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Zales Review

Friday, February 23rd

2024 Engagement Ring Reviews

Zales Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Over 8,000 engagement rings to choose from
  • In business for almost 100 years
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • 30-day return policy, 60-day exchange policy; extended during the holidays
  • Free shipping for a limited time

When Zales first opened in Wichita Falls, Texas, back in 1924, you could get a lot of shopping done in one trip - buy a wedding ring and a stove while you're at it! Now Zales is known for just jewelry, especially diamonds, and can be found in more than 700 brick-and-mortar locations throughout North America and Puerto Rico. Zales is one of four jewelry stores in our review that are owned by Signet Jewelers.

So much to choose from, whatever your budget

Zales has an impressive range of engagement rings. Looking at prices alone, you've got hundreds, if not thousands, of options in each bracket - whether that's under $250, $1,000 to $1,999, or even over $5,000. It's a good representation of this jeweler's commitment to having the right ring for every customer. You'll have no problem using the filters to narrow down the selection by metal type or color, available discounts or sales, ring style, or customer rating, among other criteria. The only limitation is financing: all we could find here is Zales' credit card, with no options for loans through Affirm or any of the other services often offered by rival jewelers.

Need a little more?

We're also a big fan of all of the "extras" Zales brings to the ring-shopping experience. What if you're not sure about your beloved's jewelry style? Take a quiz on the Zales site to find out! Want to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that's suitable for passing down as a family heirloom? Just go to the Create Your Own section of the online store to get started.

Just the facts, ma'am

Everything you could possibly need to know about an engagement ring is found on the individual page for each item. Most rings come in a huge range of sizes, and every ring we looked at included an option to special order a size if needed. Zales is a popular retailer, and their most frequently-purchased engagement rings often have customer reviews you can consider as you decide which ones you like most. You'll also see at a glance when your order is likely to be delivered: many rings were available for delivery within a week, but some of the highest-priced ones had an expected delivery date of almost a month, and even that was with expedited shipping.

Free shipping - sometimes

Speaking of shipping, Zales typically doesn't offer free delivery unless you have your ring shipped to a store near you for in-person pick-up. That's a little less friendly than most of the jewelers we rated, who often give shoppers free delivery with a minimum order amount that encompasses all engagement rings. However, at the time of this evaluation, Zales had a "limited time offer" of free shipping on all orders - with the exception of PO boxes, which always incur a delivery fee.

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Solid return/exchange policy

If you want to return your engagement ring (...so sorry....) you'll have 30 days to send it back or take it to a Zales nearby. On the other hand, if she just wants something a little different (...whew!...), you'll have 60 days to make an exchange. Knowing that the holidays can be hectic, Zales helps out by extending their return policy on purchases made between October 15th and December 24th, giving you until January 24th to return the jewelry for a refund.

Read the details on extended care plans

If you're a long-term Zales customer who always gets the extra warranty plan, you'll want to read up on their coverage: it was updated in late 2021 and might be a little different from what you've had previously. All diamonds of $200+ come with free lifetime coverage, but an in-store inspection is required every six months to keep the warranty valid. That only covers the stone itself; you'll need to add Zales' paid protection coverage to get fixes on broken prongs or have your ring resized, and those options are found on each ring's description page.


During our latest shopping trip to the Zales' website, we were a little mystified why we spotted a promo... for a holiday that was almost six months away! But, glitches like that happen and we were happy to see that Zales' customer reps were immediately available by live chat to respond to our question. (They didn't have an answer either, but they were grateful for the heads-up!)

Big businesses often get big complaints

We aren't surprised to see that Zales gets its fair share of complaints: when you've got a company with hundreds of retail locations, it's common to see customers take issue with a particular employee or store, and that doesn't necessarily reflect on the business as a whole. The Better Business Bureau agrees: despite nearly 250 complaints registered against Zales in the 12 months prior to this review, the BBB still gives the jeweler a perfect "A+" grade and accreditation. Most customers have an excellent shopping experience at Zales, and you probably will too.

Zales makes the grade

As one of our top four engagement ring stores, Zales is absolutely worth a look. With thousands and thousands of rings to choose from, you're sure to see something she'll treasure. This jewelry store has a good reputation for quality and customer service, earning Zales a positive recommendation from us.

Where's the Best Place to Get an Engagement Ring Online?

That's not a question anyone would have asked twenty years ago, but it's a really smart one to ask now! Sure, many ring shoppers still buy their rings from a local jeweler - often at the first place they visit - but they're missing out on a lot.

Starting your search for the perfect "Will you marry me?" bling on the internet puts the world's best selection within reach. This is a piece of jewelry that could be handed down in your new family for generations, and you want it to be as unique and beautiful as your relationship. Whether your intended has already dreamed up exactly what she wants to see on her finger or you're going by the hope that you'll know it when you see it, online engagement ring retailers have you covered.

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Engagement Ring FAQ

...because you want the world's best selection and pricing, not just the limited options at your local brick-and-mortar jewelry store! Whether you buy a ring that's ready-to-ship or you design the ring of your (or your fiancee's) dreams, you won't find more possibilities than what's offered online.
That varies widely by retailer and by ring. If you choose an engagement ring that's in stock and pay for expedited shipping, some online jewelers can have it to you the next day! On the other hand, if your perfect proposal involves a one-of-a-kind, customized ring that costs tens of thousands of dollars, it could take a month or more before it's ready. The best jewelers provide an estimated shipping timeframe right on each ring's description page.
Most jewelers ship engagement rings with ample insurance, making it risk-free even for the most high-end items. However, if you're concerned about "porch pirates" taking your ring from your doorstep or mailbox, you've got options: either opt for "signature required" delivery during checkout, or choose a jeweler that also has a retail location near you and have your order shipped to the store for in-person pickup.
Fear not. Engagement ring retailers usually include at least one free resizing, plus exchanges are almost always accepted within 30-60 days of purchase.
If you're considering a custom-designed engagement ring, you'll want to read the retailer's return policy very carefully before making your purchase. Some may allow for returns and exchanges while others may not. On the other hand, in-stock rings usually have a return policy ranging from 30-60 days from the date of purchase, and some online jewelers extend that timeframe during the winter holiday season.
More often than not, yes. Many jewelers automatically cover the diamond(s)or other gemstones, but you may need to add on a protection plan if you want coverage for loose prongs, resizing, or damage due to wear and tear (as opposed to manufacturer defects).
Usually, the financing options will be displayed near the price in the engagement ring's description or through a link at the bottom of the site. You may be offered a store credit card, an installment loan, or financing through a third-party partner.
That's a wise question to ask, because when it comes to engagement rings and online jewelers, "not all that glitters is gold" . Customer feedback is essential to determining where to buy this piece of jewelry that could very well become a family heirloom: look for a retailer with plenty of positive reviews, where shoppers say that the engagement rings were exactly as advertised (or better!) and that the customer service team handled any issues with professionalism and prompt attention. This is - hopefully! - a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so choose a jeweler that will give you an unparalleled shopping experience.
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Continued from above...

The other big reason to buy the ring online is price. Local jewelry stores have to pass on their overhead costs to you, but internet stores aren't spending money on rent, face-to-face salespeople, or utilities at brick-and-mortar locations. You could save as much as 50% for an engagement ring of the same quality, carat weight and clarity - or better!

Best of all, there's no pressure to buy it right now when you use an online jeweler: you get all the time you need to compare different styles, design your own one-of-a-kind piece, or maybe even send some contenders to your future fiancee to see if you're on the right track! (And, ladies, that works in reverse too: why not drop a few hints with links to the rings you love and make it easier on your beloved?)

Afraid that it might not be safe to have your ring delivered? Fear not. If you choose an online jewelry store that does have a location near you, it's easy to order the engagement ring online and have it shipped there. It's a clever way to keep it out of the hands of porch pirates - and to keep it a surprise until you're ready to pop the question! Most stores will hold it for up to 30 days. For online-only jewelers, rest assured that they'll send your ring with plenty of insurance in the event of loss or damage during transit.

And, you've got nothing to worry about with sizing or returns either. 30 days is the standard window for sending back your purchase for a refund or exchange, and many jewelers offer complimentary resizing - often for up to a full year. Plus, if your engagement ring comes from a retailer with a brick-and-mortar presence, you've got the convenience of in-store returns and resizing on top of that.

Ready to begin your search? You might feel a little overwhelmed: this is a big deal, after all, and you want to get it right the first time. As you consider which jewelry store should earn your business, here are some criteria that can help you judge for yourself:

  • Selection. More styles, settings, and even loose diamonds to choose from will translate into a better shopping experience and a higher likelihood that you'll find an engagement ring (or several!) that will be the perfect centerpiece for your proposal.
  • Value. Whether your budget is $600 or $60,000, you want a high-quality ring that's worth what you're spending. Check to see if there are customer ratings for any jewelry you're considering, to see how it looks in reality vs. the stock photos displayed online.
  • Financing. Not everyone has a big chunk of cash on the ready. Does the jeweler offer payment plans with reasonable terms?
  • Return Policy. Most online jewelry stores give you 30 days to send back your items as long as they're in the original condition. Some stores extend that to 60 days, and you may find longer-than-average timeframes for engagement rings purchased during the holidays.
  • Reputation. None of the previous factors matter if you buy your ring from an unreliable retailer. Make sure that a store has a strong history of customer satisfaction before you commit to your purchase: a good grade from the Better Business Bureau and lots of five-star customer ratings are both signs of a trustworthy jeweler.

You need an engagement ring that really stands out, and we can help! TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's best options for buying a ring online, and we hope this information makes your shopping effortless and your proposal a moment to remember forever!

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