably want to sign up for PetSmart's free loyalty program called Treats. It gets you points on every purchase and service, a surprise on your pet's birthday, and free shipping on orders over $49.

Not as customer-friendly as the competition

With all of these positives, why does PetSmart rank relatively low among dog food companies? We expected to get more from this pet-centric store, to be honest. Many of the specialty retailers in our review have generous return policies that allow customers to get a refund if the dog food doesn't go over well with Rex or Rover, but PetSmart only gives you your money back if the package is unopened. It also seems a little much to make shoppers join a rewards program to get free shipping on orders over $49; with many of PetSmart's rivals, that's the threshold to qualify for no-cost delivery, without jumping through any extra hoops.

Disappointing shopper feedback

PetSmart's reputation is what clinched the lower ranking for us. They've only got a "B" rating from the Better Business Bureau for failing to respond to a few customer complaints out of the 120+ received in the year leading up to this review. Their feedback isn't awesome in other places we looked, either: just 10% of shoppers gave them a five-star rating, while a whopping 81% rated PetSmart as the lowest possible score. True, much of that relates to experiences at brick-and-mortar locations - not specifically to online shopping or to dog food itself - but it's still not a good sign.

Room for improvement

You can find a decent selection of dog food at PetSmart, plus plenty of other must-haves and fun add-ons in their inventory. And, if you need the ability to buy online and get it fast (either by using delivery or going to a local store), this is one of the retailers that makes it possible. But, PetSmart's reputation and lack of some brand options make it a better idea to look at their better-performing rivals before buying your dog food here.

Dog Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • 35 options in dog food
  • A+ rated and accredited by the BBB
  • Free shipping over $99

In business for more than four decades, Dog is part of the TABcom brand family that includes online stores focused on birds, fish, horses, and other pets. Here you'll find almost every imaginable product for dogs, ranging from bowls and feeders to leashes, toys and beyond.

Where's the food?

If we're being completely honest, we were stunned to see only 35 options for dog food here. A store that's focused on dogs... only has three dozen choices for food? They only have eight brands, and those don't include the Purina canned or Taste of the Wild dry dog food we used as comparison items across retailers. And, you're almost completely out of luck if you need canned food: your only choice is a 12-pack of Whole Earth Farms' Chicken Stew for $30.53.

Discounts applied automatically

When you visit the Dog store for the first time, you should see a coupon automatically applied that gives you a 25% discount and free shipping on orders of at least $99. If you'd like to save that code for later, you can enter your email address - which will also sign you up for promotional emails.

Best Dog Food Stores

No returns on food

On most items, Dog offers a 30-day return policy on unopened items. That's not usually helpful with dog food: we all know our pets can be particular, and it's preferable when a store lets you get a refund if something turns out to be a flop. Unfortunately, the fine print on Dog's return policy states that they accept no returns on food items.

Strong reputation

Dog's parent company, TABcom, has an "A+" and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and there were only 11 complaints filed there in the last year. That's pretty impressive, considering how many brands are included under the TABcom umbrella. Looking at shopper feedback specific to the Dog site, it tells a similar story: most customers give the store 9/10 stars, with regular compliments about Dog's affordable pricing and solid approach to customer service.

Good company, limited choices for dog food

This positive reputation is the main reason we give Dog a three-star rating instead of a lower one. Frankly, the selection here is nothing impressive and we doubt most shoppers will find the dog food they need. However, if you happen to find your pet's preferred kibble in Dog's limited inventory and it's priced comparatively well at the time, we don't see a reason to avoid making the purchase.

Nom Nom Review 2.5 Star Rating

Nom Nom

2.5 Star Rating
  • Dog food customized to your pet's needs
  • Made in the USA, with USA-sourced ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders of $30+

Nom Nom is a customized meal delivery service - for dogs. Created by a team of PhDs and Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, this company provides serving-size packages personalized for your pooch (say that ten times fast) with carefully-sourced, high-quality ingredients from trusted, reliable US growers and suppliers.

Create a customized meal plan

When you first visit the Nom Nom site, be sure to click on the red button that says "50% off and free shipping" . That will give you access to a two-week trial after you create your pet's custom meal plan. You'll be asked to enter your pet's name and sex, breed (optional), weight, approximate body condition (underweight, ideal, or overweight), and to indicate any issues like food allergies or joint pain. From there, you'll get a recommendation for the meal recipes that Nom Nom suggests based on the information you gave them, but you can choose any of the available flavor profiles. (Quick side note: you might want to try the four-flavor variety pack for $15, giving your dog a taste before you make a custom order. You'll use half a bag for dogs under 15 lbs., a full bag for those between 15-25 lbs., and mix a full bag with current food for dogs larger than that.)

See what's recommended for your dog

At that point, you can add another pet to your profile - there are discounts for multi-pet households - or you can continue to the next page and see what else is recommended for your dog. In our case, we got an option to add a probiotic in a 30-day supply for $30. Add it or skip it, then proceed to the page for your name, email address, delivery address. We had the choice between half-portion packages (if we wanted to mix it with our dog's current food, to help with the transition between the two) at a 43% discount or full portions with a 50% discount.

$50 or more per week?!

Everything you receive will be portioned and mixed to your dog's individual needs; all you have to do is open the package, pour it into a bowl, and watch your dog devour it on the spot. Expect to pay a pretty penny for that kind of customization: your price will depend on the size of your dog, your pet's individual needs and so on, but for our canine companion it worked out to be $59.50/week. (Ouch!)

Best Dog Food Stores

30-day refund policy on first purchase

To make it a little less risky to try their food, Nom Nom offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You'll need to contact them within 30 days of receiving your first order, and your refund will be limited to just that purchase (if you get two deliveries in that 30-day period, you can only get your money back on the first one).

Not the best grade from the BBB

Nom Nom seems to have some issues with its recurring subscriptions. The company has a "B+" rating from the Better Business Bureau; the reason behind the BBB's less-than-" A+" grade is the number of complaints from people who say they've been charged for dog food they never ordered. We found customer comments that said their meal plans were reactivated simply by signing into their Nom Nom account, and that customer service is notoriously difficult to contact for help.

Customer sentiment is inconsistent

That's a significant factor in Nom Nom's reputation elsewhere. Some people are really unhappy with this company, citing delivery issues, poor packaging, and several other issues. In contrast, we found over 900 five-star reviews from dog owners who had nothing but glowing praise for the dog food here and how it impacted their pets' health. They say that, as promised, their dogs are more active, shed less, and have fewer problems with allergies (or none at all).

Expensive and not always reliable

In short, you'll either love or hate your experience with Nom Nom - and it's hard to know in advance which way it will go. If you're having any kind of issues with feeding your dog, from allergies to just plain pickiness, these bespoke dog food packages could be the answer to your prayers. And, of course, if the sky's the limit budget-wise there's not much being risked if you give Nom Nom a try. However, the average "dog parent" is probably going to balk at the thought of spending $50+ per week to feed Fido, and Nom Nom's issues with managing subscriptions isn't great no matter how much you're willing to spend.

Petco Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Over 2,000 options to choose from
  • Options for same-day delivery or in-store pickup
  • Free shipping on orders of $35+
  • Save more when you set up recurring deliveries
  • Vital Care membership for extra savings
  • 30-day return policy

Founded in 1965, Petco considers itself a trailblazer in pet care, offering both wellness solutions and products for just about every pet known to man. You'll find more than 1500 Petco stores throughout the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico, and it's one of the only pet supply stores with in-store veterinary hospitals in some locations.

Competitive with selection and cost

To make an apples-to-apples comparison across dog food retailers, we chose two popular products, one on the more budget-friendly end of the spectrum and another on the higher end: Purina One SmartBlend Natural Classic Beef & Brown Rice canned dog food and Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream kibble. Petco offered the canned Purina One at $1.59 for one can or $19.61 for a package of 12 cans. For the TOTW kibble, choices ranged from $17.99 for a five-pound bag up to $54.99 for the 28-pound size.

Get emails, get a discount

When you first visit the Petco site, you might get a pop-up offering you a 10% discount if you sign up for their mailing list. Just enter your email address and click on the button to get the coupon code; otherwise, you can simply hit the "x" or the "continue to site" link.

Other ways to save

Another way to save money is with a recurring delivery. After all, you know you're going to need dog food on a regular basis: you can set up your Petco account to automatically ship it on the schedule you prefer. We noticed that most dog food came with a 35% discount on the first recurring order: that's a great deal if you're buying a large bag of kibble that usually costs over $50. Plus, shipping is always free on orders of $35+.

Best Dog Food Stores

Vital Care plan offers more benefits

You may also want to consider the Vital Care membership. It costs $19.99/month to join and you commit to an annual subscription, but you get a lot for just under $240/year. First, you'll save an extra 5% on all of your repeat deliveries; even if you don't set up your account for automatic shipments, Vital Care gets you an extra 10% discount on all nutrition (excluding treats and chews). Beyond food, this membership comes with $15 in Pals Rewards each month, 20% off grooming, and savings for routine veterinarian exams (unlimited visits at a participating Petco vet or $20 in Pals Rewards when using the vet of your choice). It's easy to see that you could save well over the cost of the Vital Care plan, just by doing what you already do for your canine companion.

Customer-friendly return policy on dog food

Petco's return policy is customer-friendly. You'll have 30 days to return your product, even (and especially) if you opened the bag or can and your dog said "no way" . It's free if you bring your items back to a Petco near you; otherwise, you'll pay for the return shipping. This return policy extends to prescription dog food as well, but you'll only be able to send it in by mail (not in store).

Reputation in a steep decline

We weren't so excited to see that Petco had a "Not Rated" indicator on their listing with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB said that the company is in the process of responding to previously-closed complaints. There were just over 200 complaints filed there in the year leading up to this review, but that's not uncommon for a large company with both an online store and hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations. Unfortunately, customer feedback elsewhere tells a similar story. Over 800 people gave Petco the lowest possible rating of one star, and most of their problems relate specifically to the online ordering experience: orders placed for same-day delivery that still haven't come three days later, shipment of the wrong items, difficulties placing orders through the online store and the app, and so on.

Last place among dog food stores

Unfortunately for Petco, this lack of reliability has dropped them from first to worst in our rankings. Customers have a lot of options these days when buying dog food online, and there's no reason to buy it from a store that can't deliver as promised. Despite all of the perks, Petco can no longer compete with retailers who get orders from warehouse to doorstep in a day or two - or even on the same day the order is placed! We're hopeful that Petco can eventually earn a higher rating once again, but for now we encourage you to look at their higher-ranked rivals.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Want to take your life to the next level of convenience? Look for a dog food retailer that offers autoship on your purchases: you can set up your account to have your wet and dry dog food delivered automatically on your preferred schedule. You'll never run out of dog food again.

What if you're trying a new type of dog food and you're not sure your persnickety pooch will be a fan? The best dog food stores make it risk-free by allowing for returns, refunds and exchanges on packages you've opened already.

There are lots of stores where you can buy your pet's food, and it's not always necessary to get it from a specialty retailer. So, which one should you choose the next time those hungry eyes are looking at you from the side of the bed? Here are some things to look for when you're deciding where to shop:

  • Variety of options. The more brands, formulas and sizes a dog food store carries, the more likely it is to have the ones you want in stock.
  • Speed of delivery. How fast can you expect your dog food to arrive? Are there options for same- or next-day delivery if you need it?
  • Return/refund policy. Dogs can be picky. If your vet recommends trying something new and your dog says "absolutely not" when you put it in her bowl, will the retailer let you get a refund or an exchange?
  • Customer feedback. Are there reviews on the products you can use to help decide what to buy? What do shoppers say about how the company treated them when there was a problem with an order? Have there been any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau?

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the best online retailers of dog food on the market today. We're confident that this information will help you find the right store to get all of your kibble and cans delivered to your doorstep. Your dog will thank you!

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Dog Food Store FAQ

Like a normal person, dogs require a healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in their diets. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins provide your pooch the essential energy they need to do daily activities. Dogs rely on the protein in their diet to receive the 10 essential amino acids that they are unable to produce. Fats are the main source of fatty acids which provide not only an important part of the development of tissues, muscles, and nerves. Fatty acids allow your pets body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). Carbohydrates come in various forms and provide your pooch the energy it needs to do the normal daily activities. Along with a healthy diet, dogs need fresh water and regular exercise.
Dog food types vary greatly depending on the customer and pooches wants. There are vet authorized diets (prescription required), canned, dry, wet, specialized breed specific, premium, raw, human-grade, frozen, freeze-dried, dehydrated, and food toppings.
Very, most companies have dog food that can be refined to type of food, breed, age, vitamins, and allergies. You can get a brand that is breed and age specific for your puppy. Having an older dog means their dog food should have joint and muscle vitamins to provide support for an aging body. There are many options to choose from to keep your pooch happy and healthy.
Depending on the size of your pooch, your dog may need a new bag weekly or every 3 months. Some companies even offer a membership where you can sign up to receive deliveries (i.e., weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and even lower dog food prices. If you do not have a membership, delivery can fluctuate depending on the type of delivery options available and can range from 1 to 5 business days. To help with calculating how much you need, per every pound of dog food, there is 4 cups. So for a 5lb bag there is 20 cups and in a normal 20lb bag there is 80 cups.
Most dog foods will put grain free in the title or description of the dog food bag. If you are still hesitant make sure the dog food ingredients do not contain grains, which can be found in corn, soy, barley, rye, rice, or wheat. There are lots of grain free substitutes for your pooch such as tapioca, green peas, beans, legumes, sweet potatoes, and more.
Experts have recommended that it is best to transition slowly to the new pet food. When you first begin you should have the pet's food contain 25% of the new food and 75% of the old food. After a few days, without any stomach problems, you can start giving your pet 50% new and 50% old food ratios. Then for a few days use 75% new and 25% old food. After that you can fully transition over to the new food. This total process will take around 2 weeks.
Yes! Many companies have a 30-to-60-day return policy that allows the customer to return the unused food portions in the original bag with a guaranteed refund. Prescription food products require more of a process to return and in some cases, refund is not available. Be sure to read the small print if you are worried your furry friend might not like his or her new dinner.
Of course, if your pet decides they do not like the new food, or you receive a damaged bag, a refund is often allowed. Many companies offer excellent customer service through email, phone call, or on-site messaging. Be sure to read the policies of each company before placing your online order.
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