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Where Can You Buy the Best Gift Boxes?

Whether you're looking to take your holiday gift packaging to the next level, or you're a small business owner trying to present your products in new-and-impressive ways, finding the right Gift Boxes - in the right amounts! - can be challenging when shopping the limited selection in your local brick-and-mortar stores. Fortunately, there are plenty of online retailers who offer the world's best inventory of Gift Boxes in every imaginable shape, color, style and quantity.

So, as you start browsing the stores that sell Gift Boxes, where should you begin? The first factor that can guide your decision-making is whether or not you're buying in bulk. Some retailers of Gift Boxes specialize in large orders - and you'll see that reflected in some of their promotions, like "free shipping on orders of $150+". If you're just trying to get some extra shirt boxes for a few Christmas gifts, chances are good that you're not going to need to place such a large order!

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2022 Gift Box Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Paper Mart Review 5 Star Rating

Paper Mart

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Family-owned and operated for nearly 100 years, Paper Mart is the internet's absolute best source of Gift Boxes and other packaging supplies. Originally started out of a small garage in Los Angeles, this company has grown to include more than 250 employees - while still maintaining their strong commitment to their customers and their community. With more than 26,000 products in stock and fast, affordable shipping on all of them, Paper Mart can easily meet your needs for Gift Boxes and much more.

Don't be fooled by the seemingly small selection of just 30+ options on the Gift Boxes product page. While you'll definitely find something there that catches your eye - we especially liked the Polka Dot Heart Boxes and the Patterns Gable Gift Boxes - you'll want to check out all of the options under the general category of Boxes on the site. That's where you'll find an incredible selection that includes the more unique sizes, colors and shapes that are often included under other stores' "Gift Boxes" category. Whether you need unique favor boxes, stylish bakery boxes, or even Christmas-themed packaging, you'll find those in their own categories.

Paper Mart blows away the competition when it comes to their pricing. To compare retailers fairly, we selected a standard item: a white apparel box like you might get from your favorite clothing store when you need a Gift Box to make something easier to wrap. Paper Mart had the absolute lowest price: $28.80 for a case of 100, with a bulk discount of 15% if your order is over $200. Even with a slightly higher-than-average shipping cost of $19.88, you'd still save a lot of money even compared with the next-lowest-priced retailer in our review.

Even better news: if you find an identical product with a lower advertised price, Paper Mart will match it, either before you place your order or up to 10 days after your purchase. You probably won't ever need to ask for a price match, though, because this company's prices on Gift Boxes is consistently and significantly lower than any of their rivals online.

Best Gift Boxes

Paper Mart also offers a terrific return policy: most Gift Boxes and other items can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of delivery. And, continuing this store's trend of meeting or beating their competitors, they won't charge you a restocking fee on your return.

Yes, in general, you'll have to buy in bulk when getting Gift Boxes at Paper Mart. But, especially on the more unique items, that bulk minimum might not actually be that much. For example, we found a Metallic Chest Box on sale for $6.40 - for a package of 25. Just $0.26 each for a cute box to use at your next party? Why not! You'd easily spend that much at your local party supply store - and you'd probably get just a dozen in the package, if that. You can also take advantage of one-stop shopping for other party needs; Paper Mart carries ribbons, bows, gift wrap, and party/occasion goods like cups and napkins as well.

How about the company's reputation? Although we were surprised that, after almost 100 years in business, Paper Mart hasn't taken the extra step of getting accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, we were still pleased to see that the BBB gives this retailer a strong "A" rating. We found over 1700 customer reviews on other sites across the internet, and the general consensus was positive: an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Paper Mart is the most affordable, customer-friendly source of Gift Boxes online today. You can trust this store to deliver high-quality products accurately and on time, and know that their customer service team stands at the ready to help if you have any questions or issues with your order. This store easily earns our top rating.

Uline Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

Uline definitely specializes in Gift Boxes for businesses. They break their selection down into four categories:

  • Retail Gift Boxes: colored mailers, gift boxes, holiday mailers, printed mailers, high-gloss gift boxes, pillow boxes, gift card boxes, and market trays
  • Retail Apparel Boxes: basic shirt boxes, chipboard and corrugated shoe boxes, hat/wreath boxes, and jewelry boxes
  • Retail Favor Boxes: deep metal tins, gable boxes, Chinese take-out boxes, clear vinyl boxes, and "Li'l Buckets"
  • Retail Display Boxes: clear lid boxes, rigid plastic boxes, and clear retail tubes

While Uline has a wider range of Gift Boxes than some of their comparable rivals, you're still probably not going to find anything truly unique with this store. And that's fine: Uline is great at their own specialty, and within that market they've got an always-available selection that should meet almost every possible need without getting too crazy in design.

Because Uline focuses on business customers, expect that you'll need to buy your Gift Boxes by the case. For example, let's take a basic white gloss apparel box - the kind you'd get at your favorite clothing retailer for boxing up a shirt to give as a gift. If you want the standard 10x7x1.5-inch box, you'll get 100 in a case. (That's a lot of shirts.) You'll only pay $36 for the case, though - so hopefully you have a few friends who need them too, or you yourself are running a business and love the idea of buying your Gift Boxes a case at a time.

Best Gift Boxes

But, don't forget to factor in shipping costs. That case of shirt boxes will cost $16.10 to be delivered by UPS Ground, adding an extra 50% to what you'll pay. And yet, when we looked at similar retailers (i.e. specializing in businesses, buying in bulk, etc.), Uline was still very competitively priced, even with shipping costs factored in.

Uline has been in business for nearly 4 decades, and at the time of our review the BBB had given them a perfect "A+" rating. The company has its fair share of complaints on the BBB site, but more than a few were actually regarding customers' unhappiness with receiving Uline catalogs in the mail! So, be prepared that you may get catalogs in the mail if you order your Gift Boxes from this company - and that it might take some effort to get your name removed from their mailing list (if you choose to).

For most business customers, Uline is going to be a top choice. They offer a comprehensive array of Gift Box types, in every imaginable color and size, and their prices are extremely competitive. Just watch out for those catalogs!

Deluxe Bags & Bows Review 4 Star Rating

Deluxe Bags & Bows

4 Star Rating

Bags & Bows is a wholesaler of retail packaging supplies that also sells to the everyday consumer. The company is a division of Deluxe, a business you might recognize from their other products like personal checks and more.

How does Bags & Bows measure up when it comes to reputation? It's hard to tell from the BBB listing, because it takes into account the entire Deluxe company, not just the division of Bags & Bows. Fortunately, Deluxe has a flawless "A+" rating with the BBB, so that's a good indicator that you can trust them to deliver on your Gift Boxes purchase.

Some of the customer-friendly policies you'll get at Bags & Bows are a 100% satisfaction guarantee that lets you return orders within 30 days for a refund or replacement; most orders shipped within 24 hours; and, no extra charges for smaller orders.

Best Gift Boxes

You'll get an idea of who Deluxe's primary customers are when you consider that their free shipping offer doesn't kick in until you place an order over $500. They're definitely aiming for the target market of small businesses who want to buy quality wholesale Gift Boxes, not necessarily individual retail customers looking to have some cute treat boxes for a party or extra shirt boxes for occasional gift-giving.

And, even when buying in bulk, Bags & Bows is priced higher than similar stores. For instance, when looking at a basic white apparel box, you'll have to buy them in a case of 100 for $47 to $50 - while our highest-rated supplier charges less than $40 for the same amount.

But, this retailer has a fantastic range of options: in the Gift Boxes category alone, there are over 300 to choose from. If you're looking for something a little "outside the box" (pun intended), you'll find them with Bags & Bows too - but you may have to look under a different category, such as Food & Gourmet Boxes or Specialty & Event Boxes, to find the same kinds of novel items that you might find all lumped together under the "Gift Boxes" heading on other sites. One of our favorites is under that latter category: the Rainbow Stripes Cone Favor Box. You'll only pay $7 for a 6-pack, and it's a package that will definitely leave a memorable impression.

Although Bags & Bows isn't the lowest-priced supplier of Gift Boxes online, we appreciate that they make their products available to both business-level customers as well as individuals who just need a few Gift Boxes to use at home. And, because this retailer is backed by Deluxe, you can trust that you'll receive excellent customer service when you place an order. Bags & Bows is a good option for Gift Boxes.

The Container Store Review 4 Star Rating

The Container Store

4 Star Rating

Since 1978, The Container Store has evolved to become the top retailer of organization and storage products in the nation, with retail locations throughout the US and more than 10,000 items in stock through their online store.

The Container Store is ideal for the individual consumer who doesn't want to have to buy in bulk to get a gorgeous Gift Box for an upcoming gift-giving occasion. Why order 100 boxes when you only need 1? Of course, that means that you're going to pay a lot more per box overall, because wholesalers/bulk retailers save you money specifically because you're buying many boxes at once.

That also means your selection may not be as broad as what you'd get from the bulk stores in our review. For example, we didn't find any of the basic white apparel boxes we used as a comparison with our other retailers. Even searching for "apparel box" only brought us to an under-bed garment storage box for $44.99: definitely not the simple cardboard boxes you'd use for gifting clothes during the holidays.

Sorting options on The Container Store aren't always helpful either, so you may wind up needing to browse through all of their inventory to find the Gift Boxes you need. You can sort by color, material, dimensions and so on, but there's nothing to specify what category of Gift Box you really need: so you may wind up with Pastry Boxes and Hat Boxes in the same list of results.

Best Gift Boxes

That can actually be fun to do, because The Container Store has some of the most unique Gift Boxes we've ever found. Our absolute favorite is the Unicorn Favor Box, which is as cute as it sounds. You'll get 12 in a package and pay just $11.99. Not a bad price, especially when you don't have to buy 100 of them (unless you want to!). On many Gift Boxes, this store will give you a 10% discount if you buy a case of 50, so there are still options for customers who need to buy in bulk for a big event or for their business.

How about reputation? As with most bigger-name retailers, The Container Store has its share of complaints from customers, leading to an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, the majority of the negative comments center around in-store interactions with employees and installations of products, which wouldn't have much of an impact on your online order of Gift Boxes.

The Container Store also has one of the best return/exchange/refund policies - not just among retailers of Gift Boxes but across many of the stores we've reviewed in other categories. You'll have 120 days to exchange your purchase or get a refund, as long as you have your receipt. Without a receipt, you still get the same 120 days, but you'll get a merchandise credit instead of a refund. You can return items in-store or to their Texas location (but you'll have to cover return shipping fees for the latter).

You can also take advantage of their Price Adjustment policy: if you pay full price for your Gift Boxes or any other items and they drop the price within 7 days of your purchase, they'll give you a credit for the difference.

If you have a special gift-giving occasion coming up and you want your packaging to be breathtaking, The Container Store is a solid option for your Gift Boxes. This bigger-name retailer makes it simple to buy just want you need without having to order 99 boxes you don't need - but they're priced accordingly. Whatever you purchase, you'll know that the store's customer-friendly policies will make it easy to return if needed.

Paper Source Review 3.5 Star Rating

Paper Source

3.5 Star Rating

Paper Source wants to inspire you to "Do Something Creative Every Day" - through organization, artsy projects, and even thoughtful gift-giving. Among all of the retailers of Gift Boxes in our review, this store is the most eco-friendly, striving to "go green" through relationships with sustainable forestry mills, recycling or reusing all of their scrap paper, and more.

You're going to find a smaller selection of Gift Boxes at this store than you might find elsewhere: just 43 at the time of our most recent shopping visit to their site. Many of what you might consider "gold standard" Gift Boxes are noticeably absent, and you're definitely not going to be able to order our comparison item - white apparel boxes, shirt-sized - to buy in bulk. (You can buy a medium white shirt box, but it'll cost you a staggering $6.50. For one box.)

But, there's a reason for that: Paper Source wants to give you unparalleled, one-of-a-kind gift packaging, to make your gift-giving presentation almost as "wow-worthy" as what you place inside. We're pretty sure you won't see Floral Llamas, Watercolor Gardens, or Cat Face Gift Boxes anywhere else. And, think about it: those boxes can be reused many times over, making it a much more eco-friendly option than wrapping paper or flimsy, cheap boxes that get tossed after a single use.

At the time of our review, Paper Source was having a sitewide sale of 20% off orders of $50+. Keep an eye out at the top of the site to see if any promotions are in place at the time of your visit. Also, you may be able to get a 10% discount if you sign up for the store's email newsletter; we found that link at the bottom of the site. Finally, Paper Source offers some of the most affordable shipping when looking at the rest of the retailers of Gift Boxes in our evaluation. You'll get free shipping on any order of $50 or more, and a flat rate fee of $6.95 for smaller orders.

Best Gift Boxes

Paper Source is one of the few retailers of Gift Boxes in our review that hasn't been rated by the Better Business Bureau. Considering that Paper Source first opened in Chicago in 1983, we were surprised not to find any information - good or bad - from the BBB.

It's challenging to find customer reviews in other places that are relevant to buying Gift Boxes: Paper Source is best known for its print projects, especially wedding invitations. And, many customer comments focus on their brick-and-mortar store locations: classes offered, helpfulness of employees, and so on. Overall, however, the general impression of Paper Source is that they're quirky, attentive, and genuinely interested in helping their customers have a good buying experience - so we're comfortable with assuming that would apply to your online order of Gift Boxes as well.

The store has a decent return policy: as long as you're not placing a custom order, you can return items within 30 days for a full refund. Between 31-90 days, you can get a refund in the form of store credit. Also, if your Gift Boxes or other items go on sale within 14 days of your order, Paper Source will make a one-time price adjustment.

Paper Source is a terrific option if you need your Gift Boxes to be breathtaking - and if you don't mind spending the money to make it happen. The store has a great reputation (in the limited range of places we could find customer comments), and you'll find Gift Boxes there that aren't available anywhere else. But, if you need a huge supply of basic Gift Boxes, you'll need to consider the retailers who specialize in wholesale orders.

Box and Wrap Review 3.5 Star Rating

Box and Wrap

3.5 Star Rating

In business since 2004, Box & Wrap offers "unique wholesale packaging", making it possible for small businesses and individuals to get the same beautiful, high-quality Gift Boxes and other packaging options that formerly only bigger companies could access. This store places a strong emphasis on supporting print companies in the US, with 90% of their inventory being made in America.

Box & Wrap has a strong reputation: an "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB. We were particularly impressed that there were no complaints on file there either. Some of their well-known customers include Disney, Google, Marriott, Victoria's Secret, and Under Armour, just to give you an idea of the type of clientele that Box & Wrap is able to serve.

You'll find an attractive assortment of Gift Boxes on the Box & Wrap site - but be aware that you may need to look through different categories to find the specific type of Gift Boxes you need. Unlike some stores that group all of the different varieties under the single heading of Gift Boxes, Box & Wrap breaks their selection down into these categories:

  • Gift Boxes (typically cube-shaped or rectangular)
  • Folding Candy Boxes
  • Basket Boxes
  • Nested Boxes
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Pillow Boxes
  • Apparel Boxes
  • Gable Boxes
  • Favor Boxes
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Gift Card Boxes
  • Gift Box Collections
  • Rigid Set-up Candy Boxes
  • Clear Candy Boxes
  • Cupcake Boxes
  • Macaron & Cookie Boxes
  • Wine Boxes
  • Cake & Bakery Boxes

The Nested Box options were especially appealing, with lots of color and design choices for almost any occasion. These specialty boxes are usually sold in sets of 6 or 12.

Best Gift Boxes

When it comes to pricing, Box & Wrap is one of the more expensive options. Looking at the basic white apparel box we used for an apples-to-apples comparison item across retailers, this store charges $60.90 for a case of 100: almost twice as expensive as the lowest-priced provider in our review. Tack on $16.65 for ground shipping - which is about the same as what their competitors charge, for what it's worth - and you're spending over $85 for a case of Gift Boxes that would only cost around $50 elsewhere.

But, if you're a bulk buyer, you can get $20 flat rate shipping if your order is over $150, or get a free shipping allowance if your order is over $300. That still won't save you much if you're paying almost double for the Gift Boxes themselves, but at least it's better than nothing.

You should also expect a restocking fee of 20-25% if you need to return anything you order from Box & Wrap. Return shipping fees are also your responsibility.

Box & Wrap has some higher-end, beautiful packing options, and we love that they have a sterling reputation too. But, for the average customer - business or individual - this store's prices are high enough that they'll probably shop elsewhere first.

US Box Review 3 Star Rating

US Box

3 Star Rating

US Box calls itself "the home of endless packaging possibilities". Based in New Jersey, this retailer of Gift Boxes and much more has millions of in-stock options ready to ship every day. And, if you're looking for a company with a terrific reputation, US Box not only has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau but also zero complaints registered there! Given that the BBB says the company has been in business for over 70 years, that's a pretty impressive track record.

On the other hand, the website for US Box wasn't as smooth to use as some of their rivals. When we went to price a basic white apparel box, the ordering page explained that we had to order in multiples of 100. But, when we got to the order summary page and went to enter our zip code for a shipping estimate, the 100 we entered had defaulted back to 1 single box. Mysteriously, the order summary page didn't prevent us from having a single-box order, despite the earlier page saying we could only order in quantities of 100 or more. So, if you wind up using this retailer for your Gift Boxes, expect that there may be some glitchy or outdated features.

You also might have to dig around to find some of the more novel Gift Boxes this store has. For example, under the Gift Basket Boxes category, we found some cute Sweet Treat boxes in more than two dozen designs (popcorn holder, winter themes, paw prints, etc.). There were also some Intricut Gift Basket Boxes in the shapes of cars and cupcakes that would make for a fun way to give out party favors. And yes, the minimum order requirements still apply for these unique options.

Best Gift Boxes

US Box's prices are a little higher than some of their competitors'. For example, on that basic white apparel box, US Box was priced at $0.42 each: $7 more per 100 than at least one other retailer we evaluated. You might save a dollar or two with US Box's flat-rate $15 shipping but you'll be spending more on the Gift Boxes. That's a great deal if you're ordering a lot of Gift Boxes for your business, but maybe not as helpful if you're an individual consumer who just needs a few boxes for the holidays.

On a positive note, the US Box site also has some features we didn't necessarily find on their rivals' websites. For example, scrolling down to any Gift Box's details, you'll also find some helpful tabs: Order a Sample, Imprint, Custom Size Availability and DIY Imprint Options. We were pleasantly surprised to see that instead of paying for a sample, customers can actually video chat with customer service reps to see a live demo of many of the Gift Boxes they offer. If you need to tweak something US Box has, you'll know at a glance what the possibilities are.

What if you need to make a return after your Gift Boxes are delivered? US Box isn't the most generous retailer in this regard: you'll get a 25% restocking fee deducted from any refund issued, and you'll be responsible for all return shipping costs. Return authorizations must be issued by US Box within 14 days of your order's delivery.

Overall, US Box isn't a bad place to shop for Gift Boxes, especially if you're ready to order in large quantities. They've got a stellar history of customer satisfaction, even if their website leaves some room for improvement in the future.

Emenac Packaging Review 2.5 Star Rating

Emenac Packaging

2.5 Star Rating

Emenac Packaging is one of the more obscure Gift Box retailers in our review: definitely not a household name! But, they also offer some of the more interesting styles of Gift Boxes we found, including:

  • Pillow Gift Boxes
  • Cube Gift Boxes
  • Kraft Gift Boxes
  • White Gift Boxes
  • Vape and E-Cigarette Gift Boxes
  • Birthday Gable Gift Boxes
  • Die Cut: Cut-Outs and Solid Black Rigid Gift Boxes
  • Triangular Foldable Gift Boxes
  • Handmade Soap Gift Boxes
  • Cosmetic Gift Boxes
  • Wedding Gift Boxes
  • Gift Card Boxes
  • Mailer Boxes: Multi-Cavity and Corporate

Emenac Packaging didn't have a rating from the Better Business Bureau at the time of this review. But, we were encouraged to see 14 customer reviews on the BBB site, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Many of the comments praised the company's extremely friendly customer service team and remarkably fast delivery times.

Best Gift Boxes

We were glad to see such positive remarks, because the Emenac Packaging site alone might have had us worrying. Why? First off, no matter what kind of Gift Box you want, you'll have to contact the company for a customized quote. We couldn't even get information on the basic white apparel boxes we used as a comparison item on other Gift Box retailers' websites. That makes it hard to know how they measure up when compared with other stores.

Another issue is some of the oddly-worded text on the site. It definitely gives the impression that English might not be the first language of the company's management team, and given that many boxes ship from Emenac's warehouses in Asia and Africa, that's not all that unlikely. Fortunately, those positive comments from customers reassured us that regardless of the language issues, the company is still doing a terrific job of keeping people happy.

All that being said, this Gift Box retailer isn't as easy to use as most of the providers we evaluated. With all of its Gift Boxes being custom printed for each customer, the average consumer isn't going to have to go through the process of getting a personalized quote when they just need some boxes for party favors or wrapping Christmas gifts. And, even for businesses looking to place a large order with their brand or logo, they might be turned off by the lack of upfront pricing - when it's so easy to get at least a ballpark figure from rival services. For those reasons, Emenac Packaging winds up towards the bottom of our rankings among stores offering Gift Boxes.

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Continued from above...

On the other hand, if you're running a family-owned candy shop and need some fun unicorn-shaped boxes for a new line of treats, your best bet is probably a store that focuses on business customers, not individual consumers.

Next, how creative do you need your Gift Boxes to be? Most stores offering them will have the standard styles: square or rectangular shapes in white and brown, maybe some foil/metallic options, and so on. But what if you need something unique like nested suitcases or round metal tins (or those unicorn-themed boxes we mentioned earlier)? Not every retailer can meet that need.

Of course, whatever you're looking for, there are some simple criteria to keep in mind when considering any online retailer of Gift Boxes. Here are several factors to remember:

  • Selection and Availability. How many kinds of Gift Boxes does the store carry? Are they in stock, or is there limited availability during busy seasons (like the winter holidays)?
  • Price. How do the everyday prices compare with rival stores? Do you get a good value for your dollar? Are there any cost-saving perks like free shipping, bulk discounts, or rewards programs?
  • Reputation. What do other customers have to say about the buying experience with the store? Has the company been rated by the Better Business Bureau? Are there any customer-friendly policies in place, such as a price match guarantee or generous refund terms?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Gift Boxes available today. We hope this information helps you find the perfect packaging for all of your gift-giving needs!

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Gift Box FAQ

The answer to that question really depends on whether you're buying a lot of them or just a few. Some retailers focus on business customers who need hundreds (or thousands) of gift boxes at once, while others are definitely more for the everyday consumer who wants something special for their holiday and special occasion gift-giving. Either way, you've got several fantastic options to choose from.
Yes! Some retailers of gift boxes specialize in bulk orders, especially for businesses. This is a much better alternative than trying to find them at a local brick-and-mortar store and hoping they'll have enough in stock.
Yes! There's no need to buy 100 gift boxes if you only need 10. You might pay a little more for a smaller order, but you can definitely get just what you want. And, if you want a more decorative gift box, you've got that option as well (because they usually aren't offered in bulk like the plain white variety).
Sometimes. But if you know you need more than one or two for all of your holiday gift-giving, or you prefer gift boxes in non-standard sizes, do you want to risk not being able to get them for free? It's probably smarter to pay for what you want instead of hoping that your local retailer will give them to you for free.
Definitely. Some retailers go all out to provide beautiful, unique gift boxes that you'll be proud to present to the choosiest of recipients.
That varies. Small, plain white boxes purchased in bulk can be just a couple of cents each, while decorative gift boxes with lots of flourishes can be $5 each or more.
That depends. How many gift boxes are you buying? Do you need expedited delivery? You may get your shipping included at no extra cost, or you could wind up paying $10 or more. Most retailers will tell you exactly how much you'll pay for delivery well before you click "buy now" .
Check the retailer's return policy. Some stores give you 30 days or more to return your gift boxes for a full refund.
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