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Mondly Review

Sunday, October 2nd

2022 Hindi Lesson Reviews

Mondly Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Reasonable prices
  • Speech-recognition for better pronunciation
  • AR and VR apps
  • Structured course, but freedom to skip to lessons of your choice
  • Spaced-recognition flashcards

Mondly delivers a high-quality language-learning program and includes all the latest technology to keep you motivated to get to that next lesson. The more lessons you take, the more proficient you become, and that's the ultimate goal. You can design your own avatar as the image of your teacher, you can feel like you're shopping in India with their virtual-reality technology, they have game-like scoring and competition with other learners, and you can earn bonus material through weekly quizzes. What's not to like?

Exciting and motivating

If you're bored, you're not going to want to learn. If the program is super serious and intense, you might burn out easily. Mondly teaches you and keeps you interested so you want to learn more, and finish just one more lesson. One of the ways to keep you interested is with their technology. If you like gaming and thrive on competition, Mondly offers leaderboards to compete against others, and you can also see your stats to beat your own record. Some reviewers have complained that competitiveness isn't unique to Mondly, and other language-learning programs offer it for free, where Mondly does not. We find that a weak critique as Mondly offers so much more that it's worth paying a bit.

What sets Mondly apart

Mondly's technology is quite futuristic. Not only can you create your teacher avatar, or chatbot, as they say, which is fun in itself - there's even more. When you speak to your chatbot, it will let you know how well you would be understood by a native Hindi speaker using its speech-recognition software. The combination of talking to your "teacher" and having it give feedback on your speech is doubly unique.

Mondly with the Latin alphabet and the Devanagari script

Learning a language with a different script than the Latin alphabet - what we use in English - is a bit tricky. Mondly addresses it in two ways. First, you can choose to only see the Latin alphabet, making it much easier to learn. Or you can choose to learn while seeing the Devanagari script. This script uses characters and not letters, and of course, looks much different than our alphabet. Learning a new language, plus learning a new script at the same time is quite complicated.

Pay attention to the photos

When you learn Hindi with Mondly, you see an image and match the sound you hear with the photo. For example, you hear Hindi for sister, see the English word sister, and choose the photo of a sister. Pay attention to the word above the photo, as in a few moments, you'll have to put together a sentence in Devanagari script, and it's quite shocking if you didn't pay attention with the photos. When learning the language with the script and not the words with the Latin alphabet, it was overwhelming to learn two major concepts at once. You might want to first do the lesson with the Latin alphabet and then right afterward with the Devanagari script.

Best Hindi Lessons

Free trial

You can have a free trial of Mondly's Hindi, but it's only with the Hello lesson. You'll get a taste, but can't really dig into it. Fortunately, for $10, you can purchase the program for a month and get access to quite a lot of what the program has to offer.


  • $9.99 per month
  • $47.99 per year
  • $89.99 lifetime, all languages

No refunds for the annual subscription

With Mondly, you subscribe for a year. You'll want to be sure you like Mondly because there's no money-back guarantee. In that case, we'd suggest you first try the free trial of just the Hello lesson, and if you like that, get more access for a month for $10.

Best for polyglots

If Hindi is the second language you're learning besides English, Mondly could be a bit challenging. It is definitely fun, but learning might be frustrating. There aren't always detailed grammar explanations for you to follow to piece it together. Instead of teaching patterns for learning the characters or conjugations, you'll just see the different forms in use. If, on the other hand, you have studied a few languages and have the basics about how some languages work, Mondly's lack of grammar lessons might be okay with you. You could probably consciously or subconsciously figure out the workings of Hindi or any other of the languages you might choose to study based on what you already know.

Options for teaching to children and using in business

Your business can order Mondly WORKS in bulk subscriptions, where the buyer can provide the tool for the employees and also track their progress. Mondly KIDS is similar to the adult version but more friendly and attractive to children.

Rated highly for technology and motivation

Since motivation can be half the battle to taking on anything new and sticking with it - do I hear New Year's resolutions? - Mondly can get you hooked. Their chatbots and virtual reality can keep you going from lesson to lesson feeling like no time has gone by. You can track your progress, try to better your stats, and even compete with other learners around the world. We like that Mondly teaches via context and not translation, which is best for fluency, and they offer for you to learn via our alphabet or Devanagari characters. Mondly moves a bit too fast for the beginner who wants to learn the characters at the same time as they learn the language, and it's a little short in content once you get to the intermediate and advanced levels. We still suggest you enjoy it for a while and see how far you can get - because these are some of the most fun Hindi lessons around.

Where Can You Find the Best Hindi Lessons?

Did you know that Hindi is the second-most spoken language in the world? Hindi is also the most spoken Indian language in the U.S. with more than 800,000 speakers. Adding this language to your portfolio could make you more attractive to your business or sharpen your resume. Some companies, universities, and governments offer significant opportunities to those with fluency in Hindi.

If you're interested in movies, many people think of Hollywood, right? But Bollywood is India's robust film competitor, known for their flashy costumes, beautiful dances, songs, and drama. Although you can see these stunning Hindi films dubbed in English, watching them in the Hindi language - with or without subtitles - might add a dimension of enjoyment, especially if you have taken a few Hindi classes.

The Best Hindi Lessons Compare Hindi Lessons Compare Hindi Lesson Reviews What are the best Hindi Lessons Best Hindi Lesson Reviews

Hindi Lesson FAQ

Worldwide there are more than 600 million speakers of Hindi and it is in the top three most-spoken languages. There are almost as many non-native speakers as native speakers. As more than 1,600 languages coexist in India, there's no wonder why Hindi is a second language to so many.
Hindi now has 48 officially-recognized dialects, according to the Census of India. Because it's said that there are more than 19,500 mother tongues spoken in India, and that some of the dialects may be considered separate languages vs. dialects, you'll find conflicting information. Some sources say that there are 7-9 groups of dialects, and sixteen major dialects within these groups. There's a saying that says that every seven miles, you'll hear a different language.
Learning Hindi can be especially challenging for native English speakers, according to language experts. The enunciation is quite different as is the cadence and tone. In addition, they don't use the Latin alphabet to which we are accustomed. The Hindi language uses the Devanagari script, which has more than 30 characters.
Be dedicated to your study and practice each day, including your flashcards and daily exercises, so that your skills will build. Consider joining online chat groups. You can easily find people who want to practice their English, so you can speak Hindi half of the time and English the other half - win/win. Grab some popcorn and watch Bollywood (India's version of Hollywood) films, enjoying the music, dance, culture, and Hindi language. Leave on the subtitles as you listen to the spoken Hindi, hearing many of the words you may have learned in your Hindi lessons.
Let's face it, there may not be a plethora of local schools that teach Hindi where you live. If that's the case, online may be the only option, but also, it's quite a good one. You can learn at any time of day that works for you. You can choose a platform that matches your learning style and your personal goal for learning Hindi. Online Hindi classes can be quite reasonable in price, even if you choose to take on-on-one lessons in a chat room with a native Hindi speaker.
It is possible to write the Hindi language using the Latin alphabet, which are the letters on your current keyboard, so that's easy. If you choose to write in the Devanagari script, however, you would download the keyboard layout and choose it when you want to use it. Common Devanagari characters will match up with corresponding letters, when possible. There's an exception, as there are more characters than there are letters on your keyboard, so you'll use shortcuts for those. There are printable illustrations that show where each character would be, and you may want to print it to keep it handy on your desk.
Hindi lessons certainly do not have to be expensive. You can have limited, free access to some online programs or you can pay up to $500 for a year or for lifetime access, depending on the company. If you want live, one-on-one private classes with videoconferencing, those can go from $1-$40 per hour, and are easy to schedule.
Most companies offer a full refund within the first 60 days of your subscription package. If you're on a month-to-month plan, there usually isn't a refund. You'll just stop taking lessons or stop the auto renewal feature - read carefully to see if your plan will resubscribe you automatically.
Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

When choosing to learn Hindi, the first thing you'll ask yourself is how you want to learn. Do you miss the traditional classroom and feel like that's the best learning environment for you? You can have a similar experience with some of the online platforms in our reviews. You can match Hindi words to photos to learn words and phrases, you can study flashcards, look at conjugation charts, learn how Hindi grammar works, and practice dialogs.

Maybe you're a gamer and like the experience of avatars, bright screens, and leaderboards - we have that for you, too. Or perhaps you're just tired of the virtual world and need a break. You might want personal, one-on-one lessons or tutoring from a real person in a chat room, where you get help with a Hindi assignment from your own Hindi class. There are even options to take long-term lessons from a professional educator. You'll find highly-rated Hindi lesson platforms for whatever your style may be.

You'll want to take into consideration how much Hindi you may already know. Some programs focus on the beginning student while others cater to those with a bit of spoken experience with Hindi with the Devanagari script, which is their equivalent to our alphabet. Find the program that works best for where you are at with your fluency.

Are you a rule follower or a free spirit? Some programs offer Hindi lessons in a set order, so you can gradually increase your proficiency step by step. Other people like a bit of freedom to choose their topic of study. For example, if you're learning Hindi for travel and aren't interested in medical vocabulary, skip that unit and stick with those that focus on travel. And if you want complete freedom, choose a live tutor. You can discuss your purpose for study, your current proficiency level, what type of learner you are, and work together to create a plan of study from there.

Once you've considered your learning style as well as how much Hindi you may already know, there are a few more factors to consider before making your decision:

  • The right fit. We suggest you give it a trial period, which many companies offer. Take advantage of the free days and really give it a try. Hopefully, you'll stay motivated with that method and see if you've retained the material. Click on all the tabs to get the full experience. If you're not still interested after a lesson or two, move on to another program.
  • The right price. Programs can vary greatly by cost. Some have limited, lifetime access, some have monthly subscriptions that you can quit at any time. Those with personal tutors have hourly fees, and some programs have annual or lifetime memberships (which might include access to over 40 languages, if you want to learn even more). Whew!

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the best choices for learning Hindi with an online program. We're sure you'll be ready to make the right choice for your goals and learning style in order to become fluent in Hindi. Let's begin!

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