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Where is the Best Place to Shop Online for Handbags?

Today, handbags play a pivotal role in the world of fashion. They seamlessly blend functionality and style, offering both practicality and a distinctive fashion statement, from totes and clutches to crossbody bags and backpacks. And in recent years, handbags have witnessed a shift towards sustainability, with many consumers opting for eco-friendly and ethical options.

And now, you can easily browse your favorite styles and influencer faves from the comfort of your own home. The digital marketplace helps you explore thousands of handbags, each distinguished by its price, style, functionality, color, pattern, size, and even shipping speed. All you need is a computer or phone and you could have your next handbag on its way to you in minutes.

Thursday, June 20th

2024 Handbag Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Macy's Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $8.79 to $735
  • 6,236 items in stock for handbags
  • Premium and low-cost options
  • One-stop shop
  • 30-day returns
  • Free shipping on $49+
  • "A+" rating from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Macy's, a long-time favorite in the realm of department stores, is renowned for its blend of quality products and affordability. Founded in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy, it has been a household name for years. Its sister company, Bloomingdales department store, has been part of the Macy's Inc. holdings since 1994.

Top nationwide department store

Presently, the company stands as the United States' top-ranking department store based on retail sales, operating a vast network of over 700 stores nationwide. It's a brand that resonates with many, not to mention the beloved Thanksgiving Day Parade that captures hearts every year (if you're like us, you may even catch yourself accidentally calling it the "Macy's Day Parade" ).

Over 6,000 items in inventory

When comparing Macy's to its subsidiary, Bloomingdales, it's evident that Macy's has a more extensive handbag collection. The site's impressive inventory offers 6,236 handbags. Most of their inventory is within the $100 to $250 price range which includes 1,909 of the items, though there are a lot of affordable items too - including 1,769 different items in the "under $50" range. Overall, you can expect to see prices at Macy's from $8.79 to $735, which comes in as much lower than some of its competitors. Plus, you can find everything you need at Macy's, not just handbags. With a range of clothing, home items, perfumes, and jewelry, you can buy everything you need all in one place.

Best Handbag Stores

Unique shopping filters

Macy's website is a user-friendly platform for handbag enthusiasts. Their inventory is well-organized and easy to scroll through. On top of that, you can fine-tune your search using an array of filters, which include brand, style, color, pattern, material, size, price, and customer ratings. Furthermore, Macy's provides unique filtering features such as current promotions and shipping/pickup preferences, allowing you to identify the best-priced bags and the ones that you can get the fastest. One of our favorite filters at Macy's was their discount range option. You can select items that are between 20-80% off, so you can be sure you're looking at the best deals on the site.

Free shipping for members or on $49+

Macy's provides various free shipping options for its customers. The easiest way to get free shipping does cost you a little though. First, you have to be a Macy's Star Rewards Platinum & Gold member (which means you have to open a Macy's Card). These members can get free shipping with no cost threshold. The lower rewards member level, Macy's Star Rewards Silver & Bronze, gives free shipping with a Macy's Card on orders of $25 or more. For all other shoppers, free shipping is available on orders of $49 or more.

30-day return policy

Most items purchased from Macy's can be returned by mail or in-store within 30 days of purchase. Store returns are entirely free, making the process convenient and low-cost. If you're a Star Rewards member, you can also enjoy free return shipping. For non-members, there's a $9.99 return shipping fee, plus applicable taxes, which will be deducted from your refund.

Best Handbag Stores

Customer service could use some work

Macy's stands strong with a solid "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, when we dug into customer reviews, the story was a little different. Many customer ratings fall between the 1- and 2-star range. It's worth noting that many of these are for store issues outside of the realm of handbags like issues with gold bracelets or mattresses. But with some reviews covering general topics like rudeness from employees or difficulties with returns, it raises a few eyebrows regarding Macy's reputation. Considering the huge name, we do expect top-notch service, so hopefully Macy's will take a chance to check out their reviews and improve that area of their otherwise stellar store.

Top option for on-sale handbags

Macy's offers a shopping experience marked by consistent quality and enticing deals that set it apart from competing retailers. Standing out as one of the best places to find sales especially with their filters specifically geared toward specific percentages off, you can definitely find unique handbags and gifts for loved ones at a lower cost. Their free shipping threshold is competitive even for non-Star Reward members, making many handbags eligible for this perk. All in all, Macy's delivers a user-friendly shopping experience online, and the minor concerns about customer service from reviewers don't keep Macy's from earning the top spot on our list of handbag retailers.

Zappos Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $14.95 to $1,590
  • 5,000+ items in stock for handbags
  • Premium and low-cost options
  • One-stop shop
  • 1-year returns
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Originally known for selling shoes online, Zappos has since expanded its product range to encompass clothing, handbags, accessories, and more, providing an impressive one-stop shop. While Zappos' product offerings have diversified, their dedication to customer satisfaction hasn't wavered. Plus, in 2009, Zappos joined the Amazon family, so it works with its new parent company to provide quick shipping and solid customer service. By participating in both retail and community initiatives, Zappos aims to contribute to a kinder and brighter world.

Tons of inventory at every price point

While many customers still initially associate Zappos with its shoe collection, it's now also a standout company for its extensive range of handbags. Honestly, Zappos has a huge handbag inventory. At the time of this review, there were over 5,000 in-stock listings, catering to the preferences and budgets of a wide array of shoppers. Within their collection, Zappos not only excels in the "$200 and over'' range with popular brands like Michael Kors or Tory Burch, but the site also provides substantial offerings at more affordable price points. There are 1,930 different handbags in the "$50 and under" category alone. Across the entire inventory at Zappos, specifically for handbags, you can expect to find a price range between $14.95 for an L.L. Bean handbag to $1,590 for an MCM crossbody.

Wide array of filters

Zappos provides a user-friendly shopping experience through its sleek website design and helpful filters to narrow down handbag listings. You can refine your search using 13 different criteria, such as product type, brand, price, color, materials, bottom width, product compatibility, strap or handle style, closures, features, pattern, theme, and accents. With this extensive range of filtering options, you are bound to discover the perfect handbag to match your needs, even if it involves a little scrolling to get there.

Missing out on vegan customers

If you're looking for eco-friendly or vegan options, the selection at Zappos is a little slim. The company doesn't offer a vegan filter, so if you don't already know which brands to search for, you might be a little lost on this site. We checked out the inventory for items labeled "faux" leather or suede, and there were only 14 items on sale. While this doesn't include canvas bags and other items that aren't made from animal products, the selection is still pretty slim.

Best Handbag Stores

Free shipping in 48 states

For customers within the contiguous United States, Zappos offers free standard shipping, which typically takes 4-5 business days. If you reside in Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. Territories, PO Boxes, or Military APO/FPO locations, Zappos kindly asks for patience due to extended shipping times, and Zappos doesn't currently ship internationally.

365 days to return

Zappos stands behind its merchandise with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus, the company accepts returns for any unused items in their original packaging within 365 days from the purchase date. And if you want to exchange it for something else, Zappos will send you an e-gift card equal to the product's value, minus the shipping charges.

Recent customer issues

Zappos' commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and they've maintained accreditation for over two decades. Numerous online reviews also express gratitude towards Zappos for its fair pricing and exceptional customer service. At Sitejabber, Zappos has over 700 individual verified reviews with an average star rating of 4.4 out of 5. However, it's worth noting that all of the most recent reviews (within the months immediately prior to this evaluation) were extremely negative with only 1 or 2 stars.

Best Handbag Stores

3rd party review sites aren't any better

And on other review sites, the average rating was much lower. Customers have complained about shipping problems, returns not being processed, or, in some cases, never receiving their items. While the BBB score still shows that Zappos is an impressive company, it's a little concerning to see many of these reviews showing that Zappos may be on a reputation decline.

Sliding to second place

Zappos' selection of handbags is well-tailored to suit any occasion and every budget. With helpful return policies and tons of bags to choose from, this retailer is a great place to get started on your handbag shopping spree. However, more recent shopper feedback has raised some questions about Zappos' current commitment to customer service. While the company still holds an "A+" rating and accreditation with the BBB, it's important to take into account complaints about missing orders and troubles with returns. For these reasons, Zappos has lost its former ranking as our top service for handbags, though it still is worth browsing for the impressive pricing and selection.

J. Crew Review 4.5 Star Rating

J. Crew

4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $15 to $368
  • 106 items in stock for handbags
  • Premium and low-cost options
  • Clothing and accessories
  • 30-day returns
  • Free shipping for members
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Feathers and rhinestones, and leather galore: J. Crew is one of several specialty stores on our list that offer strictly their own merchandise for sale. If you're not interested in J. Crew, you might be out of luck, but odds are if you're a fan of unique designs and fun colors, you'll be able to find a showstopper handbag from this retailer.

Lots of character

The brand creates modernized classic handbag designs with tons of character. And, the brand doesn't just offer handbags: you can find clothing and other accessories here too. So, if you're looking for a full outfit, J. Crew is a great place to get started. With over four decades of experience, the brand is a popular name with customers across different age groups as it appeals to current and old-fashioned tastes alike.

Unique styles and party accents

For a place that only sells its own brand, J. Crew is hardly limited. Whether you want a basic black leather tote or a colorful party piece to round out your outfit, you can find almost any style of bag you can imagine. They've got neons and pastels, feathers and sparkles. When we say it's a "treasure trove" , we mean it literally. Just one look down their page of handbags will be enough to make you feel like you've dug up Blackbeard's lost booty. Though there are only 106 handbags, it doesn't feel like a small selection at all. Plus, as J. Crew rides the line between affordable and high-end, you can find some pretty compelling deals. Prices start as low as $15 for a striped tote bag and go up to $368 for a leather bucket bag.

Best Handbag Stores

Easy browsing and beautiful photos

Browsing on J. Crew is a breeze. The site is clean with a white and black design that seems to be a favorite of retail sites that represent standalone retailers. Plus, you can easily start browsing as soon as you land: either start shopping all their items or narrow quickly to handbags. And, once you get to the handbag section, there are tons of filters to help you find exactly the bag you want. You can pick from the bag category, color, pattern, price, discount, occasion, trending, and re-imagined, which offer some unique styles you won't find anywhere else. The best part? Every bag is photographed beautifully to really make you want to try it out yourself. The images leave no confusion about the style, size, and textures of the bags at J. Crew.

Flat-rate shipping or free shipping for members

Most shipping at J. Crew is a flat-rate cost of $5. If you're interested in free shipping, you can join the J. Crew membership and score free shipping every time you buy. The best part is the membership is a points system, so you'll get free stuff all over the place once you start buying. And it's free to join. But for customers who don't want to commit to a membership, $5 isn't terribly expensive for shipping either.

30-day return policy

J. Crew customers are encouraged to return unworn, unwashed, undamaged, or defective merchandise within 30 days. It's important to note that for each return using J.Crew's prepaid label, there will be a $7.50 deduction from your refund, meaning you unfortunately are responsible for the return shipping cost. But, multiple orders can be conveniently returned in one package as long as returns are initiated for each order, and all associated return packing slips are included, so you don't have to pay return shipping for each item.

Best Handbag Stores

Popular for its product quality

J. Crew has a solid reputation. The company holds an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and shows a positive overall score from third-party reviewers. On average J. Crew has a 3.5 out of 5 star rating. However, the ratings weren't higher mostly due to the return policy. Customers were frequently frustrated with the short return window and for being charged for shipping costs. Given that there are plenty of other sites that don't do this, we understand their frustration. On the other hand, in terms of quality and service, J. Crew has a solid track record.

Top option for unique bag looks

The bottom line is, if you're looking for a unique handbag that can't be found elsewhere, or just a fun staple that doesn't have a luxury name brand plastered all over the side, J. Crew is a great place to look. The problems with returns aside, the unique inventory and mix of classic and party-appropriate designs really make J. Crew stand out of the pack. With prices that bridge the gap between high-end and low-end, this store stands out as a unique spot to do your handbag shopping (especially if you love sparkles).

Luggage Pros Review 4 Star Rating

Luggage Pros

4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $17 to $695
  • 143 items in stock for handbags
  • Premium and low-cost options
  • Luggage options
  • 30-day returns
  • Free shipping on $99+
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

When delving into online handbag shopping, Luggage Pros may not be your initial destination, but there are compelling reasons to reconsider this retailer for your purse and clutch needs. In 1973, Luggage Pros started a family-owned and operated luggage specialty store, nestled in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over time, they nurtured authorized relationships with the most prominent names in the luggage industry, including TUMI, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox, Travelpro, and Samsonite.

Focus is on luggage

It's evident that handbags aren't the primary focus at Luggage Pros: as you'd rightly guess from their name, the dominant material found here is ballistic nylon, suggesting a focus on durability and practicality. While some offerings are unique and stylish, Luggage Pros' main niche lies (unsurprisingly) in luggage and travel bags. Although you won't find as many renowned designer names as on other handbag sites, they do offer brands like Dooney and Bourke and TUNI.

Somewhat limited handbag inventory

However, it's worth noting that Luggage Pros doesn't offer the same wide handbag collection as some of its competitors. In fact, the company's selection is somewhat small in comparison with only 143 items in the handbags and wallets section of the store. For deals, there are only 14 options in the $50 and under category and just one high-end bag in the $500 to $1,000 category. Across all their handbag inventory, you can expect to find prices from $17 for a Baggallini card case to $695 for a Tumi business tote.

Best Handbag Stores

Web experience could use an update

Unfortunately, the user experience doesn't make up for the low inventory. Due to the site design, the filters and text come across as being squished into the webpage. Plus, when using the filters (which are competitively extensive), the loading times create an awkward pause which can cause the page to reload several times while just adding in one filter. Some of the sorting criteria you'll find at Luggage Pros include promotions, brands, handbag and wallet styles, price, color, size, weight, wheels, features, and materials.

Free shipping on $99+

Shoppers spending $99+ at Luggage Pros can benefit from free ground shipping, with delivery available to the contiguous U.S. For those seeking faster shipping, 3-day and 2-day shipping choices are available. For orders under $99, a modest shipping fee of $6.95 applies, with the same 2 to 7 business day estimated delivery period.

30-day limited returns

If customers aren't fully content with their purchase at Luggage Pros, they've got a 30-day window to ask for a prepaid return shipping label. The return process requires all items to be in excellent, unused condition, including their original tags, packaging, and box. However, while return shipping is free, there is a $14.95 fee for each item when customers choose a refund. On the other hand, the company proudly offers free exchanges, following the same steps as the return process, making it easy for customers to swap items without any hassle.

Best Handbag Stores

Top scores from reviewers

The best part about Luggage Pros is its reputation. In a word, it's stellar. The company holds an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and that score is backed up on every third-party review site we checked. The average rating for Luggage Pros is 4.5 stars out of 5 with the average at Trustpilot showing an impressive 4.9-star average. Page after page shows 5-star reviews with customers raving about everything from customer service to the ease of returns at Luggage Pros. While most of these customers were purchasing luggage items like rolling suitcases or duffle bags, there is a lot to be said about the level of satisfaction of those who shop at Luggage Pros.

Top option for customer satisfaction

While Luggage Pros doesn't stand out for its handbag inventory or website design, it shines brightly in customer reviews and ratings. With some of the highest scores we've seen in this review, it's clear that Luggage Pro is a place where customers enjoy shopping - it's a site you can trust. So, while it might not be the most ideal for handbags, given how few options there are, if you can find what you need at Luggage Pros, it's worth the search. Plus, you should definitely keep it in mind if you're in the market for some top-quality travel gear.

Bloomingdale's Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $28 to $8,995
  • 2,646 items in stock for handbags
  • Premium and luxury brands
  • 90-day returns
  • No-receipt returns for in-store credit
  • Free shipping on $150+
  • Free in-store pickup
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Bloomingdales is a renowned American luxury department store chain that was originally established in 1861 by Benjamin and Lyman Bloomingdale. The store found its way into the folds of Federated Department Stores in 1930 and became a sister brand to Macy's, which was also acquired by Federated in 1994. Now, Bloomingdales operates a total of 36 department stores and 23 outlet stores, all bearing the prestigious Bloomingdales name. Notably, the company commemorated its 150th anniversary on September 9, 2022, marking a significant milestone in its illustrious history.

Specializes in high-end inventory

Bloomingdales is renowned for offering high-end fashion items at premium prices. You can find 2,646 items available in their handbag section, which is a fairly competitive inventory. The smallest category at Bloomingdales is the "Under $50." This should give you an idea of the upscale nature of the handbags they offer. Most of their bags are over $100 and some are even over $5,000. So, if you're in search of a specific designer bag, Bloomingdales is a prime destination. However, for those on a budget, you may not find what you want at Bloomingdales. But, there are some cheaper items to be found. For example, the full price range for Bloomingdales ranges from $28 for a Medium Canvas Bag to $8,995 for a Dolce & Gabbana Handle Bag.

Easy user interface for a premium experience

Their website is fairly straightforward to navigate, featuring a prominent link to handbags on the homepage. Upon visiting the handbag landing page, you'll find an array of choices, including links to current fashion trends, best-selling items, and renowned designers. Bloomingdales even provides you access to an online style expert to help you discover the perfect bag. Plus, once you've started browsing, you can easily narrow down your options with useful filters which include selections like designer, color, price, fabric, handbag size, gender, percent off, occasion, and department.

Free shipping on $150+ for non-members

In terms of shipping, Bloomingdales typically processes and ships in-stock items within two business days for standard shipping. For customers who are members at Bloomingdales, you can expect free shipping on every order. For other customers, the free shipping threshold is pretty high. You'll need to spend $150+ to score free shipping from this retailer. On the bright side, for customers who live near a Bloomingdales location, you can get free in-store pickup whether you're a member or not, which might help those shipping costs in a pinch.

Best Handbag Stores

Returns within 90 days

One noteworthy aspect of Bloomingdales is its generous return policy. Customers have the luxury of returning most unwanted items within 90 days, provided they remain in a resalable condition. Only items listed as "final offer" will not be able to be returned. Furthermore, Bloomingdales will give you store credit if you have an item but lost your receipt. For this return process, as long as you have the name and shipping address of the original purchase, you can expect to receive store credit for the item at the lowest selling price in the last 180 days.

Concerns about online shopping ding its reputation

According to some third-party review sites, however, Bloomingdales isn't worth the worry even for premium picks. Many third-party sites with verified reviews rated Bloomingdales just over 1 star out of 5 on average. While some customers commended the diverse online selection and praised customer service representatives for their assistance with online orders, the majority of compliments pertained to in-store shopping experiences. Online shopping, on the other hand, was heavily criticized. The most frequent complaints referred to order cancellations without prior customer notification and interactions with impolite and condescending online customer service agents. On the flipside, the company does have an "A+" rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, which supports the more positive reviews seen on Sitejabber (which gave Bloomingdales a higher 3.5-star average).

Mid-tier, but great spot for luxury brands

Despite offering a substantial selection of handbags, Bloomingdales is known for its premium inventory which may be limiting to many shoppers. Their return and shipping policies rank favorably in comparison to other online handbag retailers, owing to their large-scale operations and the longer-than-average return window. Nevertheless, Bloomingdales was positioned in the middle tier here primarily due to adverse customer service reviews concerning online shopping. While many customers lauded their in-store experiences, the negative encounters online highlighted areas in which Bloomingdales could stand to improve. So, if you're in the market for premium brands, you should still check out Bloomingdales. It's the number one spot for those brand-name handbags that are the height of fashion. But if you're looking for deals or the smoothest shopping experience online, you might want to keep browsing.

Rebag Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Prices from $180 to $50,000+
  • 15,387 items in stock for handbags
  • Premium and luxury items
  • Clothing and bags
  • 7-day returns
  • Free shipping for gold and platinum members

Established in 2014, Rebag is a handbag retailer that focuses on purchasing, selling, and trading a wide array of luxury accessories. However, rather like eBay, Rebag is a site built on individual sellers. So, if you have a bag you want to get rid of to make room for a brand-new accessory, you can trade or sell your bags directly through Rebag while you're browsing for your next find. As a unique platform, Rebag stands out as a thriving option in the resale industry, offering customers access to luxury brands.

Massive luxury inventory

Rebag isn't just about handbags. They also offer an array of items including exquisite jewelry, timepieces, and small leather goods. Housing an impressive selection featuring over 50 top-tier designer brands and tens of thousands of items, Rebag offers renowned fashion brands, from Chanel, Hermes, Rolex, and Louis Vuitton to Cartier and many more. And, if you're worried about inventory at a resale site, don't be. There were 15,387 handbags in stock at the time of this review: the most we've seen at any site on our list. Now, as the company specializes in luxury brands, you can expect luxury prices. So, the lowest-cost item at Rebag is $180. The most expensive is well over $50,000 (yep - Fifty Gs!) for a Hermes bag. So, budget shoppers might not want to do much browsing here.

Great navigation and resale security

The Rebag website is really quite fun to use. The colors are simple, and the links and buttons are all easy to find and take you exactly where you want to go. There's an entire button just for "bags'' just to get you right to the handbag section immediately. On top of that, Rebag offers a wide range of filters to help you find your perfect bag. These include parameters like bag type, designer, percent off, price, condition, color, and material. The photos are all professional and don't have any of the concerning hallmarks seen at other resale sites where photo quality often varies and images are hard to see. You can check out the condition of pre-owned bags easily, and look through lists of specifications and codes that prove bags are authentic and not knock-off items.

Expensive shipping until you earn rewards

One place that Rebag is a little less helpful is the shipping policies. You have the option to pick between Standard Shipping or Expedited Shipping. Standard shipping in the U.S. typically requires 4-6 business days from the date of the order for delivery. While they do offer free shipping, you have to be a Gold & Diamond Rebag Rewards member. This isn't too bad, because becoming a member is free. But it may take you a while to earn Gold or Diamond status as they are the two highest membership tiers. Until then all orders cost $20 to ship, which is much higher than at other retailers.

Best Handbag Stores

7-day returns with costs for non-members

Rebag allows returns within 7 days. But, we noted during our research that this is one of the shortest return windows offered by retailers on our list. Again, there are no return fees for Gold and Diamond Rebag Rewards members. However, in all other instances, you'll have to pay a $20 fee per item to complete your return at Rebag. To be eligible for a return, items must maintain their original condition as described on the product page and have the initial Rebag tags attached.

Low ratings and no buzz

With shipping and return policies that are limiting for most customers, we weren't surprised to see that Rebag holds a "C-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. On top of that, there aren't many third-party reviews out there for Rebag to help us get a clearer view of what customers think of their experience. There are just over 2 dozen reviews on Yelp, which are all we could find on Rebag. This handful of reviews show a 2-star average out of 5, but they are mostly related to in-person locations of Rebag stores and didn't give us a good look at how the company operates online.

Best inventory but still just average otherwise

Despite a beautiful beginning, and a top-notch website, Rebag falls right to the middle of the pack. Unfortunately, due to the poor shipping and return policies as well as only having a "C-" rating, the company just can't be scored any higher. However, Rebag is still worth shopping if you're a fan of luxury handbags. Their inventory is truly unbeatable. The only caveat is that you need to be sure of what you want before you buy because returns and shipping are both expensive.

Madewell Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $28 to $508
  • 230 items in stock for handbags
  • Premium and low-cost options
  • Clothing and bags
  • 30-day returns
  • Free shipping for members
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Madewell is known as a company that sells high-quality jeans. A subsidiary of J. Crew, this brand was originally rooted in workwear and established by a Russian immigrant. Then, Mickey Drexler, who took the helm as CEO of J. Crew in 2003, secured the Madewell name for J. Crew, and in 2006, he embarked on a mission to transform Madewell into a distinct brand separate from its parent company. Madewell has more than 151 stores, but it distinguishes itself from many fashion industry leaders by predominantly selling its products through partnerships with other brands, such as Nordstrom and Stitch Fix.

Back to basics

If you're interested in bags from Madewell, you're probably a fan of one of two things: either you love bucket bags or you love basic leather colors. Madewell has some really great items to choose from if your vibe is basic or staple pieces. However, since there are a lot of retailers on our list that offer these kinds of handbags, Madewell doesn't exactly stand out from the pack. In fact, the first impression of the site is "forgettable." With 230 results, it has more inventory than its sister site, but the general styling of Madewell is a functional, but not as fashionable bag type. So, if you're not interested in the basics, you might want to keep browsing. Across these options, you can find prices from $28 to $508. So, even though these bags look simpler, their prices don't reflect it.

Site could use more robust filters

Navigating Madewell's website is a seamless experience like J. Crew's with a few differences. The site's design, like its sister site, is characterized by a clean and appealing white and black color scheme. Once in the handbag section, you'll find similar filters to those at J. Crew, but fewer of them. The only filters you get are category, color, and the way you want to sort your items. Overall, the filtering system seems somewhat lackluster at Madewell.

Flat-rate and free shipping options

Like its sister site, you do have to pay a flat rate for shipping, but the economy shipping cost at Madewell is a bit lower than at J. Crew. You can get their lowest shipping at $3 per package. And, if you want free shipping, you can join their complimentary membership program. The higher tiers in the program (based on reward points) offer you free shipping at faster rates depending on your tier, so if you don't mind signing up with your email, you've got a few options.

Best Handbag Stores

30-day returns are free for members

Madewell's return policy is customer-friendly. You can opt for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of the initial purchase. Madewell Insiders members enjoy the added benefit of free shipping and returns, though customers who aren't members may have to pay for return shipping. For in-store returns, it's a hassle-free process, as you can bring your items to any Madewell location, eliminating the need to repack online orders, and receive an instant refund. If you prefer mailing returns, you can print a shipping label to send your items back, with the return processing taking up to two weeks.

Complaints across the board

There are some mixed feelings about Madewell's reputation. At the Better Business Bureau, the company holds a solid "A+" rating. However, when you check out reviews from verified customers, the story isn't so great. On average customers have rated Madewell only 1.9 stars out of 5, which isn't particularly encouraging. Across the reviews, complaints ranged from receiving damaged items, dealing with rude customer service, and struggling with returns that weren't being accepted. In general, there's not much that customers aren't complaining about at Madewell.

Could be a good option for basics if they improve

Given how impressive its sister site was, we were pretty disappointed overall with Madewell. With so many complaints from customers, we just can't give it the high praise we offered for J. Crew. So, with the lackluster inventory included with the high range of complaints, Madewell has received a lower rating overall. If they improve their customer service, they have a chance to be a solid choice for shoppers whose style fits well with basic versatile handbags. But for right now, there are too many downsides to recommend Madewell fully.

6pm Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $15.98 to $918
  • 2,477 items in stock for handbags
  • Premium and low-cost options
  • 30-day returns
  • Free shipping on $50+
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

When you first land on 6pm's website, you'll quickly notice its striking resemblance to another handbag retailer in this review: Zappos. 6pm is actually Zappos' sibling site, sharing a family resemblance in more ways than one.

Great place for discounted fashion

Since 2007, 6pm has been a reliable source for discounted fashion. Setting themselves apart in the market, they provide an extensive array of new styles, genuine brands, and a wide range of fashion choices including handbags. Unlike traditional retailers, their inventory tends to deplete rapidly, so if you spot something that catches your eye, don't hesitate to make your purchase.

Large inventory changes out regularly

You'll find an impressive inventory at 6pm. The entire handbag selection at this retailer includes 2,477 different items. However, there's a catch. Given their focus on offering discounted items, 6pm's stock may be limited, and you won't always find the same items there each day. You might discover only one or two of a particular item in stock, and they may not always have the exact color you desire. So, you might not find the exact Coach bag in your favorite color, but one close to it instead. It's a trade-off you must make when navigating deal sites where being overly particular isn't always an option.

Affordable prices

The majority of 6pm's inventory ranges between $10 to $200 and there are over 800 items in the $50 and below section of the site. The cheapest bag at 6pm (at the time of this review) was $15.98 for a Roxy wallet and the highest priced item was $918 for an MCM tote. Just remember the items will change out quickly, so these prices might change overnight.

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User-friendly filter system

Like its sister site, 6pm is well designed with an array of filtering options to help you find exactly what you need. These filters span various categories including brands, prices, colors, materials, and strap styles. Whether you're seeking a specific closure type or a handbag with particular features, or perhaps you're enchanted by a specific theme, 6pm's got you covered (as long as the items you're looking for are in stock). Plus, with the unique "Trends Boutique" you can quickly browse the most sought-after colors, patterns, and styles in vogue if keeping up with fashion is your go-to style.

Free shipping on $50+

For any order exceeding $50, 6pm offers free standard shipping. Expedited shipping is also an option, but much like its sibling Zappos, it's restricted to addresses within the contiguous United States. However, considering that Zappos also offers free shipping without a price threshold, 6pm stands out as being less competitive in this area.

30-day returns + shipping

6pm grants a 30-day window to return your items. You'll need to send back the items in their original condition and packaging. And unfortunately, when it comes to returns, you shoulder the burden of all return shipping costs. With an average return window and an expensive return process, it may be smarter to shop somewhere more accommodating to customers.

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Disappointing return policy

Like its sister site, 6pm has an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. However, also like Zappos, 6pm's reputation at the BBB isn't backed up by reviewers. Across the board, reviewers gave the company an average rating of just 2.1 stars out of 5. According to the comments, customers were particularly disappointed in the return policy.

Huge hassles with returns bring down ratings

Some customers received incorrect or defective products and were left paying return costs to get rid of them. In some instances, customers were sent items that appeared worn and scuffed. To compound the issue, many disgruntled reviewers voiced concerns about the high cost of return labels. For instance, some orders that initially cost $40 would incur a hefty $33 fee for the return. Customers noted that in response to such complaints about the return policy, nearly every customer service agent reiterated a common refrain: "We are a deals site, and in an effort to keep our pricing as low as possible, we do not offer prepaid labels."

Huge hassles with returns bring down ratings

With lots of low-cost handbag retailers out there, 6pm isn't that competitive for its pricing or its inventory. In a nutshell, 6pm could be likened to the budget airlines of the handbag world. It offers enticingly affordable rates, akin to those bare-bones ticket prices from airlines like JetBlue or Allegiant. However, similar to these budget airlines tacking on additional fees for selecting seats or bringing a carry-on bag, 6pm's cost-saving approach could potentially lead to extra expenses for its customers in the long run. Considering all the complaints shoppers have left regarding problems with returns and expensive shipping costs when 6pm is at fault for problems with merchandise, it's much safer to shop somewhere more reliable that puts customers first.

GiGi New York Review 2 Star Rating

GiGi New York

2 Star Rating
  • Prices from $130 to $395
  • 160+ items in stock for handbags
  • Luxury brand only
  • 30-day returns
  • Free shipping on $200+

GiGi New York is a brand with a distinct mission to craft top-quality items that exude luxury while remaining highly functional. GiGi New York's leather products are meticulously crafted in factory locations in New York and London. Their diverse range includes an array of exquisite items, spanning from handbags to luggage tags and a wide selection of home goods, embodying their dedication to blending practicality and elegance.

Handcrafted leather inventory

The inventory at GiGi New York is a little different from some of the other stores on our list. Instead of being a department store or a large resale location, GiGi New York is its own brand, offering only handmade bags manufactured in-house. You can find a range of handbags, home items, and accessories all in one place. All of the bags sold by GiGi New York are all real leather and sustainably sourced from local farms.

Smaller inventory than competitors

There are over 160 different bags to choose from, which is a much lower number than most of the retailers in this review but is a fairly competitive range for just one manufacturer. You can get totes, crossbodies, wallets, duffels, satchels, as well as a variety of colors. Some of these include traditional leather colors like black, red, and brown as well as unique colors like metallics and brighter color options like greens or pinks. The prices start fairly high too since all of the items are completely real leather. You can find handbags at GiGi New York from $130 to $395. However, one thing you won't find here is other competing brand names, only GiGi New York.

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Modern site for New York feel

Considering the high price point at GiGi New York, we weren't surprised to find a seamless website design. Most brands know that their website is how they put their best foot forward. The clean and modern design at GiGi New York reflects the level of premium quality you can expect from shopping here. All of the bags are super easy to find what you need in a flash. Plus, there are plenty of filters to help you narrow down your options by bag type, size, price, color, and bag style. Overall, it definitely gives you that New York boutique feeling.

Free shipping for $200+

One problem with shopping at GiGi New York is that there aren't any regular deals on shipping. At the time of this review, there was a promotion that offered free shipping on orders of $200 or higher. However, for many of the lower-cost bags at GiGi New York, you won't make it to this high price threshold. While we do expect higher premiums at luxury brands, it makes GiGi New York less competitive compared to other sites that offer lower or completely free shipping.

30-day limited returns

For all non-personalized items purchased from GiGi New York, the return policy states that products in new and unused condition with all original tags, packaging, and all included components, can be returned within 30 days. However, if the merchandise is not in its original condition, a credit to GiGi New York will be provided instead. On top of all these requirements, you are also responsible for return shipping costs. So, if you don't love your bag from GiGi New York, you might be looking at some hefty fees to send back your bag.

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No buzz for GiGi

Unfortunately, there isn't much support for GiGi New York where its online reputation is concerned. The company has an "NR" ranking from the Better Business Bureau. On top of that, there aren't any reviews at all available from third-party review sites like Sitejabber or Trustpilot. So, we have no choice but to take the site at face value, which given its return and shipping policies, doesn't come across as the most customer-friendly.

Not ideal unless you only want GiGi bags.

If you're already a diehard fan of GiGi New York handbags, there's no better place for you. However, if you're interested in variety, or in bags that are more cost-effective, almost any other handbag retailer will be a better fit for you. Given the fact that the return policies aren't designed to be customer-friendly and the prices are higher than average, even customers who only want a GiGi New York bag might want to be cautious. Because of the concerns about this site and the lack of reviews to back up its reputation, GiGi New York earns a lower rating from us.

Marshalls Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $9.99 to $1,799
  • 1,043 items in stock for handbags
  • Premium and low-cost options
  • Clothing and handbags
  • 40-day returns

Marshalls, a part of the TJX Companies, is an American chain of discount department stores with a wide online and physical presence in the United States. They operate in 49 states and Puerto Rico and have had a presence in Canada since their expansion in March 2011. Marshalls, along with its sister company TJ Maxx, is among the major off-price retailers in the United States, which means they are known for offering tons of merchandise at discounted prices.

Wide array of bags

Marshalls is a kind of catch-all store. You can find clothing, accessories, luggage, and cosmetics all in one place. And, you'll be able to find tons of name-brand items. Ranging from premium brands like Valentina or Kipling to more generic brands, you can find handbags with varying styles. There are 1,043 different handbags available on the Marshalls website, providing a vast selection to browse through to find your perfect bag.

Focus on affordability

You can find pieces as low as $9.99 for an Anne Klein bag or up to $1,799 for an Alaia Italian leather bag. So, you'll find both affordable and premium options here, though there are fewer of the luxury brands available than in the more affordable inventory. There are only 6 items in stock from $500 to $1,000, whereas most of the inventory shows up in the $25 to $50 category or the $50 to $100 category.

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Missing brand-specific filters

The site is pretty solid for a discount store. It's got a white cream and blue color scheme that is easy to read and stands out a bit from the luxury brands we've been looking at across this evaluation. One area, though, where Marshalls doesn't quite stack up is the filters. You can only narrow your options by color, size, and price. Despite having a wide range of different designer bags and luxury brands, you can't narrow down your search by brand specifically. If you're looking for a particular item, you'll have to use the search. But keep in mind, you still might be disappointed. For example, we searched for "coach" and found zero results for that brand. So, customers who are brand fanatics or are looking for a specific bag may be disappointed by their experience with Marshalls.

Pay more for shipping the more you buy

Marshalls has a more complex shipping calculation than other sites on our list. Instead of doing a flat-rate or free shipping threshold, Marshalls calculates its shipping based on how much you spend. If you buy anything between $0 to $89 you'll be paying a standard $9.99 for shipping. If you buy more than $89 worth, you'll pay an additional $1 for shipping. It's a bit odd to penalize customers for spending more money, so many customers used to free shipping options might not be happy with Marshalls.

40-day returns don't include shipping

Marshalls offers a flexible return policy that allows customers to return online purchases to any Marshalls store within 40 days. Marshalls' return policies may be influenced by local, state, and federal regulations. And, oversized items may incur an additional shipping surcharge cost in addition to standard delivery and processing fees. Unfortunately, shipping and handling expenses, along with these surcharges, are non-refundable.

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Mixed reviews despite solid ratings

According to our research, despite some of the concerns, many customers who shop with Marshalls are generally happy with their purchases. Across different review sites with verified third-party reviews, the average rating for Marshalls was 3.4 out of 5. However, it appears this might be changing. Most of the recent reviews (as of the six-month period leading up to this review) show just 1 star and include a range of complaints. These include worries about items never arriving, complaints about "sales" being only $0.01 cheaper, and extremely slow delivery. While the company holds a slightly lower "B-'' score from the Better Business Bureau, it's clear that if you're looking for some sales, Marshalls could be a solid stop but if you need quick shipping, you might want to keep on browsing.

Overall experience is lackluster

While Marshalls is a good place to shop if you need low-cost handbags, it just doesn't live up to the other companies on our list in terms of its user experience. With missing filters, missing brands, and only a handful of luxury items, many customers looking for particular handbags may be left out. Plus, with no support for return shipping costs and expensive shipping, Marshalls just doesn't stand out of the pack. And generally, other more reliable stores are doing it better.

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Handbags possess a rich historical legacy, with roots tracing back centuries. In the 17th century, these accessories served as small concealed pouches for both men and women, carrying coins, keys, and snacks. As time progressed into the 18th and 19th centuries, women's evolving fashion styles ushered in more ornate and decorative handbags, often crafted from luxurious fabrics and adorned with intricate embroidery.

By the 20th century, handbags had become symbols of both status and style, epitomized by iconic designs like the Hermes Birkin and Chanel 2.55 bag, showcasing the burgeoning importance of brand recognition. Influencer culture and social media have further fueled the popularity of specific handbag designs, cementing their place as an essential and evolving accessory in the realm of fashion and style. Whether you want vegan leather or a Coach clutch, there's something out there for everyone.

With so many retailers that offer high-quality handbags it can be hard to know where to start. So, to help you figure out which handbag stores aren't cut from the same cloth, we've put together some key things to consider to help you find the best place to pick your next must-have accessory:

  • Wide selection. Some retailers offer a vast array of handbags, offering thousands of options, while others curate a more limited assortment. Stores with expansive collections can help you find your next bag faster. So, checking sites with large inventories may help you with your shopping spree.
  • Price. Hey, budget is a big deal. We get it. Getting the most value for your money is a huge help when picking out accessories that are functional like handbags. The online marketplace is one where you might encounter handbags priced as modestly as $11 or as extravagantly as $50,000. So, keeping your budget in mind as you shop can help you narrow down your choices.
  • Reputation. Trust is paramount when shopping online. Does the company you're looking at have a track record of selling high-quality merchandise? Do other handbag customers have good experiences with the company? Exploring the Better Business Bureau's insights and checking out fellow customers' reviews can help you make an informed choice about your next shopping destination.
  • Return policy. Return policies matter to online shoppers. If the handbag that arrives at your doorstep falls short of expectations, whether due to size discrepancies, color mismatches, or a simple change of style preference, it's important to know if returning it will be a problem or a hassle-free process. Ensuring that you can get a full refund provides peace of mind while you're shopping for your next must-have handbag.

To help you on your way to the height of fashion, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best online handbag retailers available online today. Since a good handbag often becomes an everyday companion, we know how important it is to pick the accessory that fits your unique style. Whether your quest is for a daily commute companion, a vacation-ready tote, or a show-stopping clutch for a night on the town, our reviews can help you express your inner fashionista!

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Handbag Store FAQ

If you're a collector of handbags, you already know that there are so many to choose from! Today's most popular styles include crossbody bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, hobo bags, satchels, clutches, and bucket bags.
You may want to have at least three handbags at the ready: a large one for toting bigger things like tablets, a water bottle, or even a laptop; a medium-sized one that can carry your wallet and mobile phone; and a dressier evening bag. Pair your handbag with the occasion - because you'd feel silly bringing a sequined clutch to the gym, or a big leather tote to the opera!
That's a matter of personal preference. Matching your shoes and handbags offers a classic look, while slightly mismatched accessories presents a more modern vibe. Whether or not they match in appearance or style, your handbag and your other accessories should have a similar feel - like flats with a crossbody bag or pumps with a clutch bag.
Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, designer brand handbags appeal to some shoppers and not to others. If you love the feeling of having the latest Tory Burch bag on your arm or collecting something new from COACH each season, go for it! On the other hand, if you're just looking for something fun or functional, you'll find more affordable options outside of the designer brands.
The care and cleaning of your handbag will largely depend on the materials from which it's made. Be sure to see if your bag comes with any special instructions or recommendations for cleansers. Some handbags may be dry clean only, but most can be gently spot-cleaned with a damp, soft cloth. Preventing dirt and stains is the best way to keep your handbags clean: try to remember to put them on a chair or table instead of the floor when you go out.
Most designer handbags come with a cloth dust bag for storage. You can also use a pillowcase or bubble wrap, but avoid using tissue paper because it can attract moths. If your bag has buckles or straps, loosen them before storing your handbag so that they don't leave marks in the material. Finally, if your handbag has a chain handle, keep it stored inside the bag so that it won't scratch the outside surface.
Where else will you find the world's best selection? Online retailers put every imaginable style, color and brand of handbags at just a click away. Many stores offer competitive pricing and fun perks like rewards programs or spin-the-wheel discounts, and you'll often get free shipping on your order.
Most of the time you can, as long as it's in unused condition with the original packaging. Some stores even give you up to a full year to make the return, which is fantastic if you're shopping early for a holiday or special occasion. A few retailers charge a small fee for the postage-paid return label and deduct it from the amount of your refund.
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