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Marquis Spas Review

Wednesday, June 7th

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Marquis Spas Review 3.5 Star Rating

Marquis Spas

3.5 Star Rating
  • Mid-class and luxury-class spas
  • Focus on luxury
  • Anti-aging treatment optional
  • Customizable features

Marquis Spas is an employee-owned company and has been around since 1980. They specialize in mid-range spas which seat from two to seven people. They are beautiful, luxurious spas that provide hydrotherapy to relax the body. Their five collections have more than twenty models available in roughly the $8,000 - $16,000 range. Marquis does include a cover, which many companies do not, so it's something to take into consideration when looking for hot tubs.

Marquis is proud of their "Big 3"

Also included is a cover, which many companies do not include. There's full-foam insulation in the cover to reduce heat loss, saving money on electricity.

  • High-Flow Therapy is a process to deliver much water at a low pressure to achieve the effect of gentle but deep muscle penetration. High-Flow Therapy targets different body zones with its massive flow volumes. You can adjust the water flow between the deep tissue zones with the specialized massage jets.
  • ConstantClean+ is their water-management system. This system in combination with their SmartClean software schedules a high-volume clean cycle twice daily. It also schedules a cleaning within 30 minutes of each spa use. Some series include one of these two features, some include both.
  • MicroSilk injects microbubbles into the water when the massage jets aren't active, and the skin is then cleansed and detoxified more deeply than having non-oxygenated water. These tiny bubbles are tinier than skin pores, so they can penetrate the epidermal layer and remove contaminants. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help with skin irritation.

Also included is a cover, which many companies do not include. There's full-foam insulation in the cover to reduce heat loss, saving money on electricity.

Available options

You can choose a pump with a higher flow rate, audio features with a receiver, twin speakers, and a subwoofer with Bluetooth connectivity, smart technology for your Apple or Android device to monitor and control the tub's temperatures and settings, and control the pumps, lights, filtration cycles from afar. Your cover is included, but you might want a cover lift to make it easier to lift and lower the cover. For easier access to the spa you can purchase steps, or add on a storage bench. For a more luxurious experience, you can include multi-point LED interior spa lighting, exterior accent lighting, and/or stainless steel jet faces. For increased performance, consider buying an additional pump.

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This employee-owned company gives back

Marquis Spas teams with Make-A-Wish to offer the soothing relief of a spa experience to children in the Make-A-Wish program, having granted over 900 spa experience wishes across the country. That's something we can get behind!

Hot tub costs

  • Celebrity: $7,495 - $10,995
  • Marquis Elite: $7,995 - $11,995
  • Vector 21: $8,995 - $12,995
  • Crown: $10,995 - $15,995

Challenging to get prices

If you'd like a brochure, you'll need to submit your contact information. If you'd like pricing, you're required to contact a dealer. Not even general pricing is available on the website. The prices we received were from one dealer, and they could vary depending on where you live. These extra steps as well as sharing personal information are a downside here.

Marquis Spas offers innovative options at a mid-range price

The high-flow water system offering a powerful but gentle, deep massage sounds heavenly, doesn't it? And the oxygenation system gently beading oxygen on your skin, cleansing and purifying sounds quite gratifying. These options are unique to Marquis Spas, and so is offering a cover at no additional cost. Marquis has a wide range of spas at the mid-price range, it's employee-owned, and offers spa experiences to children in the Make-A-Wish program.

Room to improve

We Marquis Spas offered pricing, or at least price ranges, on their website, as well as a brochure with more detailed features and specifications - so that there wasn't the additional, and perhaps lengthy, step of contacting a dealer and giving away personal information. We also wish it had hot tubs at an entry-level for those who want the luxury of just having a spa. For all these reasons, Marquis Spas earns a better-than-average rating but comes up a little short of earning our highest recommendation.

Where Can You Find the Best Hot Tubs?

Do the mere words hot tub give you the dreamy feeling of sinking down in a pool of warm water, relaxing, closing your eyes, feeling the healing massage of the hydro jets on your back and neck, and letting the world slip by? Or perhaps you associate hot tubs with friends or family relaxing together, enjoying a little social time in the warm, bubbly spa.

If you've dreamed of enjoying the relaxation and muscle relief that a spa can offer, and having it in your own yard, we have information for you on the best hot tubs out there. Just sit back and relax. Hot tubs can come in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose the standard model, or you can go up in levels where they add waterfalls, colored lights, and perhaps smart capabilities.

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Hot Tub FAQ

When people think of hot tubs, they generally think of relaxing in them for pleasure. Although this is their main purpose, they are also great for hydrotherapy, pain relief, muscle relaxation, calorie burning, and more. There are a surprising amount of health benefits that come from lounging in a warm body of water.
When deciding what size of hot tub to buy, measure the area where you plan to put the hot tub. Leave a few extra feet on at least one side for getting in and out and doing maintenance. Other factors to consider are how many people you want to be able to fit in the hot tub together. You'll usually find ones that fit anywhere from 2-7 people, which will be a big factor in determining the overall cost.
Hot tubs will range from $3,000 to over $16,000 based on the performance, size, accessories, and design. For people getting a hot tub for their first time, they'll likely be happy with something in the $3,000 to $7,000 range that will meet all their needs. Some people choose to finance their hot tubs and make monthly payments on them since they are a considerably big purchase to make. That way they don't have to pay for it all upfront.
Luckily, hot tubs aren't very high maintenance. If you stick to the 3 C's of circulation, cleaning, and chemistry, you're set! It helps to set a schedule to check the hot tub filter to make sure nothing is getting in the way of water circulating freely. Also schedule times to clean out debris, scum, or stray critters that can dirty your hot tub. Last but not least, make sure you maintain a healthy pH and alkaline level in your hot tub by checking your chemicals and adjusting them as needed. Carefully read the instruction manual that comes with your particular model to be aware of all the parts that may need replacing after a certain period of time.
You'll probably find yourself making more choices than you first thought once you start your hot tub shopping journey. For starters, do you want a square hot tub? A circular hot tub? Or a hexagon-shaped hot tub? Not only are there multiple options for the shape, but also the exterior color and material, interior materials, color, light features, seating arrangements, where you want the jets, and much more. You'll be able to choose a hot tub to match the aesthetic of your home and patio.
Hot tubs and saunas can serve similar purposes for people, but in completely different ways. A sauna is a room where infrared heat or steam is emitted to produce a feeling of relaxation, increase blood flow, loosen muscles, and sweat for weight loss. Hot tubs allow people to be immersed completely in warm or hot water to loosen joints, relax muscles, improve mood, and increase blood flow. Many people opt for hot tubs over saunas because they are more versatile and tend to work easier in the existing spaces people have outside their home.
Hot tubs are usually in the backyard on a flat surface like a cement pad, deck, under a gazebo, or on the patio. Consider how close to the house you want your hot tub for getting in and out during cold weather, having to go to the bathroom, or drying off and changing. Do you want it in a secluded area where you can't be seen by neighbors? Consider the aesthetic appeal of a hot tub and where it might look pretty and be enhanced by landscaping and lights.
If you're worried about having a hot tub dropped on your doorstep with no way to move it, fear no more! Most hot tub deliveries come with a crew that will place your hot tub in the exact location you want it and get it set up for you. Since hot tubs are big and heavy, you're not expected to hoist it around on your own. This is a good time to take advantage of the crew's expertise and learn your way around your new hot tub and all the neat features it comes with!
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Continued from above...

Even still, you can customize by choosing a level that best suits your needs and then add on features to make your spa into your own style. Prices often start around $3,000 and with more luxury and more add-ons, you can reach a price tag of over $20,000. Remember that the price may not include delivery and probably does not include installation. In fact, some spa companies don't offer installation, which may mean you'll have to hire out.

As you shop around for a hot tub, there are so many things to consider! It can be overwhelming trying to understand all of the options and which spa design is going to be the ideal fit for what you've pictured in your mind for fun and relaxation. You can focus your search more effectively by knowing what you prefer in these areas:

  • Size. Hot tubs can vary in size from three to ten seats, so think about how many people you'll want to have in your spa at once. If you're looking for small and intimate, and perhaps have limited space, consider a tub that seats 3-4 people. Larger tubs can seat 7-10 people; these will have a larger footprint in your space and take longer to heat, which means more stress on your utility bill. There may also be an option for lounge seating in your tub. You would sit more reclined, and there would be more jets along the length of your body. It's a great feature, but each lounger can take the spot of two regular seats, so plan accordingly.
  • Type of hydromassage. Some brands offer a gentle, low pressure, all-water massage and others have a powerful half-water/half-air jet stream for a deep massage. There are other jet options to choose from for your comfort, such as leg, feet, and neck jets, or a wrap-around-the-side body stream for more of an all-over effect.
  • Location and environment. Plan where you will like your spa. Is there room enough for the size you are considering? Most tubs are about 7' x 7', but yours will be bigger if you want to seat more people. The factors to consider for weather are the cover and insulation. The full-foam insulated covers help keep the interior from the elements and extreme temperatures, as most of the heat is lost through the top of the tub. The insulation helps keep the heat inside and prevents the heater from overworking itself.
  • Local availability. Can you visit a dealer in person to see the hot tubs on the showroom floor, or even get a "wet test" where you can try it out with water in it? You can see how strong the jets are and how it feels when you adjust them to your body.
  • Reputation. It's always a good idea to see what other customers have to say about the hot tub company. Keep in mind that the installation and servicing may be done by a third-party business, so you'll want to look into their track record as well.

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