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Down & Feather Company Review

Sunday, April 14th

2024 Feather Pillow Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Down & Feather Company Review 5 Star Rating

Down & Feather Company

5 Star Rating
  • Feather pillows made to order
  • Prices range from $153 to $234
  • Hungarian goose down, Egyptian linen covers
  • Handy quiz to help find the perfect pillow
  • Free shipping on orders of $150+
  • Free pillow adjustments for the first year
  • 30-day returns
  • Thousands of five-star reviews
  • 10-year warranty
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Down & Feather Company aspires to be the ultimate destination for your pillow needs. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, from the sourcing of materials to the crafting of each product.

Made to order

Every item in their inventory, including feather pillows, is meticulously made to order, ensuring superior quality. Their down is sourced from Hungarian geese, adhering to the rigorous Control Union Responsible Down Standard. Moreover, they employ the finest Egyptian linens, woven on German looms, adding a bit of an international feel to your feather pillow.

Take the quiz

Understanding that choosing the perfect feather pillow can be perplexing, they offer a clever solution - the Pillow Personality Profile. Accessed via the "Start Here" link on their website, this tool delves into your unique preferences. It inquires about your gender, mattress firmness, height, shoulder breadth, and preferred sleep position. Once you've answered these questions, you're presented with a personalized pillow profile that guides you to the ideal options within Down & Feather's collection. It's a smart, customer-centric approach to pillow shopping, reflecting the brand's dedication to enhancing your sleep experience.

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Spin to win

In addition to this, the company adds a delightful touch to your shopping experience with a fun spin-the-wheel opportunity when you first visit the site and then enter your email address. You could win enticing rewards such as a pillow protector, sleep shirt, pillow spray, or a generous 10% discount on your order.

You choose the firmness

As for the pricing, Down & Feather offers feather pillows in a range of price points. "The Original" pillow offers the nostalgia of a traditional, thick, and heavy-feeling pillow, akin to the one at your grandmother's house. With a standard size, soft combination, this pillow costs $153. Prices vary depending on your preferred firmness and size, reaching $234 for a king-sized, extra-firm pillow (and, by the way, there was a 25% off promotion sitewide, bringing those prices down to just $115 and $175). Within the selection of all-feather pillows, you can explore other choices like "Hotel Collection," "Natural Nights," and "Snuggle Soft." Whichever type of pillow you prefer, you'll always be able to choose the size and firmness (ranging from soft to extra-firm).

Spend $150 to get free shipping

If you're hoping for free shipping, be prepared to meet a minimum purchase requirement of $150. Considering that most of Down & Feather's pillows already surpass this threshold, you'll likely qualify without extra effort.

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Get your firmness adjusted

Down & Feather goes beyond just selling pillows; they offer unique customer benefits that set them apart from other feather pillow retailers. Their "Perfect Pillow Policy" grants you a one-time density adjustment within the first year after purchase. Whether you find your pillow too firm or too soft, they allow you to send it in for modification, one density level higher or lower. Although you're responsible for the shipping cost to their facility, they cover the return delivery.

Try your pillow for 30 days

Additionally, you're given a 30-day window for returns, provided the pillow is in pristine, saleable condition. Down & Feather strongly recommends the use of a pillow protector and pillowcase to qualify for returns, so that you're not as likely to wind up with stains or other issues.

10-year warranty

One of their most remarkable features is the ten-year guarantee accompanying all feather pillows, comforters, and feather beds. As long as the "Goose Down" logo is intact, your warranty remains valid. Though the guarantee doesn't cover the down fill, the company promises that with proper care, your luxurious down pillows will endure well beyond a decade.

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These pillows get five stars

Customer satisfaction is further proof of their quality, with hundreds of reviews available on their site, even for the most expensive options, often achieving a remarkable 5-star rating. The only slight blemish on Down & Feather's reputation is a change from "A+" to an "F" from the Better Business Bureau, for failing to respond to a very small number of complaints. While that's never a good look, the hundreds of recent five-star reviews on many of the store's feather pillows are enough to convince us that there's nothing to worry about here.

#1 pick for feather pillows

While Down & Feather Company may not offer an extensive range of feather pillows, their commitment to quality surpasses quantity. Their pillows are unmatched in terms of satisfaction guarantee, warranty length, and the convenience of a free density adjustment. For those ready to invest in an extraordinary night's sleep, Down & Feather Company stands as the paramount destination to discover the perfect feather pillows, retaining the #1 spot on our list.

Where Can You Buy the Best Feather Pillows?

There's a reason why the world's top hotels and resorts feature feather pillows. First and foremost, they are renowned for their exceptional comfort. The natural softness of feathers, typically sourced from ducks or geese, provides a plush and supportive sleeping experience. Plus, the ability of feathers to conform to the contours of your head and neck allows for a restful night's sleep and relief from pressure points, promoting a good night's rest.

When it comes to purchasing feather pillows, there are several advantages to buying them online over traditional stores. Online shopping offers a wide variety of options, allowing you to choose from different sizes, fill levels, and cover materials to suit your sleeping style or your decor. You typically get detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and competitive pricing, so it's easier to find the perfect feather pillow for your comfort and design requirements.

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Feather Pillow Store FAQ

As the name suggests, a feather pillow is filled with at least 51% feathers, usually sourced from geese. They have a very different feel compared to regular pillows, often offering a much more comfortable night's rest. That's why you'll find feather pillows in high-end hotels and resorts.
Feather pillows are classified by their blend of feathers and down. You can get pillows that are 100% feathers, a blend of 75/25, and so on. You can also find differences in the shell material, ranging from Egyptian cotton to 100% organic (but either way, you'll probably have your pillow in a pillowcase).
Of course! Just like regular pillows, feather pillows come in a wide range of support levels. You'll have no trouble finding one that offers just the right amount no matter how you tend to sleep. Some retailers of feather pillows offer density adjustments if you get yours delivered and have a Goldilocks-type experience of "too much support" or "not supportive enough" - they'll tweak it until you say it's just right.
The best approach is to never need to wash it, by using pillow protectors in addition to pillowcases. Why? Washing a feather pillow can make the feathers and down more brittle, due to the feathers' natural oils being stripped away. And, if you don't dry your pillow properly after washing it (in cold water, never hot), it could wind up smelling terrible. Consider putting on a proper-fitting pillow protector and pillowcase before you use your feather pillows for the first time.
Good news: with proper care, your pillows should last anywhere from 5-10 years (or longer!). The more you keep them protected from moisture and body oils, the more life you can expect to get from them. That's a lot longer than the 1-2 years that most synthetic pillows last.
If you've taken the steps to keep your feather pillows clean, you should only need to replace them when they no longer offer the support you need. If you're constantly fluffing them, or if you fold them in half and they don't expand back to full size, it might be time to get new ones.
They can be: you'll find super high-end pillows priced at over $400. On the other hand, it's possible to find basic feather pillows for under $20. Keep in mind that they can last many years longer than synthetic pillows, giving you a better return on your bedding "investment" .
That depends on where you buy them from. Some retailers have extremely generous return policies, letting you use the feather pillows for up to 8 months before deciding if you want to get a refund. But, most stores expect the pillows to be in unused condition to be eligible for a return, so be sure to use a pillow protector right away in order to keep them in like-new shape.
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Feather pillows are also celebrated for their longevity. High-quality feather pillows can last for many years, maintaining their shape and support even with regular use. This durability makes them a cost-effective choice in the long run compared to some other pillow materials that tend to lose their shape and support over time.

When it comes to home interior, feather pillows have long been a popular choice in the world of bedding and interior design. These pillows offer a unique combination of comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making them a preferred choice for many.

Interior decorators often choose feather pillows for their aesthetic appeal and versatility. Feather pillows have a timeless and classic look, making them a perfect fit for various interior design styles. They add a touch of luxury and coziness to bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces. The plump appearance of feather pillows can instantly elevate the visual appeal of a room: a valuable addition to any interior design project.

If you're looking for feather pillows, you may be surprised that there are vast differences in quality, price, and reliability. To help determine where you should buy feather pillows online, consider the following:

  • Value. Compare prices across different retailers to find the best deal for the quality you want. Don't forget to look at shipping costs too.
  • Quality of materials. Look for pillows made with high-quality feathers and encased in a durable cover. Higher fill power feathers are generally better in terms of loft and support.
  • Size and firmness options. Choose a retailer that offers a range of sizes and firmness levels to match your personal sleep preferences.
  • Customer reviews. Reading reviews from other buyers can provide insights into the quality and comfort of the pillows offered by a specific store. That may also give you a window into the level of customer service offered by the retailer.
  • Return policy and warranty. Ensure the shop has a customer-friendly return policy and a warranty that guarantees the pillow's durability.

To help you get a dreamy night's sleep (or the perfect finishing touches for your latest decorating project), the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have evaluated and ranked the most popular retailers of feather pillows. Happy shopping!

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