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Taylor Made Review

Sunday, April 21st

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Taylor Made Review 3 Star Rating

Taylor Made

3 Star Rating
  • Full sets cost from $299.99 to $1,699.99
  • 157 clubs for sale
  • Kids' and adults' gear
  • Casual and pro gear
  • Military discount
  • 30-day returns
  • Free shipping with membership

Established in 1979 by Gary Adams, TaylorMade has become a prominent name in the golf industry. With a tour staff featuring renowned athletes like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, and Jason Day, the company is associated with some of the top golfers in the world.

Professional and elite golf products

Their website exudes professionalism, aligning with their elite golf products, and offers custom-made inventory, so you can make your golf experience your own. The best part? This is one of the top industry brands, so if TaylorMade is your go-to, you don't have to worry about shopping with intermediaries. You can get your favorite gear right from the source.

Specialized inventory has limitations

Being a manufacturer of their own products, TaylorMade exclusively carries their brand, which sets them apart from other golf stores offering popular brands like Titleist, Callaway, and others. However, this exclusivity comes at a price: higher-than-average costs for clubs, bags, shoes, balls, and accessories. This premium pricing might not align with the budgets of beginners or those seeking more affordable equipment.

An impressive selection of clubs

On the other hand, considering that you can find over 157 different clubs at TaylorMade that are just from that brand (where some one-stop-shop sites don't have that many across multiple brands), they do offer an impressive selection. Then again, in other areas of the site, you might feel like the inventory is lacking. For example, there are only 17 options for golf bags, including men's and women's styles.

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High prices for full sets

We mentioned the price already, and while the prices are slightly higher than other retailers, it isn't a huge jump. In fact, because TaylorMade doesn't offer inventory from other manufacturers, you might think the prices are lower since some of the high-end options available at other retailers are missing from TaylorMade's website. To get an accurate price comparison, we looked at three key individual items: drivers, bags, and gloves, as well as the price range for complete golf sets to see how much it costs at TaylorMade to replace one or two items or to get started golfing from scratch. The prices shake out accordingly:

  • Drivers: $299.99 to $679.99
  • Golf bags: $119.99 to $599.99
  • Gloves: $9.99 to $34.99
  • Golf sets: $299.99 to $1,699.99

It's worth noting that the sets themselves tend to be more expensive, especially when you get into the adult-size sets. The cheapest one ($299.99) is a child's golf set. The cheapest adult set that includes a bag starts at $1,099.99, which is much more expensive than other sites and brands.

30-day limited returns

TaylorMade offers a standard 30-day refund policy; however, it's important to note that this policy excludes custom-built golf clubs, personalized golf balls, and customized accessories. Plus, you will need to send back the items in unused or like-new condition in the original packaging, so it may not be advisable to try out the items on the course before deciding if you like them.

Military discount and free shipping for members

There are two additional ways to save money with TaylorMade. If you are a member or former member of the military (or a military family member), you'll be able to earn a 15% discount on all purchases. For those who aren't in the military, you can create an account on their website for savings on shipping. Having a membership grants customers free shipping on all orders.

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Club trade-in option

By using the TaylorMade club trading option, you can easily get discounted or replaced items based on the value of your current clubs. First, indicate which clubs you want to trade in using the TaylorMade trade portal. Then, ship in your unwanted clubs and TaylorMade will send you payment in the form of store credit to buy brand new clubs at the same value as your old ones.

User-friendly custom clubs

TaylorMade offers a unique customization experience for golf clubs and balls, allowing customers to tailor these essential elements of their game. The golf ball and clubs selector tool serves as a valuable resource in determining the specifications that suit each individual golfer's needs. This is one of the most modern design interfaces we've found, so if you're looking for totally custom items, it's a user-friendly way to give that a go.

Low rating with no justification

While TaylorMade positions itself as a provider of high-end products, and customer reviews, especially for particular clubs, are fairly high, the company doesn't have as great of a reputation with the Better Business Bureau. The company has just a "D-" rating from the BBB. While this is better than its previous "F" rating, it's still not ideal for a company of TaylorMade's reputation. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of reviews out there to help clarify this low rating. Many of the blog reviews of TaylorMade golf equipment give items an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. However, in terms of third-party verified reviews, our research didn't turn up anything concrete.

Doesn't quite live up to the hype

While TaylorMade's reputation is somewhat marred by the "D-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, the company's overall services and offerings help make up for that deficit. The brand offers custom and premade clubs as well as full sets for golfers who are just getting started. With benefits like free shipping and a military discount, there are definitely savings to be had at TaylorMade. However, with an average return policy and a lower-than-average BBB rating, TaylorMade just doesn't live up to its "pro" reputation.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Golf Equipment?

If you hope to join the host of golf enthusiasts out there, or if you're looking to refresh your favorite gear, online golf equipment shopping offers a nearly limitless selection. Where before you could only find golf equipment in specialty stores, golf players can now access the online marketplace and get exactly what they need at the click of a button. Plus, when shopping online you can find and compare the best deals for top-level gear.

Perhaps the best part of online shopping is the deals on prices you can't find anywhere else. Traditional brick-and-mortar sporting goods outlets often have higher prices due to operational costs. And golfers know that even getting started with the basics (a driver and a couple of irons), can be extremely expensive. So while it can feel convenient to buy your golf equipment from a clubhouse pro shop chances are you're paying a lot more than you need to.

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Golf Equipment Store FAQ

Golf doesn't require a long list of equipment. All you need is a set of clubs, a golf bag to keep them in, golf shoes with non-metal cleats, some balls, and some tees. Since not much is required in golf, people like to get fancy with their outfits and spend most of their money on a nice set of golf clubs that will last throughout the years.
One of the most important factors in choosing golf clubs is making sure they are the right height. Too tall or too short and you'll feel really goofy trying to hit the ball off the tee. You could either choose to buy a highly-rated set of clubs all together or get really gritty and buy each club separately to make sure you get the best of each one that feels most comfortable for you. It helps to try out your friend's golf clubs so you know what feels best before ordering them online.
Yes! Most golf stores allow you to return new and unused items as long as it's in their specified return window, which is usually between 30 and 60 days. Some retailers generously allow you to return gear after you've used it since they know it's hard to gauge the performance of a product if you haven't played golf with it. Make sure to read the golf store's return policy online before checking out so you know what to expect.
If you are a right-handed player, you should buy golf gloves that go on your left hand and vice versa. In theory, this helps players have more grip and control for short-game shots. There are both winter and all-weather gloves depending on the time of year and climate you're playing in. Aside from that, you can choose the glove that you think is the best looking and within your price range and you'll find that it works just fine!
Anyone with a little hand-eye coordination can play golf. It's one of the less limiting sports for people because it doesn't require running, jumping, heavy-impact movements, or fast motion. It's a relaxing sport that allows you to socialize and take your time as you play. Golf is well-known as a popular game for retired folks who are able to spend a few hours a day on the course.
The main thing you need to play golf is your clubs. And, frankly speaking, a good set of golf clubs isn't cheap. One high-end club alone could be $1,000. However, for a decent set all together, you could expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,500. In addition, you'll likely feel like you're always running out of golf balls, so that's a minor expense that might keep occurring as you play more.
Some online golf retailers have a chat box that allows you to connect right away with an expert from their customer service team. They can help you find the right size of clubs and other products you need without you even having to leave your house. If this isn't an option, you could reach out to their customer service team by email or phone and talk to someone who can walk you through your online shopping experience.
It can. If you've been playing golf for years, you'll know the difference between good quality clubs and cheap, off-brand ones. The perfect weight and height of your clubs will help you be more in-control of your swings. If you're using flimsy, ill-fitted equipment, you likely won't play as well regardless of your skill level. Finding an online golf equipment retailer with good reviews and top-of-the-line clubs, balls, and gloves will make a big difference for you.
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Continued from above...

And there's no need to worry about finding your perfect set of clubs or a custom golf bag - if you can imagine it, there is something out there for your golf collection. Online, the idea of discovering specialized and hard-to-find equipment (like clubs for lefties or short clubs for people who don't quite make the national height average) is notably more promising than browsing the limited aisles of a local sporting goods store.

Golf is a centuries-old sport with Scottish origins, but the sport as we know it today has evolved significantly from its first iteration. Golf got started in the late Middle Ages in Scotland, with early players using wooden clubs and feather-stuffed leather balls on natural courses. St. Andrews Links, founded in 1552, is renowned as the "home of golf." The sport then spread to England in the 16th century, and the first known golf rules emerged in 1744.

The 19th century witnessed golf's rapid growth, culminating in the formation of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the introduction of golf in the United States where technological advances, like iron clubs and the gutta-percha ball, transformed the game. Professional tournaments, such as the Open Championship and the Masters Tournament, emerged and iconic golfers like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tiger Woods became household names (even if you've never seen a putting green before). Today, golf remains a beloved sport, uniting millions of enthusiasts in a tradition known for skill, sportsmanship, and course challenges.

Golf, regarded as an elegant and distinguished sport with a rich history, is a unique pastime that demands a blend of patience, precision, and technique. Avid golfers, whether they're new enthusiasts or seasoned players, often find solace and enjoyment in joining a few friends for a quiet afternoon on the course.

To excel on the greens and harness your full potential in this sport, securing top-quality golf equipment is incredibly important. Whether it's your first time on the front nine or you're a clubhouse regular, you'll need to make sure your gear is up to snuff - including a range of clubs as well as accessories like shoes, gloves, and much more.

If you're ready to start swinging with online golf shopping, where do you start? There are so many options, it can be hard to know which sites are legit and which ones are just as pricey as your local clubhouse. So, we've put together a list of considerations that might help you find your next set of clubs without the stress:

  • Cost. For many shoppers, price is the most important thing. Golf gear isn't cheap by any means, so finding a place with reliable gear that also won't break the bank is important. Keep in mind which things you want to splurge on and which items (like tees) you can just grab quickly for a nice deal.
  • Return policy. The ease of returning or exchanging golf equipment matters when you're shopping online. Not all clubs or accessories may fit your needs. Some might be too long for a comfortable swing (don't worry - we've been there) or the grip feels wrong in your hands. You'll want to be able to send back ill-fitting or unsatisfactory items for a refund or an exchange without too much hassle.
  • Selection. Consider the number of items offered at particular retailers when you're trying to pick the best store for your needs. Not all golf shops are the same. Some offer specialized brands, and others offer a wider variety. Keep in mind that a broader selection can give you more opportunities to find the best gear for your needs (and at the best price).
  • Reputation. At the end of the day, a company's reputation is paramount to a smooth and fun shopping experience. Keep an eye on customer reviews and ratings to be sure that the golf equipment site you choose is trusted by other golf enthusiasts just like you.

To make sure you can focus on your form and your swing, and not the stress of browsing site after site, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the top golf equipment stores online today. This way you can gear up for your next 9 and, who knows - with the right set of clubs or a brand-new glove, you might be the next Tiger Woods!

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