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Cyrusher vs Velotric

Friday, September 29th

2023 Ebike Reviews

Cyrusher Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost from $1,199 to $4,499
  • Diverse range of ebike types and models
  • Helpful model comparison tool
  • Wide array of colors and customization options are available
  • Additional offerings like portable power stations and solar panels
  • Affordable entry-level options
  • Rental locations and test ride options
  • U.S.-based customer service
  • Free shipping
  • 2-year warranty with free replacement parts

Cyrusher is an ebike company that has rapidly grown since its founding in 2014. Initially starting as a small enterprise in China, Cyrusher now operates in four countries and serves customers in more than 10 countries through its online platform. The company not only sells its own brand of ebikes but also offers third-party brands of portable power stations. Cyrusher's dedication to quality and innovation has garnered it recognition in prestigious publications, but the company fails to get enough consistent customer feedback to get a higher recommendation from us.

Velotric Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Cost from $999 to $1,899
  • Offers elegant, stylish, high-performance, reliable, safe, and affordable ebikes
  • Apple Find My GPS location feature on some models
  • Free shipping
  • 14-day trial period
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Helpful, informative website

Velotric is a company led by Adam Zhang, a hardware co-founder of Lime, with a team of talented individuals from renowned brands like Lime, Giant, Specialized, and Decathlon. Their vision centers around creating elegant, stylish, high-performance, reliable, safe, and affordable ebikes, offering a simpler and more expressive riding experience to eliminate stress and anxiety. Velotric offers a variety of commuter, fat tire, fitness, and utility-style ebikes, each with unique features and frame styles. They have a 14-day trial and offer free shipping, but it's essential to review their warranty coverage details as it can vary for different components. Customer reviews are generally positive on their website, but external review sites have some complaints about customer service and shipping issues.

Where Can You Buy the Best Electric Bikes?

In recent years, a revolutionary trend has emerged in the world of cycling: the rise of electric bikes, or ebikes. Ebikes have rapidly gained popularity among commuters, outdoor enthusiasts, and casual riders alike, offering an electrifying alternative (pun intended) to traditional bicycling.

An ebike is essentially a bicycle equipped with an electric motor and battery, providing an extra boost to the rider's pedaling efforts. This innovative combination of human power and electric assistance opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for cycling, making it accessible to a broader audience and transforming the way we traverse our urban and natural landscapes.

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Ebike FAQ

An ebike, short for electric bike, is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that assists the rider's pedaling. The motor provides varying levels of support, making pedaling easier, especially uphill or during long rides. People choose to purchase ebikes for various reasons, including extended commuting ranges, reduced effort while cycling, eco-friendly transportation, and a fun way to explore the outdoors without excessive physical strain.
Electric bikes come in various styles and models designed for specific purposes. Common types include city/commuter ebikes, mountain ebikes (eMTBs), folding ebikes, cargo ebikes, and cruiser ebikes. City/commuter ebikes are ideal for daily transportation, while eMTBs are built for off-road adventures. Folding ebikes are compact and great for easy storage and transportation. Cargo ebikes feature large carrying capacities, perfect for hauling groceries or other items. Cruiser ebikes are comfortable and stylish, ideal for leisurely rides.
The range of an ebike on a single charge depends on various factors such as battery capacity, level of pedal assistance used, terrain, rider's weight, and weather conditions. Typically, modern ebikes can achieve a range of 20 to 80 miles on a single charge. High-capacity batteries and efficient power management systems can extend the range, while using higher levels of assistance or tackling steep hills may reduce it.
The charging time for ebike batteries can vary depending on the battery capacity and charger specifications. Generally, most ebike batteries can be fully charged within 3 to 6 hours. Some high-capacity batteries or fast-charging models may take less time, while others might take a bit longer. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's charging guidelines to maintain battery health and maximize its lifespan.
When purchasing an ebike, consider factors like the type of terrain you'll ride on, the range you need, battery capacity, motor power, frame material, and braking system. It's essential to test-ride different models to find one that suits your riding style and comfort preferences. Look for reputable brands with good customer reviews and warranties for peace of mind.
The legality of ebikes on public roads and trails varies according to country, state, and local regulations. In many places, ebikes are classified into different categories based on their speed and power capabilities, and each category may have specific restrictions. Generally, ebikes with lower power and speed levels are more widely accepted on public paths, but it's crucial to research and understand the local laws before riding.
Yes, you can ride an ebike without using the motor just like a regular bicycle. Most ebikes come with a "pedal-only" mode that allows you to turn off the motor and ride solely on human power. This feature is useful if you want to conserve battery life, get some exercise, or comply with certain trail restrictions that only allow pedal-powered bikes.
Yes, ebikes are suitable for people of various fitness levels and ages. The adjustable levels of pedal assistance make cycling more accessible for individuals who might struggle with traditional bikes due to physical limitations. Ebikes can help older adults, people recovering from injuries, or those with mobility issues enjoy the benefits of cycling with less strain.
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Ebikes come in a variety of styles and configurations, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of riders. For example, commuters may opt for sleek, lightweight, and foldable ebikes, perfect for zipping through city streets and easily stowing away at the office. Adventure seekers might find their match in robust and rugged off-road e-mountain bikes, designed to conquer even the most challenging terrains.

For those who seek comfort during long rides, there are electric cruisers and hybrids that combine ease of use and performance. With such a wide array of options available, there's an ebike suitable for everyone's lifestyle and riding aspirations.

Buying an ebike online has become the smart choice for many reasons. Online retailers offer a vast selection, providing access to numerous brands, models, and styles, all in one convenient place. This enables potential buyers to compare various options without the need to visit multiple physical stores. Additionally, online ebike retailers often provide detailed product information and customer reviews, empowering shoppers to make well-informed decisions.

The ease of browsing and purchasing from the comfort of home, coupled with delivery options, saves time and effort. Also, online retailers frequently offer competitive prices and occasional promotions, making it an affordable option for ebike enthusiasts and novices alike.

When choosing the right ebike retailer, several crucial factors should be considered. Here's a helpful checklist to compare different options:

  • Information. Does the ebike store help you understand what options are available, how to safely use an ebike, or how to make sure you buy the right size?
  • Price. Compare the cost of ebikes and any additional fees like shipping or assembly charges. Are there any perks that can sweeten the deal, like seasonal promotions or free accessories?
  • Selection. Look for a retailer with a diverse inventory, offering various ebike models and brands. That makes it much more likely that you'll find the right one for you.
  • Customer service. Read reviews and feedback to ensure the retailer provides excellent customer support and assistance.
  • Refund/warranty policies. Check the retailer's return and warranty policies to safeguard your purchase. Do you have a trial period to see if the ebike you picked is the best fit?
  • Reputation. Research the retailer's reputation, seeking feedback from previous customers, and assessing their overall credibility. Has the company been favorably rated by the Better Business Bureau?

Top Consumer Reviews has done thorough research and analysis to compile a curated, ranked list of reputable online retailers that excel in pricing, selection, customer service, refund/warranty policies, and overall reputation. With the right retailer by your side, you'll be ready to embark on a thrilling, sustainable, and empowering cycling adventure on your new ebike!

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