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The Best Flower Clubs

Where Can You Find the Best Flower Clubs?

Whether you're looking for an easy way to constantly replenish the floral display in your office, brighten your home, or delight a lucky someone on a special occasion, subscription flower memberships are ideal. From the bright splash of color to the gentle fragrance, a bouquet is a wonderful way to show love and appreciation or even just your unique decorating style.

Why hassle with placing an order with the local florist each month, when instead you can have a beautiful arrangement delivered directly to your home or business - often directly from the growers themselves - and often at prices that are much more affordable? When you buy a flower club membership, you can determine exactly how often you'd like to receive your bouquets: most clubs offer plans ranging from three months to a year, and some providers let you decide to get flowers weekly, every other week, each month or once a quarter. The choice is yours!

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2023 Flower Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Flower of the Month Club Review 5 Star Rating

Flower of the Month Club

5 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $41.78 to $45.95/month
  • Free shipping
  • Vase available for an extra $15
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Flower of the Month Club is part of the Clubs of America brand, and since 1994 the company has stood out as one of the best options for subscription-based gifts. Every monthly club they offer, from Wine to Pizza and more, is carefully curated by experts in their fields, making sure that you get only the highest-quality products available.

100% satisfaction guarantee

As you'd expect from such an experienced business, everything is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you can trust that your flower club deliveries will get to their destination on time, in beautiful condition, and exactly as expected. And if not? Friendly customer service reps will take great care to make it right.

Fun newsletter

In the Flower of the Month Club, you can expect to get a theme bouquet directly from the best growers around the world. Some of the blooms in your arrangement may include Peruvian Lilies, Dendrobium Orchids, Red Anthuriums, proteas, lisianthus, Birds of Paradise, and many more. You'll also get a fun newsletter, "Flower Expeditions", that provides interesting facts about your flower varieties and their growers, special care instructions for making your bouquet last, and other fun details about your shipment.

Best Flower Clubs

Great for gift-giving

This flower club is particularly suited for gift-giving, because it's one of the few in the industry that give you the option of including a vase with your first delivery. You'll pay an extra $15 and can indicate that during the ordering process. You're also not locked into just a 3, 6, or 12-month plan with Flower of the Month Club. Want to send bouquets for two months? Or three? Or four? You can do that with this provider. You can also opt to have your arrangements delivered every month, every other month, or every three months, and you can choose a start date up to 11 months in advance.

Gift options

If you're sending this flower club as a gift, you'll find gift letter options during the ordering process. Options include printing a gift letter from the website, emailing a gift letter from the site, or having the company send a gift letter in the mail either to the giver (for in-person delivery) or the recipient. If you decide to have something sent, either via email or regular mail, you have to choose between having it sent at the time of the order or at the start month. There's no extra charge for any of these helpful options.

Competitive pricing

Flower of the Month Club is very attractively priced. Your per-arrangement cost will range between $41.78 to $45.95/month, with bigger discounts on longer memberships.

Fantastic customer experience

While there weren't many customer testimonials on the club website, we found ample comments in other places saying that their experience with this company was absolutely fantastic. Flowers lasted much longer than bouquets people typically get from local florists, especially when following the detailed care instructions included with every arrangement.

World class experience

Flower of the Month Club delivers a world-class floral experience, with exotic blooms you probably won't get with any other provider. You'll love the affordability of these gorgeous arrangements, and if someone is lucky enough to be on your gift-giving list, you can be confident that they will love each and every bouquet. This company earns our highest rating among flower clubs.

Amazing Clubs Review 4.5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $42.95 to $44.95 per month
  • Free delivery
  • No vase available

If you're looking for a stellar source of gift clubs ranging from Jams to Jerky, Amazing Clubs won't disappoint. The company is a frequent first-place winner in our reviews, because their deliveries are almost always extraordinary, while still being affordable enough for everyday gift-giving needs.

Gorgeous arrangements

How does their flower club stack up against the competition? Amazing Clubs doesn't give you any options to choose from when it comes to what flowers you or your recipient will receive. While most of their rivals let you choose between a couple of styles (and price points), all of the bouquets shipped by this flower club are selected for you. Don't get the wrong idea, though: you'll still get gorgeous arrangements, and many customers commented that the bouquets they received from Amazing Clubs were much more unique, colorful and long-lasting than what they would get from a local florist.

Flower deliveries

Here are some of the previous selections in this flower club:

  • Autumn Enchantment: Bird of Paradise, Psittacorums, Red Ginger, French Kiss, Ti Leaves, Palm Leaves, Ginger Foliage
  • Hawaiian Summer: Standard and Designer Anthurium, Song of India, Ti Leaves, Massangeana
  • Winter Lily: LA Hybrid Lily, Assorted Aster, Pinceles, Green Ti Leaves

Payment options

You've got a lot of options for scheduling, payment and delivery. Whether you pay in full or pay per shipment, the price is the same. You'll save a little with the longer subscriptions; a 3-month club is $44.95 per month, while a 12-month plan is $42.95 per delivery. You can also opt for a seasonal club, delivered every three months for a total of four deliveries, or a 6-month club. Once you choose the duration, you'll get a dropdown box to indicate if you'd like the bouquets to come every month or every other month. Finally, you can start your subscription up to 10 months in advance, and your flowers will be delivered at the end of the month.

Best Flower Clubs

They'll Love It guarantee

With no say-so over what kinds of flowers are included in their bouquets, no vase available on any shipment, and a monthly price that is roughly average, Amazing Clubs might not seem like an obvious choice for such a high ranking in our reviews. Want to know why? Across every imaginable type of club - neckties, salsa, even dog treats - this company never fails to deliver on their "They'll Love It!" Guarantee. Just read a few of the flower club reviews for yourself and you'll see: Amazing Clubs goes above and beyond to keep their customers delighted from one delivery to the next.

Full bouquets

Plus, as we read the description of the bouquets received by this flower club's subscribers, it made us think that they could be as large as some of the premium-level arrangements offered by other providers we evaluated. Even in the FAQ, it says that this plan's monthly deliveries are "full-sized and suitable as centerpieces or for display in an entryway", and are used frequently by medical offices, law firms and corporate offices. That definitely doesn't sound like a skimpy bouquet!

Great option

So, while Amazing Club's flower membership might not initially seem like the most impressive option on the market, it really shines when it comes to overall quality and customer happiness. This is a great option among flower clubs.

Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club Review 4 Star Rating

Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club

4 Star Rating
  • Cost: $35.95/month
  • $14.95 for shipping/handling
  • No vase available

The Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club uses a five-point process to ensure that every bouquet you receive is exceptional and representative of the company's 60+ years of collective experience in the industry. Only the highest-quality blooms are used in their arrangements, selected by buyers who travel to flower-growing regions from Holland to Costa Rica: buying flowers where they grow best!

Seasonal bouquets

What's included with your Fresh Cut flower club? For $35.95 (plus a whopping $14 in shipping and handling, bringing your total to $49.95 per month), you'll get seasonal bouquets cut just days before you receive them. Plus, you'll get a monthly newsletter detailing each included bloom's history: where it originated, how it was grown, and so on. You can see some of this club's recent bouquets on the site; one gorgeous arrangement was called the Tropical Protea Starburst and included three colors of protea, curly willow, tri-color hala leaves and palm frond accents.

Annual flower calendar

Helpful hint: if you'd like to see the most likely line-up of bouquets on Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club's schedule, go to the FAQ at the bottom of the page. Click on the question "What will I receive in each shipment?" because there you'll find the Annual Flower Calendar!

Best Flower Clubs

Discounts available

Like most of the flower clubs in our review, Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club offers discounts if you pay attention as you browse the site. Unlike most sites that make you enter your email address to get your savings, this provider had a pop-up with coupon codes. We were able to save $10 on a 4-shipment order, $15 on a prepaid 6-shipment order, or $30 on a 12-shipment order. Your offers may vary, but it's worth looking out for as you shop.

Flexible subscription

While this flower club doesn't give you any options as to the types of blooms you'll receive, they're one of the most flexible when it comes to your subscription overall. Although most membership plans lock you into the standard 3, 6, or 12 month schedule, this one lets you decide on anywhere from 2-12 months of deliveries, or an ongoing, cancel-anytime plan. You can also opt to have your bouquets sent monthly, every other month, or quarterly. Finally, you can either pay in a single installment or as each bouquet ships, with no difference in price.

Gift giving features

Gift-giving features are easy to use with this flower club. During the checkout process, you can either create a PDF to give directly to the recipient, or you can schedule an email announcement for the date of your choice. Unfortunately, though, there's no option for a vase.

Satisfaction guarantee

And, as with most of the flower clubs you'll find, this service backs every delivery with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You'll get a replacement or refund if any bouquet doesn't meet your high standards. And, we're sure that Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club honors their promises, based on the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and an "A+" rating at the BBB (listed under the name of parent company, Monthly Clubs).

Top quality but at a price

Although this flower club may cost you more than some of the other subscriptions out there, you'll enjoy reliable delivery of top-quality blooms according to one of the most flexible schedules offered to customers today. This is a fantastic flower club for you or for someone lucky enough to know you!

Enjoy Flowers Review 4 Star Rating

Enjoy Flowers

4 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $41.65 to $79 per delivery
  • Free shipping
  • No vase available

Enjoy Flowers is a family-owned business with more than 50 years in the floral industry. The company maintains a strong commitment to fresh flowers direct from Colombian farms, where they go to great lengths to care for the more than 1500 employees working there. (As a side note, we were really impressed that Enjoy Flowers sponsors a housing fund that has helped nearly 5,000 families buy or improve their homes in Colombia over the last 40 years!)

Focus on monthly subscriptions

This is one of the few flower clubs in our review with a heavy focus on their monthly subscription. Yes, you can buy one-off bouquets for yourself or as a gift here, but you'll mostly find their efforts centered on their no-long-term-contract membership plan.

You can remain secret

Are you sending this flower club as a gift? You can enter your recipient's name and email address during the checkout process, making sure to say who the flowers are from (if you want). You can also opt to have no notification sent, if you want to remain secret. Alternately, there's a link under the gift note section that lets you print out a card if you'd like to give that to someone in person before the flowers arrive. That's a good option, since you can't select next-day delivery when buying a monthly membership: in fact, the regular delivery date is almost always Thursday, so plan accordingly.

2 flower bouquet styles

So, what will you get with Enjoy Flowers' regularly-scheduled deliveries? There are two bouquet styles to choose from:

  • Signature: looking for bouquets that are "elegant, exclusive, premium and sophisticated"? This is the right choice. Flower varieties include garden roses, roses, callas, leucospermum, proteas, lilies, scabious, hydrangeas, kale, pincushion and more.
  • Farm Fresh: described as being "Fun, Seasonal, Mixed, Charming and Fresh", these arrangements include roses, spray roses, alstroemerias, carnations, matsumoto, green trick, pompon, hydrangeas and more. You'll pay $41.65 to $69.00 per delivery, depending on which bouquet size you select.

Do It Yourself

A third option is the DIY Collection: instead of getting a bouquet, you or your recipient will receive loose stems, not arranged, so that the arrangement can be created however you like. This is essentially the same package as the Farm Fresh in terms of pricing and flower varieties, just not formed into an actual bouquet.

Best Flower Clubs

Choose your size

Once you've decided on the bouquet style, you'll need to decide which size bouquet you'd prefer: Regular (20-25 stems), Medium (30-35 stems), or Large (40-50 stems) are your options for the Farm Fresh arrangement, while Single (20-25 stems) or Double (40-50 stems) are your choices with the Signature collection. Then, choose how often you'd like your flowers to arrive: every two weeks or every month.

Payment choices

Finally, you select your payment plan. Your price will depend on whether you want to pay as you go or if you'd like to prepay for your deliveries. You'll save 5% if you pay for 3 deliveries in advance, 7.5% if you pay for 6 deliveries, and 15% if you pay for 12 deliveries. If you select the gift subscription, your membership will not renew automatically. On the other hand, if you're buying this flower club for yourself - and why not? - be aware that your deliveries will continue indefinitely, until you contact Enjoy Flowers to cancel.

Discount options

Most pop-up discounts we get from sites we evaluate require you to enter your email address and subscribe to a newsletter. We got one of those - a 30% off code in exchange for signing up as a new subscriber and choosing a monthly flower club - but that wasn't all. We also got a landing page that said we could get a savings of 15% sitewide if we shared their link on social media. Personally, we like a 30% discount more than a 15% savings, but either way it's a great way to save a little on your purchase.

Stay fresh guarantee

All bouquets delivered by Enjoy Flowers come with a 7-day stay-fresh guarantee. If you receive any assortment that doesn't stay in pristine condition for at least a week, the company will gladly replace your flowers with an equivalent arrangement as soon as possible.

Deliver on their promise

And, this florist actually delivers on that promise. We found more than a few reviews from customers who said that the service they received from Enjoy Flowers was fantastic. Even if they were initially unhappy for some reason - blooms that wilted within a few days or didn't look so great upon arrival - their stress quickly turned to satisfaction when they received a friendly, apologetic response and the right fix for the problem.

No vase

The one big drawback is that there's no way to get a vase when buying your flower club through Enjoy Flowers. We checked in with their live chat representative, and she confirmed that because the bouquets ship directly from their farms in Colombia, there's no way to add a vase to the order. She very helpfully provided us with the bouquet dimensions, so that we could purchase one separately, but that could be a deal-breaker for customers who want genuine one-stop shopping for gift-giving purposes.

Solid choice

Enjoy Flowers goes a long way - literally - to bring fresh flowers right from the farm to your front door. Their flower club is competitively priced, and customers have very positive things to say about the arrangements they've received. Just remember that if you want a vase, you're on your own!

BloomsyBox Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $39.99 to $49.99/monthly
  • $44.99/weekly
  • $49.99/bi-weekly
  • Free overnight shipping
  • No vase available

BloomsyBox is one of the few flower clubs that works as a membership plan only: no one-off bouquets for Valentine's Day here! (And why not give your beloved flowers every month instead?) No matter which plan you choose, all of your flowers will be delivered within 2-4 days of having been hand-picked just for you.

Flower membership options

There are quite a few options for your flower membership. Take a look:

  • Bloomsy Original: $39.99/month
  • Bloomsy Deluxe: $49.99/month
  • Bloomsy Premium: $59.99/month

No lengthy contracts

If you're looking for weekly or bi-weekly flower deliveries, BloomsyBox has you covered. You'll pay $44.99 per delivery on the weekly plan, and $49.99 on the bi-weekly schedule. All plans lets you cancel at any time: no lengthy contracts or commitments.


We would have loved to see more information about what to expect with each plan. How many stems are in the Original vs. the Premium? What flower varieties have been in previous bouquets? Apparently, you won't know until your arrangements arrive. Looking around the site, we imagine you might get sunflowers, roses, hydrangeas and more - but a little more detail would have been helpful.

Saving money

Signing up for BloomsyBox's email list can get you $5 off your first purchase of any flower club. Just watch for the pop-up as you browse the site. You can also save money by choosing a prepay plan. For example, on the Bloomsy Original, your monthly price is $38.49 if you pay for 12 months in advance. We're not sure that a savings of 50 cents is worth paying $461.68 ahead of time, but you can decide for yourself. Also be aware that plans not designated as a gift will auto-renew, and there's no way to opt out (but you can still cancel at any time and get a refund for unused deliveries in your prepay plan).

Best Flower Clubs

100% satisfaction guarantee

There are some good reasons to like BloomsyBox. Like most of the providers we examined, this company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if a bouquet comes that you don't like you won't pay for it, and blooms are guaranteed to last at least 7 days. But, an added perk is that you can skip a month on your delivery schedule anytime, whether you'll be out of town or just want to take a break. And, we really like that each delivery includes an informational card to help you care for your specific arrangement. As BloomsyBox puts it, "different flowers require different levels of care", and they make sure you can maintain yours for the longest possible time.

Lackluster gift giving features

On the other hand, gift-giving features were somewhat lackluster. BloomsyBox aims to be eco-friendly, going so far as to hand-tie their bouquets and wrap them in paper instead of plastic. We think that's great! But, they also don't give you the option to include a vase. Also, your gift message is entered during the checkout process, but they don't provide the option to have it sent at a specific time, to print it yourself, or any of the other choices we usually see with flower clubs.

Not as flexible

Delivery possibilities weren't as flexible as some of BloomsyBox's competitors either. Where many flower memberships let you specify your preferred delivery date, have the bouquets delivered every other month or seasonally, or choose shipment frequencies outside of the typical 3-6-12 month range, this club just doesn't give you that freedom.

Customer praise

On a positive note, customers say good things about the quality of the flowers they've received. The blooms are fresh, colorful and unique, lasting much longer than what people usually get from a local store. And, most comments said that the service received from BloomsyBox's customer team is fantastic; we also saw very responsive representatives working hard to make sure their clients got problems resolved to their satisfaction.


While this flower club doesn't rank as one of our top choices, we like that it's affordable and offers plenty of options for every budget. We hope to see more details in the future about what's included in their bouquets, making it easier for prospective customers to choose BloomsyBox for their flower membership.

Bouqs Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $36 to $60 per delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Vase available for $9.60

Since 2012, Bouqs has worked hard "to bring romance and delight" back to the tradition of giving and receiving flowers. The company places strong emphasis on building empowering relationships directly with flower farmers and creating a process that eliminates unnecessary waste by partnering with eco-friendly providers.

3 different flower collections

While Bouqs is best known as a great place to buy one-off bouquets, they offer a fantastic Flower Club as well. In their subscription service, there are three different flower collections to choose from:

  • Roses: a traditional favorite, some deliveries will be a single color while others will be multicolored. The first delivery is typically the Sweetness bouquet, an arrangement of pale pink blooms.
  • Farmer's Market: "bright, earthy blooms like sunflowers and ornamental kale", this collection is described as bold and rustic. The first delivery will probably be the Serene arrangement: hot pink roses, calla lilies, and hypericum.
  • The Classics: a variety of timeless flowers, from roses to alstroemerias and more. The first shipment in this selection is usually the Sincere, a bouquet of ivory-colored roses.

Customize your deliveries

Once you've selected the collection that catches your eye, you can start to customize your plan. First, you choose the size: Original (10-16 stems) for $36, Deluxe (20-32 stems) for $48, or Grand (30-45 stems) for $60. Next, decide how often you want your flowers to be delivered: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. Shipping costs are included in your delivery price.

Signature vase

At this point in the ordering process, you'll be asked to create an account, either using your email address and a password or by logging in through Facebook. Once your account is created, you'll enter the details for the recipient of the flower club. Select your desired delivery date for the first shipment, up to three months into the future, and keeping in mind that deliveries are only made on Wednesday through Friday. You can then add a personal note: if you want your recipient to know the flowers are from you, be sure to include your name - otherwise, your gift will be anonymous. Finally decide if you'd like to add Bouq's signature vase to your first order for an extra $9.60.

Best Flower Clubs

Discount offer

When you first visit the Bouqs site, you may get a pop-up discount offer if you create an account. We were given a 10% off on a bouquet and a reduced-rate delivery fee of $12 - but, of course, that doesn't really apply when subscribing to a Flower Club. Fortunately, this subscription comes with free shipping every time, and bouquets are already priced at 20% below a la carte/retail.

Change the destination

One really amazing difference between Bouqs and other Flower Club memberships is that you can change the delivery destination with each shipment. Maybe you want your May flowers to go to Mom for Mother's Day, your June bouquet sent to your niece for her graduation, and July for your own home. No problem! We're really impressed by this feature and think it opens up the possibilities for some fun gift-giving. However, you'll have to decide if you want to pay extra for a vase with each different recipient!

Numerous complaints

With all of these very positive factors, you might be wondering why Bouqs doesn't rank higher among Flower Clubs. While the company has a decent "A-" rating with the BBB, we were unhappy to read so many negative comments from customers. There were numerous complaints about flowers that arrived in poor condition, orders that never arrived, and other problems. Plus, even though Bouqs promises to leave you 100% satisfied, many people said that instead of being given a refund, they were only offered a store credit - until they filed a complaint at the BBB and then got their money back. While we are glad to see the company responding to negative feedback and apologizing for their customers' hassles, we'd rather see a flower club getting it right the first time.

Dropped the ball

At the end of the day, Bouqs has an attractive selection of flowers, priced affordably, and with customization options that aren't found with any other flower subscription we've found. But, be aware that you may have to endure several calls with their customer service team if you wind up with deliveries that don't go according to plan.

1 800 Flowers Review 2.5 Star Rating

1 800 Flowers

2.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $39.99 to $59.99 per delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Free vase included

1 800 Flowers has been around for a long time. As part of a brand family that includes Harry & David, The Popcorn Factory, and Shari's Berries, this retailer is an easy choice for simplifying your gift-giving and getting it all done in one place.

2 flower clubs

While there are quite a few monthly gift clubs to choose from when shopping at 1 800 Flowers, there are two specifically focused on flowers:

  • Bloom of the Month: seasonal arrangements of a variety of flowers. This club is priced at $59.99 per delivery, and every bouquet comes with a new vase.
  • Rose of the Month: arrangements that include only roses. You'll pay $39.99 per delivery, and only the first shipment comes with a vase.

Delivery options

With either club, your delivery options include 3, 6, or 12 months of bouquets. Once you select your first desired delivery date - usually a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, at least a week after the date of your order - the remaining shipments will be scheduled to arrive according to the membership frequency you've chosen.

Best Flower Clubs

SmartGift option

1 800 Flowers has a perk we've never seen on any other site: the ability to send your flower club as a "SmartGift". This lets you send your recipient a notification that you're giving them the subscription, but they get to choose where the flowers are sent. Beyond that, they can also opt to use the value of the flower membership and apply it to something else in the 1 800 Flowers brand family. So, if you mistakenly think your Aunt Mary would absolutely love a fresh bouquet but it turns out she's allergic, she can easily swap your gift for something that won't make her sneeze.

Sloppy website

We didn't love the experience of using the 1 800 Flowers site as we considered their flower clubs. There were places that text overlapped, so we couldn't see the details we needed. And, speaking of details, they were pretty lacking with respect to what we'd get for our subscription price. How many blooms would be in each bouquet? Each club only showed a single product image, giving us almost no idea if that was a typical arrangement we could expect with each shipment.

No customer reviews

To top it off, there were no customer reviews on either of the monthly flower clubs. We're glad that 1 800 Flowers offers a "100% Smile Guarantee", because it's pretty hard to tell if they're knocking it out of the park or leaving people disappointed going solely by what's on their site.


With this being one of the most expensive flower memberships on the market, it doesn't do enough to convince us that it's worth the investment. 1 800 Flowers is a reputable company, but we think you'll have a more enjoyable shopping experience - and have a much clearer idea of what your arrangements will be like - with one of the higher-ranked flower clubs in our review.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

While almost any flower club is bound to be a delight, there are some big differences among the many membership plans available today. How can you tell which one is the perfect fit for you or the recipient of your gift? Here are several criteria that can help you sort through your options:

  • Flower Selection. Some clubs let you choose what kinds of blooms you'll receive (e.g. roses, lilies, etc.), while others send a variety of flowers from one delivery to the next. Make sure that the kinds of flowers match your expectations.
  • Plan Flexibility. Is there a membership that matches how long you'd like bouquets to be sent? Are you locked into a prepayment plan, or can you cancel at any time? Can you opt to have deliveries made on a schedule other than monthly: weekly, every other month, and so on?
  • Cost. What will you pay for your flower club subscription? Are delivery fees included? Can you get a vase with your bouquets, and if so, will you pay extra? Of course, the biggest question is if the membership provides a good value for what you spend.
  • Reputation. Any company can claim to have the best flower club, but what do actual customers say? Do the bouquets arrive fresh and in great condition, and do the blooms last a long time after delivery? How well does the company handle issues that arise?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Flower Clubs on the market today. We hope this information helps you choose the perfect membership to deliver farm-fresh blooms that delight you or your fortunate gift recipient!

The Best Flower Clubs Compare Flower Clubs Compare Flower Club Reviews What are the best Flower Clubs Best Flower Club Reviews

Flower Club FAQ

A flower club is a subscription-based service that provides a gorgeous, fresh bouquet of cut flowers on a monthly basis. You can subscribe for just a few months or for an entire year, and you can even decide if you want them every month, every other month, or quarterly. Flower club memberships are an affordable, easy way to bring some beauty and color to your home or office - no need to go to the store or florist!
Most flower clubs take great pride in the incredible selection of flowers used in each bouquet. Forget carnations and daisies (though you could get a few of those from time to time): you might receive exotic orchids, Birds of Paradise, lilies from around the world, and so much more. Many club providers have active social media accounts where you can see customer photos of the lovely bouquets they've gotten, if you'd like to get a feel for a particular flower club's offerings.
Your local flower shop probably doesn't have access to the quantity of blooms available through a flower subscription. Plus, a regular delivery of flowers eliminates the need to phone in an order or stop by: you'll know that, like clockwork, your bouquet will arrive safely on your doorstep.
You'll be surprised how affordable they are: some of the most well-loved flower clubs start at just $35 per month! That's definitely competitive with the price you'd pay for a premium bouquet at a supermarket or florist.
That depends on the flower club provider you select. Some include the delivery costs in the subscription price, while others have shipping fees of approximately $15 per month (above and beyond the membership cost).
That also varies by flower club. If you'll need a vase, some clubs include one with the first bouquet while others require you to pay an additional fee. Many providers send an informative, fun newsletter with each bouquet, not only with care instructions for helping your blooms last as long as possible but also with details about the origin of the specific flowers in the arrangement. A few flower clubs offer add-ons like chocolate or balloons too.
Usually, yes. If anything goes wrong with your bouquet - the flowers arrive wilted, they don't last longer than a day or two, or some other issue occurs - you can usually get a replacement order sent right away. If you prefer a refund, a few flower clubs will gladly do that as well.
Absolutely! Flower club memberships make great gifts, and you'll find a nice array of gift-giving options with most providers. That could include a hand-written note with the message you specify, an email announcement on the date you indicate, or even the ability to send the flowers anonymously!
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