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Control 4 Review

Thursday, January 20th

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Control 4 Review 3.5 Star Rating

Control 4

3.5 Star Rating
  • Easy-to-use mobile app control
  • Professional install required
  • Security + convenience features

Control 4 is a whole home automation system that personalizes and unifies smart home system elements such as intercom, climate control, audio, video, lighting, and security. It was founded in 2004 and now functions in an ecosystem of over 10,000 different products sold by other vendors.

Two ways to get an estimate

To get started with a Control 4 system, you can either call their toll-free number or fill out the "Find a Smart Home Pro" form on their website. You'll be contacted by a representative who will discuss your home automation needs and how you want to use the system. After taking this information, you'll be contacted by a local Control4 dealer who will provide you with an initial estimate. We did some digging and found that you can get a bare-bones Control 4 system for around $1,000 - or you could spend as much as $250,000! As you would expect, your cost will depend on the components you choose and the installer's fees as well.

Controlling Control 4

Control 4 is controlled through their Smart Home OS3 mobile app. It is quite advanced, yet intuitive. Smart Home OS3 allows you to have fine-grained control over everything, including locks, lights and dimming, cameras, home theater volume and play controls, shades and blinds, security systems, the garage door, thermostats, intercom, and much more. Rooms can be made into favorites and a simple swipe takes you between each room in the house.

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Variety of home automation functionality

Control 4 can be used to control your home functions in a variety of ways:

  • Turning off every light and the TV and arming the alarm when leaving the house
  • Using your voice while cooking to turn on the kitchen lights and watch a cooking show
  • Coming home to a brightly lit home with the shades closed and the temperature set more comfortably
  • Sending music playing in the house to the patio or pool area
  • Dimming the lights in a home theater when the movie starts

Handy idea gallery

Should you want some ideas of how other people have set up their Control 4 system, visit the Idea Gallery of the website. There you can find photographic walkthroughs of homes all over the world that have unique and interesting setups. You can also check out the Showroom Gallery page to see even more ideas.

Mixed reviews from homeowners

We weren't thrilled with all of the feedback on Control 4's home automation systems. About half of all customer reviews qualify as positive while the other half seem to describe some trouble with the equipment. On the upside, customers say it's simple to use with a lot of options, quick replacements of problem components, and good software. Those complaining had problems with installations not working, being confused by so many options, service issues, problems with devices or connectivity, and having to rely too much on expensive service engineer calls. A lot of the complaints may have more to do with the quality of the dealer who installed the system rather than Control 4 itself. As with all home automation systems, make sure you're comfortable with your installer before you proceed.

Very good, but room for improvement

Control 4 has some compelling features for customers shopping for home automation solutions. But with the balance almost equally split between satisfied and dissatisfied clients, this provider doesn't quite reach our highest rating. We hope to see further improvements down the line that would boost Control 4 in our rankings.

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What’s the Best Home Automation System?

In times past home automation was a future fever dream of Jetsons-style technology making every aspect of home life easier. We now live in the Jetsons' future with home automation technologies that would even make George stare in awe.

Today's home automation systems do everything from securing your home to entertaining you - and many things in between! A basic home automation system should at least have a doorbell intercom and camera; detectors for motion, doors and windows left open, smoke, and carbon monoxide; plus a few cameras to monitor exterior and interior spaces. If you have more budget, find a provider that also includes entertainment and environmental controls for television, music, lighting, and temperature.

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Home Automation Company FAQ

Sometimes referred to as a "smart home" , home automation lets you operate your lighting, appliances, security equipment and more - usually through an app on your mobile phone or through an online dashboard. Want your home to be playing your favorite relaxation music and have the thermostat set to "just right" every day after work? Home automation can do that - and much, much more.
It's true that most systems start with security as the foundation. From security cameras to smoke detectors, "smart homes" can give you peace of mind knowing that it's all under control and professionally monitored, if you choose a company that offers that. But, as technology advances, more features are being added "for fun" , like controlling all of your audio and video or letting your kids turn off lights at bedtime with a simple verbal command.
You could pay as little as $20/month or as much as $10,000+ to set up a smart home with all of the bells and whistles. Obviously the more features you want, the more you'll have to pay for the equipment. Monthly monitoring fees (for systems that include security features) are rarely more than $60/month.
Yes. Check with the provider of your homeowner's insurance policy to see if you can get a discount for the home automation system you're installing. A "smart home" can also save you money in the cost of utilities through managing your use of electricity and water.
Most of the time, yes. That's the appeal of "smart home" equipment: being able to monitor and control it from your phone, tablet or computer.
Sometimes. This is more common if you have security features that are professionally monitored. Read the terms and conditions carefully to determine if you're obligated to keep the service for a set period of time, and what the penalties are for early cancellation.
Possibly. If you've got features that are hard-wired into your home, maybe not. However, most of today's home automation systems use equipment that is easy to install and take down on your own, letting you use it wherever you live. Just be sure to change your home address in your provider's system, to allow emergency services to be dispatched to the correct location (if you're using a service that includes security monitoring).
It might! Home automation is in high demand, so having a system already set up may make your property more appealing to prospective buyers. Consult your real estate agent, though: they may not recommend that you install a home automation system solely for the purpose of increasing your home's value.
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Continued from above...

With the exception of a few providers with do-it-yourself offerings, these companies provide service through dealers who professionally assess your home's needs and then design, build, and install your system. A good home automation vendor will get back to you within a week with a price estimate, including a visit to your home to visualize and measure.

Installation and configuration times can vary widely. Simple systems take a few days at most to install. More complicated systems can take up to a month or more to install. Expect that with more advanced systems some walls, floors, and ceilings will have to be modified to accommodate mounting of equipment and wiring.

Feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start? If you're looking for home automation solutions, here are some factors to consider:

  • Usability. How easy is it to control and use your home automation system in everyday scenarios, or even when your hands are too occupied to touch buttons or screens?
  • Quality. Are the security devices and systems solid-state and of hardened quality, or do they seem cheap and won't last very long?
  • Customer Service. When you need help, particularly in a security or fire emergency, will your home automation system, and the professionals behind it, do all the work so you can focus on enjoying the system and your own safety?
  • Value. Pricing on home automation systems varies widely. But, any system you choose should give you a good value for your money. Is it worth what you're investing in the equipment and any monthly service fees? Are you locked into a contract?

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