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Box and Wrap Review

Tuesday, February 7th

2023 Gift Box Reviews

Box and Wrap Review 4.5 Star Rating

Box and Wrap

4.5 Star Rating
  • $1 options for single items
  • Options for wholesale packages
  • Basic and luxury box designs
  • Custom options
  • Wide variety

Box & Wrap is a unique wholesale packaging service. Open since 2004, their mission is to provide smaller-scale customers with the same type of unique packaging that you usually see from large corporations.

Wide variety of boxes

Box & Wrap has a wide variety of options starting at $1 for one small box or bag all the way up to $179 for one wine box. Their basic box with a lid comes in a variety of sizes, with most starting at $4 for a complete 8x8 box, and between $50 and $300 for a pack of 50 (depending on size). They also offer other packaging necessities like bags, tissue, and labels. As a special addition, Box & Wrap offers an option for custom packaging, promising small minimums with unique colors and designs.

Folds, lids, and tucks, they have it all

If you were worried that Box & Wrap wouldn't have a box shape suitable for your gift, don't be. They have every shape and size available. With boxes for pastries, candies, wine bottles, and more, they make sure that there's a shape that fits everyone. Some of the options include:

  • Top-tuck boxes: the classic cake box look, where the lid tucks in to the front of the box body
  • Pillow Boxes: shaped like little pillows with folding ends
  • Two piece lock corner boxes: the pizza box style
  • Boxes with a separate lid and base: hat boxes, heart candy boxes, and shoe box style
  • Novelty-shaped boxes: clear boxes with folding tops and round candy tubes
  • Magnet closure boxes and bags: similar to the other styles but with a little extra security
  • Hanger boxes: fun little boxes that hang on wine bottles

Tips and tricks

There's a lot going on at Box & Wrap, but don't stress. If you don't know where to start they have a tab just for tips and tricks. You can find instructions for measurements, ideas for designs, and video instructions for assembly. They don't want to leave you on your own, and these are free of charge. Their logo and custom branding section is similar, offering your guided pages so that you feel confident designing a box that's perfect for your loved one or event. Just keep in mind some of the printing options start at $3 per print, so you'll be paying a little extra for that custom design.

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Packaging and branding solutions

One of the highlights of Box & Wrap is their wholesale option, where you can purchase large packages of boxes for wholesale prices. This is a great opportunity for a business owner who needs boxes for their products either to mail or to elevate the purchase experience. They provide packaging solutions for a wide range of businesses including:

  • Retail and apparel stores
  • Candy shops
  • Bakeries
  • Cupcake shops
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Wine stores
  • Florists
  • Gift basket makers

With options for "luxury" style boxes (some ranging up to $179 per unit), there is a design at Box & Wrap for any type of business.

Shipping costs will vary

One of the important things to remember is shipping. The shipping price will change depending on which boxes you buy, the size, and the number of items. Box & Wrap offers standard ground shipping starting at $2 per package and 3-day expedited shipping starting at $40.85. So, just make sure you order with plenty of time to spare if you don't want to pay a premium for shipping. However, if you order more than $150 worth of gift boxes and other items, you will qualify for their $20 flat rate shipping, so if you need to buy a bunch of boxes in one go, that's the best shipping deal you're going to get with Box & Wrap.

Good all around and great for a business

The options at Box & Wrap are great if you're looking for boxes for one recipient, a package deal to kickstart a gift-giving season or even to upgrade your business. They have a great variety of box types, price points, and goodies like packing paper and labels. With the option for custom boxes you get even more flexibility: you can choose something pre-made or something unique to the person you want to give a gift to. It also opens up possibilities for custom packaging if you're a business owner. With wholesale and single purchase options, Box & Wrap stands out in our reviews.

Where Can You Find the Best Gift Boxes?

Do you love gift giving seasons but find getting all the presents ready for a big celebration is super stressful? Do you wish you had a way to take the hard work out of gift boxing and give the picture-perfect present every time? Whether you're packaging for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, or Anniversaries, or if you're a professional looking to spice up your delivery packaging, you want to be able to make it just right.

Finding the right Gift Boxes can be challenging when shopping the limited selection in your local brick-and-mortar stores. As you start shopping for gift boxes online, you'll see that some retailers specialize in large orders, for those people buying in bulk. Other stores focus on more creative boxes, for those people looking for something unique.

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Gift Box FAQ

The answer to that question really depends on whether you're buying a lot of them or just a few. Some retailers focus on business customers who need hundreds (or thousands) of gift boxes at once, while others are definitely more for the everyday consumer who wants something special for their holiday and special occasion gift-giving. Either way, you've got several fantastic options to choose from.
Yes! Some retailers of gift boxes specialize in bulk orders, especially for businesses. This is a much better alternative than trying to find them at a local brick-and-mortar store and hoping they'll have enough in stock.
Yes! There's no need to buy 100 gift boxes if you only need 10. You might pay a little more for a smaller order, but you can definitely get just what you want. And, if you want a more decorative gift box, you've got that option as well (because they usually aren't offered in bulk like the plain white variety).
Sometimes. But if you know you need more than one or two for all of your holiday gift-giving, or you prefer gift boxes in non-standard sizes, do you want to risk not being able to get them for free? It's probably smarter to pay for what you want instead of hoping that your local retailer will give them to you for free.
Definitely. Some retailers go all out to provide beautiful, unique gift boxes that you'll be proud to present to the choosiest of recipients.
That varies. Small, plain white boxes purchased in bulk can be just a couple of cents each, while decorative gift boxes with lots of flourishes can be $5 each or more.
That depends. How many gift boxes are you buying? Do you need expedited delivery? You may get your shipping included at no extra cost, or you could wind up paying $10 or more. Most retailers will tell you exactly how much you'll pay for delivery well before you click "buy now" .
Check the retailer's return policy. Some stores give you 30 days or more to return your gift boxes for a full refund.
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Gift wrapping is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. The first gifts were decorated in fabric before greeting cards, tissue paper, and printed gift paper became popular. Now, it's an industry all its own. Today, Americans spend more than $3 billion on gift wrap each year. But wrapping paper is unwieldy, hard to use, and hard to recycle. Many gifters are switching over to gift boxes, which you can use again and again.

With so many different gifts, gifters, and recipients, it can be hard to know how to pick out gift wrapping or boxes. Fortunately, online gift box services will put it all together for you wholesale. However, it can be hard to choose which service to go with. The boxes all look so nice, and everyone has a different style. Whether you're looking for something for your loved ones or a business-focused packaging option, we've got all the best gift box services here for you to consider.

So, how do you choose the best gift boxes for your needs? If you're not sure where to start, here are some factors that can help you pick the best boxes for you:

  • Business or Personal: Do you want to buy in bulk for your business? Or do you just want a few choice gift boxes for that special someone? Do you need 50 units for your order, or just one or two?
  • Price per Unit: How much are you looking to pay per box? Does having single-purchase options matter more than cost per unit? How do similar boxes compare?
  • Design: Do you need a specific box shape for a particular gift, or is a basic square box good for your needs? Do you need boxes that display their contents or have luxurious materials?
  • Creativity: Do you want boxes that reflect your personality, or do you want to be able to add something yourself? Do you want a box that can be gifted without wrapping paper or are you happy with something basic as long as it does the job? Do you need to be able to add custom designs for your business?
  • Add-ons: Are you looking for a one-stop shop, where you can buy all your gifting supplies in one place, or do you just need a few boxes and that's all?

To help you take the stress out of beautiful gift-giving, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked today's most popular online gift box services. We hope these will make it easy to choose the best gift boxes for your needs, so you can feel confident you've got the perfect present every time.

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