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The Best Graduation Invitation Stores

Where Can You Create the Best Graduation Invitations Online?

After spending so much of your life in school, it's a feeling of great relief and accomplishment to finally put on your cap and gown. The person you've become, the things you've learned, and the people you've met along the way all are celebrated in one big, momentous occasion. Whether you're the one receiving the diploma or honoring someone else who is, the graduate deserves to be recognized and applauded for making it to graduation day.

Your loved ones will want to be there for graduation or at least get an invitation so they know about your big milestone. If you're lucky, they might even send you gifts or money! Making and sending custom graduation invitations are an important to-do list item when preparing for your graduation ceremonies. It only takes a few minutes to create them online and order them straight to your house.

Friday, May 24th

2024 Graduation Invitation Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Zazzle Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Over 30,000 graduation invitation options
  • Get 20% off your order by providing your mobile number
  • 30-day return policy
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Zazzle is a design platform that's 15 years old with over 30 million customers and counting. They allow people to create and customize designs on over 1,000 different products ranging from shower curtains to skateboards. They've partnered with brands like Hallmark and Disney, allowing people to use images from those companies to make their own unique products.

Huge assortment with helpful filtering

There is no shortage of graduation invitation designs at Zazzle. There are a staggering 31,000 choices for you to pick from. You can shop for specific categories of invitations like preschool and kindergarten, high school, college, nursing and medical school, or law school. You could also shop by theme like floral and botanical, rustic, modern, photo, simple, unique, typography, or monogram. To narrow down the huge selection even more, you can view invitations by color, number of photos, foil, type, shape, price, delivery date, and a long list of other filters. There's no doubt you'll find a style you like from Zazzle.

Lots of designs, but minimal customization

Since independent designers are selling their products on Zazzle, you can't alter the overall look of the invitations you see. Once you click on one you like, you can view a list of similar styles that you might prefer or just get started personalizing the invitation you see. With the text boxes provided you'll input information like your name, graduating class, the school you attended, a message to recipients, dates, addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant details. From there you can change the size of the invitation if you choose to, change the shape, paper type, printing process, and select whether or not you want to attribute the designer/Zazzle on the card. Then you're ready to check out.

Narrow down your price range

If you sign up to receive text messages from Zazzle, you'll get a code for 20% off your order. Since the cost of some invitations on Zazzle are slightly higher than what we've seen through other retailers, you'd want to take advantage of this. What's even better is if there's a sitewide sale like there was at the time of this review. We were able to take 50% off all cards, which took the cost of each card down to a more competitive price. You can find budget graduation invitations for as low as $0.35 at Zazzle or spend over $5 per card. Since there are so many choices, you can easily narrow down the cards by price and stay within your budget.

Best Graduation Invitation Stores

30-day return policy

If you're unhappy with the end result of your Zazzle graduation invitations, you can return them within 30 days (regardless of customization) for a replacement, credit or refund. This is extremely generous and should help customers feel reassured when shopping through Zazzle.

Shipping costs vary

If you make frequent purchases through Zazzle, it would be worth it for you to pay $9.95/year for a Zazzle Black Membership and always get free shipping. If not, you can input your zip code when you're viewing a graduation invitation, see when it will be printed by, and choose a shipping speed to find out when you can expect your announcements to arrive. The cost for shipping will be determined by the quantity of products you're ordering, where you live, and how soon you want your order.

Can't go wrong

Zazzle has an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau and very favorable reviews from customers. Comments about high quality products, prompt service, the great selection, and fast delivery are the reasons we are so impressed with Zazzle and have given them our highest rating for graduation invitations. You will undoubtedly find a style you like here and be able stay within budget, all while counting on a 30-day return policy if needed. You can't go wrong with Zazzle, so we suggest making this your go-to place for graduation announcements and other card printing services.

Mixbook Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • 100% happiness guarantee
  • Save 50% with email signup
  • Frequent sitewide sales
  • Helpful shipping cost and date estimator tool

Mixbook is a go-to place for many people looking to create customizable greeting cards, photo books, calendars, home decor, and other items that preserve a memory and share a story. The company was founded in 2006 and has helped users create over 15 million projects. Mixbook has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and excellent reviews from customers.

Helpful filtering tools

There are nearly 90 options to choose from when you're beginning the design process for your graduation invitations at Mixbook. This is a smaller selection than some other companies offer, but it could be a good thing since it's not always easy to narrow down your favorite design when you have hundreds of them to go through. To make your selection even easier, you can filter the graduation invitation results by the amount of photos you want to use, the format, size, color, orientation, and style (vintage or modern).

Fully customizable

Some of the invitation designs you view are for graduation ceremony announcements and others are for graduation party invitations. All the options are customizable and you can get started by uploading any photos you want from your phone, desktop, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, or wherever else your pictures are stored. You can change the colors, fonts, and layout of the graduation invitation you've chosen.

Save by signing up

To personalize and order anything from Mixbook, you have to sign up for a free account. Once you do, you'll receive a discount code to help you save a bit on your order. At the time of this review, we received up to 50% off our first order, which was a great deal. Mixbook has listed that their graduation card designs start at $1.29, but since you aren't able to sort by price, you'll have to click on each option to see what the cost is. Some designs are more expensive than others and you can upgrade the paper at checkout for an additional cost if you prefer. You could also pay a bit extra ($0.25) for envelopes and have addresses printed on each one.

Best Graduation Invitation Stores

Shipping cost estimator

Once you're ready to check out, Mixbook will provide delivery date information so you know when to expect your graduation invitations. Sometimes there are sitewide sales that give customers free shipping on their orders. If you aren't shopping here during one of these sales, Mixbook has a shipping page that estimates what your shipping cost will be based on the item you're ordering, the size, format, trim, foil, and destination. If you're willing to wait a few weeks to receive your graduation invitations, you could spend as little as $2.99 on shipping or have it rushed and pay $25.

Happiness guarantee

Mixbook has a 100% happiness guarantee. They ask that if you don't love your order, you email them or contact them via live chat through the website. If the issue can't be fixed, they'll refund your order or give you a store credit. Otherwise they'll work toward a solution with you to ensure you're satisfied with your purchase.

Don't hesitate to buy here

We are happy to see that Mixbook has thousands of satisfied customer reviews. There's no doubt that this is a reliable company that offers a wide range of personalized products people love. We wish they had a customer service phone number that could be utilized in case of questions or concerns, but otherwise this is a solid option for graduation invitations. If you find a design you like at a price you're comfortable with, don't hesitate to order from Mixbook.

Vistaprint Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Frequent sitewide savings
  • Highly customizable cards
  • 100% guarantee

VistaPrint was created to help business owners create custom, up-to-date marketing materials through an assortment of products. Although they are best known for their business cards, they offer hundreds of different types of marketing materials, signs and banners, photo gifts and wall art, invitations, clothing, labels, promotional products, and more. There are over 200 types of graduation invitations you can choose from at VistaPrint and customize to make your own.

Easily narrow your options

There is a good range of different styles of graduation invitations to choose from. We noticed that there are quite a few that don't feature any photos, so if you'd rather have graphics and text than a collage of yourself, you'll probably find something you like here. You can narrow down the designs by style and themes (bold and colorful, elegant, floral, fun and whimsical, minimal, and more), size, orientation, corners, and color.

Highly customizable

We like that when you're viewing the cards on VistaPrint, you can roll your mouse over the color options and immediately see the different variations. Once you select a card you like, you can also drag and drop the text boxes, photos, and graphics to move them around however you prefer. You can delete certain parts of the design or enlarge them, change the color, change fonts, and do just about whatever you want. The platform allows you to do a lot of customization, so you can get creative and be sure not to have the same style of invitation as anyone else.

Search for the deals

You can't sort the graduation invitations by price, but VistaPrint does display the price per card on the main graduation invitation and announcement page so you don't have to click on each product to see the cost. The least expensive cards started at $1.24 and most cards start at $1.42. When we navigated to the "deals" page of VistaPrint we found that nearly everything on the website qualified for a 40% off sale going on. Be sure to look into this if you're shopping here.

Best Graduation Invitation Stores

Shipping cost based on order total

The cost of shipping your graduation announcements will depend on how much you spend at VistaPrint and how soon you want to receive your order. If you spend over $75, the cost for standard, 8-day shipping is $11.99. Priority (4-6 day) shipping is $17.99, and express shipping (4 days) is $34.99. If your order total is less, the cost of shipping is also slightly less expensive. VistaPrint's shipping page gives a breakdown of the price to expect based on how many graduation invitations you're ordering.

Satisfaction guarantee

VistaPrint stands behind everything they sell 100%. This means if you aren't satisfied with your order, they'll work to make it right. They will reprint your order if necessary, issue an account credit, or even refund you in full if that's what you prefer. They ask that you contact their customer service team with any issues you have and work through a solution together.

Consider using VistaPrint

VistaPrint has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but reading through their customer reviews took us on a rollercoaster ride. Some people are thrilled with VistaPrint and have used them for years without issues. A few people felt like the website was less user-friendly than they would have liked and others said their orders took a long time to arrive. Overall, there don't seem to be major quality issues, which is reassuring. VistaPrint is great at responding to all their customer reviews with specific explanations to help resolve issues people have. We trust that this is a reliable company with a good customer service team and recommend at least considering VistaPrint for graduation invitations.

Paper Culture Review 3.5 Star Rating

Paper Culture

3.5 Star Rating
  • Every order plants a tree
  • Free shipping over $125
  • Products made from post-consumer recycled paper
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Free address printing

Paper Culture says they "design for a world of trees, because we fear for a world without them." Their mission is to inspire people through contemporary design and sustainability while raising awareness about climate change. With every order, Paper Culture promises to plant a tree. They boast they've planted over 1,000,000 trees around the globe. Paper Culture has been featured by Real Simple, Refinery29, Brides, The Wall Street Journal, The Knot, and People. They carry an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Sustainable products

It may seem ironic that a paper company is so concerned about deforestation and climate change, but all of their products are sustainable and made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. This means no new trees are cut down to produce their cards.

275 graduation invitation options

You can create nearly any type of invitation, announcement, or greeting card at Paper Culture. There are 275 options for graduation invitations for elementary-aged graduation announcements to those finishing college. There are a wide range of styles, some including clipart graphics, others with quotes, and some modern, plain cards with no pictures at all. You can narrow down the graduation invitations by format, number of photos, orientation, color, and foil color.

Limited customizations

Once you select the card you want, you'll usually have a few different color selection options. The only other thing you can change is the quantity (cheaper when you buy more), the type of paper, and the trim you want. If you want rounded edges, it's $0.20 more per card. We also noticed that double and triple thick paper options were sold out, so the only option was premium paper. Overall, the customization process for graduation invitations at Paper Culture is much more limited than we've seen elsewhere.

Best Graduation Invitation Stores

Reasonably priced

We assumed that since Paper Culture only sells eco-friendly, sustainable products, their prices would be higher. Surprisingly the cost for graduation invitations here is comparable to what we've seen through other companies and they even offer free address printing. Unfortunately, you can't filter results by price, but most cards range from $1.39 to $2.34. At the time of this review, Paper Culture was offering 40% off of graduation announcements, making some prices as low as $0.83 per card. If you spend over $125 you'll qualify for free shipping.

Email signup perks

When you sign up for emails, Paper Culture will send you a deal for 50% off thank you and note cards. This doesn't necessarily help at all for ordering graduation announcements, but it's something to take advantage of if you want it.

Satisfaction guarantee with exclusions

Paper Culture has a customer satisfaction guarantee that says they will refund your order if you're not 100% satisfied. However, there are some exclusions to this guarantee. If you approve a proof that has typos, missing information, or wrong information, you cannot get a refund. You also won't get a refund if the main issue with your cards is the photo you're using. If a low resolution photo is used and the print comes out blurry, you wouldn't get your money back on your order.

Minimal customer reviews

We are big fans of Paper Culture's mission. We give them a big high five for using sustainable methods for providing personalized cards and other products. However, there are few customer reviews on this company and from what we've seen, people aren't always thrilled with their experience. Some issues we've seen are products feeling cheap and major delays with orders. When it comes to graduation invitations, you want to make sure you order from a company that has timely printing and shipping processes so you can mail everything out in time. We recommend ordering well in advance if you buy from Paper Culture, otherwise it might be safest to order from a higher-rated site.

Minted Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Products created by independent artists
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Free recipient addressing
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Minted was founded in 2007. They are a design marketplace for independent artists to sell their work, gain exposure, and build their business. Their artists and designers come from all 50 states and over 100 countries worldwide. The product selection you see on Minted's website comes from monthly art and design contests that are held online where the "crowd" votes on new artistic submissions that are then used to curate the selection of what is sold online.

Over 500 choices

In addition to holiday and other greeting cards, personalized gifts, stationary, artwork, custom announcements, and home decor, there are over 500 styles of graduation invitations to choose from. Many of them have a modern appeal and every style is quite different since they are all created by people of different backgrounds and design tastes.

Make it your own

Nearly all the graduation invitation choices have the option to put photos on them. To quickly see what card design looks good with your favorite photos, you can use Minted's "Use My Photo" feature and browse all the invitations with your own picture on them. This could help narrow down your options faster. All invitations come in multiple sizes, portrait or landscape options, different color themes, multiple silhouette shapes, and a variety of paper choices. So if you find a design you like but want to tweak it a bit, you can easily make it your own with the customization tools on Minted.

Free recipient addressing

Minted will allow you to upload all your recipient's addresses and print them on envelopes for free. At the end of the design process, you'll pick the envelope style you want and be able to type in the names and addresses of the people you're mailing your graduation announcements to. The catch is that if you want them to also print your return address, you'll have to pay between $30 and $50 extra depending on the style you choose.

Best Graduation Invitation Stores

Become a member and save all year

To save a chunk of change, it's worth signing up for Minted's email list to save 20% off your first order. Most graduation announcements range anywhere from $1 - $3 per invitation depending on the quantity you order: the more you buy, the cheaper each invitation gets. If you want to become a member of Minted, you can pay $38 a year and get free shipping on all your orders, plus a 20% discount on all products all year round. You'll also get 30% off holiday cards and receive a gift box for signing up that includes a greeting card set, gift wrap essentials kit, and a tea towel.

Return any item for any reason

Minted says you can return any item for any reason. They handle requests on a case-by-case basis, so it's hard to know ahead of time if you'd be able to get a refund for your graduation invitations if you aren't happy with them. It's usually unlikely since you're custom-creating the invitation and picking nearly every detail yourself. If for some reason the final product doesn't appear the same as you saw online, you can contact Minted's customer service with your order number, a description of the problem, a photo illustrating the issue, and your preference for a replacement or refund. They'll work with you from there to resolve the issue as best as possible.

Average customer ratings

The idea behind Minted allowing independent artists to have a platform to show off their work and grow their businesses is respectable. We like that it makes for so many different creative designs and styles. The Better Business Bureau gives Minted an "A+" rating, but surprisingly the reviews online from customers are just average. Some people have had a difficult time working with customer service and not all vendors are equally reliable. Sometimes production is delayed, causing people to be without important wedding announcements or baby shower invitations in time for the big day. Overall, Minted is a fun and unique place to look for graduation invitations, but it may not be as reliable as the highest-rated companies we've reviewed.

Simply to Impress Review 3 Star Rating

Simply to Impress

3 Star Rating
  • Over 1,000 graduation invitation styles
  • Get 35% off and free shipping with text signup
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 2-5 day standard shipping

Simply to Impress was founded in 2003 by Heather Hasse, a wife and mother who was on a mission to create innovative announcements and invitation designs to capture special moments in life. In addition to graduation and holiday cards, Simply to Impress has a range of options for party invitations, wedding announcements, business stationery, custom gift tags, journals, yard signs, banners, and much more.v

Over 1,000 graduation invitation options

There are over 1,010 graduation invitation cards to choose from on Simply to Impress' website. This is one of the biggest selections we've seen. The cards come in 12 different shapes, options for adding multiple photos, minimal styles with hardly any text or more detailed styles for you to add a lot of information. You'll probably want to use the filtering options to narrow down your choices since there are so many. You can sort the graduation invitations by gender, number of photos, card orientation, special features, greeting (invitation or announcement), shape, theme, and color.

Basic design functionality

Even after you've made a selection that fits your style, you can still make minor changes to the card. You can change the shape, foil color, card size (if there's an option to), paper type, and then upload your photos. What you won't be able to do is move text around, change the size of any graphics or text, or make changes that would alter the overall design of the card. You only get basic drag and drop functionalities, which could be a relief for some people who want an easy design process or a pain for others who want to add their own flair to the card.

Starting at $0.62 per card

If you sign up for emails and texts from Simply to Impress, you'll get a code for 35% off your order in addition to free shipping. That's a no-brainer when it comes to ordering something like graduation invitations in bulk. The least expensive options for invitations are advertised as low as $0.62 each, but you don't know all the pricing details unless you click on the card. Upgraded paper will add to the final cost. We wish that among the filtering features you were able to sort by price to make it easier to find something within your budget.

Best Graduation Invitation Stores

Flat-rate shipping

When you're ordering cards, there is a flat rate shipping fee of $8.75 for standard shipping that takes 2-5 days for delivery. For expedited 2-day shipping, you can pay $15, or overnight your cards for $25. If you're lucky, you'll be able to order from Simply to Impress during a time when they are running a free shipping promotion.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Simply to Impress has a 100% satisfaction guarantee that states they'll work with you to make sure your order is perfect or you'll get your money back. Unless your order was damaged or defective due to an error made by Simply to Impress, you will be responsible for any necessary return shipping. If you're unhappy with your order, be sure to contact them within 30 days to work through the issue and possibly receive a refund.

Mixed reviews

Depending on where you read reviews from customers about Simply to Impress, there are mixed reports of people's experiences. While some say the prices, quality, and delivery is top notch, others say it's difficult to work with customer service if you run into issues. Some recent reports of words running on top of each other, receiving envelopes with a different customers' return address printed on them, and some unexpected delays are a few of the concerning things customers have dealt with over the last year. It appears that it's luck of the draw when it comes to the quality and reliability of Simply to Impress, so it might be a bit of a gamble purchasing graduation invitations here. They also don't have a Better Business Bureau profile. Because of this, they've earned an average rating from us.

Shutterfly Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • 100% happiness guarantee
  • Save 20% when you sign up for texts
  • Free shipping on orders over $89
  • Afterpay options

Shutterfly has been around since 1999, originally as a source to print "4x6" photographs from your digital camera. They now provide a range of custom photo services for those looking to make cards and stationery, prints, gifts, calendars, wall art, decor, and wedding products. All of their inventory can be personalized using photos uploaded from your phone or computer and designed to your liking. Their sister companies include Tinyprints, Lifetouch, Groovebook, and Spoonflower.

Narrow down your options

You can narrow down the graduation invitation options by foil color, trim options, the number of photos you want to use, design color, theme, style (classic, modern, contemporary, whimsy, rustic), price, card size, designer, and format. In addition to flat cards, they also have multi-fold options for a more unique look. The designs would cater to a range of tastes and are similar to what you might find from another card retailer.

Minimal customization

Shutterfly has four different paper options that you can have your graduation invitations printed on and offers pre-printed addressing on most envelopes. Their customization tools are easy to use, but you aren't able to make too many changes to the card you select. Besides adding your personal details and the photos you choose, most of the time you can't rearrange the placement of the photos, headings, or other predetermined style images.

Score major sitewide sales

The more graduation invitations you purchase from Shutterfly, the cheaper each card is. Graduation invitations start out at $1.38 each and at the time of this review, a sale for 50% off cards plus free shipping was happening, so some invitations were as inexpensive as $0.69 per card. Normally shipping is free if you spend $89 or more. If you are willing to provide your mobile number to Shutterfly, you'll also get a code for 20% off your order.

Best Graduation Invitation Stores


If you need to make a big order from Shutterfly and don't want to pay in full at checkout, you have the option of using Afterpay. This is a service that breaks up your total into four interest-free payments that you can pay off every 2 weeks.

The Shutterfly guarantee

Shutterfly has a 100% happiness guarantee that says if you aren't satisfied with your order, contact their customer service and they'll make it right. Nowhere does it say you'll get a refund, so you can't necessarily depend on that, but maybe you'll get reprints or some type of store credit if needed. Shutterfly also promises to never delete the photos you upload to their site and give you free, unlimited storage of your images and products.

Gone downhill

Shutterfly has a "D-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is a significant drop from over the last couple of years. This was as disappointing as the thousands of poor reviews they receive directly from customers. Over the last year, people have been very frustrated by how long it takes to receive their orders. Some people wait months and have a hard time communicating with customer service about it. Others said their cards arrived with big Shutterfly watermarks on them and had other quality control issues that they were furious about. Most people would not recommend this company, which is unfortunate. Shutterfly has mostly had positive reviews over the years, so it seems their company has taken a dip recently and has a lot of work to do to get back on track and keep their customers happy. In the meantime, we recommend ordering graduation invitations from a higher-rated company.

Paper Source Review 2 Star Rating

Paper Source

2 Star Rating
  • 10% off your first order with email signup
  • Free standard shipping on orders of $60+
  • Efforts to be eco-friendly
  • Orders ship within 2 business days

The first ever Paper Source location opened in Chicago in 1983. They now have over 130 brick-and-mortar locations across 30 states as well as an online platform where they sell calendars and planners, stationery, gift wrap, party supplies, stamps, greeting cards, and more. Their goal is to help people share precious memories and celebrate simple joys through the use of their products.

No helpful filtering options

There are 109 different styles and designs of "Graduation Party" announcements at Paper Source. There's no way to filter through them, so you'll likely end up scrolling through each option in order to pick one. We noticed that mixed into these graduation invitations are signs - not meant to actually be used as an announcement, but rather something to hang in your home, on a car, or at a party. The designs of all the products are modern and appealing. There's a good variety of options that require photos and ones that don't.

Basic customizing features

The customization tools for the graduation invitations at Paper Source are very basic. You can upload photos from your computer, add some text boxes, and do basic drag and drop functions to move things around, but don't plan on getting too creative. It's easiest to stick with the premade layouts you see.

Decent pricing

Paper Source offers 10% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter and provide your birthday. They say they'll send you a "treat" on your birthday, but we're not sure what it is. The prices on graduation invitations here are either $1.48 or $1.84 depending on the style. We don't like that you have to click on each card to see the price.

Best Graduation Invitation Stores

Orders ship within 2 business days

One nice thing is that if you spend over $60, Paper Source offers free standard shipping. If you want to pay $10 extra, you can get rush production, which means if you order by 1 pm CT it will remove one day of production and your order will ship within 1 business day. The amount of time it takes for the graduation invitations to ship to your house depends on the method chosen at checkout. However, it would be helpful to at least view a specific date to get a general idea of when you might expect your invitations before you go through all of the work to personalize them and check out.

Low ratings

Paper Source has a disappointing "D" rating from the Better Business Bureau. The reason for this is the company's lack of response to the complaints received by customers through the BBB. Looking elsewhere for reviews on Paper Source didn't make us feel any better. There aren't as many customer reviews as we like to see, plus the people who have left feedback don't have much of anything positive to say about buying anything here. People say that in the last couple of years the company has struggled and become extremely unreliable (first saying orders have shipped and then giving out-of-stock notices, bad customer service, deliveries with missing items, slow shipment, and more).

Good potential

Paper Source appears to have great potential and we genuinely enjoyed looking at what they have to offer. Over the years the company has made efforts to be more eco-friendly by recycling their scrap paper, using post-consumer waste and renewable content to create their products, using sustainable shipment materials, and so on. However, recent feedback from customers as well as their limited graduation invitation options have dropped Paper Source down on our list of go-to places for graduation announcements.

Snapfish Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Big savings on their "deals" page
  • Over 200 graduation card options
  • Free unlimited photo storage

Snapfish is a web-based photo printing and sharing service. They are owned by another company in our review, Shutterfly. Snapfish is based out of San Francisco, California and has been in operation since 1999. Members have access to unlimited storage through the platform and can upload photos for free to create photo books, canvas prints, custom home decor, cards, personalized gifts, and more.

Not as many options as it appears

You'll find a decent selection of over 200 graduation invitations at Snapfish. They can be sorted by card type, number of photos, photo orientation, colors, trim, and foil color. You'll notice a lot of repeat styles since Snapfish displays a card multiple times if it's available in multiple sizes. This means there are actually a lot less than 200 design options here.

Create an account to customize

If you find a graduation announcement you're interested in, you'll first select the size you want, type of paper, and trim. To customize your card you have to make a free account, which is a little frustrating. In the photo design center you can upload your pictures, change the font and color of small text, and even pick a new card design altogether if you prefer. You won't be able to alter the overall design of the card you choose.

Expensive option if not on sale

Initially Snapfish appears to be slightly more expensive than many of the other graduation invitation companies we've reviewed. The lowest price we found for a card was $1.00 and most other cards range between $1.65 and $2.65. None of the cards appeared to be on sale, so we imagine that most people might end up paying full price if they don't know to check out the "deals" page. This is where discount codes for certain products are listed. Luckily when we were reviewing Snapfish they had a 65% off code on cards, which offered a significant savings. However, had we not noticed this, we would have paid more for graduation invitations than almost anywhere else.

Best Graduation Invitation Stores

Complicated shipping information

When it comes to the cost of shipping your graduation invitations to your home, it gets a little complicated. There is a chart that displays the lowest price, ground, expedited, and rush shipping costs depending on how many cards you're ordering. The more you order, the more shipping is. For example, if you're ordering 50 graduation invitations, the least expensive option for shipping is $6.99, ground is $10.39, expedited is $10.99, and rush is $14.99. When you're viewing a card you're interested in, you can click "View estimated delivery dates" and see when you might expect your order. The only issue with this is it only shows delivery dates for orders of 20 cards, which won't apply to everyone.

Returns on a case-by-case basis

The refund policy for Snapfish is unclear. When we dove deep into their support pages we found that you can either contact them through live chat or by phone to discuss any issues with your order. If there's a problem with their order, they'll most likely offer to reprint your cards. They may ask for pictures to show any defects on your cards and possibly have you mail them back in. We aren't sure under what circumstances refunds are available; customers will have to talk with Snapfish's support team and assume that decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Quality issues and poor customer service

Overall, Snapfish seems to fall flat on their face when it comes to customer satisfaction. Despite their wide range of custom photo services, they have a "D-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and mostly bad reviews from customers over the last few years. Reports of professional photos appearing grainy after printing, wrong orders being sent, late deliveries, and slow communication from customer service are just a few of the reasons people are upset after ordering here. Snapfish clearly seems like a risky place to order graduation invitations, so we would skip over this company and shop elsewhere if we were you.

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Graduation announcements can be formal and professional or whimsical and fun, reflecting the graduate's personality. You can include relevant educational information about the degree being received, photos, details about the graduation ceremony date, location, and time, and even information about an after-party if you're planning one. Whatever your style is, you can easily find a graduation announcement you like among the hundreds of options available online.

There are quite a few companies that offer graduation invitations, so we have provided important information for you to consider when deciding who to buy from:

  • Selection: Are there plenty of options to choose from to reflect your style and be able to include all the information you need? You'll want something unique, so be sure to find a company that offers lots of design choices.
  • Cost: How does the cost of graduation announcements from one company compare to another? Do you get a bigger discount if you buy more announcements? Do they charge a reasonable price for shipping?
  • Production time: Once you've designed your graduation announcements online, how long does it take for them to be printed and shipped to your house? Make sure you have plenty of time to mail your invitations before graduation.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best graduation invitation companies available today. We hope this information helps you find the right graduation announcements to celebrate the big accomplishment of finishing school!

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Graduation Invitation Store FAQ

A graduation invitation is a formal announcement sent to friends and family to invite them to your school's graduation ceremony. They are sent to a smaller, closer-knit group of friends and family that would be able to watch you receive your diploma in-person. Graduation invitations are used by high school, college, and university graduates.
Graduation invitations let friends and family know that you've completed your degree. It allows your loved ones to come celebrate with you and witness a memorable day. Even if they aren't able to come to the graduation ceremony, oftentimes friends and family will send graduation money and/or gifts when they find out you're receiving a degree. That alone is a good enough reason to send them out.
Sleek online tools allow people to create graduation invitations with a click of a few buttons. You'll choose from a variety of templates that have different designs and color schemes that fit your style. Next, you'll input the details of your graduation ceremony in the text boxes, upload any pictures you want, and submit the invitations for printing. The whole process can be completed in just a few minutes.
Graduation invitations usually just include your name, the name of your high school/college/university, your degree and honors, graduation year, time, date, and location of your ceremony, and RSVP instructions. If you choose, you could also make graduation announcements that have information about your graduation party that additional people could be invited to.
It's always a good idea to get a head start on graduation invitations, just in case there is a shipping delay or the company is slammed with orders. On average, you should expect it to take between 1-2 weeks for your graduation invitations to be printed and shipped to you. That doesn't account for the time it takes for you to compile your invitations and mail them to guests, so giving yourself about a month of leeway will ensure your invitations arrive in a timely manner.
Most graduation invitations cost between $1.75 and $3 per card. On top of this, you might have to pay for shipping if the company doesn't offer it for free. The end cost will depend on how many people you plan to send invitations to, if you want any add-ons, and what type of paper you select. The cost of your graduation invitations will also include envelopes, which is a perk.
If your graduation invitations arrive and have a misprint, it will likely be because you didn't do a thorough check before submitting your order. However, there are many generous online graduation invitation companies that offer a satisfaction guarantee and will give you a refund or exchange, regardless of why you need it. This will add weeks onto your timeline of sending out invitations though, so double and triple check all the details on your graduation invitations before submitting them for printing.
Once you receive your graduation invitations and envelopes in the mail, all that's left to do is send them out. You'll need to collect the addresses of the friends and family you want to invite, so you could do this by text, email, or a phone call. If you have a running Christmas card address list, refer to that. The only other thing you'll need is stamps. Once the invitations are compiled and ready to go, you can send them out and get excited about your big day!
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