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The Best Exercise Bikes

What's the Best Brand of Exercise Bike Out There Today?

If you're looking for a versatile machine easily accessible for a home gym, exercise bikes are a top choice. Exercise bikes offer motion that's ideal for individuals with sensitive joints, sore backs, bad knees (shout out to the crunchy knees gang), or other conditions that make high-impact exercises hard or impossible to do.

On top of being low-impact, one of the popular points for exercise bikes is the all-season approach. Picture this: you get to sweat it out whenever it suits you. No gym crowds, and no clock-watching. Convenience is your new fitness buddy. Plus, no more worrying about how you look or comparing yourself to others. Or whether the sweaty guy before you wiped down the bike seat (ew!). Basically, you get all the pros of a spin class without any of the ick of a public gym.

Saturday, May 25th

2024 Exercise Bike Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award NordicTrack Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $999 to $2,499
  • 4 models in stock
  • 10 year warranty on frame
  • 30-day limited returns
  • Free shipping and assembly
  • Base model includes a touchscreen
  • Free month of iFIT with all models
  • "A" rating from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

When it comes to home fitness equipment, NordicTrack is a popular name in the industry. You've probably seen commercials for NordicTrack advertising its equipment for home use. NordicTrack is part of the Icon Health and Fitness brand family, and it currently shares the spotlight with its sister brand ProForm.

High end experience

NordicTrack stands out has offering a more high-end experience. While both the NordicTrack and ProForm brands offer excellent fitness equipment, NordicTrack's bikes are generally slightly larger and more feature-rich than its sister brand. There are 4 different exercise bikes offered by NordicTrack and all of them were in stock at the time of this review.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Studio, upright, recumbent
  • Price range: $999 to $2,499
  • Different models: 4
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: Yes
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 325-350 lbs, depending on the model
  • Return policy: 30 days
  • Warranty: 10 years frame, 2 years parts, 1 year labor
  • Shipping: Free, includes assembly

Basic model: Commercial VU 29

NordicTrack's basic model of exercise bike is the Commercial VU 29. This bike costs $999. The VU 29 is an upright bike experience that allows you to adjust intensity and sizing for any workout or user. With a 14-inch HD Smart Touchscreen and 24 digital resistance levels, your workouts stay engaging and effective. The SmartAdjust feature helps the workouts adapt to your pace, making them personalized just for you. With the iFIT app and membership, you can enjoy trainer-led workouts and hands-free automatic adjustments. A 30-day trial of this membership is included in your purchase. Some other key features include the AutoBreeze workout fan to keep you cool, connectivity with Google Maps workout technology to explore the world while you bike, and real-time stat tracking. One thing that stood out to us is that the NordicTrack offers adaptable workouts and a touch screen on its base model which are features not usually available from low-cost models at other brands.

Best Exercise Bikes

Top-tier model: S27i Studio Bike

The highest tier of exercise bike offered by NordicTrack is the S27i Studio Bike. This model costs $2,499 and offers a few upgrades to make up for the extra cost. For example, the S27i offers a 27-inch Tilt & Pivot HD touchscreen that allows you to move the screen around to help you out with the rest of your workout, not just your cycling. You also get the S27i's auto incline/decline features which offer a 20% incline to -10% decline. The S27i offers the same SmartAdjust technology and 24 digital resistance levels as the base model, but you do get added Bluetooth connectivity for headphones, a smoother, quieter ride with the Inertia Enhanced Flywheel, and Silent Magnetic Resistance technology. Plus, your purchase includes two three-pound dumbbells for an upper-body workout as you pedal. While there are a few great benefits to getting the top-tier model at NordicTrack, especially quiet workouts and better resistance, you can easily find value at all their levels, making this a great brand to discover variety and technology.

iFIT included in purchase

Purchasing any NordicTrack machine gives you access to a 30-day free trial of the iFIT app membership. This gives you access to various workouts led by pro fitness instructors. If you like the membership, it costs $39 per month. However, you can easily use your NordicTrack even without the membership which is a benefit over other brands.

30-day returns with fees

The only downside we could find with NordicTrack is the return policy. If you're not happy with your purchase, you have the option to request a return within 30 days of receiving your order, which is competitive in the industry. However, you will have to pay fees to make your return. These fees include a non-refundable return shipping charge of $250 and a 10% processing fee.

Best Exercise Bikes

Highly-rated exercise equipment

NordicTrack has established a solid standing in the industry, earning an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company promptly and professionally addresses customer complaints. On third-party review sites, NordicTrack has an average rating of 3 stars out of 5, which is average, but shows that there are some mixed reviews out there. One common issue customers face is related to the iFIT membership, as some didn't realize it was optional, leading to unexpected charges. However, in general (especially with the exercise bikes) NordicTrack has rave reviews.

Top option across the board

There are tons of benefits to going with NordicTrack as your next brand for home fitness. Two features stand out in particular: the brand offers adaptive workouts and touchscreens on all exercise bike models (even the lowest-tier machines), and the optional iFIT membership isn't required, just an enhancement. With stellar ratings from the BBB as well as competitive 10-year warranties, NordicTrack stands out as our favorite brand of exercise bikes. Given that the only negative is expensive returns (something common among many brands), NordicTrack easily sits at the top of the pack. Plus, you get totally free shipping and setup with NordicTrack, so you'll only pay shipping one-way if you decide the bike isn't for you. But according to rave reviews for the bikes specifically, you may never need to worry about returns at all. For these reasons, NordicTrack stands out as the #1 pick for exercise bikes on our list.

Xterra Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $229.99 to $799.99
  • 13 models in stock
  • 1- to 5-year warranty on frame
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping
  • 4.3-star average from reviewers

When searching for durable and budget-friendly home gym equipment, Xterra emerges as a reliable choice. With a wide selection of fitness machines, including ellipticals, treadmills, rowers, and exercise bikes, Xterra has become a popular brand.

High quality and affordable

Prioritizing affordability, Xterra enables you to bring a high-quality exercise bike into your home gym without breaking the bank. At the time of this review, Xterra offered an impressive 13 options for exercise bikes.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Upright, recumbent, indoor studio, air
  • Price range: $99.99 - $1,599.99
  • Different models: 13
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: No
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Weight capacity: From 225 lbs. to 350 lbs., depending on model
  • Return policy: 30 days
  • Warranty: From 1-year frame/90 days brakes/90 days parts to lifetime frame/1 year parts/1 year labor, depending on the model
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: UB120 Upright Bike

The most basic model from Xterra is a folding upright bike that costs just $99.99. Designed with sturdy construction in a compact form, this bike offers a quiet and smooth lower-body workout experience. The large, adjustable seat is for riders ranging from 4'10" to 5'10". For added convenience, built-in transportation wheels facilitate easy mobility. Multi-grip padded handles, an adjustable seat, and oversized pedals contribute to a secure and comfortable ride. With features like 8 levels of on-demand resistance, this bike accommodates riders of various fitness levels, allowing for a personalized workout intensity. The console, displaying essential metrics, including heart rate monitored through integrated hand pulse grips, enhances the overall user experience. This bike maximizes space utilization, providing a heart-healthy, low-impact workout within the comfort of your home.

Best Exercise Bikes

Top-tier model: AIR650 Air Bike Pro

The most expensive model at Xterra is the AIR650. This bike is regularly priced at $1,599. However, at the time of this review, there was a promotion going on for a seasonal sale. This made the AIR650 just $499.99, showing that at the right times, you can get an extremely good deal from Xterra. The Xterra AIR650 Air Bike Pro offers smooth and limitless air resistance that adapts to your effort, making it suitable for all fitness levels. Built for durability, it features an industrial-grade chain drive system and nine heavy-duty steel fan blades enclosed in a 27" wire steel fan housing. The performance monitor LCD display is user-friendly, providing essential information and direct program buttons for efficiency, including Target Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, Target HR, Interval 20-10, Interval 10-20, and Interval Custom. The bike offers comfort with a molded seat, ergonomic handlebars, wide low-profile pedals, and large footpegs, allowing users to push themselves longer.

30-day returns with fees

If you choose to return your exercise bike for any reason, Xterra provides a fair return policy. You have a 30-day period from the delivery date to request a Return Authorization number. However, like with many of Xterra's competing brands, you will need to cover the return shipping costs. To be eligible for a return, your equipment must be returned in its original packaging and in good condition.

Best Exercise Bikes

Customers love the quality

Luckily, most Xterra customers find themselves content with their exercise bikes and other Xterra equipment, rarely needing to resort to returns. Across the board, customers who left third-party reviews commend the durability, workout effectiveness, and unexpected quality found in Xterra's affordably-priced fitness gear. Various review sites and blog comments consistently give Xterra an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 for the robustness of their machines. Although the BBB rates the company at a "C+," this encompasses all subsidiaries under Xterra Group Corporation and doesn't solely reflect the Xterra bikes.

Top option for budget exercise bikes

If you're looking for the best price on the market, Xterra is the brand for you. On top of having already solid pricing, the company often offers promos that create sales of more than 50% off the original price. While this could mean you need to wait for a promo period to get the best deal, customers say it's worth it. The reviews are super positive (excluding that mid-tier rating from the BBB). The only downside? No touchscreens at Xterra; however, if you're okay with the basic bike setup, this is a great option overall for price, quality, and customer satisfaction.

CAROL Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Priced $2,595+
  • 1 model in stock
  • 1- to 2-year warranty on frame
  • 100-day trial period
  • AI-backed workouts
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Average 4.7 stars from reviews

If you're looking for an exercise bike that claims to improve your fitness fast, you'll want to take a look at CAROL. Promising noticeable improvement in less than 9 minutes of exercise is the hallmark of the CAROL brand with its innovative exercise bike system.

Scientifically timed changes

The CAROL machine offers a variety of exercise styles including sprints at an intensity three times higher than your typical HIIT cycling class, with scientifically-timed changes to resistance. So in the same time you spend on another workout, you're getting a lot more out of your CAROL exercise bike. The only downside? CAROL only offers one bike option, though thankfully that bike was in stock at the time of this review.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Upright
  • Price range: $2,595+ (you can add warranties and assembly)
  • Different models: 1
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: Yes
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Return policy: 100-day home trial
  • Warranty: 1-2 years (choice is up to you)
  • Shipping: Free

Only model: CAROL Bike

The CAROL bike is one of the most technologically advanced bikes on our list. The CAROL brand prides itself on providing a bike experience backed by science. The bike starts at $2,595; however, there are some extra costs involved. For example, if you want to add an extended warranty (2 years instead of 1), you'll have to pay an additional $150. And, if you'd like your CAROL bike assembled for you, that costs $199 extra. As if that wasn't enough, you also need a CAROL membership to use all of the features of your bike. This costs $15 a month. So, if you get all the possible features, the already pricey bike will cost around $2,959 (including one month of a CAROL membership).

Best Exercise Bikes

AI determines your optimal resistancec

So what makes CAROL worth all that money? The bike uses AI to personalize your workouts by determining the optimal resistance that pushes you to your limits without overdoing it. This AI adapts as you get fitter so you always work at your maximum potential and don't plateau in your workouts. The company notes that their research indicates that with just three 5-minute sessions a week, you can improve by 12% in 8 weeks. The bike allows you to link to various streaming services like Peloton, Zwift, YouTube, Netflix, and more (but we're not sure how much watching you'll get in with just a 5-minute workout!).

For best use you'll need the membership

One thing customers may not like is having to commit to a monthly membership to use the CAROL bike. Now, you don't have to have a membership, but without it, you don't have access to any of the AI features. You still have access to important features, like non-personalized resistance settings, individual performance metrics, and six scientifically-backed workouts, but the whole benefit of this high-priced bike is its AI workout features and personalization. If you do go with the membership, the AI optimization calculates your optimal resistance, including 20 scientifically proven workouts and fitness tests. The home membership allows access for up to eight riders to have personalized dashboards. Plus, CAROL Bike automatically updates with new features and performance improvements through over-the-air software updates.

100-day trial period

To help you decide if the CAROL bike is right for you, the brand offers a 100-day risk-free trial. This means you can return your CAROL bike within 100 days from the date it's delivered to you. According to the CAROL website, if you live in the US, Canada, or the United Kingdom, you don't have to pay anything to return the CAROL bike if it doesn't work out for you. This means you can test it worry-free and only pay the cost of the bike itself. And if you make the return, that will be refunded too.

Best Exercise Bikes

Customers who've used it are fans so far

CAROL is relatively new in the market; in comparison to brands with hundreds of thousands or even millions of fitness enthusiasts, CAROL's community appears relatively small. Beyond the handful of testimonials on the CAROL website, just over 200 customer reviews were found on third-party review sites. While the majority of these reviews were positive with a 4.7-star average on Trustpilot, particularly regarding CAROL's exceptional customer service and the efficiency of the bike's programmed workouts, we aren't able to gauge the reputation beyond the few reviews out there. There's no page for the company on the Better Business Bureau yet, but if the reviews continue the way they're going currently, CAROL has the potential to be a fan favorite.

Expensive but extremely unique technology

CAROL introduces a unique element to the exercise bike landscape, offering a kind of workout bike we haven't seen before. With the inclusion of AI assistance in your workout, you can get maximum fitness with minimum pain. However, the AI features come at a price. The bike is expensive and you have to pay for a separate membership. Given that many bikes from other brands do a lot of great fitness work for less than half the price of CAROL, we're on the fence in terms of value. But no matter how you feel about the cost, it's a brand worth keeping an eye on, especially as it continues to receive feedback and potentially garners more praise over time.

ProForm Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $399 to $1,403
  • 5 models in stock
  • 10-year warranty on frame
  • 1- to 2-year warranty on parts
  • 30-day returns with fees
  • Up to 3 years of iFIT free
  • "A" rating from the BBB

ProForm is one of the companies under the umbrella of Icon Health and Fitness. This option stands alongside its sister company, NordicTrack, as one of the prominent brands in fitness today.

Inexpensive and free shipping

ProForm has over four decades of experience, and while both ProForm and NordicTrack offer some common features, ProForm's exercise bikes usually stand out as being more affordable than its sister brand. The goal at ProForm is to make pro-quality home workouts accessible to everyone through accessible pricing and free shipping. ProForm offers 5 models on its website and all 5 were in stock at the time of this review.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Upright, studio, recumbent, hybrid
  • Price range: $399 to $1,403
  • Different models: 5
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: Yes
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs. to 350 lbs., depending on model
  • Return policy: 30 days, buyer pays $250 in return shipping fees
  • Warranty: 5-10 year frame, 90-days to 2 years parts, 90 days to 1 year labor, varies by model
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: Carbon CX

The Carbon CX is the least expensive bike model at ProForm costing just $399. With this low-cost option, you can expect features like Automatic Resistance Control which adds realism to your ride by adjusting resistance based on your selected terrain. You can also cross-train with the included 3-pound dumbbells for a full-body workout. The Carbon CX studio bike offers customization with adjustable handlebars and seats, interchangeable pedals with optional toe cages, and patented SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance for a quiet workout. Keep track of your stats on the large LCD display and stay entertained with the integrated tablet holder. You can expect 16 digital levels of resistance and with the free inclusion of an iFIT membership trial, you can workout with a personal trainer who adjusts the speed and intensity of the workout for you. Or, if you'd rather workout by yourself, the built-in tablet holder lets you stream whatever you want to your own device.

Best Exercise Bikes

Top-tier model: Studio Bike Pro

The Studio Bike Pro is the top-tier model offered by ProForm. This bike costs $1,403, which is much higher than the base model, but it's still much cheaper than the highest tier at many competing brands. The Studio Bike Pro closely resembles its base model, but it stands out in a few key ways. The standout feature is the pivoting screen with SmartSwivel design, allowing a 180º turn in either direction and tilting up or down. This screen is a 10" HD touchscreen, which helps you engage in a more immersive workout experience. Plus, the Studio Bike Pro has 22 digital levels of resistance, and instead of a month of free iFIT, you get a 3-year family membership included in your purchase.

30-day returns with fees

The return policy at ProForm is the same one you see at its sister site, NordicTrack. Even though this seems to be a standard in the industry, it's still a little disappointing. If you find that your exercise bike from ProForm isn't what you wanted, you can return the bike within 30 days from the date of delivery. However, you will be responsible for a return shipping fee of $250, and there's a 10% processing fee on top of that.

Best Exercise Bikes

Good ratings, but reviews are starting to drop

ProForm exercise bikes generally get positive feedback from customers. According to reviews, ProForm's bikes perform exceptionally well in typical home-use scenarios. ProForm maintains an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau. According to third-party reviews on Sitejabber, ProForm has an average rating of 3.9 stars, though recent reviews have been less favorable. On Trustpilot, the average rating drops to 1.5 stars. Some customers, especially those from early 2023 onward, have expressed difficulties in reaching ProForm's customer service team. This becomes a concern when machines require repairs. When you consider that one of the significant selling points of ProForm is a 10-year warranty, it would be particularly frustrating to have push-back on getting the repairs you need. Despite these challenges, ProForm's bikes are still well-regarded for their performance in home settings.

Good selection of low-cost bikes

If you're looking for the best deal on the market, you're going to struggle to beat the prices at ProForm. While these aren't the most advanced models, if you're just looking for a starter bike under $500, ProForm's base model is perfect for you. With up to 10 years on the warranty, there's plenty of time to use the bike, though given customers' concerns about ProForm delivering on warranty promises, this might be something you want to double-check before buying. So, the bottom line is, if you want a cheap machine that still does most of the important stuff, ProForm is a great choice minus a few snags like warranty concerns and expensive returns. For this reason, ProForm gets a good rating, though it doesn't outperform more specialized bikes or brands with better return policies.

Precor Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $3,040 to $8,090
  • 3 models in stock
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 5-10 year warranty on parts
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

If you're looking for gym-quality machines for your home workouts, Precor is known for being a favorite with professional gym spaces. All over the globe, you can find Precor in gyms and studios, showing that this particular brand is a trusted choice for those wanting to create a pro-level home gym.

Problems keeping machines in stock

However, one of the problems we've had and customers have noted is that Precor's machines, even the exercise bikes, are often not in stock. For example, there are 4 different models to choose from at Precor, and at the time of this review, one of those was completely out of stock and unable to be ordered online.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Upright, recumbent
  • Price range: $3,040 to $8,090
  • Different models: 8
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: No
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Return policy: None
  • Warranty: Lifetime on frame/welds, 10 years on parts/wear items, 3 years on the console, 1 year on labor
  • Shipping: $199

Basic model: UBK 600

The basic model at Precor is the UBK 600. The price for this model starts at a whopping $3,040, and this is the cheapest option from this brand. The UBK 600 line also offers three sub-models. The base model (UBK 631 P31) is the cheapest and stands at the $3,040 price point. The mid model is the UBK 665 P62 model which costs $5,390, and the top-tier sub-model is the UBK 685 P82 which costs $6,460. For this review, we're going to focus on the most basic model only: the UBK 631 P31. This professional-grade stationary bike offers a 500-watt single-stage drive system and a thoughtfully designed seating system (for challenging yet comfortable rides) that will last for years. The sleek P31 console provides advanced workout controls, readouts, and settings, displayed on a brilliant LED screen with a classic representation of peaks and valleys for your ride course. Enjoy your workout with entertainment using the integrated reading rack at the perfect height for your phone or tablet so you can keep the tunes, videos, or audiobooks flowing. Plus, with the mobile device charger, your devices stay powered throughout your session. However, when you compare the price of the UBK 631 P31 to other "base" models at other brands, this one seems both less technologically advanced and much more expensive, though it's unclear why the price is so high beyond the brand name.

Best Exercise Bikes

Top-tier model: UBK 800

The UBK 800 model is the most expensive one available at Precor. There are three sub-models which range in price from $4,265 to $8,090. The most expensive sub-model, the one that costs $8,090, is the UBK 885 P82. This model has finely tuned ergonomics, durability, and a powerful 750-watt two-stage drive system, giving you that pro gym experience from the comfort of your home. This elite professional-class workout machine is designed with your fitness in mind. The P82 design helps your head, neck, and shoulders maintain an upright and natural position. The P82 consoles are part of a platform solution that automatically receives software updates, refreshed content, and new features, all without any effort or cost on your part. With the Preva operating system, you have user-friendly tools to personalize the cardio screens, communicate with fellow exercisers, integrate the EGYM app for prescriptive workouts, and enjoy entertainment with apps like RunTV. This upright bike also seamlessly supports various media technologies worldwide, allowing you to easily connect standard media systems and cable/satellite receivers, and enjoy a 15-inch LCD touchscreen.

Can't return your bike after delivery

There's one glaring problem when shopping with Precor (on top of the extremely high prices), and that's its complete lack of a return policy. Basically, you can't return a Precor machine after it's been delivered. According to Precor's policies, you can cancel before or after it ships and expect a full refund, but this is only if the item never actually makes it to your home. However, if the item gets delivered before you cancel, you can't return the bike at all. On the bright side, there's a lifetime warranty on the frame of the bikes, so if something goes wrong Precor will have it repaired or replaced at no extra cost, but we don't love the blanket "no returns" policy at Precor.

Best Exercise Bikes

Solid ratings and happy customers

Precor has earned a strong standing in the fitness industry, holds an impressive "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and has a solid 3.9-star average on third-party review sites like Trustpilot. Considering how expensive these premium exercise bikes are, it's only fair to expect top-notch service, and Precor seems to be meeting those expectations for the most part. Many customers who gave Precor a 5-star rating praised their exceptional customer service, highlighting their efficiency in resolving issues. The delivery service received accolades for almost reaching a white-glove level, including setup and the removal of old fitness equipment - an aspect customers loved. On the other hand, some customers raised concerns about slow shipping times, and one expressed frustration over the lack of an on-site technician for equipment repairs. Nevertheless, overall, customers appear quite content with their Precor experience.

The best option for gym-quality machines

While these are the top machines if you want the same items you can find in your local gym, there are some questions as to whether it's worth the price. Especially looking at the base model, which starts at almost 3x the price of some of the base models at competing brands, there aren't a lot of standout features that seem to justify this price when compared to similar bikes elsewhere. So, if you want to shell out for the name brand, the reviews are great and Precor does have a solid reputation, but if you're looking for top value for money, it might not be worth it to spend thousands on a Precor machine when other brands offer better features at a lower price.

Life Fitness Review 3 Star Rating

Life Fitness

3 Star Rating
  • Prices from $1,471 to $6,284
  • 14 models in stock
  • 2- to 5-year warranty on repairs
  • 15-day return policy
  • "B" rating from the BBB

Life Fitness is a well-known manufacturer of fitness equipment, commonly found in fitness centers and home gyms. Among their offerings, their exercise bikes stand out as a high-end choice, known for their impressive features and quality.

Large number of models to choose from

There are a whopping 14 different models to choose from at Life Fitness, though it's not easily clear what separates all 14 in terms of cost and features. Many come across as very similar in style and cost, which may be confusing for customers. On the bright side, it appeared that all of the models (even sub-models) were in stock at the time of this review. However, we were researching during a seasonal promo period, so this may just reflect a well-stocked warehouse prepared for higher-than-average order numbers. Generally, we typically have found that finding exercise machines actually "in stock" at Life Fitness can be a bit of a struggle.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Upright, recumbent, indoor/studio
  • Price range: From $1,471 to $6,284
  • Different models: 14
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: Only on-demand, not live
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 300 to 400 lbs., depending on the model selected
  • Return policy: 15 days, only if defective or damaged
  • Warranty: 2-5 years depending on model
  • Shipping: Up to $300

Basic model: C1 Lifecycle

The base model at Life Fitness is the CI Lifecycle exercise bike. This model starts at $1,471 and goes up to $1,951 depending on if you choose the Go Console ($1,471) or the Track Connect 2.0 ($1,951). One of the main benefits of the CI Lifecycle is that it's a lightweight and compact bike: easy to move around. You have the option to choose from console features, including the upgraded Track Connect 2.0 which offers better connectivity and seamless integration with your favorite devices, or the simpler Go Console which has a more straightforward experience. Key features that come on both models include heart rate monitoring with contact hand sensors (Track Connect) and a wireless heart rate monitoring system (Go Console). Both offer a natural upright riding position for a comfortable workout, and non-slip, self-balancing pedals with ratcheting straps. You can connect your Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, as both sub-models are Bluetooth heart rate compatible. Plus, you can enjoy the peace of mind with a 3-year warranty.

Best Exercise Bikes

Top-tier model: Platinum Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle

The most expensive bike at Life Fitness is the Platinum Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle which comes in one sub-model: the SE3 HD. The price for this bike is $6,284, which delivers better entertainment and engagement options to keep you motivated during your workout journey. The open, step-through design makes it easy for you to get on and off. Key features include heart rate monitoring and Lifepulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring. Resistance controls on stationary arms make it simple for you to adjust intensity during your workout, and the adjustable pedal straps offer different sizes for multiple users. There is easy connectivity with your Apple or Samsung Galaxy Watches, as the bike is Bluetooth-compatible. The biggest change from the low-level picks is a 16" HD touchscreen that allows you to stream video and music apps like Spotify, access Life Fitness On Demand Workout Classes, explore interactive Lifescape Courses, browse the internet, and choose from up to 25 preloaded workouts. However, this model only has a 2-year warranty compared to its less expensive counterparts.

No more free shipping

While Life Fitness does offer free shipping for some merchandise like small extras (towels or dumbbells) there's no offer for free shipping on their large exercise machines. So, you'll be stuck paying for shipping on the bikes. Since some of the top brands in our review offer free shipping, it's more noticeable that Life Fitness chooses not to. And considering that Life Fitness used to offer free shipping and recently chose to do away with it makes them far less competitive than other brands out there.

Limited returns within 15 days

Life Fitness also has a fairly limited return policy. The company only allows returns within 15 days, and those returns are only valid for bikes that are defective or damaged in transit. So, if you're worried about not liking the bike, you might want to shop for a different brand because once you get your exercise bike, a refund is no longer an option.

Best Exercise Bikes

Some concerns about their customer service

Life Fitness generally has a reasonably positive reputation. The brand currently has a "B" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and the majority of the brand's bikes have a customer rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars on the Life Fitness website (though three of them are completely unrated). However, Life Fitness doesn't do as well on third-party review sites. For example, Trustpilot rates the company at only 2.4 out of 5 stars. According to recent reviews, customers regularly have issues like malfunctioning machines, monitors failing within a few weeks, and sluggish responses from customer service in addressing these concerns. Given the comparatively high cost of Life Fitness exercise bikes compared to other brands, one would anticipate superior quality and service.

Average bikes but solid variety

Granted - Life Fitness has a wide variety of exercise bikes available. However there isn't anything super special about these bikes and they're a bit higher-priced than some competitors. With that in mind, Life Fitness definitely doesn't stand out as a top brand. Given that there are concerns about customer service, limited returns, and no free shipping, it's hard to argue for Life Fitness over other more customer-friendly brands. However, they do have a wide variety, which helped bring up their score. But unless Life Fitness picks up the slack, they're likely to slide even further down in our rankings in the future.

Yosuda Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Prices from $139 to $799
  • 10 models in stock
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping
  • Under-desk compact unit

Yosuda, a Chinese company founded in 2018, has some interesting bikes despite the questionable grammar errors and out-of-date sale offers that grace the website. While currently specializing in under-desk bikes and stationary bikes, Yosuda has ambitious plans to expand its product offerings in the future, including trampolines, treadmills, and pull-up equipment. When it comes to product selection, you can find 10 different bike options at Yosuda and at the time of this review, all of the bikes were in stock.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Stationary and under desk bikes
  • Price range: $139 - $799
  • Different models: 10
  • Financing available: No
  • Weight capacity: 270-360 lbs depending on the bike
  • Return policy: 30 days
  • Guarantee: No guarantee or warranty information
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: YBM-1 Magnetic Under Desk Cycling Bike

The most basic model offered by Yosuda is an under-desk cycling bike that you can use while you're working. The price for this little machine is regularly $228.50, though it was on sale for $139 at the time of this review. With 8 adjustable magnetic resistance levels, this under-desk bike offers a quick and straightforward assembly in just 10 minutes. Operating at a sound level below 20dB, it offers a quiet workout environment. The best part? You can store this tiny bike under your desk. Despite its small size and pedal-only design, the large monitor displays essential metrics like time, distance, speed, and calories burned. The YBM-1 offers 8 levels of magnetic tension, and you have the flexibility to customize resistance according to your preferences.

Best Exercise Bikes

Top-tier model: Pro-R Magnetic Exercise Bike

The most expensive model at Yosuda is the Pro-R series. This is an upright bike that regularly costs $799. But, at the time of this review, it was on sale for $499.99. This stationary bike has a 45 LBS High Inertia Flywheel and operates on a Magnetic Drive System for a silent, smooth workout. With a maximum weight capacity of 360 lbs., the main frame is constructed from 8.5cm extra-thick commercial steel pipe for durability. The 4-way seat and handlebar provide both vertical and horizontal level settings, offering flexibility for users. Weight holders are included; however, Yosuda doesn't include dumbbells in the purchase. The device holder, incorporated into the rubberized non-slip handlebars, provides a secure grip for your tablet, phone, or laptop. But none of the Yosuda bikes include an integrated touchscreen, putting them behind many of the top brands out there.

30-day trial period and limited returns

Yosuda Bikes covers the return shipping expenses if the reason for the return is a result of Yosuda's error. Situations qualifying for this include instances where the item arrives defective and cannot be fixed with a replacement part if the wrong item was shipped, if the item was sent to the incorrect address, or if a duplicate order was shipped. However, if anything is determined to be due to your error and not Yosuda's, you'll be stuck paying the return shipping costs. This will include the actual price of shipping and a 10% restocking fee.

Free shipping

Yosuda adopts a competitive pricing strategy that can benefit you, especially if you subscribe to their email list. By doing so, you'll receive a discount code offering a substantial 20% off your order. This discount can translate into significant savings, especially when investing in a product like an exercise bike, where prices can reach several hundred dollars. Yosuda extends the advantage of free shipping on all its products, eliminating concerns about additional shipping costs or intentional shipping concerns.

Best Exercise Bikes

No reviews from third-party sites

Considering the overall reputation of this brand, Yosuda currently lacks a rating from the Better Business Bureau, likely due to its relatively recent establishment. Nevertheless, the Yosuda exercise bikes have garnered some attention on fitness blogs and other review sites. The only thing we couldn't find were reviews on verified third-party sites, which was a little concerning. However, the general consensus among customers is overwhelmingly positive, praising the bikes for their comfort, functionality, sturdiness, and excellent value. Some users noted minimal issues such as occasional creaking and wobbling, yet these concerns did not overshadow the bikes' effectiveness.

Unique options, but not a top competitor

With prices falling under $400, Yosuda's exercise bikes include some very budget-friendly options. Particularly exciting is the under-desk bike that allows you to get your workout in while you're at your desk (multitasking win). However, if you're looking for more professional-grade bikes or those with more technology, you may be disappointed by Yosuda. As an affordable way to work out at home without breaking the bank, Yosuda's exercise bikes present a compelling choice, but for a more feature-rich experience, you'll want to try one of our top-rated brands instead.

Bowflex Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $699 to $2,199
  • 4 models in stock
  • 2- to 10-year warranty on frame
  • Free shipping on all bikes
  • Includes 2 months of JRNY membership

Bowflex is a well-known name for all sorts of exercise equipment. The company offers a lineup that includes treadmills, stationary bikes, home gyms, and elliptical machines. In fact, Bowflex, a subsidiary of Nautilus, has been making home gym equipment for over 35 years.

Popular option

With global shipping and a global reputation, Bowflex stands out as a popular option for an exercise bike. You can find four different exercise bikes on the Bowflex website with all four of them available for purchase at the time of this review. And as an added bonus, all of them come with a JRNY membership when you purchase, offering a high-value exercise program along with your new equipment.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Indoor Cycle
  • Price range: $699 to $2,199
  • Different models: 4
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Weight Capacity: 325-330 lbs (depends on model)
  • Return Policy: 6 weeks
  • Warranty: Frame: 2-10 years, Mechanical parts and electronics:2-3 years, Labor: 1 year (depends on model)
  • Shipping: Free

Basic model: C6

The base-model exercise bike from Bowflex is the C^6 bike. This bike starts at $699 and goes up to $868 if you opt for the added cost for in-home assembly. With the C6, you can expect to find a backlit LCD display that helps you manage your machine, which provides you with 100 magnetic resistance levels for versatile workout intensities. The bike also includes a media rack designed for your phone or tablet and is compatible with the JRNY app, as well as the Peloton and Zwift apps for a range of different workout styles. You can also expect to find a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate armband, SPD clips for your cycling shoes, and a pair of 3 lb dumbbells that come with your purchase. On top of that, you can expect a 2-month free trial of JRNY with your purchase, so if you don't already have a fitness app you use, this is a great way to dig in with your new workout bike right away. The best part is that the frame of this low-cost option is warrantied for up to 10 years.

Best Exercise Bikes

Top-tier model: Velcore Bike

The top-level model at Bowflex is the Velcore Bike. The price for this option ranges from $1,799 to $2,199 depending on if you want a 16" screen or a 22" screen. If you add in-home assembly you'll pay an extra $199 on top of that. Whether you prefer leaning or stationary mode, this bike has got you covered. Adjust your workout intensity with ease using the 100 magnetic resistance levels, and dive into the built-in JRNY experience. On top of the huge LCD touchscreen, the Velcore Bike comes with a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate armband, SPD clips for your cycling shoes, and a pair of 3 lb dumbbells. However, these things are starting to sound familiar. Really, the only upgrade between this machine and the basic model is the LCD touchscreen, which seems to be pretty minimal when you consider the $1,400 difference. While the Velcore Bike is a recipient of the 2021 CES Innovation Award, recognizing its outstanding design and engineering, we're not sure it stands out enough to justify the huge price jump from the basic Bowflex model. And, when you consider that this "high-end" model only has a 2-year warranty on the frame, it raises some quality questions.

No BBB score and low-rated reviews

During our research on Bowflex's reputation, we ran into a small snag: Bowflex doesn't have a page with the Better Business Bureau. And, after digging through Bowflex's parent company, Nautilus, we found it doesn't have a BBB page either. This means the company and many of its subsidiaries are currently unrated. So, we're left with ratings from third-party websites to gauge the trustworthiness of Bowflex. In general, the average from verified reviewers is 2.7 out of 5 stars. While the brand receives some positive reviews, it has a lot more criticism. Comments often include worries about product quality. Some customers said they had equipment malfunctions within a few months of use, and when they tried to contact Bowflex for help with their in-warranty machines, many customers had difficulties getting in touch with the company.

Good for extras, but bad customer service

Where exercise bikes are concerned, Bowflex is more impressive on the extras side. On top of your bike, you get shoe clips, dumbbells, and a free 2-month membership to JRNY. However, when you look at the bikes themselves, they aren't particularly exciting. Other than an LCD touchscreen, the base model is the better choice for value at Bowflex. If you're looking for an option under $700, the C6 might be worth your time. On the other hand, with questionable reviews and complaints from customers that show it's hard to get into contact with Bowflex if they want help repairing even "in-warranty" machines. So, with that in mind, we think it's probably better to pick a site where you'll be taken care of when issues arise.

LifeSpan Fitness Review 2.5 Star Rating

LifeSpan Fitness

2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $1,199 to $$2,499
  • 2 bikes
  • 5-year warranty on repairs
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping in 48 states

LifeSpan Fitness promises a unique mission: to bring maximum fitness to your home regardless of your age or current fitness level. Over two decades, the company has dedicated itself to providing fitness equipment designed to address challenges related to weight loss, particularly combating the sedentary nature of many workplaces.

3 types of exercise bikes

LifeSpan Fitness tackles the home exercise equipment conundrum by offering three kinds of bikes: recumbent, upright, and cycle boxer. At the time of our review, there were exactly 3 models; however, the upright bike wasn't in stock (the link navigated us to a 404 "page not found" situation). And while the bikes look sporty, they don't offer many unique features. The consoles are generic and focus on compatibility with the LifeSpan app rather than your at-home devices.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: recumbent and a boxing cycler
  • Price range: $1,199 to $$2,499
  • Different models: 2
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: No
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 300 or 400 lbs., depending on model
  • Return policy: 30 days, customer pays return shipping of $250 to $300
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 5 years parts, 2 years labor
  • Shipping: Free in lower 48 United States

Basic model: R5i Recumbent

Since there were only two models available at LifeSpan Fitness, we picked the "basic" model based on price. Starting at $1,199, the R5i was the cheapest bike in stock at the time of our review. Though, if you want to add an extended warranty you can pay $139 for 3 years and $169 for 4 years, which brings up the overall price. The R5i comes with an oversized molded seat bottom, ventilated seat back, and extra lumbar support. Here's the best part: the seat includes full armrests with built-in heart rate sensors, so you can effortlessly monitor your heart rate throughout your workout without moving your hands or wearing a chest strap. This self-generating exercise bike is not only green but also super convenient - no worries about wiring or finding a power outlet. On top of that, you can expect 34 exercise programs, 4 heart rate training programs, and 2 custom user programs with this model. And LifeSpan Fitness has added its own app, the LifeSpan Club, which allows you to connect to your R5i via Bluetooth. The app will track your exercise minutes, calories burned, and distance traveled, allowing you to see your progress after each workout on the multi-color LCD with simultaneous readouts, exercise program names, and personal data.

Best Exercise Bikes

Top-tier model: Cycle Boxer

The most expensive option at LifeSpan Fitness is the Cycle Boxer machine. This bike starts at $2,499. The same upgrades for extended warranties are offered with this model so you can pay either $229 for a 3-year warranty or $309 for a 4-year warranty. According to the site, operating the bike boxer combo is a breeze with the interactive screen, allowing you to program workouts with a simple touch and providing real-time readouts for speed, accuracy, distance, calories, and more. The bike includes a chest strap that tracks your heart rate and beats per minute, helping you adjust your pace for optimal results. The Cycle Boxer can be adjusted to your physique by changing the height of the punch pad and seat, as well as the fore and aft position of the seat. Specially designed gloves with flexible comfort straps protect your fists, leaving your thumbs free for easy access to your phone or water bottle during your workout. Plus, you get access to the free Cycle Boxer app, so you can conveniently check stats from previous sessions and kickstart your workout directly from your phone.

Free shipping and 30-day returns

When it comes to the logistics of your purchase, LifeSpan Fitness provides some positives. All models come with free shipping for the lower 48 states and a 30-day trial/return policy (though you are stuck paying for return shipping). The warranty coverage is notably better than most, offering a lifetime benefit on the frame, 5 years on parts, and an impressive 2 years on labor. So you can feel a bit safer buying from LifeSpan Fitness than with some of the other brands in this review.

Best Exercise Bikes

Low scores across the board

Now, let's consider customer feedback: for LifeSpan Fitness, it isn't great. The company holds only a "D-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and according to third-party customer reviews, the products at LifeSPan Fitness only rate an average of 2.2 stars out of 5. Customer complaints described substantial delays not just in deliveries but also in obtaining parts and repairs covered under warranty. However, this is coming from just 17 reviews that were available at the time that we were researching, so keep in mind that LifeSpan Fitness isn't generating a lot of buzz. And the reviews that are out there aren't very positive.

Missing too much to be a competitor

Summing it up, LifeSpan deserves praise for offering exercise bikes that go beyond conventional expectations, like biking and boxing at the same time. That's a unique one for sure. We also appreciated that the company offers better returns and warranties than competing brands. However, for fitness enthusiasts seeking a traditional exercise bike with advanced technological features, this brand may not provide as much variety. Plus, with the only upright bike completely out of stock, customers are limited to only recumbent or boxing. When this is balanced with the very low scores from the BBB and limited reviews, it's clear that LifeSpan Fitness has some work to do to be more competitive in the industry.

Schwinn Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Prices from $699 to $1,099
  • 4 models in stock
  • 2- to 3-year warranty on repairs
  • Free shipping during promos

Schwinn, renowned for its bicycle expertise, is part of the Nautilus family, a well-established name in home exercise equipment, particularly bikes. Schwinn's models are reasonably priced, but they might lack some of the extra features found in pricier brands.

2 types of bikes, 4 models available

There are currently two kinds of exercise bikes offered by Schwinn: Airdyne and upright. Between these types, there are 4 different models available on the site. At the time of this review, all four were available for purchase. One thing to keep in mind is that none of the Schwinn models have a touchscreen, so if that feature is a must-have for you, you might need to search other brands instead.

Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Airdyne and upright
  • Price range: $699 to $1,099
  • Different models: 4
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: Yes, on some models
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 250- 350 lbs., depending on model
  • Return policy: 6 weeks, minus shipping and handling
  • Warranty: 5-10 years on frame, 1-2 years on electrical/mechanical, 90 days to 6 months on labor
  • Shipping: Free within continental US (sometimes)

Basic model: IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike

The IC3 is the lowest-cost model at Schwinn. This bike costs $699, which is extremely competitive in this industry. The Schwinn IC3 is an indoor cycling exercise bike tailor-made for dedicated cyclists. Whether it's the weather or a hectic schedule pushing your workout indoors, the IC3 delivers a high-energy, low-impact training experience that simulates riding through rolling hills. Packed with features like a spacious LCD console, wireless heart rate monitoring, a 40-pound flywheel, and adjustable resistance, this bike provides excellent value for serious cyclists. You also get an adjustable seat and handlebars, various grip positions, and comprehensive metrics monitoring, including heart rate, time, distance, calories, and RPMs. While it is built for pro cyclists, you can still use it to work out, but if you're looking for a fitness-focused machine rather than a true indoor cycling bike, you may want to shop elsewhere.

Best Exercise Bikes

Top-tier model: Airdyne AD7

The Airdyne AD7 is the most expensive bike available from Schwinn. It costs $1,099, which is still much less expensive than even starter models at other brands. The Schwinn Airdyne AD7 Bike is designed as a fitness model. Whether you're elevating your HIIT workouts or seeking the ultimate total body cardio exercise, the AD7 offers versatile and demanding fitness sessions. With a single-stage direct drive system, you get efficient power transfer and minimal maintenance. The AD7 is made for workout enthusiasts of all levels. The bike offers Telemetric heart rate technology for real-time heart rate measurement and helps you stay informed with the multi-display LCD console featuring readouts for Calories, Watts, Time, Distance, Speed, RPM, and Heart Rate. The optimized fan delivers high resistance with reduced noise. However, we were disappointed to see that none of the options from Schwinn offered high-end technology integration or even touchscreens on the bikes. So if you're a techie, this brand might not be for you.

Free shipping during promo periods

Complimentary shipping isn't a surefire deal with Schwinn. At the time of this review, all Schwinn models provided free shipping, but that was a limited-time offer that concluded the subsequent week. We were researching during a seasonal promotion as well, which also affected the free shipping options. Typically, shipping comes to approximately $199 within the contiguous 48 states. Therefore, if you plan on purchasing from Schwinn, it's better to time your purchase to coincide with a shipping promotion to help you keep costs down.

Best Exercise Bikes

Several complaints about bikes specifically

Schwinn falls under the umbrella of the parent company Nautilus, which made it harder to find details about Schwinn's reputation. Unfortunately, Nautilus doesn't have a comprehensive page on the Better Business Bureau, and there's no page for Schwinn either. The primary source of information regarding Schwinn's reputation comes from third-party review sites, and the feedback isn't particularly positive. On average, these sites rated Schwinn at just 2.3 out of 5 stars. While several negative reviews pertain to Schwinn's bikes, some customers expressed frustration with the customer service team, citing difficulties in resolving product-related issues. Given that bikes are the key product from this brand under review, the fact that many reviews focus on issues with Schwinn's bikes in particular was a bit of a red flag.

Not a win for Schwinn

Unfortunately, Schwinn doesn't come out on top. Considering their bare-bones approach to exercise bikes and the regular complaints about the exercise bikes specifically from customer reviews, we can't rate Schwinn very highly. When you consider that there are lower-priced bikes from other brands that have more features than the Schwinn models and multiple brands offer free shipping as a rule (not the exception), Schwinn falls behind pretty far.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

For athletes (especially you biking enthusiasts) who don't want to lose their form during the winter, nabbing an exercise bike can change your winter fitness regimen to more closely fit your regular training. But if you're not a tri-athlete (like many of us aren't), having an exercise bike at home is still a huge plus.

As you start browsing the different exercise bike brands, you'll realize that there's a lot of variety to choose from. Many modern exercise bikes come with cool features like built-in screens for virtual classes, fitness app hook-ups, and even virtual outdoor rides. So, exercise bikes aren't like one of those creaky metal contraptions from your grandma's basement anymore. They've got all the bells and whistles to upgrade your workout.

Imagine pedaling through scenic routes without leaving your living room or gamified paths to keep you engaged. These bikes aren't just tools; they're like your personal fitness sidekick, cheering you on and giving you all the stats you need to track your growth and celebrate your fitness level-ups. There are even exercise bikes designed to fit under your desk or that feature a built-in tabletop/desk, so you can work and work out at the same time.

But there's a lot to look at when you're shopping for the perfect exercise bike. Starting your search for the right exercise bike can be overwhelming. Studio style? Recumbent? Touchscreen or basic console? Fortunately, we've gone through the best options out there and put together some criteria to help you narrow down your choices and find a bike that suits you.

  • Number of exercise bike styles. The more models a brand has in their inventory, the higher the chances of finding one that fits your fitness needs. Also, keep an eye on which brands actually have their bikes in stock.
  • Features. Consider what features matter most to you. Is it connectivity with your smartwatch or fitness apps? Weight capacity that accommodates all household members? Interactive displays with games and leaderboards for motivation? Identifying your must-have list makes it possible to find a bike that meets your preferences.
  • Price vs. value. Price isn't the sole factor; some lower-end exercise bike models provide significant features, while some pricier options may not deliver as expected. So, make sure you get the perfect balance of value for your money. The most expensive model might not actually be the best, whereas the cheapest out there might be missing some features you need for your fitness.
  • Customer-friendly policies. Check if you can get a free trial, the return policy duration, and if delivery includes a professional setup. If a company doesn't serve customers well, it's hard to feel comfortable purchasing their expensive fitness machines.
  • Reputation. Tied into the customer policies, you'll want to take into account customer reviews and Better Business Bureau scores to make sure you're buying from a reputable brand. A reliable customer service department is crucial, even if the warranty is promising, to make sure you'll get fast and friendly assistance if anything goes wrong.

To make sure that your fitness journey takes off, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best exercise bike brands available online today. We hope this will help you curate your perfect home gym and get back to the ride of your life on your new exercise bike. Pedal on, friend!

The Best Exercise Bikes Compare Exercise Bikes Compare Exercise Bike Reviews What are the best Exercise Bikes Best Exercise Bike Reviews

Exercise Bike FAQ

There are plenty of reasons that people buy an exercise bike for home use. For people with balance or mobility issues who still want a good cardio workout, bikes are a much better option than a treadmill or elliptical machine. They also take up much less room, are more portable/movable, and easier to maintain than larger pieces of cardio equipment.
That's up to you. Recumbent bikes have a seat like a chair, and the pedals are in front of you; they're the exercise bike of choice for people with joint and back issues. Upright bikes offer more flexibility in your workout: you can ride seated or pedal standing up for a more intense experience.
As with most products, the more features an exercise bike has, the more it will cost. You can get a basic, entry-level model for under $500 - or pay $7,000+ for one that has every bell and whistle imaginable (but it won't do the exercise for you!).
How does "free" sound? Many retailers include delivery in the price of the exercise bike. That definitely beats trying to lug it home from a brick-and-mortar store in your car!
Not necessarily. Most manufacturers have step-by-step instructions and even videos for how to put your bike together. You can also purchase professional installation/set-up from some retailers, either with their in-house team or through a third-party partner.
That depends on the store. Some offer no return policy whatsoever, while others give you 30-60 days to try your bike and decide if you want to keep it. Even then, you may still be responsible for return shipping costs and/or restocking fees.
Most bikes come with warranty coverage, usually with longer protection on the higher-end models. You may have lifetime coverage of the frame and brakes, 1-3 years on parts and electronics, and 90 days to 3 years on associated labor costs - but the specifics vary by manufacturer and bike model. Some retailers offer extended warranty plans as well.
That's one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry, and many bikes come with some kind of workout option with live coaching or on-demand classes. But, even if your bike doesn't, there are plenty of apps you can subscribe to and follow along on your own; you just need to have a way to see your phone, tablet or TV from wherever you position your exercise bike!

Shopping the Internet for Exercise Bikes

Finding a quality exercise bike for your home can be a positive, convenient experience without the hassle and stress of traveling from store to store to listen to another sales pitch. Search the widest selection of exercise bikes, easily access product information for a well-informed decision, and shop when it's convenient for you. We're referring to the superstore of exercise bikes - the Internet.

The Internet allows you to quickly compare and contrast several brands and models of exercise bikes at one time. You also have access to product reviews and customer feedback that is not available anywhere else. Also, enjoy the convenience of having your bike shipped directly to your doorstep - no need to squeeze a large box into your car or waste money renting a truck.

When shopping for a quality exercise bike you should consider the following in your search:

  • Type of Bike. There are two general types of exercise bikes for home use. The upright bike is similar to your standard road bike with a saddle seat and pedals positioned directly underneath the legs. These are the most popular treadmills available on the market and allow for more movement, such as riding while standing on the pedals or in a racing position. The upright bike is said to offer the more strenuous workout for those that enjoy testing their endurance. The recumbent bike is another option of exercise bike. Riding a recumbent bike is like in a padded chair with back support. The pedals are situated straight ahead like a recliner. Recumbent bikes provide more comfort and ease of use, especially for those with back problems or who feel unstable sitting high off the ground. Recumbent bikes can also encourage a less intense workout, which is good for those people looking to gently exercise at their own pace. In the end, choosing a recumbent bike or an upright bike is ultimately a matter of preference to the user.
  • Quality. Look for independent reviews and customer feedback on different bike models and brands. Specific brands are going to have a better history of providing quality products over others along with a longer list of satisfied customers. Bikes made with quality parts are also going to last longer and provide a sturdy workout for years to come.
  • Weight Capacity. For those over 200 pounds, it's important to check the maximum body weight allowed on the bike you're considering. A bike designed for lighter individuals is going to potentially feel wobbly and unsteady for those at a greater weight. The bike may even begin to malfunction if not designed for your weight range.
  • Adjustable Components. A comfortable workout is going to be a more successful workout. Feeling comfortable on your exercise bike may require adjustments to the seat and handle height. You'll also want to potentially adjust the pedals for a good fit. Often more than one person is using the bike and it's critical to have a bike that fits everyone. Most importantly, you'll want to be able to adjust the intensity of your workout. Does the bike have several levels and what is the process of changing those levels during the workout? Do you mind climbing off the bike to make an adjustment or are you looking for a quick change while in movement?
  • Cost. Most of us have to keep our budget in mind. With so many brands of exercise bikes out there you'll see a wide range of prices. As long as you have a realistic opinion of what a quality exercise bike will cost, you'll find it's easy to compare and contrast bikes to find what you're looking for. Some companies even offer affordable financing to assist.
  • Return Policy and Warranty. You've done your homework and found the exercise bike that you think will meet your needs, but you realize after stepping foot on it that it's just not right. Choosing a bike that comes with a return policy is a smart decision. Several companies offer a 30-day trial offer to ensure customers are satisfied with the product. It's important to look into this before you purchase, as well as the warranty. Any time you purchase something that costs several hundreds of dollars or more, you're going to want a product guarantee that covers broken parts and repairs for a period of time.

In summary, purchasing an exercise bike from the internet provides several benefits. With the largest selection available, the ability to easily compare and contrast products, competitive pricing, and convenience it's easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for when it's most convenient for you.

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