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The Best Government Auction Sites

Where Can You Find the Best Government Auctions?

Government auctions provide a unique opportunity for individuals to acquire a wide range of items at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for vehicles, real estate, electronics, or even jewelry, government auctions offer a treasure trove of options.

The appeal of these auctions lies in the potential for finding high-quality items at significantly reduced prices. With the convenience of online platforms, participating in government auctions has never been easier. From the comfort of your own home, you can browse through a vast selection of items and place bids with just a few clicks.

Monday, June 17th

2024 Government Auction Site Reviews

Police Auctions Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Police Auctions

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Police Auctions has become a leading platform for government and non-government auctions. It offers a wide range of items, including certified diamond rings, collectibles, and gold coins, through its $1 no-reserve auctions. The platform also provides comprehensive government auction data. With its 100% money-back guarantee, Police Auctions prioritizes customer satisfaction, earning a 5-star rating in this review. It's definitely worth checking out Police Auctions for your next bidding spree.

All Surplus Review 4.5 Star Rating

All Surplus

4.5 Star Rating

All Surplus is an auction site powered by Liquidity Services LLC. This marketplace promises to connect sellers with a whopping 4.8 million registered buyers. The best part? You can browse all the items for free, and they've got a huge range of stuff, from motor vehicles to industrial equipment to home appliances. Plus, their search filters make it a breeze to find exactly what you're looking for. With top marks from the BBB, this option is one of our top picks. Only the lower user ratings and a lack of a money-back guarantee kept All Surplus from earning the top spot in our review.

Government Auction Review 4 Star Rating

Government Auction

4 Star Rating

If you're in the market for real estate, Government Auction is your top choice. With over 12 years of experience and a solid track record, they specialize in land auctions and have sold over 20,000 properties. You can also find a variety of other items such as jewelry, technology, and artwork. The site is free to browse, and you can participate in traditional auctions or choose from "buy-it-now" items. While the inventory may be limited, their customer-first approach, with a generous return policy and excellent ratings, makes Government Auction a reliable platform, especially for purchasing land. For this reason, it earns a high rating but doesn't quite make the top two with its more limited listing types.

US Auction Online Review 3.5 Star Rating

US Auction Online

3.5 Star Rating

US Auction Online is a great platform to explore if you're interested in designer items, luxury art, watches, or perfumes. While it may not offer large-scale items like furniture or vehicles, it focuses on novelty coins, original art pieces, and bespoke tailored suits or designer brands. Joining the site is free, but creating an account is necessary to access bidding information. The lack of customer reviews makes it challenging to gauge the overall experience and knocks the total rating down from our previous review. However, the site is an attractive option for clothes and antiques, especially if you like luxury items.

Property Room Review 3 Star Rating

Property Room

3 Star Rating

Property Room, a long-standing police auction website, offers auctions starting at $1 with over 2.2 million registered bidders. While it lacks an extensive inventory, it provides a "buy now" option and clear item descriptions. However, customer reviews mention issues with shipping and hidden fees. It's a decent site for government auctions, but its transparency and reputation could be better. With some ups and some downs at this site, we give Property Room a solid middle grade rating.

Gov Deals Review 2.5 Star Rating

Gov Deals

2.5 Star Rating

Gov Deals, owned by Liquidity Services Inc., is an intermediary platform that connects the public with government agencies for the buying and selling of surplus assets. One notable advantage is its open access policy, allowing free browsing of all items on the site without creating an account. However, unlike other free options, Gov Deals only offers items on auction, and the lack of search filters makes it challenging to navigate the inventory efficiently. And the customer reviews are largely negative, contrasting with the BBB's high rating. Despite the straightforward approach of this site, caution is advised due to poor customer experiences and limited search functionality.

Gov Planet Review 1.5 Star Rating

Gov Planet

1.5 Star Rating

If you're into government and military surplus auctions, Gov Planet is your spot. They've got heavy equipment, like military vehicles and gear, but don't expect much for jewelry or home items. Both Gov Planet and its parent company have an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau, so it's no wonder that this is one of the lowest-ranked services in our review. Only the great filtering system on the site kept this auction service from earning only one star. You might want to check out one of the options with a higher rating and better vibes.

GSA Auctions Review 1.5 Star Rating

GSA Auctions

1.5 Star Rating

GSA Auctions, the only government auction site with an actual .gov domain, focuses solely on surplus federal assets. While it offers free access, the limited inventory, unfriendly user interface, and lack of transparency in listing details make it an average option. The platform's "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau and the absence of customer reviews raise concerns about its reliability. Overall, GSA Auctions does not rank among our recommended government auction platforms, and it's advisable to explore higher-rated alternatives.

Public Surplus Review 1 Star Rating

Public Surplus

1 Star Rating

Public Surplus is definitely not the next government auction site you want to use. It falls short in every aspect and is considered one of the worst options out there. With its outdated design, lack of user-friendly features, and cluttered listing descriptions, navigating the site is a hassle. The company's reputation is tarnished, with reviewers calling it "shady". For these reasons, it's second-to-last in this review. It's best to look elsewhere for your government auction needs.

Government Auctions Review 1 Star Rating

Government Auctions

1 Star Rating

Government Auctions, once considered a reliable choice, has unfortunately lost its reputation and is no longer recommended. The outdated website design, lack of filters for searching, and limited availability of items based on location contribute to a poor browsing experience. The "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau raises significant concerns, further supported by the scarcity of customer reviews and the overall negative perception surrounding the site. Considering the subscription fee required to access the service, Government Auctions ranks as our last-place option in this review.

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Government auctions occur when federal, state, or local government agencies need to sell surplus items, seized property, or assets obtained through various means. These auctions can feature a diverse array of goods, including cars, trucks, boats, furniture, electronics, jewelry, and even real estate. The items up for auction are often in good condition and can be acquired at prices well below their market value. Government auctions are especially attractive to bargain hunters, collectors, and entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities.

One of the advantages of government auctions is the transparency and legitimacy they offer. Since these auctions are conducted by government agencies, you can have confidence in the authenticity and legal status of the items being sold. Additionally, government auctions follow strict guidelines and procedures, ensuring a fair and regulated environment for both buyers and sellers. This level of oversight provides peace of mind and minimizes the risks associated with purchasing items from unknown or unreliable sources.

Online platforms have revolutionized the way government auctions are conducted. With a few simple clicks, you can access comprehensive catalogs of available items, view detailed descriptions, and browse accompanying photographs. This digital convenience allows you to participate in auctions from anywhere, at any time, expanding your access to a wider range of auctions and items. Furthermore, online auctions typically provide robust bidding systems and notifications to keep you informed about the progress of your bids and competing offers.

Overall, government auctions present a unique opportunity to find valuable items at affordable prices. The convenience of online platforms, coupled with the transparency and regulated nature of these auctions, makes them an appealing option for savvy shoppers and investors. Whether you're looking for personal items or seeking business opportunities, exploring government auctions can be a rewarding experience that opens the door to exciting deals and unexpected treasures.

When checking out government auctions online, it may be hard to decide where to trust and find the best deals. If you're not sure where to start bidding, we've put together this list of criteria to help you find the government auction for your needs:

  • Price. One of the most important factors for many people is the price. Some online auction sites require you to pay a membership fee in order to even shop there. Keep that in mind as you browse the different options and decide what services are worth paying for or if you can get a better service for free.
  • Number of listings. Some auction sites offer more items than others. While the nature of auctions means that the number of listings will change almost daily, you want to make sure you're shopping at a place with a wide variety to help you have a higher chance of getting what you need.
  • Types of items. Not all auction sites focus on the same merchandise. Some in this review focus on real estate, some focus on military vehicles, while others offer a unique collection of luxury items. Keep in mind what types of merchandise you're looking to buy at your next auction and let that guide where you shop.
  • Customer satisfaction. With auction sites there can already be some worry about getting scammed. We totally understand. That's why checking out customer feedback for different sites can be a big help in deciding where you want to spend your money. Auction lovers just like you are out there, and they're rating companies so you can know who to trust and who to stay away from.

To simplify the process of finding the best government auction for you, Top Consumer Reviews has checked out and evaluated the best options online today. Hopefully, this helps you enjoy browsing the vast array of items and get some dream deals on your next government auction bid!

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Government Auction Site FAQ

That depends! Sometimes items come when an office closes or gets downsized. Other auctions feature seized or abandoned property. And, some merchandise is simply surplus: more was bought than what was needed in the end, so the agency tries to recoup some of the taxpayers' money by auctioning off the extra items.
More accurately, is there anything you can't buy? While vehicles and furniture tend to be the most commonly-found products listed in government auctions, you might spot anything from a topaz ring to a military tank!
Yes. That's the point of buying items through an auction, after all. But, like any other kind of option, it's up to you to do the research first. Otherwise, you might wind up with a not-so-good deal if you fail to read the fine print on the item's condition or actual value.
Sometimes. Many sites will allow you to browse for free, but to place a bid you'll need to become a paying subscriber to the service. But, there are a few sites that let you browse and bid at no cost; they usually make their money through buyer fees once the auction has been completed.
Definitely not! Government auctions now are almost exclusively online.
Read the details on each auction before entering a bid. Smaller items might be available for shipping, and even bigger ones like cars and boats may be delivered for a (sizeable) fee. On the other hand, you may have to pick up your auction wins - so keep an eye on the location of anything you're bidding on.
That's one of the most common complaints you'll find with some government auctions. Again, read the fine print to determine if there's been an inspection of your item, and/or if the auction site warranties the condition of the item (especially if you take delivery and it doesn't match what was stated in the inspection).
Most government auction services have been around for many years, just taking what used to happen at the courthouse and city hall over to the internet for convenience. However, there are some sites that offer little more than cheap jewelry and a handful of government auctions on the site. Check the reputation of a service before creating an account or entering your payment information!

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