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The Best Eczema Products

What's the Best Product for Dealing with Eczema?

You've heard of eczema, but do you know what it really is and do you want to calm it without a prescription? If you're confused, don't feel bad - there are actually seven different types of eczema. And, it's common - more than 31 million Americans have some form of eczema.

The most commonly-seen type of eczema is called atopic dermatitis, and it results from an overactive immune system, causing the skin to get dry and itchy. You could also have scaly patches, rashes, or blisters, and whichever symptoms you have, they're almost always itchy. Eczema doesn't discriminate on age - both adults and young children can have the symptoms. Adults with atopic dermatitis can often have the rash in the crook of the elbow or knee, but that symptom isn't as common in children.

Friday, May 24th

2024 Eczema Product Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Aveeno Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • $14 for Aveeno Skin Relief Intense Moisture Repair Body Cream - 11-oz jar
  • $16 for Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm - 11-oz.
  • $10 for 2 Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Relief Creams - 1 oz. tube
  • $8 for Aveeno Soothing Bath Product - 8 single-use bath packets
  • $6 for Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Product - 5-single-use bath packets
  • Contains colloidal oatmeal and ceramide
  • Non-greasy
  • Allergy-tested and steroid-free
  • Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Aveeno's Itch Relief Balm - even the name sounds soothing. Imagine your irritated skin feeling immediate relief with its own spa of a balm with soothing oatmeal and ceramide. It's non-greasy and free of fragrance. Aveeno, the brand known for its oatmeal-based skin products, has been around for more than 75 years, helping those who have red, itchy, dry skin to find relief.

Long history of using oatmeal in their products

Aveeno has been around since 1945 and was created by two brothers who believed that centuries-old remedies could hold a key for wellness. They worked with the Mayo Clinic Dermatology Center, experimenting with raw cereals in skincare and relief. They created a bath additive, and their product line grew from there. Colloidal oatmeal, which is made by grinding the oat grain, bonds with the skin, locks in moisture, helps to balance the skin's natural pH levels, and boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. All of Aveeno's products still contain oatmeal and/or oat extracts.

Combining nature and science

Aveeno prides itself on helping sensitive skin by combining nature and science. They grow their plants in rich soil and use pesticide-free fields. They refrain from using unnecessary chemical solvents or excess heat to extract the essence of the plant. Combining nature and science, Aveeno has been dedicated to conscientiously handling dry and itchy skin over face and body.

No animal testing

There's a disclaimer on their website that their products aren't tested on animals anywhere in the world unless there's a rare case where the government would require it. They also state that they care about the safety of their products and will continue to seek alternatives to animal testing.


Aveeno's products are formulated for sensitive skin, including as main ingredients those found in nature. Oatmeal is known to be gentle on the skin and offers a calming and soothing effect. Skin with eczema, known to be dry, itchy, and irritating, calls for a gentle product that offers relief, and that's what Aveeno delivers.

Thick and smooth

This gentle product, free of steroids, offers immediate relief of dry, itchy skin screaming to be soothed. There's no greasy feeling where you feel that you can't touch anything after you apply it. It's free of perfumes or added scents, and it's also free of parabens. The balm is simply thick and pacifying. It provides a natural moisture barrier helping to hydrate.

Spa-like Bath

To complement the healing power of the isolated area where you place the balm, there are also products for the bath for a quick, whole-body, relaxing and healing experience: Aveeno Soothing Bath Product and Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Product. Use a single packet in the bath as an oatmeal bath soak. It's fragrance-free and it cleanses while it moisturizes. You can use this relief-in-an-envelope for eczema, poison ivy, and even sunburn. Enter the bath itchy, leave the bath with cleaner, softer, and moisturized skin. Enjoy the Baby formula that's sensitive enough for your baby's needs.

Best Eczema Products

Full-body moisturizing cream

After the oatmeal bath, or whenever, feel the full-body enjoyment of relief from dry, irritated skin with Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream. Use daily to keep dry skin at bay. Not only will you feel the all-over comfort, you can apply it to the areas where you have eczema, as it's free of added fragrance and it's allergy tested. There's even a formula gentle enough to use on your baby.

Super relief

If you're really itchy and your skin is really irritated, try the maximum strength formula of Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Relief Cream. It still contains Aveeno's signature oat complex and adds hydrocortisone as its super power. Hydrocortisone is a form of a steroid, which Aveeno doesn't typically use, but for big irritation, they pulled out the big guns. Other healing and soothing ingredients are vitamin E and aloe.

Daily-use lotion for maintenance

For an all-over healthy skin maintenance, try Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion. It, too, is fragrance free and contains Aveeno's oat formula. Use daily morning, evening, or after a shower or bath for that nourished-skin feeling.

Highly recognized and recommended

Aveeno has been around for more than 75 years and is the #1 dermatologist-recommended eczema moisturizer brand. Each of the Aveeno products we've highlighted has earned the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance for being suitable for eczema and sensitive skin.

Customers love it

More than 70% of reviewers give Aveeno an excellent rating. Customers who have trusted Aveeno's eczema line to care for their skin sing its praises for quick and gentle relief, being free of steroids, and helping to show improvement for their skin condition. With continued use, consumers find that it has kept their eczema at bay. They love that a little goes a long way and that a jar can last almost five months. There are a handful of customers who aren't happy with the product as they are annoyed by a greasy feeling.

No return policy

The website doesn't have a section for a satisfaction guarantee. That said, you might want to check with where you purchased it to find out their return policy.

It's our #1

Using the concept of centuries-old remedies, the Musher brothers were on to something. For more than 75 years, all Aveeno products contain oatmeal as the main skin-soothing agent. It's free of added fragrance, parabens, and steroids. Consumers consistently rate the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Balm highly for eczema symptom relief, keeping eczema at bay, and creating a skin-calming sensation. It's our top pick for over-the-counter eczema relief.

Eczema Honey Review 4.5 Star Rating

Eczema Honey

4.5 Star Rating
  • $29.95 for Original Skin-Soothing Cream - 4 oz. jar
  • $29.95 for Nut-Free Skin-Soothing Cream - 4 oz. jar
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Entire skincare line for face and body
  • Nut-free option available
  • Excellent return policy
  • National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance

In just looking at the ingredient list of Eczema Honey Original Skin-Soothing Cream, you can practically feel the relief. Colloidal oatmeal, organic honey, organic aloe vera juice, beeswax and grapeseed sound natural, soothing, healing, and comforting, and you can't wait to try it. Allergic to nuts? They even have a nut-free version for people with nut sensitivities and for parents who want to limit nut exposure to their little ones. Six of Eczema Honey's products carry the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association.

Cruelty-free, natural and organic ingredients

Eczema Honey is Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free. For those who are looking for natural products, there are a lot of natural and organic ingredients in the Skin-Soothing Cream. Colloidal oatmeal is a skin protectant with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to calm redness, soothe irritation and hydrate. Almond oil and organic olive oil also help to soothe the skin. Organic sunflower oil has antioxidant properties and forms a protective layer for your skin. Organic honey and beeswax help to hydrate the skin. There are other ingredients as well, but these are the key ingredients.


This company only uses gluten-free oats for their colloidal oatmeal. There may be trace amounts of gluten in the manufacturing facilities, so if you're extremely sensitive, you should be aware.

Additional uses

Skin-Soothing Cream can be used on your dry, patchy spots anywhere on the skin for hydration and relief, but you can also use it to remove makeup and apply it as a lip balm.

It can be cooling

Because eczema can be painful, keep the jar in the fridge for a cooling, soothing application. It's not necessary to keep it in the fridge, but ahhhh.

Take the quiz

Go to Eczema Honey's home page and take the quiz to determine which of their products might be best for you and your needs. Especially if you're interested in the natural ingredients of honey, colloidal oatmeal and oils, you'll find all or many of them in Eczema Honey's face and body products. For the face there's a cleanser, renewal cream with retinol and resveratrol, and an eye cream. For the body, try the honey, oatmeal, and lavender soap; fragrance-free bubble bath; body lotion; hand cream; and soothing scalp oil.

Best Eczema Products

Fun accessories

Fun accessories include a konjac root fiber sponge that sloughs, softens, soothes, and is rich in vitamins. There's an oatmeal bath bomb for all-over soothing relief. They also have premium cotton gloves so you can seal in the cream overnight for an even deeper feeling of hydration and protection on your hands.

Buy more, get more

For orders over $50, you're welcome to pay in four interest-free installments. If you choose to subscribe, you can save 20%. Make an order of $65 or more and you can get a sample of the oatmeal body lotion. Eczema Honey is the only eczema product line that we've seen with these enticements. Also, there's free shipping, but only on orders over $65.

Great return policy

Eczema Honey goes above and beyond to please its customers. When you buy directly from their site, if there's anything damaged or wrong with your product, contact them immediately so they can make it right for you. If you're not satisfied with any of their products, they have a satisfaction guarantee. Contact them within 60 days of purchase for a refund. Feel free to keep the product so no one needs to spend money on return shipping. That's another gift to you - don't worry about sending it back.

Soothing and hydrating, great for most

The fans of Eczema Honey Original Skin Soothing Cream say that this is the product that helped them when none of the others could. They found it to be soothing, hydrating, and are comfortable using it on their face, body, wherever there's an irritated patch or dry skin. Not everyone is a fan, however. Those who don't like it say it has a scent. Others say it can feel oily or sticky, and after application, you'll want to wash your hands. There are a few with very sensitive skin that say that it either didn't help them or made it more irritated, perhaps an allergic reaction.

A little goes a long way

Apply a little, continue to let it warm against the skin, and massage it in. Add a tiny more if necessary. A small amount should be plenty to make a thin layer. This massaging time may prevent an oily or sticky feeling. When you apply a little at a time, the 4-oz. jar should last you a long time.

Oatmeal, honey, and a great return policy

When the main ingredients are natural or organic, your mind feels at ease, and you can almost feel the relief even before you apply it. A little goes a long way, so no need to glop it on like you might a store-bought heavy-weight cream. $29.95 is a bit costly for a 4-oz jar, but again, use it sparingly so it lasts. Purchasing through their site gives you incentives as well as their 60-day satisfaction guarantee - no need to return the product. Eczema Honey Original Skin Soothing Cream is near the top of our list. The only thing keeping it from the #1 spot is the price compared to other products.

Skintifique Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • $56 for Eczema Relief Pack - Body
  • Includes Hydrating Gel Plus HS - 5.07 fl. oz. jar
  • Includes Moisturizing Lotion HP - 6.76 fl. oz. pump bottle
  • Up to 99% natural
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Two products for 24/7 care
  • Made in France

Sometimes when you look at a skincare product and you like their main hydrating ingredient but then see there's a plethora of other ingredients that you can't pronounce, you might wonder what's all in there. With Skintifique's satisfying list of ingredients they won't use combined with their cruelty-free pledge, there's no room for any harmful or questionable components. The day lotion and night gel work synergistically to help redness, dryness, itching, and irritation while you're awake and while you're asleep.

Moisturizing Lotion HP

This moisturizes and protects from the pollutants and metals in the environment. Use during the day to hydrate and protect the skin from environmental irritants. Skintifique has carefully selected only 13 ingredients for this product.

Hydrating Gel Plus HS

There are only eight ingredients in the Hydrating Gel Plus HS. It's a long-lasting and soothing cream that can be used on infants through adults. Apply to clean skin in the evening for hydration as well as relief of itch and irritation.

Using them together is better

You can purchase the two components of this eczema relief product separately, but they work better together to protect and soothe the skin almost 24/7. When you use the lotion during the day and the gel at night, together they relieve the symptoms of eczema including red, dry, itching, and irritated skin both day and night, and also give the skin a protective barrier from allergens and other environmental irritants. Plus, purchasing the pack qualifies you for free shipping.


Eczema Relief - Body is a vegan product and, consistent with European policy, Skintifique doesn't test on animals. Skintifique is made in France, so they are bound to more strict European skincare product laws.

Safe for all ages

You can use this product from infants on up, and it's safe to use while pregnant. They even have a list of ingredients to avoid while pregnant to offer information and peace of mind.

Best Eczema Products

A lovely list of NOs

There's no: alcohol, EDTA (a chelating agent), endocrine disruptors, essential oils, fragrance, paraben, or silicone, so you can feel better about the ingredients that Skintifique uses.

30-day money-back guarantee

Give the products a good try to decide if they work for you or not, because you have 30 days to return the products. You'll be refunded the price of the product but not shipping fees.

How to request a return

By emailing, you can ask questions or ask for a refund. There's also a US phone number - San Diego area code - to contact them. There's no need to call France or write in French to get the information you need.

People love it

Skintifique's eczema solution doesn't have as much feedback as we'd like to see, and that may be partially because this is a product from overseas. In reading consumer statements, though, most are quite happy with the duo. Those who use only one of the products aren't as happy, stating that it's not quite enough. Well, those who use both are much more satisfied, so that makes sense. There were a couple who found these products irritating when used on the face. As with any product, there are people who either don't see results or have had a reaction. This percentage, though, is quite low.

We love Skintifique

Skintifique realized that there are different environmental effects on the skin during the day when we're out and about and at night when we usually can't reapply. Therefore, the dual set was a great idea. The Eczema Relief Pack is up to 99% natural, contains only a minimal number of ingredients, leaves unhealthy or questionable ingredients out, there's a 30-day return policy, and people seem to find great results. The price is also fair for a two-pack, and there's free shipping. We encourage you to give your eczema a one-two punch with Skintifique's effective dual approach

Terrasil Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • $15.95 for Eczema & Psoriasis Daily Care Cream - 3 oz. tube
  • $12.95 for Eczema & Psoriasis Severe Outbreak Ointment - 1 oz. tube
  • $19.95 for Eczema & Psoriasis 2-tube System
  • Natural ingredients
  • Steroid free
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Made in the USA

Terrasil has thought of everything when it comes to managing eczema. There's a Daily Care Cream, and for when your breakouts are worse, there's a Severe Outbreak Ointment. Organic and natural ingredients plus minerals, in combination with the latest science, mean that Terrasil's products provide soothing relief from symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Their generous 90-day money-back policy, plus their confidential support line while you use the product, allow you to try each product separately or in combination to get the results you need.

Few, natural ingredients

Terrasil uses only 14 ingredients in the Daily Care Cream and 10 ingredients in the Severe Outbreak Ointment, and none of them are so complicated you can't pronounce them - you've probably at least heard of all of them, so that's a bonus.

Natural ingredients plus Activated Minerals

Terrasil's Eczema & Psoriasis 2-Tube System has soothing, all-natural ingredients such as beeswax, cotton seed oil, jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil, and kokum butter, to name a few. They also use metals such as zinc oxide in their formula. The homeopathic ingredients relieve irritation and inflammation, and the minerals help to protect the skin from harmful elements in the environment that cause irritation.

They offer you support

Terrasil wants to offer you support during your healing process, so just call or email their Confidential Product Support line as you manage your eczema.

Best Eczema Products

Free shipping, but read on

Free shipping on orders over $49 may be a challenge with Terrasil as even with the 2-tube system, you'll not quite hit $20 in product. We guess that if you want to work your way up to free shipping, you could check out Terrasil's other products such as soaps, wound care, supplements, pain relief, and more.

90-day money-back guarantee

All Terrasil products have a 90-day guarantee. Return the product for a full refund, although they don't mention if they refund your shipping costs. They are so confident about Terrasil that they encourage you to try the product for the full 90 days, even if you have to return an empty jar. They only ask you to tell them what it was about the product that didn't work for you. They're so confident in their products that they claim that less than 3% have asked for a return.

People are happy with it

Most of the people who have posted reviews on these products are satisfied with them. They have found relief from the symptoms of both eczema and psoriasis, and many are also repeat purchasers. There are some who have said that the ointments haven't worked for them, and a rare few where they've gotten a red or burning sensation.

It's natural, it works, and there's a support line

You just have to love that there's a confidential support line for you because Terrasil stands by their natural products and cares about your healing. They also encourage you to try out the products for the full 90 days so you don't feel the pressure to hurry up to determine if you like it. There's one tube for daily use and one for severe symptoms, so that pretty much covers it - get it, covers it? This is a wonderful eczema relief system.

Green Leaf Naturals Review 4 Star Rating

Green Leaf Naturals

4 Star Rating
  • $24.99 for a 4 oz. jar
  • $24.99 for a 4 oz. jar of unscented formula
  • More than 70% organic
  • Made in the USA
  • Cruelty free
  • Contains manuka honey

Green Leaf Naturals cares about sensitive skin by making sure Amazing Aloe Vera Eczema & Psoriasis Cream is more than 70% organic. It's cruelty free, and includes the healing power of manuka honey. It's a bit pricey compared to drugstore creams, but you're not comparing apples-to-apples when this is quite natural and also cruelty-free. It seems to work well for most users, and the most common complaint is of the vanilla scent. If you don't care for scent, choose the unscented.

Aloe is soothing to the skin

Aloe vera, the main ingredient, is a plant that thrives in dry climates, and the leaves are filled with moist gel. It has traditionally been used to handle burns and is kind and moisturizing, soothing dry, itchy skin. It can help with atopic dermatitis - the most common type of eczema - and is also very good for seborrheic dermatitis, an oily form of eczema found on the scalp, on the face, and behind the ear. Aloe vera gel is also commonly used for psoriasis.

Organic manuka honey

Manuka honey isn't ordinary honey; in fact, it's not found in the U.S. It's only found in eastern Australia and New Zealand. It's created by bees that pollinate the manuka plant, which is a small, flowering tree. It's unique in that it contains methylglyoxal, a medicinal compound with antimicrobial properties. The more methylglyoxal (MGO) present, the better.

Organic coconut oil and organic jojoba oil

Coconut oil as an ingredient can have several benefits for dry and sore skin. It protects the skin, hydrates and smooths it, calms temporary redness, provides antibiotics, and absorbs easily. Jojoba oil is hypoallergenic, can help speed up wound healing, is antibacterial, and moisturizing. And even better is when they're organic, like what Amazing Aloe Vera Eczema & Psoriasis Cream contains.

Fragrance-free option

The Eczema & Psoriasis Cream has a vanilla scent. You can choose original or fragrance-free for the same price and the same size jar.

Best Eczema Products

Fabulous if you're concerned about ingredients

Let's just start out with cruelty-free. And then let's add soy-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, and sulfate-free. Huge bonus and kudos to Green Leaf Naturals for offering it.

If you like this, there's more

There's a facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizing cream. For the hair, there's shampoo and conditioner. For men, there's a moisturizing cream, beard conditioner, and after shave & body gel. For babies and children, they can use the shampoo, conditioner, eczema cream, and Baby Bum and Body Cream.

Free shipping but no satisfaction guarantee

Green Leaf Naturals has free shipping over $20, and since this cream is $24.99, it qualifies. Just be aware that the Green Leaf Naturals website doesn't give any information on a satisfaction guarantee.

People like it and appreciate it

Users like that this eczema product works for them, and they appreciate the natural and organic ingredients. There are some that say that it doesn't work for them, and that it has irritated their skin. Of the irritation comments, more were related to the scent than anything else. Some people are really sensitive to scent and must not have realized that there's an unscented version available for the same price.

Great, but we prefer the unscented

When your skin is really sensitive, especially when it's already irritated, dry, and itchy, you're looking for a product that accommodates sensitive skin. Amazing Aloe Vera Eczema & Psoriasis Cream with Manuka Honey is very gentle for sensitive skin. It is gentle, organic, cruelty-free, and it works. Of the two, we'd personally choose the unscented formula, and adding a money-back guarantee for those who don't find their desired results would boost this eczema product even higher in our ratings. It's still a great option for soothing irritated skin that we can gladly recommend.

Wild Naturals Review 4 Star Rating

Wild Naturals

4 Star Rating
  • $21.95 for a 4-oz. jar
  • $39.95 for an 8-oz. jar
  • Contains manuka honey
  • Many natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA

Wild Naturals' Eczema & Psoriasis Cream is designed to bring relief from not only eczema and psoriasis, but also dermatitis, bug bites, rosacea, shingles, sunburn, and other dry, itchy, or red skin issues. They deliver a good product, and people, especially those who have tried so many drugstore products, really love it.

No greasy feeling

Thoroughly rub in the cream, and you'll find that it doesn't leave a greasy feeling that gets all over your clothes or sheets. Manuka honey, aloe vera, cocoa seed butter and other components fight inflammation and soothe dry, itchy skin. With Wild Naturals, there's free shipping on every order, and they've always been cruelty-free.

How to use it

Apply to skin and rub it in until it's absorbed. Use 2-3 times a day or more if you need it. There's also Eczema & Psoriasis Wash to clean the area well, gently, and appropriately before you apply the cream, if you desire to go that route.

Why their cream pH level is important

The skin is naturally at about a 5.5 pH level, so that's why Wild Naturals wants their cream to mimic the pH level of healthy skin. The balanced pH allows the cream to best be absorbed, to moisturize and repair the skin.

Manuka honey

This is no ordinary honey in this eczema product. This specific honey comes from New Zealand and parts of eastern Australia. It's hydrating, soothing, calms redness, moisturizes, hydrates, promotes collagen growth, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Best Eczema Products

Many natural ingredients

There are 15 nutrients in Wild Naturals' product that not only are soothing, they even sound soothing. Organic aloe vera - not water - is their first ingredient. It contains vitamins, it hydrates, and it helps to speed up skin growth to repair skin that's dry, flaky, and cracked. Hemp seed oil increases blood flow and reduces redness. Coconut oil penetrates well and is a good moisturizer. Other ingredients are Vitamins A, B2, and B5; cehami flower extract; blue green algae; MSM - an anti-inflammatory; cocoa seed butter; and olive oil. These ingredients are for moisturizing and calming the skin.

Free shipping

There's free shipping for all orders delivered within the USA. The product will leave the warehouse within 1-2 business days and should arrive within 2-5 business days. You can get expedited shipping for an added fee.

Money-back guarantee, but unclear

They offer a full refund on the product. No more information is available on their site regarding refunds except that you can email them about return requests. We don't know how long you have to try the product before deciding, and we don't know if they'll reimburse for return shipping. The mystery can be bad. Or it can be good if after communicating, they'll take your product back no matter what or when, as long as you communicate. If that's an area of concern for you, we encourage you to contact Wild Naturals before placing your order.

Consumers like it

Many customers really like this product since it works for them. There may be a slight scent, but those are from the natural ingredients - there's nothing added for fragrance. Whether they use the product consistently or as needed, they find that the 4-oz. jar lasts quite a long time. Several love that most ingredients are natural and that it's never been tested on animals.

Good product that people love

The natural ingredients in Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Cream work together to relieve your sensitive skin from inflammation, dryness, and pain. A little goes a long way, there's free shipping on every order to the US, and a money-back guarantee if it's not right for you. A majority of customers love this product. The small number who don't love it didn't see results or found other products that were cheaper. The return policy is a little vague, but we suspect that Wild Naturals will take good care of you if there's a problem.

Dove Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • $26.99 for a 6.8 oz. tube
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No added fragrance
  • Instant relief for itchy skin
  • 1% colloidal oatmeal is the active ingredient

When you think of Dove, you may think of the skincare company that supports women and body confidence. Did you also know they support the environment with sustainable sourcing, an initiative to use 100% recycled plastic bottles, and support human rights? They also tout transparency with their list of ingredients.

Colloidal oatmeal is the active ingredient

Colloidal oatmeal has been tested and known to relieve skin from the itch, dryness, and irritation that can come on their own or as eczema symptoms. Colloidal oatmeal comes from grinding the oat grain and is known to help seal in moisture and soothe the skin. This is why Dove uses 1% colloidal oatmeal as its active ingredient.

Protecting people and the environment

Because Dove cares about sustainability, they work with suppliers who have the same sustainability ideals as Dove does. This dedication goes from the environment where the products are sources, to rights of the workers, to protecting land rights. They want to be a part of a positive impact on society. On their website, you can read more about Dove's efforts in protecting water, reducing waste, their plastic mission, climate change, and the ingredients they use for the best care for your skin.

No money-back guarantee

As with some eczema products, there's not a spelled-out money-back guarantee on Dove DermaSeries. You'll need to check with the place of purchase for any return policy in case you're not satisfied.

Best Eczema Products

It's soothing, but not for everyone

Most people find that Dove DermaSeries Eczema Body Lotion is nice and a little thicker than most lotions. Some describe it as almost mousse-like. A majority like that it absorbs quickly, while others describe it as greasy and say that it takes too long to be absorbed into the skin. There's no added fragrance, but some smell the oatmeal or a hint of medicinal odor. Customers are sometimes unhappy that mineral oil and propylparaben, controversial ingredients in skincare products, are ingredients in this Dove eczema product.

Smooth and thick

Dove, a Unilever company, is conscious of the environment and human rights. They offer a good product. This lotion is a bit thicker than your average lotion, sliding on smoothly and offering healing and moisturizing relief. We like that it contains colloidal oatmeal to help lock in the moisture. It may have a slight scent, but there's no added fragrance.

It's a good product, but pricey

Because it contains two ingredients which may be controversial for some, and it's a bit pricey in comparison to our other highly recommended products, we give Dove's DermaSeries Eczema Body Lotion a rating just slightly higher than average.

Biogetica Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • $99.00 for a 40-day supply
  • $178.20 for an 80-day supply
  • 5 products that work together
  • 100% natural
  • Chat with a doctor for free
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Biogetica looks at helping your eczema differently. They not only want to help the surface of your skin, but they use ingredients that are traditionally used for maintaining and regulating the immune system and rejuvenating the skin. It's a different approach and might offer some peace of mind knowing that the product is for more than just the symptoms.

More than skin deep

Where most of the eczema products we've reviewed are topical, that deal with skin irritation, inflammation, and dryness, Biogetica takes a whole-self approach as they also aim to help regulate the immune system and regenerate healthy skin. In order to do that, there are five products instead of one cream. You'll need to be committed to the program for best results.

Free consultation with a doctor

As you're perusing the products, wondering if Biogetica is right for your needs, you can have an online chat with one of their doctors. They'll listen to you and help lead you in the right direction for your situation.

1 regimen with 5 products

The five products in the Biogetica Freedom Kit with SKin-H ECZemeze Formula work together to help your body heal -to not only relieve symptoms topically but from the inside as well.

  • Skin F 30 (SKin-H Wed ECZemease Formula). This formula is intended to relieve the hands and feet of the tiny, water-filled blisters and hinder the skin from forming these again.
  • Takzema. You'll receive this product in both tablets and cream. It's an herbal supplement found in Ayurvedic medicine intended to offer relief that lasts by improving the immune dysfunctions that are the root causes of eczema. Biogetica claims that 88% of eczema patients have shown positive results, which they say is unmatched with any single-system product.
  • Detoxym. Just like the word implies, it's intended to detox by releasing antioxidants and more, in order to detox wastes in the tissue. The components in this product may aid in protecting the liver and regulating the kidney's acid/base balance.
  • Sangpure Tablets. This herbal remedy, tested over time in the Ayurvedic tradition, is an additional product to help balance the immune system, this time by detoxifying and purifying the blood as well as being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Long-time relief requires long-time use

Biogetica's eczema products aren't intended to be a quick relief, but that's not all bad. Since Biogetica wants to help you from the inside out, the process will take time, like months at least. But you can be assured that they want to help your immune system along with the eczema symptoms.

Best Eczema Products

Not many reviews

There's fewer than a handful of user reviews on Biogetica's site and in other places. Most of them sing the praises of Biogetica and the products that were used. They have a compilation of reviews from customers who give happy stories of how they have been relieved of this or that using Biogetica. But, especially since this is a long-term regimen, we'd like to see more feedback to reassure potential users that it's worth the investment of time and money to get started with Biogetica.

90-day money-back guarantee

Biogetica states it pretty clearly on their site that there's a 90-day money-back guarantee. When we clicked on it or sent to search for the details, we didn't see any. We're wondering if you're reimbursed for product only or product plus shipping. We're also wondering who's responsible for the return shipping. More details, please?

They're different, but we like them

Biogetica's approach is not to simply help with the symptoms of eczema. Their products are designed to work with your body at the cellular level and also its immune system to give you a long-lasting answer to your painful problem. We also like that you can chat with a doctor so you feel comfortable with what you're purchasing. In addition, we like the 90-day money-back guarantee. We do wish there were more reviews from those who have tried this product, but we like that it's all-natural and that Biogetica doesn't want to see your eczema return.

H Eczema Review 3 Star Rating

H Eczema

3 Star Rating
  • $32.95 for an 11 ml (.37 fl. oz.) bottle
  • $64.95 for a 33 m. (1.12 fl. oz.) bottle
  • 100% natural
  • Organic at source
  • Use on all areas of the body
  • Made in the USA
  • 90-day return policy

Made in the USA, H-Eczema contains all-natural ingredients to combat the dryness, redness, and irritation that eczema can cause. This product from Healing Natural Oils is easy to spread, so the little bottle will last you a long time. It's safe for children over two and also safe during pregnancy and nursing. You should experience immediate relief from itching, and it may take up to two weeks to notice other significant healing results.

All natural for more than 20 years

Since 2001 more than a million products have been sold by the makers of H-Eczema. The mission of Healing Natural Oils has been to provide natural, healing products using the highest quality ingredients, and they continue to do so. There are no animal products, everything is certified cruelty-free, and no products use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic chemicals.

Safe for children and safe for pregnant and nursing women

H-Eczema is formulated to be safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. There are other products in their line that these women should not use. See the list on the FAQ page, and as always, consult your healthcare practitioner. All of Healing Natural Oils' products are safe for children aged two and older.

Immediate relief from itching

You should see immediate relief from itching. To see significant results, you may wait for two weeks or longer.

How to apply

This little bottle doesn't look like what you might expect. It's not a tube of ointment, jar of cream, or bottle of lotion to slather on, and the glass bottle is probably much smaller than you'd anticipate. No worries, a very little goes a long way. Place a drop of the oil on the tip of your finger and apply where you need it. It's a thin formula and should spread easily. You may get over 300 drops from the smaller bottle, so it should last quite a while.

Best Eczema Products

$5 off your first order

Join the community of Healthy Living and receive $5 off your first order when you subscribe to the Healing Natural Oils newsletter.

90-day money-back guarantee

If you are unhappy with their eczema product for any reason, return it to Healing Natural Oils within 90 days of the date of sale and you can receive a refund of the full purchase price of the product. Shipping and return costs are not refunded.

We wish it worked better

There aren't a ton of reviews about this product. More than half are pleased with the results, finding eczema relief that no other product could offer; but, the other almost half didn't really see results. The good news is that almost no users found adverse reactions, compared with other products that have a significant number of people with adverse reactions for various reasons.

More bang for the buck

H-Eczema can be pretty pricey for a small bottle, even though it goes a long way. If you want more bang for your buck, pay twice as much for the larger bottle which contains three times as much product. We love that Healing Natural Oils is an all-natural and cruelty-free company, we just wish there were more customers raving about H-Eczema.

Cera Ve Review 3 Star Rating

Cera Ve

3 Star Rating
  • $27 for CeraVe Eczema Soothing Body Wash - 10 oz. bottle
  • $18 for CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion - 19 oz bottle
  • $15 for CeraVe Itch Relief Moisturizing Lotion - 8 oz bottle
  • $19 for CeraVe Moisturizing Cream - 19 oz. jar
  • $10 for CeraVe Healing Ointment - 3 oz. tube or $20 for a 12 oz. jar
  • $16 for Cerave Eczema Relief Creamy Oil - 8 oz. tube
  • Contains three essential ceramides
  • Complete line of skin-care products for hydration
  • Soothes sensitive skin
  • Several products received National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance

CeraVe's Itch Relief Moisturizing Lotion is steroid-free and fragrance free. Apply and start to feel the results in just minutes. Continue use and you may watch your eczema symptoms diminish or disappear, like most users do. This lotion, a cream, and an ointment are CeraVe's products specifically for eczema relief. For a hydrating feeling all over your skin, there's a body wash and lotion - or thicker cream - to use daily. Pick and choose your products to keep your sensitive skin smooth and free of eczema symptoms.

Ceramides - it's in the name

CeraVe's focus is ceramides. Ceramides are the protective fatty acids in your skin's barrier that help prevent dryness and infection. They made up 30-40% of your skin's epidermis - the outer layer. If your skin's ceramide level decreases, it's easier for germs and irritants to enter to the deeper levels of your skin and create itch and discomfort. Older skin especially can tend to be dry and have a lower ceramide level. CeraVe (note ceramide in the name) has three ceramides in their products to help lock in moisture and restore your skin's natural ceramide levels to maintain or bring your skin back to health.

Support your healing with epidermal benefit all over your body

CeraVe starts with a simple daily routine of all-over basic skin care to hydrate and protect the delicate outer layers so they don't get dry, itch, and get infected. Start with a clean canvas. Get your good day started with clean and hydrated skin when you bathe with CeraVe Eczema Soothing Body Wash made with eczema-sufferers in mind. Then slather on your choice of CeraVe's lotion or cream to seal the skin's barrier and provide longer lasting relief. CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion is lightweight and hydrating without the greasy feel. Or, for more eczema-fighting power that's still lightweight, try CeraVe Itch Relief Moisturizing Lotion. It's a fast-acting lightweight lotion where you can feel relief in two minutes and should feel the relief for eight hours. Apply to the face, hands, or body; it's good for eczema, bug bites, sunburn relief, and just all-over comfort.

Creams and ointments for spot areas

For the areas that are itchy and dry or show signs of eczema, there's CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. It's a thicker, non-greasy cream that contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin which work with the ceramides to keep your skin healthy and hydrated while restoring the skin's barrier. Since it's a cream, it will soothe your skin longer without frequent applications. Some consumers and dermatologists prefer petrolatum products, or ointments, for their healing properties when it comes to irritated skin. Others don't want petroleum products to be absorbed into their skin.

Best Eczema Products

Hydration added

If you're okay with petroleum products, CeraVe Healing Ointment adds hydration and locks in moisture for up to 24 hours. If you're really itchy, it's definitely worth a try. If you're concerned the ointment is too oily and the cream might not be enough, there's CeraVe Eczema Relief Creamy Oil. There you go - properties of both the cream and oil, both in one place. Although consumers seem to really like this product, many liked the previous formula better. The few naysayers declare that the newer formula doesn't seem to be as creamy or effective, and that the second ingredient, cetearyl alcohol, can cause a burning sensation for eczema sufferers.

CeraVe doesn't offer a money-back guarantee

When we checked the Terms of Use page on their website, there was no mention of a money-back guarantee. Check your place of purchase to see if they offer a return policy.

Some love it but some have had painful reactions

When you look up customer satisfaction on CeraVe, most people are really pleased with their products. They love that CeraVe's products are hydrating, reduce irritation, and are unscented. Others, on the other hand, say the unscented products still have an unpleasant scent. What's worse is that those who are unhappy with the product itself often have had burning or other reactions, even with the CeraVe products made for sensitive skin.

Good, but it's not our favorite

CeraVe does have creams and ointments for specific eczema-troubled areas. They also have face cleansers, shower gels, full-body lotions, and creams. Ceramides help the itchy and inflamed outer layer of the skin. Most customers are happy with the smoothing, hydrating, and moisturizing effect. Yet there are other customers who have had reactions, including a burning sensation, even with sensitive-skin formulas. There's no satisfaction guarantee, even if you have painful side effects. For these reasons, CeraVe's not at the top of our list.

emuaidMAX  Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • $64 for a 2-oz. jar
  • Natural
  • Helps with more than 100 skin conditions
  • Fights infections
  • Calms pain associated with skin conditions

EmuaidMAX, of Speer Laboratories, LLC, is an ointment to help your eczema. Keep it handy for other skin issues that may pop up, such as athlete's foot, jock itch, psoriasis, rash, itching, shingles, skin yeast infections, cold sores, poison ivy, and more - basically any of over 100 skin conditions that need a remedy that's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and pain relieving. Many eczema users find the healing remedy they've been looking for in EmuaidMAX, but almost half either didn't find relief or got worsening symptoms.

How it works

EmuaidMAX has EMUTANEOUS which is their "unique transdermal technology." This is what they say makes their product strong enough to penetrate deep into the skin where most other products cannot.

Use on over 100 skin conditions

Many chronic skin conditions have symptoms in common such as dryness, pain, itching, infection, redness, and swelling. They can be highly infectious if they're not healed properly. That's why emuaidMAX is formulated to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and pain relieving. On the other hand, most eczema products you'll see out there are for eczema and other dry skin issues, but they don't tout the strength of being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and pain relieving.

Natural and high-quality, medical-grade ingredients

EmuaidMAX is free from added fragrance, alcohol, artificial preservatives, lanolin, parabens, and petroleum products. Its active ingredient is colloidal silver: tiny particles of silver suspended in water. It can be taken orally, sprayed, or used topically, such as in emuaidMAX. Silver has been used in medicine for centuries; currently, colloidal silver is used in homeopathic products to support the immune system and fight infections.

Not vegan

Just like the name implies there's product from the emu bird in this ointment. Emu oil comes from the fat of the emu bird. Emu oil has moisturizing properties that resemble those of mineral oil. You'll find it in ointments and salves for dry skin and healing wounds.

Best Eczema Products

Safe for everyone, everywhere

Any age can use this product, from infant on up. It's also safe to use anywhere on the body.

Subscribe and save

The 2-oz jar may not last you as long as you think if you or your family are prone to skin issues. If you want to subscribe, you can save 10% on this pricey ointment.

30-day money-back guarantee, but read the details

EmuaidMAX believes you'll see noticeable, positive results within 24 hours of use. If you're not satisfied, though, they'll offer you a refund, no questions asked. You'll need to contact them within 30 days of receiving the product. You'll be refunded for product only, not shipping or handling. Refunds will be made in the same form as the initial purchase. This guarantee is only for the first purchase made via their website and it's not good on products of 16 ounces or more.

Might be too good to be true

Yes, there are definitely people devoted to this product for eczema and more - especially toe fungus. Users especially appreciate the antibacterial and antifungal properties that many ointments don't offer. There are other people, however, who after weeks of use have seen either no results or negative results, meaning that the area became more inflamed. For those who love the product, they recommend sticking with it 2-3x per day and not using it sporadically. The most satisfied users were those who regularly applied it for toe fungus, not eczema.

Yes and no

emuAID's positives are that its antibacterial properties can make this product useful for much more than just eczema, so you might need fewer products in your medicine cabinet. More than half of emuAID users give this product excellent reviews, but at this price we're looking for a product that has a better satisfaction rating coupled with a lower price tag. Circle back to emuAID if you don't get what you need from a higher-ranked, less expensive eczema product.

Revitol Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • $59.95 for one tube (1-month supply)
  • $119.90 for 3 tubes (3-month supply)
  • $179.97 for 5 or 6 tubes (5-month supply)
  • May include colloidal oatmeal
  • May be made in the USA

Revitol looks like it might be a good product as they claim they include calming ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, chamomile extract, and aloe vera juice. However, look closer and there's a lot that's either missing or fishy.

How many ounces in the tube?

We just don't know how many ounces are in the tube. None of the photos clearly show this information, so we had to call. They said 30 ml, or 10 oz. However, if you do the math, 30 ml equals just over 1 ounce, not 10 oz. So the question remains, how many ounces in the tube?

Buy 3, get how many free?

The photo website shows that if you buy 3, you get 3 free, and so does the description, but when you go to check out, you get two free, so which is it?

What are the ingredients?

The website tells you that colloidal oatmeal, chamomile extract, and aloe vera juice are Revitol's main ingredients, and those ingredients are indeed calming to the skin. But when we tried to find the label with the list of ingredients, we didn't see any photo of the label online. In calling customer service, they told us it was an all-natural product and they would be happy to send us a list of ingredients. We're still waiting.

NEA Accepted?

The website has the NEA Acceptance seal on it, making us think it's accepted by the NEA, or National Eczema Association. However, in looking at the NEA's list of accepted products, Revitol isn't on there.

Made in the USA?

The company claims their products are made in the US, but there are no US references on their site. It seems that the company is in Cyprus, and that's all we can figure out.

Best Eczema Products

Super sketchy

If you're looking for a trustworthy product, would you trust a site that has "Claim your exclusive trial today!" and "Rush my order!" ? Neither do we. There's no free sample as indicated by claiming your exclusive trial today: you have to make an order, so what's with the exclusive trial?

What's going on with customer service?

When we called the phone number on their website, it was with a large unit that seemed to service many companies. They told me they were a business called Publisher Payments, and that's a big red flag for us.

Money-back guarantee: worst and most confusing we've seen

Is it a 90-day or 365-day guarantee? There's no definition of either guarantee on the website, so that added to the list of questions we had for customer service. If you don't open the product, you can return it for 90 days. You will only be reimbursed for the product, not shipping, handling or return shipping. If you open the product, this guarantee is not valid, they will tell you.

But wait, there's more

Now, get this. When you check out, there's an icon for a 365-day guarantee. When we called back, they said that if you do try the product, and you don't like it, you have 365 days to contact them. You're reimbursed for the product and not shipping or handling. But, you can keep the product. We've never seen a stranger and more contradictory reimbursement policy.

Thousands of testimonials?

Once again, we can't find that promised information. We see five testimonials on their page, all with professional photos attached, which is fishy. All other testimonials are a mystery.

We just can't recommend this product

The information on the Revitol website seems to be conflicting and untrustworthy. If you can't get a list of ingredients or don't know how much is in the tube, these aren't good signs. So many questions, so many red flags. We absolutely cannot recommend this product.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Don't worry, though: eczema may be ugly and uncomfortable, but it's not contagious - you didn't catch it from someone and they can't catch it from you. However, atopic dermatitis can be hereditary. Genes combined with environmental triggers such as hay fever or food allergies can cause flare-ups. Emotional stress can cause flare-ups, too.

Contact dermatitis, which is another common type of eczema, has nothing to do with heredity and everything to do with what you've come into contact with. Regardless of which of the seven types of eczema you have, the question is how you can prevent it from showing up or managing it if you already have it. The answer is proper and consistent care of your skin.

Since there's no actual cure, the best you can do is to be nice to your skin by avoiding irritants and, well, stress. These are some of the common household products that are potential irritants:

  • Fragrance in candles
  • Laundry detergents and fabric softeners with certain chemical additives
  • Some shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and body washes
  • Surface cleaners and disinfectants
  • Certain metals in jewelry
  • Fabrics that irritate the skin

You can't really avoid all shampoos, soaps, and household cleaners, but you can choose ones with gentle ingredients. There are several products that cater to those with sensitive skin and allergies. Choose candles without fragrances or with natural fragrances. Try homemade cleaners and wear gloves. Avoid jewelry or wear jewelry made of materials that are easier on the skin. Be sure to avoid wool or polyester in your clothing and sheets. And, keep a log of what your own triggers are so you can remember to avoid them. In fact, the National Eczema Association has an app to help you document your symptoms and triggers.

There are three basic things you can do to keep your flares under control:

  • Know your triggers and avoid them
  • Maintain good bathing and moisturizing habits
  • Use OTC creams and/or prescription medications as prescribed

There are a few types of OTC products for eczema or dermatitis. Lotions and moisturizers should contain ingredients such as aloe, ceramides, glycerin, petrolatum, mineral oil, humectants, and/or parabens. Where your personal preference comes in, or your skin sensitivity, is if you want all-natural ingredients in your product or if you're fine with lab-created ingredients.

Antihistamines and pain relievers can help keep symptoms at bay, and may be used in conjunction with or separately from use of lotions, creams, and ointments. Topical hydrocortisone cream is a low-potency steroid and can help to reduce itching, inflammation, and irritation. Eczema-friendly, medicated shampoos may be helpful for dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) if they are fragrance-free and contain ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, coal tar, and zinc pyrithione. Sounds confusing? Let us help, as we've done the research for you.

When considering an over-the-counter topical product for eczema symptoms, keep the following in mind:

  • Cost and volume. Sometimes a product with only an ounce or two can be costly. But if it works, it might be worth it.
  • Selection. There are lotions which are thinner and go on nicely, thicker creams, and powerful ointments which might be a bit greasy.
  • Return policy. Eczema probably won't go away in a matter of hours. So if there's a return policy, consider how much time you have to return it, and determine if you'll be reimbursed for shipping and handling as well.
  • Return Policy. If the eczema product doesn't work for you, can you get your money back? How long do you have to try the product before deciding if it is helping you?

Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the top over-the-counter products for eczema. We hope this information helps you find a product to relieve your skin from dryness, itching, irritation, or other annoying symptoms of eczema.

The Best Eczema Products Compare Eczema Products Compare Eczema Product Reviews What are the best Eczema Products Best Eczema Product Reviews

Eczema Product FAQ

Eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin. The main symptom is a rash that is usually found on the arms or behind the knees, but it can appear anywhere on the body. The skin will usually feel dry and bumpy and may appear cracked.
Eczema is usually developed in early childhood and is most common with people who have a family history of the condition. There are certain triggers that can cause eczema to flare up like certain soaps, detergents, wool, dry skin, heat, or emotional stress. Allergens like dust mites, molds, pollen, or food can also be the reason that eczema appears. It is often hard to identify the exact reason that you or your child has eczema.
If you have eczema, it will not cause any harm to the other areas of your body unless it's left alone and eventually causes a skin infection. The main reason this is a condition people want to get rid of is because it can be extremely uncomfortable. Itching may be intense and scratching only further irritates the skin and causes sores.
Experts usually recommend avoiding soap and other irritants if you're experiencing eczema. These can dry out the skin and make the problem worse. To fully heal from eczema, you may be offered prescription medicines from a doctor, but these could be expensive. Fortunately, there are many highly-rated, safely-developed options you can find online to find fast relief from your eczema.
Yes! The eczema products available online are developed specifically to nourish skin and heal eczema without causing any further damage or side effects. Some formulas are made with 100% natural ingredients derived from plant sources. You're more likely to find a treatment without harsh chemicals online than if you use a prescription from a doctor.
Effective eczema treatments can cost as little as $10! Depending on how severe your case is and how many areas of eczema need to be treated, you may need to purchase a few bottles of an oil or cream, but you'll find that no matter the route you go, you won't pay much. Eczema is a condition that can be treated affordably and quickly.
Most eczema products come in the form of a cream, serum, or ointment. They are applied directly onto the skin, covering the affected areas. You might be recommended to use some products more than once per day for maximum results, but it takes as little as 1 or 2 minutes for a treatment.
If you don't have success with the eczema product you use, check to see if it came with a money-back guarantee. Many companies stand by their products with an offer to get a refund if you weren't satisfied with your results. If not, you probably didn't lose too much money since eczema products are so affordable; try a new cream or ointment in hopes that it works better.

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