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LL Flooring Review

Friday, February 23rd

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LL Flooring Review 1.5 Star Rating

LL Flooring

1.5 Star Rating
  • Wide selection of hardwood and imitation hardwoods
  • Clearance flooring offered
  • Installation available

Previously known as "Lumber Liquidators" , LL flooring is a bulk flooring company with a whole lot of experience, but a whole lot of poor reviews. LL Flooring may be a good choice for your project due to their low-cost and ubiquitous in-person retail presence across the U.S. However, with a history of health-related litigation, and a horrible reputation among flooring experts, you would likely be better served with a company rated more highly.

Respectable range of flooring

LL Flooring offers a respectable range of flooring, and - as a major supplier - doesn't miss out on any of the staples; hardwood, vinyl, laminate, cork, and hybrids of the previously-listed types, are all for sale at LL Flooring. (However, Tile is noticeably absent). To help you make your choice, LL Flooring provides a varied list of sample kits: whether a collection of customer favorites, a theme, or material sampler, we appreciate that LL Flooring provides some low-pressure comparisons for their customers. In addition, LL flooring provides a clearances section, though fewer warranties apply to said clearance options. LL Flooring also offers flooring installation through independent contractors, and-as a nice bonus-they do offer an installation estimate for free.

In-store pickup offered

One definite benefit of LL Flooring are their physical locations dotted throughout the country, meaning you can have your order delivered to them before you pick it up: saving on delivery costs. Otherwise, shipping will vary depending on the weight/quantity of your purchase. For example, the shipping for one box of hardwood from LL Flooring costs about $31.

90 day returns - on unopened products

LL Flooring does not advertise or openly flaunt any kind of favorable returns policy, however, you are able to return within 90 days if the box is not opened, or if there are obvious defects with their products: keep in mind that if you install the faulty product, you are considered to have voided your warranty, which may be inconvenient if there is a defect that does not show itself until after installation.

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Guides offered, but poorly formatted

Similar to their competitors, LL Flooring provides some good-to-know educational materials about every aspect of flooring: from choosing the right material, to installation and care, and everything in between. However, while helpful, their educational materials are not nearly as neatly or intuitively displayed as some of the more highly rated providers on our list. All in all, their materials are difficult to read due to their relatively poor website design, which detracts from their usefulness.

Known for poor boards and formaldehyde

LL Flooring is infamous on DIY and flooring discussion boards for their overall poor quality; some who were contractors themselves, stated that they charge extra if a client sources their wood from LL Flooring to account for the extra time they would need to take installing a shoddy material. Not only do they have an overwhelmingly poor reputation among customers on discussion boards, but they have been in significant legal trouble for selling laminate flooring cheaply sourced from China with harmful levels of formaldehyde, and were ordered to pay $33million in damages. Shoddy quality is one thing, but when that poor quality affects the health of their customers, LL Flooring's low-budget boards feel a lot less attractive as a potential flooring option.

Overall not recommended

LL Flooring's shoddy offshore-produced vinyl boards negatively affected the health of thousands of people; if a company cannot be bothered to determine that their products are actually safe, and further have a terrible reputation for shoddy workmanship, poor customer service, why risk the trouble? While their flooring may be cheap, that cost could be eaten by the simple fact that it will take longer to install poor-quality, potentially warped, short-cut boards. In other words, if you go with LL Flooring, you're making a gamble, and it's a bet that we wouldn't recommend.

Where Can You Find the Best Flooring Retailers Online?

Online flooring companies have gained popularity as excellent places to buy flooring due to several compelling reasons. First and foremost, these platforms offer an extensive selection of flooring options, encompassing various materials, styles, colors, and patterns. This vast diversity provides customers with a broad spectrum of choices, allowing them to find the perfect flooring solution to match their specific needs and preferences.

While many flooring companies attest to the quality and care they place in their product, not all are created equal. We've winnowed the wheat from the chaff to find not only the best out there, but to offer a few helpful tips for you as well.

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Flooring Company FAQ

Flooring offers so many options, from traditional wall-to-wall carpeting to newer materials like bamboo. Other popular flooring types are laminate, tile, ceramic, hardwood, engineered hardwood, and vinyl.
That's a great question. Your first consideration is probably location: you wouldn't want carpet in a kitchen or bathroom, for example! Think about the type of use you anticipate having in that room. Next, decide how durable you need your flooring to be; this is especially important in high-traffic areas and if you have pets whose nails might damage easily-scratched flooring types. And, of course, you can't forget aesthetic appeal and budget!
The answer is obvious: you want to have as many options as possible to choose from, and you want the best price. Buying your flooring through an online retailer gives you both - with the added advantage of not dealing with a pushy salesperson in your home or at the store.
Quite often, yes. If you're buying from a retailer that is strictly internet-based, they don't have the overhead of a brick-and-mortar store and so they pass the savings along to you. Even with shipping/delivery costs, you'll likely save a significant amount of money when compared with local flooring stores.
No! That's certainly an option, but you can always hire a professional to install the materials you've purchased.
The best measurements are done by an expert, no surprise there. Believe it or not, some online flooring companies will send out a certified flooring consultant or estimator to take measurements - for free! If you already have an installer lined up, you can also ask if they'll do the measuring before you place the order. Otherwise, most online flooring websites have plenty of how-tos to measure the area on your own and determine how much you'll need in order to cover the space. (Expect that there will be a certain amount of extra product, since you can't usually order the precise quantity of materials to finish the job.)
Absolutely! Most companies have help lines you can call, email or live chat to get answers to all of your flooring-related questions. You can get recommendations for the type of flooring you're considering, find out what tools you'll need to install it yourself, or any other information you need before - and after! - placing your order.
Most of the time, yes, but with certain restrictions. You can usually return and get a refund for any unopened items, like a full box of ceramic tile or hardwood planks. Some retailers will charge a restocking fee, and you could be on the hook for return shipping fees if the flooring store doesn't have a brick-and-mortar location near you.
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Following the many supply chain issues of the pandemic, lumber (and building materials more generally) can be more expensive than ever. If you're going to be spending the money to renovate your home, or require bulk flooring for your business or a specific project, then you want to be sure as to not only the quality of the product, but the support you'll receive as a customer.

Though vinyl seems to be all the rage these days - many of us are familiar with the "landlord special" of flat white paint and lowest-cost gray vinyl - the best flooring companies today offer multiple potential installations for your home, from glossy laminate to luxurious hardwoods, tile, and even specialty floors such as high-impact gym floors and cork.

While shipping is important for all online retailers, it is especially important for flooring, as costs can often balloon simply due to the weight of materials you order. Many large retailers offer on-site pick-up or store delivery, and that can help you save a significant amount if you have the space to haul your order from the store to your home or renovation site. In short, be sure to check shipping costs for each supplier before you order, and also keep in mind that if shipping is advertised as "free" , they may be more than making up for it in the actual cost of the boards.

Convenience is another standout feature of online flooring companies. You can browse and purchase flooring materials from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for time-consuming visits to traditional stores. This convenience is particularly advantageous for individuals with busy schedules or those who may not have easy access to local flooring retailers.

Moreover, online flooring companies often offer competitive pricing. Lower overhead costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores enable them to provide cost-effective options to customers. Additionally, many online retailers frequently feature discounts, promotions, or bundle deals that can result in significant savings for buyers.

One specific thing to watch out for when buying flooring online is this: some less-than-reputable retailers will disguise high-pressure sales pitches as informative "consultations" to get you to order overpriced materials. In short, an ounce of research is worth a pound down the line.

So, what can you use to decide which online flooring retailer is going to be your best bet? There are a lot of them out there, and it can get overwhelming quickly. Here are some criteria that can make the experience a little more worry-free:

  • Variety: The more types of flooring a retailer carries, the more likely you are to find what you've got in mind. Look for a store that has multiple options of the flooring type you're considering, spanning several brands and color choices.
  • Installation: Many major flooring retailers offer installation, but keep in mind this installation can vary in terms of quality. If you aren't installing the flooring yourself, take some time to look into who the retailer contracts to do the work and see if there's any customer feedback there.
  • Educational materials: The best retailers on our list offer how-to guides and educational materials on almost every element of flooring. If you are buying and/or looking to install yourself and don't know where to start, the free buying and care guides provided can be an excellent resource.
  • Returns: It's no surprise that things can go wrong with flooring. It can get left in a warehouse too long and warp/crack, it can come with manufacturing defects in the boards, or maybe they don't even ship you the right materials. Be sure you know your retailer's return policy before you click the "place order" button. If you might need to take advantage of returns and have a large order, inspect your boards on delivery, and be sure to note any defects when signing the proof of delivery form. Doing so will help you take advantage of your return in the long run.

Flooring can be a significant expense for your business or home renovation, so it pays to find a good, reliable supplier who works with you when something goes wrong. Top Consumer Reviews has done the legwork to find the most reputable flooring retailers out there today, and we're confident that this research will be helpful as you decide where to spend your hard-earned cash on new flooring!

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