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Xterra Review

Friday, December 4th

2020 Exercise Bike Reviews

Xterra Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Cost: $799

Xterra is a fitness equipment retailer that focuses on providing sleek, modern exercise equipment that is both attractive and durable. This review will focus on Xterra's line of exercise bikes.

The biggest drawback we could see in the Xterra exercise bike line is that there are only two models to choose from. Fortunately there is a recumbent option as well as a standard upright bike. Unfortunately, both models cost the same at $799.00 giving no pricing options to potential buyers. For consumers who happen to be looking for an exercise bike in this price range, Xterra may very well provide the right equipment option. However the lack of a varied product line may cause consumers who want a more advanced bike, or more cost effective bike, to look elsewhere.

The bikes themselves are well built and have the standard features most exercise bikes in this price rage would have. Fully adjustable seats, heart rate monitor, and an LCD display that records speed, distance, time and calories burned come standard on both the upright and the recumbent model.

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Equipment overview:

  • Type of Exercise Bikes: Recumbent and Upright
  • Price Range: $799
  • Different Models: 2
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Return Policy: 60 days
  • Guarantee: Lifetime frame and brakes, 3 years parts and electronics for the recumbent bike, Lifetime frame and brakes, 1 year parts and electronics for the upright bike
  • Shipping: Free for orders over $800

The testimonials from consumers who have purchased an exercise bike from Xterra are very positive for the most part. Consumers report a very quiet, smooth ride, and several said they liked the Xterra bike better than the exercise bikes they use in their spinning class at the gym. Others report the ease of assembly and the comfort provided by the fully adjustable seat and handlebar system. Still others noted the heavy-duty, solid construction of the bikes.

Our opinion is split on Xterra. Certainly the lack of options could be an issue for some consumers, but the products that are offered seem to be of high quality and a good value in this price range. We recommend looking at Xterra bikes for any consumers looking for a quality mid-range exercise bike

Where Should You Look for the Best Exercise Bikes?

Exercise bikes, also known as stationary bikes, are a great way to get an excellent cardiovascular workout at home when it best fits into your schedule. Exercise bikes also strengthen and nicely tone your legs, butt, stomach, and other muscles, and do so with less impact on the knees and lower back than other forms of exercise.

There are two general types of exercise bikes for home use: upright bikes and recumbent bikes. The upright exercise bike is similar to your standard road bike, with a saddle seat, and pedals positioned directly underneath the legs. Upright bikes allow for more movement, such as riding while standing on the pedals, or in a racing position, which can give you a more strenuous workout.

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A recumbent exercise bike is more like sitting in a padded chair with back support. The pedals are situated straight ahead like a recliner. Recumbent bikes provide more comfort and ease of use, especially for those with back problems or who feel unstable sitting high off the ground.

Recumbent bikes can also encourage a less intense workout, which is good for those people looking to gently exercise at their own pace. In the end, choosing a recumbent bike or an upright bike is ultimately a matter of preference to the user.

Several different brands of exercise bikes exist today and they range greatly in cost and quality. Before you make the move to purchase an exercise bike, consider the following:

  • Weight Capacity. What is the maximum body weight allowed on the exercise bike
  • Cost. What is the price range for the exercise bikes offered? How do these prices compare with other brands?
  • Return Policy. If you're not satisfied, does the company enable you to return the exercise bike for a full refund?
  • Guarantee. If a piece or part of the exercise bike breaks, does the company offer any guarantee for replacement?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best exercise bikes available today. We hope these reviews help you find a healthier, leaner you!

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