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Hebrew Podcasts Review

Saturday, May 25th

2024 Hebrew Lesson Reviews

Hebrew Podcasts Review 3.5 Star Rating

Hebrew Podcasts

3.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing from $69 for 6 months or $89 for one year
  • Offers content for multiple levels (including advanced students)
  • Renewal discounts in subsequent years
  • Listening approach
  • Podcasts for iOS and Android
  • 4-star average from reviewers

As implied by its name, Hebrew Podcasts specializes in instructing contemporary conversational Hebrew through listening activities. Established in 2008, this platform engages Hebrew learners worldwide, releasing new lessons every month. For each audio lesson, Hebrew Podcasts provides printable PDF lesson guides to help you follow along. These guides include full transcripts in standard Hebrew with Niqqud and a Latin alphabet transcription for English speakers to follow and imitate pronunciation.

Lots of text, but a comprehensive site

If you're looking for the most aesthetically pleasing site to start learning Hebrew, Hebrew Podcasts isn't going to be at the top of the list. As you get started on this site you'll immediately notice a mish-mosh of linked and outdated clip art guiding you through the podcast lesson materials. There is a lot of text to sift through. The easiest option is to jump right to the "learning" tab. From here you can select to learn by level, by number, by guide, or just start learning Hebrew online. The lessons are organized from "easy" through "advanced" so you can jump in wherever you'd like or start from the beginning.

A few fun extras included

You can access the podcasts from iOS devices or Android, making them easy to use across platforms. And, you'll find a few fun extras on Hebrew Podcasts. Some enhance your learning, like an online dictionary or calendar. Others are more for immersing yourself in the culture like online recipes or travel itineraries. But in general, the main learning tool is the podcast itself. Hebrew Podcasts offers exactly what it says on the tin.

Best Hebrew Lessons

6-month or 1-year commitment

The pricing for these Hebrew lessons isn't the cheapest option out there. You can choose from a 6-month subscription that costs $69, with a renewal price of $50, or the one-year access subscription which is priced at $89, with a renewal cost of $79. Renewing your membership yields discounts of $10 to $19 in the second year and additional discounts from the third year onward. You can either pay with your Amazon account or PayPal for a secure purchase.

Listening and learning is their method

Despite incorporating some video lessons, Hebrew Podcasts' teaching structure, as we mentioned previously, primarily relies on audio podcasts. The video content resembles slideshow presentations accompanied by an audio podcast, featuring static images that display written Hebrew. Technologically, this platform is not the most advanced, with games limited to flashcards and basic quizzes. You can download PDF files to follow along, which is more helpful than some of the other podcast-focused options in our review, but it still leaves out some other learning methods for students who don't prefer podcasts as their primary source of information.

No refunds, just a free trial

While there used to be a money-back guarantee from Hebrew Podcasts (a 60-day money-back guarantee, no less), that is no longer something the company offers. Instead, prospective subscribers are encouraged to explore the free lesson samples available on the main page and under "Try a free sample of lessons of different levels" and "Listen Now Try Free" in the Recent Lessons section. However, once you subscribe, the product is yours even if the podcasts outside of the trial ones aren't to your taste.

Best Hebrew Lessons

Praise for advanced-level material

Despite the removal of the money-back guarantee, the rating for these Hebrew lessons has some impressive positive feedback on the advanced content. According to the iOS podcast page for Hebrew Podcasts, the material is rated an impressive 4.2 stars out of 5. Unlike other providers that excel at beginner levels but lack content for advanced learners, Hebrew Podcasts offers substantial instruction as proficiency increases. Happy students praise the range of topics covered, including daily life situations to culturally relevant themes, contributing to the positive rating.

A solid option for podcast fans

Hebrew Podcasts is recommended for those focused on auditory learning, as it places a strong emphasis on this approach. While it may not be the first choice for those seeking extensive reading and writing practice, it serves as a convenient resource for on-the-go learning, especially for advanced Hebrew students seeking challenges to encourage greater fluency. The platform receives a good rating overall, acknowledging that while more technologically advanced platforms exist, Hebrew Podcasts remains an affordable and beneficial resource for certain students.

Where Can You Find the Best Hebrew Lessons?

Suppose you find yourself contemplating a relocation to Israel, or maybe just a trip to visit the Holy Land. Maybe you'd like to reconnect with your culture, learn more about a new one, or brush up on some courses you took in school. No matter what your reason is, finding affordable Hebrew lessons that fit into your daily routine can be a hassle.

There are many reasons why online Hebrew lessons have surged in popularity. For most people, securing in-person lessons isn't a viable option. Whether it's too expensive or takes too much time driving from lesson to lesson, in-person learning can be a huge roadblock to moving forward with your language learning goals, particularly if you're not located in a Hebrew-speaking area.

The Best Hebrew Lessons Compare Hebrew Lessons Compare Hebrew Lesson Reviews What are the best Hebrew Lessons Best Hebrew Lesson Reviews

Hebrew Lesson FAQ

About nine million people around the world speak Hebrew, with five million using it as their native language. Also, many Jewish children outside of Israel attend Hebrew school two days a week from kindergarten through 10th grade, both to learn the language and deepen their religious understanding.
There are typically three main categories of Hebrew: modern, ancient, and the Yiddish dialect (which is actually derived from High German and mixed with Hebrew, originating in Central Europe with the Ashkenazi Jewish community). Most online Hebrew courses focus on the modern language as used in Israel and by speakers in other parts of the world. However, if you're interested in Hebrew specifically for understanding ancient scripture (like the Bible) or for communicating with Hasidic and Haredi Jews in Yiddish, it might be worth it to look for lessons that focus on those purposes.
You'll probably find Hebrew more challenging than your average Spanish or French class. Hebrew uses a different alphabet, is written from right to left, and has no vowels! The State Department ranks Hebrew as a Category III language on a difficulty scale from I to IV; the only languages designated as harder to learn than Hebrew are Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. But, with the right language program combined with your hard work and patience, you can absolutely learn to speak, read and write in Hebrew.
Start by learning the 22-letter "aleph bet" - yes, the Hebrew alphabet! Remember that you'll be reading from right to left, too. From there, work on basic vocabulary and verbs; don't worry too much about the pronunciation, because most native speakers of Hebrew are very understanding towards language learners. And, like any other language study, you'll be successful if you give yourself plenty of opportunities to learn and practice - daily if possible.
If you live in a community with many Jewish people, you might be able to find Hebrew lessons. But, will they fit your schedule? Can you get into the class? Are the classes geared primarily towards children? And, you're out of luck if you don't live near a Jewish community or a university that offers Hebrew courses. Learning Hebrew online is not only the most convenient way for you to study, but it's probably the most affordable too.
You may need to change the settings on your computer if you want to be able to type in Hebrew. Search for the instructions specific to your operating system (i.e. Windows or Mac). Alternately, you can use an online Hebrew keyboard that doesn't require you to make any big changes to your computer's settings.
Not at all. You can get Hebrew lessons on a month-to-month plan for anywhere from $4 to $30 per month, depending on the complexity of the program you select. Other language programs give you a one-time download or access to books and CDs that are yours to keep; you'll pay between $10 and $200 for these Hebrew lessons. Whichever format you choose, you'll spend much less than you would if you paid for per-credit-hour Hebrew coursework at a university.
It depends. Some providers offer a satisfaction guarantee that gives you a refund up to a certain timeframe, usually 30-60 days. Others may allow you to cancel your subscription at any time, but without giving you money back on your previous months' payments. It's a good idea to take advantage of any free trials or sample lessons offered for the Hebrew lessons you're considering; you'll get a feel for how the program approaches teaching and whether it's a good match for your learning style.
Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Luckily, the digital world of online learning opens up tons of possibilities that didn't exist before. Whether your Hebrew learning style tends towards auditory experiences, written practice, or speaking exercises, different Hebrew lesson programs place a deliberate emphasis on learning styles that fit your needs.

You can immerse yourself in audio files, encompassing syllables, words, phrases, and sentences for the purpose of repetition. Or if you're a visual learner, opt for a Hebrew language platform that ingeniously gamifies the entire learning trajectory. This includes not only grammar intricacies and writing exercises but also incorporates speech recognition software to facilitate a side-by-side comparison of your pronunciation with that of a native speaker.

Furthermore, virtually all online Hebrew lessons exhibit a commitment to infusing cultural and historical dimensions into your study sessions. Given the profound historical backdrop and symbolic significance of Hebrew, a nuanced understanding of the language often necessitates delving into its historical roots and comprehending its contemporary contextual applications.

You can also expect many modern options to use more conversational Hebrew like you would find if you talked to a native speaker in Israel. This way, you're not stuck with archaic grammar exercises or phrases that feel out of touch with modern language.

As you navigate the wide array of online Hebrew lessons, it might seem a little overwhelming at first. We've put together some helpful criteria to make sure you find the best fit:

  • Teaching methodology. What kind of learner are you? Do you prefer learning by listening? Maybe podcasts or narration are ideal for you? Do you prefer writing or gamified exercises to keep you engaged? While many Hebrew lessons incorporate all (or at least multiple) learning modalities, other platforms place heavy emphasis on one style or another. Keep in mind how you learn best to make sure you pick the right platform for your Hebrew studies.
  • Free trial option. The best Hebrew lessons let you test out the program before you pay. Keep an eye out for free trials, and how long they are, and be extra cautious if a company doesn't offer one. Language learning is a very personal thing, so you'll want to make sure the platform's lesson materials work for you in practice and not just in theory.
  • Cost vs. value. While the subscription price (or one-time fee) can be a huge part of your decision-making, you may want to check out the value for your money too. How many lessons will you get for what you spend? Does the program cover the difficulty levels you need? How many features does the service offer?
  • Reputation. While many Hebrew lesson providers aren't listed by the Better Business Bureau, there are tons of reviews on third-party sites and mobile apps to consider. Make sure that other students like you are succeeding with the platform of your choice.

To make your Hebrew learning journey the best it can be, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked the best options for taking Hebrew lessons available online today. We hope this helps you reach your ideal level of fluency whether you're learning for travel, for culture, or for fun. Hebrew is now in your reach with the right learning platform for you!

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