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Who Offers the Best Flower Delivery Service?

If you're trying to put a smile on someone's face, few things work as effectively - and beautifully - as fresh flowers. Research done by LaSalle University and Rutgers University show that when people receive flowers, they're happier in the short-term, their mood is boosted over the long-term, and they feel more connected to the sender.

There really is something to the idea of "flower power"! Even the practice of feng shui associates fresh-cut flowers with increasing abundance and positive energy. Is it any wonder that so many people choose Flower Delivery to celebrate important moments like the birth of a child, to share the grief in times of bereavement, and even as a "just because" pick-me-up for a friend or loved one?

Wednesday, May 18th

2022 Flower Delivery Service Reviews

The Flower Factory Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

The Flower Factory

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

The Flower Factory can do it all, from traditional rose bouquets to specialty arrangements and wedding florals. Their reputation is fantastic, especially when it comes to delivering flowers that are just as fresh and vibrant as what you see on their website. This family owned-and-operated company is our top choice among businesses that deliver flowers.

Flower Explosion Review 4.5 Star Rating

Flower Explosion

4.5 Star Rating

Flower Explosion delivers in every way: lower prices, free delivery, and gorgeous blooms and bouquets that will impress. Although you won't get any same-day delivery options with this company, their attention to detail and commitment to your satisfaction will probably make you a loyal customer for years to come.

Flowers Fast Review 4 Star Rating

Flowers Fast

4 Star Rating

For over two decades, Flowers Fast has provided gorgeous floral arrangements and bouquets, including options for memorial services and funerals (that you might not find with other online florists). Plus, recent upgrades to their website make it even easier to find exactly what you want - even allowing you to search by a specific flower you'd like to have in your bouquet. Flowers Fast has many loyal customers who praise the quality of the bouquets and the fantastic customer service from this flower delivery service.

Florists Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Florists makes it almost foolproof to get beautiful flowers, gift baskets, and even fruit bouquets delivered for any occasion. Their site is easy to use and explains very clearly what you can expect with each arrangement, including any available upgrades for making your gift extra-special.

Enjoy Flowers Review 3 Star Rating

Enjoy Flowers

3 Star Rating

Enjoy Flowers focuses on subscription plans for delivering fresh-cut flowers. Instead of sending an arrangement once, you can have beautiful bouquets delivered once or twice a month. Although it can take a while to reach their customer service department, the company has a good reputation for taking care of their clients. The obvious limitation with this flower delivery service is that you're committing to regular service, not just a one-time "congratulations" or other gift-giving opportunity.

Flora Queen Review 3 Star Rating

Flora Queen

3 Star Rating

FloraQueen's flower delivery service is geared primarily towards the European market, with their headquarters based in Spain. They offer a reasonable selection of bouquets and other arrangements, with surprisingly affordable delivery fees. Keep in mind that while prices are shown in USD, your credit card will actually be charged in Euros.

Harry & David Review 2.5 Star Rating

Harry & David

2.5 Star Rating

Harry & David is a household name when it comes to gift-giving, and they offer a limited selection of floral bouquets for delivery, as well as bulbs and plants. And, their satisfaction guarantee is excellent. But, be aware that none of their arrangements can be delivered same-day.

1 800 Florals Review 2 Star Rating

1 800 Florals

2 Star Rating

1-800-Florals has been around for almost a century and has a strong reputation. But, an outdated website and hefty delivery costs make it likely that you'll be arranging for your flower delivery through a different service.

From You Flowers Review 2 Star Rating

From You Flowers

2 Star Rating

From You Flowers used to offer the cream of the crop with respect to bouquets and arrangements. Unfortunately, they're no longer offering the high-quality flowers and top-notch customer service we expect, despite accreditation and a good rating with the BBB.

Send Flowers Review 2 Star Rating

Send Flowers

2 Star Rating

Send Flowers has the same online shopping experience as most flower delivery services. But, customers have reported a definite decrease in the quality of the bouquets they receive and difficulties in getting the company to honor their satisfaction guarantee, especially in recent months. Send Flowers is no longer our first choice for floral arrangements.

Pro Flowers Review 2 Star Rating

Pro Flowers

2 Star Rating

Pro Flowers will give you a good shopping experience with their intuitive, attractive website - but your positive impression may stop there. This flower delivery service charges much more than the competition, and their results definitely don't warrant the higher fees: customers across multiple third-party consumer sites describe the arrangements they received as "the worst ever". Fortunately, Pro Flowers is prompt with refunds in most cases, which may be why the company still has an "A" rating with the BBB.

Avas Flowers Review 1 Star Rating

Avas Flowers

1 Star Rating

Avas Flowers has been in business for three decades, but they don't have the reputation you would expect from such a long history. An "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of negative reviews from extremely unhappy customers make this a flower delivery service to avoid.

Flora 2000 Review 1 Star Rating

Flora 2000

1 Star Rating

Flora 2000 promises on-time delivery of beautiful flowers, guaranteed. But, good luck getting a refund - or any other response - from this flower seller. Negative customer reviews, a less-than-professional website, and an "F" rating with the BBB are three compelling reasons to use a different flower delivery service for your gift-giving.

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Also, when paired with an additional surprise like chocolates or a beautiful crystal vase, flowers can leave a lasting impression when delivered to the home or office.

How can you tell which Flower Delivery service to use? Naturally, you want to select a business that will make sure that your selected arrangement is delivered to the right person, the right address, and in fresh, pristine condition. As you consider the various businesses that offer Flower Delivery, keep in mind these basic criteria:

  • Cost. How much will you spend to get the bouquets and blooms you want to send? Is delivery included, or will you pay an extra fee?
  • Selection. Does the florist offer a good variety of arrangements? Can you add extra items like candies or stuffed animals?
  • Reputation. What do previous customers say about the Flower Delivery service? Were their flowers delivered on time and in good condition? Does the florist have a satisfaction guarantee, in case your delivery doesn't go to the right address or there are other issues?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Flower Delivery services available today. We hope this information helps you select the florist that can help put a smile on someone's face today!

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Flower Delivery Service FAQ

Trust the science: research has shown that, even now, people who get flowers feel happier immediately, experience a positive mood boost that lasts for several days, and they feel a stronger connection with the person who gave them. That's definitely not boring!
The most obvious holiday is Valentine's Day: over 220 million roses are grown for that day alone! The next most popular occasions are Mother's Day, Christmas and Hanukkah. Of course, there's no way for the floral industry to track "apology bouquets" ; those can happen 365 days a year!
You may want to see if your delivery comes with a vase; if not, you might be able to include one for an additional fee. Many services offering flower delivery will give you options during the checkout process, asking if you'd like to add a stuffed animal, balloon, chocolates or other extras to your purchase.
You can certainly find flowers that match your budget, whether that's $25 or $250. You'll spend more for a premium bouquet, especially if it has flower varieties that are out of season or exotic. Roses, carnations, gerbera and some types of lilies are grown year-round, and that can help you keep costs down if you're watching your wallet.
Yes, there's likely going to be a delivery fee tacked on to your flower delivery. The faster you want the flowers to arrive, the more you can expect to spend. There's almost always a surcharge if you're having the flowers arrive on a weekend, too.
If you choose a flower delivery provider that uses a nationwide network of partner florists to fulfill orders, you should be able to get same-day delivery. Otherwise, expect your order to take a few days to be packaged and shipped.
Your local flower shop might not have access to the widest possible variety of blooms and arrangements. Shopping for your flower delivery online gives you the best available selection, especially if you're having them sent somewhere far from home.
That depends on the flower delivery service you choose. Most companies want you (and your recipient) to be absolutely delighted with the arrangement or bouquet they receive, and the best florists go to great lengths to make it right if the blooms arrive wilted, damaged or anything other than gorgeous. You'll want to check out the reputation of the florist before you commit to an order; lots of positive customer reviews and a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau are two indications that you'll be very happy with your flower delivery service.

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