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Diamondback Fitness Review

Sunday, April 18th

2021 Elliptical Machine Reviews

Diamondback Fitness Review 2 Star Rating

Diamondback Fitness

2 Star Rating
  • Cost: $1,199.99 to $1,899.99

Diamondback Fitness got its start in the cycling world in 2007 and has expanded its repertoire to include indoor cycles and ellipticals. Their fitness equipment is designed in the USA and tested under commercial conditions before being offered to home consumers.

More Inventory, Lower Prices

Since our last review, Diamondback doubled its inventory and dropped prices. You now have not one but two elliptical models to choose from, both of which cost much less than the former price of $2,699. This retailer prides itself on offering machines that are compact and lightweight, taking up 35% less space than many ellipticals on the market.

Equipment Overview:

  • Stride Motion: Dual spindle floating pedals, magnetic resistance
  • Price Range: $1,199.99 to $1,899.99
  • Different Models: 2
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: 16
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • Warranty: 5 years on the frame and brakes, 3 years on parts and electronics, 1 year on labor, 90 days on wear-and-tear items like handlebars and hand grips
  • Shipping: Free in the lower 48 states

Adjustable Stride Length

Diamondback's entry-level elliptical is the 1060EF, with a retail price of $1,199. We were pleasantly surprised to see that, despite being a more basic model of elliptical, it comes with an adjustable stride length ranging from 18 to 23 inches. That's a big plus for those whose height (tall or short) can make ellipticals more challenging to use. This model is fairly low-tech, with 8 preset workouts, 4 heart rate-controlled programs, and 4 custom programs. The display provides the typical workout data, like watts, distance, speed, calories, and so forth, and it's compatible with Polar heart rate monitors (not included).

Get On The Waitlist

Note: at the time of our most recent visit, this machine was out of stock for at least two weeks. Diamondback recommended that interested shoppers enter their email address to be put on the waitlist, as the trainers would be made available on a first-come, first-served basis once they were back in stock. We were confused because the main ellipticals page on the Diamondback site said that this model was in stock and the other was not, but the actual product pages said the opposite. Keep that in mind as you shop!

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Upgrade To Get 10" Touchscreen

Speaking of the other model, Diamondback's higher-end elliptical is the 1280EF. What will you get for the extra $700 you'd spend to get this machine? The biggest upgrade is the 10" touchscreen display that connects via WiFi and lets you watch Netflix, browse the internet, or connect to your other favorite apps while working out. This machine also has adjustable stride lengths of 17" or 22", offers 16 levels of magnetic resistance, and has 12 pre-programmed workouts. The handlebar is adjustable too.

Frame Warranty: Lifetime Or 5 Years?

We were a little mystified by Diamondback's warranty. The 1-year coverage on labor, 3 years on parts and electronics were pretty standard, but the frame and brakes were described as having a "5-year product lifetime limited warranty". Why do you only get five years of coverage if it's a "lifetime" warranty? Most ellipticals have at least 10 years of protection on the frame, if not an actual "lifetime", which puts Diamondback machines at something of a disadvantage compared with their rivals.

Disappointing Reputation

Those details matter, because Diamondback Fitness doesn't have an inspiring track record when it comes to customer service. On the company's listing with the Better Business Bureau, it displays an "F" grade for failure to respond to all of the customer complaints filed there. Granted, four isn't an overwhelming number of reports, but they universally describe having problems getting repairs or replacements for exercise equipment that had issues from the get-go. Even shoppers who went the extra mile and bought extended warranty coverage had trouble getting their exercise equipment fixed.

Good Machines, Bad Service

With only a couple dozen customer reviews in total, most of which are 4- and 5-star ratings, the elliptical machines offered by Diamondback Fitness seem like they could be an affordable addition to your home gym setup. Unfortunately, their not-so-stellar history with customer complaints, as demonstrated by the BBB listing (and even a few quick mentions in the reviews on the Diamondback site), combined with their very small inventory are the reasons why this retailer winds up at the bottom of our rankings for elliptical machines.

Where Can You Buy the Best Elliptical Machines?

On the market for more than two decades, these versatile pieces of workout equipment are some of the most popular in fitness centers and home gyms alike. Why? First of all, many people prefer the motion of an elliptical trainer over treadmills because of the decreased impact on joints. Not everyone can hop on a treadmill and run a 5K with painful knees and ankles; using an elliptical machine gives you a high level of cardiovascular exercise without as much strain.

Another advantage of using an elliptical trainer is the ability to get a full-body workout. Although using the handles is optional, most exercisers like to use the push-pull motion to strengthen muscles in the arms, abs and back at the same time as the lower body. Who wouldn't benefit from the efficiency of working out multiple muscle groups at once?

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Elliptical Machine FAQ

An elliptical machine is a low-impact stationary cardio trainer that combines an upper and lower body workout. The user stands on the pedals, holding onto the handles with both arms outstretched, and moves his or her feet along the track in an oval-like (or "elliptical" ) path.
Some ellipticals are more expensive than others depending on their features - such as whether or not they include a touch screen, workout programs or tracking capabilities - and how long they are built to last. The most inexpensive ellipticals out there are priced around $350, but for a quality trainer that will last you for years, expect to pay at least $500-$1,000.
Ellipticals are predominantly cardio machines. Increasing the resistance and using the handlebars of your elliptical will engage, strengthen and tone nearly every muscle group, but if you're looking to build real bulk, you should probably look elsewhere.
Scientists have debunked spot-reduction weight loss. Only by creating a caloric deficit can you lose weight, and that weight loss will be distributed across your entire body. That being said, elliptical workouts are a fantastic way to create a caloric deficit and tone up at the same time.
In flywheel ellipticals, resistance is created by friction. The heavier the flywheel, the stronger the resistance and the smoother the movement. Magnetic resistance ellipticals are able to increase resistance levels with more accuracy and require less maintenance than their friction-dependent flywheel counterparts. Magnetic resistance ellipticals are quieter than flywheel ellipticals, but they are also typically more expensive.
Elliptical training cannot improve your running form or posture, but it can help you prepare to transition to running outdoors or on a treadmill. When done regularly and with enough intensity, elliptical training can increase your strength and stamina.
When compared to a high impact exercise like running, yes, elliptical training is much gentler on knees and joints. However, many elliptical users still report feeling pain or discomfort in their knees and feet as a result of pushing themselves too hard or having poor form.
As with any piece of fitness machinery, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent injury and to keep your machine functioning properly. Depending on how frequently your elliptical is used, you should have your elliptical serviced every 3-6 months. Check your user manual for more information.
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Plus, many elliptical machines can be used in different ways: some combine a traditional elliptical system with a recumbent or upright bike, while others let you change the stride motion to more closely resemble a stair stepping machine or even a treadmill. This flexibility makes it likely that you'll use your elliptical trainer for a long time, because you can change the workout to match your mood, your physical capabilities at the moment, your fitness goals, or the other users in your household.

And, if you think that elliptical machines have been left out of the live streaming workout craze, think again! Some of the most advanced models offer large touch screens that can deliver real-time coached workout sessions - and may even allow a trainer access to change your resistance levels or incline during the workout! Even if your elliptical doesn't come with that built-in feature, almost all brands and models have a tablet holder, allowing you to choose your own workout platform and go for it (or just binge a few episodes of your favorite TV show: your choice!).

When choosing the right elliptical machine for your home gym, how can you tell which retailer should get your business? Here are several factors to keep in mind as you shop:

  • Selection. How many elliptical trainers does the store carry? The broader the selection, the more likely you'll be able to get exactly what you want without paying for features you don't need.
  • Price. Speaking of features, how much will you spend for an elliptical machine at the retailer you're browsing? Is shipping included? Will you have to pay extra to get a more up-to-date console or a different frame color?
  • Availability. Home fitness equipment is more popular than ever, and many businesses are feeling the strain of keeping up with demand. Are the ellipticals the retailer advertises actually in stock? Be sure to check delivery timeframes: some stores show that certain models are available for purchase, but when you add one to your cart you might spot some fine print that says that delivery may take up to three months!
  • Return Policy. What happens if your elliptical machine is delivered and it doesn't fit where you planned to put it? Or your significant other is too tall (or too short) for the stride length? Not every retailer will allow you to send it back for a refund.
  • Reputation. What do other people say about their experience, both with the elliptical machines themselves and with the company overall? Customer reviews and a rating from the Better Business Bureau are two reliable ways of determining how well a retailer is living up to shoppers' expectations.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best retailers of elliptical machines available today. We hope this information helps you pick the right equipment for your home gym!

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