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Transparent Language vs LingQ

Friday, February 26th

2021 French Lesson Reviews

Transparent Language Review 4 Star Rating

Transparent Language

4 Star Rating
  • Cost: $4+/month for Basic plan
  • $10+/month for Premium plan
  • $23+/month for Premium + plan

Transparent Language makes it possible to learn French at your own pace over the course of 40 robust lessons. Their activities touch on all of the modalities - speaking, reading, writing, listening - through a variety of practice activities and instruction. We particularly love their 14-day free trial, because it gives prospective students unlimited access to their complete program of French lessons. Transparent is a good choice for learning beginner through intermediate French.

LingQ Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Cost: Free for 5 imported lessons and 20 LingQs per month, no mobile app
  • $12.99/month for unlimited imported lessons/LingQs/Import-Export Vocabulary
  • $39.99/month for unlimited imported lessons/LingQs/Import-Export Vocab + 3000 points

LingQ places a strong emphasis on using real-world examples of French language - including ones uploaded by the students themselves - to help gain fluency. Prospective students should definitely give their free account a try before committing to a paid subscription: their pricing and structure is very different from most traditional French lessons, and might not be a good fit for students looking for more direction in their learning path.

Who Offers the Best French Lessons?

In order to know which type of French instruction would work well for you, ask yourself this question: "Why do I want to learn French?" For some, learning French is a requirement for school or work. In that case, choosing a provider of French lessons that will deliver the necessary vocabulary and grammar, reading and writing skills, and even pronunciation will be important.

You may want French lessons that will help you be a better-educated traveler. If you frequently visit any one of the 29 countries where French is spoken as an official language - not just France and Canada but also Switzerland, Haiti, Togo, and Madagascar, to name a few - being able to speak French fluently could make a huge difference. And, who wouldn't want to be able to confidently order coffee and a croissant in a Paris cafe?

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Finally, individuals with family trees that extend into French-speaking cultures may be interested in learning more about their heritage and connect with living relatives.

With so many options for studying the language independently, what should you look for in the ideal French lessons? Here are some aspects to consider as you evaluate the many programs currently on the market:

  • Teaching Methods. How does the program approach teaching language? Will you find a good variety of methods, like videos and written instruction, or do the French lessons mostly focus on one modality like listening or reading? Is it a good fit for your ideal learning style?
  • Fluency Level. How much French is covered by the program? Can you get beginner, intermediate, and advanced instruction as you progress through the French lessons?
  • Reputation. What do other students have to say about the experience of learning French with this program? Is it effective?
  • Value. A more expensive set of French lessons is worth the investment if it delivers superior results. Will you get your money's worth?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best French lessons available today. We hope these reviews will help you get on the path to fluency in French quickly and affordably!

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