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Futons are a very common piece of furniture in numerous households. They have become so popular because of their functionality, comfort, price and size. If you are looking for a couch/bed combo for any room, a futon could be for you. They are perfect for apartments, lofts, kid's rooms, small spaces, living rooms - the options are endless.

A futon is generally described as a soft mattress on a configurable frame that can be folded in half for a couch or laid out flat for a bed. There are three main parts to a futon. The frame, the mattress and the mattress cover. Futon frames are most commonly made from metal or wood or a combo of both. Futon mattresses are generally made of mostly cotton. Sometimes a layer of foam is added to sustain the form of the mattress.

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2022 Futon Store Reviews

Overstock Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Overstock is an online retailer that sells excess inventory for numerous companies on their website for a discounted price. Overstock has an amazing assortment of futons available for incredible prices. You are likely to find the perfect futon for any space in your home. We give Overstock our highest rating because of their selection, website ease of use and pricing.

Wayfair Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

Wayfair's slogan of "Wayfair has just what I need" is pretty accurate. Wayfair offers almost 1,000 different futons for purchase. They offer an easy way to navigate through preferred price, size, color, type, life stage along with multiple large photos of the products. Add free shipping and a 30-day refund policy, Wayfair is a great option to purchase a futon.

Walmart Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Walmart is a huge leader in the retail industry. They sell everything, including futons. In-store and online. Walmart offers hundreds of options when selecting a futon. Their low prices, return policy and free shipping on most items make them an obvious option when shopping for a futon.

Home Depot Review 3.5 Star Rating

Home Depot

3.5 Star Rating

Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement store with over 2,200 stores in North America. Their website offers over 130 futon frames, chairs, mattresses and sets. Home Depot provides free delivery on some items, free pickup and easy returns on their futons. Their futon selection is limited but they just might have something perfect for your space.

Cymax Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Cymax is an online furniture retailer that offers an easy and inexpensive solution for futon shopping. Their selection is limited to around 100 options but provides shoppers plenty of detailed information and large photos. Cymax is a nice online retailer for futons if you aren't looking for a surplus of choices and accessories.

Lowe's Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating

Lowe's is a home improvement retail store that dabbles in furniture like futons. Their website offers a small selection of futons frames and futon loveseats to choose from. They do not sell futon mattresses. Lowes selection is very limited, so if you aren't picky and are trying to buy something quick, this could be an option for you.

Kohls Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating

Kohls is one of the largest discount department stores in the US, offering low prices and great sales all year round. Kohls offers a very limited selection of futons, with only 14 futons available. If you find the perfect futon at Kohls, you should buy it - but since the selection is so small, Kohl's ranks lower in our ratings.

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The mattress cover can be made out of several types of materials, such as microfiber, cotton, linen, velvet - the possibilities are almost endless. Futon mattresses are very similar to traditional mattresses but as an added bonus you can turn the mattress into a couch. Instead of purchasing a bed and a couch, a futon provides both of these pieces of furniture in one for an affordable price. Futon covers are interchangeable so you can update the look of your futon as often as you like.

Futons can be purchased in several different sizes, colors, materials. The futon mattress is also available in several different comfort levels - firm, plush, medium.

When looking for a futon there are several factors you should consider:

  • Selection. Does the company offer a wide variety of futons and accessories to choose from?
  • Return Policy. What is the companies return policy if you are not satisfied with your futon purchase?
  • Website ease of use. Is the company website easy to navigate? Are you finding the information and support you are looking for?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best futon stores available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right futon for you!

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Futon Store FAQ

Futons are a Japanese traditional style of bedding. They usually include a mattress and duvet because although they generally look like a couch, they can double as a bed. They look slightly different from a sofa bed since they are not completely upholstered. With a futon, the same cushion is used for the sofa as well as the bed.
Futons are versatile to match different house styles and room spaces. They come in big and small sizes that could either sit 2 people comfortably or look like a sectional and sit 3 or more people. It may have a wood or metal frame, be made of leather material, or a soft cotton or polyester. You can buy futons in all different colors to match the rest of your decor.
The first thing to do when selecting a futon is decide what your style is. Your futon will make a big statement in a room and you want to make sure it matches your other furniture and home decor. Next, decide if it will mostly be used for seating or sleeping. If you plan on having yourself or guests sleep on the futon often, you'll want to choose a soft one that is large enough for a good night's rest. Read reviews on the different futons available online to see which ones get high ratings for durability, comfort, and quality.
Yes! Like most other pieces of furniture, futons can usually be returned to furniture stores if it is unused and in new condition. Be sure to check the return policy at the store you purchase your futon from to see how many days you'll have to send it back. If the futon arrives damaged or otherwise unsatisfactory, the company will most likely pay for return shipping and replace the futon.
Since futons can be made of all different types of material, you'll want to read the instructions that come with it to see how to clean it. Like any other couch or upholstered chair, you'll likely find it is safest just to spot treat the futon. If you have a futon cover, you'll be able to throw it in the washing machine, which is especially convenient.
Depending on the size and material of your futon, they typically range from $200 to $600. One reason futons are so popular is because they are fairly inexpensive for something that serves dual purposes. During major holidays, you can usually get a great discount from furniture stores, so it would be wise to shop for a futon during this time for extra savings.
Since your futon is a big piece of furniture that will be used for seating, it helps to complete your look with throw pillows and/or a throw blanket. This can help tie in your color scheme and make the futon look appealing. If you plan to use the futon as a bed, you'll also need to find sheets, a pillow, and any necessary blankets for sleeping as well. If you want a slipcover on your futon, you can purchase one to make washing easier and to protect the material that the futon is made of.
One reason futon slipcovers are so popular is because you can change the color of your futon whenever you want! Say you have a brown futon with a white slipcover. If you get bored of the white look, you can remove it and have a brown futon. Or you could purchase another slipcover color to freshen up your space. This keeps your futon looking new and clean. If you want a completely different style of futon, you could donate or sell the one you have to buy a new one. Since they are fairly inexpensive, it's an easy piece of furniture to update every so often.
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