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FTD Review

Friday, December 9th

2022 Flower Delivery Service Reviews

FTD Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Thousands of floral arrangements to choose from, plus plants, balloons, and other gifts
  • Prices range from $35-$215
  • Delivery fees of $19.99
  • Same-day delivery surcharge of $4.99
  • Delivery available to almost 100% of the US and Canada, plus 125+ countries worldwide
  • FTD Plus and Insider rewards programs
  • In business since 1910
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

FTD stands for "Florists' Transworld Delivery" . This flower delivery company got its start in 1910, using the telegraph to connect a collective of just 10 florists. Now, FTD has a network of thousands of local florists - in fact, many of the businesses in our review use FTD as their fulfillment partner on orders delivered across the nation.

Thousands of gift choices

FTD makes it pretty easy to find something beautiful, extravagant, or just plain fun to send for any occasion. From birthday bouquets to anniversary arrangements, you'll have thousands of options to choose from here. There's also a selection of non-floral gifts, like food baskets, gift towers, cookies and candy if you need some one-stop shopping. But, since everything is fulfilled by FTD partner florists and not all products are available in every area, you may want to enter your delivery zip code and desired arrival date at the top of the site before you get too far in your browsing.

Several sizes to consider

When looking at flowers on FTD, you'll almost always see a price range on each arrangement. That represents all of the options for that particular design: for example, on a bouquet of yellow roses, you could pay $75 for a dozen or $200 for three dozen. Categories at FTD are usually labeled as Standard, Deluxe, Premium, and Exquisite, and that will reflect the overall size of the arrangement. We appreciate that the image displayed will shift as you click on different categories, so that there are no misunderstandings about how your bouquet will look. Generally speaking, FTD's flowers are priced between $35 and $215. And, once you've added flowers to your cart, you'll get a pop-up offering add-ons like a balloon, greeting card, teddy bear or box of chocolates.

Delivery fees are typical

During the remainder of the checkout process, you'll have the opportunity to choose an occasion and enter a gift message (both optional). You can also check the box if you'd like an annual reminder email for that recipient and occasion. On the second page of checkout, you'll see your delivery costs and handling fees. In our case, on a $92 bouquet, we were charged $19.99 for delivery/handling, plus an extra $4.99 for same-day service.

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Reward programs for frequent buyers

You may want to consider FTD's loyalty programs, FTD Plus and FTD Plus Insider. The basic Plus membership is free to join, and you'll earn points on every purchase and get a birthday surprise. If you order flowers regularly, it'll be worth it to pay the $39.99 annual fee to join the Insider rewards program: you get double points on every purchase, and your shipping is free on every order. That alone will pay for itself with just 1-2 flower deliveries.

The BBB likes FTD

FTD generally has a decent reputation - as you'd expect from a flower delivery service that's been around for 110+ years and that has an "A+" and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. There were only 34 complaints filed against FTD with the BBB in the last year, and all of them received an appropriate response. However, the BBB listing points out that FTD filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the federal Bankruptcy Act back in 2019 - which isn't necessarily a big problem, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

Reps don't really care about your problems

Getting a little more specific and looking at customer comments, FTD's track record doesn't look so great. In one place we looked, more than 500 people had given this online florist a one-star rating. Time after time, customers say that FTD left them hanging when there was a problem: from late or completely missing deliveries to arrangements that barely compare to what you could get in a supermarket, FTD reps don't seem to think it's their issue to solve. The customer service here is often described as "non-existent" . It's as if you can almost hear the reps shrugging over the phone when people complain that their Mother's Day bouquets arrived the following Monday, funeral arrangements came after the service had been concluded, you get the picture.

Don't buy directly from FTD

As much as we want to like FTD for its long history alone, we're too disappointed in their shopper feedback to give them our recommendation. There are flower delivery companies out there who are knocking it out of the park with respect to customer satisfaction, and who make it their priority to get it right no matter which florist did the arranging and delivering. FTD doesn't seem to care. Chances are good that, regardless of where you buy your flowers, FTD could be a part of the process because of their position as a network - but we suggest that you place your order somewhere else.

Who Offers the Best Flower Delivery Service?

Fresh flowers are a part of some of life's most significant moments. An engagement ring nestled in a dozen red roses. A red-white-and-blue tribute arrangement at a veteran's celebration of life. That "just because" bouquet when someone needs to know they're loved. From Valentine's Day to Mother's Day and a thousand other occasions, flowers are the perfect way to show your love, gratitude, or appreciation.

But, if you live in Memphis and you're trying to delight, surprise, or honor someone who lives in Miami, you can't just run to your local florist and pick something out. That's where flower delivery companies come in. Most florists (including your preferred mom-and-pop flower shop) participate in one or more networks, like FTD and Teleflora. These connections let you place your order and have it brought to life by a florist in your recipient's area, easy-peasy.

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Flower Delivery Service FAQ

Trust the science: research has shown that, even now, people who get flowers feel happier immediately, experience a positive mood boost that lasts for several days, and they feel a stronger connection with the person who gave them. That's definitely not boring!
The most obvious holiday is Valentine's Day: over 220 million roses are grown for that day alone! The next most popular occasions are Mother's Day, Christmas and Hanukkah. Of course, there's no way for the floral industry to track "apology bouquets" ; those can happen 365 days a year!
You may want to see if your delivery comes with a vase; if not, you might be able to include one for an additional fee. Many services offering flower delivery will give you options during the checkout process, asking if you'd like to add a stuffed animal, balloon, chocolates or other extras to your purchase.
You can certainly find flowers that match your budget, whether that's $25 or $250. You'll spend more for a premium bouquet, especially if it has flower varieties that are out of season or exotic. Roses, carnations, gerbera and some types of lilies are grown year-round, and that can help you keep costs down if you're watching your wallet.
Yes, there's likely going to be a delivery fee tacked on to your flower delivery. The faster you want the flowers to arrive, the more you can expect to spend. There's almost always a surcharge if you're having the flowers arrive on a weekend, too.
If you choose a flower delivery provider that uses a nationwide network of partner florists to fulfill orders, you should be able to get same-day delivery. Otherwise, expect your order to take a few days to be packaged and shipped.
Your local flower shop might not have access to the widest possible variety of blooms and arrangements. Shopping for your flower delivery online gives you the best available selection, especially if you're having them sent somewhere far from home.
That depends on the flower delivery service you choose. Most companies want you (and your recipient) to be absolutely delighted with the arrangement or bouquet they receive, and the best florists go to great lengths to make it right if the blooms arrive wilted, damaged or anything other than gorgeous. You'll want to check out the reputation of the florist before you commit to an order; lots of positive customer reviews and a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau are two indications that you'll be very happy with your flower delivery service.
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Because so many florists use these networks, you'll often find the same arrangements featured on their online stores. That's where attention to customer service really makes the difference: any network florist will be at the mercy of how the store on the receiving end actually pulls the arrangement together, and sometimes the quality on that side isn't what the original florist promised. When that happens, the best flower delivery companies will take responsibility for your satisfaction - either through a refund or a redelivery, often with a different local florist if available. That's more or less "business as usual" when you're buying flowers from a traditional online florist.

However, that's not the only option for flower delivery. You can also choose to send flowers from a service that works directly with growers: the bouquets are fresh-cut and carefully packaged, kept chilled in transit, and delivered right to your recipient's doorstep. These direct-to-customer flower companies are a great solution if there aren't any florists local to the person you're sending them to - because FedEx and UPS can get just about anywhere in the US. Another plus with this type of flower delivery is the price: you'll often get twice as many blooms for what you'd get for the same money spent at a more traditional flower shop.

So, where should you buy your flowers? Your options are almost as vast as the variety of blooms themselves. It might feel a little less overwhelming if you use these criteria to guide your choice:

  • Same-Day Delivery. Not every flower delivery company can get your bouquet or arrangement there today. If you need something right now, start with online florists who say they can get it done. You'll usually have to order by 11AM-2PM in your recipient's time zone in order to qualify.
  • Local Florist or FedEx. Do you have a strong preference for having a local florist make your recipient's arrangement? Is the delivery going to an area where there may not be a flower shop nearby to fulfill the order? That can impact which service is the best fit for your gift.
  • Service/Delivery Fees. It's rare that the price you see on a bouquet will be your final, total cost. Watch out for shipping fees, service/delivery fees, same-day delivery surcharges, and so on. If you've got a few days, a direct-from-the-farm flower delivery service could save you a lot of money, since they almost always ship for free.
  • Reputation. This could be the most important factor. When there's a problem - and that's common when you're dealing with perishable, fragile flowers - does the flower shop take charge of offering a reasonable solution? If your bouquet gets there late (or not at all), are you offered a no-hassle refund or a new delivery according to your preference? The best florists will make sure you're happy, no matter what the flower shop on the other end does or doesn't do.

To help you get the best floral arrangements delivered exactly as expected, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular flower delivery services available today. We're sure your lucky recipient will feel a whole bunch of happiness and sunshine when they see their beautiful fresh-cut flowers!

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