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Scalp Med Review

Sunday, September 24th

2023 Hair Loss Product Reviews

Scalp Med Review 2.5 Star Rating

Scalp Med

2.5 Star Rating
  • Separate supplements for men and women
  • Quiz to determine which products you need
  • 120-day money-back guarantee
  • Contains minoxidil

Which should you do? Pills? Topical solution? Shampoo? Conditioner? Thickening styling spray? Not only does ScalpMED have them all, they offer you a 15-second quiz to find out which products are recommended specifically for your needs. Give the products a few months to work, as retraining the follicle can take some time. No worries, there's a 120-day return policy to give your scalp ample time to adjust.

Which to use?

Take the quiz to find out which products are right for you, and then select the kit that is suggested for your cart. Determine how many months'-worth you want, and quickly check out. There's a 15% discount, and a possibility for free shipping.

The products

Scalp Med offers a variety of products to help fight hair loss. These include:

  • Supplements. $39.95 for a 1 month supply. The supplements include biotin, zinc, and horsetail extract, which are common ingredients in hair growth supplements, and also include more. Where most products have you take the supplement two or more times per day, only one ScalpMED pill is needed, and only once per day. The same nutrients are in both the men's and women's formulas.
  • Scalp/Follicle detoxifier. $36.95 for a 1 month supply. Shampoos can't remove all the buildup on the hair and scalp, which can clog the follicles, making the hair fall out more quickly. This product, which works in seconds, deep-cleanses the follicles so you have hair growth and healthy hair.
  • Shampoo. $23.95 for a 1 month supply. This is a thickening shampoo that is gentle on already thinning hair, and is fortified with organic, plant-based cleaners.
  • Conditioner. $25.95 for a 1 month supply. You can nourish your hair with these vitamins, minerals, and amino acids while adding shine and resulting in hair that's soft to the touch.
  • Hair spray. $37.50 for a 1 month supply. This spray encourages the hair shaft and hair fibers to thicken, making your hair look thicker and fuller all day.

Men's vs. Women's

The main difference is the amount of minoxidil in each. The men's formula has 5% minoxidil, where the women's contains 2%.

Side effects should be minimal

ScalpMED's products contain minoxidil, widely known for encouraging hair growth, and its side effects may include skin irritation. Biotin may interfere with thyroid tests. Always consult with your health care practitioner when considering a new topical product or supplement. There are no sexual side effects with ScalpMed. If you discontinue the use of this product, hair loss will begin again.

Best Hair Loss Products

Website purchase only, can be spendy

ScalpMED is only available on their website. The products are quite pricey compared with brands with similar product offerings.

Should I subscribe?

You can save more money by subscribing, but realize ScalpMED only recommends subscription once you have seen four months of success with their products.

Refunds within 120 days

Cematrix Corporation, the parent company of ScalpMED, offers a 120-day return policy. This is 120 days from receipt, not the ordering date, which is generous. They don't refund your shipping and handling, though, and you'll need to pay for return shipping costs. Call their customer service number and receive a credit return number, and they'll also tell you how to return the product. You'll need to return the package within 10 days of receiving that credit return number.

Good product, excessive price tag

There are so few ScalpMED experiences posted independently. We do know that minoxidil has positive results with many users, and that is one of the main ingredients of ScalpMED. If the product doesn't work for you, we're pleased with the 120-day return policy, as typically, hair regrowth can take at least two months to see any signs. We do like the variety of products and especially the 15-second quiz to assure us the correct products for our needs. We just don't like the price tag, as similar products are much less expensive.

Where Can You Get the Best Products for Fighting Hair Loss?

What's the first thing you notice about a person you meet? Probably their hair. A full head of shiny hair is a sign of youthful appearance, and who doesn't want to look younger and feel more attractive? Hair thinning and hair loss can take a toll on our self-esteem and make us feel older and less desirable.

Hair loss seems to be more prevalent now as one of the effects of Covid-19 can be hair loss. Another major cause of hair loss can be stress, and living through a pandemic has been stressful on all of us. The concern is so prevalent recently that hair loss searches on the internet have gone up by eight percent, and dermatologists have had an inundation of patients looking for help with hair loss and thinning.

The Best Hair Loss Products Compare Hair Loss Products Compare Hair Loss Product Reviews What are the best Hair Loss Products Best Hair Loss Product Reviews

Hair Loss Product FAQ

Hair loss products are shampoos, serums, creams, foams, or supplements used to stimulate the regrowth of hair. They come with different instructions for application, but they all work to fill in areas of patchiness or total loss of hair. Hair loss products are a much less expensive alternative to surgeries or other medical procedures to try and reverse hair loss.
Most hair loss products range anywhere from $25 - $70 per tube or bottle. You'll have the option to buy a supply that will last you a few months. Buying in larger quantities usually comes with discounts and makes it so you don't run out or need to make frequent online orders.
Yes! Hair loss products are safe. If you're buying from a reputable company, they will list all of the ingredients in their products. You can review the list to make sure you aren't allergic or trying to avoid anything in their formula. Many hair loss products are full of vitamins and other nourishing ingredients that are good for your skin and hair follicles.
Hair loss products work to do a few different things to stimulate growth. Some are effective in cleaning out clogged hair follicles that may have been stunted due to excess oils or thick hair products. Other formulas work to block the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), primarily responsible for male pattern baldness. Some hair loss products stimulate blood flow in the areas where your head needs help regrowing hair. Products differ in how they target hair loss and it is best to select one based on the type of baldness you're experiencing.
There are many causes of hair loss. Some are the result of genetics, while others are hormonal imbalances, hygiene issues, or lifestyle choices. If you have healthy hair follicles intact where no hair is growing or hair is thinning, you will be able to stimulate new hair growth with the right products. Determining your type of hair loss will help you know how to select a product that will be effective for you.
As nice as it would be if hair loss products worked overnight, this is not the case. Most supplements, gels, creams, and serums take 4-6 months before you get visible results. Hair grows slowly whether or not you are using products to help the process, so it takes a while for your body to regenerate new growth.
Absolutely! Hair loss products are not only intended to regrow hair that has been lost, but also to prevent future hair loss as well. By nourishing and stimulating hair follicles, you are less likely to have stunted hair growth in the future. You aren't 100% guaranteed never to lose any hair again, but hair loss products work to at least slow down the process.
Both men and women can suffer from hair loss. Most people would do just about anything to get a full, thick head of hair back. Luckily, hair loss products are formulated to help men and women alike. Some products are marketed toward just men or just women, while others will benefit anyone suffering from hair loss. There are options out there for everyone!
Yes. Liquids can be absorbed by the body in just a couple of minutes, and have a high absorbency. Tablets can take up to a half-hour to be broken down; because the body has to break them down, only about 53% of the tablet may be absorbed by the body. Consider travel: pills may be the easiest to take with you and have a longer shelf life. Gummies are a fun way to take a supplement, but watch the sugar content.
Many users will see baby hairs grow in about a month or six weeks. It takes a while for the vitamins or other ingredients to settle into the body and stimulate the follicle and for the baby hairs to start appearing.
Most of the products have a money-back guarantee, and the difference is from 30 days to a year. Since it can be more than three months until you notice new growth, you'll want your guarantee to last at least that long, especially if you've spent quite a bit of money on your product or set of products. Prescription products do not come with any guarantee.
Some can. Reviewers of some of the products have raved about helping them with male pattern baldness and alopecia as well. It may also depend on when you start using the product. If the hair thinning is relatively new, the follicle may be more receptive to rejuvenation. If the thinning has occurred for quite a while, it's possible to see results, but after a longer period of use.
For acne prone individuals, excess biotin can trigger breakouts. Another reason to check with your doctor. Some of the supplements contain ingredients that can interfere with thyroid test results. Some may not be recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
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Hair loss has traditionally been a sensitive subject, but with all the supplements, creams, and hair replacement procedures advertised on TV and on billboards, this discussion topic isn't as delicate as it once was.

There are a few choices a person with hair loss can make. There are supplements available over the counter and by prescription; topical serums and creams; laser therapy, which hasn't been tested long-term; and hair replacement surgery. If you'd like to start right away and aren't looking for surgery, there are several supplements and topical products to slow down hair loss and encourage growth.

Before purchasing a hair loss product, here are a few things to consider.

  • Doctor Recommendation. See your dermatologist or primary care provider to discuss possible reasons for the hair loss, especially for underlying causes or health issues.
  • Interactions. If you choose a supplement or topical formula, check to see that it doesn't interfere with any medications or supplements you're already taking.
  • Missing Nutrients. Consider a blood test to determine which hair-growth vitamins you're lacking. Be sure your diet isn't lacking in protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B. Supplements you consider should have vitamins A, C, zinc, selenium, biotin, flaxseed oil, folic acid, niacin, and saw palmetto. Consider also ashwagandha, collagen, and hyaluronic acid as nourishers.
  • Timeframe. Supplements aren't an overnight answer. You'll need to give them time to work.
  • Customer Feedback. Has the supplement or product worked well for others? How long until you should expect to see results?

So that you have the best information available to you, TopConsumerReviews.com has assessed and ranked the top hair loss supplements on the market. Knowing which product is right for you should offer you peace of mind, less stress, and hopefully, an increase in hair growth.

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