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Where Can You Find the Best Home Gym?

Ever thought about getting fit but find it hard to consistently hit the gym? Concerned about the possibility of an unused gym membership collecting dust? Ever been frustrated by reaching the gym only to see every bench occupied?

Whether your goal is to shed some holiday weight, tighten up those tricky spots, or simply integrate more healthful habits into your routine, having a home gym could be the game-changer you need. With it, you can say goodbye to recurring membership costs, battling for equipment, and the challenge of fitting gym visits into a jam-packed schedule.

Thursday, July 18th

2024 Home Gym Reviews

Bodycraft Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

BodyCraft, founded in 1994, offers high-quality home gyms known for their safety, design, and effectiveness. Their range of 7 models is priced between $2,199 to $4,499. Customers praise the longevity of BodyCraft's products and the versatility of the award-winning BodyCraft XFT. Shipping is free, returns can be made within 31 days, and all home gyms come with lifetime warranties. BodyCraft is our top choice for home gyms.

Bowflex Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

Bowflex began in 1986 with the goal of bringing gym-quality workouts to people's homes. Their innovative approach to home exercise equipment, including the Bowflex Revolution inspired by NASA, has made them a household name. Their home gym models, the Revolution, Xtreme 2 SE, and PR3000, range in price from $999 to $2,599. These gyms use unique Power Rod technology, which offers resistance without the bulk of traditional weights. Bowflex equipment is designed to be user-friendly, whether you're a fitness newbie or a seasoned gym-goer. Additionally, Bowflex offers flexible payment plans, in-home assembly, and a 6-week satisfaction guarantee, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction. Bowflex is a strong contender in the home gym market.

Force USA Review 4.5 Star Rating

Force USA

4.5 Star Rating

Force USA, established in the early 2000s, is a global brand known for its quality strength training equipment. Their home gyms, ranging from $1,999 to $5,999, are both versatile and sturdy, and their website offers a clear breakdown of weight capacities for each model. The G3, their most budget-friendly option, is great for those wanting variety in their home workouts. However, if you're a serious bodybuilder, the G20 model might be more up your alley. Every purchase comes with free shipping and a comprehensive warranty, reassuring customers of the brand's trustworthiness. All in all, for those committed to strength training, Force USA is definitely worth considering.

Marcy Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Marcy, founded in 1946 by fitness enthusiast Walter Marcyan, has evolved from introducing the first all-in-one multigym to partnering with global entities and becoming a renowned fitness brand recognized by figures like Bruce Lee and President Ronald Reagan. Today, they offer 11 distinct home gym models ranging from $749 to $3,499. Among their popular products, the MWM-990 home gym stands out for its compact design and comprehensive features, while the MD-9010G Cage System appeals to serious strength trainers. Despite their wide variety and free shipping, Marcy's 2-year limited warranty pales in comparison to competitors offering lifetime warranties, making it an area they could improve upon.

Body Solid Review 3.5 Star Rating

Body Solid

3.5 Star Rating

Body Solid is a company from Illinois that's been selling exercise equipment for over 30 years. They have a good rating from the Better Business Bureau. They sell home gyms, and one of their popular types is the Single Stack Gym. The prices for these gyms range from $569 to $4,795. One thing to note is that you can't buy their products directly from their website; you have to find a local dealer. Also, some of their machines might not be the best fit for very tall or short people. That all combines to earn Body Solid an above-average rating from us.

Titan Fitness Review 3 Star Rating

Titan Fitness

3 Star Rating

Titan Fitness, a subsidiary of Titan Distributors, specializes in high-quality, cost-effective steel fitness equipment. Their product range includes the Nemesis Functional Trainer, a stack weight machine designed for a full-body strength workout. Each Titan machine comes with a 1-year warranty, but this can be extended for longer coverage. The company boasts an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and offers perks like free same-day shipping for early orders and a 10% discount for first-time email list subscribers. There are potentially better deals and longer warranties with other home gym brands we've reviewed, but overall, Titan Fitness has built a solid reputation in the fitness industry.

Total Gym Review 3 Star Rating

Total Gym

3 Star Rating

Total Gym, advertised by celebrities Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley since the '90s, is a home exercise system originally made for rehabilitation. There are three models ranging from $1,049 to $3,995, with varying features and resistance levels. When buying, you get exercise materials and access to Total Gym TV for workout streams. There's a unique 30-day trial offer, though return shipping isn't covered by the company. The equipment is especially suitable for beginners, seniors, and new moms, but might not cater to hardcore bodybuilders. Overall, Total Gym provides a user-friendly but entry-level solution for those looking to workout at home.

Major Fitness Review 2.5 Star Rating

Major Fitness

2.5 Star Rating

Major Fitness is a new fitness company - with some strange grammatical errors on their website. Their MAJOR All-in-One Home Gym Smith Machine SML01, priced at $999, provides a full-body workout and has garnered positive feedback from users. However, their product listings could do a better job at differentiating their Smith machines, and their one-year warranty on expensive equipment like the $3,699.99 SML08 model should give any savvy consumer pause. While Major Fitness offers competitive prices and free shipping, their "D+" rating from the Better Business Bureau suggests potential customers should proceed with caution.

Precor Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating

When it comes to home gyms, Precor's offerings may not be the best choice. Most of their equipment is single-station, and although they offer functional training stations for multiple exercises, they come with a hefty price tag and lack features like an Olympic squat rack or bench. Customers have to pay extra for warranty coverage, which only goes up to 5 years. Other brands offer more affordable multi-exercise home gym systems with lifetime warranties, and we'd recommend starting there.

NordicTrack Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating

NordicTrack's Fusion CST 2-in-1 trainer is designed for both cardio and strength training. The equipment has a 6-foot tower with 3 pulleys and offers up to 20 resistance levels (max 100 lbs) using magnetic technology, making workouts gentle on the body. However, the Fusion CST isn't suitable for hardcore bodybuilding and has limitations in exercise range. The unit comes with a 30-day iFit membership for online trainer-led workouts, but continuing requires a pricey monthly fee. Our concerns involve their short 1-year warranty for parts and labor and costly return policy. Overall, we advise against the Fusion CST - there are better alternatives available for home workouts.

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Not sure about your options? Let's simplify. Mainly, there are two types of home gyms: weight plate gyms and resistance system gyms. Weight plate gyms are a bit complex, cost more, and need more space, but they're great if you want to gain muscle. They come with weights that you can add on for more challenging workouts.

Resistance gyms, on the other hand, use different methods, from flexible rods to magnets or just your body weight, to create resistance. A cool thing about them is they're easier on your joints and tendons. So, if you have joint issues or arthritis, these might be better for you. Plus, they're usually smaller, making them perfect for toning and shaping.

There are tons of home gym brands you can buy online now. Before settling on a product, take the time to read reviews and check out the product descriptions and videos, if there are any. Lastly, remember that a home gym is an investment not just in a product, but in your health and well-being. Whatever you choose should align with your fitness goals, physical condition, and lifestyle.

When shopping for a home gym, here are some factors you should consider:

  • Price. Does it fit your budget? What are you getting for the price?
  • Resistance type. How does it create resistance? What's the max weight?
  • Setup. Is it ready to use or will you spend lots of time setting it up?
  • Warranty. What does it cover? Just the frame or also parts and service? For how long?
  • Returns. Are there any fees if you want to send it back? Can you return it after using it for a month?

With the right setup, you can make working out a convenient and regular part of your routine. Top Consumer Reviews has done in-depth analyses and rankings of the top home gyms available online to make your decision-making process smoother.

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Home Gym FAQ

Absolutely! Depending on the equipment you choose, it might come with workout DVDs or online videos designed to help you get familiar with strength training. Weight training is an essential part of most wellness plans and can help you prevent injury and live longer.
Almost any gym equipment you'd find in a fitness center is available for home use. Of course, if you have a limited amount of space for your home gym, you can also find plenty of all-in-one systems that usually use resistance instead of weighted plates or dumbbells to create the same effect.
Yes! Any exercise you've seen at the gym can easily be done at home. Plus, you won't have to waste time waiting to knock out your next exercise because the equipment is being used by someone else.
They can be. You'll see equipment ranging from $199 to $3,799 or more. Some retailers offer financing, to help make your purchase more manageable.
Only if you want it to. There are some very compact systems that barely take up a corner of the room, and sets with dimensions that rival what you'd see at your local gym. It's a good idea to read the specs on any home gym you're considering, which will include the measurements and required floor space, to make sure you've got enough room.
Many stores offering home gym equipment give you a trial period ranging from 30-90 days. Policies vary, however, and you might have to pay a restocking fee and/or return shipping fees if you want to return your home gym for a refund.
That depends on the retailer. Some include it with the cost of the home gym, while others charge fees in the neighborhood of $99-$400.
Most of the time, no. You might be able to pay an additional fee for in-home delivery and set-up.
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