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The Best Dryers

Where Can You Find the Best Dryer?

Modern dryers offer tons of benefits that make them essential to any household. Equipped with advanced features like multiple drying cycles, adjustable heat settings, and sensor technology, today's dryers are designed to handle a wide range of fabrics and garment types with ease.

Some of the newest dryer models even utilize AI technology to sense the contents of the dryer and select the optimal drying cycle automatically, taking the guesswork out of laundry day. Whether you're drying bulky items like comforters and blankets or delicate garments like silk blouses and wool sweaters, a high-quality dryer can deliver exceptional results while protecting the integrity of your clothes.

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2024 Dryer Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Samsung Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $499 to $2,199
  • 41 dryers in stock
  • 7.2 cu. ft. - 7.8 cu. ft. capacity
  • Up to 20 years drum warranty
  • 15-day returns with no fees
  • Free shipping and in-home delivery
  • Energy-efficient models
  • 4.6-star average from customers
  • "A+ rating from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Samsung, a prominent South Korean company recognized for its electronic devices, stands as a significant player in the global market for dryers. Samsung's dedication to excellence in its dryers is evidenced by its acknowledgment as one of the most trusted brands by repair technicians. Moreover, its laundry appliances have garnered top customer satisfaction ratings in a recent J.D. Power laundry appliance satisfaction study. With standout features and a move toward "Bespoke" AI-driven dryer models, you can expect a personalized experience for every laundry load depending on which dryer you buy.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $499 to $2,199
  • Different models: 41
  • Capacity: 7.2 cu. ft. - 7.8 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: 8-21
  • Temperature settings: 4
  • Energy efficient: Yes
  • Return policy: 15 days with no fees
  • Warranty: 3 years drum, 5-20 years motor
  • Additional protection plans: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: 7.2 cu. ft. Electric Dryer with Sensor Dry

The basic model from Samsung is priced at $499 to $699 depending on if there is a sale or promo currently available. The basic dryer comes with a spacious 7.2 cu. ft. capacity, allowing you to spend less time in the laundry room, and giving you more time for activities you enjoy. These dryers come equipped with advanced features like Sensor Dry so that your clothes are thoroughly and safely dried by optimizing cycle time and temperature. With 8 Preset Drying Cycles and 4 temperature levels, you can handle almost every drying need efficiently. Say goodbye to worrying about lint buildup obstructing your dryer's air intake, as the Filter Check Indicator light on the control panel reminds you when it's time to clean the filter. The warranty for this model includes parts and labor for 1 year, with the option to extend to a 3- or 5-year warranty.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: Bespoke 7.8 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity Ventless Hybrid Heat Pump

The top-tier model offered by Samsung is part of its Bespoke line. This model costs between $1,599- $2,199 depending on current sales or promotions. The company's award-winning Bespoke 7.8 cu. ft. Dryer has a number of impressive features, including

  • AI Smart Dial, streamlining your dryer's control panel
  • You can schedule cycles remotely - and when stacked with your washer, you can control your dryer directly from the washer
  • The SmartThings App keeps you updated with end-of-cycle notifications and allows you to start, stop, or delay your dryer from your phone
  • AI Optimal Dry eliminates the guesswork by selecting the best time and temperature settings based on the laundry the dryer senses inside
  • The Sanitize Cycle uses high heat to refresh various items, including clothing, linens, towels, and baby clothes
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient, being Energy Star Certified, with 21 dryer cycles and 4 temperature levels to choose from

Plus, the warranty covers parts and labor for 1 year, with the option to extend to a 3- or 5-year warranty. This is also one of the models that includes installation and removal of your old appliances for the price of the dryer.

Free shipping included

Shipping with Samsung comes at no cost whatsoever. On certain high-end models, installation and haul-away services are also provided at no extra charge. However, if you opt for a more basic dryer that doesn't come with installation or haul-away, you can add installation for approximately $25 and haul-away for $15. Plus, some Samsung dryers qualify for next-day delivery if you're looking for something you can rush order.

Free returns in 15 days

For purchases made on Samsung's website, you have a 15-day window to request a return without incurring any fees. If you decide to return your dryer after this 15-day period, there could be a 10% restocking fee deducted from the purchase price. However, as long as you initiate the refund process within the initial 15-day period, you won't encounter any costs for your return.

Best Dryers

Customers love Samsung across the board

Samsung currently holds an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and has some impressive reviews from customers. Samsung's dryers currently have an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 across different retailers. Customers loved nearly every aspect of their Samsung dryers. Some of the reviews included praise for cost-effectiveness, the quietness of the cycles, energy efficiency, and user-friendly design. Recent reviews overwhelmingly awarded full 5 stars, with many customers sharing positive experiences of both the low-cost models and the higher-end Bespoke options.

Top dryer pick for all-around features

According to our research, Samsung lives up to its impressive reputation. Whether you're in the market for a standard dryer or something from Samsung's "Bespoke" line, you'll find a unit that meets all your requirements. You can look forward to a range of competitive features, a user-friendly warranty, and a cost-free return policy when you shop with Samsung, and other customers are saying it's definitely worth it. For these reasons, Samsung earns a perfect 5-star rating and secures the top spot in our dryer review.

Whirlpool Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $599 to $1,844
  • 12 dryers in stock
  • 7.0 cu. ft. - 7.4 cu. ft. capacity
  • Warranty of 1 year
  • Energy-efficient models
  • Free shipping
  • Returns in 15 days, no fees
  • Average rating of 4.6 stars
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Whirlpool Corporation began as a small company in Benton Harbor, Michigan, in 1911. Throughout more than a century, it has brought significant advancements to the industry, such as introducing the first automatic washing machine in 1948 and receiving over 20 CES Innovation Awards. Whether you want to use the Whirlpool App to start dryer cycles from a different room or reach out to Whirlpool with inquiries about your dryer, the company offers top-notch support for customers.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $599 to $1,844
  • Different models: 27 (12 in stock)
  • Capacity: 7.0 cu. ft. - 7.4 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: up to 35
  • Temperature settings: 4-5
  • Energy efficient: Some models
  • Return policy: 15 days no fees
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Additional protection plans: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: 7.4 cu. ft. Top Load Electric Dryer with Intuitive Controls

This basic dryer by Whirlpool offers a solid baseline option for an affordable price of $599. This model offers a 7.4 cu. ft. capacity and Intuitive Controls, so you can tailor cycles with a simple touch. This model also comes with a sanitize cycle to effectively sanitize items such as towels or workout gear using higher temperatures, while the Wrinkle Shield mode prevents wrinkles from forming on freshly cleaned clothes. For the fans of eco-friendly washes, the EcoBoost mode conserves energy by reducing heat output without compromising drying efficiency.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: 7.4 cu. ft. Front Load Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer

This top model is Whirlpool's most expensive dryer coming in at $1,844. This dryer has more features than its basic counterpart, though it may still seem a little basic compared to some of the high-tech options at competing brands. Here's what you can expect with the top Whirlpool dryer: a 7.4 cu. ft. capacity with a ventless design allows for installation in any space. It comes with an Energy Star certification, dynamic drying cycles, and a system that recirculates hot air to aid in energy conservation. This dryer also comes with an Eco mode to save energy with gentle drying at lower temperatures.

Shipping included

For all dryers provided by Whirlpool, free in-home delivery is included in the appliance's price. If you wish to include extra services like installation and haul-away, there will be added charges. Whirlpool charges $30 per appliance for installation. Haul-away is included with the installation fee, so there isn't a separate charge there, but you can't select haul-away separately without paying for installation first.

15-day free returns

For major appliances, Whirlpool allows returns within 15 days without any return fees. You can initiate a return within this period for items in new and unused condition. Testing by the delivery team is included in the "new" condition. However, your original delivery, shipping, and service fees will not be reimbursed, meaning that any additional expenses such as installation will not be part of your refund.

Best Dryers

Top-rated for size and longevity

Whirlpool presently holds an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, signaling its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. However, its average rating from reviewers is slightly lower compared to some competitors. Across various retailers, Whirlpool dryers earned an impressive 4.6-star rating. Customer reviews suggest that Whirlpool dryers are extremely reliable, and tons of reviews praise the range of size options offered by Whirlpool and focus on how long the dryer units last.

A top option for reliability

When considering a dryer, Whirlpool emerges as a dependable choice. Though it may not have the most extensive features, Whirlpool provides a variety of price options and competitive free shipping. The overall sentiment suggests that Whirlpool appliances are built to endure. If you prioritize a long-lasting investment, Whirlpool dryers stand out as a top contender, earning the brand a very high rating in our review.

LG Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $629 to $2,099
  • 57 dryers
  • 7.3 cu. ft. - 9 cu. ft. capacity
  • 3 years drum, 1 year parts and labor warranty
  • 15-day returns
  • $29 shipping
  • 4.6-star average from customers

LG, the company that uses the slogan "Life's Good," was established in 1958. Since then, the company has risen as a frontrunner in the digital age. Introducing a multitude of innovative products over time, it has integrated state-of-the-art technologies such as mobile devices, digital TVs, and now things like smart dryers for your laundry day. LG currently has over 142 local subsidiaries worldwide and a workforce of approximately 74,000 executives and employees.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $629 to $2,099
  • Different models: 57
  • Capacity: 7.3 cu. ft. - 9 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: 5-5
  • Temperature settings: 3-5
  • Energy efficient: Some models
  • Return policy: 15 days with 8% restock fee
  • Warranty: 3 years drum, 1 year parts and labor
  • Additional protection plans: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: 7.3 cu. ft. Ultra Large Capacity

The basic model by LG is still highly impressive. With a 7.3 cu. ft. capacity, this dryer comes in sizes that match the top options made by other manufacturers. Priced between $529 to $749 depending on promos or sales, this is also one of the more affordable brands on the market. With built-in sensors that detect moisture and adjust drying time accordingly, this Energy Star Certified dryer offers energy efficiency. Keep track of duct cleanliness with the duct clogging indicator, helping maintain efficient drying and lower utility bills. With five dryer programs and three temperature settings, it offers versatility on par with other basic models in the industry.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: LG Signature 9.0

This top model by LG is one of the largest dryers on the market. Priced at $2,099, this model comes with a 9 cu. ft. capacity and 14 dryer programs. You can easily toss your shirt into the dryer, activate TurboSteam™, and in just 10 minutes, your shirt will be fresh and wrinkle-free. This feature not only refreshes fabrics but also reduces wrinkles in half the time of other steam settings. The electronic control panel is seamlessly integrated into the door, offering a distinct style and intuitive functionality. With ThinQ Care available in the ThinQ app, you can receive proactive usage, maintenance, and diagnostic alerts on your phone, so your LG smart appliances run smoothly. This model is also Energy Star certified.

Free shipping on all dryers

LG provides complimentary in-home delivery for all of its dryers. Plus, depending on which model you buy, some include free installation and haul-away services along with the shipping. You can easily determine if these services are included by checking the product listing on the LG dryers you're considering. If installation and haul-away are not included, you have the option to add them during the checkout process. Individually, installation is priced at $29 and haul-away at $25, totaling an additional $54 to the cost of your dryer.

15-day returns with some limitations

For purchases made directly from LG, you have a 15-day period to request a return. However, if you're attempting a return due to issues from LG's end, like any problems with shipping, delivery discrepancies, or damaged products, you'll need to report that to LG Order Support within 5 business days. Unfortunately, all returns have an 8% restocking fee and must be in the original packaging with all parts packed how they arrived.

Best Dryers

Customers are raving about LG dryers

LG receives one of the lowest ratings from the Better Business Bureau in our evaluation; however, reviews from sources outside of the BBB present a different perspective. Despite its "D-" rating from the BBB, LG dryers are highly regarded by both customers and major platforms like USA Today. Across various retailers, LG dryers have an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Customers appreciate the spaciousness of LG dryers even in their basic models, which offer impressive capacities. Further, many customers who bought LG dryers are repeat buyers, choosing LG over other companies multiple times. Efficiency is one of the top benefits listed by customers in their reviews. As for the negatives, there weren't many reviews in recent years with negative things to say about LG dryers. It's likely that the BBB rating is related to LG's many other products instead.

A standout brand for dryers

LG offers impressive dryers, hands down. Considering the features, affordability, and positive feedback, LG stands out among the competition in pretty much every category. As a brand highly popular with customers despite the lower-than-average BBB rating, LG earns a great rating in our review, and we highly recommend checking out an LG dryer on your search for a new unit for your home.

GE Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $554 to $1,649
  • 55 dryers
  • 6.2 cu. ft. - 7.8 cu. ft. capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • 7-day free return policy
  • Up to 30 days to return with a fee
  • Free delivery at some retailers
  • 4.5-star average from customers
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

For more than 100 years, GE has been offering convenience and joy to households. In addition to innovating appliances, the company is dedicated to bettering communities and enriching lives with eco-friendly machines. GE is headquartered in Louisville, KY, with major operations there, and it has extended its presence to other states like Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee, along with supporting operations across 46 U.S. states and various countries worldwide.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $554 to $1,649
  • Different models: 55
  • Capacity: 6.2 cu. ft. - 7.8 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: 3-12
  • Temperature settings: 3-5
  • Energy efficient: Some models
  • Return policy: 7-day money-back guarantee or 30 days with a fee
  • Warranty: 1 year entire appliance
  • Additional protection plans: No
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: Free delivery at some retailers

Basic model: GE 6.2 cu. ft. Electric Dryer

This is the basic model offered by GE. Costing between $554 to $649 depending on if there's a sale, this 6.2 cu. ft. capacity dryer offers a decent bang for your buck with 3 dry cycles and 3 temperature options. The dryer is a front-load model with a limited 1-year warranty for the entire machine. There aren't a lot of extra features with this model, but it's one of the most praised in reviews for being a solid and reliable dryer.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: GE Profile Dryer

This is the top-tier model from GE. The GE Profile comes with all the bells and whistles. It costs between $1,443 to $1,649 depending on the sale available at the time of purchase. This dryer comes with a 7.8 cu. ft. capacity, 12 dry settings, and 5 temperature settings. This model is also Energy Star certified offering eco-friendly drying. There are other upgrades too. You can control your laundry remotely, receiving instant notifications and updates. The Damp Alert feature notifies you when your clothes reach the perfect dampness for ironing or air drying. Wrinkle Care helps prevent wrinkles by prolonging the tumble without heat. It's also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Geneva for remote monitoring and control of your dry cycle. This model has a limited 1-year warranty for the entire machine.

Shipping depends on individual retailers

You won't find any dryers available for direct purchase from GE. Instead, the company guides you to local retailers that carry GE products. You can choose to buy online or go to a location in person. As such, shipping or delivery costs vary depending on the retailer and your location. But, according to our research, several retailers offer free shipping.

Free returns within 7 days

If you find the need to return your dryer to GE, you have a 7-day window from the delivery date to receive a full refund or replacement, with no restocking or pickup fees. If your request falls between 7 and 30 days after delivery, a 25% restocking fee and a pick-up fee will be deducted from your refund. Keep in mind that when you purchase your dryer through a third-party retailer, their return policies may apply rather than GE's.

Best Dryers

Praise for the low-cost GE options

While GE holds an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, third-party review sites paint a different picture, averaging just 1.5 stars, albeit with only about 50 reviews supporting this rating. However, customer feedback from retailers allowing reviews presents a more positive outlook, with GE dryers garnering an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from over 1,700 individual reviews, mostly receiving 5 stars. Reviews show that customers love the price and the capacity of the GE dryers. Owners were especially happy with the basic model, praising how quiet the machine was. Many of the reviews include recommendations to all friends and family to buy GE for their next dryer.

Good option to save money

GE offers an extensive selection of affordable dryers alongside higher-tier models with large capacities and eco-friendly certifications. Most of all, we were impressed by the high number of positive reviews. You can count on GE to facilitate refunds for returns within 7 days if you buy directly from them. The only drawback? Direct purchase from GE is unavailable for dryers; instead, you'll need to seek out an external retailer. Despite this minor inconvenience, GE earns a commendable rating for its competitive lineup of budget-friendly dryers.

Maytag Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $579 to $1,133
  • 12 dryers in stock
  • 7 cu. ft. - 7.4 cu. ft. capacity
  • 10 years drum, 10-year parts
  • 15-day returns with no fees
  • Free shipping and in-home delivery
  • 4.4-star average from customers
  • "A+ rating from the BBB

With a century-long legacy in the industry, Maytag emphasizes dependability as its guiding principle. When you choose a Maytag appliance, you're opting for a trustworthy companion that's committed to hard work. Maytag guarantees that its range of appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and washers, will consistently include a 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty. This way you can feel assured by the reliability and longevity of every dryer you purchase from Maytag.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $579 to $1,133
  • Different models: 17 (12 in stock)
  • Capacity: 7 cu. ft. - 7.4 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: 7-11
  • Temperature settings: 1-5
  • Energy efficient: Some models
  • ?Return policy: 15 days with no fees
  • Warranty: 10 years drum, 10 year parts
  • Additional protection plans: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: Electric Wrinkle Prevent Dryer

The basic model of dryer by Maytag costs just $579 which is highly competitive price-wise. This price comes with the 10-year warranty that applies to all Maytag appliances for the drum and parts of your dryer. With a 7.0 cu. ft. capacity and 7 dryer cycle options, this model is pretty basic in terms of features, but you can expect the standard dry modes and 4 temperatures for different types of laundry loads.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: Commercial-Grade Residential Gas Dryer

The top model offered by Maytag is actually a commercial-grade dryer. This model costs $1,133 and includes 11 different dry cycles and the same 10-year warranty as the basic model. You can choose between 5 temperatures to help modify the cycle for each laundry load. Notably, neither the top-tier model nor the basic model has an Energy Star certification, and the upgrades are minimal for the high price increase. In general, Maytag's features come across as basic no matter what tier you're buying.

Shipping and in-home delivery included

Maytag provides complimentary shipping for all its dryers. This includes in-home delivery with floor protection at no extra cost. If you need your dryer carried to a second-floor location, the free in-home delivery service has you covered there too. While installation does not come included, you can add it for $30, and if you need your old appliances removed, this service is available for an extra $20.

15-day returns with zero fees

For all its major appliances, Maytag provides a 15-day return window without any fees. You can request a return at any time within 15 days of your delivery date. This return policy applies to products that are in new and unused condition, and this allows for testing by the delivery person without affecting a dryer's eligibility for return.

Best Dryers

Customers love their Maytag dryers

At the time of our review, Maytag held an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Across various retailers, Maytag dryers showed an average rating of approximately 4.5 stars out of 5 from customers. Customers perceive Maytag dryers as being particularly quiet in comparison to other brands. Owners also universally love the long warranty periods, though there are very few reviews where people ever needed to use the warranty. Some customers loved the simplicity of the appliances: because there weren't too many techie features, that made Maytag dryers particularly user-friendly.

Solid and user-friendly dryers

Maytag offers cost-effective options and commendable return and warranty policies. While the features aren't the most exciting at Maytag, if you prefer a more simplistic dryer experience Maytag's products could offer a good value, backed by solid support from the company. With an appealing 10-year warranty on every dryer, Maytag earns a good rating despite its feature limitations.

Insignia Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $429.99 to $849.99
  • 9 dryers
  • 6.7 cu. ft. - 8 cu. ft. capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • 14-day returns
  • $29 shipping
  • 4.4-star average from customers
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Insignia is a brand owned by Best Buy that spans a range of different major appliances. However, Best Buy doesn't manufacture its products: appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers under the Insignia brand are made by Haier, a Chinese-owned company known for major appliances. Although Haier isn't widely recognized in the United States due to using different brand names, it's a major "undercover" player in the US appliance market. Since Insignia is essentially Best Buy's own brand, you'll find these dryers available for purchase exclusively at Best Buy.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $429.99 to $849.99
  • Different models: 9
  • Capacity: 6.7 cu. ft. - 8 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: 9-12
  • Temperature settings: 4-5
  • Energy efficient: Some models
  • Return policy: 14 days for standard customers
  • Warranty: 1 year entire appliance
  • Additional protection plans: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: $29 delivery fee

Basic model: Insignia 6.7 cu.ft. Electric Dryer with Sensor Dry

The base model from Insignia is the 6.7 Electric Dryer. This dryer costs between $429.99 to $449.99 depending on sales and promotions. This dryer offers a capacity of 6.7 cubic feet, with 9 drying cycles such as Normal, Heavy Duty, Towels, Casual, and Delicates, along with 4 temperature settings. It's a front-load dryer designed to complement a top-load washer and comes with a 1-year warranty for both parts and labor from the manufacturer.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: Insignia 8.0 cu. ft. Gas Dryer with Steam, Sensor Dry

The top-tier model at Insignia is the 8.0 cu. ft. Gas Dryer which offers a host of upgrades from the base model. This dryer costs anywhere from $649.99 to $849.99 depending on current sales or promotions. With an 8 cubic feet capacity, this dryer features a Time-Remaining Display to keep track of your laundry timing, and Vibration Reduction to keep your house nice and quiet on laundry day. This model offers 12 drying cycles, including Normal, Bulky, Heavy Duty, Active Wear, Sanitize, Towels, Perm Press, and more, along with 5 temperature settings. Designed to complement a front-load washer, this dryer is Energy Star Certified for high energy efficiency.

$29 fee for shipping

At Best Buy, the standard shipping fee is $29, covering both delivery and installation, but it's a mandatory charge. So, regardless of which dryer you purchase, you'll incur that delivery fee. The only alternative to this fee is to personally collect the appliance from the store. However, this option means you won't get any installation assistance, so you'll need to handle that independently.

14-day returns for standard customers

The window for returns at Best Buy depends on whether or not you're a member. For Standard members, it's 14 days for most products, while My Best Buy Plus and My Best Buy Total members enjoy 60 days for most items. This policy encompasses new, clearance, open-box, refurbished, and pre-owned items and applies to purchases made at any Best Buy retail location.

Best Dryers

While ratings are good, Best Buy isn't a favorite

According to the Better Business Bureau, Insignia doesn't hold a rating on its own; however, its parent company Haier does and currently maintains an "A+" rating. On the Best Buy website, Insignia products have an average customer rating of 4.4 stars. Customers commend Insignia dryers for their quiet operation, ease of use, and easy installation. Dissatisfied customers reported disappointment with Best Buy's customer service. One shopper called the service from Best Buy "mediocre at best." Other grievances included issues with the dry cycles not fully drying users' clothes. Overall, though, customers seem to like the Insignia dryers but don't love dealing with Best Buy.

Best for those who are Best Buy members

While the prices are reasonable and Insignia earns praise for its quiet and large-capacity dryers, many reviewers express frustration with having to buy the dryers exclusively from Best Buy. Issues with technical support sour the overall shopping and support experience for owners, despite their positive feelings towards the dryers themselves. This negative aspect lowers Insignia's rating compared to other brands that offer dryers at multiple retailers. However, if you're a Best Buy member or love that company, you may still find Insignia appealing for its pricing and advantages.

Amana Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Prices from $469 to $699
  • 4 dryers in stock
  • 6.5 cu. ft. -7.4 cu. ft. capacity
  • 15-day returns
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free delivery
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

For over 80 years, the Amana brand has played a significant role in American appliances. Known for introducing the first side-by-side refrigerator, Amana has consistently worked on creating new appliances throughout the years. Founded in 1934, Amana currently sells refrigerators, freezers, ranges, microwaves, hoods, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and heating and cooling systems. However, with thousands of reviews criticizing the company's quality, we're seeing some red flags for buying a new dryer at Amana.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $469 to $799
  • Different models: 4
  • Capacity: 6.5 cu. ft. - 7.4 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: Up to 11
  • Temperature settings: Up to 4
  • Energy efficient: Yes
  • Return policy: 15 days for unopened products and 30 days for defective ones
  • Warranty: Up to 1 year
  • Additional protection plans: Yes, 1-5 years
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: Free delivery

Basic model: 6.5 cu. ft. Electric Dryer with Wrinkle Prevent Option

The Basic model is the top-load 6.5 cu. ft. Electric Dryer from Amana. This dryer costs $469 and offers features like Automatic Dryness Control which keeps your laundry in perfect condition and completely dry. You can expect 11 different cycle options, a reversible door, and a wrinkle prevent setting that keeps your clothes looking fresh by tumbling them intermittently without heat.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: 7.4 cu. ft. Dryer with Sensor Drying

The top-tier model at Amana is the 7.4 cu. ft. dryer. This dryer costs $799 and includes a ton of extra features compared to the base model. With sensor drying, temperature controls, and a larger capacity, this dryer offers efficient and customized drying for all your laundry in one load. A helpful status indicator will tell you your laundry's progress and the "Sanitize" cycle can eliminate up to 99.9% of common household bacteria. Plus, with Eco Dry, the 7.4 cu. ft. model offers efficiency without compromising drying performance.

Free shipping

Amana offers complimentary shipping on all dryers. You can easily find the details on every listing, showing that Amana is offering transparency on its shipping policies. While the offer for free shipping may vary if you opt to buy your dryer through other retailers, the inclusion of free shipping ultimately contributes to cost savings for Amana's direct customers.

15-day returns at some retailers

Amana's return policy has some restrictions. First, you have a 15-day window to return appliances, provided they are in their original packaging and pristine condition. If there's an issue with your dryer due to Amana's error, you have 30 days to initiate the return. However, there's a caveat: Amana only accepts returns from specific retailers, so make sure to double-check each retailer's return policies before you buy.

Best Dryers

Appliances break down often

Amana's reputation is pretty dismal for a company that has 80 years of experience in the industry. Despite an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, Amana has an unimpressive record with customers. Over the past three years, Amana has accumulated over 5,000 complaints on the BBB site itself where it has earned a 1-star rating from customers. On other third-party review platforms like ConsumerAffairs, Amana maintains an average rating of just 2.2 stars with tons of recent complaints. Many of these reviews focus on the dryers offered by Amana. Comments show that the dryers often break down and require expensive repairs.

Concerns about quality put Amana near the bottom

At the end of the day, customers don't have a lot of nice things to say about Amana. Unfortunately, with dryers consistently breaking down or requiring repairs, Amana doesn't stand out among competitors. With other issues like difficulties with returns depending on where you buy, Amana earns a lower rating in our review. If you're looking for a more reliable place to find a new dryer, check out our higher-rated manufacturers instead.

Frigidaire Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $768 to $1,099
  • 2 dryers
  • 6.7 cu. ft. capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Warranty extensions offered
  • Free delivery at some retailers
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

First recognized primarily for its refrigerators, Frigidaire traces its roots back to the Guardian Frigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company was the first to pioneer a self-contained refrigerator in 1916. After being acquired by White Consolidated Industries in 1979, Frigidaire diversified its product range to include stovetops, washers, and dryers. In 1986, it became part of Electrolux, its current parent company.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $768 to $1,099
  • Different models: 2 (none in stock)
  • Capacity: 6.7 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: 10
  • Temperature settings: 5
  • Energy efficient: No
  • Return policy: 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Additional protection plans: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: Free delivery at some retailers

Basic model: Free Standing Electric Dryer

This basic model includes a 6.7 cu. ft. dryer capacity and 10 dry settings to choose from. The drum of the dryer is crafted from stainless steel, providing durability and resistance to rust. This model features a reversible door for flexible installation options and a sanitizing function to eliminate bacteria and germs from your laundry. The dryer also offers various dryness level selections to accommodate your specific drying needs. However, Frigidaire does not currently offer a model that has an Energy Star certification. So if energy efficiency is at the top of your list, you may need to look elsewhere. The price for the base model ranges from $768 to $999 depending on if there is a sale.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: Free Standing Gas Dryer

The top-tier model at Frigidaire is very similar to the basic one with one major upgrade: a moisture sensor. Otherwise in size, durability, dry cycles, and features, the Gas and Electric models are nearly identical. The cost for the gas model ranges from $858 to $1,099 depending on whether or not there is a sale.

Free shipping from third-party retailers

Sadly, neither of the dryers made by Frigidaire were available for purchase during our assessment. As such, we couldn't find any shipping fees from Frigidaire itself. However, through other retailers, we discovered a range of shipping options, and most of them included shipping free of charge. Some retailers provided extended warranties for 3 or 5 years at approximately $120 for the former and $180 for the latter.

Money-back guarantee if you can buy from Frigidaire

Frigidaire provides a 7-day money-back guarantee along with free returns for a hassle-free experience. This means you can return your dryer to Frigidaire within the specified period without any extra shipping charges. However, if you buy from a third-party retailer (since Frigidaire's stock is completely out), you'll have to check on the shipping and return policies for those specific retailers instead.

Best Dryers

Mixed reviews with lackluster ratings

Frigidaire, although not individually rated by the BBB, operates under the ownership of Electrolux, which maintains an "A+" rating and accreditation. Reviews for Frigidaire dryers vary across different platforms. While ConsumerAffairs indicates a 1.6-star average rating for these dryers, ratings from customers on other retail platforms suggest an average rating of approximately 4 stars, but there weren't many reviews for dryers specifically. Customers who liked the Frigidaire dryers noted that they don't run too hot and this will protect their clothes from wear and tear, though the same customers noted that your dry load might take around 10 minutes longer than competitors. Customers who didn't like the Frigidaire dryers complained that their model completely broke down within a year. Customers also noted struggling to get Frigidaire to help them when things go wrong with their appliances.

No dryers in stock

Although Frigidaire fares better than some competitors who lack positive reviews, its inventory limitation, with only two dryers total and both of them out of stock, makes their inventory impossible to buy directly from Frigidaire. Considering that there might be limitations on warranty help or returns if you buy from a third party, this can make the Frigidaire dryer models much less desirable. So, despite a more favorable return policy and marginally better reviews than some competitors, Frigidaire receives a lower rating for dyers due to its limited inventory and availability issues.

Speed Queen Review 1.5 Star Rating

Speed Queen

1.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $1,259 to $2,559
  • 14 dryers in stock
  • 7 cu. ft. capacity
  • Warranty of 3-5 years
  • Energy-efficient models

In 1908, Joe Barlow and John Seelig started their laundry company with hand-powered washing machines from a Kansas City company. They improved efficiency by adding high-speed gearing and then acquired manufacturing rights to produce their washers. The pair founded Barlow & Seelig Manufacturing. Initially, they manufactured a few washers named the "White Cloud" until 1928, when the pair rebranded the company as Speed Queen. Since then, the company has focused on innovating washers and now dryers for global customers.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $1,259 to $2,669
  • Different models: 14
  • Capacity: 7 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: 3-10
  • Temperature settings: 3-4
  • Energy efficient: Yes
  • Return policy: None for dryers
  • Warranty: 3-5 years
  • Additional protection plans: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: Depends on retailer

Basic model: DR3003WE

This basic dryer is one of the most expensive base models we've seen in our review. Costing $1,259, this base model is on par with the cost of the top-tier models from competitors without the boost in premium features to match the price. Here's what you can expect from the base dryer at Speed Queen: 3 preset cycles and 3 temperature selections, featuring a capacity of 7 cubic feet. This model comes with a 3-year warranty covering both parts and labor. The only "unique" feature of the base model is its capability to serve as an effective tool in killing bacteria, but compared to other dryers in the same price range, this feature is pretty basic.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: DF7004BG

The top-tier model from Speed Queen is even more expensive than the base option. Costing $2,669 for just the dryer, this appliance is one of the priciest in the industry. The worst part? Despite having more features than the base model, the features aren't on par with other top-level dryers, making us question the justification for such high prices. Here's what you can find with the DF7 model: 10 preset cycles and 4 temperature selections, and that's it. This model also includes features like Pet Plus, Steam, Over-Dry Protection Technology, and an Energy Star Certification, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

Shipping isn't included at most retailers

Speed Queen doesn't directly sell its dryers, so to determine shipping costs, you'll need to find a dealer or retailer that carries them. Interestingly, all the suggested retailers we were directed to by Speed Queen were smaller companies rather than well-known appliance stores like Best Buy or Lowe's. Most of these stores didn't include shipping or installation when you buy your dryer, which was unexpected considering the high price of Speed Queen units.

Return policies are found at individual retailers

You'll encounter a similar issue with the return policy as you will with shipping. Since you can't purchase Speed Queen dryers directly from its website, the return policy isn't applicable. Instead, you'll need to rely on the return policies of the retailer you select. For instance, one Speed Queen retailer provided only a 1-day return policy, and waiting longer would incur restocking fees.

Best Dryers

Mixed or highly negative reviews

Speed Queen currently maintains a "B+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, slightly lower than most companies in our review. Regarding reviews on the dryers themselves, it's challenging to find any outside of the Speed Queen website, raising questions about the authenticity of those ratings. We did find some reviews on one third-party retailer that showed a mixed score of 3.5 stars on average. Some customers loved how quiet their Speed Queen dryer was while others complained that there were no features to prevent wrinkles. Further reviews contradicted those who claimed the dryer was quiet by complaining specifically about how loud their Speed Queen dryer was. On top of that, reviews on third-party sites like ConsumerAffairs showed Speed Queen only has an average of 1.1 stars out of 5. Many customers express frustration with the lack of response from Speed Queen in resolving maintenance or broken parts issues.

Not enough value for the high cost

Despite offering a solid warranty, Speed Queen lags behind its competitors. Its dryers are notably expensive without clear justification. They often have smaller capacities and fewer features compared to other brands. With numerous complaints and a below-average BBB grade, Speed Queen receives a low rating in our assessment.

Electrolux Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Prices from $798 to $1,549
  • 7 dryers in stock
  • 4 cu. ft. - 8 cu. ft. . capacity
  • 1-year parts warranty
  • 1-year labor warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free delivery
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Founded in 1919, Electrolux is widely recognized as an industry leader in sustainability. The company has aided in reducing CO2 emissions by prioritizing eco-friendly products since 2015. Through the use of recycled materials in its products, Electrolux distinguishes itself as a trailblazer for energy efficiency in dryers. However, reviews show that customers may not be overly impressed with the eco-friendliness, given the myriad of other issues with Electrolux dryers.

Appliance Overview:

  • Price range: $798 to $1,549
  • Different models: 9 (7 in stock)
  • Capacity: 4 cu. ft. - 8 cu. ft.
  • Dry settings: 7-10
  • Temperature settings: 5
  • Energy efficient: Yes
  • Return policy: Unclear for dryers
  • Warranty: Parts 1 year and labor 1 year
  • Additional protection plans: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Shipping: Free delivery

Basic model: 400 Series

The most basic dryer model in stock at Electrolux is the 400 Series Electric Dryer. This dryer costs $848 on sale or $1,199 at full price. There is a cheaper model on the site, but it was out of stock at the time of our review. With the 400 Series model, you can expect two color options (glacier blue and white), an 8 cu. ft. capacity, and 7 different cycles. The 400 series Electrolux dryers are Energy Star certified and offer features like "Perfect Steam" where wrinkles are gently released during the cycle, and the extended tumble mode which gently tumbles clothes without heat. The Luxcare lint shield traps lint to prevent messes and premium LED lighting inside the dryer provides visibility to find those pesky items of clothing that get stuck in the back of the tumbler.

Best Dryers

Top-tier model: 500 Series

The top 500 Series Gas Dryer is the second best option at Electrolux. We're reviewing this one rather than the 600 Series (costing between $1,048 to $1,549) as that one is completely out of stock. The 500 Series costs $998 on sale or $1,449 full price. You can expect titanium and white colors as well as an 8 cu. ft. capacity. The 500 series offers 10 different dry cycles and all of the features found on the basic dryer. The 500 has the LuxCare Dry System which offers precise and careful treatment of fabrics by detecting humidity on the surface, preventing over- or under-drying. A new feature not offered on the lower-tier dryers is the 15-Minute Fast Dry, while Predictive Dry accurately forecasts dry times, eliminating the need for constant checking. Special extras such as the Activewear Cycle that helps you maintain delicate and expensive activewear garments, set the 500 Series apart further.

Free shipping with extras for delivery day

Shipping is free of charge, but you won't know that until you add your dryer to the cart. In the cart, it will let you know that your dryer purchase waives the cost of shipping. This worked on the basic and high-end dryers, so you can expect free shipping no matter which dryer you select. Electrolux provides optional extras during checkout for added convenience. These include professional installation priced at $49, old appliance disposal for $29, and door swing reversal for $15.

Unclear returns for dryers

Electrolux's return policy lacks transparency. While it mentions a 30-day return window, it appears to mainly cover items such as filters, accessories, consumables, and installation parts. The actual policy language only refers to "items" without clear specifications on whether dryers are included in the returns. We attempted to clarify the situation with Electrolux customer service via chat and were met with prolonged wait times and ultimately no answer. You may want to be prepared to rely on the warranty for your Electrolux dryer or try contacting their customer service hotline since the online chat doesn't deliver.

Best Dryers

Dryers have mechanical issues and quality problems

Despite holding an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, Electrolux's reputation sends it to the bottom of the pack. Ratings on the BBB page reveal an average of only 1 star, accompanied by over 3,000 complaints from customers within the past three years. Similarly, on third-party review platforms like ConsumerAffairs, Electrolux has only a 1.6-star average. Customers complain that the dryers aren't as energy efficient as promised since the appliances "run forever" and don't dry clothing properly the first time. Customers also noted issues with defects, like a lint trap that isn't the right shape and pops open during a dry cycle.

Complaints lead to 1-star rating

The bottom line? Electrolux's eco-friendly practices aren't enough to snag a competitive spot in the industry. With hundreds of concerns regarding dryer quality, the complaints and problems with these appliances overshadow Electrolux's potential positives. Electrolux receives some of the lowest ratings from customers, indicating numerous red flags with both customer service and appliance quality. For these reasons, Electrolux receives one of our lowest ratings.

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One of the greatest advantages of a modern dryer is the peace of mind it provides. No longer do you have to worry about unpredictable weather ruining your freshly washed clothes on the line or waiting hours for laundry to air dry. With a modern dryer, you can trust that your laundry will be efficiently dried and ready to wear with just the push of a button, saving you time and effort.

Dryers play a crucial role in making sure your clothes come out clean, fresh, and ready to wear. While washers get a lot of attention for their role in cleaning clothes, dryers deserve just as much recognition for their ability to efficiently dry and fluff your laundry to perfection.

Think about the last time you pulled out your comforter from a dryer cycle on a cold winter day; you wouldn't have that warm snuggly feeling without your trusty dryer. Whether you're drying a single load of delicates or tackling a mountain of towels and bedding, a reliable dryer can streamline your laundry routine and make chores a breeze.

Upgrading to a new dryer can lead to significant savings on time, energy, and utility costs. Many modern dryers are designed to meet strict energy efficiency standards, using less electricity and gas than older models while still delivering fast and thorough drying performance. By investing in an energy-efficient dryer, you can reduce your environmental footprint and lower your monthly utility bills without sacrificing performance or reliability.

When shopping for a new dryer, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Here are several factors to consider to help you find the perfect model for your needs:

  • Capacity. This is an important thing to consider when you're dryer shopping. Capacity determines how much laundry you can dry in a single cycle. Whether you're drying large loads of bedding or smaller loads of delicates, choosing a dryer with the appropriate capacity for your household size and laundry habits is essential.
  • Durability. Investing in a high-quality dryer from a manufacturer that you trust can help you get a dryer that offers years of performance and durability. Look for models with durable construction and lengthy warranties to protect your investment.
  • Price. With a wide range of pricing options on the market, keeping your budget in mind is an important consideration. Make sure you balance cost with quality to be sure you're getting the best value for your money. Sometimes, splurging a bit more for an Energy Star Certified dryer or one with AI sensing can save you a lot of money or hassle in the long run.

To help you find the perfect dryer for your home and lifestyle, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best dryer brands and models on the market. We hope our research helps you find the perfect dryer for that blissful fluffy clean laundry experience you deserve. Whether you're upgrading your laundry room, replacing an old dryer, or shopping for your first appliance, we're here to help you make the most of your laundry experience.

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Dryer FAQ

Dryers come with tons of different features depending on the brand. From traditional vented dryers to space-saving ventless models, or even those with AI sensors, there's a dryer to fit your laundry loads and your space.
Dryers make drying clothes a breeze. With user-friendly controls and intelligent modern features, they take the hassle out of laundry day, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. You don't need to worry about shrinking sweaters or pilling on blankets. Let the modern dryer modes with heat options and different cycle styles handle the drying process while you relax.
Dryers can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the brand and features you prefer. Whether you're budget-conscious or seeking a long-lasting investment, there are options available to suit your finances.
Absolutely! Dryers are designed to accommodate a wide range of fabrics and garment types. From delicate silks to durable denim, modern dryers ensure your clothes are dried gently and effectively every time.
Modern dryers are crafted with efficiency in mind. Featuring innovative technologies like moisture sensors and energy-efficient drying cycles, they help you save on utility bills while reducing your environmental impact. Look for energy-efficient models with Energy Star Certification to make sure you're minimizing your energy bills as much as possible.
Keeping your dryer in peak condition is simple. Regularly clean the lint trap and exhaust vents to prevent issues and maintain your appliance. Many modern dryers offer alerts to remind you when it's time for cleaning so that you never miss a maintenance session.
Yes! Modern dryers are designed to handle large loads with ease, allowing you to dry more laundry in less time. From bulky bedding to family-sized laundry piles, modern dryers can meet your needs. Some models have capacities as large as 9 cu. ft. for those with king-size bedding or those who just don't like doing more than one load of laundry per week.
Dryer technology continues to advance, and some top-rated brands offer all-in-one machines that combine washing and drying capabilities in a single appliance. Say goodbye to changing loads and simplify laundry day with these innovative options.
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