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The Best Drug Tests

Where is the Best Place to Find Drug Tests?

While drug testing has long been the norm for both large and small companies, schools, and even sports teams, there's been a growing customer category over the last decade: parents. Concerned about their teens' possible use of illegal substances or even abuse of prescription medications, moms and dads often turn to home drug tests to allay their fears.

If you find yourself in this situation, you're not alone: at any given time in the US, there are as many as 10 million people between the ages of 12 to 29 who are in need of treatment for substance abuse. Drug testing can be used as a tool to determine if someone is using and get them the help they need.

Sunday, February 5th

2023 Drug Test Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Health Labs Review 5 Star Rating

Health Labs

5 Star Rating
  • $45 - $389
  • Drug tests available for single substances or in a panel screen
  • All tests conducted at a laboratory
  • Many lab locations nationwide
  • A+ rating from the BBB
  • 110% price match guarantee
  • Affordable pricing
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

HealthLabs has only been around since 2015, but they have quickly made a name for themselves as a reliable method for drug testing with fast turnaround times. In addition to drug testing, they have over 20 different types of tests that can be ordered including allergy, arthritis, diabetes, fertility, hepatitis, hormone, infectious disease, thyroid testing, and many others. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives them an A+ rating and thousands of customers sing their praises for fast and affordable results.

3 Step Process

The process for drug testing at HealthLabs can be understood in three main steps:

  1. Choose the test online that you want to order and go through the full checkout process.
  2. Visit a local lab. There are over 4,500 labs that work in conjunction with HealthLabs, so most people should be able to find one near them. Customers can be tested immediately after placing an order online.
  3. Once a customer has been tested, their results will typically come back in 1-2 business days. If the results are positive, the lab may take an extra day or two to go through the confirmation process to verify their findings.

More Bang For Your Buck

There are two primary options for drug tests that can be ordered through HealthLabs. The first is to order either a 6-panel urine drug test for $69 or a 10-panel urine drug test for $79. Most results come back in 1-2 days The other route you could go for drug testing through this service is to choose from stimulant, opioid, hallucinogen and cannabis, or depressant tests and test for individual drugs. The cost for these ranges from about $45 - $390 depending on what's being screened for. In other words, you probably will get more bang for your buck, so to speak, by choosing a panel drug test rather than guessing at which particular substance someone might be using.

Best Drug Tests

Website Easy To Use

Finding all the drug test options and related information on HealthLab's website is as easy as can be. They offer comprehensive details on each test to make sure that a customer knows exactly what they are getting for their money. The website is straightforward, professional, and easy to navigate.

110% Price Match Guarantee

HealthLabs has a 110% price match guarantee. This means that if you find a lower price elsewhere for the exact same test, you will not only get the cost matched, but also receive an additional 10% off.

Solid Choice

Testing is done in a facility rather than from home, so HealthLabs won't appeal to everyone - many people prefer the convenience (and privacy) of administering drug tests on their own. But, if the person you want to test is willing to go to one of HealthLabs' many locations nationwide, you can expect the process to be easy, hassle-free, professional, and with quick results.

TestCountry Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • $24.75 - $298.75 (all pricing is for bulk orders)
  • 70+ types of drug testing kits
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • 99.8% accuracy rate on test results
  • Must buy in bulk
  • Great reputation

TestCountry was founded in 2001 to help combat prolific drug abuse. This company offers instant drug and alcohol tests that can be used at home or via laboratory testing through one of TestCountry's 5,000 locations if they would rather have them administered by a professional. Whether you use their tests at home or in a lab setting, TestCountry boasts a 99.8% accuracy rate on the results, leaving very little room for error.

Over 70 Drug Test Kits To Choose From

Customers can select drug tests from 1 - 14 panels that are either urine, hair follicle, or saliva tests: no blood draw required. That makes it a lot easier if you have a somewhat unwilling test subject! They have over 70 types of test kits to choose from, so we have no doubt that customers will find exactly what they are looking for. Their website makes it easy to search for specific tests or narrow down the displayed products.

Best Drug Tests

Buy In Bulk

Unfortunately for the average home consumer, drug tests purchased from TestCountry all come in bulk. For example, one of their most popular products is the 5 Panel SalivaConfirm that detects "the most common drugs of abuse": amphetamines, cocaine, benzodiazepine, methamphetamines, and opiates. Paying $6.25 per test sounds great - until you realize that you have to buy them in a case of 25 tests. Sure, if you expect to have to test someone often, say weekly, it might make sense to buy in bulk (and get the free shipping on orders over $75). But, most people are probably hoping not to need quite so many tests. Test Country is definitely more geared towards organizations and businesses, not individuals and families.

Fantastic Reputation

That being said, this company has a fantastic reputation. We fully expected to see that TestCountry held an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we were right. They have great reviews from customers saying that they received their test kits promptly, billing was smooth, and the tests were easy to use. And, TestCountry is involved and concerned with serving the community. They give back 5% of profits to local causes and donate 200 sack lunches each month to nearby homeless shelters.

Great For Large-scale Drug Testing

When it comes to large-scale drug testing, Test Country is a great option, with affordable bulk pricing and a demonstrated track record for accuracy and customer service. But, for most individual customers who want to buy one or two drug tests, this service isn't going to be their first choice.

Personalabs Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • $39 - $928
  • 35+ drug tests to choose from
  • All tests administered in a lab setting (2400 locations nationwide)
  • Results delivered online in 2-10 days
  • A+ rated by the BBB

Personalabs specializes in blood testing, with over 400 types of tests available. They are a privately held healthcare company that provides insights into one's health based on blood test results, provides physician consultations from home, and may write prescriptions for some conditions. They do not offer drug test kits that can be done from home, but rather require individuals to visit one of their labs in order to get tested.

4 Step Process

The full process for getting a drug test through Personalabs is broken down into four simple steps:

  1. Select and order a test online.
  2. Print the doctor's order.
  3. Visit a lab near you.
  4. Get your results online.

Expensive Drug Testing

We found Personalabs to be one of the most expensive options for drug testing. There are over 35 types of drug tests to choose from, all of which are quite pricey: between $39 and $928. This is likely because they only do blood tests, which always cost more than urine sampling, test strips, or cassettes.

Best Drug Tests

Over 2,300 Partner Locations

There are over 2,300 partner locations that offer drug testing for Personalabs around the United States. If you enter your zip code on the Personalabs location page, you'll find a list of the closest facilities near you. At the time of this evaluation, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island did not have any options for Personalab's drug testing.

Test At Facility

You don't need to book an appointment to get tested at your chosen location, but they do recommend calling ahead. Once the test is completed, results are typically delivered online to customers within 2-3 business days. For complex tests, results may take up to 7-10 days, but this is not the norm.

Strong Reputation

Personalabs has a strong reputation, demonstrated by an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and more than 100 5-star reviews from customers. There's no way to determine which of those reviews were specifically for this company's drug tests, but they're a good indicator that this service is reliable overall.

Less Convenient

Obviously visiting a lab is much less convenient than being able to order a drug test kit and use it at home. This will not work for some, especially if they don't have a Personalabs partner location near them or the person they want to test can't be persuaded to go to the lab. In addition, there really are no "cheap" drug tests that can be ordered through this service. Those two factors have earned this company an average ranking among companies offering drug tests.

Test Kit Plus Review 3 Star Rating

Test Kit Plus

3 Star Rating
  • $19.34 - $369
  • Tests used to identify samples of substances
  • Most test kits come with 100+ uses
  • Good reputation
  • Results are automatic: no waiting for lab confirmation

Test Kit Plus is a Canadian-based company. They promote their drug test kits to help with harm reduction amongst the drug using population. Rather than testing for drugs in a person's system, they are used to identify drugs that are found in pill form, powder, paper, or liquid.

Clear Instructions

There are 18 types of substance test kits that can be ordered through Test Kit Plus. Each test kit comes with clear instructions on exactly how to use the liquid bottles as well as a color chart for easy identification of the drugs that might be detected.

Test Kit Pricing

The cost for these tests is dependent on what drug is being tested for, but the price range is $19.34 - $369. Although these prices seem a bit steep, it is important to note that most kits come with bottles that enable customers to do up to 100 tests. Some test kits come in bundles where you get either 3 or 5 bottles (each with up to 100 uses) to test for drugs like ecstasy, ketamine, opiates, folin, and LSD. Other available drug kits detect drugs like fentanyl, marijuana, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, bath salts, and others.

Best Drug Tests

Focus On Business

That makes it pretty clear that the target audience for Test Kit Plus consists of corporations, non-profit organizations, and other larger-scale operations. Most parents probably aren't going to need to test substances 100 times. (At least we hope not!)

Shipping Is Extra

All orders are shipped the day after they are placed. For all of North America, customers can expect it to take 3-10 business days for their products to arrive with standard shipping. The cost for shipping is dependent on your location, so the easiest way to determine this is to add the products to your cart and select your shipping destination for the price.

Good Quality Company

Test Kit Plus is an interesting company that seems to be very reliable based on the organizations that use their products, like the Pentagon. Their low rating from us is not a reflection on issues customers have had here or a lack of high-quality, affordable products. And, one big positive is that you don't have to wait for test results: you can see immediately what substances are detected in the sample you provide.

Testing A Drug, Not A Person

The main concern with this company for customers looking for drug testing is simply that they don't identify drugs in someone's system. This won't help parents test their kids. In order to use Test Kit Plus, you'll need a sample of an actual drug to identify what it is. This is definitely a valuable resource in many situations, but not for what most people want when looking for drug tests.

Testclear Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • $9.95 - $145.99
  • Extensive line of products to clear one's system of drugs prior to taking a drug test
  • Limited selection of drug testing kits
  • A+ rating from the BBB

Testclear sells drug testing kits, but primarily caters to users who are trying to clear their system and pass a drug test administered elsewhere (work, sports, school, home). They have pages of products and information on passing tests that use samples of hair, urine, blood, saliva, and more. They sell detox products that claim they can clear one's system in 1-10 days. They boast they have been helping people pass drug tests for over 23 years, so ironically if you're looking to test someone else for drugs, Testclear could be both your friend and enemy at the same time.

Limited Variety Of Drug Test Kits

The drug testing kits that can be purchased through Testclear are limited. They offer the following:

  • Marijuana Drug Test Kit
  • Hair Drug Test Kit
  • Cocaine Drug Test
  • Ecstasy Drug Test
  • Nicotine Drug Test
  • Drug Identification Kits
Best Drug Tests

A Bit More Expensive

In total, there are only 19 total products in the realm of drug testing that can be found here. Most of their kits only test for one drug, and cost $9.95. For the standard 5-panel multi-drug test kit, the cost is $15.95. This runs a bit higher than some of their competitors, but still won't break the bank. The most expensive test kits (over $100) test for steroids, prescription pills, and anything that can be found in hair follicles.

Questionable Focus

There is such a slim selection of drug test kits offered by Testclear that we imagine this will limit many customers who are looking for products they don't carry. And, considering what they do have, they are a tiny bit more expensive than their competitors. We also don't love the idea that Testclear is mostly trying to help drug users pass the very tests that they also sell on their website. However, they have held onto an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau despite receiving a mixed bag of complaints and positive reviews. Also, most information from customers is about their detox products, not their test kits.

Misses The Mark

Due to a limited selection and lack of focus on their drug test products, Testclear earns a lower-than-average rating. We recommend shopping at one of our higher-ranked sites for convenient, affordable drug test kits. You'll likely be able to find a wider range of products outside of Testclear.

American Screening Review 1.5 Star Rating

American Screening

1.5 Star Rating
  • $7.84 for 5-panel saliva test (with bulk discounts)
  • Affordable pricing
  • Many different types of drug test kits available

American Screening was started in a 150 square foot sunroom back in 2004 with the desire to help fight drug addiction. The company now distributes medical supplies to the U.S., South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. American Screening manufactures rapid drug and alcohol tests in addition to infectious disease tests, cardiac tests, pregnancy tests, and other medical supplies. They boast that they are a leader in distributing rapid diagnostic tests with over 250 million strips sold annually.

Information Overload

When you come to the American Screening website, you'll want to have an idea of what you're looking for. There are quite a few options here that may leave you unsure of what to actually purchase if you don't have a good idea beforehand. Some of the tests include drug test cassettes, cups, dip cards, hair tests, key cup swabs, saliva tests, strips, alcohol tests, breathalyzers, drug identification kits, and more.

Competitive Pricing

You can purchase drug test kits individually or in cases. When you buy in bulk, you're usually able to save a certain percentage. There are many products to choose from, but for a 5-panel saliva test, the cost is $7.84. In general, the costs for all drug tests here are quite affordable.

Best Drug Tests

Shipping Is Extra

Once an order has been placed, American Screening says customers can expect it to ship within 7-10 business days (although, based on customer complaints it seems that some orders never ship at all). The cost for shipping is based on how much you're buying and where you're located but it will be at least $7.75, so be sure to take that into consideration with overall costs.

Accredidation Revoked

Unfortunately, American Screening received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and had their accreditation revoked. Many customers report that they paid for products here that were never sent/received. This bad rating coincides with other complaints that can be found from customers all over the internet. It seems that there are not many people who have anything good to say about their experience trying to purchase drug tests here. Either they had their order changed, received the wrong products, or never received their order at all. To top it off, it was nearly impossible for shoppers to get in touch with customer service for resolution.

Too Many Customer Complaints

Even though American Screening appears to have quite a few good options for drug test kits, we don't think it is worth bothering to order from this supplier given how many customers report having major issues. Regardless of what products are available for reasonable prices, it won't do any good if you never even receive what you pay for. We definitely recommend shopping elsewhere for drug tests.

True Health Labs Review 1.5 Star Rating

True Health Labs

1.5 Star Rating
  • $99 - $1,109 for home testing kits
  • A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB
  • Many labs for collecting specimens
  • No drug tests available here, only health and medical testing

True Health Labs was created for uninsured and underinsured individuals who need lab testing available to them for identifying health issues. The company was started in 2011 after recognizing that many people use the internet to research their health issues and to find alternative ways to understand how they might be impacted by food and their environment. True Health Labs boasts that they save customers 20-80% on lab tests by skipping the need to pay for them at a medical clinic.

Drug Test Kit Categories

At-home test kits are sorted in the following categories:

  • Hair Tests
  • Urine Tests
  • Saliva Tests
  • Breath Tests
  • Stool Tests
  • Swab
Best Drug Tests

Test For Health Conditions, Not For Drugs

Most of the test kits that you can get through True Health Labs give individuals an overview of specific health issues they may have like leaky gut, cancer risk, heavy metals exposure, environmental toxins, etc. These tests are not intended to test for drugs in someone's system. If for some reason you really want to spend tons of money and go through this company, you can fill out a lab test request form and see if they will run the test you want, but that seems like an unreasonable idea considering the cost and effort it would take.

Over 2,000 Locations

True Health Labs has over 2,000 locations throughout the United States where people can have their specimens collected for testing. Some locations are specific to the type of test being ordered, so customers will need to visit the product page of the test they are wanting and then search the location nearest them. Stool, urine, saliva, and hair for at-home test kits can be collected from home and then mailed back to True Health Labs for analysis.

Very Expensive

The tests available through True Health Labs are very expensive. The least expensive option is $99, but you could be paying over $1,000 for a test. This makes sense considering the tests they run here are usually done by hospitals and doctor's offices. They do them for a less expensive price than going through your local health clinic without insurance. If this is something you need, True Health Labs is a good resource and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, but it won't help in the realm of drug testing. That's the only reason they've earned our lowest ranking among sites people turn to when looking for drug tests.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Drug tests are administered in several ways: blood testing in a lab setting, urine or hair samples, or testing of an unknown substance. As you can imagine, the type of drug test you select will probably depend heavily on whether or not you want the person to know they're being tested! And, if the individual is completely unwilling to submit to a drug test, a blood draw is out of the question - you may have to rely on snagging some hairs from a brush.

So, where can you turn to purchase drug tests? There are several reputable, discreet services online that can help you get the type of test you need and quickly deliver the results. Here are several criteria to consider as you decide which service to use for your drug testing needs:

  • Cost. How much will you pay for the drug tests you need? Are there any promotional discounts that can save you money? Is shipping (of the kit itself and any return shipping to process the collected samples) part of the cost?
  • Minimum Order Size. Are you looking for just a few tests? Or hundreds? You'll quickly spot which companies cater to individuals and families vs. large businesses, based on whether you can buy a single drug test or if you have to buy in bulk. But, if you anticipate having to administer many tests over a period of time, it might be worth looking at placing a larger order.
  • Selection. What kinds of drug test panels are available? Can you test for multiple substances with a single test?
  • Processing. Some drug tests can be administered at home, while others need to be collected at a lab to get results. Make sure you choose a drug testing service that matches your needs.

To help you find the best drug tests, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked a variety of providers. We hope this information helps you find the best option to get the answers you need affordably and discreetly!

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Drug Test FAQ

There are lots of reasons customers buy drug tests for personal use. Some are worried parents who want to know if their teenager is using. Others may have an upcoming employment drug screening and want to make sure they're "clear" before going in for testing. There are many situations where a drug test can provide much-needed information.
You'll find that drug tests are sorted into two categories: substance testing and use testing. Substance tests allow you to figure out what's in a powder, liquid or other sample you provide. Use testing requires a sample - hair, urine or blood, most commonly - to detect evidence of substance use. Drug tests run the gamut from illegal substances like hallucinogens to prescription meds such as opioids and stimulants.
Not necessarily. Some drug tests, especially those that require a blood draw, will require a visit to a laboratory near you. Others can be done discreetly at home, either sending in the sample to be tested or with immediate results.
Pricing varies, depending on how many kits you're buying at a time and how many substances you're testing for. You can find drug tests for less than $2 and for over $900!
Fees vary. Of course, you won't pay anything for shipping if you go with a drug test that has an in-person lab collection of your sample. For test kits that come in the mail and require you to return a sample, you'll usually get a postage-paid label included with your initial delivery. Some providers of drug tests offer free shipping, though you may have to place a minimum order amount to qualify.
Substance and urine test kits may offer immediate results that you read yourself. For drug tests that require you to send in samples, results are often ready within 1-2 business days from when the provider receives your package.
Most drug test companies will send you an email informing you that your results are ready. From there, you'll typically log in to a secure dashboard to see what, if anything, was detected in the test(s).
Most of them are. It's easy to find drug test providers that have been around for many years, with plenty of positive customer feedback and good ratings from the BBB. Choosing a company with a strong reputation is the easiest way to ensure that you have a smooth experience.
The Best Reviews of Drug Tests