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The Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

What's the Best GMAT Test Prep Online?

The question is a critical one, because choosing the right study schedule and test prep materials can make-or-break your plans for a good GMAT score, and - subsequently - admittance into a prestigious (or even standard) MBA school. In fact, 9 out of 10 new MBA enrollments are made using a GMAT score, and it's accepted by more than 7,000 programs around the world.

Although it is still widely used, keep in mind that some MBA programs utilized the pandemic to phase out their standardized testing requirements. If you're focusing on one particular school, it might be wise to check their requirements. If they likely still use the GMAT, the materials you'll find here will go a long way towards simplifying your test prep decision making process.

Friday, February 23rd

2024 GMAT Test Prep Course Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Target Test Prep Review 5 Star Rating

Target Test Prep

5 Star Rating
  • Self-led GMAT prep at $149 per month, $449 for 4 months or 6 months
  • 40 hours of integrated live-classes for $1,599
  • Tutoring offered at $350 per hour
  • 4,000+ practice questions
  • Smart-analytics
  • 110-point Score Improvement Guarantee
  • 5-day trial for $1
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Target Test Prep differentiates itself from competitors in its range of high-quality offerings, simultaneously providing some of the best value for self-led GMAT test prep, and some of the most premium tutoring services. With an easily navigable user-interface, well-explained offerings, and something available for most test prep needs, here's what you'll get with Target Test Prep.

An excellent self-led plan

Target Test Prep's self-led plan is one of the best out there. Whether you pay $149 per month, or $449 for 4 or 6 months, you'll get access to 3,000 quant and 1,000 verbal practice GMAT questions, 800 quant and 400 verbal videos lead by GMAT instructors, a personalized study plan, a "GMAT practice test engine" , intelligent metrics and error analysis, general test-taking tips for GMAT logic traps, live expert support, a 110-point score guarantee, and - depending on your plan - no recurring payments. If you're unsure about purchasing Target Test Prep's self-led plan, you can purchase a 5 day trial for $1.

Mid- to premium live-online and tutoring classes

Target Test Prep's live-online course is similarly priced to competitors at $1,599, and integrates with their self-led platform. If you purchase the live-online classroom plan, you'll get personalized homework, live-interactive class time with your instructor, and access to a classroom Slack channel to strategize and review with your classmates. In contrast, Target Test Prep's tutoring services are decidedly premium. At $350 per hour, you will get personalized attention from an expert tutor, but they do not include their self-study course for what you pay, even though they recommend it as part of their tutoring. Target Test Prep's tutoring is undoubtedly high-quality, but may not be for those looking for budget tutoring services.

Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

Reasonable trial and score guarantee policies

Target Test Prep's refund and trial policies are reasonable and customer-first, which we strongly appreciate. Not only do they explicitly state that they will never automatically bill you after the 5-day trial period ends, but their score guarantee is reasonable as well. Promising a 110+ score increase if you originally scored below a 560, you just need to email Target Test prep your original score, complete all homework and assignments in your plan (which can be difficult), and email the new GMAT score. While we would've liked some leeway in the amount completed to achieve eligibility for a refund, all in all Target Test Prep seems to have some well-rounded customer-centric policies in place.

Stellar customer reviews and helpful staff

Customer reviews for Target Test Prep tend to be excellent across multiple feedback sites, and this includes the GRE Prep Club: a private forum dedicated to GRE and GMAT prep. In addition, Target Test Prep is both well-regarded on major GMAT study forums, and is very active therein, providing helpful hints and directions to useful resources unaffiliated with their service. In short, they prove themself professional and helpful in their course offerings, their policies, and in their general activities online.

A well-earned first-place recommendation

At Top Consumer Reviews we are suspicious as to claims of quality, but in Target Test Prep's case they have earned the highest praise. With a wide-range of excellent test prep offerings, live support, respectable score-guarantees $1 trial policies, and their active support and advising of GRE and GMAT students in general, Target Test Prep has done the work to earn our strongest recommendation. They earn the #1 spot on our list among GMAT test prep options.

Magoosh Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • "Math+IR" plan at $219
  • "Premium" Plan at $249
  • "Premium+admissions" at $289
  • Score guarantees offered
  • "Ask an expert" chat support
  • 1 year access across plans
  • Pause plans at any time

A play on an old Persian word for wisdom (magush), Magoosh's test prep service was founded in 2009, and got its start as a GMAT prep provider in the then-novel field of platform-based test prep. Since then, they've expanded their offerings significantly, but still offer some high-quality, very reasonably priced GMAT prep. Here's what that looks like.

The best budget provider on our list

Magoosh's GMAT test prep plans offer some of the best value on the market. They offer 3 different plans for you to choose from:

  • Magoosh's base Math + IR plan costs $219 for one year's access, and includes 175 video lessons on math and IR content, 720 practice questions with explanations, a +3 math score guarantee, and expert chat support.
  • Magoosh's Premium plan costs just $249 for one year of access (a great deal compared to competitors), and will get you over 340 video lessons in every GMAT subject area, 1,300 practice questions, two diagnostic tests, an up to 70 point guarantee, access to expert chat support, an online whiteboard that mimics the GMAT's official plan, a score predictor, and the ability to pause/resume your plan at any time.
  • Magoosh's Premium + admission plan includes everything in the Premium plan, but adds a year's access to admissions counseling, which includes comprehensive coverage of the MBA application process, insider advice on brand building and resume creation, 30 MBA application videos, the ability to pause your plan for 1 year, and access to an "MBA expert" via chat.

Well rounded and a great value

While Magoosh's offerings are certainly not as dense as competitors (especially as they only offer two practice tests), and Magoosh does not offer the kind of intensive live-online or tutored courses of other major test prep rivals, they more than make up for it with their very reasonable price and high quality materials. In addition, Magoosh's score guarantee is all-in-all reasonable. Magoosh guarantees a 70-point increase if your original score was at 630 or below, a 50-point increase if you scored between 640-690, and a 10 point increase if you scored 700 or more. To qualify for Magoosh's guarantee, you must have emailed a valid score to Magoosh, so keep that in mind before buying their course.

Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

Test explanations and chat support

Where some budget services leave their customers out in the cold in the face of difficult or confusing preparatory materials, we appreciate that Magoosh supports their customers with both video and text question explanations for difficult GMAT problems. They also provide chat support for any of their questions (or if you're simply in need of some extra help). The GMAT is designed to be difficult, and having some kind of extracurricular support - even through the medium of text-chat - can be critical for the comprehension of difficult questions. Though not as robust as the live office hours offered by competitors, Magoosh's ideal mix of price-to-support is both reasonable and welcome. In short, we think that the amount of support Magoosh offers for their comparatively low cost is overall an excellent deal.

A good deal for a good service

Not only does Magoosh receive high marks across major aggregate review sites for their test prep, but they are also well regarded on major GMAT study discussion boards, which are often pickier when it comes to test prep. In general, we find that Magoosh's offerings lie at the optimal meeting point between price and quality, earning them the best ranking on our list for a budget GMAT test-prep provider. In short, if you need some reasonably priced self-led GMAT test prep without the strict assignments and commitments of the more intensive services out there, then Magoosh is your best bet.

Kaplan Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Self-study toolkit at $359
  • On-demand course for $999
  • Advanced course for $1,399
  • Executive assessment course at $1,499
  • Live-online "GMAT complete" course offered at $1,599
  • GMAT bootcamp at $2,599
  • Tutoring offered at $2,450
  • Foundations of Math and trial classes offered free

Kaplan is a virtual leviathan of test prep: not only do they offer preparatory materials for almost any test you can think of, they have muscled their way into every bookstore and ad space out there to become a household name in test prep. Here's what Kaplan offers for the GMAT.

An extensive self-study toolkit

The "self-study toolkit" offered by Kaplan at $359 consists of 6 books of Manhattan Test Prep's GMAT prep, and includes books on quantitative sections, verbal sections, integrated reasoning and essay strategies, a Foundations of Math book, a Foundations of Verbal Reasoning book, and Manhattan Prep's "Official Guide for the GMAT Review" . In addition, they offer 6 full-length practice tests with assessment reports, a "GMAT navigator" that includes full explanations for every problem in the "Official Guide" , a 9-week study syllabus, and weekly reading and problem set assignments. In short, the self-study toolkit is extensive and comes with helpful supportive materials.

Interactive video lessons with "Interact"

Kaplan's more involved "On-demand" course costs $999, and takes place through Manhattan Prep's proprietary "Interact" platform: in essence, "Interact" is comprised of 35+ interactive video-based lessons, and a platform that tracks your progress to tailor both practice and lessons to respond to your needs. Kaplan's on-demand GMAT course also includes 6 full-length Manhattan Prep GMAT practice exams, a 7-hour Foundations of GMAT Math Workshop, the Manhattan Prep GMAT mobile app, in addition to all materials included in the self-study toolkit.

A high-powered course for 650+ improvement

For students who have already scored a 650 on the GMAT and are looking to further improve their score, Kaplan offers a "GMAT Advanced" course for $1,399 that includes 6 full-length Manhattan Prep GMAT practice exams, access to on-demand, interactive video lessons, everything in the self-study toolkit, and one-on-one post-exam assessments with an instructor: in short, Kaplan's "GMAT advanced" provides some more customized and instructor-supported self-led prep for those looking to further improve an already good score.

Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

Small classes at $1,599

Kaplan's "Live-online" course offers small personalized classes online starting at $1,599, and includes 27 hours of live instruction integrated with all the offerings of Kaplan's "on-demand" course. For those looking for more personalized instruction, Kaplan offers integrated tutoring plans at $2,450 for 10 hours of tutoring, $4,300 for 20 hours of tutoring, and $6,750 for 30 hours of tutoring. While definitely a premium service, Kaplan's tutoring services integrate with their on-demand classes, and could be an excellent choice for those with the cash to spare for high-quality tutoring.

Tailored Executive Assessment plans

Finally, Kaplan's "Executive Assessment" plans cost $1,499, and are tailored for the Executive Assessment exam (a GMAT for those with 10 years of business experience). Kaplan's Executive Assessment prep includes 15 hours of classroom instruction over 6 sessions, 2 hours of personalized one-on-one exam prep, everything in Kaplan's "self-study" toolkit, in addition to 4 official Executive Assessment practice tests and 300 official EA practice problems.

Excellent tutors and instructors.

Manhattan Prep is known for hiring high-quality tutors and instructors, and as Kaplan's GMAT offerings are routed through Manhattan Prep, you are definitely benefitting from said integration as well. In addition, Kaplan offers free GMAT events, a free GMAT math module, and a free GMAT "starter kit" . However, while we appreciate Kaplan's free offerings, their test prep plans are all fairly expensive when compared to competitors, and they offer no score guarantees. In addition, user reviews on GMAT study boards tend to be mixed in regards to Kaplan - primarily due to concerns about price.

A good service, an above-average price

While Kaplan offers a huge range of robust plans, and sources highly-qualified instructors through their subsidiary Manhattan Prep, their price range comes at a premium when compared to competitors. So, while Kaplan is worth your consideration, don't be overawed by their offerings, and remember that if you excel at self-led study prep, there are cheaper options out there than Kaplan.

Varsity Tutors Review 3 Star Rating

Varsity Tutors

3 Star Rating
  • 20 hours of "Small Group" sessions for $599
  • Small group + tutoring "GMAT Bundle" starting at $1,599
  • Tutoring starting at $102 per hour

Varsity Tutors makes its name through its wide range of tutoring services, offering everything from K-12 to undergraduate and test prep tutoring. While we have critiqued Varsity Tutors in the past for their other test prep offerings, Varsity Tutors' GMAT plans are well-detailed and better than the norm, though not for everyone. Here's what you'll get with Varsity Tutors.

Reasonably priced small-group instruction

Varsity Tutors' "Small Group" sessions cost $599 for 20 hours of instruction in a cohort of 6 to 9 other students. The "Small Group" sessions also include expert curated tests, diagnostic tests, and a question bank (but with no details as to its quality or quantity), a strategy guide to each exam section, flashcards, and access to a mobile app. You can bundle in private tutoring to their live-online class with their "GMAT Bundle" at $1,599 which includes 10 hours of one-on-one tutoring and 20 hours of instruction. If you just want tutoring alone, prices start at $102 per hour, but vary based on your tutor's experience and qualifications.

Poor website design, but better than before

Breaking the mold with their previous patterns of behavior, Varsity Tutors actually tells you their price for their GMAT tutors without requiring a sales-y phone call, which is not the case for their other test prep offerings. Without following a direct link, however, it can be difficult to actually find the page that lists their complete offerings and prices. If you end up in the wrong place on their website, you won't be able to determine GMAT test prep prices or find a link to do so, and Varsity Tutors will attempt to route you into a sales call, which is par-for-the course for their other offerings. So while not perfect, we suggest that Varsity Tutors lean into the impulse to provide a navigable website that provides useful information, because their standard practice is aggravating to say the least.

Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

A better-priced classroom than competitors

Varsity Tutors' small group live-online classes of 6-9 students is one of the best values on the market. With a majority of live-online courses comprising highly structured classes in the thousand-dollar price range, Varsity Tutors' small-group sessions may provide an excellent lower-cost alternative with guaranteed small class sizes to boot. However, as Varsity Tutors shares minimal details about the materials they integrate with said small-group class, it is likely that they are less robust than their premium competitors.

Not the best, but a good deal nonetheless

While we've critiqued Varsity Tutors for their other tutoring plans that often include no price ranges and minimal information, Varsity Tutors' GMAT offerings are a pleasant deviation from the company's norm. While not highly recommended due to the minimal information they offer about the materials they integrate into their classes/tutoring, we think that Varsity Tutors could be quite a good choice for those who want small-group live-online GMAT study without the eye-watering price tags of the usual live-online course offerings.

The Princeton Review Review 2.5 Star Rating

The Princeton Review

2.5 Star Rating
  • "Self-Paced" prep at $699
  • "Fundamentals" 27 hours of classroom time at $1,299
  • "GMAT 700+" with score guarantee at $1,699
  • Private tutoring starting at $167/hour

The Princeton Review offers a number of effective self-led GMAT test prep courses. They also give you an option for one-on-one tutoring for more specialized instruction. With that said, their heavy-handed marketing approach and price variations combine to bring down their overall score.

Stop it already

Let's get something out of the way: The Princeton Review's website and advertising practice are terrible. The website is plagued by ever-changing deals (that likely renew the moment they "expire" ), a horrendous pink-on-yellow color scheme, an annoying popup complete with a notification noise, formatting that makes it difficult to assess the differences between their expensive plans, and an aggravating countdown timer that follows you through the website meant to instill urgency that -gasp - the deal might expire! Not only that, but The Princeton Review's ads (like some kind of ancient curse) will follow you long after you've visited their site, and in 2015 it was found that the company would charge you more for the same service based on your zip code.

An extensive list of self-paced and classroom offerings

The Princeton Review offers 3 GMAT test prep plans for you to choose from, along with a personal tutoring option.

  • The Princeton Review's Self-Paced plan costs $699, and includes 10 practice tests, 83 adaptive drills curated by their proprietary algorithm, adaptive video lessons, access to The Princeton Review's "drill builder" , the latest edition of The GMAT Official Guide e-book edition, and access to live GMAT explanation sessions.
  • The Fundamentals plan costs $1,299, and includes 27 hours of live lessons from instructors, recordings of said lessons, a custom lesson plan, office hours, a higher-score guarantee, in addition to everything in the "self-paced prep" option.
  • The GMAT 700+ option has - you guessed it - a 700+ score guarantee, and includes 47 hours of instruction, 10 hours of focused instruction on advanced GMAT questions and "Verbal and Math" explanation sessions respectively, 4480 GMAT style questions and the official "GMAT guide book bundle" , in addition to everything included in lower-cost plans.
  • The Princeton Review also offers private tutoring starting at $167 per hour, and includes a score guarantee, and official GMAT practice materials. The Princeton Review does not state how many practice tests come with their tutoring packages, but they do offer access to their "adaptive lessons" and GMAT prep platform, so it is possible that - in crowding their interface with buttons to purchase tutoring - they simply forgot to mention the materials that came with it.
Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

Overpriced to average-priced plans

While The Princeton Review's self-paced prep is definitely overpriced, their live-online fundamentals and GMAT 700+ plans are similarly priced to competitors that offer highly-structured GMAT test prep classes. Even so, The Princeton Review's score guarantees vary for each plan; in general, they require the completion of all course materials, homework, and practice tests, and require that you set a baseline score. We appreciate that The Princeton Review lets you use their GMAT practice test as a baseline score, should you not have a previous GMAT score on hand.

Overall not the best value

The Princeton Review's GMAT test prep could be worth it if you wanted to save approximately $100-$200 with an intensive live-online test prep plan. However, their self-led plans don't seem to have any justification for their higher price than competitors. In addition, The Princeton Review's terrible site design, annoying ads, and past disrespectful zip code-based pricing scheme all combine to earn them a generally lower ranking than comparable competitors.

Prep Scholar Review 2.5 Star Rating

Prep Scholar

2.5 Star Rating
  • 3 months online prep for $139
  • 4 months "complete GMAT Prep" at $259
  • Tutoring + "Complete GMAT Prep" starting at $779
  • Two full-length practice tests included
  • "Smart" curriculum based on diagnostic assessment test

With a focus on budget test prep, Prep Scholar is- on the surface - a standard low-cost GMAT study service. However, when given a closer look, their low-cost offerings can't quite compare to competitors, and their refund and guarantee policies are downright poor. Here's what Prep Scholar offers.

Decidedly budget services

Prep Scholar's base plan costs $139 for 3 months of access and includes 750 practice questions, a diagnostic assessment, 30 GMAT skill lessons, 5 GMAT strategy lessons, and two practice tests. The "Complete GMAT Online Prep" option will get you 4 months of access for $259, includes 1,000 practice questions, adds 5 additional GMAT strategy lessons, and includes a 60-point score increase guarantee. Prep Scholar's most premium option, their "1-1 Tutoring + Complete GMAT Online Prep" , integrates 4 hours of tutoring into their "Complete GMAT" plan. You can purchase 10 hours of tutoring for $1,699, and 20 hours of tutoring at $3,399.

A diagnostic study tool

The biggest differentiator between Prep Scholar and similarly-priced competitors is their "diagnostic" element, which tailors a study schedule based on the metrics of your initial test. Otherwise, Prep Scholar's offerings are comparable or inferior to the best-rated on our list, especially as they only offer 4 months of access as opposed to a year. Prep Scholar's sub-optimal value is especially apparent in their tutoring options, which actually gets you a worse deal the more you purchase. Subtracting the cost of a 4-month online prep plan, Prep Scholar's lowest-cost tutoring package costs $130 per hour, while their 20 hours of tutoring costs about $150 per hour. If someone is spending $3,399 on test prep (their most expensive plan), we would expect - at least - some kind of benefit to justify the expense.

Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

A terrible score guarantee

The most egregious part of Prep Scholar is the huge caveats they place around their score guarantee. To qualify, not only do you have to complete every single lesson, quiz, and homework material, but you have to "achieve mastery" in these materials. As Prep Scholar defines mastery on their own terms, and users on test prep study forums and the Better Business Bureau have testified that it is almost impossible to achieve, we think that "mastery" is a fluid concept likely used to deny you a refund.

Jump through the hoops

If that wasn't enough, Prep Scholar requires that you physically mail your test results to their address. When competitors are content with a simple email, it becomes increasingly clear: Prep Scholar's score guarantee is only a score guarantee if you are willing to jump through the unnecessary hoops they've placed between you and a refund, and achieve the impossible standards they've set.

Good reviews but a poor value

Prep Scholar has earned an "A" grade with the Better Business Bureau due to their response to customer complaints on the site, which we've factored into our rating. Even so, while Prep-Scholar's offerings may seem reasonable and robust, we think the juice just isn't worth the squeeze. If you need self-led prep or tutoring, choose a company that respects you with their score guarantees, and offers an appropriate amount of test prep for the price. Only if you really like paying for postage to ensure your refund should Prep Scholar be your first choice.

Peterson's Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • $49 for a one-month subscription
  • $45 per month for 3-month subscription + 90 minutes tutoring
  • $39 per month for 6-month subscription + 270 minutes tutoring
  • 3 full-length GMAT practice tests dedicated to quantitative, integrative, and verbal reasoning
  • Practice test results broken down by sub-content level
  • Detailed answers and explanations to each GMAT practice question
  • Access via app or computer

With a majority of its users being service members due to Peterson's military contracts, Peterson's offers low-cost test prep subscriptions for most career-defining tests out there. While you are able contract-out multiple months in advance for better deals and tutoring added, Peterson's offerings generally aren't the best. Here's how it breaks down.

Low cost and low quality

Peterson's test prep offerings are decidedly low-cost and not very robust, offering 3 full-length GMAT practice tests broken down by content level, explanations for each question, and the ability to access via computer. Your price point is going to depend on the length of your (automatically renewing) subscription, at $49 per month for 1 month, $45 per month for three months, and $39 per month for 6 months. Peterson's 3- and 6-month plans offer 90 minutes and 270 minutes of 1-on-1 tutoring respectively, in addition to essay review services.

Inexpensive, but auto-renewing

While not very expensive (on the face of it), Peterson's offerings are very slim. Offering (in essence) only three total practice tests with question descriptions, Peterson's plans pale in comparison to other GMAT test prep services that offer study materials and - at the very least - pre-recorded video lessons. Not to mention that Peterson's products are subscription-based, and unless you cancel your subscription 48 hours before they expire, Peterson's will automatically re-enroll you in your plan. This means that unless you actively cancel your six-month plan, Peterson's will automatically bill you for it without any refunds once it expires. We think that, in general, taking advantage of customers with an automatically-renewing subscription model is poor business practice.

Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

Tutoring offered... but with whom?

Even though Peterson's offers live-online tutoring with their 3- and 6-month plans, they do not detail any of the qualifications of their tutors. As such, we think it unlikely that they are hiring high-quality tutors or compensating them appropriately, and you would likely be better off with a tutoring service that tells you about their instructor staff.

Little offered and not recommended

While Peterson's does offer practice tests with explanations, they do not offer much more than that, and their tutoring does not inspire confidence. In addition to some shady subscription practices, we think Peterson's is likely not a good fit for most students - and unless you are already receiving their services for free, we do not recommend them for GMAT test prep.

GMAT Hacks Review 1.5 Star Rating

GMAT Hacks

1.5 Star Rating
  • GMAT 111 eBook for $10
  • PDFs included in purchase
  • Collection of free materials

GMAT Hacks is not a fleshed-out test prep company; rather, it is the website of the author of multiple once-popular GMAT prep books, Jeff Sackmann, on which are collected a number of free resources and for-sale study materials. Here's what they offer.

Broken links...

GMAT Hacks offers some nice, low-cost study prep for the price, but everything is outdated or defunct. While GMAT Hacks advertises and includes links for two books by Sackman - Total GMAT Math and Total GMAT Verbal - the links to these products are completely defunct, and they cannot be purchased through the website.

...and outdated materials

Sackmann's GMAT 111 is still available in eBook format for $10. We appreciate the general ethos informing Sackmann's "GMAT 111" : it is designed to be concise, and introduce new concepts in such a way that you can digest and practice them in between the gaps of a busy schedule. However, GMAT 111 was published in 2010; the last "daily GMAT post" was published in 2014; a majority of site links are broken or defunct. In short, the website seems mostly abandoned, which subsequently means it is unlikely that any materials have been updated to keep pace with any potential changes to the GMAT.

Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

An archive of tips and free resources

The best thing about the GMAT Hacks website is that it has a nice collection of free resources, which we thoroughly appreciate. While we could not find any reviews of GMAT Hacks, one student in a recent post on a GMAT study forum found their sample problem sets to be helpful in their study. So, there are potentially good resources still hosted on GMAT Hacks' website, even if the majority of for sale resources are out of date.

A relic of a bygone internet

Honestly, GMAT Hacks feels like a relic of a bygone internet: one in which bespoke self-made web pages were the norm, and the original hobbyist/entrepreneurial spirit of the early internet was alive and well. However, much like the early internet itself, GMAT Hacks is abandoned. In short, while it could be good to check GMAT Hacks for free resources, there is little we can recommend you actually purchase through this website.

TestPrep Training Review 1 Star Rating

TestPrep Training

1 Star Rating
  • GMAT Verbal Reasoning test: $12.99
  • GMAT Quantitative test: $12.99
  • GMAT Integrated Reasoning test $12.99
  • GMAT Comprehensive exam $12.99
  • Free 32 question practice tests offered in each GMAT category

Before we go any further, you should know that TestPrep Training's terms of service state they are not responsible for any viruses that your computer receives from their website, and they're not responsible for the accuracy of their materials. This bizarre and disturbing disclaimer automatically puts TestPrep Training at the bottom of our list. If that wasn't enough to dissuade you, TestPrep Training's GMAT services appear mostly abandoned, with little more than supplemental tests on sale. So, with those important caveats out of their way, here is what TestPrep Training offers.

Defunct online classes, practice tests offered

While it seems that at one time TestPrep Training offered online courses to prepare for the GMAT, at this point they are all defunct, and all that remains are their varied GMAT practice tests. Each practice test from TestPrep Training-whether Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, or their comprehensive exam-includes 100 questions, and costs $12.99. TestPrep Training offers no details as to the credentials or quality of their exams, merely the amount of questions and their subject matter.

Better materials can be found for free

While potentially useful if you are in need of a practice test, almost every single major (and minor) test prep provider out there already offers free practice tests in addition to their paid products. In other words, it's hard to imagine someone taking so many practice GMAT tests that they run out of the dozens of easily accessible free tests, and turn to TestPrep Training's vaguely defined $12.99 GMAT offerings. While TestPrep Training also offers free "quizzes" for each GMAT section, with 32 questions in each, we recommend you avoid downloading anything from TestPrep Training's website due to their outlandish terms of service.

Best GMAT Test Prep Courses

Not responsible for accuracy or viruses

To reiterate our important notice in the introduction: we found some interesting notes in TestPrep Training's terms of service. Not only do they state that they are not responsible for the accuracy of any of the preparatory materials on their site, but that they are not responsible if their website is hosting any viruses. If the company selling me GMAT preparatory materials states that they do not have to in any way be accurate, and they are not responsible if their service gives me a virus, then we cannot think of a better reason to avoid them.

Please avoid TestPrep Training

We couldn't find any GMAT specific reviews about TestPrep Training. However, we did find a suspicious amount of 5 star reviews on aggregate review sites from suspicious reviewers with only one review under their name. After further digging through customer reviews, we found that critiques of TestPrep Training's materials state that-among other things-their questions are sometimes copied from tests freely available on Google, and are at times written in poor English. Please do yourself a favor, save $12.99 (and potentially your computer) and don't purchase anything from TestPrep Training. In general, we prefer to recommend services that are accurate, up to date, and won't potentially give your computer a virus.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is meant to assess an applicant's general suitability for graduate study, particularly in regards to business and MBA performance. The GMAT distinguishes itself from the more generalized GRE insofar as its quantitative reasoning assessments are much more in-depth, and it de-emphasizes verbal reasoning assessment.

The GMAT consists of four sections: an Analytical Writing Assignment (AWA) that lasts 30 minutes, a multiple choice Integrated Reasoning (IR) section that consists of 12 questions and lasts 30 minutes, a Quantitative section of 31 questions that lasts 62 minutes, and a Verbal section of 36 questions that lasts 65 minutes. In short the test is extensive, and as such it will pay dividends to make some common sense preparations and study plans beforehand.

In spite of what some of the advertisements might say, there is no magic bullet to an improved GMAT score. While some highly rated test prep materials can certainly help, they are only one half of the equation, the other half being a realistic assessment of your needs, your timeframe, and the work needed to reach your goals. As you search for some appropriate GMAT prep that fits your budget and timeframe, it is important to take a deep breath and remember that - as long as you put in the work - you will in all likelihood improve your score.

In any case, as you start preparing for the GMAT gauntlet, here are some tips we've found for you to keep in mind:

  • Time: How much time do you have available for GMAT test preparation? Do you have time for a class? One-on-one tutoring? Or would a self-paced study program work best? If you're honest with yourself about how much time you will devote to test preparation, you'll be more likely to succeed.
  • Cost: Preparing for the GMAT can be expensive. While personalized programs can give you tailored focus on areas of need, they also come with a higher price tag. Self-paced programs can offer a more rounded approach at a lower fee.
  • Know your schedule: Many companies on our list offer intensive (and expensive) GMAT study plans in the form of live-online and tutored test prep. While potentially an excellent resource, your success therein is likely dependent on whether you are able to dedicate the needed time to take advantage of the live-online format. If you are studying on the side or are just plain busy, consider avoiding the classroom format, and shopping for a mixture of self-led test prep and free resources.
  • Score guarantees: Many services offer score guarantees in the form of improvement promises or score minimums. While potentially reassuring, keep in mind that there are often requirements and caveats around the guarantee. Often, test prep companies will ask for pre-established baseline scores and the completion of all course materials before you can take advantage of such guarantees.

Searching for test preparation materials is often - let's be frank - a terrible experience. The field of GMAT test prep hosts an entire industry sustained by the dangling of higher-test scores in front of often financially-insecure graduates behind huge costs. Even so, there are good companies out there offering reasonably priced and well-supported GMAT materials. Here at Top Consumer Reviews, we've done the legwork to help you find them. So, while searching for GMAT test prep is certainly not fun, we're certain that our curated list of high-quality and well-rounded test prep will help make the process a whole lot easier.

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GMAT Test Prep Course FAQ

GMAT is short for "Graduate Management Admission Test". Most MBA programs require you to take this exam prior to admission, to assess the likelihood that you'll be successful as a student. It covers math skills that include algebra, arithmetic, and geometry; integrated reasoning like data analysis and interpretation; verbal reasoning which includes reading comprehension and editing abilities; as well as analytical writing.
That depends on where you take the exam. In the United States, it typically costs 4250.
The test is expensive, and you can only take it up to five times in any 12-month period. Using a reputable GMAT test prep program can help you get the best possible score, whether you're taking it for the first time or as a retake hoping for improvement.
Some GMAT test prep providers offer a guarantee that your score will increase, and they will refund your fees if it doesn't. You'll need to provide proof of your before-and-after test scores, and you'll have to demonstrate completion of the test prep program you chose.
Most of the time, yes. Whether you're cramming for a testing date in the near future or giving yourself ample time to prepare, you can probably work through the test prep materials according to your schedule. The most advanced GMAT test prep programs let you access your study materials from your laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone app.
Both! Many have options for classes in major metro areas, virtual instruction sessions, or one-on-one tutoring. You can also choose a test prep program that is 100% online, for the convenience of 24/7 access and studying whenever (and wherever) you like.
Prices range from $99 for a basic study guide to $2699 for private tutoring. You can get a comprehensive study plan that includes initial skills assessments, practice tests, video lessons and plenty of practice questions from several different reputable providers for $250-$500.
Only you can determine how you learn best. Do you need the flexibility of being able to study on-the-go when you're not busy with work or school? Or do you learn more easily with live instruction? Once you know what delivery method you prefer, you'll have no problem finding an effective GMAT test prep program to guide your studies.
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