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Hear Better vs Eargo

Monday, June 17th

2024 Hearing Aid Reviews

Hear Better Review 3 Star Rating

Hear Better

3 Star Rating
  • From $79.98 to $469 depending on model
  • 24-hour shipping
  • 60-day return policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating

Hear Better has potential for a lot of people with severe hearing loss. They have a bigger selection of hearing aids than we've seen from some competitors, but their website makes it hard to differentiate between models. It's easy to get lost and mixed up looking through so many similar pairs of hearing aids listed under multiple categories. Hear Better does have a generous return policy, an "A+" Better Business Bureau rating, and fast shipping, but they don't have many customer reviews and overall aren't our top option for hearing aids.

Eargo Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Priced between $1,650 and $2,550
  • Financing options
  • 45-day returns
  • 1-2 year warranty depending on model
  • Self-fitting
  • "A" Better Business Bureau rating

Eargo is a California-based company that sells their own specialty hearing aids. They are so small you can barely see them inside the ear canal. Eargo has three models of their device, all with slightly varying price points and features. Customers can try out Eargo for 45 days before deciding if they work for them or not. Eargo comes with a useful app that helps you adjust the settings of your hearing aids and easily get customer support. Eargo is highly-rated by customers and has an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Despite their complicated website, they've earned one of our highest ratings.

Where Can You Find the Best Hearing Aids?

Do you, or a loved one, suffer from hearing loss? If so, you're not alone. Statistically, over 5% of the world's population (430 million people) has disabling hearing loss. And this number is only projected to grow in the future.

It's no wonder that many people turn to hearing aids to help alleviate their hearing issues. But when it comes to buying a hearing aid, it's easy to get sticker shock - hearing aids can easily cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, online you can find reputable companies that sell quality hearing aids for just a fraction of that cost.

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Hearing Aid FAQ

Think about your day-to-day life. Are you or your loved ones noticing that you're having a hard time following the details of conversations, especially in noisy environments? Has the volume on the TV been steadily creeping up? These are just a few signs that it might be time to consider if hearing aids can restore some quality to your everyday moments. There are free hearing tests you can take online that may help you make that determination, if you're not ready to visit an audiologist or there isn't one readily available near you.
Generally speaking, there are three steps to how your hearing aids help you hear better. First, the built-in microphone captures sound in your environment and changes it into a digital signal. Next, the amplifier makes that signal stronger. Finally, the in-ear speaker sends the amplified sound into your ear.
The average lifespan for a hearing aid is 5-6 years. Most come with a warranty of one or two years, so extended protection plans are worth considering. You can also get your hearing aids tuned up or repaired as needed.
That depends on the equipment you choose and whether or not they are rechargeable. You can buy a single hearing aid for under $50, while some of the most expensive devices sell for over $4,000 for the pair! If you use hearing aids with replaceable batteries, expect to change your batteries every 1-3 weeks (depending on how many hours per day you use your hearing aids). Batteries are fairly inexpensive, though: you shouldn't have to spend more than $50/year on them.
You've got lots of options! The main consideration is whether you want one that hangs over the ear (with the main body behind your ear) or one that is completely in-ear. In-ear hearing aids are much easier to conceal, but they're not always comfortable to work with if you have arthritis in your hands or have trouble with small objects in general. Both styles of hearing aids often come with great features like customizable sound settings (e.g. for different environments like crowded rooms vs. watching TV at home), smartphone app controls, and phone/video support from expert technicians.
That depends: every user is unique. Not only will you have to adjust to the physical sensation of having the devices in your ears, but your brain also has to adapt to the new range of sounds (especially if you've been struggling with hearing loss for a long time). It's a good idea to choose a hearing aid brand and retailer that will give you a 30- to 60-day trial period, to give yourself time to get used to your new equipment.
Absolutely! There's no need to spend time waiting for appointments at retailers near you when you can buy the same hearing aids online. If you're concerned about getting the right ones, setting them up properly, or accessing support if there's an issue, don't worry: the best online retailers of hearing aids usually make it hassle-free to get all of the help you need.
Most companies that sell hearing aids know that it might take some trial and error to get the best ones for you: the style, fit, and functionality all impact your experience. Fortunately, they usually give you a period from 30-60 days to get used to them, adjust their settings, and see if they are a good match. If not, you can get a refund. Just be sure to check the return policy of any hearing aid retailer you're considering prior to making your purchase.
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In fact, buying hearing aids online has seen a surge in popularity for several reasons. One that many people can relate to is how convenient and accessible it is to shop for these devices from the comfort of their homes. This is often much easier and less stressful than travelling to different stores and looking at whatever hearing aids happen to be in stock at the time.

Another reason why people are buying hearing aids online is the vast array of options available on the internet. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, online platforms offer a wide range of hearing aids, catering to diverse preferences and requirements. This extensive selection lets you explore different models, brands, and features in just a few minutes, and lets you make an informed choice based on your unique needs.

And let's not forget about price. Many online retailers offer competitive prices and discounts, far better than what you could find at an in-store location. This price transparency lets customers make cost-effective decisions based on their financial considerations.

There are a number of things that can contribute to hearing loss, leaving people frustrated and confused about why they may not be able to hear as clearly as they used to. Hearing loss can be a result of natural aging or be caused by something that has damaged the membranes in the cochlea. Loud noise exposure over time from music or even certain professions like those who work in construction, as dentists, or in the military may contribute to reduced hearing abilities.

Whether you think your hearing loss is disabling or not, it likely needs addressing and hearing aids are a great route to go. Fine tuning your ability to perceive your surroundings through hearing will make it more comfortable to be in crowded places, provide better communication between you and others, let you watch your favorite TV show, and even feel safe when you're out and about.

When deciding which online stores to purchase hearing aids from, take the following things into consideration:

  • Customer support. If you're feeling unsure of where to begin with learning about the different types of hearing aids, you're not alone. Unless you've been down this road with a loved one, you've likely never thought much about hearing aids or looked into the options out there. Find a company that clearly outlines their selection of hearing aids and has customer service representatives ready to answer any and all of your questions.
  • Return policy. Truth be told, it can be tricky finding the right hearing aids that will work well for you. It's not uncommon for it to take a little trial and error until you find something that you like. Be sure to buy from a retailer that gives a generous return window so you can either exchange or get your money back if you aren't satisfied with the first hearing aids you try.
  • Buyer reviews. One of the most valuable things as a shopper is being able to read reviews from other customers. When buying something like hearing aids, it's helpful to hear from others about how well they worked, how long they lasted, how comfortable they are, and what battery life is like. When companies let customers leave honest reviews, it shows that they are committed to creating a good product that they feel confident in.

Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best hearing aid stores online today. We hope this information helps you find the tools you need to fine tune your hearing and get back to enjoying all the things in life that make you feel like you!

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