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Jacuzzi Review

Tuesday, June 28th

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Jacuzzi Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Jacuzzi is the pioneer of hot tub spas
  • Offers all ranges of spas from entry level to luxury
  • Jets use powerful water/air combination

Jacuzzi has long been the innovator of hydromassage tubs. They began in 1956 with adding a hose to the existing bathtub for a hydromassage, and have grown gradually to free-standing spas. They remain one of the top innovators and reputable spa companies, offering entry-level to luxury-level spas and boast fantastic energy efficiency.

What's so special about Jacuzzi?

The Jacuzzi brothers came to the US from Italy in the early 1900s. They were innovative in agriculture and aviation and put that to use in their home hydrotherapy methods. In the 1940s, Candido Jacuzzi's son, who was only a toddler, had rheumatoid arthritis. Candido invented a hydrotherapy pump to help his young son find relief. The engineers in the Jacuzzi family created a hydrotherapy product to turn a bathtub into a spa, and in 1956 created the seedling of the series of Jacuzzi hydromassage spa products. Today, Jacuzzis are manufactured in five countries and sold in more than 60 countries around the world. They continue to innovate with smart technology, stay-clean mechanics, and other cutting-edge features.


Jacuzzi has a unique pricing system. Where most hot tub companies will tell you the price, or at least the starting price in a category, Jacuzzi gives it a certain number of dollar signs. $$ means that this model of tub is an entry level and should cost in the $4,000-$8,000 range. $$$ means mid-range and should cost in the $8,000-$12,000 range, $$$$ indicates premium tubs and should cost between $12,000-$15,000, and $$$$$ are luxury hot tubs going from $16,000 and up.

It's all in the body-contouring engineering

These hydromassage spa tubs are designed and created using body measurements based on 90% of the population, have seats in the contour of the body, and have placed recessed jets strategically in the human form for personalization. The jets pump both air and water for an exhilarating, efficient massage.


There are two options. You can choose a salt system which generates chlorine from salt, or you can use UV-C technology, which gives you the choice to adjust the right amount of chlorine or bromine for your needs and desires.

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Energy efficiency

Jacuzzi boasts energy-efficient tubs by conserving heat through components that maintain thermal energy, meeting strict energy standards set by the California Energy Commission. Their jet pumps have cost-effective, high-performance power, their circulation pump transfers heat that's created by the motor to the water, they use full-foam insulation, and their covers are well insulated with weather-resistant material to insulate the tub, and therefore save energy. Some reviews say that a downfall of Jacuzzi is that in fact, they are not the most energy-efficient, but we didn't find evidence to back that up.

Hot tub costs

  • J-200 Collection: $4,000 and up
  • J-300 Collection: $8,000 and up
  • J-400 Collection: $12,000 and up
  • J-500 Collection: $16,000 and up

The extras

Jacuzzi offers SmartTub Systems where you can customize your settings to manage your hot tub from afar; change lighting, jets, and temperature; and control the filtration as well as energy savings. The smart system can send you alerts, send diagnostics to your dealer, receive energy usage reports, and determine if there are energy outages. You can also activate your spa from anywhere with your smart home device.

Download the brochure to get more information

Much of the information you might be looking for may not exist on their website. There is, however, an option to download the brochure. Why the brochure must be downloaded rather on a clickable tab doesn't seem to make sense, except that in order to receive that download, they want your name, address, and email. You're actually able to skip some of the requested fields, but they don't tell you that. When you add your email information, you receive emails from both Jacuzzi and a dealer in your area and you're put on subscription. Even the brochure doesn't have a ton of information, perhaps on purpose as to direct you to contact a dealer for the specifics on each model.

Jacuzzi earns their long-term, high reputation

Jacuzzi is the innovator of the hot tub and when one thinks of these spas, they often use hot tub and Jacuzzi synonymously. Jacuzzi's five collections of tubs offer 26 models with price ranges from $4,000 to almost $20,000. We wish it were possible to obtain pricing and other detailed information without having to subscribe to mailing lists. Other than that, Jacuzzi remains highly recommended.

Where Can You Find the Best Hot Tubs?

Do the mere words hot tub give you the dreamy feeling of sinking down in a pool of warm water, relaxing, closing your eyes, feeling the healing massage of the hydro jets on your back and neck, and letting the world slip by? Or perhaps you associate hot tubs with friends or family relaxing together, enjoying a little social time in the warm, bubbly spa.

If you've dreamed of enjoying the relaxation and muscle relief that a spa can offer, and having it in your own yard, we have information for you on the best hot tubs out there. Just sit back and relax. Hot tubs can come in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose the standard model, or you can go up in levels where they add waterfalls, colored lights, and perhaps smart capabilities.

The Best Hot Tubs Compare Hot Tubs Compare Hot Tub Reviews What are the best Hot Tubs Best Hot Tub Reviews

Hot Tub FAQ

When people think of hot tubs, they generally think of relaxing in them for pleasure. Although this is their main purpose, they are also great for hydrotherapy, pain relief, muscle relaxation, calorie burning, and more. There are a surprising amount of health benefits that come from lounging in a warm body of water.
When deciding what size of hot tub to buy, measure the area where you plan to put the hot tub. Leave a few extra feet on at least one side for getting in and out and doing maintenance. Other factors to consider are how many people you want to be able to fit in the hot tub together. You'll usually find ones that fit anywhere from 2-7 people, which will be a big factor in determining the overall cost.
Hot tubs will range from $3,000 to over $16,000 based on the performance, size, accessories, and design. For people getting a hot tub for their first time, they'll likely be happy with something in the $3,000 to $7,000 range that will meet all their needs. Some people choose to finance their hot tubs and make monthly payments on them since they are a considerably big purchase to make. That way they don't have to pay for it all upfront.
Luckily, hot tubs aren't very high maintenance. If you stick to the 3 C's of circulation, cleaning, and chemistry, you're set! It helps to set a schedule to check the hot tub filter to make sure nothing is getting in the way of water circulating freely. Also schedule times to clean out debris, scum, or stray critters that can dirty your hot tub. Last but not least, make sure you maintain a healthy pH and alkaline level in your hot tub by checking your chemicals and adjusting them as needed. Carefully read the instruction manual that comes with your particular model to be aware of all the parts that may need replacing after a certain period of time.
You'll probably find yourself making more choices than you first thought once you start your hot tub shopping journey. For starters, do you want a square hot tub? A circular hot tub? Or a hexagon-shaped hot tub? Not only are there multiple options for the shape, but also the exterior color and material, interior materials, color, light features, seating arrangements, where you want the jets, and much more. You'll be able to choose a hot tub to match the aesthetic of your home and patio.
Hot tubs and saunas can serve similar purposes for people, but in completely different ways. A sauna is a room where infrared heat or steam is emitted to produce a feeling of relaxation, increase blood flow, loosen muscles, and sweat for weight loss. Hot tubs allow people to be immersed completely in warm or hot water to loosen joints, relax muscles, improve mood, and increase blood flow. Many people opt for hot tubs over saunas because they are more versatile and tend to work easier in the existing spaces people have outside their home.
Hot tubs are usually in the backyard on a flat surface like a cement pad, deck, under a gazebo, or on the patio. Consider how close to the house you want your hot tub for getting in and out during cold weather, having to go to the bathroom, or drying off and changing. Do you want it in a secluded area where you can't be seen by neighbors? Consider the aesthetic appeal of a hot tub and where it might look pretty and be enhanced by landscaping and lights.
If you're worried about having a hot tub dropped on your doorstep with no way to move it, fear no more! Most hot tub deliveries come with a crew that will place your hot tub in the exact location you want it and get it set up for you. Since hot tubs are big and heavy, you're not expected to hoist it around on your own. This is a good time to take advantage of the crew's expertise and learn your way around your new hot tub and all the neat features it comes with!
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Even still, you can customize by choosing a level that best suits your needs and then add on features to make your spa into your own style. Prices often start around $3,000 and with more luxury and more add-ons, you can reach a price tag of over $20,000. Remember that the price may not include delivery and probably does not include installation. In fact, some spa companies don't offer installation, which may mean you'll have to hire out.

As you shop around for a hot tub, there are so many things to consider! It can be overwhelming trying to understand all of the options and which spa design is going to be the ideal fit for what you've pictured in your mind for fun and relaxation. You can focus your search more effectively by knowing what you prefer in these areas:

  • Size. Hot tubs can vary in size from three to ten seats, so think about how many people you'll want to have in your spa at once. If you're looking for small and intimate, and perhaps have limited space, consider a tub that seats 3-4 people. Larger tubs can seat 7-10 people; these will have a larger footprint in your space and take longer to heat, which means more stress on your utility bill. There may also be an option for lounge seating in your tub. You would sit more reclined, and there would be more jets along the length of your body. It's a great feature, but each lounger can take the spot of two regular seats, so plan accordingly.
  • Type of hydromassage. Some brands offer a gentle, low pressure, all-water massage and others have a powerful half-water/half-air jet stream for a deep massage. There are other jet options to choose from for your comfort, such as leg, feet, and neck jets, or a wrap-around-the-side body stream for more of an all-over effect.
  • Location and environment. Plan where you will like your spa. Is there room enough for the size you are considering? Most tubs are about 7' x 7', but yours will be bigger if you want to seat more people. The factors to consider for weather are the cover and insulation. The full-foam insulated covers help keep the interior from the elements and extreme temperatures, as most of the heat is lost through the top of the tub. The insulation helps keep the heat inside and prevents the heater from overworking itself.
  • Local availability. Can you visit a dealer in person to see the hot tubs on the showroom floor, or even get a "wet test" where you can try it out with water in it? You can see how strong the jets are and how it feels when you adjust them to your body.
  • Reputation. It's always a good idea to see what other customers have to say about the hot tub company. Keep in mind that the installation and servicing may be done by a third-party business, so you'll want to look into their track record as well.

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular brands of hot tubs on the market today. We're confident that this information will help you find the spa that will deliver the ultimate in relaxation and fun for many years to come!

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