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Abeka Review

Sunday, April 21st

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Abeka Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Established homeschooling provider with a Christian-based curriculum since 1954
  • Offers structured K-12 distance learning with recognized accreditation
  • Credits generally accepted by other institutions, aiding transitions
  • Abeka Academy has strict guidelines, including deadlines and late fees
  • Some users report technical glitches in online video lessons
  • Offers flexibility for homeschooling on your terms
  • Full-Grade and Single-Subject Kits simplify many preferences
  • Easy-to-navigate website for homeschooling materials
  • Provides tests and administration guidelines important for state requirements and transitions
  • Reasonably priced packages with materials for a full year of curriculum
  • Presents a creationist worldview in curriculum materials

Abeka is an established name in homeschooling, with a long history dating back to 1954. Originally, Dr. Arlin and Beka Horton established a Christian school in northern Florida where they began by creating their own instructional materials.

Over 1,000 educational materials

Over the years, Abeka has broadened its resources to incorporate video lessons in 1985 and digital textbooks, evaluations, and instructional tools in 2014. Today, they offer a vast inventory of over a thousand educational products for students from nursery to high school. All their resources are created by qualified teachers with practical teaching experience, guaranteeing a top-notch education.

Accredited private school at home

Abeka Academy is a comprehensive, accredited distance learning program offered by Abeka for kindergarten through 12th grade that provides a structured, Christian-based education through video lessons taught by experienced teachers. This accreditation program offers a structured pathway for homeschool parents seeking a program that's recognized for its educational quality. With the backing of the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, Abeka Academy stands as a credible option for families who want to be sure their homeschooling aligns with established academic standards. Students enrolled in this program aren't just learning at home; they're considered part of a private school, which comes with the benefit of official records like report cards and transcripts that are important for college applications and transferring to other schools.

Credits recognized by other educational institutions

For those considering the Abeka Academy, be mindful of the program's expectations. Deadlines for enrolling, completing assignments, and taking tests are part of the deal, as is sticking to the provided curriculum and submission schedules. This means the program is stricter than what you might encounter with a more flexible homeschooling approach. Credits from this program are generally recognized by other educational institutions, which can make the transition to college or another school smoother. However, that means keeping up with the academic pace set by the program.

Consequences for late submissions

Signing up for Abeka Academy's Video Homeschool Program means agreeing to a set of guidelines and understanding the consequences if these aren't met. If a student doesn't follow the program's rules or if payments aren't up to date, Abeka can terminate enrollment or not release the student's records. The program is strict; for example, you have to watch every video lesson and can't skip subjects - Bible study is a must-do. Late assignments can lead to a pause in your academic status, and there's a $20 fee to reactivate it. If DVDs are not returned on time, it can delay future enrollments and you'll lose the option to pay in installments. If you decide to drop a course after two months, you might also face academic penalties.

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Transfer not guaranteed

It's also essential to know that Abeka Academy's accreditation doesn't guarantee credit transfer to other schools or institutions. Each institution has its own rules about accepting credits from different programs. Some schools may even ask for extra proof of your academic achievements, so make sure you're ready to commit to what's required when you choose Abeka Academy's accredited homeschool program.

Video streaming is glitchy

Abeka Academy's Accredited Program sets high expectations for its courses, which can be tough to keep up with, especially if you choose the online video option over purchasing their DVDs. Some families have shared stories where this strict program becomes even harder to manage when technical glitches happen. In one case, a family with young children struggled as the kids found it hard to sit through long video lessons that often didn't play properly. This led to repeated lessons and issues keeping everything in sync. Life's unexpected moments, like getting sick, made it even tougher to stay on track with the coursework.

Challenges with customer service

When they reached out for help, they were passed around by customer service, faced unresolved technical problems, and were even warned about late fees, although they had finished their assignments. These challenges suggest that if your family's schedule is often changing, or if you'd rather not deal with these kinds of stresses, you might want to think about a different education option. Abeka might still work for you, but perhaps a different program within their system could better match your family's needs and lifestyle.

Independent Study program for more freedom

Abeka's Independent Study program offers a more flexible choice for families who want to manage their homeschooling their way. With this option, you're not required to send in your child's work for grading; you get to decide when and how your child learns. This program still provides you with all the teaching materials you need, such as books and video lessons, but you have the freedom to set your own daily schedule. This can be especially helpful if your child needs more time on certain subjects or if your family travels often. You will need to keep good records of your child's work, though, especially if you're looking to meet college admissions requirements or stay in line with your state's homeschooling laws. Support organizations like the Home School Legal Defense Association can help you make sure you're following those rules.

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Full-Grade Kits cover entire academic year

Abeka offers Full-Grade Child Kits and Parent Kits, which include everything a child needs for core classes from kindergarten to 12th grade. The Child Kits are for parents who are ready to teach on their own, and they come with all the important books and materials for subjects like math and reading. Parents can choose the way these materials look, like if the writing is in cursive or print. The Parent Kits come in two types: Essential and Complete. The Essential Kit has the basics for teaching, such as lesson plans and tests, and the Complete Kit has even more tools like cards and pictures to help with teaching. For older kids in 7th to 12th grade, there are special kits with detailed lesson guides and textbooks.

Single-Subject Kits are cheaper

For those who want to focus on just one subject at a time, Abeka has Single-Subject Kits for grades 1-6 that are a bit cheaper. These kits have everything needed for one area, like math or science, which is great for parents who want to mix different types of learning or only need help with certain subjects. Parents can also pick and mix from Abeka's many products to create a learning plan that's just right for their family.

User-friendly website for seamless shopping

Abeka's website is user-friendly, making it easy to find the homeschool supplies you need. You can filter by product, grade, or subject, which are conveniently grouped into categories like Bible, Electives, History/Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science/Health. This could be your optimal shopping method if you're only interested in a single course rather than a complete curriculum.

Standardized tests provided by Abeka

Abeka stands out among homeschool material providers by offering a selection of standardized tests. You might wonder why these are necessary when the whole point of homeschooling is often to step away from traditional schooling methods. However, these tests can be important. Depending on where you live, your state may require test scores to show that your child is learning throughout the year, which can be necessary to maintain your status as a homeschooling family.

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Helpful in school transitioning

Moreover, if there's ever a need to transition your child back into a public school setting, these tests can be essential to demonstrate your child's learning level or to help them get into advanced programs. Abeka has a range of tests on offer, such as the Iowa Form E and Stanford 10, among others. The site provides detailed information about what each test involves, any specific states where the test may not apply, and guidelines you must follow to ensure the test is conducted properly.

A full year of curriculum for $1,625

Take a peek at the free sample videos to see what the online classes are like. Abeka Academy also offers a free trial where you can check out all their videos for 25 hours. It's surprisingly not too expensive, even for high school, which usually costs more. You only pay $1,625 for the full, accredited service with teacher grading, or $1,541 for the independent study program where you grade the work yourself, and this includes all your books and videos for a whole year. Remember you still have the option to purchase materials in kits for individual subjects, too.

Creationist worldview

Despite the numerous benefits that Abeka provides, it hasn't clinched a top spot in our rankings for a reason. It's received some flak for its staunchly fundamentalist Christian approach in its educational materials. If that's not your cup of tea, you might find yourself at odds with some of their teachings. For instance, their science books present creationism as the explanation for the origin of species, which may not sit well with those educating from a secular viewpoint. It's a good idea to check out Abeka's beliefs on their "What We Believe" page; they're quite open about their perspective and aren't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.

Only a good match for its niche

Furthermore, if you're on the hunt for a wider array of homeschooling supplies like math tools, art supplies, or musical instruments, you won't find them here. Abeka takes one more hit to its ranking thanks to its "D-" grade from the Better Business Bureau and user complaints about poor customer service. And, there's the downside of the rigidity of the accredited program and the extra fees charged for late work, which could be caused by glitches in video streaming on Abeka's end. Abeka's specialized faith-oriented curriculum makes it an ideal choice for those who align with its views but could be a stark mismatch for a broad range of other homeschooling families.

Where Can You Find the Best Homeschool Supplies?

In recent years, homeschooling has seen a remarkable rise in popularity. It's no wonder, given the wealth of websites offering homeschool supplies and curriculum options for families. This idea has captivated the attention of parents seeking alternative educational approaches for their children.

Traditional educational systems often struggle to cater to the diverse needs and learning styles of individual students. Homeschooling provides a flexible and customizable framework, allowing parents to tailor the curriculum to match their child's unique strengths, interests, and pace of learning. This personalized approach can foster a more engaging and effective learning experience.

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Homeschool Supply Company FAQ

Homeschooling is a generic term used to refer to educating children outside of a traditional school setting. This is different from "homebound" students, who need to receive instruction at home due to health conditions or other challenges and receive it from a tutor provided by the student's school district.
There are as many as five million homeschool students in grades K-12 in the United States. That number has grown significantly year to year, with many more families taking advantage of the freedom and flexibility inherent in a home education program.
Homeschool philosophies run the spectrum from "school at home" , which tries to replicate the structure and content of a public or private school, to "unschooling" principles of allowing learners to follow their own interests to discover what they want to know. Other ways of structuring a homeschooling program include Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Classical Conversations, world schooling, religious-based curricula, and many more. It's common for homeschool families to experiment with several different approaches over time, so don't worry if you need to try a few on for size to find what fits.
The answers to that question are as diverse as homeschoolers themselves. The first consideration is what laws govern homeschooling in your state: you might be obligated to follow a certain curriculum or to ensure mastery of specific content areas. Beyond that, the materials you use are largely up to you. Are your kids hands-on learners? Do they need video demonstrations? Do you love science experiments? You'll find so much to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down the possibilities!
Maybe, but not always. Your school district may be happy to give you the textbooks and workbooks that correspond to your child's grade - or they may have policies that actually prohibit them from doing so. And, while your library might have the books, DVDs and digital resources you need to homeschool, you'll probably have to return them before you're done with the unit or lesson you're teaching.
Lucky for you, there are many online retailers that offer an amazing panorama of homeschool materials. You can get all-in-one curricula that cover an entire school year of subject matter, or individual books for the topics you're covering. That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface: from puppets to papier mache kits, or beakers to leveled readers, these stores have you covered. Whether your kids are preschool or pre-college, you can get everything you need to provide a top-notch education.
Absolutely! There's a lot of buying power that comes from a community of millions, and some homeschool supply stores use that to your advantage. You can get group discounts on popular online programs and print materials, find field trip suggestions, or even get a homeschooler photo ID to qualify for student discounts at places near you. Some homeschool supply retailers offer rewards programs that give you points with each purchase. And, you might find discussion groups hosted by the homeschool supply site that can answer your questions, connect you with other homeschoolers in your area, or give you new ideas for your teaching.
Policies vary by retailer, and most require your materials to be in unused condition to be eligible for return or refund. You may also have to pay restocking fees of up to 30%. If you're purchasing a digital subscription to a homeschool program or service, you may be able to cancel within a certain timeframe or suspend your membership. Be sure to read the details before you make a purchase from a homeschool supply store.
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Homeschool platforms on the internet can be grouped based on how they approach education and how they structure their payment systems. In one corner, you've got the curriculum providers that package everything up neatly, resembling what you'd typically find in a traditional school setting. These all-inclusive bundles usually come with textbooks, workbooks, teacher guides, and assessments. The deal here is a one-time payment that covers the entire curriculum - a straightforward and wallet-friendly choice.

On the flip side, there are websites that thrive on flexibility. They empower parents to cherry-pick individual resources from different publishers to craft a tailor-made curriculum. This is like a buffet where you choose what suits your educational goals or your child's unique learning needs.

Maybe you're teaching history from a textbook you bought from one homeschool provider, and it occurs to you that your child would benefit from a fascinating historical documentary. Supplementary homeschool resource websites offer exactly that. They provide videos, worksheets, and interactive activities to complement your existing curriculum. These resources, such as videos, worksheets, and interactive activities, can give your homeschooling experience an extra kick. Enhancing your educational toolkit this way usually comes at the price of a monthly subscription fee.

In another arena, you'll find platforms that champion the power of the collective. They're all about group buying, letting homeschooling families unite to score the discounts on curriculum materials that public school districts enjoy. This privilege usually requires a membership fee.

Online learning homeschool platforms allow kids to learn while still getting the screen time they might crave. For a monthly or yearly fee, you gain access to a virtual world of learning. It's an enticing option for those who prefer a high-tech homeschooling experience with the convenience of online access, or for those parents who would prefer their iPad Kid be exposed to something more educational (or wholesome) than YouTube's algorithm.

When it comes to homeschooling materials and curriculum websites, you've got plenty of options to consider. To make a smart choice, take these factors into account:

  • Cost. Is the curriculum or resource within your budget? Think about the overall price and whether it's a good deal for what you're getting.
  • Teaching style. Does it match your child's learning approach and your teaching philosophy? Does it offer the flexibility and customization you need?
  • Ease of use. How much time and effort will it take to set up and use the materials? Is it user-friendly or complicated?
  • Support and assurance. What kind of support or warranty is provided? Does it cover not just the curriculum but also potential issues with other resources or services?
  • Returns and adaptability. Are there any return conditions or restrictions if the curriculum doesn't work for your family? Can you adjust it as your child's needs change?

Before making your final decision, it's wise to read reviews, explore product descriptions, and, if available, watch demo videos or sample lessons. Keep in mind that choosing homeschool materials is an investment in your child's education and growth. The right choice should align with your educational goals, your child's learning style, and your family's lifestyle. Top Consumer Reviews has ranked and reviewed the best homeschool supply and curriculum websites, and we hope our evaluation helps you make a confident decision about the next step in your child's educational journey.

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