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Wagwell Review

Thursday, March 30th

2023 Dog Treat Club Reviews

Wagwell Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • $34/month for a subscription
  • $39 for a one-time delivery
  • $9 for an additional toy

WagWell is one of the newest dog treat clubs on the block, offering products that are healthy, safe and fun. Everything your furry friend receives will be all-natural, 100% organic, manufactured solely in the US or Canada. That should give you some peace of mind that you won't be getting anything that might be toxic or dangerous!

2 bags of treats

Each WagWell delivery includes two bags of treats, two bully sticks, a premium toy and a fun bandana. We love that this company gives you the option of adding another toy (for an extra $9): if your pet quickly goes through toys, gets bored easily, or if you have more than one dog at home, this is a nice feature you won't find with many of WagWell's competitors.

Dog treat club features:

  • Free shipping in the US
  • Each box includes 2 bags of organic treats, 2 all-natural bully sticks, a premium toy and a bandana
  • Can add a second toy to any box -a convenient option if you have more than one dog (or one that goes through toys quickly!)
  • All products made in the USA or Canada
  • Can purchase as a monthly recurring subscription or a one-off gift delivery

Specify your dog's size

When you sign up, you'll specify your dog's size, so that the toys and treats are appropriate; WagWell recommends that you go up a size if your pet is close to the upper end of the weight range (for example, if he weighs 48 pounds, you'd choose the large size instead of the medium).

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Save if you pay in advance

What does it cost? You'll spend $34 when you subscribe to a recurring monthly delivery. If you pay in advance (three or six months), you'll save a little bit: it's $96 for the three-month plan and $186 for the six-month plan. There's no extra charge for shipping.

Save with onsite discount

Want to get a little more bark for your buck? You can get 20% off your first delivery if you provide WagWell with your email address. Just look for a pop-up when you visit the site.

One-off gift option

WagWell also lets you send a box - to a friend or even to yourself! - as a one-off gift purchase. You'll pay a little more ($39 instead of $34) but your plan won't automatically renew.

Newer dog treat club

Because it's newer to the dog treat club marketplace, WagWell doesn't have quite as much customer feedback as many of their rivals. At the time of our evaluation, there were just over 50 customer reviews on their website and only a handful scattered throughout the internet (including WagWell's somewhat quiet social media channels). But, the feedback we found was almost universally positive and enthusiastic, with lots of compliments particularly on the treats and toys.

Missing satisfaction guarantee

However, we're less than impressed with this subscription's satisfaction guarantee (or lack thereof). Their policy states that you can cancel your subscription if your dog doesn't like the toys and treats, but doesn't offer a refund - even if you've prepaid. Most dog treat clubs go the extra mile to keep you and your pet happy, so WagWell has a way to go if they want to be on par with their rivals in that regard.

Subscriptions renew automatically

Also, WagWell sets all of their subscriptions to renew automatically. If you sign up for a three-month plan and forget to cancel, you can expect to pay for another three-month plan whether you wanted it or not.

Room to improve

WagWell definitely has the potential to be a popular dog treat club. Their all-natural, safe treats and toys seem to be a big hit with their four-legged customers and their owners, and the buzz the company is generating is "so far, so good" . But, to really run with the big dogs in this subscription category, WagWell will need to improve their customer service to include a more generous refund policy and satisfaction guarantee.

Where Can You Find the Best Dog Treat Clubs?

These membership plans are a fun, affordable way to lavish a little love on our favorite canine companions. After all, why should humans get all the fun of unboxing and getting new surprises every month?

While there are lots of options out there, there are two main products included in most Dog Treat subscription boxes: treats and toys! The best clubs make it easy for you to customize what you'll get in each delivery, based on your dog's size, preferences, and any allergies or other sensitivities. And, if you've got a pet who can unstuff a plush toy in just a matter of seconds, there are even Dog Treat Clubs that offer special packages designed to thwart even the most determined chewers in the pack!

The Best Dog Treat Clubs Compare Dog Treat Clubs Compare Dog Treat Club Reviews What are the best Dog Treat Clubs Best Dog Treat Club Reviews

Dog Treat Club FAQ

Dog treats are manufactured globally but mainly in the U.S. and Canada. If this is an important detail for you, be sure to investigate the company before making a purchase.
When looking for a dog treat subscription, we recommend using companies that offer customizable treat plans that allow you to list any pet allergies. Some customizations allow the customer to create dog treat plan that is not only free of allergies but matches diet preferences as well.
Unfortunately, due to the treats being a perishable item, most companies do not accept returns. Refunds are normally available only if the item has been damaged or billed correctly. If you have a finicky eater, consider a one-time purchase before committing to a regular shipment.
Treat memberships all vary depending on company and the type of subscription. Membership costs can range from $15 to $35.99 per month. Several companies offer a one-time cost, no subscription needed, package to try out the treat club before committing to a membership.
The duration of dog treat memberships can vary depending on the company. You'll find 1 time, seasonal, quarterly, every 6 months, or every year deliveries. Many companies offer flexible options to meet the needs of their customers.
Depending on the plan selected, Fido can anticipate fresh treats every month, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Treats are typically sent through standard delivery services.
The amount of variety differs with each company. Some companies offer treat plans with 3-4 items or an upgraded version including 5-8 items. Variety in each box can range from toys, treats, grooming accessories, and more depending on the subscription.
Companies that offer customizable treat plans allow your pets information (including age and/or breed) to create a perfect treat subscription box. Please keep in mind some companies may have only allergy free, or size only, treats but not age specific.
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Dog Treat Clubs also make a fantastic gift for those people on your gift-giving list who seem to already have everything they could want for themselves. You won't win them over with a boring gift card or another fruit basket, but watch their eyes light up when they get another package in the mail full of novel chews and tug toys for Rover. Most of these membership subscriptions can be easily gifted for the length of time you prefer, from a one-off shipment to monthly deliveries.

When you start to compare the various Dog Treat Clubs out there today, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options. To find the subscription service that's the right fit for your pet or for your gift recipient's furry friend, here are several criteria to help you "sniff out" the perfect one:

  • Contents. What do you get with each delivery? How many toys and treats are in the typical box? Do they give you a good value for your money, or are they items you could easily find at a dollar store or local big-box retailer?
  • Cost. What will you spend for your Dog Treat Club? Is there a discount if you pay in advance or if you buy a long-term subscription? Is shipping included in the monthly fee?
  • Flexibility. Do you have a range of options, both for payment and delivery schedules? Can you skip a month as needed? What if you want to change the size of the products partway through your subscription term (e.g. to get a few deliveries for each dog in your home)?
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about their experience with the Dog Treat Club? Does the company do a good job of keeping their customers happy, especially with a strong satisfaction guarantee or return policy? Has the business been rated by the BBB?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Dog Treat Clubs available today. We hope this information helps you find the right subscription box to delight all the puppies, doggies, and fur babies in your life for months to come!

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