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Jamplay Review

Sunday, April 21st

2024 Guitar Lesson Program Reviews

Jamplay Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • 383 song lessons
  • Monthly and yearly membership options
  • Over 9,300 guitar lessons
  • Money-back guarantee

JamPlay offers one single membership where students can explore thousands of on-demand lessons that range from beginner level to master classes. There are nearly 150 guitar teachers featured through the platform that are either artists or popular band members, acoustic guitar teachers, electric guitar teachers, or bass teachers. JamPlay boasts that they've served over 500,000 students and offer more than enough content to teach anyone to play the guitar.

Over 9,300 lessons included

There is so much content available from JamPlay that it's almost overwhelming. There are over 9,300 guitar lessons in total, 383 song lessons, and more than 20 music genres. To see the full spectrum of what's available to you, you'll need to sign up for the course, but you can view the list of course categories. They include:

  • Lessons for beginners
  • Lessons for kids
  • Popular courses
  • Music genres
  • Skills and techniques
  • Master classes
  • Toolkits

You can go through each category and see the different lists of videos and the instructors who lead them. View how many lessons come with the course, the runtime, an overview of the course, and other relevant material that's included.

More than just videos

Some of the perks that JamPlay highlights about their music system include getting interactive tabs, notations and fretboard, JamTracks to play along with, the functionality to ask a teacher questions, speed up, slow down, and loop video, note-taking features, 4k video, and more.

3 membership levels

There are three membership levels through JamPlay, all of which are billed monthly. If you want 30 days of access at a time, you can pay $19.95/month, which is the most expensive option. If you'd rather have a full year of access, you can choose between the standard ($7.99/month) or pro ($14.99/month) membership. The standard membership includes a bonus of 75 ownership credits, one 1-on-1 consultation, and a free toolkit with extra lessons and tabs. The pro membership includes everything from the standard membership plus 150 ownership credits, four 1-on-1 consultations, and a member welcome kit.

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Satisfaction guarantee in place

If you're not happy with your JamPlay membership, the company offers a hassle-free refund to customers within 30 days of signup. To qualify, you'll just need to call or email customer service. However, we have seen some reports that this is more difficult to do than it sounds since JamPlay's support team isn't always very responsive or easy to work with.

Weak customer reviews

JamPlay has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but our concerns come from customer reviews. Over the last year or so, JamPlay has been criticized for everything from a bad interface to incorrect billing issues and poor customer service. Some people are charged money long after they've canceled their subscription or get random charges in the months after they've signed up. Others say even though the content is good, the website is so bad that it cancels it out.

Has potential

JamPlay seems like they have a ton of potential and content, but it isn't organized neatly on their website or really clear how to follow a straight path to learning guitar. It seems like their back-end platform could use some work as well. We imagine that with some work, this course could have huge improvements, but for now they've received a "just average" rating from us.

Where is the Best Place to Find Guitar Lessons Online?

One of the most useful and convenient musical talents you can have is the ability to play the guitar. It's a well-loved instrument that can easily be transported around for a musical experience just about anywhere. Whether you're jamming with friends, playing at a special event, getting cozy by a bonfire, or just playing by yourself, knowing how to play the guitar will come in handy your whole life.

Many people wish they could play the guitar and whip out a fun song at any given time, but not everyone has learned how since it can be time consuming and expensive without the right resources. Whether you have a little background in playing the guitar or you've never touched the instrument in your life, there are fantastic online resources that will get you where you want to be.

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Guitar Lesson Program FAQ

The opportunity to take online guitar lessons allows you to learn at your own pace. You can pause and review lessons as many times as you need to until you feel like you've mastered a skill, technique, or song. You can practice and go over new lesson material whatever time of the day you want without having to make it to a scheduled in-person lesson. You'll also save hundreds of dollars and tons of time, so there is really no reason not to take online guitar lessons!
The services offered by online guitar lesson platforms may vary slightly, but most of them will provide video lessons from professional instructors, play-along songs, progress tracking, Q&A sessions, and more. They're broken into different levels, so you can start where you're comfortable and progress as fast as you're able. You'll be getting more on-demand help with online guitar lessons than you would if you were just taking in-person lessons since you usually have access to an instructor if needed.
The feedback from students about their experiences with online guitar lessons is almost 100% positive across the board! People are able to progress from first-time guitarists to experts in as little as a few months with consistent practice. You'll get unique tips and tricks from professional guitarists and fellow students learning on the same platform. In addition, you'll have long-term access to all of the material through most platforms, so you can learn as fast as you want and go back and review as needed.
No way! Many online guitar lesson platforms are continually adding new songs on top of already having thousands of videos and other forms of lesson material. Your opportunities for learning are far beyond what you'll be able to get through in months or even years. Online guitar lessons are the best way to get a seemingly endless amount of coaching!
You'll have options to either pay for a monthly subscription to an online guitar platform or to buy lifetime access. This ranges from $20/month to $280/year. You can even find all-inclusive courses with full, lifetime access for as low as $100. Regardless of which guitar platform you choose, you'll be saving hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars in the long-run.
None! The amazing thing about online guitar lessons (or online lessons for any instrument) is that you don't have to have ever picked up a guitar before! You'll be taught how to hold the guitar, where the chords are, beginner strum patterns, and all the basics. On the other hand, if you've been taking guitar lessons for years and decide to move to an online platform, you'll still have plenty of room for learning.
Your best bet is to find an online guitar lesson platform that gives a free trial. This way you'll get a better idea of whether or not you want to stick to the course. If not, you may have the option of cancelling your subscription or getting a refund anywhere from 7 to 120 days after signing up depending on company policies. Be sure to go with a highly-rated online guitar lesson platform that provides demos of their lessons, instructor bios, or photos of their platform to get a feel for the professionalism and material before signing up.
All you need for online guitar lessons is a guitar, capo, guitar picks (if you want them), and access to a device to view your lessons. All the same things you'd need for in-person guitar lessons apply to online guitar lessons as well. Find a comfortable environment to practice in and you're all set!
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Regardless of the level you're at, you can conveniently learn all the skills you need to become an excellent guitar player from the comfort of your home. This is a great option for people who don't have the time to go to in-person lessons, want to save some money, and prefer to learn at their own pace.

There are quite a few programs that will teach you the basics like how to properly hold a guitar, how to find different notes, hand positions, reading music, strum patterns, and more. Everything there is to know about playing the guitar is conveniently available on your mobile device for you to access whenever you have time to practice.

That's actually a much more affordable option also, since in-person guitar lessons can run hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over time. With an online program, you can watch training videos, download instructions, and get practice tools to sharpen your guitar skills for your own enjoyment and for others.

When deciding where to purchase a guitar lesson program, here are a few important things to consider:

  • Cost. How does the cost of guitar lessons from one provider compare to another? Is it a one-time cost or will you be paying month-to-month for the available materials?
  • Quality. Is the guitar lesson program up-to-date? Do they have downloadable videos and training materials? Do they help you learn to play modern and classic songs you love? Or are they still behind the times with DVDs and older versions of training techniques?
  • Return Policy. If you aren't satisfied with your guitar lessons, are you able to get a full refund for the program?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best places to purchase guitar lessons online. We hope this information helps you find the training you need to confidently learn to play one of the best instruments there is!

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