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What are the benefits of buying engagement rings online?

Monday, June 24th

What Are the Benefits of Buying Engagement Rings Online?

There are many traditions surrounding engagement rings. For example, traditionally, men paid the equivalent of three months of their income for the ring. They also asked the father of the bride-to-be for her hand in marriage. This was usually followed by a trip to the local jewelry store to pick out the perfect ring. Today, however, many people are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of shopping online for an engagement ring.

It can seem intimidating to buy something as important as an engagement ring from an online photo, but the reality is that online shopping comes with extensive benefits. In fact, you may be able to find a higher-quality ring at a lower price by shopping online. What are some of the specific benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to shop for an engagement ring online?

Access to a Greater Selection

A local jewelry store may have a case or two that are exclusively dedicated to displaying engagement rings. Depending on the size of the cases, this could equate to roughly one or two dozen engagement rings in a specific store. You would need to travel to several other stores to have access to a fraction of what one online retailer may carry. The last thing that you should do is to settle for an engagement ring that is not exactly perfect for the bride-to-be. This is a ring that you hope she will wear for the rest of her life. It should suit her personal taste. It should also be a high-quality ring that is priced within your budget.

The first online store that you visit will likely have far more rings than you will find in a single local store. If you do not find something suitable at that online store, you can easily reach the next online store with a few clicks. In fact, when you shop online, you can potentially view hundreds of beautiful rings at various stores more quickly than you could view a few dozen rings at local stores.

The Ability to Shop Around

You can shop around for an engagement ring whether you shop in person or online, but it is far easier to do online. Several online stores may have rings with a similar style, but you may notice a considerable difference in price. Some of this price difference may be related to the quality of the diamond or the type of metal used in the setting. The price difference may also stem from the store's overhead and profit margin. You do not want to overpay for an engagement ring, so you need to be able to compare several seemingly comparable rings. In addition to comparing the pricing for several rings, you can easily compare the quality of the stones to find the best overall value.

An Easy Way to Research the Four C's

When you shop for a diamond ring in a local store, the salesperson may be interested in helping you find a style that you love at a price that you can afford. In fact, unless you are a savvy buyer, you could complete the entire purchase without ever hearing a word about a diamond's cut, clarity or color. When you shop online, however, information about cut, clarity, color and carat weight are easily in view. In fact, they are usually listed clearly on the same page as the ring's price and image.

Are you unsure about what the four C's of diamonds are and how diamonds are rated? When you shop online, you can take your time doing your research online. This enables you to know exactly what you are buying before you make your purchase. When you shop in person, on the other hand, your primary source of information is the salesperson.

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No High-Pressure Sales Tactics

In many jewelry stores, salespeople work off of commission. Because of this, they will personally gain if they sell you a more expensive ring. Many of these sales professionals are happy to take any rings out of the case that you are interested in. If you bring your loved one with you to shop at a local store, she may be able to try on those rings and admire how they look on her finger. The salesperson may use a variety of high-pressure sales tactics to convince you that you are making the right decision. This can leave you feeling pressured to make an on-the-spot decision.

Shopping online creates a different and more relaxed experience. You can take your time browsing through the options. You may even have multiple windows open to compare various rings in detail. All of the information that you need to make an informed decision will be on the screen. This means that you can get the facts you need without pressure from an overbearing salesperson. In addition to being a more enjoyable way to shop, this may empower you to make a smarter selection.

Discounts and Promotions

Nobody wants to pay more than necessary for an engagement ring. Both online and local stores offer discounts and promotions from time to time, so there are opportunities to save money on your purchase. When you shop online, you can pick out the ring that you want without hassle. You can then monitor the price of that ring without feeling pressured by a salesperson. By simply refreshing your browser or app every few days, you could easily identify the most ideal time to make your purchase.

Shopping at Your Convenience

Local stores have specific hours of operation, and those hours do not always coincide with your schedule. While some stores may have extended hours of operation in the evening or on the weekend, others do not. You may need to set aside time out of your workday to go ring shopping when you shop at some stores in your local area. When you arrive at those stores, you may be confronted by numerous other customers who are all vying for a peek at engagement rings.

Shopping online provides you with a far more relaxed experience. Regardless of your work schedule, you can conveniently shop for an engagement ring at any time that works well for your schedule. You will never have to wait in line to admire an online store's selection of engagement rings or feel rushed because other people are waiting behind you. You also do not need to complete your shopping at a specific store all in one day. You may only have a few minutes to shop right now, but you may want to continue shopping while you are sitting in a waiting room or at another time that is suitable for your schedule. Online shopping makes this easy to do.

Access to Opinions Before the Purchase

Some couples enjoy shopping for an engagement ring together. However, many grooms-to-be want to surprise their loved one by popping the question in a special setting. These men often ask the bride-to-be's best friend, sister or even mother for ring advice. When you shop at a local store, this means that your advisor must join you as you walk through store after store. Often, you are limited to getting only one person's opinion so that you do not have a huge entourage in tow.

By choosing to shop online, you can narrow down your selection to a few top styles on your own. You can then conveniently send images of several rings out to a few of your loved one's friends and family members to get a much larger range of opinions. You understandably want to feel confident about your purchase, and getting a stamp of approval from those who are in your loved one's inner circle is a smart way to do that.

Selecting the perfect engagement ring may never be an easy process, but you do not need to make it more stressful than it needs to be. By shopping online for an engagement ring, you can eliminate much of the hassle associated with the process. This enables you to focus on the important matter of finding a ring that she will cherish for decades.

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...because you want the world's best selection and pricing, not just the limited options at your local brick-and-mortar jewelry store! Whether you buy a ring that's ready-to-ship or you design the ring of your (or your fiancee's) dreams, you won't find more possibilities than what's offered online.
That varies widely by retailer and by ring. If you choose an engagement ring that's in stock and pay for expedited shipping, some online jewelers can have it to you the next day! On the other hand, if your perfect proposal involves a one-of-a-kind, customized ring that costs tens of thousands of dollars, it could take a month or more before it's ready. The best jewelers provide an estimated shipping timeframe right on each ring's description page.
Most jewelers ship engagement rings with ample insurance, making it risk-free even for the most high-end items. However, if you're concerned about "porch pirates" taking your ring from your doorstep or mailbox, you've got options: either opt for "signature required" delivery during checkout, or choose a jeweler that also has a retail location near you and have your order shipped to the store for in-person pickup.
Fear not. Engagement ring retailers usually include at least one free resizing, plus exchanges are almost always accepted within 30-60 days of purchase.
If you're considering a custom-designed engagement ring, you'll want to read the retailer's return policy very carefully before making your purchase. Some may allow for returns and exchanges while others may not. On the other hand, in-stock rings usually have a return policy ranging from 30-60 days from the date of purchase, and some online jewelers extend that timeframe during the winter holiday season.
More often than not, yes. Many jewelers automatically cover the diamond(s)or other gemstones, but you may need to add on a protection plan if you want coverage for loose prongs, resizing, or damage due to wear and tear (as opposed to manufacturer defects).
Usually, the financing options will be displayed near the price in the engagement ring's description or through a link at the bottom of the site. You may be offered a store credit card, an installment loan, or financing through a third-party partner.
That's a wise question to ask, because when it comes to engagement rings and online jewelers, "not all that glitters is gold" . Customer feedback is essential to determining where to buy this piece of jewelry that could very well become a family heirloom: look for a retailer with plenty of positive reviews, where shoppers say that the engagement rings were exactly as advertised (or better!) and that the customer service team handled any issues with professionalism and prompt attention. This is - hopefully! - a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so choose a jeweler that will give you an unparalleled shopping experience.

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