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The Best Dog Treat Clubs

Which Dog Treat Clubs Are the Best?

Have you ever wondered where to discover the most paw-some Dog Treat Clubs? Well, you're in for a tail-wagging treat because we're about to embark on a quest to find the perfect subscription service for your four-legged bestie. After all, why should humans have all the fun with monthly surprises when our furry friends can join the excitement too?

Picture this: a box arrives at your doorstep every month, filled with goodies that'll make your pup do the happy dance. What's inside, you ask? Treats and sometimes toys! The best part? You can customize each delivery to suit your dog's size, taste buds, allergies, and chewing habits.

Monday, April 15th

2024 Dog Treat Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Pet Treater Review 5 Star Rating

Pet Treater

5 Star Rating
  • Mostly USA- and Canada-made treats (never China)
  • $15/month for 3-4 treats-and toys
  • $18/month for only treats or only toys
  • $25/month for 5-8 treats-and-toys
  • Items tailored to your dog's size
  • Free shipping
  • Donates to shelter pets with every order
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

You might be thinking, dogs can be quite the expense, but we sure love to treat them like royalty, right? Well, here's the good news: you can shower your furry friend with new treats and toys every single month without emptying your pockets, and it's all thanks to Pet Treater. This Dog Treat Club is budget-friendly without skimping on quality; they actually promise that the value of what you'll receive in your monthly packages will far exceed your subscription cost.

Great mix, sourced mostly in the US and Canada

In every box, you're in for a delightful mix of goodies. Think toys, treats, accessories, and even grooming supplies. No need to worry about questionable treats from China; most of the treats in your Pet Treater boxes are sourced from the US or Canada.

Super affordable at $15 to $25 per month

Now, let's personalize it for your pup. What's the size of your dog? Any allergies to consider? Tell them your dog's name, age, weight, and breed. Then, it's time to pick your pricing plan. Monthly subscriptions are a steal at $15 if you want a mix of 3-4 treats and toys, $18 if you just want treats or toys, or $25 if you'd like up to 8 surprises per box. You can set your membership to renew monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, or annually. If you're not quite ready to commit, there's the "Try It Out Now" box for $17, just $2 more than the regular monthly price. Shipping is included at no extra cost here.

Initial box is especially for first-time favorites

Your very first Pet Treater package is a "collection of pet-approved favorites," so it'll be a unique unboxing. After that, you'll get the same fantastic deliveries as other members. Speaking of which, you can check out Pet Treater's social media or Google "Pet Treater unboxings" to see what past packages have included.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Dogs love this box

While we weren't able to find a Better Business Bureau listing for Pet Treater this time around, in the past the company had a praiseworthy "A+" grade. There are hundreds of five-star reviews from happy pups and their owners, saying that sometimes the dogs even recognize the Pet Treater box on the doorstep and get excited. Take a look at any of Pet Treater's social media posts and reels to see for yourself.

Doing good for the less fortunate

Not only does Pet Treater delight your dog, but they're also all about helping animal shelters across the US. They partner with the Brown Dog Foundation and local shelters, donating toys, treats, and blankets to those in need with every Pet Treater shipment. Plus, they welcome suggestions from customers to support new shelters.

Still #1 among dog treat subscriptions

When it comes to dog treat clubs, there are plenty to choose from, but Pet Treater stands out as the best of the best. Their deliveries match your dog's personality and preferences, and the prices will keep you coming back month after month. It's the top-rated dog treat club for your beloved Rex or Rover. So why wait? Treat your pup to some Pet Treater joy.

Amazing Clubs Review 4.5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

4.5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $31.95 to $33.95 per month, depending on club length
  • Each shipment has two gourmet dog treats (about 1 lb. total)
  • Club can last 3, 4, 6 or 12 months
  • Frequency: monthly, every other month, or quarterly
  • Shipping is included in your monthly cost
  • Exceptional satisfaction guarantee
  • Millions of happy customers
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

If you're on the hunt for fantastic subscription services, look no further than Amazing Clubs. They offer a wide range of carefully-selected products, from flowers to chocolate and beyond, and their Dog Treat Club is no exception. When you sign up for this club, you can expect the same world-famous customer service and quality products that have made Amazing Clubs a top choice in the subscription world.

Just the snacks, ma'am

So, what exactly do you get with the Dog Treat of the Month Club? Each delivery brings you two bags of fresh-baked, gourmet dog treats sourced from boutique producers all over the nation. Your four-legged friend will receive nearly a full pound of delicious snacks to savor. It's important to note that this club focuses solely on edible treats and doesn't include toys, clothing, or any other dog-related items.

Super-flexible with payments and scheduling

What sets Amazing Clubs apart is its remarkable flexibility. Whether you prefer a 3-month club, a seasonal plan, a 6-month subscription, or a full year, the choice is entirely yours. You can decide whether you'd like to pay for your Dog Treat Club in advance or at the time of each monthly shipment, and the price remains the same regardless of your choice. Furthermore, if you want to kickstart your deliveries at a future date (maybe you're giving this club as a gift), you can typically select a start date anywhere from the current month to 10 months ahead.

Prices have gone up

We were a bit surprised to see how much the price has gone up for Amazing Clubs' dog treat plans (inflation, amirite?). The year-long subscription used to be $17.95, but it's gone up by almost double to $31.95. For 6-month clubs, the rate is now $32.95 per month, and both the 3-month and seasonal (every 3 months) clubs come in at $33.95 per month. At least shipping costs are still included in the subscription price, a perk that puts Amazing Clubs above some of its competitors.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

No shortage of discount offers

When you sign up for any club subscription through Amazing Clubs, be prepared to receive a plethora of discount offers. You'll receive several emails a week with savings ranging from 10% to 20%, depending on the time of year and ongoing promotions. Don't worry, though; you can always unsubscribe from those emails if they become overwhelming. The website also regularly features coupons, especially if you start to navigate away; a pop-up might offer discounts from $5 to $30 if you place an order within the next hour.

World-class customer service

Now, you might wonder why this Dog Treat Club, which offers only treats and no toys, ranks so highly. The answer is simple: it's all about Amazing Clubs' unparalleled customer service. They go above and beyond to ensure you're not just happy but 100% satisfied with everything you receive. If your dog turns their nose up at a treat, you're not stuck with it; just get in touch with Amazing Clubs, and they'll promptly resolve the issue with a refund or replacement that your furry friend might prefer. It's truly remarkable how this company values its customers, treating them as the core of their business. It's no wonder that the company continues to earn the Better Business Bureau's highest rating.

Best treats-only club

The Dog Treat Club from Amazing Clubs is an ideal gift for dog owners who seem to have it all, furry foodies, or anyone looking to pamper their four-legged companions with healthy, gourmet snacks from time to time (and who'd rather not include toys and accessories in the mix). You definitely won't be disappointed by the customer service here.

Doggy Day Box Review 4.5 Star Rating

Doggy Day Box

4.5 Star Rating
  • All-natural treats like beef liver cookies, pig ears, sweet potato chips
  • Try a one-off box for $11 to $40
  • Subscribe for $30/month
  • Free shipping on all subscriptions
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Doggy Day Box was created by dog mom Kirsten, who wanted to give her 4 busy puppers (a Yorkie, two Belgian Malinois, and one Bouvier des Flanders) treats that were naturally made without additives, and with ingredients she could actually recognize. Doggy Day Box emerged from the challenges she faced in finding a dog treat club that could actually deliver that. If you've been looking for all-natural treats that fit in seamlessly with your own doggo's raw and natural diet, Doggy Day Box could be your perfect choice.

The variety is wild - sometimes literally

You can expect a different assortment of treats in your Doggy Day Box from month to month. For example, one month's chewables included the following:

  • 10 beef liver cookies
  • 10 beef trachea cookies
  • 5 beef cookies
  • 5 duck cookies
  • 5 green tripe cookies
  • 1 jr. chew tendon
  • 1 pig ear
  • 2 sweet potato chips

The previous month, some of those treats were the same, but we also spotted a cow nose, a turkey head, and an octopus tentacle (!). If you and your pupper are foodies through and through, this dog treat club has exceptional variety.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Not customizable

If your dog has allergies, Doggy Day Box has single-protein boxes you can buy as a one-off purchase, but the subscription boxes aren't customizable.

No long-term commitment required

We appreciate that Doggy Day Box doesn't lock you into a long-term subscription. You just pay $30 month to month, and you can cancel at any time. You'll also get free shipping on your dog treat club.

Your dog will drool too

All it takes is one look at this company's social media channels to see just how well-received these doggie treats are (you know you want to see some smiling pups -go take a peek!) Their humans say that they're loyal to Doggy Day Box for life because it makes their furry friends so happy to get new, natural treats every month. "Great deal" and "amazing variety" are phrases you'll see over and over again. The company is super responsive, and people have plenty of praise for the customer service here.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Not for the squeamish

Is there anyone who wouldn't love Doggy Day Box? Well, if we're being fair, we're not sure how vegans and vegetarians would like it: it's a little daunting to see animal heads, feet, and other body parts come out of your monthly delivery box. But, dogs are omnivores after all, and these treats are a perfect fit for what they're made to eat.

Two thumbs (or paws) up

We enthusiastically recommend Doggy Day Box as a dog treat club you can trust that your furry best friend will love. It's affordably priced, all natural, and from a small business you'll be happy to support.

Barkbox Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $20 to $35 per month, depending on subscription length
  • 2 toys + 2 bags of treats in every box
  • Each box has a theme
  • Surprise activities and games in every delivery
  • Treats are all made in the US or Canada
  • Subscribe for 1, 6, or 12 months
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service

Bark, a company dedicated to the happiness of dogs and their human companions, has one of the most well-known subscription services out there: the BarkBox Dog Treat Club. Their mission is to spread joy through the world's finest products and experiences for our beloved four-legged friends and for us too.

Themes will make you smile

In each BarkBox, you can typically expect to find two toys and two bags of treats, plus a surprise item. What makes BarkBox stand out is their creative themes. For instance, a "Barkbuster Movie Night" box was sent out with a Chewniversal Remote toy, a Barkbuster toy, and movie-worthy (but dog-friendly) treats. While your dog may not grasp the theme, you'll certainly appreciate BarkBox's ability to tie together themes like Coral Ruff, Howl-o-Ween Party, and Bark 2 School.

Need something changed? Just ask

BarkBox goes the extra mile to customize your shipments according to your pup's preferences. Whether you want more of a particular item, specific toy features, or need to avoid certain ingredients and allergens, BarkBox's "Happy Team" is at your service, ready to tailor your deliveries to perfection.

As low as $20/month

Let's talk about the cost of subscribing to BarkBox. The pricing varies depending on how long you plan on getting deliveries: $35/month plus shipping fees for a monthly recurring plan, $25/month plus shipping for 6 months, and $20/month plus shipping for a full year. If you add extra treats and toys to your box (among the options you'll be shown at checkout, like adding an extra toy for $9/month or a "Mutts Have" bundle with more toys, treats, and a beef food topper for $19/month), your shipping will be free; otherwise, expect to pay $4.99 in delivery fees on each box. On the plus side, this time around we found that BarkBox was giving a free "double first box" (twice the treats and toys) to all new customers, no code required.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Satisfaction is guaranteed

While BarkBox doesn't lay out a specific refund policy, they offer a satisfaction guarantee. If there's anything in your box that doesn't quite hit the mark, be it a toy that gets chewed through too easily or treats your dog doesn't fancy, BarkBox promises to make it right with their 100% Happy Guarantee.

Most customers are satisfied

It's worth noting that BarkBox, as a larger company, has had its share of complaints, primarily relating to subscription issues. This includes customers who didn't realize their plan would renew automatically or had difficulties canceling their subscription. However, their "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau indicates that BarkBox's "Happy Team" is diligent in addressing customer concerns. To avoid any issues, you should closely monitor your subscription, read the terms and conditions thoroughly, and take note of the cancellation deadline before automatic renewal.

Great choice

BarkBox offers an affordable, friendly, and fun subscription experience. Customers love the monthly themes, and the dogs themselves consistently enjoy the treats and toys. For the average pet lover seeking a reliable dog treat club, BarkBox is an excellent choice that combines affordability with creativity and personalized service.

Super Chewer Review 4 Star Rating

Super Chewer

4 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $24 to $39 per month, depending on subscription length
  • Shipping fees of $4.99/month (unless extras are added at checkout)
  • 2 toys + 2 bags of treats in every box
  • Each box has a theme
  • Surprise activities and games in every delivery
  • Treats are all made in the US or Canada
  • Subscribe for 1, 6, or 12 months
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee
  • No time limit or proof required to replace destroyed toys
  • 24/7 customer service

If you've ever experienced the frustration of buying a treat or toy for your dog only to have them destroy it in no time, Super Chewer might just be the ideal dog treat club for both you and your tough-as-nails pup. Offered by BarkBox, Super Chewer is designed for those "chewsy pups" who demand more durable toys and hearty treats.

No more stuffing all over the house

Each box includes two fluff-free toys, which means no more messy stuffing scattered around your home, along with two bags of treats. The edibles are sourced from the US and Canada, ensuring they are safer than what you might find at your local store. If your dog has allergies, you can inform BarkBox in advance to exclude any problematic ingredients from your deliveries.

Themes add an element of "awww"

One delightful aspect you'll notice is the charming monthly themes that accompany each Super Chewer Dog Treat Club box. This is far from a random assortment of toys and treats; instead, you can look forward to themes like "Fall Hike" or "Ski Lodge," complete with trail-perfect treats and toys shaped like a ski lift gondola. While your pet might not appreciate the themes, you'll undoubtedly find yourself chuckling or uttering a heartfelt "awwwwww" each time you unbox your shipment.

Easy to get the right size

Super Chewer also ensures that every shipment is tailored to your dog's size, so it's just right for them. The Small size suits dogs under 20 pounds, the Medium is perfect for those weighing 20-49 pounds, and the Large accommodates dogs that weigh 50 pounds or more. If your dog falls between sizes, the company suggests sizing up. This also applies to breeds with smaller bodies but larger jaws, such as boxers and bulldogs. You can change your dog's size on your plan whenever necessary, especially if you have multiple dogs with different size needs.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

A bit spendy

Super Chewer is pricier than many other dog treat clubs, including the standard boxes offered by its parent company, BarkBox. The price for a one-time Super Chewer delivery is $39, while a 6-month plan costs $29 per box, and a 12-month subscription comes to $24 per box. The key point is that each shipment contains merchandise valued at over $50, offering great value for your money. And, at the time of this review, all BarkBox subscriptions (including Super Chewer) had a promo where the first box would come with double the goodies. Just be aware that you'll pay $4.99 per delivery in shipping, unless you opt to add extras (like toys or food toppers) during the checkout process: in that case, your shipping is free.

Stellar satisfaction (and replacement) guarantee

Concerned about what to do if your dog receives a delivery and isn't thrilled with it? Fear not. Super Chewer packages are backed by BarkBox's 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a toy is no match for your dog's chomping or rough play, BarkBox will replace it: no questions asked, no time limits, no proof needed. That's awesome!

"Chews" this plan for your gnaw-some furry friend

While Super Chewer might not be the perfect fit for every dog, it is undoubtedly the best choice on the market for our four-legged friends who have an uncanny aptitude for toy annihilation. We appreciate the thought and care that BarkBox puts into each shipment, and we're confident that your determined chewer will relish every treat and toy that comes their way. So if you've got a chew-loving dog at home, give Super Chewer a try and watch them have a blast.

PupJoy Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Several subscriptions to choose from, including Build Your Own
  • Pricing starts at less than $25/month
  • Can order one time or as a subscription
  • Deliveries can come every 2 weeks, 1, 2, 3, or 6 months
  • Free shipping on every box
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

In an era where many companies are championing independent small businesses, it's only natural that dog treat clubs such as PupJoy strive to source items for their monthly subscription packages from socially-responsible artisan suppliers. This commitment ensures that you receive high-quality, natural, and organic products for your pet's well-being, all while providing your furry friend with delightful and long-lasting treats and toys.

Lots of new clubs to choose from

This company has made a ton of changes to their subscription options since our last evaluation, but rest assured: everything that comes in their monthly dog treat boxes will still be free of a long list of banned ingredients (like artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, and flavors). Here are all the dog treat boxes offered by PupJoy:

  • Variety Box. Contains 1 toy, 2 premium treats, and 2 grass-fed bully sticks. Your monthly price will be between $31.34 and $33.24, depending on the size of your dog. You can opt for deliveries to come every two weeks, once a month, every other month, quarterly, or even twice a year.
  • Power Chewers Box. Contains 1 tougher-than-usual toy, 2 premium treats, and 2 grass-fed bully sticks. The delivery schedule options are the same as the Variety Box, and it's just slightly more expensive ($33.24 to $35.14, based on the dog's size).
  • Bully Sticks & Treats Box. Nothing but bully sticks and treats, as you'd guess from the name. Your pup will receive 10 all-natural sticks and 2 bags of premium treats. You'll pay $44.64 per delivery and can choose from the same frequency options as the first two dog treat clubs.
  • XL Bully Stick Box. Big chews for your big boy (or girl), this plan comes with ten 12" grass-fed bully sticks. It's priced at $54.14 per delivery, same frequency choices as before.
  • Build Your Own Box. Don't see any options you like? No problem. PupJoy gives you the ability to BYOB. Start with the size of your pet, decide if you want each box to include 3, 4, or 5 items, and then customize the box with the specific toys and treats you want to receive. Pricing varies based on the size of your dog and the number of items you choose, but expect to pay somewhere from $24.23 to $37.40.

Shipping is free on all dog treat clubs at PupJoy, making your deliveries paws-itively a-fur-dable. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Reputation is a little... unclear

Our one slight hesitation with PupJoy is its reputation. It's not that it's bad, exactly... but despite having some reviews from within the past few months on their Customer Reviews page, PupJoy's socials went mysteriously silent about a year prior to this evaluation. Better Business Bureau listing? Also not found. Address listed on the contact page? Showed up as being available for lease. On the other hand, we had no trouble getting our call to go through at the toll-free number PupJoy offered, and there seem to be reviews coming in on individual products and subscription types. A mystery indeed.

Earns a tentative recommendation

So, while we really love all of the different dog treat club options on offer at PupJoy, especially the BYOB, we're a little hesitant to give the company our heartiest recommendation until we have an idea of why their social media channels dropped off the face of the earth. If you're willing to take a little risk and you spot a plan that you absolutely adore here, you could go for it - but maybe see if PupJoy's higher-ranked rivals have something better first.

Pooch Perks Review 3 Star Rating

Pooch Perks

3 Star Rating
  • Prices range from to $49.99/month
  • All treats and toys are made in the USA
  • 4 subscriptions to choose from
  • Subscriptions can last 1, 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly deliveries
  • Boxes can be customized to avoid allergens
  • $2 shipping fee per box
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

Pooch Perks was created by two dog moms who wanted to bring made-in-the-USA treats and toys to fur babies everywhere, all while benefiting abused and neglected pups. With their subscription boxes, a portion of the profits are donated to animal rescues nationwide (so reach out if you happen to work with one that could benefit from Pooch Perks' contributions).

4 options for dog treat deliveries

There are 4 subscriptions to choose from at Pooch Perks. Delivery fees of $2 per shipment aren't included in these prices.

  • Pampered Pooch. Listed as "extreme pampering" and "great for multiple dogs" , this box comes with 3-4 premium toys, 3 bags of treats, 2 small chews/treats, 1 premium accessory, and 1 waste bag roll. You'll pay $49.99 per delivery.
  • Pooch Box. The most popular option at this dog treat club, this subscription includes 2 toys, 2 treats, and 1 natural small treat/chew. It's priced at $33.99/month.
  • Toys Only. This is the box if you want non-food fun for your pet. It comes with 3 plush toys each time; you can choose one size or mixed sizes in each box. It's priced between $25.99 to $26.99 per month, depending on the dog size you indicate.
  • Treats Only. No surprises here, this subscription is food-only, with 3 treats and 2 chews per shipment. Unfortunately, when we tried to add the monthly subscription to our cart, the Pooch Perks site was missing a subscription button. We were only able to buy it as a prepaid plan or a bi-monthly delivery, and both of those indicated a price of $19.95 per month.

Can customize some elements

On any Pooch Perks subscription, you'll specify your dog's size (and you can enter "mixed" if you're accommodating multiple dogs in your household) and gender (though there's no way to indicate "both" there, if you've got a boy and a girl). You can also enter any customization requests in the box. This is where you'll be able to ask Pooch Perks to only include grain-free treats or to avoid any other allergens your doggo may have.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Same price whether you prepay or pay as you go

All of Pooch Perks' subscriptions can be set up as a 3-, 6-, or 12-month prepay. But, despite what you might expect, there's no discount for doing so: for example, with the Pampered Pooch box, a 12-month prepay was $599.40.

Good rating, outdated site?

The Better Business Bureau gives Pooch Perks an "A+" rating, and there were no complaints filed there over the last 12 months. At first, we wondered if that meant that this dog treat club had gone out of business (especially when we saw that the site had a copyright that was several years old), but we were happy to find plenty of current posts on Pooch Perks' social media channels.

Iffy when it comes to customer service

Unfortunately, there's a lot NOT to love about this dog treat subscription service. Once you've locked in a subscription, there are no refunds: even if you wind up not liking your deliveries and want to cancel, the shipments will keep coming until you reach the end of your plan. If something arrives that's defective, Pooch Perks will work with you to offer a replacement, but that's the extent of their customer satisfaction policy. Oh, and did we mention that all pre-paid subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the term, so if you forget to cancel, you're locked in for yet another subscription? We don't love that at all.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Not a lot of recent, positive feedback

To top that off, Pooch Perks doesn't have much recent customer feedback: most reviews and comments we found were from several years ago. While a lot of that was quite positive, some comments noted that the boxes didn't have a lot of bang for the buck, and many subscribers were irritated at being inadvertently locked into yet another round of deliveries when they missed the window to cancel before it auto-renewed.

Just average

Dog treat clubs are really popular these days, and it just doesn't look like Pooch Perks is keeping up with the competition - especially with respect to customer satisfaction. It's not a terrible option if you really value the peace of mind that comes with knowing all your fur baby's treats are made in the USA, or if you want a super-customizable box, but overall we're just not excited by what Pooch Perks is offering.

PupBox Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Boxes tailored to meet your dog's developmental stage
  • Options for adult dogs too
  • Monthly prices range from $20 to $39, depending on subscription length
  • Shipping fees of $3.99 per box (free if you add extra treats at checkout)
  • Over 3 million boxes delivered

Getting a puppy can feel as challenging as having a newborn baby. There are numerous questions about how to care for your new furry family member, establish a routine, and help them settle into your home. PupBox is a dog treat club that understands the unique needs of new dog parents navigating the joys and challenges of puppyhood. They've delivered over 3 million boxes.

Developmental milestones are the focus

When you create a profile for your puppy, PupBox customizes your deliveries to suit your dog's current developmental stage. Whether it's teething or housebreaking, you'll receive training guides and treats designed to support your pup's progress. Each box also includes an assortment of toys, chews, and accessories perfectly suited for your dog's specific stage of development. You can also add notes about your four-legged friend and any allergies during the profile creation process.

Treats for adult dogs too

If your "baby dog" is more mature and not in the traditional puppy stage, no worries. PupBox caters to adult dogs too. Each delivery for that age range contains 4-7 products that aren't age-specific, and you'll still receive valuable training tips and tricks to help your older pet.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Prices range from $20 to $39 per delivery

We were a little annoyed that we had to create a whole profile just to peek at PupBox's pricing; to spare you that hassle, we'll tell you what to expect. If you're interested in trying out a single PupBox, it's available for a one-time purchase of $39. However, for those who opt for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription, substantial savings await: $34 per box on a 3-month plan, $32 per box on a 6-month subscription, or $20 per box when you sign up for a whole year. Shipping is $3.99 per box, unless you add an extra treat to your subscription (options available during checkout). All plans are paid monthly, not upfront, and they'll renew automatically until you cancel.

Good satisfaction guarantee

PupBox claims that if any of the products in your delivery fall short of your expectations, they'll happily send you a replacement hassle-free. It's a great customer-centric promise, although PupBox lacks a customer service phone line, relying on communication through email, traditional mail, and social media channels (not exactly ideal for any urgent concerns).

Not great right out of the gate

Also, PupBox's reputation has declined since our previous review. They've gone from an "A+" to a "B+" from the Better Business Bureau, with nearly 100 complaints filed over the last three years. Customers who weren't satisfied with their initial box reported issues, such as products not offering a good value for the price or items being incorrectly sized for their large-breed puppies, and received no response from company representatives.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Hard to cancel

Furthermore, PupBox's cancellation policy leaves much to be desired. Once you subscribe, you're committed to the full term of your membership and can only deactivate the auto-renewal at the end of your subscription. We found complaints from customers who struggled to turn off the renewal without success.

Good idea but doesn't deliver

PupBox's concept of tailoring a dog treat club to a puppy's developmental stages, delivering timely training support, along with corresponding treats and toys, is promising. However, PupBox doesn't seem to live up to expectations, not always delivering a quality experience to their subscribers, particularly in terms of communication, responsiveness, and subscription management. We'd recommend that you look elsewhere for guidance on raising your puppy, as well as for your dog treats delivered on the regular.

Boxdog Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Each box comes with a handmade treat and your choice of a vegan skincare or gear item
  • Choose between monthly or seasonal subscriptions
  • Pay month to month or prepay several boxes for a discount
  • Free shipping
  • Subscriptions renew automatically

Boxdog takes a really novel approach to dog treat subscriptions: instead of scouring the world to find artisan-made treats, they make all of their treats themselves (they even invite you to take a bite if it smells good to you). The other items they include in their deliveries are carefully-sourced, often vegan, and designed to get your pup's tail wagging.

Monthly or seasonal, your choice

You won't have to think too hard about your dog treat club with Boxdog, because the main difference is how often you want deliveries: monthly or seasonally? The monthly club comes with 2 bags of handmade treats, 1 specialty item (skincare, chew), and 2-3 toys or gear of your choice. The seasonal box is the same, except that you'll get 3 bags of treats instead of 2.

Pay in advance or as you go

Pricing varies depending on how you want to pay. For example, on the monthly box, you can pay $45/month as you go, commit to a 6-month subscription (but still pay month-to-month) and pay $40/month, or prepay for 6 months at a cost of $35/month. On the seasonal plan, those prices are $55/$50/$45, respectively. Shipping is free no matter which plan you select, and at the time of this review, Boxdog was including a free dog jacket with all multi-month subscriptions.

Best Dog Treat Clubs

Not the best value out there

We're just not convinced of the value of what Boxdog sends in each shipment. Looking through the items in the "you choose" list, we didn't see anything that was novel or noteworthy: a few toys, a towel, a tug ring, and so on. Customer feedback is limited (beyond some of the social media testimonial posts that Boxdog features on its website), and what we found off-site wasn't encouraging: several people complained that their boxes included products with xylitol (a known toxin for dogs), and that the value of what was in each delivery was subpar compared with other dog treat clubs (or even what's available at local pet stores).

No guarantees they'll solve problems

And, their Terms and Conditions specifically states that Boxdog makes no guarantees about anything you get in your box - including items that may be sized incorrectly or damaged in transit.

Too much room for improvement

Add to that a lack of a listing with the Better Business Bureau (as far as we could see), and you'll see why Boxdog winds up with a much lower ranking among the other dog treat clubs on our list. Their subscriptions are more limited, their prices are higher, and they don't promise you'll be satisfied with anything they send you. This is a dog treat subscription we'd skip.

Bullymake Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Designed for super-chewers
  • Each box comes with 2-3 durable toys and 3 treats
  • Toys-only option ($5 extra per month)
  • Monthly theme
  • Subscribe for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Priced from $31 to $45/month based on length of subscription
  • Free shipping on 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions

Bullymake was created in 2014 with a purpose: satisfy power-chewing dogs by manufacturing super-durable toys. Whether you have a powerful Pittie or a Rottweiler who can gnaw just about anything to shreds, Bullymake says they're up to the challenge.

Themed deliveries with toys and treats (or just toys)

Every Bullymake box comes with 2-3 toys and 3 treats, all of which tie into a monthly theme. They stop short of showing you what's in previous boxes, though. When you subscribe, you'll choose a plan length (month to month, or commit for 3, 6, or 12 months of deliveries), whether you'd prefer a toys-only plan ($5 extra per month), and indicate if your pet has any allergies. You should expect to pay anywhere from $31 to $45 per month. Shipping is free on all multi-month plans.

Doesn't live up to the promises

All that glitters isn't gold, and that's definitely true for Bullymake. While all of the site's promises of customer satisfaction and durable toys sound wonderful, this company absolutely falls on its face when it comes to keeping its word. Want proof? Just look up the Better Business Bureau for the parent company behind Bullymake, CJH Equity LLC.

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Failing BBB grade

The BBB gives that company a rock-bottom "F" grade for failing to respond to 65 of the 100+ complaints filed against Bullymake over the last 3 years. People describe toys that fall apart after a few minutes, treats that make their dogs sick, and a total refusal by Bullymake to honor their "durability and satisfaction guarantee" . And don't overlook the people who subscribed to a plan, had a terrible experience, and had no way to stop their deliveries from coming until the subscription period was over. Some of those customers had insult added to injury when their Bullymake plan automatically renewed.

Avoid this dog treat club

We just don't have anything nice to say about Bullymake. It's unacceptable for a company to fail to respond to more than five dozen complaints, especially when some of the problems are directly related to their products being unhealthy or unsafe. Bullymake talks a good game but clearly doesn't deliver, earning them our lowest possible rating.

Compare the Best Reviews

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No more trying to fit a Great Dane-sized bone into a Chihuahua's mouth. And if you've got a furry friend who can demolish a plush toy faster than you can say "fetch," fear not. Some Dog Treat Clubs offer specially-selected packages designed to outsmart even the most determined chewers in the pack.

Dog Treat Clubs aren't just a way to pamper your own pooch. They make the perfect gift for that person on your list who already seems to have it all. Forget the snoozy gift cards and fruit baskets. Imagine the joy on their face when they open a box full of fresh chews and tug toys for their furbaby.

With so many options out there, it's easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Lucky for you, we've got some tips to help you find the perfect club for your pampered pooch or for your friend's furry sidekick:

  • Box contents. Naturally, you want to check out what's inside. Is it all treats, treats and toys, or some other combination? Pay close attention if you have a pup with allergies to certain ingredients (you need a subscription that's grain-free).
  • Value. What will you get for the monthly cost? Are the treats (and convenience) worth the price, or could you snag them just as easily at a local store for less money?
  • Flexibility. Can you choose different payment and delivery schedules? What if you need to skip a month or switch up the sizes of the treats and toys for your pups?
  • Customer satisfaction. What do other subscribers say about their experience? Does the company go the extra mile to keep their customers happy? Can you get a refund if your deliveries don't wind up feeling like much of a treat after all?

Ready to pick the perfect Dog Treat Club? The experts at Top Consumer Reviews have checked out and ranked the best ones around. So go ahead, treat your four-legged friend to months of tail-wagging joy!

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Dog Treat Club FAQ

Dog treats are manufactured globally but mainly in the U.S. and Canada. If this is an important detail for you, be sure to investigate the company before making a purchase.
When looking for a dog treat subscription, we recommend using companies that offer customizable treat plans that allow you to list any pet allergies. Some customizations allow the customer to create dog treat plan that is not only free of allergies but matches diet preferences as well.
Unfortunately, due to the treats being a perishable item, most companies do not accept returns. Refunds are normally available only if the item has been damaged or billed correctly. If you have a finicky eater, consider a one-time purchase before committing to a regular shipment.
Treat memberships all vary depending on company and the type of subscription. Membership costs can range from $15 to $35.99 per month. Several companies offer a one-time cost, no subscription needed, package to try out the treat club before committing to a membership.
The duration of dog treat memberships can vary depending on the company. You'll find 1 time, seasonal, quarterly, every 6 months, or every year deliveries. Many companies offer flexible options to meet the needs of their customers.
Depending on the plan selected, Fido can anticipate fresh treats every month, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Treats are typically sent through standard delivery services.
The amount of variety differs with each company. Some companies offer treat plans with 3-4 items or an upgraded version including 5-8 items. Variety in each box can range from toys, treats, grooming accessories, and more depending on the subscription.
Companies that offer customizable treat plans allow your pets information (including age and/or breed) to create a perfect treat subscription box. Please keep in mind some companies may have only allergy free, or size only, treats but not age specific.

Types of Dog Treats

Every dog owner wants to spoil their little cutie, but have you ever stopped to wonder what it is you're actually giving them? The pet treat industry is surprisingly a lot more interesting than what it may sound like. The majority of pet owners spend $20 or less on treats for their pets; 28% of cat owners and 15% of dog owners spend $5 or less on treats. In this article we will explore the different types of treats and why some are priced higher than others, including how they may effect your pets health.

  • Pet Jerkey. This is perhaps the best type for most dogs. Made from 100% meat these dog treats are the most naturally healthy for dogs, as well as the most nutritious. The Jerkey is similar to what dogs would find in the wild and is therefore built for them to digest easily and gain nutrients, unlike some other types of dog treats. Pet Jerkey is not necessarily best for every dog out there, however most will benefit.
  • Natural Chews. While marketed as being natural and healthy for dogs contrarily most of these types of treats are not good for dogs. Most notably inside this category are the rawhide pet treats. Rawhides are notoriously dangerous for dogs and can be harmful to your pets health. When dealing with natural chews it is important to look at the ingredient list to make sure you are making sure that what you are buying provides nutrients for your pet, as well as making sure it is not outright dangerous for your animal to ingest.
  • Dental Chews. Here you'll notice the Dental Chew section has to be kept separate from the Catural Chew section. You will find this in most online stores as well as in person. Dental Chews do clean your dogs teeth, but what is in them is not good for dogs most of the time. Dental Chews are commercially non meat, something that increases sales when it should decrease. Meat like Pet Jerkey naturally cleans your dogs teeth while they chew on it, and are nutritious and healthy for your pet to ingest. Getting your dog something similar to what they would encounter in the wild is better for their health, and helps them digest naturally.
  • Pet Treats. This may be the last entry on this list, but it is perhaps the most insidious. Pet treats are primarily made of compressed vegetable matter, similar to Dental Chews. The pet treats also are sold as vet recommended and are very commercially successful while marketing themselves as full of meat and nutrients for your pet. In actuality they are usually meat flavored and are in fact made of plants. Plants and plant matter are not natural for dogs to ingest. By giving these treats, you are giving your pet something with absolutely no nutrients for them, and in fact something that could hurt them as it is unnatural.

The whole pet treat industry is full of secrets to learn. While you love your pet, you don't want to pay for something upmarked up to 5 times what it should be priced, only for your dog to get nothing out of it. Look at the ingredients when you buy something for your dog to ingest, and be aware that the goal of the pet treat companies is to make money, not to take care of your dog, that's up to you! Your dog will love you for giving them something they feel better eating, and you'll feel better taking care of your little cutie!

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