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Diamondback Fitness Review

Friday, October 7th

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Diamondback Fitness Review 2.5 Star Rating

Diamondback Fitness

2.5 Star Rating
  • 6 bikes under $1200
  • Decent warranty coverage
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping in lower 48 states

Diamondback Fitness has been offering home fitness equipment since 2007. All of their exercise bikes have a retail price under $1200, making them one of the more affordable brands on the market.

4 bike styles to pick from

You've got four exercise bike designs to choose from here: Studio, Indoor, Upright and Recumbent. Studio and Indoor are essentially the same, replicating the type of equipment in a spin class. The primary difference is that the one Studio model has a rear wheel, while the two Indoor cycles are magnetic trainers with the resistance in the front. You guessed it when you figured that the Upright model is...upright. There's very little lean to the seating angle, and the resistance is magnetic. There's one Upright model sold at this store. And, of course, there's the Recumbent that lets you easily step through and sit down; Diamondback offers two models of that style as well.

Middle-of-the-road tech features

Compared with other makers of exercise bikes, the ones offered by Diamondback are a little on the low-tech side. Some models have a console that can connect with your favorite fitness apps and wearable technology, but you won't find any boutique-style live fitness classes or on-demand workout libraries to choose from.

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Equipment overview:

  • Type of exercise bikes: Studio, indoor, upright, recumbent
  • Price range: $799.99 - $1199.99
  • Different models: 6
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: No, but some models have a console that connects with apps and wearable technology that is ANT+ or BLE FTMS-compatible
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Weight capacity: From 300-350 lbs., depending on model
  • Return policy: 30 days
  • Warranty: 5 years to lifetime on frame and brakes, 3 years on parts and electronics, 1 year on labor, 90 days on wear items (seats, handlebars, grips, etc.)
  • Shipping: Free within the continental US

Nice prices, nicer warranty

On the flipside of that, no bikes sold here are more than $1200. You'll also get free shipping if you live within the continental United States, and you'll get better warranty coverage than with similarly-priced fitness equipment sold elsewhere: anywhere from 5 years to lifetime on the frame, 3 years on parts and electronics, a year on labor, and 90 days on wear components.

Reputation has tanked

Unfortunately, Diamondback is no longer our first-place winner among retailers of exercise bikes. Their BBB listing during our most recent visit was a not-inspiring "B-" , and customer feedback lines up with that. One person described his experience as ordering a bike in January and not having anything to show for it three months later: he said to beware the fact that Diamondback Fitness is "owned by a marketing company and it's not a fitness brand." He's not wrong: the Diamondback site says that they're a Net Media Group company.

Bikes break down or never work

When numerous people refer to an exercise bike as having a "flawed design" and that it never worked from the moment it was delivered, that's good motivation to shop somewhere else. Even when still covered under warranty, broken bikes go unrepaired - and sometimes the customer service reps tell buyers to fix it themselves!

Not doing much business now?

We were amazed to see so many positive customer reviews on the individual exercise bike pages - and then puzzled by the fact that none of them were newer than a year old. That lined up with comments we read that said that some parts weren't available anymore, and with the fact that many of the third-party sites that carried Diamondback bikes now show them as "unavailable" .

No longer leading the pack

Oh, how the mighty have fallen in the case of Diamondback Fitness and their exercise bikes. We want you to have the best possible customer experience, and for that reason we can no longer give this brand our first-place finish among bike stores. You might still be able to get a decent bike at a reasonable price, but all indications say that you're more likely to have that happen if you shop at another retailer instead.

Where Can You Find the Best Exercise Bikes?

Fitness equipment is more popular now than ever, with so many people working, learning and doing just about everything from home. It can be challenging to find anything in stock near you, with no idea of when your preferred exercise bike will be available to buy.

Naturally, that's where the internet comes in, making it a lot easier to get the type of bike you want most. Looking for live and on-demand fitness classes on a machine that automatically increases and decreases resistance - or that even allows a coach to remotely shift your settings to give you an extra push (or a break!)? Shopping online gives you access to not just one company but several that offer that boutique-style workout experience.

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Exercise Bike FAQ

There are plenty of reasons that people buy an exercise bike for home use. For people with balance or mobility issues who still want a good cardio workout, bikes are a much better option than a treadmill or elliptical machine. They also take up much less room, are more portable/movable, and easier to maintain than larger pieces of cardio equipment.
That's up to you. Recumbent bikes have a seat like a chair, and the pedals are in front of you; they're the exercise bike of choice for people with joint and back issues. Upright bikes offer more flexibility in your workout: you can ride seated or pedal standing up for a more intense experience.
As with most products, the more features an exercise bike has, the more it will cost. You can get a basic, entry-level model for under $500 - or pay $7,000+ for one that has every bell and whistle imaginable (but it won't do the exercise for you!).
How does "free" sound? Many retailers include delivery in the price of the exercise bike. That definitely beats trying to lug it home from a brick-and-mortar store in your car!
Not necessarily. Most manufacturers have step-by-step instructions and even videos for how to put your bike together. You can also purchase professional installation/set-up from some retailers, either with their in-house team or through a third-party partner.
That depends on the store. Some offer no return policy whatsoever, while others give you 30-60 days to try your bike and decide if you want to keep it. Even then, you may still be responsible for return shipping costs and/or restocking fees.
Most bikes come with warranty coverage, usually with longer protection on the higher-end models. You may have lifetime coverage of the frame and brakes, 1-3 years on parts and electronics, and 90 days to 3 years on associated labor costs - but the specifics vary by manufacturer and bike model. Some retailers offer extended warranty plans as well.
That's one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry, and many bikes come with some kind of workout option with live coaching or on-demand classes. But, even if your bike doesn't, there are plenty of apps you can subscribe to and follow along on your own; you just need to have a way to see your phone, tablet or TV from wherever you position your exercise bike!
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Continued from above...

Or, maybe your doctor has told you that you can't do high-impact exercise anymore, but you still need something to stay healthy. Recumbent bikes to the rescue! There are plenty of models available from internet retailers, from basic models under $500 to high-tech designs with plenty of features for over $2,000.

There are even exercise bikes designed for use under your desk or with a tabletop/desk built in: no more using work as your excuse for not working out! Your coworkers can get in on the fun if you choose a model that has three bikes at the same round table, too.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you start your search for the exercise bike that's right for you. Studio style? Recumbent? Touchscreen or basic console? Fortunately, there are several criteria you can use to narrow down your options and find something that fits:

  • Number of Exercise Bikes. How many models does the retailer sell? The more bikes in their inventory, the more likely it is that one of them will have the features you're looking for - and that it will be in stock when you're ready to buy.
  • Features. Think about what features are most important to you when using your fitness equipment. Is it connectivity with your smartwatch or fitness apps? A weight capacity that accommodates each member of your household? Interactive displays with games and leaderboards to keep you motivated? It's not impossible to get a bike with everything you want, if you know what's on your must-have list.
  • Value. Is the exercise bike you're considering a good value for the money? That's not just a matter of price: some lower-end models actually offer a lot, while some of the most expensive models don't give you nearly what you'd expect.
  • Customer-Friendly Policies. Can you get a free trial with your exercise bike? How long do you have to return it if it's not working out? Is delivery free and/or will it include professional set-up? How about warranty coverage?
  • Reputation. It's a good idea to consider what customers have said about the particular bike you want and the company itself. Can you count on getting fast, friendly help from the customer service department if anything goes wrong? Even the most promising warranties aren't worth much if the retailer doesn't follow through on them.

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the best online retailers of exercise bikes available today. We're confident that this information will help you get the indoor ride you've been hoping for!

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