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Knowledge Box Central Review

Sunday, April 21st

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Knowledge Box Central Review 2.5 Star Rating

Knowledge Box Central

2.5 Star Rating
  • Offers interactive lapbooks for creative, hands-on learning
  • Utilizes color psychology and shape recognition to aid memory
  • Lapbook journals for older students, combining hands-on activities with journaling
  • Browse by subject or age with resources for all age groups, including teachers
  • Overstock sales, $1 deals, and a $5 discount on first digital orders
  • eBooks for home printing, with no refunds post-download
  • Most products under $10
  • Primarily lapbooks, lacking a broad range of educational tools
  • Best suited for visual and kinesthetic learning styles

To explain what Knowledge Box Central offers for homeschooling, we'll first need to explain what lapbooks are. Picture a learning scrapbook with folders and booklets that you put together yourself - essentially, a personalized educational pop-up book. It's meant to be a fun and interactive way to learn, covering everything from graphic organizers and maps to creative writing and vocabulary. For this, you'll need basic supplies like glue and scissors.

Lapbooks for young learners

Other companies sell lapbooks, but Knowledge Box Central tries to stand out by emphasizing their use of the science of color psychology and shape recognition to make learning more engaging and help students remember information longer. For example, a component of a lapbook that has three answers will often be displayed in a triangle shape or a piece of paper meant to be folded three times. We were expecting to find some how-to videos on the Videos tab; however, there was nothing there. You can still check out the introductory video on the landing page for insights into color psychology and to see a finished lapbook.

Lapbook journals for teens

Worried that lapbooks might be too juvenile for older students? Knowledge Box Central has thought of that too. For middle and high school students, they offer "lapbook journals." These still have the hands-on elements of a lapbook but include more journaling pages. These pages come with questions and space for notes, allowing students to document their thought processes.

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Benefits for visual and kinesthetic learners

The lapbook method is especially beneficial for visual and hands-on learners. Assembling information into a physical product can help these students grasp concepts more easily than traditional learning methods. Your child is much less likely to forget that it was Michelangelo, not da Vinci, who sculpted "David" if he or she remembers inserting a printed photo of it into a paper pocket labeled "Michelangelo's Famous Works of Art".

Easy shopping by subject or age

Shopping on Knowledge Box Central is straightforward. You can browse by subject or age group. They cover all core subjects like Art, Language Arts, Math, and Science, and specialized topics like Bible studies and Financial Responsibility. We even noticed lapbooks for topics like the History of Flight, Black History, and First Aid. There are resources for all age groups, from toddlers to teens, and even materials for parents and teachers. Keep an eye out for their Overstock Sale and $1 deals for bargains. Plus, they offer a $5 discount on your first digital order when you sign up for their email list.


Knowledge Box Central's lapbooks are primarily sold as eBooks, printable at home in PDF format. If you're not up for printing them yourself, look for their products on third-party sites for pre-printed versions or CDs. Remember, there are no refunds for eBooks once downloaded.

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Affordable learning tools

One major perk of shopping here is the affordability. Most of their lapbooks, journals, and copybooks are under $10, mainly because they are digital. This means there's no real risk to trying them out. If lapbooks don't suit your child's learning style, worst case scenario, you're out a few dollars. Just don't forget to calculate the cost of paper and ink if this is a learning tool you expect to be regularly integrating into your child's education.

Grammatical errors

A small nitpick we had with Knowledge Box Central is that they tend to use the male pronoun as the default when referring to a hypothetical student. Additionally, there were a couple of minor punctuation issues, such as a missing comma in the sentence "It's more than a craft it is an experience."

Narrow focus

Knowledge Box Central is one of our lower-ranked homeschool supply retailers because of their narrow focus. You won't find a wide range of homeschool materials like math tools, well-known curricula, online learning games, or science projects on their site. If your child isn't a fan of crafting or doesn't specifically need a kinesthetic approach, or if you're looking for a broader range of educational materials, this site won't be the best fit for your needs. We suggest also exploring some of the other websites in our review that offer more comprehensive catalogs.

Where Can You Find the Best Homeschool Supplies?

In recent years, homeschooling has seen a remarkable rise in popularity. It's no wonder, given the wealth of websites offering homeschool supplies and curriculum options for families. This idea has captivated the attention of parents seeking alternative educational approaches for their children.

Traditional educational systems often struggle to cater to the diverse needs and learning styles of individual students. Homeschooling provides a flexible and customizable framework, allowing parents to tailor the curriculum to match their child's unique strengths, interests, and pace of learning. This personalized approach can foster a more engaging and effective learning experience.

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Homeschool Supply Company FAQ

Homeschooling is a generic term used to refer to educating children outside of a traditional school setting. This is different from "homebound" students, who need to receive instruction at home due to health conditions or other challenges and receive it from a tutor provided by the student's school district.
There are as many as five million homeschool students in grades K-12 in the United States. That number has grown significantly year to year, with many more families taking advantage of the freedom and flexibility inherent in a home education program.
Homeschool philosophies run the spectrum from "school at home" , which tries to replicate the structure and content of a public or private school, to "unschooling" principles of allowing learners to follow their own interests to discover what they want to know. Other ways of structuring a homeschooling program include Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Classical Conversations, world schooling, religious-based curricula, and many more. It's common for homeschool families to experiment with several different approaches over time, so don't worry if you need to try a few on for size to find what fits.
The answers to that question are as diverse as homeschoolers themselves. The first consideration is what laws govern homeschooling in your state: you might be obligated to follow a certain curriculum or to ensure mastery of specific content areas. Beyond that, the materials you use are largely up to you. Are your kids hands-on learners? Do they need video demonstrations? Do you love science experiments? You'll find so much to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down the possibilities!
Maybe, but not always. Your school district may be happy to give you the textbooks and workbooks that correspond to your child's grade - or they may have policies that actually prohibit them from doing so. And, while your library might have the books, DVDs and digital resources you need to homeschool, you'll probably have to return them before you're done with the unit or lesson you're teaching.
Lucky for you, there are many online retailers that offer an amazing panorama of homeschool materials. You can get all-in-one curricula that cover an entire school year of subject matter, or individual books for the topics you're covering. That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface: from puppets to papier mache kits, or beakers to leveled readers, these stores have you covered. Whether your kids are preschool or pre-college, you can get everything you need to provide a top-notch education.
Absolutely! There's a lot of buying power that comes from a community of millions, and some homeschool supply stores use that to your advantage. You can get group discounts on popular online programs and print materials, find field trip suggestions, or even get a homeschooler photo ID to qualify for student discounts at places near you. Some homeschool supply retailers offer rewards programs that give you points with each purchase. And, you might find discussion groups hosted by the homeschool supply site that can answer your questions, connect you with other homeschoolers in your area, or give you new ideas for your teaching.
Policies vary by retailer, and most require your materials to be in unused condition to be eligible for return or refund. You may also have to pay restocking fees of up to 30%. If you're purchasing a digital subscription to a homeschool program or service, you may be able to cancel within a certain timeframe or suspend your membership. Be sure to read the details before you make a purchase from a homeschool supply store.
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Continued from above...

Homeschool platforms on the internet can be grouped based on how they approach education and how they structure their payment systems. In one corner, you've got the curriculum providers that package everything up neatly, resembling what you'd typically find in a traditional school setting. These all-inclusive bundles usually come with textbooks, workbooks, teacher guides, and assessments. The deal here is a one-time payment that covers the entire curriculum - a straightforward and wallet-friendly choice.

On the flip side, there are websites that thrive on flexibility. They empower parents to cherry-pick individual resources from different publishers to craft a tailor-made curriculum. This is like a buffet where you choose what suits your educational goals or your child's unique learning needs.

Maybe you're teaching history from a textbook you bought from one homeschool provider, and it occurs to you that your child would benefit from a fascinating historical documentary. Supplementary homeschool resource websites offer exactly that. They provide videos, worksheets, and interactive activities to complement your existing curriculum. These resources, such as videos, worksheets, and interactive activities, can give your homeschooling experience an extra kick. Enhancing your educational toolkit this way usually comes at the price of a monthly subscription fee.

In another arena, you'll find platforms that champion the power of the collective. They're all about group buying, letting homeschooling families unite to score the discounts on curriculum materials that public school districts enjoy. This privilege usually requires a membership fee.

Online learning homeschool platforms allow kids to learn while still getting the screen time they might crave. For a monthly or yearly fee, you gain access to a virtual world of learning. It's an enticing option for those who prefer a high-tech homeschooling experience with the convenience of online access, or for those parents who would prefer their iPad Kid be exposed to something more educational (or wholesome) than YouTube's algorithm.

When it comes to homeschooling materials and curriculum websites, you've got plenty of options to consider. To make a smart choice, take these factors into account:

  • Cost. Is the curriculum or resource within your budget? Think about the overall price and whether it's a good deal for what you're getting.
  • Teaching style. Does it match your child's learning approach and your teaching philosophy? Does it offer the flexibility and customization you need?
  • Ease of use. How much time and effort will it take to set up and use the materials? Is it user-friendly or complicated?
  • Support and assurance. What kind of support or warranty is provided? Does it cover not just the curriculum but also potential issues with other resources or services?
  • Returns and adaptability. Are there any return conditions or restrictions if the curriculum doesn't work for your family? Can you adjust it as your child's needs change?

Before making your final decision, it's wise to read reviews, explore product descriptions, and, if available, watch demo videos or sample lessons. Keep in mind that choosing homeschool materials is an investment in your child's education and growth. The right choice should align with your educational goals, your child's learning style, and your family's lifestyle. Top Consumer Reviews has ranked and reviewed the best homeschool supply and curriculum websites, and we hope our evaluation helps you make a confident decision about the next step in your child's educational journey.

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