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Where Can You Get the Best Homework Help Online?

No matter where you are in your academic journey, be it middle school. high school, or college, there's always a range of challenges when tackling assignments. It's familiar to find yourself wrestling with various subjects, and if you're a parent, supporting your child through these academic hurdles can be equally daunting.

What do you do when you're working on your homework and get stuck on a problem that you can't get past? Sometimes you're studying late at night or at odd hours, and the availability of teachers and classmates is limited (we see you out there, trying to pull an all-nighter. We get it!). Homework Help sites can work with you even if you're burning the midnight oil.

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2024 Homework Help Site Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 24 Hour Answers Review 5 Star Rating

24 Hour Answers

5 Star Rating
  • Pricing from $15 to $60
  • Tutors have advanced degrees in their major fields of study
  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Online library for questions answered previously
  • No monthly fees or minimum payments
  • Average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

24HourAnswers is an academic site that was established in 2005 and is currently headquartered in New York. The company prioritizes the academic needs of students across the globe through two services: asynchronous homework assistance and live, online tutoring through its whiteboard platform.

Choose your budget

24HourAnswers distinguishes itself by providing a 24/7 platform where students can submit questions related to various subjects. The best part? You can choose your budget, so you'll only get matched with tutors or helpers that fit your needs.

Multiple ways to get answers

Getting started with 24HourAnswers is simple. You can start right away by filling out a question form. Once you do that, you'll be prompted to create a free account. Once logged in, you can also look for live tutoring or homework help sessions, upload documents, and submit questions for a written solution. Tutors respond promptly, often within a few minutes. One of the best parts of this service is that you can set your own due dates to get the answers you need before the deadline on your actual homework.

Best Homework Help Sites

Live meetings or asynchronous answers

You can find assistance in a range of topics including math, organic chemistry, economics, accounting, finance, computer programming, writing, psychology, engineering, biology, physics, and more. You can opt for one-on-one sessions, where you can request the same tutor for future assistance. After each session, you can rate your tutors, facilitating 24HourAnswers in maintaining a high standard of tutoring quality. Live sessions are recorded for your future reference. Or, you can submit your question online to be answered asynchronously if you don't have time to commit to a whole session. Finally, you can always look up your problem in the homework library on the website for topics that have already been answered by the company.

Master's degrees and PhDs for tutors

In terms of pedigree, 24HourAnswers has impressive requirements for its tutors. All tutors possess degrees in their respective fields. Most of them hold master's degrees and many of them hold doctorates. 24HourAnswers doesn't hire any tutors that aren't fully qualified in the subject they're teaching.

Priced per session

Rather than a monthly subscription model, 24HourAnswers charges you based on individual work orders. Things that can change pricing include session duration, task complexity, tutor expertise, and the time available before the homework deadline. Upfront pricing details are provided, allowing you to decide whether to proceed with the service. Tutors aim to offer fair and realistic quotes, with potential flexibility based on specific budget constraints. And, if you want to limit the options to resources that are within your budget, you can select from 4 different budget ranges. You can choose from $15 to $25, $25 to $45, $45 to $60, and $60+.

Best Homework Help Sites

Refunds through a review process

Refund requests are infrequent, according to feedback from happy students. However, you can request a refund if you feel it's necessary. However, usually the student and tutor need to agree on the situation where a refund is possible. If there is a disagreement, an impartial evaluation from 24HourAnswers will assess whether the student received the expected assistance. Refunds, if issued, are returned to the original payment method.

Top-notch reputation

24HourAnswers is owned by Parker Paradigms Inc., and this parent company stands out with a stellar "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. On top of that, students have left tons of reviews for 24HourAnswers. Across multiple review sites, the average rating is an impressive 4.9 stars out of 5. Praise includes comments about 24HourAnswers' "unmatched professionalism" and extremely helpful details for a variety of courses including foreign languages and college prep. It's genuinely hard to find anything negative about 24HourAnswers, solidifying this company's reputation as a top-notch education resource.

#1 rating for 24HourAnswers

With overwhelmingly positive reviews from students, multiple learning methods, and pricing that fits any budget, 24HourAnswers stands out as a professional and comprehensive educational service. The pay-per-question model is flexible and takes every budget into account. With impressive tutors on their roster with advanced degrees, you can trust the expertise of 24HourAnswers. For these reasons, 24HourAnswers comes in as the top competitor for Homework Help in our review with a perfect 5-star rating.

Khan Academy Review 4.5 Star Rating

Khan Academy

4.5 Star Rating
  • Free to use
  • AI tutoring available
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Online library for questions answered previously
  • Average rating of 4 out of 5 stars

Established in 2007, Khan Academy operates as a non-profit organization committed to providing free education by offering practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard. Their core objective is skill mastery, focusing on helping learners build robust foundations for continuous learning. While some of their offerings might be more limited than other homework help sites, there's a wide variety of grade levels including up to college-level work. Plus as a free resource, Khan Academy stands out from the pack.

Easy and gamified approach

Getting started with Khan Academy is super easy. You just need to select the grade level and subject and jump right in. As learners engage with Khan Academy's courses, they accumulate "master points," creating a fun gamified approach to hold students' attention. After each unit, a test evaluates their comprehension of the acquired skills.

Supports all grade levels and exams

Khan Academy offers support to K-12 subjects like math, science, history, and language arts. It also aids students in test preparation for exams such as the LSAT, SAT, and Praxis. You can even find support for college-level courses at Khan Academy. The platform categorizes courses by grade and topic, offering a broad array of high school and college-level math courses, economics classes, arts and humanities topics, and life skills courses.

Best Homework Help Sites

Head start to learning

Notably, Khan Academy provides "get ready" courses for 3rd-8th graders, offering an overview of upcoming learning materials and a head start on essential skills - a valuable option for students to strengthen their foundations during the summer break. As another bonus, Khan Academy consistently expands its platform by incorporating new courses. Recent additions encompass "get ready" units for AP calculus, high school statistics, high school biology, AP/college chemistry, high school and AP/college physics, and AP/college environmental science. As donations flow in, Khan Academy grows its platform by maintaining up-to-date information to deliver optimal free online education.

No tutors, but AI learning included

Now, as a free service, Khan Academy doesn't offer person-to-person tutoring. However, you can use the new Khanmigo tool, which offers personalized AI tutoring from Khan Academy. This can be used by students to help guide their study or as a tool for teachers to support learning in the classroom.

Free to use

One of the best advantages of Khan Academy is its accessibility to anyone completely for free. Whether you're looking for help with a specific class or support getting ready for a college exam, Khan Academy serves as a valuable, cost-free resource. Many reviewers said they felt they gained more knowledge on this platform than through an entire semester or year of traditional in-person classes. And since there's no cost associated with Khan Academy, you don't have to worry about refunds.

Best Homework Help Sites

Solid reputation with educators and students

The impact of Khan Academy extends globally, providing invaluable resources not only to students within traditional educational systems but also reaching children in regions lacking access to formal education. While there isn't a Better Business Bureau page for Khan Academy since it's a non-profit rather than a business, there are plenty of reviews to look at online. From review sites that focus on teacher and student demographics, both groups are extremely happy with the service, awarding Khan Academy an average of 4 stars overall. From other third-party sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, the reviews show similar feedback with an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

Best free solution for homework help

While Khan Academy primarily functions as a self-guided resource, offering substantial benefits, some students may prefer access to one-on-one tutors or assistance with particularly challenging homework questions. With the new AI tool, there are also ways to get help from Khan Academy with more guidance. However, if you're looking for one-on-one help from a teacher or tutor, Khan Academy isn't going to be your first pick. But if you're looking for a free resource with K-12 and college-level homework help, Khan Academy is the top no-cost option out there. For this reason, it gets a strong recommendation in our review.

Chegg Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Pricing from $14.95
  • Extra costs for extra questions
  • Tutors have college degrees
  • Video and asynchronous Q&A
  • 7-day return policy
  • "B+" rating from the BBB

Founded in 2002, Chegg stands as a multifaceted platform offering textbook rentals, test prep materials, homework help, and more. Popular with college students especially as a more affordable option for textbooks (rather than buying them directly from their university), Chegg is a popular name in academia. With the Chegg learning services, you can prep with college-level materials as well as homework help for high school. The primary part of Chegg that's relevant to Homework Help services is the Chegg Study program.

Get started right away

Getting started is extremely simple at Chegg. The main page has a huge search bar where you can quickly type in your questions. You can also upload your question via a photo of your homework (especially helpful if you have complex math problems to work through). If you're looking specifically for Homework Help, you can check out the Study tab on the main site. Here you have two options: Textbook Explanations and Expert Q&As.

Video help and quick questions

Chegg offers a variety of tutoring services across various subjects such as accounting, algebra, biology, calculus, chemistry, economics, finance, physics, and statistics, targeting high school and college-level courses. Chegg extends 24/7 homework help, priding itself on an average response time of 46 minutes from the moment a student submits a question. If you want to use the Textbook Explanations feature, this will be a video walkthrough with your exact textbook helping you to solve problems in the book step by step. If you choose Expert Q&As, you can expect quick answers by just snapping a picture of your homework question and one of Chegg's on-staff tutors will help you out.

Best Homework Help Sites

College degree or better to work at Chegg

While finding details about the qualifications of Chegg's "experts" is unclear on the website itself, looking at Chegg's job offerings shows that they require at least a college degree in the subject the tutors are helping out with. In some cases with more advanced subjects, tutors and homework helpers are required to take additional exams through Chegg to prove they're knowledgeable in updated methodologies or degree-related practices.

$14.95 per month

Chegg works on a subscription basis. A subscription to Chegg Study which includes the Homework Help, tutoring, and other features comes at a monthly cost of $14.95, providing full access. The subscription includes 20 homework questions per month. Questions beyond the allotted 20 can be purchased separately, although the pricing details for this service are not explicitly outlined on the website. Regrettably, Chegg lacks a demo or free trial for its textbook solutions tool, which offers step-by-step explanations and guided video walkthroughs. So, you'll have to join the program to test it out. While you can cancel at any time, that lack of a preview is a little frustrating.

7-day refund policy

If you're not happy with the tutoring services you get from Chegg, there's a Study Guarantee program in place. This means you can reach out to Chegg within seven days of your first session, sharing why you're dissatisfied with the service. Chegg will then carefully review your case and, if they agree, you'll get a refund. While this isn't as concrete as some other guarantees, we're happy to see that Chegg now offers this refund option as it wasn't clearly defined the last time we reviewed the company.

Best Homework Help Sites

Reputation has risen in recent years

Chegg previously lacked a rating from the Better Business Bureau, so in that respect, we're impressed by how far the company has come. Chegg has brought its rating to a "B+" from the BBB, which is much more reliable. However, it still has mid-tier ratings from third-party review sites. Although these student reviews are primarily centered on textbook rentals, we have seen a gradual improvement. On the other hand, feedback on homework help resources is relatively scarce. Some reviews highlight concerns that Chegg prioritizes providing quick answers over comprehensive explanations during tutoring sessions, potentially limiting thorough understanding of the material.

Solid option but could be more transparent

Chegg Study presents itself as a potential resource for students seeking prompt solutions to homework problems. The platform allows you to ask specific questions and receive step-by-step instructions or quickly find textbook answers. While it offers practical assistance, it is a little less helpful than some other services that offer more transparency on what the services entail. Chegg Study appears suitable for obtaining swift solutions but may not be the optimal choice for in-depth concept immersion. It has raised its reputation in recent years, and is a go-to source for textbooks. For all these reasons, and its affordable pricing, Chegg earns a solid rating in our review.

The Princeton Review Review 4 Star Rating

The Princeton Review

4 Star Rating
  • Pricing from $39.99 to $339.99/month
  • Synchronous tutoring
  • Average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • "A-" rating and accreditation from the BBB

The Princeton Review has been a key player in supporting students with their education for over 35 years. Their primary focus is on providing test prep materials for college-level (and graduate school) exams such as the GRE, TOEFL, ACT, SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, DAT, and more.

Great reputation for prep courses

Despite being acknowledged as relatively expensive, The Princeton Review is renowned for its highly recommended test prep courses that promise visible improvement in results. It also provides private one-on-one tutoring to address any homework queries. This is the only way to learn from this platform, so if you're looking for 24/7 help or asynchronous options, this site won't be ideal for you.

Get started with a free trial

Getting started at The Princeton Review is simple. All you need to do is click the "start free trial" button on the main page, and you can use the homework assistance and tutoring options right away. The trial offers 7 days free with a complimentary 30-minute tutoring session. This way, you can check out the tutoring style and begin addressing challenging homework questions before you have to make a payment decision. If you cancel the membership before the end of the 7-day trial period, you won't be charged anything.

Best Homework Help Sites

Range of services

While The Princeton Review specializes in college and post-grad exam prep, K-12 students can also benefit from one-on-one tutoring to receive assistance with AP tests and review various class materials. The Princeton Review offers homework help through personalized tutoring in over 80 subjects. Instead of providing standalone resources for independent use, such as a library of information for self-directed homework, their emphasis is on the effectiveness of tutoring. While this is a highly successful method for homework help, the personalized nature of tutoring comes at a substantial cost.

Lower qualification requirements

The qualifications for becoming a teacher with The Princeton Review are actually much more lax than some other companies in our review. Candidates to teach for The Princeton Review must live in the U.S. or Canada, and be at least 18 years old. Tutors need to successfully pass their qualifying exam and training, showcase strong oral and written communication skills, and have the ability to create a dynamic and interesting learning environment for students. These guidelines don't even require a high school diploma, which was surprising. However, for college-level exams, instructors must have or be currently pursuing a bachelor's degree or higher.

Four ways to pay monthly

So, the one complaint often seen for The Princeton Review is that it's pricey. While you can start with a free trial, that only lasts 1 week. And when you sign up, you'll have to commit to one of the amounts for tutoring on a monthly payment schedule. While plans can be altered or canceled at any time, the options include:

  • 1 hour at $39.99/month
  • 2 hours at $79.99/month
  • 3 hours at $114.99/month
  • 5 hours at $179.99/month
  • 10 hours at $339.99/month

The challenge with prepaying for a set number of hours per month lies in the difficulty of predicting the exact amount of tutoring you will actually require. This may lead to a feeling of obligation to utilize the tutor even when not necessary to avoid wasting money.

Best Homework Help Sites

Grade improvement guarantee

The Princeton Review offers a grade improvement assurance of at least half a letter grade (or three points) higher if your student is K-12 and attends 2 hours of tutoring per month in a single subject for three consecutive months. If you follow those particular guidelines but don't see the promised improvement, The Princeton Review promises a full refund of their services.

Solid reputation overall

With an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau and positive student reviews, The Princeton Review stands out as a valuable resource for those committed to their education and willing to invest in their learning. According to third-party review sites, The Princeton Review has an impressive average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. Customers were particularly impressed by their tutors' knowledge and professionalism, so it appears that the hiring qualifications (or lack thereof) aren't a problem for The Princeton Review's quality of service.

Best if you want synchronous tutoring sessions

While the cost of tutoring and the need to plan hours in advance may require a little extra consideration, The Princeton Review is a solid homework help option that can guarantee results. Plus, if you're fond of synchronous tutoring sessions where you talk with another person, The Princeton Review is ideal for you. However, if you're interested in a mixed-mode learning style with asynchronous materials as well as tutoring, you may be disappointed with your options here.

Course Hero Review 3.5 Star Rating

Course Hero

3.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing from $119.40 per year or $59.85 per quarter
  • Extra costs for extra questions
  • Tutors are screened on their subjects
  • Asynchronous Q&A style
  • AI-powered homework help
  • Online library
  • 30-day return policy
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

As the world of AI keeps expanding, it's little to no surprise that the technology is making its way into learning. There are a few options in our review that include AI in their homework help services, but Course Hero stands out from the rest by being almost entirely AI-powered.

Paid or free

The homework help program is offered under a paid or free membership depending on which features you want to use (and how many). You can work with the AI for a few questions for free or with an expert (which is covered only under the paid membership). However, if you're willing to work through your homework with an AI trained for education purposes, this might be a unique way to get help around the clock in a way that working with a human tutor can't.

AI answers questions 24/7

To use the homework help AI, all you have to do is upload your study documents. You can upload a photo, .docx, or PDF file for the AI to review. The AI will help you answer questions where you're stuck and provide answers and explanations directly on the document or file that you uploaded. The best part is this service is fully 24/7, so you can get help from your homework AI anytime you need it. You can get one question answered for free before you need to join a Course Hero membership.

One-stop shop for homework

So, on top of AI homework help, you can find extra help from Course Hero experts as well as the Course Hero online library. For the experts, you get 5 questions free before you have to subscribe to a membership. Like the AI, this service is also 24/7, so you can talk to an expert about your homework any time. Keep in mind this is an asynchronous service, so you won't be on video calls with a tutor. You can ask anything from high school to college level questions on a range of over 100 subjects. Then, there's the study resources. This includes school resources, textbook solutions, study guides, grammar checkers, and even a tool to help you paraphrase. With multiple ways to get the answers you need and some of them free (like the study resources), Course Hero offers an impressive one-stop shop.

Best Homework Help Sites

Experts are highly qualified

At Course Hero, you'll receive answers from a certified expert, specially trained in your field of study. Course Hero's team of over 2,600 tutors went through a comprehensive onboarding process that included a subject-specific application to assess their knowledge, an official check of their credentials to verify their background, and feedback from students to guarantee clear and thorough content. While they don't say if there's a degree requirement, the Course Hero tutor application process is extremely thorough.

Free and paid membership

Course Hero offers two memberships: a Basic Membership, available for free, and a paid Premier Membership with two billing periods. With the Basic Membership, you can access online tutors (the expert help option) at a separate cost. On the other hand, Premier members, who pay either a monthly or annual fee, get benefits like unlocking up to 30 documents and/or User Questions, full access to Textbook Solutions and Explanations in Course Hero's library, and the ability to receive answers on up to 40 Questions.

Plan details

For Course Hero's 3 plans, here are the details:

  • Basic plan: This plan doesn't cost anything, but you'll have limited access to study materials. You can access up to 3 documents per month, but you'll be missing out on premium content or 24/7 tutor support. (It is unclear if this includes the AI assistant).
  • Annual subscription: This plan costs $9.95 per month, billed annually at $119.40. This allows you unlimited access to study materials, including premium content, and 24/7 tutor support.
  • Quarterly subscription: This plan costs $19.95 per month, billed quarterly at $59.85. This offers the same features as the Annual subscription, but you'll pay a higher monthly fee.

As a bonus, both membership types allow you to earn "Unlocks" and extra questions you can ask for free by contributing study documents to Course Hero's library. For every 10 documents submitted, you can earn 5 unlocks or 3 questions (up to 9).

Best Homework Help Sites

30-day money-back guarantee

With Course Hero's Money Back Guarantee, you can get a full refund if you meet certain criteria. To qualify, you need to request a refund within 30 days of your purchase, and you should not have used more than five 5 subscription unlocks. This way you can use some unlocks and get a proper trial of what the site offers, but still cancel within a reasonable amount.

Tutors aren't happy with Course Hero

Course Hero has an impressive "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. On the other hand, from third-party review sites, Course Hero doesn't do as well. Instead, it has an average star rating of 2.3 out of 5. Customers liked parts of the program, citing helpful experts and useful materials, but others were frustrated with problems like a sudden rise in fees or the difficulty accessing questions or services once they ran out of free ones (even with a paid membership). However, many of the poor reviews for Course Hero on Trustpilot and other third-party review sites are from tutors who work there rather than customers leaving reviews.

Solid option if you need help at all hours

While the appeal of a totally 24/7 service is amazing, there are a few things to keep in mind with Course Hero. First, the services are fairly limited if you don't want to pay for a monthly membership. And even if you do, there are some limitations to the number of questions you can ask per month. While you can earn other free questions, it's a little frustrating to have to "work" for the company to get more help with homework. However, the site offers highly comprehensive solutions with three different ways to get answers to your homework: AI, Experts, and Study Resources. So, if this is your cup of tea, make sure you check it out.

Wyzant Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Free to use homework help
  • Tutoring from $35 to $155 per hour
  • Tutors all over 18
  • Synchronous tutoring and asynchronous Q&A

Established in 2005 by two Princeton graduates, Wyzant has nearly 20 years of experience, earning recognition through features in prominent media outlets. Wyzant, a platform dedicated to one-on-one learning, aims to provide accessible, affordable, and convenient educational experiences.

Compare tutors

Wyzant prioritizes your needs by allowing you to compare tutor qualifications, hourly rates, and reviews for your best-matched homework help. Offering flexibility with online and in-person sessions, Wyzant lets you decide how you want to learn. However, there's one drawback: if you're looking for 24/7 assistance with your homework, this may not be the best platform. As the site specializes in tutoring sessions, the homework help options aren't as robust. On the other hand, the "ask a question" service offered by Wyzant for homework does appear to be free.

Ask a question to start

To get started with Wyzant's homework help service, you just need to type your question in the text box and submit it. If you don't have an account already, the site will prompt you. This way, when one of the on-staff tutors answers your question, you can be instantly notified via email. While there isn't anything complicated or confusing about the question-and-answer process, it also isn't as robust as other services unless you want to take advantage of one-on-one tutoring.

Best Homework Help Sites

Help with 300+ subjects

With a robust offering of over 300 subjects, the platform facilitates more than a million lessons annually through trusted instructors. Wyzant's extensive subject coverage spans from algebra and chemistry to languages and coding, reflecting its commitment to assisting students across various academic domains. However, most of the topics covered by Wyzant are high school level. So, if you're looking for help in a college-level class, this may not be ideal for you.

Tutor qualifications are lower than average

To become a tutor at Wyzant, there are only a few simple requirements. Tutors must be at least 18 years old and living in the United States. Wyzant does not require tutors to have degrees or to be certified as teachers, though those factors are a bonus in their hiring process. We were a little surprised at the lax requirements for tutors given that many of Wyzant's competitors require college degrees (and sometimes advanced degrees) to offer help to students in the tutor's area of expertise. In some cases, companies require exams during the hiring process. Wyzant doesn't require any of these things, which might be tied into some concerns reviewers had about tutor matches.

Free homework answers

For the question and answer homework help, Wyzant's services are free. However, if you want to utilize a tutoring session, the pricing changes depending on which tutor you hire. While the platform aims to provide a general idea of expected rates, the variability in online and in-person tutoring locations results in a broad cost spectrum, ranging from $35 to over $155 per hour.

Best Homework Help Sites

Reputation has fallen recently

Understandably, Wyzant faces mixed reviews and concerns about potential overcharging, which is part of why the platform's rating has fallen recently. While Wyzant used to hold an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, it now only has a "B+" rating, showing a decline in popularity. Further, reviews on third-party sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot exhibit some variability, contributing to a 3.8-star average on Sitejabber and a 2.8-star rating on Trustpilot. The main concerns revolve around the time it takes to find a suitable tutor and occasional disparities in tutoring rates. Not many of the reviews focus on the homework help service specifically.

Mid-tier service with free homework help

While Wyzant remains a prominent and user-friendly platform for tutoring services, with an option for free questions-and-answers-style homework help, its reputation raises some questions about its ongoing quality. While there is praise for the tutoring service, reviewers also had concerns about overcharging and tutor matching issues. For these reasons, Wyzant falls in the middle of the pack for homework help. It's not the most robust platform, but it has a free option for homework help, making it competitive.

Infoplease Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Free to use
  • Database organization
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Online library
  • Average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars

Infoplease promises a comprehensive reference and learning platform, integrating the features of an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, and various almanacs filled with statistics, facts, and historical records. Despite their claim to excellence and multiple awards post-launch, Infoplease has faced criticism for grammatical errors and a difficult-to-use interface, and we totally agree. If you're looking for a polished user experience, you should definitely check out one of our higher-rated options instead.

A little confusing when you first arrive

Upon accessing Infoplease, our initial experience wasn't the most welcoming. The front page of Infoplease is heralded by a cluttered interface full of blue hyperlinks, different-sized fonts, and extremely small or disorganized text. The last update to their homework center in February 2017 raises concerns about the site's maintenance and relevance to modern textbooks and methodologies. There are strange links too, to non-education-related materials like "Top Secret: SCP Foundation" which is a fictional story (and not one popular in English programs).

Lots of subjects, but poor organization

Infoplease offers a variety of subjects such as geography, history, language arts, mathematics, science, and more. The search bar allows you to explore the site's tools like a conversion calculator, periodic table, distance calculator, math flashcards, Roman numeral challenge, and others. In general, the tools seem a little random, though they could prove beneficial in specific scenarios.

Best Homework Help Sites

Difficult to use for specific needs

Each learning topic on Infoplease leads to a cascade of subcategories, providing you with more in-depth information. For instance, selecting science might lead to subtopics like earth science, physical science, or computer science. However, it's pretty challenging to sift through the information to address specific homework help needs, making it more suitable for casual learners exploring a wide array of subjects.

No tutors on staff

Infoplease is different from some of the other sites in our review because it functions primarily as a database. So, there aren't any on-staff tutors to help you out. If you want to dig up information on your homework at Infoplease, you're totally on your own. This may not be ideal for more complex subjects like advanced sciences or mathematics.

Free to use

On the bright side, you don't have to pay for Infoplease. So, you can explore an extensive wealth of information without incurring any costs. However, this seems only fair considering how complicated it is to find what you need at Infoplease. In general, you might be better off looking on Google before digging through Infoplease for what you need. But despite the need for updates, the platform remains an open resource for those seeking knowledge without financial constraints.

Best Homework Help Sites

Solid reputation for those looking for casual research

Since Infoplease is free to use and not a business, the company doesn't have a page on the Better Business Bureau. However, reviews on sites like Sitejabber give us an idea of how students are using Infoplease and what their experiences are like. The overall rating is a solid 4.5 stars out of 5. On the other hand, most of the reviews come from casual researchers or those who aren't looking to answer particular homework questions. While you can find extra details about a topic of interest or a few study guides with general information, this won't be the place to answer those in-depth textbook questions.

Not an ideal platform for homework

Infoplease initially aimed to establish itself as a comprehensive knowledge hub. While the mission was commendable, it appears that over time, the platform struggled to keep pace with evolving internet study tools, leading to a loss of direction. Regrettably, seeking homework help on Infoplease may prove futile. However, it remains a viable resource for those interested in self-directed learning or exploring new topics in their free time. Since it doesn't stand out in the homework help department, Infoplease gets a lower-than-average rating.

Pear Deck Learning Review 1.5 Star Rating

Pear Deck Learning

1.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing based on quotes
  • Synchronous tutoring sessions
  • Focus on individual learning

Pear Deck Learning, formerly known as TutorMe, is an innovative online tutoring platform that's reshaping the way students learn... supposedly. At Pear Deck Learning, what they're really working toward is a bit of a mystery. The site lacks much of the transparency it had before the rebrand, making it more difficult to suss out specifics.

Reputation has fallen

What we do know is that Pear Deck Learning kept TutorMe's adherence to one-on-one tutoring sessions as its main drive. But while the company used to have an impressive track record (back when it was TutorMe) of over 1.3 million live sessions, writing lab submissions, and 705,000 hours of one-on-one interaction, Pear Deck Learning doesn't have the same reputation.

Site is missing major details

Starting your homework help with Pear Deck Learning is hidden behind a paywall. There's no detail about what you can expect from the program until you click on the "request a quote" button. There isn't even an online chatbot to ask questions. This is a huge departure from how Pear Deck Learning ran things back when it was still TutorMe. Despite a gorgeous design interface, we're a little skeptical about this new rebrand.

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Focuses on individual tutoring

When it comes to tutoring at Pear Deck Learning, you'll get one-on-one virtual lessons. In addition to the live sessions, Pear Deck Learning still claims an extensive catalog of subjects. But, Pear Deck Learning is a tutoring-only service. If you're looking for an online library or asynchronous learning tools for your homework help, you won't find them here. Unfortunately, details about what you'll find in these one-on-one sessions are scarce.

Lower requirements for tutors

The requirements for tutors to work at Pear Deck Learning appear much less stringent than they were in the past. Potential tutors only need to be 18 years old and have proficiency in the subjects they want to tutor in. This is a major departure from other top competitors who require college degrees or even higher education for their staff members.

No transparency in pricing

While TutorMe had a detailed description of prices, Pear Deck Learning in its new form does not. As we mentioned earlier, all of the details about the tutoring program are hidden behind the "quote" button. There are no prices (even general ones) listed on the site. So, without submitting your personal information and waiting for a quote to pop up in your email, there's no way to know for sure how much you might be paying for Pear Deck Learning's services. Unsurprisingly, there were no details about refunds either.

Best Homework Help Sites

Lack of a reputation raises questions

Unfortunately, Pear Deck Learning is so new since its rebranding from TutorMe, the new company doesn't have any ratings on the Better Business Bureau. Since the company has been extremely different in practice and presentation since the rebrand, we don't feel comfortable substituting TutorMe's old "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau. In terms of third-party reviews, there's really nothing out there for Pear Deck Learning either. One site offers 16 reviews with a 5-star average, so maybe there's hope for this rebrand, but we're still skeptical.

Rebrand is still too fresh

At the end of the day, Pear Deck Learning just doesn't stand out the way it did before the rebrand. With little to no information on major details of the site, we're not sure what the prices are, what the tutoring sessions are really like, or if you should trust them to help out with your homework. So, with a lack of transparency being the primary concern here, Pear Deck Learning earns a lower rating in our review. We hope that the company will be able to impress us in the future once it's fully settled from the rebrand, but right now, you're better off looking somewhere else for homework help services.

Top Homework Helper Review 1.5 Star Rating

Top Homework Helper

1.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing based on quotes
  • Tutors at "Ph.D. Level"
  • Asynchronous Q&A style

Top Homework Helper is a site that operates around the clock to offer personalized solutions to your homework challenges. Top Homework Helper emphasizes delivering excellent solutions to help students make a positive impression on their professors. However, a potential concern emerges as Top Homework Helper seems geared toward providing answers rather than facilitating a deep understanding of the subject matter. The FAQ section raises questions about hiring someone to complete assignments, with affirmative responses suggesting a focus on completing tasks rather than fostering learning.

Submit your question and wait

Three straightforward steps guide you through the process of utilizing Top Homework Helper's services. First, you need to submit your homework questions, specifying the subject and attaching relevant documents. Following this, payment is made using PayPal, a debit card, or a credit card, although the pricing details remain undisclosed. An expert then reaches out to provide a solution before the specified deadline.

Get answers on 100+ subjects

Top Homework Helper covers over 100 subjects, including geography, math, biotechnology, humanities, language arts, computer science, and more, typically aligning with 6th- through 12th-grade coursework, including essay writing. In terms of using the services, you can set your own deadlines when submitting homework questions to Top Homework Helper. You'll usually get a solution promptly, with some answers available in as little as 24 hours. However, if you're looking for free online resources or synchronous tutoring, you're out of luck here.

Best Homework Help Sites

Tutors hold PhDs

While we struggled to find any details about the qualifications for working at Top Homework Helper, the online chat feature let us find out super quick. The chat representative told us that the tutors at Top Homework Helper are all "Ph.D. level" . This was highly impressive compared to some companies that hire those with high school diplomas. However, the chat rep also used some pretty broken English in our communication which raised some eyebrows. We're not sure if "Ph.D. level" means that the tutors hold Ph.D.s or if this is just a "level" of knowledge that employees have.

Pricing lacks transparency

Another place we weren't particularly impressed with was the lack of transparency regarding prices. Top Homework Helper uses a quote-based payment system where you pay for each question you ask. While this avoids paying monthly for tutoring services you may or may not need, it does leave a lot of questions. The only statement on the website is that the prices are "reasonable." But to see any pricing, you'll have to make an account and submit a homework request.

One free revision

Top Homework Helper doesn't appear to offer refunds or guarantees. However, the company does offer a free revision if the original solution to your question is insufficient or unhelpful. This is particularly beneficial when you have writing assignments you need Top Homework Helper's assistance with.

Best Homework Help Sites

Reputation is one of the worst

Top Homework Helper lacks recognition from the Better Business Bureau and has gotten lots of student complaints on third-party review sites. On Sitejabber, for example, Top Homework Helper has an average rating of 1 star out of 5. Reviews highlight issues such as grammatical errors in assignments, delayed expert responses, and unclear pricing structures. The absence of transparent pricing until after discussing homework details makes us doubt the platform's reliability and commitment to clear communication.

Too many red flags

There are a lot of red flags to watch out for at Top Homework Helper. On top of the abysmal 1-star review average, you'll find broken English on several pages of the website. Plus, the lack of transparency on pricing is a huge downside since you don't know what you're getting into before you get your quote. Given these factors, it's safer to choose one of our higher-rated options over Top Homework Helper for homework assistance.

Quiz+ Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Prices by quote
  • AI answers
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Online library for questions answered previously

Quiz+ is a study tool database, offering a range of resources like quizzes, tests, flashcards, and textbooks spanning 30 academic fields, from anthropology to nursing. Designed for students looking to streamline their test preparation, the platform allows you to select a subtopic and course, offering ready-made study materials. It's particularly useful for independent learners, making it an excellent resource for AP students aiming to stay organized and focused. However, with some significant red flags, Quiz+ isn't the homework help solution it promises to be.

Look through the library of tools

To get started, you can search the huge database right away to see if the resources you're looking for are available for free. When you search for a topic or subject, you'll see all the different tools available for you. As a test, we just searched AP English and saw the following tools:

  • What other students viewed
  • Common questions for your topic
  • Textbook solutions
  • Quizzes
  • Online courses
  • Downloadable documents

The tools that are available for free will have a little unlock symbol next to them. The rest will have an "unlock" button.

Four ways to complete homework

The total range of services includes 4 different options to support your education. You can expect textbook solutions, docu-assist (where you upload your homework problems and Quiz+ will help you finish it), 24/7 homework assistance via community help, and flashcards. To use the homework help section of the site, you can type out your question or upload a photo, select the subject of your questions, and then Quiz+ posts your question to a public forum where other community members help you answer your question. You can choose to do this anonymously or through your username. However, it's unclear if this is free or part of the premium membership.

Best Homework Help Sites

No on-staff tutors

As all of the services are completed by the community (like homework help) or by AI (like the docu-assist), there aren't any on-staff tutors or experts to help you out at Quiz+. This program appears pretty hands-off beyond facilitating the database for students.

No details regarding prices

Pricing is a bit of a sticking point with Quiz+. We couldn't find any mention of the price either for pay-per-question or for the premium membership. Even with outside research from reviews or online blogs, it was completely unclear. Quiz+'s pricing structure appears to be "quote-based" according to one source, but we were unable to verify that from Quiz+ itself. For this reason, we're a little wary of suggesting Quiz+. With unclear pricing, it doesn't stand out as the most trustworthy place to put your money.

No refunds allowed

We were able to find a refund policy, and it isn't particularly uplifting. According to Quiz+'s terms and conditions, the company will not offer refunds of any kind. Their FAQ section says this specifically: "All Subscription fees are non-refundable. No refund will be granted regardless of the reason. This policy is strict. You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances." Yikes - talk about zero customer service!

Best Homework Help Sites

Recent reviews show significant concern

Quiz+ had a higher rating than we expected given the general lack of customer service demonstrated by the company's policies. But the ratings still aren't great. From the Better Business Bureau, Quiz+ holds a "B-" rating, and outside the BBB the reviews are decidedly average as well. From Trustpilot, the company has earned an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5, though on Sitejabber, that score is a much lower 2.6-star average. Customers are calling the "free trial" from Quiz+ a "scam" as it only lasts 48 hours before you're charged. Customers also note that they had problems with the billing system where they were charged too much and couldn't secure a refund due to the no refund policy at Quiz+. Most of the recent reviews recommend staying away from Quiz+

Last place for customer service

While there are some solid learning tools at Quiz+, the lack of transparency and lack of customer service are two red flags you don't want to ignore. With our caution echoed by warnings in recent third-party reviews, it's a no-brainer for us to suggest you try one of the higher-rated services in our review instead. For these reasons, as well as its dishonest pricing and completely unbending policy regarding refunds, Quiz+ earns a low rating. Keep your money and try another company first.

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There are tons of exceptional online resources and websites that stand ready to assist students with their homework at any time. These platforms cover hundreds of subjects - ranging from math and science to literature, music, art, and even specialized college-level courses. The beauty of these online lifesavers lies in their ability to connect students with experts who are adept at navigating the intricacies of academic challenges.

Late-night study sessions can quickly turn into a frustrating experience when you're grappling with a perplexing assignment. And, not all subjects are easily comprehensible. Every student has a unique learning style. When the classroom explanations fail to provide clarity, the homework can become an uphill battle.

Online homework help services offer tons of different learning tools and features. Imagine having access to personalized tutors, vocabulary flashcards, textbook solutions, searchable essays, and much more. The primary focus isn't merely on solving homework problems but on providing comprehensive, step-by-step assistance that aids in grasping the fundamental concepts.

Whether you're looking for one-on-one help in a tutoring session or a database to find answers specific to your textbook, there's a service out there that will serve your study needs. The best part is that many of these services operate 24/7, so you have a reliable homework lifeline whenever the need arises.

Since there are so many sites out there that offer homework help, making the right choice can be daunting. Before committing to a membership or a pay-per-question service, be sure to check out these criteria:

  • Subjects offered. Make sure the platform you choose has the subjects and level that you need to get your homework questions answered. Some only offer K-12 whereas others offer all grade levels (even for graduate degrees).
  • Cost. Pricing can play a huge role in which service you select. While some companies offer free homework help services, others charge per service or per month. Knowing how much you want to spend and balancing that with the quality of homework help can make sure you find the right company.
  • Reputation. Real user experiences can provide valuable insights into whether or not a service is right for you. Are other students succeeding at getting answers to their homework problems? Are there concerns about payments or security? Check customer reviews and a company's reputation with the Better Business Bureau to get a clear look at how each business operates for students just like you.
  • Variety of services. Everyone has a different learning style. Make sure that your chosen platform has the learning tools you need. Are you looking for resources, such as video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and practice problems? Or do you want one-on-one interaction with a tutor to help explain the homework to you? Whether you want synchronous learning opportunities or asynchronous work at any time of the day, make sure the platform you choose supports that learning style.

To make sure you find the best homework help on the market today, Top Consumer Reviews has meticulously reviewed and ranked the top services. We hope this helps you stop worrying about how you're going to complete your complex homework and begin focusing on getting the answers you need to move forward with your course or degree program. Happy learning!

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Homework Help Site FAQ

The homework help services online cover material that you'll see in grade school (K-12) all the way through graduate school. Regardless of what level you are at, you'll be able to find videos, guides, or tutors to explain the concepts you need help with. Whether you are learning 1+1 or solving a complex chemistry problem, online homework help services have you covered.
There are some fantastic non-profit homework help services that allow you access to their materials at no cost! We recommend taking advantage of all the free learning opportunities available to you before committing to a more expensive option. Some homework help companies allow you to pay by the minute or buy a monthly membership and get one-on-one help from a tutor. This costs anywhere from $15 - $115 or more per month.
If you're using a free service that offers guides and videos to help you through your homework problems, you can access these whenever you want and as many times as you need. Some services have you buy a subscription and choose how many hours per month you are allowed to work with a tutor (you can always purchase extra time if needed). These sites have tutors available 24/7, so no matter what time of day it is or what time zone you're in, you can get help right away.
The most common subjects that students usually get help with online are math, science, English, social studies, and art. However, the list of topics and concepts that online homework help services can assist with include far more than that. You'll find information and/or tutoring help with computer programming, medicine, physiology, engineering, microeconomics, and even test prep for the SAT, MCAT, GMAT, IIT, JEE, and much more. Regardless of what you're studying in school, there is assistance readily available for you online when you need it.
Online tutors are usually required to have a bachelor's degree. In addition, they need to have studied the topic they are going to be tutoring students in. Before being hired, they usually have to go through a series of mock tutoring sessions to show that you are able to clearly explain concepts, communicate well, and have an extensive knowledge of any questions someone might have. Many tutors have years of experience and are some of the most reliable experts you will find to help you with the subject you're studying.
There are a few different ways you might communicate with tutors or receive help with your homework online. The first is through a chat box - a feature that most services provide so you can quickly ask questions back and forth. You might also utilize a webcam so that you can see your tutor and talk with them out loud. A virtual whiteboard is used to upload your homework questions and work out problems for you to visually see how to do all the steps. If you aren't working with a tutor, you might be accessing videos that explain different concepts in detail. You can pause and rewind these to learn at your own pace. Some services offer practice problems or step-by-step guides for reference on any given topic. Online homework help services are just as effective (if not more so) than sitting down with a tutor in-person.
Utilizing an online homework help service is the most convenient way to learn. If you're at home and get stuck on a question or project, scheduling an in-person appointment, waiting until it's your turn to get help, and driving to a tutoring center is going to take a long time. It causes a major interruption in your workflow and takes away some of the time you could have spent studying and working on more of your homework. With online homework help, you can jump on your computer and be working with a tutor or referencing materials within minutes. You'll have as much time as you need and never have to leave your house.

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