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Do You Need Help Getting a Green Card?

Whether you're already living in the United States or hope to move here, a green card is your ticket to legal residency and employment. The three most common paths for obtaining this important qualification are through family member sponsorship (spouse, parent, child), employer sponsorship, and refugee/asylum status.

Unfortunately, as you probably already know, the application process can be complicated. Many hopeful people do their best to fill out the paperwork accurately, only to find out months (or years) later that they made a mistake and have to start over again.

Friday, April 19th

2024 Green Card Service Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Simple Citizen Review 5 Star Rating

Simple Citizen

5 Star Rating
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • $99 to $399 for the green card service (excluding USCIS fees)
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Attorney review is optional
  • USCIS certified document translation included
  • All USCIS-required forms included
  • Free printing and shipping
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Simple Citizen got its start in 2014 as a "digital immigration and visa solution" . This service has helped thousands of immigrants to navigate the green card application process while avoiding expensive, unnecessary legal fees.

Many types of services here

You've got a lot of options for help through Simple Citizen. At the time of our review, their services included Family-Based Green Cards, Green Card Renewal, Citizenship, Fiance Visas, Removal of Conditions, Employment-Based Green Cards, Employment Authorization Documents, DACA, and Venezuelan Temporary Protected Status.

Deluxe or Professional?

Each service is broken down into Deluxe and Professional pricing, with the higher-end tier usually including attorney consultations via video call. For example, if you're applying for a family-based green card, you'll pay either $399 for the Deluxe package or $849 for the Professional level: both come with all required forms, live chat support, signature-ready applications sent to you by mail, comprehensive application review, and document translation if necessary. The Professional package goes on to include an initial attorney consultation, then a video call to discuss your application review and another one to prepare you for your USCIS interview. You'll also get Simple Citizen's legal support if you get a request for additional evidence from USCIS.

Get started or ask questions first

If you're not sure which green card service is the best match for your circumstances, look under the Let's Get Started button or in the lower left-hand corner of the page for a chat link to ask your questions (during regular business hours Monday through Friday). Otherwise, you can go directly to that Let's Get Started button and begin your application.

Best Green Card Services

Simple process to complete application

You'll be asked if you're applying on the basis of family or employment, or if you're looking to enter the green card lottery. You'll go through a few initial questions to match you up with the service that corresponds to your case, then you're asked to create an account and pay your fees. Once you've done so, you can move on to completing and submitting your application: answer the remaining questions and upload any necessary supporting documents.

Licensed immigration attorney

Next, a licensed immigration attorney will review your whole application and ask for any needed clarifications or additional documentation. When your application has been reviewed and deemed to be complete, Simple Citizen will print and ship your application package for the necessary signatures, along with a pre-addressed envelope for submitting your green card paperwork to USCIS.

Hundreds of five-star reviews

We're excited to say that Simple Citizen has maintained its excellent reputation since our last review. Not only does the company still have an "A+" from the Better Business Bureau, with just one complaint filed there in the last three years, but they've also received over 350 independently-verified five-star reviews from very happy clients. It's easy to see that Simple Citizen lives up to its promises to keep the green card application process as transparent, efficient, and stress-free as possible.

Best choice for green card services

You can rely on Simple Citizen if you need help with your green card application. While their fees tend to be a little higher than some of their rivals, the results are 100% worth the investment - and still far less expensive than hiring a private immigration attorney. This top-notch company deserves lots of praise for being on the ball, having helpful and knowledgeable staff, and making an often-stressful process much easier than usual. Simple Citizen gets our highest recommendation among companies that offer assistance with green card applications.

Citizen Path Review 4.5 Star Rating

Citizen Path

4.5 Star Rating
  • Affordable online software for preparing your USCIS forms
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Pay only for the forms you need
  • Confirm your eligibility before making a payment
  • Live support via phone, email, chat
  • Money-back guarantee of USCIS approval

CitizenPath specializes in "immigration forms made simple" . It can feel like navigating a nasty maze, trying to figure out which forms you need to fill in to apply for a green card, but this site can help. In business since 2013, this company has helped thousands of people to file accurate documentation with USCIS and ultimately secure their green cards.

Lots of helpful information

Starting on the Green Card Center of the CitizenPath site, you'll see lots of options that might seem a little confusing at first. You could download their free eBook about helping family members emigrate, if that matches your situation, read through and learn more about the various services they offer, check out the FAQs for each document type, or see what's new on their blog.

Clear explanations of services

Most people, though, will probably start with the "Learn More" button under the Adjustment of Status Package section. That will take you to the application for the I-485 (and you can also watch a helpful "How It Works" video there too). When you click on "Start for Free" , you'll be taken to an explanation of what's included and at what cost. CitizenPath's Adjustment of Status service is just $197 which gives you access to not just the I-485 but also the I-130/130A (petition for alien relative/spouse beneficiary) and the G-1145. Remember that, like most services, CitizenPath requires you to sign and submit your forms yourself (they don't do it for you) and that there will be additional fees payable to USCIS.

Look for a pop-up discount

Want to save a bit on your green card services? Watch for a pop-up inviting you to sign up for CitizenPath's newsletter, because at the time of this review it also included a 10% discount.

Best Green Card Services

You pay nothing until you print paperwork

What we - and lots of applicants - really love about using CitizenPath for green card applications is that you don't pay a dime until you're ready to print your paperwork. You'll be walked through a series of questions that will determine your eligibility to file the type of application you've indicated, and alerts will pop up if there's an error or any other issue. If the process determines you're not eligible for any reason, you don't have to worry about already having invested in the service. That's a huge benefit.

Money-back guarantee

Another big perk about using CitizenPath is that they offer a money-back guarantee that your paperwork will be accepted - or they'll refund both what you paid to them as well as the fees paid to USCIS. Not many providers will go that extra mile.

Affordable, effective help with green card applications

You can understand why so many people rave about their experience with CitizenPath. Not only is it affordable, but it's effective. Over 1000 clients have given this company a perfect five stars, citing helpful staff when questions have come up, very fast approvals, and getting better results than others who have used lawyers and wound up with incomplete applications that got rejected.

Great choice for green card help

CitizenPath is one of the best ways to get your green card application done fast and affordably. The company has a fantastic reputation and offers the kind of assistance people are looking for, to help take some of the stress out of the equation. We strongly recommend that you walk through the eligibility questions at CitizenPath - whether you ultimately use their service or another - because it will give you a clear-cut picture about what you can expect from your green card process.

Visa Pro Review 4 Star Rating

Visa Pro

4 Star Rating
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • In business for 20 years
  • Free initial assessment
  • Used by individuals and corporations
  • Upfront, flat fee at the beginning of the process
  • Nearly 100% success rate

VisaPro is a leading immigration firm, headquartered in the nation's capital. In operation for 20+ years, this is a full-service option for green card services, using immigration attorneys through every step of the process. VisaPro provides help to both individuals and corporations for everything from green card applications and H-1B visas to L-1 visas required to transfer foreign employees to work in the US.

Costs are a mystery...

If you want to save $100 on your service, sign up for the VisaPro newsletter. You should get that offer as a pop-up as you browse the site. But how big of a savings is that? Great question: our biggest complaint with VisaPro is, and has been for years, that they don't disclose anything about their fees upfront. Even when you go to their Fees page, all you get is some vague beating around the bush that they're not cheap but they'll get results.

...and it's kinda annoying

It's great to know that they try to keep things affordable, that it's a flat fee for their services, and that there are "no surprises or surcharges at the end" , but the fact that they don't include even a range or a ballpark is annoying at best. VisaPro also puts out the disclaimer that some cases will be undertaken on an hourly basis, but that the assigned lawyer will make that clear during the consultation/hiring stage of the process.

Expertise in all green card and visa types

Whatever the cost, it might be worth it if you've got a complicated case or you need a less common type of green card. Most services cover the basics of family-based and employment-based applications, but what about special immigrants like religious workers or foreign medical graduates? Or maybe you're an investor hoping to get a green card by investing $500,000 or more? Whatever your circumstance, you can count on VisaPro having an expert who can help.

Best Green Card Services

Free 10-minute consultation

No matter which category you choose, VisaPro will walk you through some eligibility questions, then ask for your email address to send your initial report. You can also click on the link "Get a Free Visa Assessment" , fill out your information, and schedule a free 10-minute initial consultation with an immigration attorney. He or she will review your specific situation, confirm whether or not you're eligible for a visa or green card, and give you options moving forward from there.

Strong reputation

VisaPro gets an "A+" from the Better Business Bureau, with absolutely no complaints filed there in the three years prior to this evaluation. How about their reputation otherwise? We were glad to see that they had a little over two dozen reviews on their Facebook page - until we noticed that the first few recommendations came from people promoting bitcoin or other spam links (and we're not sure why VisaPro didn't delete them for being irrelevant).

Many success stories

But really, we have no reason to think that this company isn't completely on the up-and-up - just, perhaps, not at the top of their game when it comes to social media channels. We invite you to read through the success stories posted on their site instead, like a couple married in Hawaii and needing immigration options for the Canadian spouse, or removing conditions from an EB-5 investment.

Might be well worth the cost

While we'd really prefer it if VisaPro would provide an anticipated range of fees, so that prospective clients know if it's worth their time to even schedule the free consultation, we have no qualms about recommending this service for anyone who wants the assurance of having experienced immigration attorneys on their side. We can practically guarantee that this will be more expensive than the other green card services we reviewed, but if your situation is more complex than usual, it would be a wise choice to set up that initial call with the experts at VisaPro.

Green Card Experts Review 3 Star Rating

Green Card Experts

3 Star Rating
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • 25 years of experience
  • For lottery-based green card applicants only
  • 100% compliant with State Department rules
  • Expert review and approval of all applications
  • Registration available year-round, 24/7

If you're trying to apply for a green card through the lottery and you want a service to lend a hand, Green Card Experts is worth a look. No, this company can't help if you're applying for refugee/asylum residency or trying to get a green card for a spouse or other family member, but it's a good resource for lottery-only applicants.

Green Card Experts = USA Green Card

You'll notice pretty early on that there's not a lot of information on the Green Card Experts Site. Company history? Contact information besides an email address? Fees? You won't find any of that. Here's why: Green Card Experts is another name for USA Green Card, which becomes pretty obvious once you start the actual application and get redirected to that site. That's not a problem, just something you should be aware of before you get started with this service.

Get personalized oversight of your green card application

There's a lot of good info on the USA Green Card side of the business. You'll find plenty of details about what to expect from the green card lottery and the service offered here. Your counselors will help you enter your information correctly on the application, and they guarantee that your registration won't be disqualified due to incorrect information, errors or omissions. Your lottery application will be professionally reviewed prior to submission, and the whole process will be managed by USA Green Card from start to finish.

Check out the FAQs

You can also read plenty of answers to important questions, like "What are the odds of winning?" and "Can same-sex couples apply?" We had to click around a little to find them, but eventually we landed on the FAQ for the green card lottery section of the website.

Not many initial questions

Ready to get started? You'll enter your basic information, like name, address, and birth date. Next, you'll provide your birthplace, where you live today, your educational level, marital status and number of children. You'd think there'd be more details by this point, but there aren't: it just takes you right to your payment/subscription options.

Best Green Card Services

Fees based on plan length

There are five plans offered by Green Card Experts/USA Green Card, all based on the length of time you want the service to maintain your lottery application. You'll pay $50 for one year, $75 for two years, $100 for three years, $150 for five years, or $200 for a lifetime, "until you win" plan.

Site can be buggy

We had some issues getting our application processed. The site prompted us to enter our information three separate times; on the final one, we briefly got a "congratulations" screen that disappeared too quickly to read what it said. The only option given for contacting this service is an online form, which left us wondering how quickly we'd get an answer about whether or not our application had been accepted.

Perfect BBB rating, no complaints

How about reputation? Not only has Green Card Experts been given an "A+" rating by the Better Business Bureau, but there were also zero complaints filed there in the three years prior to this review. We found the same results when we looked up the BBB listing for USA Green card, which is reassuring.

Not much client feedback

On the other hand, besides the testimonials that USA Green Card features on their website, we couldn't find any external feedback for how well this service works (or doesn't). Whether it's due to the multiple business names or the lack of any easily-discovered social media accounts in either name, there's just not many client reviews to be had here.

Not the best or the worst

All of that combines to earn Green Card Experts / USA Green Card a "just average" rating. We're encouraged by their positive track record with the BBB and don't necessarily find anything scammy or problematic with this service. But, with such a narrow focus on the green card lottery application, many people will need to use a different platform for help with other green card types.

Green Card Family Review 1.5 Star Rating

Green Card Family

1.5 Star Rating
  • Do-it-yourself approach to green card applications
  • $97 fee for document package ($85 for your second, third, and so on)

Green Card Family - the alternate name for Family Green Card Service - offers a DIY path for green card applications. This service is extremely limited but affordable: you'll pay $97 for the first application package and $85 for every one after that (you've got more than one person applying at the same time).

Information you could get for free

What will you actually get for just under $100? Great question. According to the description on Green Card Family's website, your package contains "comprehensive USCIS Green Card application requirements and processing, in-depth explanation of US immigration law... plus strategies and tips." In other words, you'll pay to get information that is readily available for free with a few Google searches. You won't even get the required USCIS forms in your packet. You'll have to follow the links on the Green Card Family website to get those for free.

No attorney review of applications

Okay, but will you at least get some attorney review or other supervision, once you've filled out your forms? Nope. As this provider clearly states, it's a "private non-lawyer website" - so even if you wanted to pay extra to get some hands-on help, you'd have to look somewhere else.

Hard to contact

Contacting Green Card Family is about as unhelpful as you might already be imagining. You can send an email to their helpdesk or send a letter to their PO Box. That's it. They're not kidding when they say that they "do not give specific advice to specific individuals about their particular problems" . Well, then!

Best Green Card Services

No verified client reviews

And reputation? Who knows. We've evaluated Green Card Family more than once, and we have yet to find a listing with the Better Business Bureau or any kind of client reviews, aside from the very obviously curated (and undated) ones on their own website.

Keeping updated - or not?

Despite all of this, Green Card Family appears to be updating their question-and-answer section of their site; we found a half-dozen from the current year alone. But, are we confident that those are actually updated and not just recycled answers with new dates attached? No, we are not.

Don't bother with this green card service

We have a hard time thinking of anyone who would get great results from this green card service. There's no need to pay $97 for information that's easily discovered on your own, especially when you won't have any options to ask questions about your particular application. You've got much better options than Green Card Family, and we invite you to consider the highest-ranked ones in our review.

Immigration Direct Review 1 Star Rating

Immigration Direct

1 Star Rating
  • Software helps you navigate the green card process
  • Fees starting at $95 (plus USCIS fees)

Immigration Direct uses online software to guide you through the USCIS process of applying for a green card, among other services. Whether you're submitting an application for yourself or a family member, trying to figure out how to travel abroad while your green card application is still being processed, or to remove conditions on your marriage-based green card, there are options here.

Several paths for green card applications

On the main page listing all of the green card forms available here, you'll see lots of choices. The most commonly-selected route is for filling out Form I-485: Start Your Green Card Application. Just make sure you select the one that corresponds to your situation - individual or family. Although a few of those links weren't working at the time of our review, most of the options will take you to the page for beginning your application, with the fees detailed at the top of the page. While some applications are under $100 (not counting USCIS fees), expect to pay around $300 for the Immigration Direct service.

Questions are an eligibility quiz

When you click to start your application for any of these forms, you'll be asked a series of questions. For example, when preparing the I-485, you'll need to indicate if you're currently living in the US, the basis of your application, and so on. They don't come out and say it, but this process is actually an eligibility quiz: at the end, you'll find out if you're able to continue preparing your application through this service. If you're determined to be eligible, your next step would be to create an account and pay the Immigration Direct fee for preparing your application.

Low rating from the BBB

But, we'd strongly recommend that you stop there. Why? It's a challenge to find anyone with positive things to say about Immigration Direct. To start, the Better Business Bureau gives this company a dismal "D-" rating for failure to respond to six complaints. That's not a huge number, but there were only two complaints that did get any kind of response from Immigration Direct representatives.

Best Green Card Services

Worldwide scam

Looking deeper, we found almost 100 reviews from clients around the world who said that Immigration Direct is a scam through and through - taking money from people trying to emigrate to Canada, Australia, the UK and the US (all with different website names than "US Citizenship Info" , of course) and giving them nothing but paperwork in return.

Not trustworthy

It kept getting worse: the blog on Immigration Direct hadn't been updated in over three years. The link for contacting customer support was broken. Good luck getting them to make good on any part of their supposed "refund policy" ; we sure didn't see any clients reporting that they were successful in getting their money back, despite being eligible based on Immigration Direct's posted policies. We sleuthed out a phone number (shocker: it wasn't in service) and a street address in Nevada (surprise: totally nondescript suite number in a strip mall), but still there was nothing that would suggest for even a moment that this is a legitimate green card service.

Don't use this service to get your green card

In short, you should absolutely avoid having anything to do with Immigration Direct. Don't start your application, don't request more information, and definitely don't provide banking info or a credit card number. Go with literally any other green card service in our evaluation.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Using a green card service is an effective way to avoid that frustration and heartbreak. Your options vary, from bare-bones guidance towards all of the forms you'll need to fill out, to step-by-step direction and supervision from immigration attorneys and other related professionals. As you'd expect, costs vary as well and may range from under $100 for quick access to immigration forms to well into the thousands of dollars.

However, particularly if you came into the country "without inspection" (an undocumented immigrant), it would be well worth the time and money to work with an experienced attorney to secure your green card and obtain legal resident status. Immigration laws are constantly changing, and trying to navigate the process on your own could get you in trouble.

As you look through the various services offered by green card companies, how can you tell which one to choose? Keep these factors in mind:

  • Type of Service. How much hands-on help do you want from your provider? If you're fairly confident you can get it done and just need to be pointed in the right direction, one of the low-cost options could be a good fit. But, most people aren't so sure of themselves and want to know they're getting it right the first time. In that case, a full-service agency is the best option if you can afford it.
  • Fees. How much will you pay? Some green card services are very open with what they charge, while others require you to have a free consultation before they give you a cost quote. Is it a one-time fee, or could you be asked to pay more later in the process?
  • Reputation. What do other applicants say about their experience with the green card service? Has the company been rated by the Better Business Bureau? Does it look like a well-known provider that gets results?

To help you get your green card as quickly and inexpensively as possible, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's most popular services. We're confident that this information will make it possible to choose the right partner to guide you through the paperwork and get your green card in hand!

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Green Card Service FAQ

A "green card" is the proof of lawful permanent resident status needed to live and work within the United States as a non-citizen. Most green cards come with a 10-year renewal period, but conditional cards (granted because of investment or marriage to a US citizen) have to be renewed after the first two years.
Your fees will vary based on the type of green card you're applying for. For example, a green card through marriage will cost $1,200 if the applicant is living outside of the US or $1,760 if living in the US. These fees are charged by USCIS and are non-negotiable. You could incur other costs, like required medical examinations or fees necessary to obtain the documents requested in the application process.
Mistakes on the forms, missing documents, lack of financial resources and failure to prove your eligibility are the most likely reasons your green card application could be denied. Depending on the type of green card for which you're applying and your circumstances, you could have other challenges like failure to provide translations of documents in anything other than English, photos that aren't passport-style, or failure to establish a valid and authentic marriage.
That will depend on the type of green card for which you're applying. For instance, if your application is marriage-based, expect a timeframe between 10 months to 3 years before you receive approval. Add more time to the process if you have missing documents or errors in the information you provide.
If you already have a valid work visa (e.g. H-1B or L-1), yes. Otherwise, you'll need to file Form I-765 to get a work permit in order to work legally while waiting for your green card application to be approved.
A green card service helps you fill out your application accurately, to avoid any mistakes that could get your paperwork delayed or rejected. Some of these services give you access to immigration attorneys who review your application prior to submission, to translation services for supporting documents, and even maintaining your lottery application indefinitely.
No. Depending on what level of service you need, you can expect fees ranging from $30 to $300 - though some of the more in-depth packages that give you one-on-one access to an attorney can cost over $1000. But, when you consider what it will cost you in lost time and money if you turn in a green card application with errors or missing documentation, using a green card service starts to look like a wise choice.
Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee that your green card application will be approved - service or no service. However, using a green card service to thoroughly review your application before you submit it can make it much more likely that you won't be denied because of mistakes or missing paperwork.
The Best Reviews of Green Card Services