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The Best Fruit Clubs

Where Can You Find the Best Fruit Clubs?

It's easy to see why these membership plans have become so popular. Why settle for anemic apples and moldy mangoes from the grocery store when you can have the most delicious selection of fruits picked at the height of freshness?

With fruit clubs, you can get juicy, sweet fruit delivered right to your doorstep. Or, you can impress someone with a gift subscription delivered weekly, monthly or quarterly!

Friday, September 29th

2023 Fruit Club Reviews

Frog Hollow Farm Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Frog Hollow Farm

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Frog Hollow Farm offers an unparalleled selection of 100% organic fruits in all of their fruit clubs. Whether you want weekly deliveries of peaches in season or a monthly variety package, you can choose from these and many other options that arrive at your doorstep within 48 hours of being picked in California! Thousands of customers give Frog Hollow Farm huge praise for their tasty fruit and environmentally-friendly growing practices. This is our favorite choice among fruit clubs.

A Gift Inside Review 4.5 Star Rating

A Gift Inside

4.5 Star Rating

Don't want to leave your monthly fruit selections up to chance? A Gift Inside is the ideal fruit club for you, putting all of the decisions in your hands for the perfect combination each and every time. From all-fruit boxes to assortments of snacks and pairings with cheese, the possibilities are endless. These membership plans are extremely flexible both in content and length, and customers give this service high marks for attention to detail and gourmet-level gift-giving at affordable prices. A Gift Inside continues to be a leader among providers of fruit clubs.

The Fruit Company Review 4 Star Rating

The Fruit Company

4 Star Rating

With four different fruit clubs to choose from, all with numerous delighted customers who rave about the presentation and quality of every delivery, The Fruit Company is one of our top picks (pun intended) among fruit memberships. From basics like apples and pears to more exotic products, you'll get nothing but the freshest fruits from this orchard. Their prices are reasonable and every fruit club comes with free shipping. Year after year, people rave about the mouth-watering fruits delivered with this fruit club.

Amazing Clubs Review 3.5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

3.5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs has some pretty nice perks: free delivery on all of their subscriptions, a stellar satisfaction guarantee, and extremely flexible options for delivery timing and payment plans. The only reason they don't rank higher is because their fruit club doesn't have multiple plans - so you'll only get the two varieties of fruit that they select for you each month.

Fruit Gift of the Month Review 3.5 Star Rating

Fruit Gift of the Month

3.5 Star Rating

Fruit Gift of the Month is offered by Clubs of America, a reputable resource for subscription plans of many different varieties. You'll get five pounds of fruit in each delivery, which may include cherries, pears, apples and more. This club shines with respect to flexibility in membership length and shipping frequency, and they back the quality of their fruit with a good satisfaction guarantee. This fruit club isn't as flashy as some, but it's a trustworthy option if you'd like a surprise assortment of fruit from one month to the next.

Hale Groves Review 3 Star Rating

Hale Groves

3 Star Rating

If you're looking for a fruit club that delivers sunshine in the form of Florida citrus, Hale Groves is worth considering. They offer several plans ranging from a few shipments in the peak season for oranges and grapefruit, to year-round memberships that include summery favorites like peaches and cherries. You'll spend more with these fruit clubs because shipping costs aren't included, and gift-giving features are a little sparse. However, Hale Groves has a good reputation and enjoys a loyal customer base year after year.

Harry and David Review 3 Star Rating

Harry and David

3 Star Rating

Harry & David has quite a few fruit clubs to offer, from memberships that deliver just pears to assortments that provide extra treats like cookies and chocolate. This brand has a reputation for being a go-to when you need to send a thoughtful gift, and their pricing is about average. But, there isn't as much fanfare with their fruit clubs, when compared with higher-ranked options out there, and a lack of customer feedback makes it hard to tell if Harry & David is doing a good job at delivering fresh, juicy fruit.

Pittman & Davis Review 3 Star Rating

Pittman & Davis

3 Star Rating

Pittman & Davis sources the produce in its fruit club from their orchards in Texas, as well as from partner growers throughout the US. Over nearly 100 years, the company has built a solid reputation for tasty fruit and good customer service. On the other hand, you'll get much less for your money with the two membership options here, and you might find some strange "fruits" included in your monthly deliveries. You'll probably get a better value with a higher-ranked fruit club.

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Naturally, some fruits ship better than others - so you're more likely to see pears, oranges, grapefruit, apples and other varieties with a thick skin or peel, rather than softer choices that may spoil quickly (like strawberries and grapes). But, you might be surprised to find fruit clubs that feature flavorful peaches and nectarines too. Some of these subscription plans let you choose organic fruits, add on gourmet cheese and nuts, or even throw in some candy or other treats as well.

Not all fruit clubs are created equal, however. Some offer produce that comes directly from their own orchards and farms, while others merely act as a middleman to deliver fruit from a variety of sources. How can you tell which fruit club is the right choice?

Here are several criteria to keep in mind as you browse the many fruit memberships on the market:

  • Variety. Does the fruit club offer you a range of choices? Can you get several types of fruit? Are there options that include extras that go beyond fruit, if desired?
  • Plans. Is there a plan that meets your budget and your desired length? Most clubs range from three to twelve months, but what if you want something weekly or quarterly?
  • Value. How much fruit is in each delivery? Is shipping included or will you pay extra? Are you getting your money's worth with the fruit club?
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about their experience with the fruit club? Does fruit consistently arrive in good condition - and, if not, is there a solid satisfaction guarantee in place? Is it easy to get help from customer service if there's a problem?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best fruit clubs available today. We hope this information helps you choose the freshest, most delicious fruit subscription box for your next gift-giving occasion - or for yourself!

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Fruit Club FAQ

Some companies are fully organic, meaning they only offer organic products. Whereas others have different types of memberships that offer a pricier organic and an affordable non-organic fruit package. Its hard to tell 100% if it is organic - we recommend relying on company reputation.
Many fruit club companies have growers all over the US and even some international. Some of the fruit is handpicked from the local fruit orchards whereas other exotic fruits may be imported directly to the company and then to your table.
The type of fruit and amount can vary on the type of subscription chosen. Some subscriptions offer just the basic pears, peaches, oranges, and apples. More premium subscriptions can offer exotic fruits such as Grapefruit, dragon fruit, papayas, and more. For the most part, the amount of fruit shipped, varies by company, but averages to be around 2-4 different fruits.
Club memberships have a variety of lengths. Some memberships range from weekly to every 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 months (depending on the company). Many fruit club companies provide flexibility to select when the deliveries begin, allowing a customer to preorder a subscription to start delivering several days or even months from the day the order was originally placed.
You will see the gamut. Many of the companies allow the customer to give their preference on the type of fruit they enjoy. Other fruit club companies do not offer customization but do have a customer satisfaction guarantee.
Each company has various methods of packaging, but all guarantee fresh fruit right to the doorstep.
Most companies offer a customer satisfaction guarantee that includes either replacement or a refund. Some of the companies offer cancelation of the subscription at any time and include a refund (if it was a prepaid plan).
The wide variety of fruit offered, means a wide variety of prices. A typical membership can cost anywhere from $64.99 to $2,065. Prices differ per company, size, type, and length of subscription.
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