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Test Kit Plus Review

Saturday, March 2nd

2024 Drug Test Reviews

Test Kit Plus Review 2.5 Star Rating

Test Kit Plus

2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $20 to $400
  • Open since 2013
  • Testing for individual drugs or drug types
  • Serves the Pentagon
  • Offers drug purity tests

Test Kit Plus is dedicated to delivering dependable and convenient drug testing solutions, catering to individuals, organizations, and professionals. Their mission is rooted in enhancing safety through harm reduction by offering accessible and accurate testing options.

Educational resources

While they do not endorse or encourage drug use, they recognize that recreational drug use exists and aim to provide educational materials and testing kits to empower individuals to make informed decisions and protect themselves. Test Kit Plus goes beyond solely providing drug testing products by complementing them with educational resources, recognizing that the combined approach enhances harm reduction efforts and research effectiveness.

History of helping since 2013

Founded in 2013, Test Kit Plus is a company based in Canada. They market their drug test kits to support harm reduction for people who use drugs. Instead of testing for drugs in a person's body, these kits are designed to identify drugs in pill form, powder, paper, or liquid. Test Kit Plus has taken a stance of helping the greater community by collaborating with medical centers, harm reduction organizations, government agencies (including the Pentagon and various police departments), and individuals.

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Easy to navigate, but missing price filters

The site is super clean and easy to navigate, with the "Shop" tab front and center on the main page as well as the "How-tos" tab where you can learn about how to use the drug tests as well as safety tips. In terms of the actual shopping, you can either shop by the substance you're looking for, by special kits, or by reagents. At the time of this review, there were 14 individual drug tests offered by Test Kit Plus ranging from tests for substances that are legal in some states to illegal drugs like fentanyl or heroin. If you just click on the shop tab itself, you can see all the available products with filters in one scrolling menu. The only thing we wish Test Kit Plus had were price filters to help customers find the best deal for their needs on the site with over 40 different product options available.

Test individual drugs

Most of the kits offered by Test Kit Plus test substances themselves rather than testing people. Each test kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the liquid bottles, and there's a color chart included to help identify the detected drugs effortlessly. There are also options for drug purity tests to ensure that a recreational substance is not cut with something dangerous. With the packs, you get a color chart and a testing bottle that can be used 3 times. The individual and specific instructions for each test are available in video format on the website.

Wide range of prices for kits

The pricing at Test Kit Plus ranges from prices for single tests for specific drugs up to full kits that test for multiple drugs. The lowest-priced items at Test Kit Plus are $20 single-test kits. The most expensive kit is a $400 marijuana test kit with a full analysis and potency test. While this can get very expensive for many customers, the single-test options are much more reasonably priced and can put the power of drug testing in your hands quickly and easily.

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Extra for international shipping

One drawback of Test Kit Plus is that the company is based in Canada. So, while the items are shipped the following day, for customers in North America, the standard shipping duration is estimated to be 3-10 business days. On top of that, the price of shipping is determined based on the delivery location, so the cost of shipping for American customers will be higher than that of local Canadian buyers. So, if you don't want to pay extra for shipping, you might want to find another place to shop for your drug tests.

Regular customers haven't reviewed this site

While Test Kit Plus appears reliable overall due to its patronage by organizations like the Pentagon that rely on its products, it doesn't stand out for average customers. On top of having no presence on the Better Business Bureau, Test Kit Plus has no third-party reviews out there. In fact, when you search for Test Kit Plus almost all the results on Google are different pages of Test Kit Plus. This is one of the reasons that Test Kit Plus received such a low rating here: most customers aren't from the Pentagon, and we don't see any reflection of those customers in reliable reviews.

Not ideal for average customers

Despite having a good mission to help reduce the harm of drugs, this site doesn't seem to be on top of the ball for what the average customer needs. Most customers probably don't need to test individual substances on the regular. On top of that, the high cost of shipping and the complete lack of third-party reviews for Test Kit Plus makes us think this service is better suited to government officials or large corporations who do need to test for and identify specific kinds of drugs. For these reasons, this drug test option is rated much lower than others in our review.

Where is the Best Place to Find Drug Tests?

While drug testing has become a widely accepted practice for both large and small companies, educational institutions, and sports teams, there has been a noticeable shift in the last decade with a growing customer category: parents. With increasing concerns about teenager's potential involvement in illegal substance use - or even the misuse of prescription medications - moms and dads are taking a proactive approach to ensure their children's well-being.

Another reason at-home drug testing is becoming more popular is for D1 athletes to spot-check themselves (especially considering some prescription medications can cause false positives) to make sure they won't be disqualified from their sport for something that isn't their fault. Whether you're looking for drug tests for teen safety or any other reason, at-home drug tests offer a convenient and confidential method to monitor potential drug activities.

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Drug Test FAQ

There are lots of reasons customers buy drug tests for personal use. Some are worried parents who want to know if their teenager is using. Others may have an upcoming employment drug screening and want to make sure they're "clear" before going in for testing. There are many situations where a drug test can provide much-needed information.
You'll find that drug tests are sorted into two categories: substance testing and use testing. Substance tests allow you to figure out what's in a powder, liquid or other sample you provide. Use testing requires a sample - hair, urine or blood, most commonly - to detect evidence of substance use. Drug tests run the gamut from illegal substances like hallucinogens to prescription meds such as opioids and stimulants.
Not necessarily. Some drug tests, especially those that require a blood draw, will require a visit to a laboratory near you. Others can be done discreetly at home, either sending in the sample to be tested or with immediate results.
Pricing varies, depending on how many kits you're buying at a time and how many substances you're testing for. You can find drug tests for less than $2 and for over $900!
Fees vary. Of course, you won't pay anything for shipping if you go with a drug test that has an in-person lab collection of your sample. For test kits that come in the mail and require you to return a sample, you'll usually get a postage-paid label included with your initial delivery. Some providers of drug tests offer free shipping, though you may have to place a minimum order amount to qualify.
Substance and urine test kits may offer immediate results that you read yourself. For drug tests that require you to send in samples, results are often ready within 1-2 business days from when the provider receives your package.
Most drug test companies will send you an email informing you that your results are ready. From there, you'll typically log in to a secure dashboard to see what, if anything, was detected in the test(s).
Most of them are. It's easy to find drug test providers that have been around for many years, with plenty of positive customer feedback and good ratings from the BBB. Choosing a company with a strong reputation is the easiest way to ensure that you have a smooth experience.
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Regardless of your reason for buying an at-home drug test, rest assured that you are not the only one. In the United States, there are up to 10 million individuals aged 12 to 29 who require treatment for substance abuse at any given time. Drug testing serves as a valuable tool to identify whether someone is using drugs and can be instrumental in getting them the necessary help and support they need to overcome their challenges.

Depending on where you get your drug tests, there are a few different ways to complete them: some use blood testing in a lab, others check urine or hair samples, and sometimes they test for an unknown substance. The type of test you choose will depend on how invasive you want the procedure to be or if you're looking for a particular kind of substance. For example, the blood test is more invasive, but it is less expensive than hair testing, which has great results and is less invasive.

So, if you're looking to buy drug tests, where can you go? Well, there are a few trustworthy and private services available online that can assist you in getting a particular test and provide quick results. If you're not sure where to turn, here are some criteria to help you narrow down where to go for your drug testing needs:

  • Price: Medical testing can be expensive. So, it's important to keep that in mind while you look for the best place to get a drug test. Are you looking for something you want to use regularly (so you'll need to buy more tests) or are you looking for a one-time spot-check? Knowing how much you want to spend can help you limit your options to tests that fall in that price range.
  • Testing style: Not all drug tests are the same. Some test with saliva, others with blood, and some only need a few strands of hair. Where blood tests are more invasive, urine tests can be simple and don't require your presence in a lab. Keeping in mind how you want to administer the drug test can help you decide which retailer to choose.
  • Panels: On top of the types of testing, there are also different ranges of drugs tested by each method. So, if you know what drug you're testing for you can go for a single-panel test. However, if you want a more generalized test, you'll need to look for options with multiple panels to get the job done.
  • Customer feedback: Accuracy is super important, especially if you're spot-checking yourself for a sport or job. So, checking customer feedback and the reliability of companies can help you make an informed decision about which drug tests are best for you.

To help you find the best spot for drug tests on the market today, Top Consumer Reviews has assessed and ranked different providers to aid you in finding the ones that will meet your needs. Our goal is to offer you valuable information, so you can find the most suitable drug testing option that provides the answers you need at an affordable cost and with confidentiality.

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