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The Best Greek Lessons

Where Can You Get the Best Greek Lessons?

If the phrase, "It's all Greek to me" means you just don't understand whatever it is, why not turn that around? You, too, can understand Greek, and maybe, some day, that phrase will have a different meaning for you!

There are several ways to learn Greek. For example, you might find classes at your local community college. But do you have the time, energy, and motivation to attend each week? Given that we are all so used to technology in our lives, where so much of what we do is on a digital platform, why not learn Greek online or with an app?

Wednesday, June 19th

2024 Greek Lesson Reviews

Mondly Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Mondly has all the latest technology while still delivering a great language-learning product. You can create an avatar as your "teacher," you can feel like you're having travel experiences in Greece, the program is self-motivating, and the price is right. Mondly is our favorite choice among Greek lessons, particularly for beginning students.

Rosetta Stone Review 4.5 Star Rating

Rosetta Stone

4.5 Star Rating

When people want to learn another language, the first question that comes to mind is, "What about Rosetta Stone? What's that like? I wonder if I should try it." Let us tell you, it's fantastic, and the one that everyone uses in comparison in order to determine if any other program is worth its salt. You'll need some patience to work through these immersion-based Greek lessons, but it'll be well worth your time and effort.

Italki Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Since so much of our life is automated and can be impersonal, why not give yourself a break and take Greek lessons from a real person? Italki offers personal, one-on-one lessons with a native speaker of Greek. And because there's nothing like this personal attention and immersion into the Greek language to get you up and speaking Greek, we have rated this platform quite highly.

Greek Pod 101 Review 3.5 Star Rating

Greek Pod 101

3.5 Star Rating

Do you miss your high school language class and wish you could learn Greek in that same way? If you like learning with dialogs, repeating each line, recording yourself to compare against the native speaker, and learning with flashcards, GreekPod101 has it all. They don't have the fun, competitive, game-like bells and whistles other Greek lessons may offer, but they do have the nuts and bolts and allow you to choose your curriculum path.

LingQ Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

LingQ lets you choose your learning path according to the topics you're interested in. Its focus is on reading in Greek. When you see new words in context, it adds meaning and depth, making learning easier. They have also added videos which can also put what you're learning into context. Much of the Greek lessons' reading and video content is added by the site's actual users, so content is uploaded all the time. If you want to learn by reading, listening, or watching uploaded videos with subtitles in a self-directed manner, try LingQ.

Glossika Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Glossika's philosophy is that we should learn our second and third languages like we learned our first language: no translation, no explanations, just listening over and over to key phrases, and repeating them over and over, even if at first our pronunciation is only understandable to a select few. It is a natural method and quite forgiving, but also quite frustrating as the mind thinks you're learning random chunks of sounds. For the cost and tedium, it's not our highest-rated program for Greek lessons.

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Did you know that about 25% of English vocabulary is of Greek origin, with Greek being one of the most ancient languages in the world? Many language scholars say Greek is the "language of all languages," as it can be descriptive in detail, as well as the root of many words in many languages.

Every year, over 33 million people visit Greece. Does your bucket list include experiencing the warm beaches and beautiful, blue waters of the Greek islands? Maybe you'd like to order your gyros, spanokopita, and baklava in Greek. If so, it will be much easier to communicate and get to know the culture if you speak the language. Learning Greek, along with some of its history and culture could open up a whole new world for you.

There are so many online Greek language-learning programs that we're sure you'll find one that fits what you're looking for. Some programs offer games, avatars for teachers, prizes and awards for completing levels, competition with other learners across the globe, and other ways to keep you engaged and motivated to take the next lesson.

Or are you not into all the fancy stuff? If not, there are programs out there that give lessons in the traditional, classroom way, have English grammar sheets, translations, flashcards, the nuts and bolts - just the facts, ma'am - if you will. Or you can learn the natural way you learned - and mastered, may we say - your first language. With some programs you can record your voice and compare it against the recorded native speaker. Others even let you record your voice and the program will tell you how well you might be understood.

Then again, maybe you're tired of all the technology in your life and would like to learn from a real person. If you want a live, Greek-speaking instructor teaching you and answering your questions through video conferencing, we have that for you, too. Think about what you're looking for, and we're sure we've got a Greek-learning program for you.

Here are some things to consider when choosing among the many options for Greek lessons:

  • How much Greek you know. Do you know any Greek at all? Most of the programs are great with beginners and intermediate Greek students. If you are pretty advanced and want to have an even higher level of mastery, there aren't as many out there that cater to that, and you'll want to make sure your selected lessons can take you where you need to go from where you already are.
  • Cost. The cost for programs can differ quite a bit. Take your budget into consideration, but also look at which program will be the best bang for your buck. If you sign up for a program based solely on its price, it may or may not meet your learning style, and could be a big waste of money. Take price into consideration with what you'll be getting, and balance the two.
  • The right fit for you. What is your learning style? Games and prizes for motivation? Traditional, and comfortable old-school classroom teaching methods? Learning free and easy without the tedium of translation? A live teacher or tutor via video conferencing? It's all out there.
  • Free trial. If this is starting to sound overwhelming, don't let it. Look at the process as a fun way to shop for your personalized way to Greek proficiency. Check out the free trials if they are offered. Play with them for a few days to see if you are learning and motivated to keep going
  • Refund policy. If you end up committing to a program and pay a subscription fee, what's the refund policy? And also check out right away how to cancel the subscription, just in case, especially if it's hidden in the fine print.

TopConsumerReviews.com has researched, reviewed, evaluated, and recommended our top-rated choices for learning Greek online or with an app. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Greek, we're sure that with the information we have for you, you'll make the best choice for you to learn Greek and make your language-learning journey come alive. Opa!

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Greek Lesson FAQ

About 13 million people speak Greek. That includes residents of Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, as well as a significant Greek-speaking minority population in Albania near the border with Greece.
Yes, but you'll probably only be exposed to two: Demotic and Standard Modern. Demotic is the modern spoken form of the language, while Standard Modern is a fusion of Demotic and an archaic form known as Katharevousa and is used in schools and media. If you're a student of ancient literature or scripture, you may come across the Doric dialect as well.
We'll be honest: Greek is a challenging language for an English speaker to learn. The US State Department ranks it as a Category III, reserved for "languages with significant linguistic and/or cultural differences from English" . Russian, Hebrew, and Thai are some of the other languages in that category. But, if you're willing to put in the time to work on it and you're patient with yourself, there's no reason why you can't learn Greek to the level of fluency you desire.
Greek uses a different alphabet from English (and you may already know some of the characters, like alpha, delta, omega), so that's the best place to start. You can also learn some basic words and phrases for the environment where you expect to be using the Greek language, whether that's to travel or to speak to your second cousins overseas. English has borrowed many words from Greek, and it might help to find ones that are already familiar to you and learn to use them with the Greek alphabet and pronunciation.
There aren't many places where you can learn Greek in person, especially if you don't live near a university or a Greek-speaking population. As with most things, going online puts the experience at your fingertips: you can study your Greek lessons as often as you like, at any time of day or night.
If you're studying Greek online, you can generally enable the language feature on your computer. The steps depend on whether you're using a Mac or Windows-based PC, so search for the instructions according to your operating system. There are also online Greek keyboards that don't require modifying your computer settings.
Definitely not. How does one or two years of learning for under $250 sound? You can get Greek lessons in two ways: as a one-time purchase or a month-to-month subscription. Either route you choose, it's going to be less expensive than a one-semester college course in Greek.
You might be able to get a refund, but it depends on the provider. Some Greek lessons come with a 30- to 60-day money-back guarantee, while others allow you to cancel your ongoing subscription but won't give you a refund of what you've already spent. It's a good idea to try out any complimentary lesson materials that the platform has to offer before committing to a paid plan.
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