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The Best Feather Pillow Stores

Where Can You Buy the Best Feather Pillows?

There's a reason why the world's top hotels and resorts feature feather pillows. First and foremost, they are renowned for their exceptional comfort. The natural softness of feathers, typically sourced from ducks or geese, provides a plush and supportive sleeping experience. Plus, the ability of feathers to conform to the contours of your head and neck allows for a restful night's sleep and relief from pressure points, promoting a good night's rest.

When it comes to purchasing feather pillows, there are several advantages to buying them online over traditional stores. Online shopping offers a wide variety of options, allowing you to choose from different sizes, fill levels, and cover materials to suit your sleeping style or your decor. You typically get detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and competitive pricing, so it's easier to find the perfect feather pillow for your comfort and design requirements.

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2024 Feather Pillow Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Down & Feather Company Review 5 Star Rating

Down & Feather Company

5 Star Rating
  • Feather pillows made to order
  • Prices range from $153 to $234
  • Hungarian goose down, Egyptian linen covers
  • Handy quiz to help find the perfect pillow
  • Free shipping on orders of $150+
  • Free pillow adjustments for the first year
  • 30-day returns
  • Thousands of five-star reviews
  • 10-year warranty
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Down & Feather Company aspires to be the ultimate destination for your pillow needs. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, from the sourcing of materials to the crafting of each product.

Made to order

Every item in their inventory, including feather pillows, is meticulously made to order, ensuring superior quality. Their down is sourced from Hungarian geese, adhering to the rigorous Control Union Responsible Down Standard. Moreover, they employ the finest Egyptian linens, woven on German looms, adding a bit of an international feel to your feather pillow.

Take the quiz

Understanding that choosing the perfect feather pillow can be perplexing, they offer a clever solution - the Pillow Personality Profile. Accessed via the "Start Here" link on their website, this tool delves into your unique preferences. It inquires about your gender, mattress firmness, height, shoulder breadth, and preferred sleep position. Once you've answered these questions, you're presented with a personalized pillow profile that guides you to the ideal options within Down & Feather's collection. It's a smart, customer-centric approach to pillow shopping, reflecting the brand's dedication to enhancing your sleep experience.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Spin to win

In addition to this, the company adds a delightful touch to your shopping experience with a fun spin-the-wheel opportunity when you first visit the site and then enter your email address. You could win enticing rewards such as a pillow protector, sleep shirt, pillow spray, or a generous 10% discount on your order.

You choose the firmness

As for the pricing, Down & Feather offers feather pillows in a range of price points. "The Original" pillow offers the nostalgia of a traditional, thick, and heavy-feeling pillow, akin to the one at your grandmother's house. With a standard size, soft combination, this pillow costs $153. Prices vary depending on your preferred firmness and size, reaching $234 for a king-sized, extra-firm pillow (and, by the way, there was a 25% off promotion sitewide, bringing those prices down to just $115 and $175). Within the selection of all-feather pillows, you can explore other choices like "Hotel Collection," "Natural Nights," and "Snuggle Soft." Whichever type of pillow you prefer, you'll always be able to choose the size and firmness (ranging from soft to extra-firm).

Spend $150 to get free shipping

If you're hoping for free shipping, be prepared to meet a minimum purchase requirement of $150. Considering that most of Down & Feather's pillows already surpass this threshold, you'll likely qualify without extra effort.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Get your firmness adjusted

Down & Feather goes beyond just selling pillows; they offer unique customer benefits that set them apart from other feather pillow retailers. Their "Perfect Pillow Policy" grants you a one-time density adjustment within the first year after purchase. Whether you find your pillow too firm or too soft, they allow you to send it in for modification, one density level higher or lower. Although you're responsible for the shipping cost to their facility, they cover the return delivery.

Try your pillow for 30 days

Additionally, you're given a 30-day window for returns, provided the pillow is in pristine, saleable condition. Down & Feather strongly recommends the use of a pillow protector and pillowcase to qualify for returns, so that you're not as likely to wind up with stains or other issues.

10-year warranty

One of their most remarkable features is the ten-year guarantee accompanying all feather pillows, comforters, and feather beds. As long as the "Goose Down" logo is intact, your warranty remains valid. Though the guarantee doesn't cover the down fill, the company promises that with proper care, your luxurious down pillows will endure well beyond a decade.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

These pillows get five stars

Customer satisfaction is further proof of their quality, with hundreds of reviews available on their site, even for the most expensive options, often achieving a remarkable 5-star rating. The only slight blemish on Down & Feather's reputation is a change from "A+" to an "F" from the Better Business Bureau, for failing to respond to a very small number of complaints. While that's never a good look, the hundreds of recent five-star reviews on many of the store's feather pillows are enough to convince us that there's nothing to worry about here.

#1 pick for feather pillows

While Down & Feather Company may not offer an extensive range of feather pillows, their commitment to quality surpasses quantity. Their pillows are unmatched in terms of satisfaction guarantee, warranty length, and the convenience of a free density adjustment. For those ready to invest in an extraordinary night's sleep, Down & Feather Company stands as the paramount destination to discover the perfect feather pillows, retaining the #1 spot on our list.

Macy's Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Over 600 feather pillows
  • Prices range from $34 to $1,699
  • Free shipping on orders of $49+
  • Generous return policy
  • In-store pickup available

When you think of places to buy feather pillows, a department store might not be your first choice, but Macy's offers a surprisingly well-rounded selection. Their online store turned up more than 600 matches when we searched for "feather pillows" recently (and without listing tons of results that didn't fit the description).

Spendy yet popular options

We were blown away by the most expensive feather pillows in Macy's inventory - not just because of the price ($1,699!) but also because of the 220 four- and five-star reviews (leave it to a high-end department store to have hundreds of customers willing to drop almost $2K for two pillows). In case you'd like to see for yourself, it's the White Goose Down Firm Density Stomach Sleeper by Pillow Guy. It's sold as a two-pack, features 600 fill power white goose down, in a 233-thread count down-proof shell. The big draw? The fill is RDS, which means that it adheres to a voluntary global standard for sourcing down and feathers from humanely-treated birds. Oh, and according to customers, it's an incredibly comfortable pillow too.

Feather pillows under $40 too

On the more wallet-friendly end of things, Macy's carries several down alternative pillows for under $40. The lowest-priced feather pillows also come in under $40, from brands like Nautica and Sealy - but as you'd expect, those don't tend to have the high customer ratings you'll find with higher-quality pillows.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Free shipping plus in-store pickup options

Most shoppers buying pillows at Macy's will get free shipping, since all orders of at least $49 qualify. But, if you're buying one of those bargain-priced feather pillows, you can still get it delivered for free if you're a Macy's Rewards member. Plus, since Macy's has brick-and-mortar stores throughout the country, you may decide to order your pillows online and pick them up at a location near you: just check that your preferred store is the one listed on each product page, and then see if the one you're buying is in stock there.

90 days (or more) for returns

What about warranty and returns? It's no surprise that the warranty will depend on the brand of feather pillow you buy: some of the ones we spotted had a limited lifetime warranty, while others were much shorter. You can find that information in the Product Details section of the description. As for returns, you'll usually have 90 days, but it depends on the time of year. For example, Macy's typically offers an extended return window for purchases made in October through January. It's always free to return your online purchase in-store, and return shipping is free if you're a Rewards member; otherwise, your label will result in having a $9.99 fee deducted from your refund.

Surprisingly great selection and prices

All in all, Macy's stands as a great place to purchase feather pillows. With a customer-friendly return policy, a diverse selection of pillow brands and sizes, and plenty of shopper ratings to help you decide, this department store earns our recommendation. So, next time you're considering where to buy feather pillows, don't overlook Macy's.

Pillows Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Specializes in feather pillows used in top hotels and resorts
  • About 60 feather pillows to choose from
  • Prices range from $84.99 to $224.99
  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • 30-day returns
  • 90-day exchanges
  • "A" rated and accredited by the BBB

Pillows, a family-based business that originated in 2004 under the name Pacific Pillows (and not to be confused with a similarly-named retailer in our evaluation), set out with a mission to make the luxurious bedding and pillows from top hotels worldwide accessible to everyday customers for home use.

Easy to find your perfect feather pillow

When you visit their website, you'll discover an incredibly user-friendly platform designed to simplify your online shopping experience. You won't face any difficulty in using the intuitive sidebar options to quickly filter choices based on factors like your preferred sleeping position, pillow size, price range, firmness level, and more. One standout feature is the ability to shop by hotel, making it effortless to find that perfect feather pillow you enjoyed during your stay at places like IHG or Ritz-Carlton. And, if you're not sure what you need, just scroll down to where it says, "Need help picking out a pillow?" and Pillows will walk you through a series of questions and make recommendations.

Good range of bed pillows

Pillows' inventory has an impressive array of just under 60 feather pillows from various brands. At the higher end of the price spectrum, you'll find options like the Cloud Nine Comforts 50/50 White Duck Down & Feather pillow for a luxury price of $224.99. On the more budget-friendly side, you'll discover the Marriott Down and Feather Pillow for $84.99. We didn't spot any home decor-type feather pillows though, so you'd need to look elsewhere for those.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Lots of ways to get a good deal

There's no shortage of discount offers at Pillows. At the time of our most recent visit to the site, there was a storewide promotion of 15% off when using the code featured at the top of the site. And, you'll get free shipping if your feather pillow purchase is over $99 (otherwise, you'll pay $9.99). Finally, be sure to check the Sales dropdown at the top of the site: you'll see all of Pillows' overstock, clearance, final sale, and deeper-discounted options there.

30-day returns, 90-day exchanges

Pillows is genuinely committed to ensuring you love your feather pillow. If, for any reason, you don't, they provide two options: a 30-day window for a refund or an extended 90-day period for an exchange. For either option, your pillow needs to be in "like new" condition, although it's a bit unclear how that works if you've been using it for nearly three months. In the event that your pillow is damaged or doesn't meet the "like new" criteria, you'll receive a 50% credit. Pillows makes the return process convenient by offering a return shipping label; however, they will deduct $9.99 from any refunds issued.

Shoppers love the pillows and the company

When we took a deeper look into Pillows' reputation, beyond the impressive "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, we found overwhelmingly positive feedback. With almost 30,000 independently-verified customer ratings, the store maintains a stellar average score of 4.8 out of 5. The majority of customers expressed their satisfaction with both their purchases and with the store's customer service, a strong indicator of the store's reliability.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Exactly what the customers wanted

As you'd imagine, many comments were from shoppers who were thrilled to get the same comfortable feather pillows they fell in love with during recent hotel stays. There were just a small handful of complaints about pillows not feeling as comfortable as customers had expected, or that didn't wash-and-dry as well as they hoped, but Pillows' customer support team responded promptly and appropriately every time.

Highly recommended for hotel-quality feather pillows

Although not every shopper is looking for luxurious hotel-quality feather pillows, most people will find something they love at Pillows. The inventory offers an appealing range of options, the return policy is solid, and tens of thousands of five-star reviews are a good indicator that you'll be happy with your purchase here. Pillows is definitely a store we can recommend when shopping for feather pillows.

Wayfair Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Over 350 feather bed pillows
  • Prices range from $36.99 (for two pillows) to $1,391
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • 30-day returns
  • Lots of shopper reviews to consider
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

Wayfair is the home goods store for just about anything you could ever want. Shopping here is always like a treasure hunt: you're never quite sure what you're going to find, but it's usually amazing. That definitely is true for feather pillows: in the bedding category alone, you'll find over 350 to choose from (and many more beyond that if you're looking for throw pillows to change up your decor).

Inventory ranges from low-end to luxe

Wayfair's inventory in most categories goes from budget to bougie, even in the feather pillow department: you can spend $36.99 for a set of two Cotesfield Plush pillows, or $1,391 (sale price!) for the Nobilis Down Firm Pillow by Togas. Whatever you're looking to spend, and whatever type of sleeper you are (stomach, back, side), Wayfair has many pillows for you to choose from, across a wide range of brands.

Customer ratings on pillows are super-helpful

A big plus of shopping at Wayfair is the ability to consider customer reviews. Because millions of people shop here, many products they carry have dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of ratings, making it easy to see what's popular and what's not. The most highly-rated feather pillows at Wayfair come from the Pillow Guy and Pillow Gal brands: we found several styles on offer, all of which had a rating average of nearly five stars across 200+ reviews. Arsuite also ranks well; though not quite as close to 5 stars, most of their pillows still reached a respectable average of 4+ stars across 400-700 reviews.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Some perks but not a pillow expert

Another perk is getting free shipping on orders over $35 and 30-day returns. But, compared with retailers that specialize in pillows (like several others on our list), you won't benefit from try-it-out satisfaction guarantees or any particular expertise here, and warranty protection will depend on the brand of feather pillow that you ultimately order.

Solid reputation as an online megastore

As you'd expect from an online retail powerhouse, Wayfair has an "A+" and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau - and its fair share of compliments and complaints. We didn't find anything that's a cause for concern, though: just be aware that returns can take a while to be processed, and you're not dealing with a small mom-and-pop business that's going to take you by the hand and guarantee that your pillows will be the best thing you've ever bought.

Best one-stop shopping for home items

Wayfair is our favorite one-stop shop for all things home, and if you're looking for a great selection of not just feather pillows but everything else you need for your bedroom (or kitchen, or living room, or...), you won't want to miss shopping here. Granted, if you're looking for deep expertise in feather bedding and an ironclad warranty, you won't find it with Wayfair, but for most shoppers this is going to be a great place to browse and buy.

Walmart Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Over 1,000 options under "feather pillows"
  • Prices range from budget ($8.32) to luxe ($259.99)
  • Easy to order for delivery or in-store pickup
  • 30-90 days for returns
  • Free shipping on many orders

Walmart might not be the first place you think of for buying feather pillows, but guess what? They've got a wide range thanks to their partnership with different third-party "Marketplace" companies, in addition to what they regularly stock in their own inventory. Who says you can't slide a few pillows right into your online cart, next to the groceries you're ordering for pickup.

Over 1,000 results (but not all are feather pillows, FYI)

When it comes to shopping for feather pillows on Walmart's website, their filters and navigation tools make it a breeze. You can narrow down your search by choosing options like free in-store pickup, 2-day delivery, pillow size, customer ratings, and more. With over 1,000 results when searching for "feather pillows" , using these filters will save you time. But be on the lookout for a surprise or two, like non-feather pillows sneaking into your search results.

Budget-friendly and lots of reviews to consider

As you'd guess, Walmart has got something for everyone's budget. On the lower end, you'll find the Mainstays Feather Bed Pillow for just $8.32 on sale ($11.88 regular price) and an impressive 4-star average across 72 shopper reviews at the time of our most recent visit. We also spotted a two-pack of down/feather blend bed pillows, starting at $28 and with another 4-star average spanning nearly 250 reviews. If you want to know which pillows people are loving at Walmart, just check out those customer ratings.

More luxe options for sale too

Looking for something a little more luxe? Believe it or not, Walmart has you covered there too. The priciest feather pillows they offer are Continental Bedding's king-sized, two-pillow set of 550 fill white goose down pillows, covered in 400-thread count cotton cases, going for $259.99 (that's around $130 per pillow). Sadly, there aren't any customer ratings for these fancy ones.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Lots of pillows ship for free

Shipping is free on many orders through Walmart's online store. Just take a look at each pillow's product information to see if it qualifies: it usually depends on the size of your order and whether or not it's being fulfilled by Walmart or a Marketplace partner.

Easy returns

How about returns? If it's Walmart fulfilling your order, you've got a generous 90-day return window for refunds. Many of the feather pillows, though, are fulfilled by Marketplace partners, each with their own return policies. However, Walmart has made things easier by setting a standard 30-day return period and allowing in-store returns. That's a plus.

Rest easy with Walmart

Walmart is an unexpectedly good place to purchase feather pillows. They offer a wide selection, competitive pricing on both budget and luxury options, and a generous return policy compared to many other retailers. You may not earn style points for shopping at Walmart, but in the end, what matters is your good night's sleep.

Bed Bath & Beyond Review 3.5 Star Rating

Bed Bath & Beyond

3.5 Star Rating
  • Over 1,800 feather pillows in inventory
  • 200+ pillows for sleeping
  • Acquired by Overstock
  • Free shipping on all orders in the lower 48 states
  • 30-day return window

Bed Bath and Beyond, a once-familiar name associated with malls and frequent blue-and-white coupons, may surprise you. They've transitioned, acquired by Overstock, and now operate in a whole new way. Shopping for feather pillows on their revamped website is a different experience, mirroring what you'd expect from previous experiences shopping with Overstock. Unfortunately, in-person options like buying online and pick up in-store, or easy in-store returns aren't part of the deal, as there are no physical retail locations anymore.

Vast majority of feather pillows are for show

Bed Bath and Beyond has an extensive inventory of feather pillows to choose from: over 1,800 at the time of our most recent visit. At the lowest end of the spectrum are a lot of decor-type throw pillows, with lots of options under $15. In fact, most of the feather pillows here (about 1,600 of them) are specifically for decorating and not for sleeping. If you prefer just to see what's available for a good night's rest, we recommend using the filters; "type of sleeper" is one that can get you there quickly.

Decent selection of sleeping pillows

When we asked to see the results for "any" type of sleeper, we found just over 125 options. They ranged from a bargain-priced ($28.80) pillow from Canadian Down & Feather Company to an 800 loft pillow from Highland Feather starting at $189.49. But, with over 1,400 reviews, Bed Bath and Beyond's Hotel Grand Siberian White Down 500 Thread Count pillow is the most popular in the inventory. It's not a super-spendy option, with a list price of $83.99 and a sale in place that brought it down to just $64. But, as you might remember from the Overstock days, quantities and sizes can be limited here, and this pillow was only available in Jumbo and King options at the time of our visit.

Get your pillows right on time

The ability to enter your zip code for estimated delivery dates on feather pillows is a handy feature, helping you plan for on-time arrival for your bedroom decor overhaul or guest visits. Bed Bath and Beyond offers free shipping on all orders within the continental US.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

30-day returns

However, if you need to make a return, it's not free. You have a 30-day window from the delivery date to initiate the process, but the shipping cost is your responsibility. There's no preprinted label, and the return shipping cost will be deducted from your refund. Your pillow also needs to reach BBandB within 45 days of when you received it.

What effects will the rebranding have?

We're cautious about giving Bed Bath and Beyond our full recommendation. The Overstock transition and rebranding, which followed BBandB's public bankruptcy and closure of physical stores, has left us somewhat hesitant with our purchases here. We felt a lot of loyalty towards the original Overstock, and we may feel more secure after things settle down. After all, assessing current customer feedback can be tricky. Is it from before the merger or after? Will it improve or decline as the transition progresses?

Tentatively recommended

Can you buy the feather pillows of your dreams at Bed Bath and Beyond? Maybe. Should you? The verdict is still pending. If you come across the perfect pillow that's unavailable elsewhere, go for it. Otherwise, for the near future, it might be wiser to purchase from a retailer with a less tumultuous recent history.

The Company Store Review 3 Star Rating

The Company Store

3 Star Rating
  • 18 feather and down pillows to choose from
  • Prices range from $30 to $449
  • Free shipping on orders of $75+
  • 30-day return policy and "Rest Easy" guarantee
  • Save 20% when you sign up for emails
  • In business since 1911
  • Acquired by The Home Depot in 2017

The Company Store has a history dating back to 1911 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, as Scandinavian immigrants looked for ways to keep warm during Midwestern winters. Even over 100 years later, the retailer carries numerous types of bedding ideal for staying cozy, sleeping comfy, and even drying off after a shower with a fluffy towel. Interestingly, The Company Store was acquired by The Home Depot in 2017 (though you won't easily find that detail on the website. *wink*).

Somewhat limited selection

The inventory of feather pillows at The Company Store isn't quite as vast as some of the retailers on our list, but you'll still have about 18 options to choose from. On the low end, you'll find the Feather and Down Pillow Inserts (Boudoir, Lumbar, Neckroll, and Square shapes/sizes), priced from $30 to $34, and the Company Essentials Firmest Feather and Down style starting at $39. There was also a sitewide "31% off one item" sale that applied to most feather pillows in stock, which made an already-affordable purchase even more so.

$450+ for an incredible night's sleep

But, there's plenty to see on the high-end side at The Company Store too. For the most luxe option, check out the Imperial German Batiste Pillow and Protector set, starting at $449. We're talking 800 fill power European white goose down, covered in light down-proof cotton (350-thread count) and with an additional cambric pillow protector (also 350 thread count) to whisk you away to Dreamland.

Highest-rated pillow is less than $200

But, if the customer reviews are any indication, The Company Store's most popular pillow is the Legends Hotel Best Down style, with nearly 800 ratings at the time of our most recent visit. Available in 4 levels of firmness and 3 sizes, it's priced starting at $159 and has white European 600 fill power down and a shell of 245-thread count. Averaging 4.4 stars out of 5, customer reviews praise this pillow for offering an excellent night's sleep, superb neck support, and being great for all sleeping styles.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Rest easy with 30-day guarantee

At The Company Store, you'll get free shipping as long as your order is $75 or more and is delivered to an address in the continental US. With respect to returns, you'll find a generous "Rest Easy" guarantee: use your feather pillow as much as you like for up to 30 days. You can even wash it, sleep on it, and so on (just don't damage it). You'll get a full refund, minus a $2.95 shipping fee per item.

Complaints are concerning

With all of those positives, you're probably wondering why The Company Store isn't ranked higher among retailers of feather pillows. It comes down to customer feedback, outside of what we see on the pillows themselves. There's no BBB listing for The Company Store (maybe because of the acquisition by The Home Depot), and in other places we looked (like Trustpilot and Sitejabber), the feedback trends really negative: "poor quality" , "didn't survive the first wash" , and "they sent me used items" are just a few of the complaints we spotted.

Good but not great

We still give The Company Store a three-star review, mostly because we're pleased to see hundreds of reviews on most of the feather pillows they carry, and we appreciate the try-it-out guarantee. However, we can't overlook the recent comments from customers that make us wonder if this retailer's commitment to shopper satisfaction has declined since being acquired by the big-box home improvement store. We suggest looking at the higher-ranking feather pillow stores on our list first, and circle back to The Company Store if you don't find what you need there.

Pillow Decor Review 2.5 Star Rating

Pillow Decor

2.5 Star Rating
  • Decorative/throw pillows only
  • Prices range from $20.95 to $45.95
  • 15% discount when you sign up for emails
  • $7.99 flat-rate shipping
  • 15-day return policy

If you're on the lookout for chic and decorative throw pillows and cushions, Canada-based Pillow Decor has positioned itself as a go-to retailer for such items across North America. They may not be your first choice if you're seeking feather pillows for your bed, but they're a solid choice if you want to flaunt your style with creative patterns and throw pillow designs throughout your home.

Strictly focused on decor pillows

When it comes to feather pillows at Pillow Decor, the shopping experience takes a different turn. After being asked to confirm your currency (USD or CAD), you'll need to decide whether you prefer a square or a rectangular pillow, and then pick the size that suits your space. All their feather pillows are crafted from a 95/5 feather and down blend. This blend is highly favored by decorators and designers because it offers a delightful combination of softness and luxury. It's not just about comfort; these pillows also retain their shape, ensuring you achieve that perfect look for your Insta-worthy home decor photos.

Choose shape and cover colors

Pricewise, Pillow Decor offers a variety of options, starting at $20.95 for a 9" x18" feather pillow and going up to $45.95 for a 28" square pillow. You also have the flexibility to purchase covers separately, available in a rainbow of colors and an array of fabrics. This allows you to mix and match or simply choose pillows that complement the covers you already own.

Missing some common shopper perks

However, there are some downsides to shopping at Pillow Decor. Unlike some of its competitors, you won't find many customer-friendly perks here. Shipping comes with a flat rate fee of $7.99, regardless of the size of your order. Unfortunately, there are no promotions for free shipping, and the only first-time shopper discount we spotted was a pop-up with a 15% savings if we signed up for Pillow Decor emails.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Less-than-generous return window

The return policy at Pillow Decor is also somewhat limited. You have a mere 15 days from the date of receiving your feather pillows to initiate a return. Moreover, your items must be in new, unused condition. Keep in mind that you'll be responsible for covering the return costs, and if your order was shipped for free, a $7.99 outbound shipping charge will be deducted from your refund.

Not many reviews from customers

Pillow Decor has an "A+" Better Business Bureau rating, with no complaints (...or reviews...). We had a really hard time finding anyone with something to say about buying feather pillows here - positive or negative. Even the customer testimonials on the Pillow Decor site itself are only as "recent" as 2014. The company does maintain a presence on social media, at least, but even there we just didn't see a lot of buzz from shoppers.

Nothing to get excited about

If you're in the market for feather pillows to enhance your bedroom comfort, Pillow Decor might not be your top choice. They predominantly offer decorative pillows, which are typically moved aside when you're ready to hit the hay and are returned to their decorative role when you make your bed in the morning. This specific focus, combined with their somewhat limited returns policy and almost no shopper feedback, is the reason why Pillow Decor doesn't get a higher ranking from us.

United Feather & Down Review 2 Star Rating

United Feather & Down

2 Star Rating
  • 10 pillows to choose from
  • 10-day return window
  • Free shipping on orders over $250
  • In business since 1797 (!)
  • "A-" rated by the BBB

United Feather & Down proudly proclaims a history dating back to 1797. We'd love to give you more details on that, but UFD just doesn't offer them. All the same, the company is "A-" rated by the Better Business Bureau, and we found enough positive reviews from customers to make it worth taking a look at their inventory of feather pillows for our evaluation.

Not many pillows to choose from

That turned out to be a pretty quick look: there were only 10 pillows to consider on the United Feather & Down website (and three of those were "down alternative" and not feather pillows, plus three of the ten were out of stock at the time of this review). Prices range from $35.99 to $45.99 for the down alternative pillows, and from $69.99 to $239.99 for the true goose down options.

Where's the feedback?

For a company that has ostensibly been in business for over 200 years, their feather pillows have surprisingly few reviews: most just had a single rating, and some had none at all. We were glad that those reviews were all 5 stars, but we expected to find a lot more feedback than that. Even broadening out to UFD's larger inventory of bedding, we still didn't see that much buzz - on the product listings or even off the UFD site and branching out to third-party sites where customers can leave comments.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Shipping and returns aren't customer-centric

Also, United Feather & Down isn't the most customer-friendly feather pillow retailer we've found. You'll only have a 10-day window to make a return, and you'll have to be sure that all original packaging is included. And, when we looked at the fine print of the return policy, we found that any items purchased using a sale or discount code are "final sale" : no returns or exchanges. Plus, where other retailers offer free shipping on orders of $35 or even $99+, you'll have to spend over $250 at UFD to get no-cost delivery. Yikes.

You'll have better luck buying feather pillows elsewhere

All of that adds up to make United Feather & Down a store we just can't get excited about. The inventory is extremely small when shopping for feather pillows, the return policy is far less than generous, and there isn't nearly enough feedback on the pillows to be able to say that they're worth buying despite those drawbacks. We'd rather shop at the higher-ranked retailers on our list, and we recommend that you do too.

Pacific Coast Feather Review 1.5 Star Rating

Pacific Coast Feather

1.5 Star Rating
  • Pillows often featured in luxury hotels
  • 3-year warranty on all pillows
  • Prices range from $18 to $349
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • 30-day returns
  • Over 125 years in business
  • "A-" rating from the BBB

Pacific Coast Feather, a veteran player in the premium feather and down bedding industry with over 125 years of experience, is renowned for its feather pillows. You might be surprised to find that these pillows are so popular that they often appear in the inventory of other retailers. Chances are, you've even had the pleasure of resting your head on a Pacific Coast Feather pillow during your last hotel stay.

Sleep in luxury for under $350

At the top end of Pacific Coast Feather's feather pillow offerings is the Hungarian White Goose Down model, priced between $259.99 and $349.99, depending on the size you choose. Encased in sumptuous 680 thread count cotton, this pillow exudes luxury and comfort, so much so that you might consider using it without a pillowcase (although it's still recommended to protect your investment). This high-end pillow features 650 fill power white goose down and it's even machine washable.

Budget-friendly pillows for under $75

On the other end of the spectrum, you'll discover more affordable options like the Euro Pillow, designed for decorative shams and priced from $36 to $44. Additionally, there are two down alternative pillows for less than $20 (outlet pricing) and the Feather Best bed pillow, priced at $74. The Feather Best option contains extra-fluffy feathers and has a soft brushed cotton cover.

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Free shipping over $75

Whatever you buy from Pacific Coast Feather, you'll get free shipping if your order is over $75 and you live within the lower 48 United States. That's an improved customer perk over our last evaluation, where you had to spend about $100 to get complimentary delivery.

30-day returns, but pillows don't have reviews anymore

On the other hand, Pacific Coast Feather pillows no longer feature customer reviews. That makes it harder to tell which pillows live up to expectations once you get them home or which ones you'd want to avoid. You've got 30 days to make a return if you get a pillow you don't love, but you'll either have to pay for the return shipping or have $12.99 deducted from your refund if you use Pacific Coast Feather's prepaid label.

Going out of business?

We're not convinced that getting a refund is going to be an easy process, either. While Pacific Coast Feather has maintained the same "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau that we found in our previous review, the BBB listing continues to display an alert that the company filed for Chapter 11 (reorganization under the federal Bankruptcy Act) all the way back in 2019. Will they be around to honor your warranty claims or refund requests? Who knows.

Best Feather Pillow Stores

Customers point out some red flags

We also noticed a trend emerging in the handful of customer complaints: your purchase from Pacific Coast Feather may come from another retailer, or you may even be shipped something from a totally different brand. We saw rants from customers whose purchases arrived in Walmart boxes, whose bedding had a Pottery Barn label, and so on. In the responses from Pacific Coast Feather to these and other complaints, reps have started making mention of using different credit card payment processors and other changes. That leads us to believe that maybe that reorganization is underway, and we're not sure it's having a positive effect for the average Pacific Coast Feather shopper.

Not recommended

Pacific Coast Feather has been around in the feather pillow game for ages, but their customer service just isn't as high-caliber as you might expect for a big name. And, with that bankruptcy issue possibly hanging over their heads, it's a good idea to check out some other places for your feather pillow shopping. Or, if you're absolutely set on having Pacific Coast Feather-brand pillows, try looking in the inventory of some of the third-party retailers on our list - so you can rely on their return policy and satisfaction guarantee instead.

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Feather pillows are also celebrated for their longevity. High-quality feather pillows can last for many years, maintaining their shape and support even with regular use. This durability makes them a cost-effective choice in the long run compared to some other pillow materials that tend to lose their shape and support over time.

When it comes to home interior, feather pillows have long been a popular choice in the world of bedding and interior design. These pillows offer a unique combination of comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making them a preferred choice for many.

Interior decorators often choose feather pillows for their aesthetic appeal and versatility. Feather pillows have a timeless and classic look, making them a perfect fit for various interior design styles. They add a touch of luxury and coziness to bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces. The plump appearance of feather pillows can instantly elevate the visual appeal of a room: a valuable addition to any interior design project.

If you're looking for feather pillows, you may be surprised that there are vast differences in quality, price, and reliability. To help determine where you should buy feather pillows online, consider the following:

  • Value. Compare prices across different retailers to find the best deal for the quality you want. Don't forget to look at shipping costs too.
  • Quality of materials. Look for pillows made with high-quality feathers and encased in a durable cover. Higher fill power feathers are generally better in terms of loft and support.
  • Size and firmness options. Choose a retailer that offers a range of sizes and firmness levels to match your personal sleep preferences.
  • Customer reviews. Reading reviews from other buyers can provide insights into the quality and comfort of the pillows offered by a specific store. That may also give you a window into the level of customer service offered by the retailer.
  • Return policy and warranty. Ensure the shop has a customer-friendly return policy and a warranty that guarantees the pillow's durability.

To help you get a dreamy night's sleep (or the perfect finishing touches for your latest decorating project), the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have evaluated and ranked the most popular retailers of feather pillows. Happy shopping!

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Feather Pillow Store FAQ

As the name suggests, a feather pillow is filled with at least 51% feathers, usually sourced from geese. They have a very different feel compared to regular pillows, often offering a much more comfortable night's rest. That's why you'll find feather pillows in high-end hotels and resorts.
Feather pillows are classified by their blend of feathers and down. You can get pillows that are 100% feathers, a blend of 75/25, and so on. You can also find differences in the shell material, ranging from Egyptian cotton to 100% organic (but either way, you'll probably have your pillow in a pillowcase).
Of course! Just like regular pillows, feather pillows come in a wide range of support levels. You'll have no trouble finding one that offers just the right amount no matter how you tend to sleep. Some retailers of feather pillows offer density adjustments if you get yours delivered and have a Goldilocks-type experience of "too much support" or "not supportive enough" - they'll tweak it until you say it's just right.
The best approach is to never need to wash it, by using pillow protectors in addition to pillowcases. Why? Washing a feather pillow can make the feathers and down more brittle, due to the feathers' natural oils being stripped away. And, if you don't dry your pillow properly after washing it (in cold water, never hot), it could wind up smelling terrible. Consider putting on a proper-fitting pillow protector and pillowcase before you use your feather pillows for the first time.
Good news: with proper care, your pillows should last anywhere from 5-10 years (or longer!). The more you keep them protected from moisture and body oils, the more life you can expect to get from them. That's a lot longer than the 1-2 years that most synthetic pillows last.
If you've taken the steps to keep your feather pillows clean, you should only need to replace them when they no longer offer the support you need. If you're constantly fluffing them, or if you fold them in half and they don't expand back to full size, it might be time to get new ones.
They can be: you'll find super high-end pillows priced at over $400. On the other hand, it's possible to find basic feather pillows for under $20. Keep in mind that they can last many years longer than synthetic pillows, giving you a better return on your bedding "investment" .
That depends on where you buy them from. Some retailers have extremely generous return policies, letting you use the feather pillows for up to 8 months before deciding if you want to get a refund. But, most stores expect the pillows to be in unused condition to be eligible for a return, so be sure to use a pillow protector right away in order to keep them in like-new shape.

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