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Bowflex Review

Friday, February 23rd

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Bowflex Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Type of Home Gym: Resistance technology
  • Cost Range: $999 to $2,599 (mean price $1,699)
  • Different Models: 3
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Weight Resistance: 210-600 lbs with upgrades
  • Return Policy: 6 weeks
  • Warranty: Depends on model; up to 10 years
  • Shipping: $149 to $199

In 1986, Bowflex started with a vision to make gym-quality workouts accessible at home. Their fresh take on home exercise equipment was a hit, and they kept introducing new products to suit everyone's needs.

Inspired by NASA

The Bowflex community is a mix of fitness experts and everyday folks. Interestingly, the Bowflex Revolution, a popular product from the 2000s, was inspired by a NASA project. They needed a way for astronauts to stay fit in space, and inventor Paul Francis had the perfect solution with his elastic resistance tech. This tech was eventually used by Nautilus Group to create the Bowflex Revolution, giving users a workout similar to lifting free weights but safer. Bowflex keeps it simple with just three home gym models: the Revolution, the Xtreme 2 SE, and the PR3000.

Bowflex's unique technology

Unlike traditional home gyms that use heavy metal plates, Bowflex employs its special Power Rod technology. Made of bendable polymer, these rods ensure steady resistance during each exercise, lessening the pressure on joints and tendons. Plus, because there are no big weight stacks, Bowflex machines are space-saving.

Suitable for all levels

Many exercises can be done while seated, which means no frequent weight adjustments and a more efficient workout. Whether you're a gym pro or just starting out, Bowflex has you covered. Their exercise manual offers detailed instructions so everyone can set up their machine and begin their fitness journey confidently.

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Xtreme 2 SE comes with ab crunch shoulder harness

Priced at $1,499, this home gym offers 210 lbs of power rod resistance, which can be upgraded to 410 lbs. It allows for 70 different exercises, such as leg extensions and lat work, fitting comfortably in compact spaces with a required workout area of 96" x 78". It's versatile, accommodating users from 4'6 to 6'6 in height. With each purchase, users also receive an ab crunch shoulder harness, 5-way hand grips or ankle cuffs, and seven trainer-designed workouts. Out of nearly 2,000 reviews, 97% of users would recommend this gym to a friend, praising its easy setup, clear instructions, and seamless transitions between stations. Financing options are available for this $1,499 machine, which also comes with a 7-year warranty and an additional 5-year warranty for the power rods.

Cheapest option is the $999 PR3000

The Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym, priced at $999, is a versatile fitness solution that supports over 50 strength exercises. It boasts a resistance of 210 lbs, which unfortunately cannot be upgraded. The gym features a vertical bench press, leg extension, and a convenient no-change cable pulley system, eliminating the need for manual cable switching. Additionally, it includes seven professionally designed workouts and triple function accessories that can serve as ankle cuffs or hand grips. It occupies an area of 100" x 86" when you're working out - its footprint is a little smaller, but we like that they tell you the workout area specs so you don't underestimate how much space you'll really need and end up unable to do some exercises. In terms of warranty, the frame is covered for a year, the power rods for five years, and other parts have a 60-day guarantee.

Cardio and strength in one with Revolution model

The BowFlex Revolution Home Gym is a top-tier choice, priced at $2,599. It's popular, with 95% of nearly 600 reviews recommending it. This home gym needs a space of 120" x 84", but it's worth it. Why? Because it can do over 100 different exercises with 400 modifications possible. Cool features include adjustable arms, a station for leg presses, a special seat for bench pressing, and it can even change into a rowing machine for cardio workouts. This means you get many workouts from just one machine, saving room in your home gym space. A lot of people love being able to do leg presses at home with this setup. It starts with 220 lbs of resistance, but if you want more, you can buy extra weights to push it up to 300 lbs. The company gives a 10-year warranty for the gym and 90 days for any work that might need to be done on it. Users say the machine feels like using free weights on cables despite its unique Bowflex technology.

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Easy payment plan

Bowflex equipment might be a bit pricey, but they offer a helpful payment option. With their 18-month financing deal, if you buy with a Bowflex Card and pay on time, you won't have to pay any extra interest.

Website has Q&A and customer reviews with images

We like that Bowflex's listings have Q&A and Review sections on their products so you don't have to cross-reference 3 different websites to find the answer to your questions or learn what people think of it. If a question you have hasn't been asked, you can post it yourself and receive an answer from a representative.

In-home assembly available

If you buy a Bowflex machine, you can choose to set it up yourself or pay an extra $299 for in-home assembly. Many people use the guide and videos on the website to help them put it together. Bowflex recommends you do it with two people. But if you're not sure about doing it yourself, you can get professionals to assemble it for you. Just check the "In-Home Assembly" option when you buy, and you can see the price and if it's available where you live.

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Satisfaction guaranteed

If you buy a Bowflex product directly from Nautilus, Inc. and aren't 100% happy with it, you can return it. Just call the number on their site within six weeks of getting your product to get a special return number called an RMA. You need this number to return your item. After getting the RMA, you have two weeks to send the product back. Make sure it's in its original box, undamaged, and has all its parts. If you do all this, you'll get a refund, but they'll take out any shipping or assembly costs. If you got your Bowflex from a store, check their return policy.

Shipping costs under $200

Shipping costs are determined during the checkout process based on the provided shipping address. For standard shipping, you can view the expected delivery time by adding the item to your cart. If you're in a hurry, there's the option for 2-Day Shipping or Overnight Shipping; however, every item in your order must be eligible for these methods. When you're checking out, simply choose the desired speed. It's important to note that items purchased together might be shipped separately, but you'll only be charged for what is sent. As for specific products, shipping for the PR3000 should be $199, the X2SE $149, and the Revolution also $149.

A top choice

What we really admire about Bowflex is their cutting-edge technology crafted by fitness professionals. Serving more than 1 million satisfied users, Bowflex provides trustworthy and space-saving home gym solutions for every fitness requirement. They confidently offer a 6-week full refund policy and a convenient payment plan.

Where Can You Find the Best Home Gym?

Ever thought about getting fit but find it hard to consistently hit the gym? Concerned about the possibility of an unused gym membership collecting dust? Ever been frustrated by reaching the gym only to see every bench occupied?

Whether your goal is to shed some holiday weight, tighten up those tricky spots, or simply integrate more healthful habits into your routine, having a home gym could be the game-changer you need. With it, you can say goodbye to recurring membership costs, battling for equipment, and the challenge of fitting gym visits into a jam-packed schedule.

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Home Gym FAQ

Absolutely! Depending on the equipment you choose, it might come with workout DVDs or online videos designed to help you get familiar with strength training. Weight training is an essential part of most wellness plans and can help you prevent injury and live longer.
Almost any gym equipment you'd find in a fitness center is available for home use. Of course, if you have a limited amount of space for your home gym, you can also find plenty of all-in-one systems that usually use resistance instead of weighted plates or dumbbells to create the same effect.
Yes! Any exercise you've seen at the gym can easily be done at home. Plus, you won't have to waste time waiting to knock out your next exercise because the equipment is being used by someone else.
They can be. You'll see equipment ranging from $199 to $3,799 or more. Some retailers offer financing, to help make your purchase more manageable.
Only if you want it to. There are some very compact systems that barely take up a corner of the room, and sets with dimensions that rival what you'd see at your local gym. It's a good idea to read the specs on any home gym you're considering, which will include the measurements and required floor space, to make sure you've got enough room.
Many stores offering home gym equipment give you a trial period ranging from 30-90 days. Policies vary, however, and you might have to pay a restocking fee and/or return shipping fees if you want to return your home gym for a refund.
That depends on the retailer. Some include it with the cost of the home gym, while others charge fees in the neighborhood of $99-$400.
Most of the time, no. You might be able to pay an additional fee for in-home delivery and set-up.
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Not sure about your options? Let's simplify. Mainly, there are two types of home gyms: weight plate gyms and resistance system gyms. Weight plate gyms are a bit complex, cost more, and need more space, but they're great if you want to gain muscle. They come with weights that you can add on for more challenging workouts.

Resistance gyms, on the other hand, use different methods, from flexible rods to magnets or just your body weight, to create resistance. A cool thing about them is they're easier on your joints and tendons. So, if you have joint issues or arthritis, these might be better for you. Plus, they're usually smaller, making them perfect for toning and shaping.

There are tons of home gym brands you can buy online now. Before settling on a product, take the time to read reviews and check out the product descriptions and videos, if there are any. Lastly, remember that a home gym is an investment not just in a product, but in your health and well-being. Whatever you choose should align with your fitness goals, physical condition, and lifestyle.

When shopping for a home gym, here are some factors you should consider:

  • Price. Does it fit your budget? What are you getting for the price?
  • Resistance type. How does it create resistance? What's the max weight?
  • Setup. Is it ready to use or will you spend lots of time setting it up?
  • Warranty. What does it cover? Just the frame or also parts and service? For how long?
  • Returns. Are there any fees if you want to send it back? Can you return it after using it for a month?

With the right setup, you can make working out a convenient and regular part of your routine. Top Consumer Reviews has done in-depth analyses and rankings of the top home gyms available online to make your decision-making process smoother.

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