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The Best Sites to Sell Gold

Where is the Best Place to Sell Your Gold Online?

Maybe you're looking to let go of those hand-me-downs from your great aunt or some busted bling that's seen better days. Well, guess what? Now's the perfect time to turn that shiny stuff into cold hard cash. The market prices for gold are through the roof, and who wouldn't want a little extra moolah in their pocket?

While some people may have concerns about selling gold online, advancements in shipping practices have made it easier than ever to safely transport gold from seller to buyer. With secure packaging and expedited shipping methods, online gold sellers ensure a smooth and secure transaction process, allowing you to convert your gold into cash with ease.

Wednesday, July 17th

2024 Sites to Sell Gold Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Cash For Gold USA Review 5 Star Rating

Cash For Gold USA

5 Star Rating
  • In business since 2005
  • Insured up to $5,000
  • Additional insurance available up to $100,000
  • 10% bonus on offers
  • Preview gold value
  • 24-hour payment option
  • Price match guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

If you're looking to turn your platinum, silver, or gold items into cold hard cash, then Cash for Gold USA is the place to go. They've been in the game since 2005 and have become one of the largest online gold buyers worldwide. From dental scrap to traditional jewelry and even gold solder, they'll pay cash for anything that contains precious metals. And, with so many great benefits like price match guarantees, fast appraisals, and payments, Cash for Gold USA is a standout company in our review.

Fast appraisal and payment

The process of working with Cash for Gold USA is super straightforward. Fill out their online form, choose your shipping method (USPS mailer or FedEx label), and wait for your Safepak to be delivered, or use your own packaging with their free printable label. Within 24 hours of receiving your items, a certified technician will appraise them and send you an offer. If you're happy with the offer, you can get paid as soon as 24 hours from the time you get your offer. This is one of the fastest payments in our review, setting Cash for Gold USA apart from the pack.

Wide variety of payment options

Once your materials arrive, certified appraisers at the company evaluate the item(s) and send a fair market offer. If the offer meets your expectations, you can accept it and the payment will be processed accordingly. Payment options include a variety of instant payment methods like direct deposit, PayPal, and a virtual credit card. You can also choose to print a check at home or receive a check via USPS or FedEx. If you decide not to sell your items, you can simply decline the offer, and the company will arrange the free shipment of the items back to you.

Free insurance up to $5,000

We love that Cash for Gold USA offers automatic insurance coverage of up to $5,000 when you ship via FedEx. It provides great peace of mind knowing that your precious items are protected during transit. Plus, if you need even more coverage, you can insure your parcel for up to a whopping $100,000 if you ask their customer service for more insurance.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Preview the value of your gold

One of the coolest things about Cash for Gold USA is their online Gold Calculator. You can simply enter the weight of your gold item and select its purity, and the calculator will show you the melt value. However, keep in mind that the actual offer will be determined by their expert technicians after inspecting your items, so it may vary from the melt value.

Offer bonuses

Depending on when you visit the site, Cash for Gold USA offers deals and bonuses. For example, when we first visited the site for our review, we were offered a free appraisal, as well as a 10% bonus on the quoted value of our precious items. While this may not be available all the time, we love that Cash for Gold USA offers fun little bonuses like this.

Price match guarantee

Another perk? The company offers a price match guarantee, meaning they'll match any competitor's offer in the United States. That's some serious commitment to giving you the best value for your items.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

A+ rating from the BBB

It's also worth mentioning that Cash for Gold USA is owned by CJ Environmental Inc. So when you search the Better Business Bureau to check Cash for Gold USA's score, the company's score falls under the parent company. This is awesome, though, because CJ Environmental Inc. has an outstanding BBB reputation. With an "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB, you can trust that Cash for Gold USA operates with integrity and expertise.

Top-notch reputation

On top of the stellar rating, CJ Environmental Inc. also has an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from ratings left at the BBB. On top of a great BBB rating overall, Cash for Gold USA is reviewed by third-party sites with an impressive average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 from most users. Even better, they have a 4.8 rating from Google reviews. Customers who love the service noted that it was really easy to work with Cash for Gold USA and they felt they were always getting a great deal from the company's offers.

Fantastic top-tier service

If you're looking to cash in on your gold and want a reliable and reputable buyer, Cash for Gold USA should be your top choice. They offer quick appraisals, speedy payments, a price match guarantee, and even payout examples for your peace of mind. Don't let your gold gather dust when it can turn into some extra cash in your wallet. With all these benefits, Cash for Gold USA is a great service for selling gold online today.

Express Gold Cash Review 4.5 Star Rating

Express Gold Cash

4.5 Star Rating
  • Open since 1999
  • Insurance up to $5,000 standard
  • Additional insurance available up to $100,000
  • Best price match guarantee
  • Over 15 years in service
  • 10% bonus for price matches
  • Preview gold value
  • 24-hour payment turnaround time
  • Free shipping
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

When considering which cash-for-gold service to choose, there are several important factors to keep in mind: trustworthiness, simplicity, and receiving a payment amount that's better than average. Fortunately, Express Gold Cash excels in all of these areas and more. With over 25 years of combined experience in the precious metals and diamonds industry, Express Gold Cash is a family-owned business dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. The company is a heavy hitter and earns a high rating due to the exemplary scores and ratings from satisfied customers.

Easy process with FedEx

The process of selling your gold with Express Gold Cash is straightforward and hassle-free. It begins by filling out the online "Request a Kit" form. You have the option to either wait for your kit to be delivered or print a free label and use your own packaging. Once you've securely packaged your gold and other items, you can drop them off at the nearest FedEx location, with peace-of-mind tracking throughout the entire shipment process.

Package confirmation

Upon arrival at Express Gold Cash, you'll receive a confirmation email. Your package will then be evaluated and scanned to ensure that the enclosed items match the inventory list you provided. You will receive an offer via email, which you have 24 hours to accept or decline. If you decline, your items will be returned to you free of charge.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

$5,000 insurance plan for free

Express Gold Cash has extremely competitive insurance for its customers. The Express Gold Cash insurance coverage goes up to $5,000 for your Appraisal Kit. This generous coverage ensures that regardless of the value of your items, you can rest assured knowing they are protected. If you require additional coverage, Express Gold Cash also provides higher levels of insurance, reaching up to $100,000 if you ask their representatives.

View recent payouts

If you're curious about the potential value of your items, Express Gold Cash provides real examples on its website. By visiting the Recent Payouts / How Much Is Gold Worth page, you'll find images of items that were sold to Express Gold Cash along with the exact amount paid for them. This glimpse into real transactions may inspire you to search through your storage units and dusty boxes in the closet, as that little 18k charm you have could be worth $144. There are unlimited items including dental bridges and pieces that you might only think are scrap.

Get paid in just 24 hours

The total cash value of your package is calculated based on the weight, type of material, and the day's gold price. If you accept the offer, you can receive payment in as little as 24 hours. It's worth noting that if you don't respond to the offer within 72 hours, Express Gold Cash will automatically mail you a paper check anyway based on the last offer. If for any reason, you change your mind after you've received the check, you can send it back uncashed within 30 days to get your items back free of charge.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Price match guarantee and bonus cash

Express Gold Cash not only stands out for its exemplary service but also for its exceptional price match guarantee. If you receive an offer from a national online competitor, Express Gold Cash promises to match it and also pay you an additional 10%. For items valued at $1,000 or more, they'll go the extra mile by offering an additional $100. This commitment to ensuring the best price sets Express Gold Cash apart from the competition.

Outstanding reputation

When it comes to trustworthiness, Express Gold Cash has earned an outstanding reputation. With thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot and an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, they have established themselves as a company that can be relied upon. Impressively, they have received zero customer complaints with the BBB and their rating average with the BBB can't be matched: a whopping 4.9 out of 5 stars. Customers who have sold their gold through Express Gold Cash have expressed their satisfaction with the smooth process, prompt payment, and fair compensation received. Numerous individuals have even shared their experiences of receiving higher payouts compared to local jewelers and pawn shops.

Can't go wrong

If you're seeking a fast and convenient way to sell your gold online, Express Gold Cash should be among your top choices. Their commitment to providing top-notch service, combined with their high ratings and positive customer feedback, make them a reliable and trustworthy option. Their price match guarantee is an additional bonus. You can't go wrong with Express Gold Cash.

Sell Your Gold Review 4.5 Star Rating

Sell Your Gold

4.5 Star Rating
  • In business 50+ years
  • Insured up to $5,000 standard
  • Additional insurance available up to $100,000
  • 5% bonus on offers
  • Quick and modern payment options
  • Price match guarantee
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Sell Your Gold is renowned as one of the leading and most reputable companies in the industry, and their commitment to excellence is demonstrated in their daily interactions with customers. With over 50 years of experience, Sell Your Gold's team of expert appraisers combines their trained eyes with cutting-edge technology. Sell Your Gold takes pride in its reputation and only associates with the most trusted and exceptional businesses. With a best-price guarantee and exemplary insurance policy, Sell Your Gold easily earns a high rating in this category.

Sell gold online easily

The process at Sell Your Gold is simple. With just three steps, you can sell your gold without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Start by requesting your free appraisal kit, with no obligation to proceed. Package and ship your items, which will be covered by the Sell Your Gold free and insured shipping through FedEx. Finally, you can either accept your offer and get paid promptly or your gold will be returned to you. This process is almost identical to that at other companies in our review, showing that Sell Your Gold is adhering to the industry standard for this process.

Bonus card for 5%

The company's free Appraisal Kit provides individuals with the necessary materials to conveniently exchange their unwanted gold and jewelry for cash through a mail-in service. As an added token of appreciation, customers receive a 5% bonus card from Sell Your Gold which is included in the kit. If you return this card along with your items when you send them in for appraisal, customers can earn an extra 5% bonus added to their offer.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Free insurance up to $100,000

Rest assured that when using Sell Your Gold, your valuable items are always secure, protected, and insured. Once your package is scanned by FedEx, you will receive an email notification that initiates the tracking process. Sell Your Gold has partnered with Lloyd's of London, a renowned leader in jewelry insurance, to ensure the safety and insurance coverage of your items. With Lloyd's of London, your jewelry is protected by world-class insurance. Sell Your Gold prioritizes the safety of your jewelry and offers additional insurance coverage of up to $100,000 at no extra cost if you require insurance beyond the standard $5,000 automatically applied to your package.

State of the art technology

The process for getting paid by Sell Your Gold is based on their team of experts. Their appraisers will meticulously examine and assess the value of your gold, jewelry, diamond, silver, and platinum using state-of-the-art technology. During the evaluation process, they consider various factors, including the prevailing gold price, the presence of precious metal in your item, the weight and purity of the precious metal, and specific characteristics of the item.

Multiple payment options

Upon accepting their offer, Sell Your Gold offers multiple payment options for your convenience. By default, they provide payment via a company check, which is sent through USPS and typically arrives at your address within 5-7 business days. Alternatively, you can choose PayPal or direct deposit for free and typically it will clear within 1-3 business days.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Best price guarantee

At Sell Your Gold, they proudly offer a Best Price Guarantee that ensures customers receive the highest value for their items. If a customer finds a higher price offered by an online competitor, Sell Your Gold promises to beat that price or provide a $100 payment. This guarantee reflects their commitment to providing the best possible offers and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Thousands of customers love it

While Sell Your Gold itself doesn't have any presence on the Better Business Bureau, its parent company Beyond79 LLC does. The parent company has an impressive "A+" rating and accreditation with the BBB. Further, Beyond79 has an impressive average of 4.8 stars out of 5 from reviews left on its BBB page. On top of that, the company also has an impressive reputation with third-party review sites offering verified reviews. These show that customers rated Sell Your Gold 4.8 stars out of 5 with over 7,000 total reviews to back up the score. Bottom line? If you're looking for a company that tons of customers love, this one is going to be where you want to sell.

Trustworthy place to sell gold

If you're looking for one of the best options for insurance out there, Sell Your Gold is it. On top of that, they have some of the best ratings from thousands of users making this service stand out as a customer-focused place to sell your gold online. With these factors along with their best price guarantee and a 5% bonus on your offer included in their free appraisal kit, Sell Your Gold is easily one of the top services to get cash for your unused gold.

Gold Fellow Review 4 Star Rating

Gold Fellow

4 Star Rating
  • Secure shipping with video recordings during ening
  • $2,500 in insurance included
  • Get paid within 24 hours
  • Preview for gold estimates
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Robin and Michael Gusky, the founders of GoldFellow, bring a wealth of experience to the table with their extensive background in manufacturing and distributing karat gold jewelry. With 30 years of industry knowledge, they are dedicated to earning your trust by providing a safe, convenient, and secure platform for selling gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds, all while ensuring you receive excellent payouts. With their highly secure process, GoldFellow ensures fair and safe transfer of gold into cash for you. This service is easily one of our recommended options.

Highly secure process

The process of selling your valuables with GoldFellow is designed to be straightforward and transparent. You begin by filling out a brief online form, where you can select your preferred method of receiving a free shipping label: either through mail or by printing it at home. Additionally, you can choose how you'd like to be paid, with options including a paper check, PayPal, or a wire transfer (subject to a $10 fee deducted from your payment). Once your items are securely packaged, simply drop them off at the nearest FedEx location.

Package opened under video

Throughout the entire shipment process, you'll have the peace of mind of being able to track your valuables until they safely reach GoldFellow. Upon arrival, your package is opened under a video camera for your protection. Once they are appraised, your offer is sent digitally to your online GoldFellow account where you can accept the offer and receive payment. If the offer is declined, the company takes care of the return process by shipping back the items via FedEx at no additional cost to you.

Competitive insurance

With GoldFellow, your items are insured for up to $2,500, providing a layer of protection and giving you peace of mind throughout the selling process. While it may not be the highest coverage available in the market, it should adequately cover most customers who are looking to sell basic jewelry and other items found around the home.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Prioritize fastest payment methods

At GoldFellow, your items are meticulously tested, graded for karat quality, and weighed using calibrated electronic jewelry scales. The settlement offer is then posted to your online account, where you can review it. At this point, you can accept the offer, confirm your payment method, and proceed with the transaction. Customers have the convenience of choosing their preferred payment method including a company check, PayPal, eCheck, or a wire transfer. Once the settlement offer is accepted, customers can expect immediate payment. If you decline their offer, your items are returned free of charge.

Preview how much you'll make

One feature we particularly appreciate about GoldFellow is their real-time estimate tool. This tool allows you to receive an estimate for your gold items, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches, directly on their website. We encourage you to try it out for yourself when you visit the site. You'll find it conveniently located on the top menu under the label "Cash for Gold Prices" . It's important to note that this feature is only an estimate and your actual offer from GoldFellow may be a little more or less.

Customers love the speed of GoldFellow

GoldFellow has garnered a very impressive reputation. In addition to being accredited and boasting an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, the company has consistently maintained an impressive average of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot through over 200 verified reviews. Customers praise GoldFellow for offering fair prices, employing friendly staff, and maintaining a well-documented and professional process throughout. In particular, customers repeatedly praised the speed at which GoldFellow processed both the appraisals and the payments.

Top option for security features

It's clear that GoldFellow is a worthy contender when it comes to cash for gold services. If you want the assurance that your items will be handled with the utmost care from start to finish and that you'll receive top dollar for your jewelry, GoldFellow should not be overlooked. They have security embedded in their process and open your items on camera to show proof of receipt. With their commitment to excellence, they have established themselves as one of the best options available in the cash-for-gold market. GoldFellow remains a highly competitive service for selling your gold online.

US Gold Buyers Review 4 Star Rating

US Gold Buyers

4 Star Rating
  • $25,000 in insurance included
  • Pay up to 98.5% of value
  • Instant and mail-in payment options
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

US Gold Buyers is a reliable option for selling gold. The company is located in Boca Raton, FL, holding a valid license and insurance. Their commitment to excellence is evident through their accreditation and impressive "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. When it comes to selecting a trustworthy cash-for-gold service, having a positive reputation like theirs can alleviate any concerns. With an outstanding 4.8 out of 5-star rating average across hundreds of customer reviews, US Gold Buyers has earned the trust and satisfaction of numerous clients.

Hassle-free shipping

Let's delve into the process of selling your gold and receiving payment, which is both simple and efficient with US Gold Buyers. Similar to other services, the process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out the online form, providing details such as the declared value and a brief description of the items you plan to send.
  2. Obtain your free FedEx Overnight shipping label. Safely package your gold, diamonds, watches, or any other jewelry made with precious metals and drop it off at the nearest FedEx shipping location.
  3. You decide if you want in, and US Gold Buyers sends you swift payment through PayPal on the same day your package arrives. If you choose not to take their offer, they return your items free of charge.

Up to $25,000 insurance on all packages

US Gold Buyers goes above and beyond by providing free insurance coverage up to $25,000 on every package. This coverage significantly surpasses that of many other cash-for-gold providers we assessed. There is one option that has a higher insurance offer in our review, but most other services offer only $1,000-$5,000, which really makes US Gold Buyers stand out from the pack.

Payouts up to 98.5% of gold value

Due to its significant nationwide purchasing volume, US Gold Buyers is able to offer sellers an impressive payout of up to 98.5% for their precious metals. By aligning sellers' items with their retail jeweler, dental lab, and jewelry manufacturer customers, US Gold Buyers enables sellers to bypass intermediaries and receive top-dollar rates for their gold. US Gold Buyers provides convenient payment options, including same-day bank wires, direct deposits into the seller's account, as well as Western Union and MoneyGram for added convenience.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

No price matching

However, it's important to note that US Gold Buyers doesn't offer price matching, and it required extensive exploration on their website to confirm that they do offer free return shipping if you decline their offer. For this reason, it sits a little lower than some of our top options which all provide a price match guarantee.

Solid reputation with sellers

US Gold Buyers has a perfect "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. It also has an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 from verified third-party review sites. While there are fewer total reviews for US Gold Buyers than some of our top options (just over 100 total reviews) customers praise the speed and safety of selling gold with US Gold Buyers. So, you can rest assured this company's reputation is solid.

Highly competitive gold buyer

US Gold Buyers presents several noteworthy advantages that make them worthy of consideration among cash-for-gold companies. Their higher insurance coverage and the positive reputation they have established with previous customers are notable highlights. With numerous services available for selling your gold and other items, choosing a reliable service like US Gold Buyers is a great option. Although they have a lower number of customer reviews and lack a price match guarantee, they're still very much worth your time if you want to sell your gold online.

Gold to Cash Review 3.5 Star Rating

Gold to Cash

3.5 Star Rating
  • Secure storage in a vault with armed guards
  • $1,000 in insurance included
  • Get paid within 1 week
  • Instant and mail-in payment options
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Gold to Cash has built a strong reputation as one of the most trusted and reputable gold buyers in the industry. With decades of experience in the jewelry and precious metals business, they are dedicated to providing the highest payouts and a pleasant selling experience.

Change the game

Their mission is to change the unfair treatment often experienced at pawn shops by offering a fair value for jewelry and precious metals. At Gold to Cash, customers can expect a fast, safe, and secure process, along with transparent reports that explain the offer. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, Gold to Cash aims to provide a seamless and confident selling experience.

Easy 3-step process

Gold to Cash provides an industry-standard 3-step process to convert your gold jewelry and precious metals into cash.

  1. Start by requesting a free Appraisal Kit through a short form, which includes all the necessary materials.
  2. Next, pack your items discreetly and either drop them off at the nearest FedEx location or request a free home pick-up. A prepaid FedEx shipping label is provided for your convenience.
  3. Once your package is received, it will be scanned and appraised by experienced personnel, who will provide you with a detailed Offer Report.

If you accept the offer, payment will be initiated within 24 hours. If not, your items will be returned to you at no cost. The entire process is free, transparent, and hassle-free, allowing you to sell your gold with confidence and no obligations.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Insured up to $1,000

Unfortunately, the insurance for Gold to Cash isn't as impressive as some of the other services in our review. Like many other services, Gold to Cash uses a prepaid FedEx shipping label with their Appraisal Kit. This website has automatic insurance coverage of up to $1,000 in case of loss or damage. If the value of your valuables exceeds this amount, you have the option to contact them and request additional coverage. However, the standard coverage is much less than what you'll find with many rival services in our review.

Up to 95% of current market value

At Gold to Cash, customers can anticipate receiving up to 95% of the current market price for their gold bullion and jewelry. The company's offers are calculated considering several factors, such as the market price of precious metals, the content and weight of the precious metal, the purity of the metal, the condition of the item, and the total weight of the precious metals involved. Choosing Gold to Cash means customers will receive among the highest offers for their gold jewelry and bullion, providing peace of mind and confidence in the transaction.

Full range of payment options

In terms of how you get paid, Gold to Cash provides customers with a range of payment options to suit their preferences including a Wire Transfer or ACH or a Company Check. A check is the default option if the payment field is left blank. For customers seeking quicker payments, Gold to Cash also offers the convenience of CashApp and PayPal, both of which are fast and free, providing an expedient way to receive funds.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Vault and armed security

In terms of security, Gold to Cash is licensed as a Secondhand Precious Metals Dealer under Washington State Chapter 19.60 RCW. Gold to Cash stores all valuables in a top-notch vault and ensures their protection with armed staff. This is one of the few services in this review that specifically notes how the items are kept during the appraisal process, and knowing that there is a specific vault for the gold and other valuables increases our confidence in this service.

Reputation is excellent

If you're looking for a service with an outstanding reputation, Gold to Cash sure has it. According to its listing on the Better Business Bureau, Gold to Cash has an outstanding "A+" rating as well as accreditation. On top of that Cold to Cash also has an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 from verified third-party review sites. Customers agree that Gold to Cash is a fast service that provides fair and competitive rates for gold. Customers love that they got offers within a week and were able to transfer their money right away.

Best for customers who like security

Gold to Cash is another competitive service for selling your gold online. They've got top-notch security as well as rave reviews for their fast turnaround time and competitive offers for gold. However, their insurance limit helps set this service below other top services in this review. With only $1,000 in insurance, Gold to Cash isn't as competitive as our higher-ranked gold buyers who offer $5,000. However, this site is still very good for customers who are particularly worried about security and want to know exactly where and how their gold is being stored during appraisal.

Cash for Gold Review 3 Star Rating

Cash for Gold

3 Star Rating
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Insured up to $250
  • 10-day decision period
  • Offer within 24-hours of receipt
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

If you've come across Cash for Gold you might be a little worried at first if this company is legit. The website is woefully out of date and it would feel more at home in the late 90s or early 2000s internet space. However, Cash for Gold is part of United Jewelry Buyers, a well-established enterprise that engages in extensive advertising campaigns across the United States. Rest assured, they are a licensed, bonded, and insured company, ensuring credibility and protection for their customers, established in 2008.

Three easy steps

To make use of Cash for Gold's service, follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the online form. You can choose to print a prepaid label from USPS or UPS or if you'd rather wait for Cash for Gold, they will send you a Gold Track Kit and send it in your envelope.
  2. Receive your payment offer. While it doesn't say how long appraisal will take, Cash for Gold notes that customers will have up to 24 hours to accept or decline the offer online or through phone/email communication. If Cash for Gold doesn't hear from you within the specified time frame, they will automatically proceed with sending your payment.
  3. If you find the settlement amount unsatisfactory, notify Cash for Gold within 10 days of the check's date. Subsequently, return the uncashed check within 5 days. Your items will be promptly shipped back to you, and no charges will be incurred.

If for whatever reason you decline the offer within the 24-hour period, all of your items will be shipped back to you in the same condition in which they were received.

Insured up to $250

According to Cash For Gold's website, the contents of your package are insured up to $250, and the shipping is entirely free. However, it is important to note that the insurance is only available with the Gold Track Kit, and doesn't appear to be guaranteed for other shipping methods. This is hands-down one of the worst insurance policies in our review, which causes some concern for the safety of your items.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

100% satisfaction guarantee

The president of United Jewelry Buyers and Cash For Gold assures clients that if they are unsatisfied with the offer, their items will be returned in their original condition without any charges. The company values a personalized approach and pays close attention to detail. If any aspect of the process fails to meet the client's expectations, they are encouraged to contact Dave (the president) directly via email, as he is committed to taking personal responsibility for ensuring customer satisfaction. Additional information can be found on the company's Terms and Conditions page.

Payment via check

The value of gold jewelry at Cash For Gold is determined by considering several factors. These include the price of gold as quoted by the experts at Cash for Gold, the karat content of the gold (expressed as a percentage of 24 karats), and the actual weight of the gold items. These factors are taken into account to calculate the final value of the gold jewelry. Cash for Gold provides payment via check. You have 24 hours to decide if you accept their offer, and once you do a check will be shipped out immediately.

Change your mind within 10 days

One feature we love is that if you find the settlement amount unsatisfactory (even after it has been mailed to you), you can notify Cash for Gold within 10 days of the check's issue date. You may then return the uncashed check within 5 days and your items will be promptly shipped back to you, and no charges will be incurred.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

21+ age limit for sales

While not all websites that allow you to sell gold have age limits, Cash for Gold does. It may not be super important to most customers who have gold, but you do have to verify that you are 21+ in order to work with Cash for Gold. So, if you're 18, you'll have to wait a few years or have your parents sign up and sell the gold for you.

"A+" reputation but no reviews

According to its profile on the Better Business Bureau website, Cash for Gold has an impressive "A+" rating for its commitment to service. There are currently no open complaints about this service which was also reassuring. However, there aren't many reviews out there for this particular site. So without any reviews on the BBB or on third-party review sites, we're not sure how customers feel about selling with Cash for Gold over other services.

Middle-range service

Based on the information uncovered, it appears that Cash for Gold upholds a solid reputation. We consider this service to be on par with its competitors, but falling within the middle range due to its middle-of-the-road insurance options and being unable to verify customer experiences. This site is worth checking into, but not one of the top services overall.

Liberty Gold & Silver Review 2.5 Star Rating

Liberty Gold & Silver

2.5 Star Rating
  • Secure storage in an offshore vault
  • $1,000 in insurance included
  • Get paid within 24 hours
  • Instant and mail-in payment options
  • Price match guarantee up to 110%

Liberty Gold & Silver is a little different from other services we've reviewed. Instead of just being a place to sell gold online, Liberty Gold & Silver is an online broker specializing in a wide range of precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium, platinum, iridium, ruthenium, and rhodium. So, not only can you sell gold, but you can buy it there too.

Extensive range of services

They offer an extensive range of services, including 24/7 availability for inquiries, consultations, and order assistance. Additionally, they offer flexible price locks, assistance with precious metals IRAs and private pension plans, offshore storage options, global shipping, finance programs, and the purchase of jewelry, coins, and bars. Although they previously had a physical location in downtown Portland, Oregon, they now exclusively operate as an e-commerce business.

Site is geared for buying more than selling

The process for selling your gold and other precious metals at Liberty Gold & Silver is much the same as other competing services in our review. There are three primary steps. First, you have to sign up for their website. Then, you will receive a prepaid envelope and send in your gold. Once the appraisal is complete they send you an offer and you can have your money within 24 hours of getting the appraisal. The only odd part of the process is that to sell gold, you have to find it in the dropdown menu for gold specifically, which may not be intuitive for some customers who might expect "selling gold" to be on the front page. It has the effect of selling gold feeling like an afterthought at Liberty Gold & Silver.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Insured up to $1,000

Liberty Gold & Silver ensures the safety and security of your gold or silver by shipping through UPS in a prepaid UPS return envelope, which is padded and insured. The insurance for this service is up to $1,000, though you can choose to take a lower insurance if you feel like you don't need that high of a number (though we're not sure why someone would want less insurance when it's free). This isn't super competitive compared to other higher insurance options in our review. However, $1,000 is still a decent amount of coverage for most clients.

Payment process feels outdated

Upon receiving the gold or silver, Gold to Cash will promptly reach out to the customer via email or phone with a quote. While they don't give details on how they appraise the precious metals or what exactly "promptly" means, it does appear that they prioritize fast turnaround. If the offer is accepted, a check will be mailed to the customer within 24 hours. Alternatively, for a small wiring fee, Gold to Cash can transfer the funds directly into the customer's bank account. However, with other services in our review that offer instant transfers for no fees, Liberty Gold & Silver doesn't stand out as a modern example of payment options.

Price match guarantee up to 110%

One standout feature at Liberty Gold & Silver is that they provide an impressive 110% price match guarantee. This ensures that you receive the best possible price for your gold and silver. Upon assessing your items, Liberty Gold & Silver will promptly contact you with our offer. If you find another reputable buyer offering a higher price for your jewelry, this service promises to match that price and add 10% to it. While there is one other service that has a better price match, Liberty Gold & Silver does offer a great deal for an additional 10%. On appraisals that are quite high in cash, you could be looking at a decent increase.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Secure offshore storage

Liberty Gold & Silver LLC has joined forces with Transcontinental Depository Services LLC (TDS) to provide an exceptional international segregated storage solution for precious metals. While this is primarily for customers who want to buy or store gold with Liberty Gold ^& Silver, it showcases how much this service prioritizes security for precious metals. They know what they're doing. The partnership with TDS ensures the utmost level of security, insurance protection, and account management, making it the ideal choice for storing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins.

Reputation not that impressive

Unfortunately, in terms of reputation, Liberty Gold & Silver just doesn't stand out. In fact, they're on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of reliability. There are almost no reviews out there for Liberty Gold & Silver. The only place we could find reviews for the service was on Google Reviews where the company only has a 3.6-star rating on average. Further, the company is listed as "NR" by the Better Business Bureau. So, if you're looking for somewhere that customers love, Liberty Gold & Silver isn't the spot for you.

Below average service

While a lot is going on at Liberty Gold & Silver, making it a great place to buy or invest in gold on top of selling your unwanted sparklies, the poor reputation of the company puts a ding in their rating. Without more competitive features like better insurance, we can't rate this service any higher. It's just below average due to that "NR" rating as well as the fact that selling gold seems to be an afterthought on this website, which didn't give us a lot of confidence in the company overall.

Luriya Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Open since 1995
  • Educates customers about gold market
  • $1,000 in insurance included
  • Get an offer within 4 days of shipping

Luriya is a reputable company based in Manhattan's Diamond District. With both brick-and-mortar locations as well as an online service, Luriya specializes in buying and trading gold, diamonds, jewelry, and watches. Since 1995, their team of trained professionals has been dedicated to helping customers sell their jewelry and watches with ease and without any concerns. With a commitment to offering the best prices and exceptional customer service, Luriya aims to provide a highly informative service for a wide variety of jewelry items including gold.

In-person or online options

From the website, we gathered that many customers who use Luriya go to their in-person locations around New York. However, Luriya also offers a mail-in kit. To use it, simply complete an online form and expect to receive a prepaid FedEx label via email. Your items will be securely shipped in a padded envelope with tracking and insurance. Shipping takes 1-2 days and within 24-48 hours, Luriya will present you with an offer for your item(s). If you accept the offer, they will provide payment according to your preferred method.

Unclear how they pay customers

The offers provided by the company are determined considering several factors, including market price, supply and demand, weight, condition, quality, and brand of the item. One thing we liked about Luriya's payment process is that while the company believes its offers are fair, they are open to negotiating a price. The only thing we couldn't find on the Luriya website is how they get your payment to you. While they promised to use your "preferred method" for payment, there isn't any suggestion of what those methods might be. With so much information available on this site, it was a little surprising that we couldn't find whether they mail a check or complete a wire transfer.

Standard insurance for $1,000

In terms of insurance, Luriya provides customers with insurance and delivery methods that guarantee the secure transportation of their valuables. When utilizing their mail-in kit, customers' items are automatically insured for up to $1,000, with the ability to increase coverage to $1 million if required. This is one of the highest total insurance options available, but the standard insurance rate of $1,000 isn't as competitive as it could be with other companies offering $2,500+.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Learn about the gold market

Luriya goes above and beyond to help you understand not only the process of buying and selling gold, but also when you should sell, how the prices are calculated, and more. On each of their pages (whether you're going for gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, or any of the other items they process), you can find informative pages about how to go about selling your precious metals and stones.

Mixed reputation online

While Luriya does have a fairly impressive 4.7 stars out of 5 on Google Reviews, that was the only place there was any buzz about this gold buyer. Since they do have brick-and-mortar locations in New York, the reviews on Google were related to selling in-person rather than through the Luriya mail-in kit. On top of that, Luriya doesn't have a reputation with the Better Business Bureau. While the company does have a page on the BBB site, the rating is listed as "NR" .

Not enough to make it stand out

While we like Luriya's variety, this site just doesn't stand out among other more exciting options. The gold education at Luriya is helpful, but it doesn't stack up against the cool features on other sites like gold calculators. With an average insurance policy amount and an "NR" rating, this service just isn't exciting enough. Though if you're located in the New York area, this might be a good place to check out in person.

Cash 4 Gold Review 1 Star Rating

Cash 4 Gold

1 Star Rating
  • Insured shipping through FedEx
  • Processes payment within 24 hours

Positioning themselves as "the original online jewelry buyer," Cash 4 Gold boasts an impressive track record with over one million payments made. However, whether the company has changed hands or simply stopped caring about customers, we can't tell. Either way, Cash 4 Gold has fallen significantly in trustworthiness over the years and there is nothing about the company that makes us want to recommend it to anyone.

Site and process seem unreliable

The process of sending in your gold to Cash 4 Gold is simple, though some customers may not feel as comfortable with it since Cash 4 Gold is only a 1-page website, which comes across as suspicious. In order to get started with Cash 4 Gold, you need to enter all of your personal information including your name, full address, and email. Then, when you get your shipping pack, delivered by FedEx, you place all of your gold items in the bag and send them out.

Missing information

However, there are no further details on the website about their testing system, their insurance, or anything else. For this reason, we question whether Cash 4 Gold is still legit. There are no details or links on the landing page. The only thing customers have to go by is BBB badges and a few less-than-detailed blurbs on how reliable Cash 4 Gold is.

Shipping is insured for free

If you're wondering what kind of insurance Cash 4 Gold has, so are we. The only mention of insurance on the Cash 4 Gold website is that the shipping label with FedEx (which you use to send your gold to the company) is insured. They do note that the insurance is free, which is nice, but we'd need to know more details before we'd send our gold off.

Best Sites to Sell Gold

Payment process

Like many other aspects of Cash 4 Gold, it was hard to find information about the payment process. The only promise the website makes is that customers will be paid within 24 hours for their gold. Other than that, there are no specific details about appraisal or how you will be given your money. This feels like a huge red flag for a service that is taking your valuables. While it's possible that you might get more information once you've signed up for a box to be delivered to your door, we don't love that Cash 4 Gold asks for all of your personal information before divulging payment processes and other key parts of their service. If this is the case, it feels like a very misleading way to get people involved in your service.

Misleading information

Cash 4 Gold used to have a decent reputation with the Better Business Bureau, though it was never really stellar. However, since the last review, their rating has fallen from a "B-" all the way down to an "NR" (not rated) indication. When we compared this information to the blurb on their landing page that indicated the company had an "A+" rating from the BBB, we realized that Cash 4 Gold is being misleading with the information on their site.

Not a trustworthy site

Additionally, the company has very few verified reviews out there, and all of these are 1-star ratings. Customers who sent in their jewelry said the appraisals were low-ball offers and others were never paid at all. With these things considered we have to recommend you stay away from Cash 4 Gold.

Stay away from Cash 4 Gold

Considering the numerous cash-for-gold services available today, many of which possess strong reputations, it's impossible to recommend Cash 4 Gold as a service. With only 1 page for their entire website and almost no information on their practices, the company doesn't inspire confidence in any aspect. Further, customers have complained about not getting fair offers with some not getting paid for their gold at all. This service appears misleading and untrustworthy. Keep searching for any other option to sell your gold.

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Seriously, it's never been easier to turn your forgotten gold into a pile of greenbacks. And with prices riding high, you might just be sitting on a gold mine without even knowing it. So why not give it a shot? Gather up your gold goodies, find a reputable service, and let them do the rest. Who knows, that necklace you never wore could be the ticket to a little financial freedom.

Whether it's paying off bills or finally taking that dream vacation, selling your gold can make it happen. Gold holds a special allure for many individuals. Considered a valuable asset with various options in terms of purity and form, gold is a timeless investment. However, finding a reliable online platform can be a daunting task.

With tons of online and in-person places advertising to buy your gold, it can be hard to decide where to send your precious metals. If you're unsure where to begin, don't worry. We've put together some factors to consider that will help you select the best place to sell your gold online based on your needs:

Here are some things to consider when preparing to sell your gold online:

  • Guarantees. When you're dealing with something as important as gold, you want to make sure that you're getting the best deal. Look for services that offer a price match guarantee to feel more confident that you're getting a fair offer for your precious metals.
  • Insurance. You're sending important and very valuable items in the mail. This can be nerve-wracking for anyone. Luckily, all the services in our review have free insurance for your gold. However, some have better insurance than others, so make sure that the value of your gold is reflected in the individual insurance plan.
  • Payment method. Some services are old-fashioned and only pay by check. Others are more modern and offer bank transfers, wire transfers, or even PayPal. Knowing how you want to receive your payment can help you decide which service to choose.
  • Customer satisfaction. If all else fails, always check out the user feedback. Companies with tons of positive reviews or a stellar reputation with the Better Business Bureau can show how trustworthy they are with your gold by providing evidence and testimonials. If you're stuck between a few services, this can be a great method to narrow down your options.

To make sure you have the best chance to turn your old trinkets into cash, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and rated the best options out there for selling gold today. Hopefully, this helps you give new life to your gold and get paid for it too!

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Sites to Sell Gold FAQ

It's just as the name suggests: you send in your gold items and get money in return! If you've got broken jewelry lying around, hand-me-down watches that no one knows who they used to belong to, or even gold teeth (!) that were removed, you can exchange them for cash.
It's surprisingly simple. Once you've selected a cash-for-gold service that you like, you'll provide your information and either get a shipping kit or print off a label. Package up your gold items, send them in, and wait for an offer from the company. If you accept their offer, you get paid; some services use PayPal while others send a check in the mail. Otherwise, you can request that they return your items and try your luck with another service.
That depends on several factors, the biggest being the going market rate for gold. Don't expect to get rich off of a few pieces of Great-Grandma's broken jewelry you found in a box somewhere. But, it can be a way to get a nice bit of pocket change, especially if they're items no one is wearing anyway.
Yes! Many cash-for-gold services will also make you an offer on silver, platinum, diamonds and more.
First and foremost, look for a company with a solid reputation. Reading customer reviews and finding out the service's rating from the Better Business Bureau are two smart steps to take to ensure you choose a trustworthy service. You'll also want to make sure that your items will be tracked and insured when you use the provided shipping method, and the same on the return if you choose not to accept your cash offer.
A jeweler or pawn shop doesn't specialize strictly in cash-for-gold, so you might not get an offer that's as competitive as what you'd get with an online service. Plus, you have to factor in the time to visit the brick-and-mortar location during business hours, return to collect your items or your payment, and so forth. Using an online service is much more convenient!
Most of the time, yes. The best cash-for-gold companies give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their services. But really, what matters most is that you get a competitive offer, and that you can get your items back if you decide not to accept it. You should have no trouble getting that from any reputable provider.
This is another question with a "most of the time" answer. Getting cash for gold is absolutely legitimate, and there are numerous services that have been around for a long time and have a loyal customer base. However, it's not unheard of for scam artists to try and get your gold items - and never give you a dollar. Again, be sure to choose a service with an established history of excellent customer service over numerous transactions, so that you don't get any unpleasant (and costly) surprises.

The Gold Selling Process

With gold prices at an all-time high many people are selling broken, outdated and unwanted gold jewelry, coins, dental work and dinnerware for a nice profit. For those that are considering selling their expensive valuables understanding the process is key to feeling comfortable and in control during the process.

Where to Sell?
You have many options when it comes to selling your gold. A local pawn shop will typically buy gold with the intent to resell. Most of the time the pawn shop will not give you the best value as they have an overabundance of jewelry for sale. Another option your local jewelry shop. Most jewelers will buy gold with the intent to sell to another broker, in the chain, for a profit. Occasionally they may resell your nice jewelry but it depends on each item. Jewelry stores have a store front, expensive employees and inventory to maintain, so their price may not always be the most competitive. Another option is a company that specializes in gold buying. Most of these companies offer their services via the internet. We've found that dealing with online companies often provides the highest payout as well as the best convenience.

Sending Your Valuables
If you decide to go with an online gold buying company most of the quality companies will provide their customers an insured, express delivery envelope that you will place your items in. Typically you are asked to itemize each gold piece to identify and track for your benefit and theirs once the package is received. An insured envelope gives you the comfort that should your package get lost or stolen you will be reimbursed.

Receipt and Analysis
Once your package is received the company will begin analyzing the value of your gold. The analysis will determine the weight and karat value of each item to help calculate how much they will be willing to pay you. Companies with a higher level of customer service will often email you to notify you they have received the contents of the delivery and what stage they are in. Once they have a quoted value for you they will either notify you via phone, email or online access. Some companies won't provide as much communication and will simply send a check for the value.

Your Decision
Should you decline their offer to buy your gold you will often notify that company again via phone, email or online access depending on who you are dealing with. Some companies require you return their check to get your valuables back. If you decline the offer you will receive your gold valuables in an insured envelope with no cost to you.

The overall gold selling process typically only takes a few days from start to finish. Some companies offer options to wire the funds to your bank account direct - if you find yourself in a hurry. Choose a customer friendly company that has a good reputation as well as frequent communication.

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