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The Best Hindi Lessons

Where is the Best Place to Get Hindi Lessons?

If you ever took a French, Spanish, or other second-language class in high school, you know how difficult it can be to learn in a fast-paced group environment where it's easy to fall behind. Many people walk away from these classes without the knowledge sticking long-term and feeling discouraged about how hard it is.

This is where new, robust online platforms come into the picture. Taking a Hindi class online lets you progress at your own pace, utilize multiple forms of methods that fit your learning style (one-on-one tutoring, flashcards, practice quizzes, conjugation charts, practice dialogues, and more), refer back to previous lessons and notes, and practice your skills right away.

Sunday, July 14th

2024 Hindi Lesson Reviews

Hindi Pod 101 Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Hindi Pod 101

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Hindi Pod 101 is an online platform that will benefit first-time Hindi learners or those who already have a solid understanding of the language. They offer a free trial and account if you just want to stick to the basics. For those who want more challenging quizzes, access to thousands of lessons, or one-on-one help from a tutor, there are monthly membership upgrades worth considering. Hindi Pod 101 comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren't happy with their lessons, but we aren't worried that people will need to use this since they offer a variety of teaching styles and comprehensive lessons that will take your learning to the next level. Hindi Pod 101 has earned our highest rating for Hindi lessons.

italki Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

italki is an amazing opportunity for people who want to learn from language experts without spending a lot of money. Students can view hundreds of Hindi (or any other language) teachers and read an extensive bio about them and their teaching stats, book a trial class, and begin inexpensive one-on-one learning from an expert. This is a great way to get real-world language practice, have personalized guidance along the way, and learn Hindi on your own schedule. Students have amazing things to say about their experience with italki, so we are big fans of the platform and what it can do for students.

Preply Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Preply is a global platform that matches students and teachers all over the world for 50-minute language lessons. Students get to review Hindi tutors, book trial lessons, and choose who they want to work with going forward. Placement tests are used to help tutors create personalized plans for language learners. Preply has great feedback from users and is transparent with their policies, and we see why this is such an effective way to learn Hindi.

Pimsleur Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

Pimsleur is based on the learning approach created by Dr. Paul Pimsleur in 1963. It relies on listening to and speaking a language rather than visual practices or constant repetition for memorization. Through Pimsleur you'll get 2 levels of a Hindi audio series where a presenter will provide scenarios and have you practice phrases out loud. Words will be used and reused throughout your practice to help engrain the meanings of words into your mind. Students can get a free lesson on Hindi by signing up for a free account, or a 7-day free trial of Pimsleur if they are willing to first put in their credit card information. After the free period, a monthly membership fee will go into effect. Overall, people say the Pimsleur method is one of the best ways to learn a language and many people are successful when they diligently focus and follow the audio lessons. We realize that this may be a little more money than some people want to spend and it may not fit everyone's preferred learning style, so Pimsleur hasn't earned our highest rating, but is still a great option for learning Hindi.

Rocket Languages Review 3.5 Star Rating

Rocket Languages

3.5 Star Rating

Rocket Languages offers practical lessons for people who are beginners and intermediates in the Hindi language. You can track daily progress, set goals, and earn status by doing daily lessons. The company combines audio lessons and visual practice like flashcards to help you learn to converse in Hindi. A benchmark test is used periodically to gauge whether or not you're improving as you take daily lessons. You can use a guest account for a free trial of Rocket Hindi that doesn't expire. It has limited content, so you'll need to upgrade to a lifetime membership to use all the tools offered. Rocket Languages has a 60-day guarantee and generally good reviews from customers. Although it isn't the most exciting platform, it works for many people and is a good way to get started on your journey to learn Hindi.

Duolingo Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Duolingo is a popular platform that offers lessons in over 40 languages. They teach in a game-like style, making this an addictive and fun way for people to learn the basics of Hindi. The best part of Duolingo is that you can access all of their content for free if you're okay with some ads here and there. They do offer a paid version to avoid ads and get some extra perks like unlimited retries on lessons, but this is totally optional. If you want to dabble in Hindi and learn some low-level basics of the language, you have nothing to lose by using Duolingo since it is free. However, we don't recommend using the paid version since there have been tons of reported technical issues and even billing errors that have left customers very upset. Duolingo isn't your best option for becoming fluent in a language, but it is a fun way to learn a bit here and there, so they've earned an average rating.

Rosetta Stone Review 2.5 Star Rating

Rosetta Stone

2.5 Star Rating

Rosetta Stone is synonymous with language learning since it was one of the earliest ways people could start learning a new language from home. The company has been around since 1992 and moved from CD-ROMs to the cloud. Rosetta Stone uses speech pronunciation practice, live lessons, one-on-one tutoring (billed separately), downloadable audio files, reading exercises, and adaptive learning to help people find success throughout their 6-week lesson plan. There is a 3-day free trial, but we had issues with trying to access it. After the free trial you can either pay for a 3 month, 12 month, or lifetime membership to the content. Many customers have had technical issues with Rosetta Stone and feel deceived by paying for a lifetime membership and only getting access to the program for a few years. We have found some other amazing language learning platforms that outshine Rosetta Stone, so this is one of our least favorite choices for learning Hindi.

Mondly Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating

Mondly is a vocabulary-focused platform that teaches students Hindi by topic. Students can take a daily lesson, do a weekly quiz, and complete a monthly challenge as they go. Mondly will keep track of how often you're getting online to do your lessons and use progress tracking to see how far you've come. You can test out the platform for free, but either pay by month afterwards to unlock all of the content or buy a lifetime membership that comes with all 33 languages on the platform. Students like Mondly, but most would agree that you can't progress very far since you don't work one-on-one with anyone, focus on grammar, or get correction for your mistakes. Because of this, Mondly has earned a slightly below average rating from us, but we believe it is an okay place for beginner Hindi learners to test out.

LingQ Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating

LingQ aims to teach people new languages by immersing them in videos and audio lessons to teach vocabulary words. The platform also integrates with YouTube, Netflix, and news stations to help people get used to hearing the language in real-life situations. There is a free version of LingQ, but it doesn't take you very far in your learning. The paid versions are pretty expensive and some people complain that their cards are charged even after trying to cancel. The biggest problem with LingQ is that the lessons were extremely confusing and we could not see how people could fully learn a language using this site. The Hindi language is in beta mode and only built out by public contributors, so it isn't as comprehensive as some other languages taught on LingQ. Despite their "A+" Better Business Bureau rating, reviews from users are quite bad, so we have given LingQ a low rating.

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If you already have a basic understanding of Hindi, you can shape your online learning experience to build on this and take you to the next level. If the only thing you know about Hindi is that it's the most common language spoken in India, you can start from scratch and work your way up to fluency. There are amazing programs out there that are built for everyone and they couldn't be easier or more convenient to use.

There are over 336 million people across the world who speak Hindi, making it the third most commonly spoken language. In a time of global connection and communication, it's an exciting time to take your learning skills to the next level and start incorporating second (or third or fourth) languages into your toolkit. If you're looking to travel, build a business, become a more valuable employee, or connect better with your colleagues, neighbors, and friends, learning Hindi would be an incredible skill.

The biggest perk of learning a language online is that you can do it your own way. Some platforms let you choose a topic you want to learn about to make it more interesting and get you started that way. For example, if you're connecting with colleagues in India and need to be able to converse about business topics, you could start there.

If you're traveling and need to be able to ask for a bathroom location or restaurant recommendation, you could focus your study there. Or, if you want the basic building blocks of language learning laid out for you and to have the program lead you through progressive lessons that broadly cover all topics, there are options for that too. When you find a program to fit your learning style, it will make learning Hindi so much easier and more thrilling.

There are major opportunities for those who know this important language, so now is the time to start. When deciding where to take Hindi lessons online, take the following things into consideration:

  • Platform teaching style. Most companies offer a trial period for their language platform, which we recommend taking advantage of. Take your trial period seriously and put in the effort to start learning the language. Are the lessons clear and making sense as they progress? Do you feel motivated to continue day after day with the language? If not, give another place a try until you find something that fits your learning style.
  • Pricing. Some companies offer month-to-month subscriptions while others want you to pay upfront for a year. Make sure you're committed to the program before paying for long-term access to the Hindi lessons. Also, if you want to learn multiple languages at once, there may be options for that. If you're only interested in Hindi, you don't want to overpay for these lessons just because other languages are also offered, so keep this in mind.
  • Cancellation policy. Check out the company's satisfaction guarantee or cancellation policy to make sure you are able to cancel or get your money back if you aren't learning what you need to despite putting in the work. On the other hand, if you learn the skills you need before your membership time is up, you don't want to pay extra for no reason, so make sure you understand exactly how the memberships work before signing up.

Are you ready to take your Hindi language skills to the next level? Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best places for you to take Hindi lessons online from the comfort and convenience of your home. We hope this information gives you the tools you need to become confident in the Hindi language. Aasha hai aapko kamyaabi mile!

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Hindi Lesson FAQ

Worldwide there are more than 600 million speakers of Hindi and it is in the top three most-spoken languages. There are almost as many non-native speakers as native speakers. As more than 1,600 languages coexist in India, there's no wonder why Hindi is a second language to so many.
Hindi now has 48 officially-recognized dialects, according to the Census of India. Because it's said that there are more than 19,500 mother tongues spoken in India, and that some of the dialects may be considered separate languages vs. dialects, you'll find conflicting information. Some sources say that there are 7-9 groups of dialects, and sixteen major dialects within these groups. There's a saying that says that every seven miles, you'll hear a different language.
Learning Hindi can be especially challenging for native English speakers, according to language experts. The enunciation is quite different as is the cadence and tone. In addition, they don't use the Latin alphabet to which we are accustomed. The Hindi language uses the Devanagari script, which has more than 30 characters.
Be dedicated to your study and practice each day, including your flashcards and daily exercises, so that your skills will build. Consider joining online chat groups. You can easily find people who want to practice their English, so you can speak Hindi half of the time and English the other half - win/win. Grab some popcorn and watch Bollywood (India's version of Hollywood) films, enjoying the music, dance, culture, and Hindi language. Leave on the subtitles as you listen to the spoken Hindi, hearing many of the words you may have learned in your Hindi lessons.
Let's face it, there may not be a plethora of local schools that teach Hindi where you live. If that's the case, online may be the only option, but also, it's quite a good one. You can learn at any time of day that works for you. You can choose a platform that matches your learning style and your personal goal for learning Hindi. Online Hindi classes can be quite reasonable in price, even if you choose to take on-on-one lessons in a chat room with a native Hindi speaker.
It is possible to write the Hindi language using the Latin alphabet, which are the letters on your current keyboard, so that's easy. If you choose to write in the Devanagari script, however, you would download the keyboard layout and choose it when you want to use it. Common Devanagari characters will match up with corresponding letters, when possible. There's an exception, as there are more characters than there are letters on your keyboard, so you'll use shortcuts for those. There are printable illustrations that show where each character would be, and you may want to print it to keep it handy on your desk.
Hindi lessons certainly do not have to be expensive. You can have limited, free access to some online programs or you can pay up to $500 for a year or for lifetime access, depending on the company. If you want live, one-on-one private classes with videoconferencing, those can go from $1-$40 per hour, and are easy to schedule.
Most companies offer a full refund within the first 60 days of your subscription package. If you're on a month-to-month plan, there usually isn't a refund. You'll just stop taking lessons or stop the auto renewal feature - read carefully to see if your plan will resubscribe you automatically.
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