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The Best Elliptical Machines

What's the Best Brand of Elliptical Machine?

Elliptical machines have enjoyed a surge of popularity in the last few years. With the rise in health-conscious thinking and fitness influencers, it's become more and more popular to start an at-home exercise regimen. If you're looking for a versatile machine easily accessible for a home gym, elliptical trainers are the go-to choice.

What's the reason for the enduring popularity of Elliptical Machines? Well, to begin with, elliptical trainers offer an exercise motion that many prefer over the pounding impact of treadmills. For those individuals with sensitive joints, sore backs, or other conditions that make running or high-impact exercises a no-go, elliptical machines are the perfect solution: cardio that's kind to your knees.

Wednesday, May 29th

2024 Elliptical Machine Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award SOLE Fitness Review 5 Star Rating

SOLE Fitness

5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $1,099.99 to $2,699.99
  • 5 models in stock
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 3-5 year warranty on repairs
  • 30-day return policy with no fees
  • Free shipping and curbside delivery
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

SOLE Fitness offers an excellent range of elliptical machines for home use - though you may have spotted their fitness equipment in hotel workout rooms! The company manufactures all of their machines to hold up under rigorous use and conditions and has been in operation throughout North America for decades.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: Flywheel
  • Price Range: $1,099.99 to $2,699.99
  • Different Models: 5
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 20
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • Warranty: Lifetime on the frame, 3-5 years (varies by model) on parts and electronics, 1-2 years (varies by model) on labor
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: E25

At the entry level, you'll find the E25 elliptical. This machine is designed to accommodate users weighing up to 350 lbs. This trainer costs $1,099.99 and has some impressive features, including 20 levels of resistance, a whisper-quiet drive system that eliminates bothersome noise, and convenient technology like Bluetooth audio speakers and an integrated tablet holder. The 7.5" Backlit LCD adds to the overall experience, providing clear information during your workout sessions with a comprehensive overview of your workout settings and performance statistics at a glance. And, there is a built-in tablet holder, ideal for watching shows or following workout routines on your own device. The E25 helps you stay charged with its USB port, and the Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy your favorite music while you work out. SOLE Fitness offers its own fitness app, SOLE+, to help you monitor your fitness goals and track your progress. This model was in stock and ready to buy at the time of this review.

Best Elliptical Machines

Top-tier model: E98

At the opposite end of the SOLE Fitness spectrum lies the E98, a model described as "commercial grade at a residential price." The price is $2,699.99, which is fairly competitive given that some brands cost over $8,000. This elliptical stands out as an excellent choice for individuals on the larger side, with a weight limit of up to 400 lbs. With a 13.3" commercial-grade touch screen, you'll have increased interactivity and technology with this model. Plus, with 10 workout programs, including Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, HIIT, Custom, HRC, Fitness Test, and Custom, you can change up your fitness journey anytime you want. For example, the Fitness Test program automatically adjusts the workload based on your heart rate response. The machine also includes a 10-watt wireless charging feature to keep your devices powered up, and built-in media apps and screen mirroring add a touch of entertainment to your fitness. This model was in stock and ready to buy at the time of this review.

Curbside delivery for free

Buying from SOLE Fitness has the added benefit of curbside delivery within the lower 48 United States. This service is provided free of charge, or you have the option to select garage delivery for a nominal fee of $59. Now, there is one small drawback with shipping from SOLE Fitness, which is that the company can be very slow. All of the SOLE Fitness ellipticals showed a 30-day delivery window from the time of purchase during our recent visit to the site. However, when compared to some other elliptical manufacturers, a one-month delivery estimate is relatively manageable, especially since the company lets you know in advance.

30-day returns with no fees

One of the most compelling reasons to consider SOLE Fitness for your elliptical machine is its remarkable return policy. It was already impressive in the past, but it's even better since our last review. With SOLE Fitness, you have a 30-day window to put your trainer to the test, with zero restocking fees or shipping costs should you decide to return it. What's more, the company takes care of the packaging and return delivery of the elliptical. If you have reservations about investing in a costly piece of exercise equipment, SOLE Fitness's customer-friendly guarantee should help put your mind at ease.

Best Elliptical Machines

Solid reputation and great benefits

SOLE Fitness has a solid reputation with a "B" rating from the Better Business Bureau. While some customers have complained about customer support, reviewers who focused on the machines and their functions really loved SOLE Fitness. Customers also loved the free shipping option and the option to make returns, which helps SOLE Fitness stand out significantly from the competition. There are rave reviews from fitness bloggers and fitness professionals across all the SOLE Fitness machines, which is a huge green flag in our book.

SOLE Fitness is our sole winner

As you navigate the elliptical market, SOLE Fitness consistently stands out as the top brand of elliptical trainers. Customers appreciate the ability to acquire a high-quality machine at a reasonable price. Coupled with a generous return policy, SOLE Fitness allows you to test your elliptical machine with minimal risk before making a final decision. It's no surprise that SOLE Fitness maintains its top ranking among elliptical trainer manufacturers, offering a winning combination of quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Xterra Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $229.99 to $799.99
  • 6 models in stock
  • 1- to 5-year warranty on frame
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping
  • Offers hybrid machines
  • 4.3-star average from reviewers

When it comes to finding home gym equipment that is both durable and budget-friendly, Xterra stands out as a go-to option. Offering a wide range of fitness machines, including ellipticals, treadmills, rowers, and more, Xterra is a favorite among customers.

Budget friendly

Focusing on offering more budget-friendly machines, Xterra helps you get a quality elliptical machine in your home gym ASAP. At the time of this evaluation, Xterra offered 6 different elliptical machines for sale and all of them were in stock, which was impressive. With prices reaching no higher than $799 for one machine, Xterra offers a budget-friendly solution for your next home gym purchase.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: Flywheel
  • Price Range: $229.99 to $799.99
  • Different Models: 6
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 24
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • Warranty: 1-5 years for frame (varies by model), 1 year for parts, none for labor
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: FS2.5

At the entry-level price point of just $229.99, the FS2.5 is a surprisingly well-built machine. With 24 resistance levels and a variety of 24 programs, your workouts will remain dynamic and challenging. The 5" x 2.5" dual-color backlit LCD keeps you informed about your progress. You can connect your MP3 player or mobile phone to the console's audio jack and speakers to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts while you work out, and with a 14-inch stride length, you can get smooth motion forward and backward. The magnetic resistance system operates friction-free, providing a quiet and maintenance-free experience.

Best Elliptical Machines

Top-tier model: FS3.5

For those willing to invest slightly more, Xterra's FS3.5 elliptical, priced at $799.99, provides a step up in technological features from their basic model. This machine is upgraded with an ergonomic 17-inch stride length and a large blue and yellow backlit LCD. It has the same 24 levels of resistance and 12 preset programs: 4 heart rate control features, 1 target heart rate, 4 custom, 1 body fat, 1 watt, and 1 manual. The belt-drive and aluminum track wheel system contribute to quiet, friction-free magnetic resistance, and the console displays various metrics, including speed, distance, calories, and heart rate. Engineered for toughness and durability, the FS3.5 delivers an exceptional elliptical experience at a great value, promising years without any need for maintenance.

Check out hybrid machines too

Xterra offers two primary styles of elliptical machines: the traditional single-function design and a hybrid design that combines an elliptical with an upright cycle. Surprisingly, the hybrid machines are among Xterra's most affordable units, priced at $299.99 and $399.99, providing excellent value for your money.

30-day returns but some fees involved

If you decide to return your elliptical machine, Xterra offers a reasonable return policy. You have a 30-day window from the delivery date to request a Return Authorization number. Unfortunately, you will be responsible for return shipping costs, although Xterra will assist you in making those arrangements. To qualify for a return, your equipment must be sent back in its original packaging and in good condition. Be aware that the company reserves the right to charge a 10% restocking fee if these conditions are not met.

Best Elliptical Machines

Rave reviews from customers

Fortunately, the majority of Xterra customers have no need to return their elliptical machines or any other Xterra equipment. Across the board, customers consistently praise the durability, workout performance, and surprising quality delivered by Xterra's low-priced fitness equipment. On different review sites and blog commentaries, Xterra was regularly rated an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 for the durability of their machines. While the company only holds a "C+" rating from the BBB, this includes all the subsidiaries owned by Xterra Group Corporation and isn't specifically reflective of the Xterra elliptical machines.

Top option for budget ellipticals

Considering all the benefits, especially the lost cost threshold of getting an elliptical from Xterra, this company earns one of our highest recommendations among elliptical machine brands. For those seeking a reliable elliptical trainer on a budget, Xterra offers an excellent selection that won't break the bank. The machines still include variety and technology, though perhaps not as shiny and exciting as other companies in this review, and the ellipticals are durable and get the job done.

NordicTrack Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $1,399 to $2,299
  • 4 models in stock
  • 10 year warranty on frame
  • 1 year warranty on repairs
  • 30-day limited returns
  • Base model includes a touchscreen
  • Free month of iFIT with all models
  • "A" rating from the BBB

When it comes to home fitness equipment, NordicTrack is a name that has become synonymous with quality. You've probably seen their commercials advertising equipment for home use, making them one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. NordicTrack is part of the Icon Health and Fitness brand family, sharing the spotlight with its sister brand, ProForm. While both brands offer excellent fitness equipment, NordicTrack's elliptical machines are known for being slightly larger, more feature-rich, and priced accordingly.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: Flywheel and magnetic resistance (varies by model)
  • Price Range: $1,399 to $2,299
  • Different Models: 4
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 22-26 (varies by model)
  • Return Policy: 30 days and includes fees of $250 and 10% for processing
  • Warranty: 10 years on the frame, 2 years on parts, 1 year on labor
  • Shipping: Up to $199, free on some models

Basic model: Commercial 9.9

The lower end of the pricing for NordicTrack starts at $1,399 for the Commercial 9.9 elliptical machine. The features include a 7-inch Smart HD Touchscreen, which doesn't usually come in stock on the lowest-tier model of other brands. The Commercial 9.9 also offers auto-adjusting resistance and incline with 22 digital resistance levels. You can access trainer-led iFIT workouts, and your incline and resistance will adapt automatically to match the terrain in your chosen workout. Bluetooth audio capabilities are also available as well as connectivity with Google Maps to add a unique dimension to your workouts. In terms of comfort, you have access to a workout fan that keeps you cool during exercise while the oversized cushion pedals are designed for maximum comfort. And the purchase comes with a 30-day iFIT trial, giving you a taste of the iFIT experience with trainer-led workouts and more. If you want to continue the membership with iFIT, it will auto-renew at $39/month. This elliptical was in stock at the time of this review.

Best Elliptical Machines

Top-tier model: FS14i

Now, let's consider the FS14i, which comes with a significantly higher price tag of $2,299. This elliptical offers a unique 3-in-1 training experience with a customizable stride path. You can choose between a traditional elliptical motion, a stair stepper motion, or a treadmill-like experience. The adjustable stride length ranges from 0 to 32 inches, making it suitable for users of varying heights and workout styles. The FS14i also comes equipped with Bluetooth audio capabilities, a higher user weight capacity of 375 lbs., and a 14" smart HD touchscreen. While the price difference is substantial, the advanced features of the FS14i make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking the ultimate elliptical experience. You'll receive the same technological features as the standard elliptical model, along with additional bonuses. This includes two 2-inch digitally amplified speakers and integrated handle controls for adjusting the ramp and resistance. The center drive design, with a 20-pound effective inertia-enhanced flywheel, contributes to a smooth and comfortable workout experience. And, this model was in stock at the time of this review.

Free month of iFIT with your purchase

One notable advantage of purchasing a NordicTrack elliptical is the inclusion of a complimentary 30-day subscription to iFIT. This subscription offers access to thousands of studio workouts, including live sessions where trainers can actively adjust your incline and resistance settings. With iFIT, you can even participate in off-elliptical classes like yoga, boot camp, or weight lifting.

Limited returns but great warranty package

Regarding returns, NordicTrack's ellipticals come with a 30-day return policy. However, you'll incur a $250 shipping fee to return the machine, along with a 10% restocking fee. On the bright side, the warranty provided by NordicTrack surpasses that of many other elliptical retailers, offering 10 years of coverage for the frame, 2 years for parts, and 1 year for labor. So, if you don't want to make a return, but just want to repair your machine, you'll be much better off with NordicTrack than with many of its competitors.

Best Elliptical Machines

Solid ratings, but some concerns about responsiveness

NordicTrack has built a strong reputation in the industry. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an "A" rating, and customer complaints are addressed promptly and professionally. The most common issue reported by customers relates to the bundling of the iFIT membership. Some customers didn't realize that the subscription was optional, resulting in unexpected charges for a plan they didn't want or were unaware they had. There are also a handful of complaints found on third-party review sites talking about how long the process is to claim a warranty, which could be frustrating if there's something seriously wrong with your elliptical, so keep that in mind as you browse.

Cost-effective option with solid features

If you're looking for a reasonably priced elliptical with lots of features (even on the base model), NordicTrack offers elliptical machines that provide an excellent balance of both. All of their ellipticals were in stock at the time of this review, which makes them easier to acquire than other competitors. While some customers complained about getting customer service, which could be a problem if you need to make a claim on your warranty, the company has a solid "A" rating from the BBB. However, we did listen to the customer concerns as well as the red flag of pricey returns to NordicTrack. For this reason, their ellipticals get a 4-star rating rather than a higher score. It's definitely worth browsing at NordicTrack.

Precor Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $1,999 to $14,440
  • 6 models in stock
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 5-10 year warranty on parts
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

If you're looking for gym-quality elliptical machines for your home workouts, Precor is a brand that should be on your radar. With a global presence in gyms and studios, Precor is a trusted choice for those wanting to replicate their gym experience at home.

They were the first

What sets Precor apart is the fact that they introduced the world's first elliptical machine back in 1995. This long history of expertise in elliptical equipment makes Precor a reliable choice for fitness enthusiasts. However, when shopping for a Precor elliptical online, it's essential to note that not all models are available for purchase on the internet. Several of their models are in-store only, which could be hard for customers to find if they don't live near a physical store that carries Precor. Of the 6 types of ellipticals available at Precor, you can find at least one model in each category available online, which is an improvement from the last time we reviewed the brand.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: CrossRamp technology, which allows users to change the height of the elliptical path their feet travel while working out; magnetic resistance
  • Price Range: $1,999 to $14,440
  • Different Models: 6 (with sub-models in each)
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 16-20 (varies by model)
  • Return Policy: Precor does not accept returns after products have been delivered
  • Warranty: Lifetime on the frame/welds, 5-10 years on parts/wear items (varies by model), 3 years on the console, 1 year on labor
  • Shipping: Up to $299, free with a code

Basic model: EFX 200-R20

The most basic model offered by Precor is priced at $1,999. Called the Precor EFX 200 line, there are three sub-models. However, only 1 model is actually available to buy online, so we'll focus on the features of that one. With the EFX 200-R20 console, you'll get a top-quality fitness center elliptical that doesn't require much space. The R20 console features a user-friendly high-contrast blue-white LCD display and offers Quick Start along with nine pre-set workouts that you can easily access using its durable dome keys. These ellipticals include an adjustable ramp to alter the incline of your workouts, allowing you to push your exercise routine without straining your body. You can conveniently change the ramp between 15 and 25 degrees to customize your workout experience.

Best Elliptical Machines

Top-tier model: AMT 884- P82

The top model from Precor is much more expensive. The Precor AMT 800 line starts at $10,910. There are three sub-models of the AMT 800 and all three were available at the time of this review. So, to be sure we're covering the best model possible we'll be looking at the most expensive sub-model which costs $14,440. The AMT 885-P82 is a versatile machine that offers a wide range of workout options, from walking and running to stepping and climbing, all by automatically adapting to your movements. It's like having four different cardio machines combined into one. With more than 7,200 possible movement combinations, the Precor AMT 800 line is designed for professional fitness centers. The "Open Stride" feature allows you to dynamically adjust the step height and vary your full stride length. And, with heart rate monitoring rodeo grips, you can keep track of your overall health while working on specific muscle groups. Built in the USA by the company renowned for its best-selling ellipticals, the Precor AMT 884-P82 features a design that's won awards in the fitness world.

No returns once delivery is made

There's one tiny snag with Precor, and that's its return policy (or lack thereof). While you can't return a Precor machine after it's been delivered, you can cancel before or after it ships and expect a full refund. However, if the item actually gets delivered before you cancel, you're out of luck. On the bright side, there's a lifetime warranty on the frame of the ellipticals, so if something goes wrong Precor will have it repaired or replaced at no extra cost.

Best Elliptical Machines

Solid reputation and satisfied customers

Precor maintains a solid reputation in the industry with an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau and a solid 3.9-star average rating from third-party review sites like Trustpilot. Given the significant financial investment involved in purchasing high-end fitness equipment, it's reasonable to expect top-tier service, and it looks like Precor is delivering for the most part. Customers who awarded Precor 5 stars noted that their customer service division was amazing at helping them solve problems when they arose. Customers also appreciated that the delivery was almost a white-glove level service. Precor delivery included the setup and removal of an old fitness device, which was particularly appreciated. However, on the flip side, some customers have complained about slow shipping times, and one customer was frustrated that Precor didn't send a technician out to repair the equipment for them. But in general, customers seem very happy with their Precor experience.

The best option for gym-quality machines

Precor is the ideal choice if you want gym-quality elliptical machines for your home workouts. However, the substantial price tag may put Precor machines out of reach for many customers who need to explore more budget-friendly options. The quality of the machines is highly competitive and the lifetime warranty makes repairing one of them much easier than with other companies. But, with no returns allowed, some customers may not feel safe shopping here. Some of the features on other higher rated ellipticals aren't available in the low-tier Precors and the prices here are much higher to start with. Still, if you need that gym-quality equipment to get your groove on, Precor is still a great brand to shop.

ProForm Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $799 to $1,799
  • 4 models in stock
  • 10-year warranty on frame
  • 1- to 2-year warranty on parts
  • 30-day returns with fees
  • 30-day free trial of iFIT
  • "A" rating from the BBB

ProForm, a subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness, stands alongside the renowned NordicTrack as one of the prominent brands within the fitness equipment industry. With over four decades of experience, ProForm brings a wealth of expertise to the world of home fitness. While both ProForm and NordicTrack offer some common features in their elliptical machines, ProForm typically falls on the more affordable end of the spectrum, making high-quality home workouts accessible to a broader audience with both lower-cost machines and totally free shipping.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: Flywheel and magnetic resistance (varies by model)
  • Price Range: $799 to $1,799
  • Different Models: 4
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 18-26 (varies by model)
  • Return Policy: 30 days with a $250 return shipping fee and a 10% processing fee
  • Warranty: 10 years on frame, 1-2 years on parts/labor (varies by model)
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: Carbon EL

The base model at ProForm stands out as the only one without a touchscreen interface. However, the Carbon EL does make up for that missing item by being exceptionally low-priced as well as offering a dock for tablets and smartphones, so you can bring your own touchscreen to the experience. Costing just $799, ProForm's Carbon EL model is one of the most affordable options on the market. With your purchase, you can enjoy an iFIT Bluetooth experience with a 30-day iFIT trial included. The display is a 5" multicolor screen and with a built-in tablet dock, you can use your tech features easily despite the lack of a built-in touchscreen. With a 19" adjustable stride and 18 resistance levels you can decide what intensity and size you need. And, the elliptical also features speakers for maximum enjoyment. With a 10-year Frame Warranty, and a 1-year Parts & Labor Warranty, you can enjoy your fitness journey with peace of mind. Plus, this model was in stock and ready to ship at the time of this review.

Best Elliptical Machines

Top-tier model: PRO HIIT H14

The top-tier model at ProForm is the Pro HIIT H14 model, which includes many of the same features as the basic model, just leveled up. This model costs $1,799 and includes extras like a heart rate monitor with your purchase. Plus, you get a 30-day iFIT trial, a $39 value, offering a full month of personalized training before you decide to commit to an iFIT membership full-time. The elliptical itself features a 14" HD touchscreen, making your workouts more interactive and enjoyable. You get an adjustable 10" vertical and 5" horizontal stride, and up to 26 resistance levels. The 30 lb. inertia-enhanced flywheel creates smooth motion, and the oversized, cushioned pedals create comfort during workouts. To top it off, you receive a comprehensive warranty, including a 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, and 1-Year Labor Warranty, which is slightly longer for parts than its basic sibling. And, at the time of this review, the Pro HIIT H14 was in stock and ready to ship.

iFIT included in purchase

ProForm shares a major selling point with NordicTrack: the iFIT platform. You've likely come across live-streamed workouts designed for treadmills and indoor cycles. Well, iFIT takes that concept and extends it to elliptical machines. During live sessions, iFIT trainers can even control the resistance levels of your elliptical, providing a personalized workout experience. iFIT offers a comprehensive range of cross-training workouts, including flexibility and stretching exercises, strength training routines, and more. The ellipticals from ProForm offer free trials of the membership, so you can get a full workout experience without paying any extra. If you decide to subscribe, the cost is $39 per month.

30-day returns with extra costs

The return policy at ProForm isn't surprising as it's mirrored by many competitors in this review, but it's still a little disappointing. If you find that your purchase doesn't meet your expectations, you have the option to initiate a return within 30 days from the date of delivery. However, you will have to pay a return shipping fee of $250, and there's a 10% processing fee on top of that.

Best Elliptical Machines

Good ratings, but reviews are skewing negative

ProForm elliptical machines have received positive customer reviews overall. While these machines may not be as bulky or sturdy as the highest-end models offered by other retailers, they still perform exceptionally well under typical home-use conditions. ProForm holds an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the company demonstrates a strong commitment to addressing customer concerns promptly and professionally. Plus, according to third-party reviews, ProForm has an average rating of 3.9 stars from Sitejabber; however, the recent reviews haven't been stellar. At other sites, like Trustpilot, ProForm holds a 1.5-star average. Many of the reviews dated from 2023 forward have complained about the difficulty of getting a hold of ProForm's customer service team. Customers struggle to get responses when their machines need repairs, which isn't great considering the 10-year warranty would be a major selling point.

Falling reputation keeps ProForm from a top ranking

ProForm offers an excellent variety of cost-effective elliptical machine styles, making it a great brand for fitness enthusiasts on a budget. With live workouts taking the fitness world by storm, ProForm's integration with the iFIT platform is a compelling advantage. However, with a pretty unpleasant return policy, and reviews pointing to a growing problem with customer service, ProForm falls a little in our estimation.

Life Fitness Review 3 Star Rating

Life Fitness

3 Star Rating
  • Prices from $2,899 to $9,499
  • 4 models in stock
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 1- to 3-year warranty on repairs
  • 15-day return policy

Life Fitness is a well-known manufacturer of fitness equipment, commonly found in fitness centers and home gyms. Among their offerings, their elliptical machines stand out as a high-end choice, known for their impressive features and quality.

6 models to choose from

There are six different models of elliptical machine to choose from at Life Fitness, but if you're looking for something budget-friendly, Life Fitness won't be the option for you. There isn't a single model from this retailer priced below $2,000. However, on the bright side, all but two of the ellipticals at Life Fitness were in stock at the time of this review, and the most and least expensive machines were both included in the in-stock inventory.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: WhisperStride, uses maintenance-free ball bearings
  • Price Range: $2,899 to $9,499
  • Different Models: 6
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: up to 25 (varies by model)
  • Return Policy: 15 days; returns only accepted if the elliptical was defective, damaged in transit, or the wrong model was shipped
  • Warranty: Lifetime on frame, 5 years on parts, 3 years on console, 1 year on labor
  • Shipping: $99, plus installation fees up to $200

Basic model: E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Taking a closer look at the in-stock ellipticals, the most budget-friendly option is the E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer, which is priced at $2,899 for the basic "Go Console" and can go up to $3,499 for the "Track Connect 2.0" console. The E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer is designed to provide you with a total-body workout, making it perfect for exercisers at all fitness levels. This elliptical features a smooth, natural motion with an elliptical path that feels comfortable, thanks to extensive biomechanical research. It also comes with heart rate monitoring through contact sensors on moving handles and stationary grips, and it includes telemetry heart rate monitoring with a wireless chest strap. The Track Connect 2.0 offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync your workout data with your devices like Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, as well as your smartphone. You can also connect with apps like Apple Health or Fitbit through the Life Fitness Connect app. With the elliptical's "Entertainment Zone," you have the option to use your smartphone/tablet with the rack at eye level.

Best Elliptical Machines

Top-tier model: Club-Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer

On the other hand, Life Fitness's most expensive elliptical machine is the Club-Series elliptical with a price range of $6,569 to $9,499, depending on the chosen style. There are three different options for the Club-Series as well as two different colors to choose from. The Club-Series Cross-Trainer provides advanced exercise features like the oversized Flexform Pedals and multi-grip moving handles with integrated resistance control. You can take your pick from consoles such as the entertainment-rich SE3 HD touchscreen or the user-friendly LED console. The SL console offers a 16.5" Premium LED Display and connectivity with Apple Watch for monitoring your heart rate, along with Bluetooth, Polar, and ANT+ heart rate compatibility. It also includes an integrated smartphone/tablet compression rack and 18 pre-loaded workouts. On the other hand, the SE3 HD console features a 16" HD Touchscreen with connectivity to the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, along with Bluetooth and Polar heart rate compatibility. You can stream video and music apps like Spotify, access Life Fitness On Demand Workout Classes, and browse the internet via Wi-Fi. If you opt for the SE4 console, you get a 24" 1080p AIT (Advanced In-Cell Touch) Screen, Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0, Polar, and ANT+ heart rate compatibility, plus the ability to stream video and music apps like Netflix and Spotify. It also offers access to Life Fitness On Demand+ Workout Classes, interactive Lifescape Courses, and convenient wireless mobile device charging.

Took away free shipping

While Life Fitness does offer free shipping on some of their smaller items, you do have to pay for shipping on the elliptical machines. There are plenty of brands that don't require you to pay shipping, so this does set Life Fitness behind in comparison. The most unfortunate part is that Life Fitness used to offer free shipping and recently took that feature away, making their elliptical machines less affordable despite their already high price point.

Limited returns within 15 days

Life Fitness has undergone some other changes since our last review. They've reduced their return policy from 30 to 15 days, and they will only accept returns for equipment that is defective or damaged in transit. If you experience buyer's remorse, returning the product for a refund is no longer an option. Furthermore, the number of elliptical trainers to choose from has decreased from 7 to 6, and at the time of our evaluation, only 4 models were in stock for immediate purchase.

Best Elliptical Machines

Average ratings and concerning reviews

Life Fitness generally maintains a fairly good reputation. They currently hold a "B" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and most of their elliptical trainers have received a customer rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars on the Life Fitness website. Unfortunately, on third-party review sites, Life Fitness doesn't do as well. The company only has a 2.4 out of 5 stars from Trustpilot. According to the most recent reviews, which are all 1-star ratings, customers are having problems with faulty machines, monitors that have gone bad within a few weeks, and extremely slow responses from customer service to address problems. Given how expensive the elliptical machines are at Life Fitness compared to other companies in this review, we'd expect much higher quality and better service overall. However, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Too pricey to be worth the trouble

The bottom line is that Life Fitness is a brand that might be slipping from its renowned reputation in the industry. Based on recent changes in their shipping, return policy, and product selection, it's clear that their practices are sub-standard compared to other elliptical companies on our list. On top of that, issues with merchandise have disappointed some customers. With a high price point further making these elliptical machines harder to access for many shoppers, you may want to start your elliptical journey somewhere more reliable and affordable.

Bowflex Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $1,299 to $1,999
  • 4 models in stock
  • 2- to 3-year warranty on repairs
  • Free shipping on Max Trainer models
  • Includes 1 year of JRNY membership

Bowflex, a prominent name in the realm of exercise equipment, offers a wide range of fitness machines. Their product lineup includes treadmills, stationary bikes, home gyms, and elliptical machines. They've been in the home gym business for 35+ years, and although the company is headquartered in Vancouver, CA, they ship directly to consumers across the globe.

4 different ellipticals with impressive technology

The company offers four different options for ellipticals with an impressive range of technology integrations that will help tailor your workout to your desired gains. However, there's one snag on the site that might be frustrating while you shop: the sales pages are a little light on details. That makes it difficult to find specifics like whether or not each model had a heart-rate monitor and other benefits.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: Magnetic resistance and high-intensity interval training
  • Price Range: $1,299 to $1,999
  • Different Models: 4
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 16-20
  • Return Policy: 6 weeks
  • Warranty: The frame and mechanical parts come with a 2-year or 3-year warranty (model dependent), while mechanical parts are covered for 90 days
  • Shipping: $199 in the contiguous US or free for Max Trainer models

Basic model: Max Trainer M6

The basic elliptical option from Bowflex is the Max Trainer M6 model. Priced at $1,299, the M6 offers a backlit LCD screen as well as a media shelf and USB charging port. This machine easily pairs up with the JRNY app which is a fitness membership you can subscribe to separately if you want more than just your own plan to challenge your home gym experience. You'll find a total of 16 resistance levels, and it's perfect for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions. Plus, this elliptical features 4 different grip handlebars. There is no included tablet screen, but it does monitor things like mileage and speed. It's a complete package, if a little basic. This model was in stock at the time of this review.

Best Elliptical Machines

Top-tier model: Max Total 16

The top-level model at Bowflex is the Max Total 16. This machine is priced at $1,999 ($700 more than the basic model) and includes a lot more bells and whistles. You can enjoy a 16" built-in touchscreen that you can adjust to your liking. Using this model with the built-in JRNY experience (membership required to use), you can expect an immersive experience with videos and locations played directly in front of you during your workout. There are up to 20 resistance levels with the Max Total 16, and like its little sibling, this machine is ideal for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The elliptical has 6 different grips on the handlebars. And, it's equipped with Bluetooth speakers to work with any music device you want to use, and a Bluetooth heart-rate armband to monitor your heart rate while you work out. This model was in stock at the time of this review.

JRNY membership options

Bowflex offers a 1-year free membership to JRNY with your purchase of an elliptical machine, so you can get the most out of your workout with an immersive workout assistant app. Afterward, you have the option to extend your access by subscribing at $19.99 per month or $149 per year. Basically, this allows you to tailor your fitness experience with customized workouts complemented by real-time virtual coaching.

Best Elliptical Machines

No BBB score and low-rated reviews

When we dug into our research on the reputation of Bowflex as a company, we ran into a small snag. Bowflex is owned by the parent company Nautilus. Unfortunately, Nautilus doesn't have a built-out page on the Better Business Bureau, which means the company and its subsidiaries are currently unrated. This detail might be significant to you when considering your purchase, as BBB accreditation is often viewed as a measure of a company's reliability and trustworthiness. In general, the average rating from third-party review sites is 2.7 out of 5 stars. While the brand receives some positive reviews, the criticism often revolves around product quality. Some customers reported issues like equipment malfunctions within a few months of use. On top of that, some complaints include the difficulties encountered when customers tried to get in touch with the Bowflex service team.

Some interesting features, but not a top option

Despite the unique range of features found on models sold by Bowflex, you might want to check a few higher-rated brands before you go with this one. While the actual machines look great, the fact that the product pages lack detail compared to competitors and the low-rated reviews raise some red flags. Bowflex may be worth checking into, but you'll want to start with the higher-rated elliptical machines in our review first.

Schwinn Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $699 to $1,299
  • 3 models in stock
  • 2- to 3-year warranty on repairs
  • Free shipping during promos
  • Includes 2 months of JRNY membership

You might be surprised to learn that Schwinn, known for its expertise in bicycles, also offers elliptical machines as part of its product range. As a member of the Nautilus family, a well-established brand in the home exercise equipment industry, Schwinn provides a limited selection of elliptical machines through its online store.

3 models available

During our most recent visit to the Schwinn online store, they offered only three models, but all of them were in stock and ready to ship. While the models at Schwinn are fairly cost-effective, they may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the more premium brands. That's something to keep in mind while you're browsing the Schwinn machines.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: Magnetic resistance
  • Price Range: $699 to $1,299
  • Different Models: 3
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 16-25 (varies by model)
  • Return Policy: 6 weeks
  • Warranty: 10 years for frame, 2 years for parts, 1 year for electronics, 90 days for labor
  • Shipping: Regularly $199 but Free with promos

Basic model: 411 Elliptical

The entry-level model is the Schwinn 411 elliptical, priced at $699. It features 16 levels of resistance, 13 preprogrammed workouts, an 18" stride length (without incline options), and support for one user profile. There is a unique level of connectivity with the Schwinn 411 which includes syncing with a mixed-reality app, Explore the World. This allows you to compete with friends and simulate 19 locations featuring 27 routes, all while keeping tabs on your pace and distance. The streamlined console provides essential information like time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate. While there isn't a touchscreen on this model, you can take advantage of the built-in media tray and bottle holder.

Best Elliptical Machines

Top-tier model: 490 Elliptical

The 490 is the most expensive model among Schwinn's ellipticals. Priced at $1,299, the 490 offers 25 levels of resistance. On top of that, you can immerse yourself in your fitness journey with a 7" LCD display featuring built-in cardio workouts that keep you motivated. Utilize your phone or tablet to seamlessly integrate with a free JRNY 2-month membership included in your purchase for a personalized workout experience. The 490 offers a -5% to 15% motorized incline and decline, coupled with Terrain Control Technology to give you the feeling of actually being in different terrains. Immerse yourself further with Bluetooth speakers and track your heart rate. Despite its compact footprint, the elliptical offers a generous 20-inch stride for a comfortable workout. Plus, you have access to a media/device holder and keep your devices charged with the built-in USB charging port.

Shipping is only free with timed promos

Keep in mind that free shipping isn't a guarantee at Schwinn. At the time of this review, all of the models available from Schwinn were offering free shipping, but this promotion ended the following week. Regularly, shipping costs around $199 within the contiguous 48 states, so if you're looking to buy from Schwinn, you'll want to make sure you catch them during a shipping promo.

Returns with a refund within 6 weeks

Despite the limited selection, Schwinn offers some attractive benefits. They provide a six-week return policy, which is longer than the standard 30-day window offered by most elliptical brands. You can return your elliptical within this timeframe for a refund, minus all the original shipping and handling fees. The machine should be in original condition with no signs of wear and tear. Schwinn also does not require the original packaging for returns, which is different from many other elliptical sellers. In addition, Schwinn's warranty coverage surpasses that of many competitors. You'll receive a standard 10-year warranty on the frame, 2 years on parts, 1 year on electronics, and 90 days on labor.

Best Elliptical Machines

No BBB rating and concerning comments from reviewers

Schwinn is another company that falls under the umbrella of the parent company Nautilus, which made it a little difficult to suss out the company's reputation. Unfortunately, Nautilus lacks a comprehensive page on the Better Business Bureau, resulting in the absence of a rating for the company and its subsidiaries. The only real details we have to go on regarding Schwinn's reputation are the third-party review sites which aren't giving us particularly good news. On average, third-party review sites rated Schwinn just 2.3 out of 5 stars. While many of these negative reviews have to do with Schwinn's other products (not their ellipticals), there were also a decent number of complaints about problems with the JRNY membership and being charged after canceling. Further, customers complained that the customer service team didn't work with them to resolve issues related to their products, which frustrated many.

Schwinn isn't a winner

At the end of the day, Schwinn just isn't a standout option for elliptical machines. While they do offer LCD screens now, which is a bonus, and a few cost-effective machines, there are other brands out there at similar price points that offer more features and better customer service. Given that Schwinn and its parent company aren't rated by the BBB and Schwinn holds a pretty low score from reviewers, the positives aren't enough to give Schwinn a higher ranking.

Diamondback Fitness Review 2 Star Rating

Diamondback Fitness

2 Star Rating
  • Priced at $999
  • 1 elliptical in stock
  • 5-year warranty on repairs
  • Free shipping in 48 states

Diamondback Fitness, which entered the fitness industry in 2007, has its roots in the cycling world. The company has recently broadened its scope to include indoor cycles and ellipticals.

Just one elliptical model

Diamondback has a fairly limited inventory with only one elliptical model currently for sale. On the other hand, Diamondback Fitness has made a few improvements since our last review. One of these is the significant price drop to under $1,000, resulting in a much more affordable offering compared to the previous price of $2,000+. This retailer prides itself on delivering compact and lightweight machines, which occupy 35% less space than many ellipticals in the market.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: Dual spindle floating pedals, magnetic resistance
  • Price Range: $1,199.99 to $1,899.99
  • Different Models: 1
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 16
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • Warranty: 5 years on the frame and brakes, 3 years on parts and electronics, 1 year on labor, 90 days on wear-and-tear items like handlebars and hand grips
  • Shipping: Free in the lower 48 states

Basic model: 1280ef

Diamondback's introductory elliptical model, the 1280ef, is the only model offered by Diamondback Fitness. With a retail price of $999, the elliptical is one of the more affordable options out there. One key highlight of this model is its adjustable stride length, ranging from 17 to 22 inches. This adaptability is a significant advantage for users of varying heights. In terms of technology, this model falls on the simpler side, with 8 preset workouts, 4 heart rate-controlled programs, and 4 custom programs. The display provides essential workout metrics like watts, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate. This is a significant upgrade from older models as the heart rate monitor is built into the handle grips of the elliptical now. The 1280ef was in stock at the time of this review, making it easy to get a hold of quickly if you're ready to buy.

Best Elliptical Machines

Free shipping and regular discounts

One of the benefits of shopping with Diamondback Fitness is the completely free shipping, as long as you live within the contiguous 48 states. On top of free shipping, Diamondback Fitness also offers a range of regular discounts which help you find better deals if you're lucky enough to catch a promo while they're running it.

Shorter warranty period than competitors

While exploring Diamondback Fitness' warranty policy, we encountered some confusion. The 1-year labor coverage and 3-year coverage on parts and electronics were fairly standard. However, the description of the frame and brakes consists of a "5-year product lifetime limited warranty." Most ellipticals typically offer at least 10 years of protection for the frame, if not a literal "lifetime" warranty. At Diamondback Fitness, you can purchase an additional 5 years during checkout, but this just seems more like a money grab than anything. Consequently, Diamondback's warranty terms place their machines at a relative disadvantage compared to competitors.

Best Elliptical Machines

Lowest score from the BBB

Detailed warranty information is crucial because Diamondback Fitness does not hold an inspiring track record in terms of customer service. On their listing with the Better Business Bureau, the company holds an "F" rating due to their failure to respond to customer complaints. These reports uniformly describe the challenges customers face when seeking repairs or replacements for exercise equipment that experienced issues right from the start. On top of this major red flag, we weren't able to find any reviews on trusted third-party websites, which might indicate a lack of popularity for the Diamondback Fitness brand as a whole.

Diamondback doesn't impress

While Diamondback Fitness offers elliptical machines that seem to be affordable for your home gym, there are some red flags to consider. The company's less-than-satisfactory history with customer complaints, as evidenced by their "F" BBB rating, and the fact that the warranty is more limited than competitors raises questions about the longevity of Diamondback Fitness' elliptical machines. Considering that there are far more customer-friendly options out there, we suggest looking elsewhere for your elliptical machine.

Horizon Fitness Review 1.5 Star Rating

Horizon Fitness

1.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $599 to $1,599
  • 1 model
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 1- to 3-year warranty on repairs
  • 30-day return policy

Horizon Fitness is a popular name in the fitness industry. The company offers a range of in-home fitness machines which work for all workout intensities and experience levels. However, this retailer has seen a significant decline over time, which has given us pause in our last review. If you're curious about the reasons behind our concerns, keep on reading.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: Flywheel and advanced pulley system
  • Price Range: $599 to $1,599
  • Different Models: 4
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 10-20 (varies by model)
  • Return Policy: 30 days, 20% restocking fee, and return shipping costs on customer
  • Warranty: Lifetime on frame, 1-3 years on parts, 1 year on labor
  • Shipping: Depends on machine

Basic model: EX-59

Priced at $599, the EX-59, which is Horizon's lower-end model, is pretty basic. It lacks incline settings and offers only 10 levels of resistance. The LCD display is relatively normal and does not support access to a training app. Nevertheless, it compensates with a wider range of onboard workout programs, which include Calorie Goal, Constant Watts, Intervals, Intervals Plus, Manual, Random, Reverse Train, Rolling Hills, Weight Loss, and Weight Loss Plus. You can use the EX-59's Bluetooth-enabled speakers to enjoy your music while you work out, although it does not include a USB port for charging your tablet or phone, so you'll have to put your machine near an outlet if that's a concern. Impressively, this elliptical also maintains an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with feedback provided by over 400 customers, and it is the only model from Horizon Fitness that you can purchase from the company's website.

Best Elliptical Machines

Top-tier model: Evolve 5

The Evolve 5 Elliptical, which is the most expensive model available on Horizon Fitness, is priced at $1,599. You'll enjoy 20 electronically adjustable built-in speakers for great sound, and there's an energy-saving mode to help you save power. You can conveniently place your tablet on the rack, and the FeatherLight folding design makes storage easy. The elliptical has a substantial 23 lb flywheel and an advanced pulley system, which offers a smooth and consistent motion. Plus, its certified Six-Star Frame helps maintain the best body positioning for a comfortable and effective workout. This machine engages multiple muscle groups, allowing you to burn calories while being gentle on your body. However, because this item isn't in stock online and you can only get it from specific retailers in person, it's much more disappointing than some brands. Plus, despite the high price point, there is no integrated touchscreen, which is surprising in the modern market.

No free shipping offered

One thing we didn't love about the Horizon Fitness experience was that they have no free shipping policy. Given how expensive the items are already and the fact that many elliptical brands do offer free shipping, Horizon Fitness falls behind the pack yet again.

Returns are expensive

Another thing to be aware of is that while Horizon Fitness advertises a 100% guarantee on their elliptical machines, there are some caveats in the fine print. While you have a 30-day trial period to determine if the elliptical is right for your workout and your space, you are responsible for the shipping costs both ways. So, if you have to make a return, you'll be charged for return shipping costs of $155 and a restocking fee of up to 20% of the cost of your elliptical. Ouch!

Best Elliptical Machines

Unimpressed reviews about customer service

Our research revealed that Horizon Fitness's parent company, Johnson Health Tech North America, holds a less-than-remarkable "B-'' rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is a lower rating than it had the last time we reviewed this brand. Numerous complaints have been lodged with the BBB, citing issues with getting assistance from Horizon's customer service team, even after weeks of effort. While the company does hold a 3.8-star average rating at third-party sites like Trustpilot, there are still concerns about how long shipping takes, the difficulty of finding in-stock ellipticals, and damaged goods upon arrival. If your elliptical arrives damaged or is non-operational right out of the box, you may encounter significant frustration while trying to resolve the issue.

Not worth the hassle

In the grand scheme of things, Horizon Fitness realistically offers just one elliptical since most of its items are out of stock or not available online. While the in-stock model has received praise on Horizon Fitness' website reviews, you still have to contend with possible problems down the road either with your warranty or potentially a frustrating return if it comes to that. Most customer feedback notes that having to deal with Horizon Fitness' customer service isn't worth the hassle. As a result, we gave Horizon Fitness our lowest rating and recommend considering an elliptical machine from a brand with a stronger track record in terms of customer satisfaction.

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Continued from above...

On top of being low-impact, one of the key benefits of elliptical trainers is their ability to deliver a comprehensive full-body workout. While the use of handles is optional, most users opt for the simultaneous push-pull motion to engage muscles not only in their legs but also in their arms, core, and back. It's like a two-for-one deal in the gym: targeting your upper and lower body muscles, making your workout sessions more efficient. This way you can combine leg day and arm day into one session if you choose. Or, if you prefer to be sore in only one spot the next day, you can break it up instead. Basically, you've got a variety of workout styles when it comes to an elliptical that you might not have with other machines.

Plus, as you get into browsing elliptical machines, you'll realize that there's a lot of versatility across different models. For example, some models combine the traditional elliptical movement with the convenience of a recumbent or upright bike, while others let you adapt the stride motion to mimic the stepping action of a stair machine or the running sensation of a treadmill. This adaptability means you're more likely to keep using your elliptical trainer over the long term. When your routine starts to feel too stagnant or you're not seeing as much progress as you get stronger, you can change up your routine to bring you back to maximum burn. Elliptical machines allow you to match your current physical condition, your fitness objectives, or the preferences of other family members who share the equipment.

And if you've thought that elliptical machines have missed out on the live-streaming workout trend, think again. Many of the latest models are equipped with large touchscreen displays that offer real-time, coached workout sessions. Some even give trainers remote access to adjust your resistance levels or incline during your workout. So, if you're a tech-savvy workout fan, you can easily join in on modern connectivity with your elliptical machine. And even if your elliptical isn't quite that advanced, most brands and models have a convenient tablet holder, allowing you to choose your preferred workout platform and stream exercise videos or enjoy a few episodes of your favorite TV show - the choice is entirely yours.

So, when it comes to selecting the ideal elliptical machine for your home gym, how do you decide which brand is the right one? Here are some essential factors to help you narrow down your options:

  • Selection. The selection of elliptical trainers offered by the brand is something you want to keep an eye on. The broader the variety, the more likely you are to find the perfect machine with all the features you need.
  • Price. Cost is probably one of the most important factors to consider when buying an elliptical machine. How much does it sell for, and is shipping included in the price? You should be aware of any potential additional costs, such as upgrading to a more modern console or a different frame color.
  • Availability. The demand for home fitness equipment is at an all-time high, and many businesses struggle to keep up with the need. Be sure to check if the ellipticals advertised are in stock, and take a close look at the delivery timeframe. Some stores may suggest immediate availability, only to reveal in fine print that delivery could take up to three months.
  • Return Policy. Understanding the return policy is essential in case your elliptical machine arrives and isn't the right fit for your space or doesn't work with your stride length. Not all retailers offer the same return options, so keep an eye out to be sure the company you choose supports customers through returns.
  • Reputation. Lastly, what do other customers say about their experiences, both with the elliptical machines themselves and with the company as a whole? Customer reviews and ratings from the Better Business Bureau are dependable resources for gauging how well a retailer meets the expectations of its clientele.

To make sure you find the best elliptical machine for your needs, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best elliptical machine brands available today. It's our job to equip you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision that supports your fitness goals. This way, you can skip the stress of comparing machine after machine and get back to your cardio routine ASAP!

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Elliptical Machine FAQ

An elliptical machine is a low-impact stationary cardio trainer that combines an upper and lower body workout. The user stands on the pedals, holding onto the handles with both arms outstretched, and moves his or her feet along the track in an oval-like (or "elliptical" ) path.
Some ellipticals are more expensive than others depending on their features - such as whether or not they include a touch screen, workout programs or tracking capabilities - and how long they are built to last. The most inexpensive ellipticals out there are priced around $350, but for a quality trainer that will last you for years, expect to pay at least $500-$1,000.
Ellipticals are predominantly cardio machines. Increasing the resistance and using the handlebars of your elliptical will engage, strengthen and tone nearly every muscle group, but if you're looking to build real bulk, you should probably look elsewhere.
Scientists have debunked spot-reduction weight loss. Only by creating a caloric deficit can you lose weight, and that weight loss will be distributed across your entire body. That being said, elliptical workouts are a fantastic way to create a caloric deficit and tone up at the same time.
In flywheel ellipticals, resistance is created by friction. The heavier the flywheel, the stronger the resistance and the smoother the movement. Magnetic resistance ellipticals are able to increase resistance levels with more accuracy and require less maintenance than their friction-dependent flywheel counterparts. Magnetic resistance ellipticals are quieter than flywheel ellipticals, but they are also typically more expensive.
Elliptical training cannot improve your running form or posture, but it can help you prepare to transition to running outdoors or on a treadmill. When done regularly and with enough intensity, elliptical training can increase your strength and stamina.
When compared to a high impact exercise like running, yes, elliptical training is much gentler on knees and joints. However, many elliptical users still report feeling pain or discomfort in their knees and feet as a result of pushing themselves too hard or having poor form.
As with any piece of fitness machinery, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent injury and to keep your machine functioning properly. Depending on how frequently your elliptical is used, you should have your elliptical serviced every 3-6 months. Check your user manual for more information.

Benefits of Using an Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machines have many wonderful benefits. Whether you are looking for a low impact exercise or a productive all-around body workout, elliptical machines are a great choice.

Elliptical machines are found in almost every gym across the country and many people have chosen one as their go-to machine in their homes as well. Some elliptical machine models even fold up, making convenient storage in the home easier, no matter the size of your apartment or house.

Another great benefit of using an elliptical machine is you can get a lower body and upper body work out all at the same time. No other machine rivals the full body workout that the elliptical machine offers. You can work out your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps and biceps all together. It is very important to distribute the resistance between both the upper handlebars and lower pedals to receive all these benefits. Many people just go through the motions with the arms and don't utilize the machine for its full upper body workout. If the machine is used properly, you can increase aerobic capacity, tone muscles and lose weight. You can get a full-body workout in as little as 20 minutes.

With an elliptical machine, your feet never leave the machine thus the work-out considered is low impact. This reduces the stress on knees, hips, and backs. Less stress on the joints is helpful for older individuals with joint ailments. Also heavier individuals that have extra weight on their joints and anyone who is cautious with new or old joint, knee or hip injuries will benefit from a low impact workout. The movements on the elliptical machine mimic the natural path your ankle, knee and hip follow during high impact exercises such as walking, jogging or running. The movements are natural to your body without the negative affects the high impact jolts can have on your body.

An elliptical machine work-out is considered a weight-bearing exercise which helps maintain healthy bone density that can prevent the onset of osteoporosis. This is important to remember no matter how young or old you are today.

Elliptical machines are also very safe for your body in regards to injury. Since the movement is fluid and smooth, the risk of injury is very low. There is very little room for harm to your muscles, joints or body.

The price of elliptical machines have become more affordable in the last few years. Owning your own is easier to fit into the budget and saves you the cost and trip of going to the gym.

There are numerous benefits to incorporating an elliptical machine into your workout. Choose to use it for your cardiovascular and toning needs. Enjoy the an elliptical machine as your full workout, or incorporating it into your workout regimen. No matter the extent of use, the low impact nature of an elliptical machine means happier and healthier joints.

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