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Identity Force Review

Friday, August 12th

2022 Identity Theft Protection Service Reviews

Identity Force Review 4 Star Rating

Identity Force

4 Star Rating
  • $17.95/month for UltraSecure, comes with 14-day free trial
  • $23.95/month for UltraSecure+Credit
  • Get two months free when paying annually instead of monthly
  • Family plans available on request

Identity Force is a Sontiq brand, having been acquired by EZ Shield in 2019 and continuing a tradition of many decades in pursuit of excellence within the identity theft protection industry. The company has a 100% recovery success rate during stolen identity-related events and has earned several Stevie Awards for their products and customer service.

2 Plans To Choose From

There are two main plans to choose from here: UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit. Both plans include all of the features described above under Monitor, Alert, Control and Recover, but the higher-tier plan adds three-bureau credit monitoring, scores and reports as well as a credit score simulator. You'll pay $17.95/month for UltraSecure and $23.95/month for UltraSecure+credit; either plan gives you 2 free months when you pay annually instead of monthly. Only UltraSecure comes with a 14-day free trial.


  • Two plans for individuals: UltraSecure for $17.95/month and UltraSecure+Credit for $23.95/month
  • Get two months of coverage for free if you pay annually
  • Family plans available, must call Identity Force for details and pricing
  • $1M in identity theft insurance, including stolen funds replacement
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4 Pronged Approach

Identity Force uses a four-pronged approach to identity theft protection services: Monitor, Alert, Control and Recover. Take a look at what each category entails:

  • Monitor: Advanced Fraud Monitoring gives you real-time alerts when lenders request a copy of your credit report (e.g banks, mortgage companies, auto dealers and government agencies). Identity Force also tracks any change of address requests filed with USPS, court records, credit reports, the Dark Web, payday loans, sex offender registries, and your social media identity.
  • Alert: you get smart notifications if transactions on your bank or credit card accounts exceed the dollar amount you specify. You'll also be notified of potential fraud regarding your investment accounts, using your Social Security number, or in court records.
  • Control: you get instant online access to your credit score and report(s), lost wallet assistance, junk mail opt-out, medical ID fraud protection, and online PC protection tools that include anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software.
  • Recover: you've got access to US-based protection experts 24/7, stolen funds replacement up to $1 million, and up to $1 million in insurance to help you get back lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses related to identity fraud repair.

Lack Of Family Plan Information

Identity Force doesn't make it easy to get information about their family plans. Most of their competitors include those details on their main pages, but this company requires you to call in for a quote. We'd definitely like to see that included on their site, to be as transparent (and as welcoming to prospective family plan subscribers) as their rivals.

Great Reputation

This company has a great reputation with the Better Business Bureau, where they have an "A+" rating and accreditation. There were only two complaints filed with the BBB in the three years leading up to this review, which is another strong indicator of a healthy identity theft protection service - especially for a company that has been in business for over 40 years.

Mostly Positive Reviews

We were confused by Identity Force's customer feedback elsewhere, however. Despite having an average rating of 4.3 stars out of over 700 reviews, they seemed to only have 52% of subscribers giving them a 4- or 5-star rating. Given that we found very few complaints and mostly compliments in reviews from the last year - about the affordability of the plans, responsiveness of customer representatives, and thorough coverage - we concluded that the negative ratings may have been from several years prior to our evaluation.

Solid Choice

We give Identity Force high marks for having plans that are easy to understand, including one with a 2-week free trial, and for a solid track record of attentive customer service. We'd like to see their site include upfront information for families seeking identity theft protection, rather than making them jump through the extra hoop of making a phone call. In all other aspects, however, Identity Force earns a good rating for providing identity theft prevention and protection you can trust.

Where Can You Get the Best Protection from Identity Theft?

You're wise to ask that question, given that an average year sees as many as 14 million consumers reporting that they've been victimized by identity thieves - with losses reaching nearly $17 billion.

Those numbers may obscure the devastation experienced by an individual when their credit history is ravaged by fraudulent transactions. Scammers can use Social Security numbers, birthdates and other personal information to open bank accounts and credit cards, access medical care, and even claim tax refunds that don't belong to them.

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Identity Theft Protection Service FAQ

When someone takes advantage of your personal information - Social Security number, birthdate, name, etc. - to make purchases, open new accounts, or get a tax refund, it's defined as identity theft. More than three million cases of identity theft are reported on average each year - and that's just in the United States!
Keep an eye on the various accounts you have: banks, credit cards, insurance, and so forth. Identity theft can show up as unexplained withdrawals, missing bills or other mail, phone calls from debt collectors about accounts you never opened, or even conditions in your medical records that you've never had. All of these are red flags that someone is fraudulently using your identity.
If someone uses your personal information to get a new credit card, receive a tax refund, or take out a loan, you should report it to the Federal Trade Commission through their Identity Theft website. You should also contact the three main credit bureaus - TransUnion, Experian and Equifax - and have them place a fraud alert on your credit reports. Notify each company where you discover that fraud has occurred as well. Finally, contact your local police department to file a report. Fortunately, if you are a subscriber to an identity theft protection service, such fraud will likely be caught very early on and make it less likely that any long-term damage was done to your credit history.
Keeping your personal information secure is one of the best ways of stopping identity thieves. This includes shredding documents that have your personal and/or financial information before recycling them or putting them in the trash. Stay aware of the ways scammers are currently trying to get people to give up their information, such as phishing schemes or robocalls.[2] If you're not confident that you can stay on top of monitoring your identity, it is well worth it to subscribe to an identity theft protection plan.
Most services take a two-pronged approach to identity protection: prevention and repair. Once you become a subscriber, these systems monitor your information to detect security breaches and any attempts to use your identity. You're notified when any suspicious activity occurs, and if you have any funds stolen the service will typically help you recover the money.
Definitely not - and keep in mind that any money you spend will be far less than the cost of repairing your credit if your identity is stolen! You can get basic identity theft coverage for less than $7/month. There are also couple/family plans available that can protect everyone in your household.
Yes, most credit card companies actively track your spending habits and freeze your account if they suspect that a charge is fraudulent. That's a great resource that doesn't cost you a penny. However, your credit card companies aren't also tracking your bank accounts, health insurance and medical records, online profile or status with the IRS. And, your credit card issuer isn't going to help you repair your credit history if your identity is stolen. Using an identity theft protection plan is the most robust way to keep an eye on all of the places your personal information could be used illegally - and to fix things if a breach occurs.
Absolutely. In fact, identity thieves place a high premium on stolen Social Security numbers of minors, because it can often be a very long time before the theft is discovered: imagine going to apply for a credit card for the first time, only to find out that someone else had been using your identity for years! If you're considering an identity theft protection plan, be sure to find out what options are available for the children in your family: their coverage is usually deeply discounted when compared with the costs for adults.
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Continued from above...

All of this can take what was once an excellent credit score, and drag it down the drain. Unfortunately, the unsuspecting victim may not realize their identity has been stolen until they try to apply for a loan or start getting calls from collection agencies, and by then the damage has already been done.

Even children can be prime targets for identity thieves. Because most people don't open credit cards or borrow money until adulthood, their information can be used for many years: imagine starting out as an 18-year-old with a horrible credit history that you did nothing to deserve! By that time, criminals may have already taken lavish vacations, gotten expensive cosmetic surgery, or bought luxury furniture - all using the identity of a child.

Experts recommend that consumers be constantly vigilant to protect their personal information. Basic steps like shredding documents with sensitive data and not disclosing too many details on social media can help prevent identity theft. However, scammers abound and are determined to find ways to access what they need.

That's why identity theft protection services are a smart idea: while no service can offer a 100% guarantee that you'll never be a victim, their plans can often nip unauthorized access in the bud before things get out of hand. And, most of them not only help you clear your name and restore your credit history if identity theft occurs, but they also insure any financial losses up to a million dollars or more.

With many identity theft protection services to choose from, how can you tell which one is right for you? Here are several criteria to keep in mind:

  • Scope of Protection. How many credit bureaus does the provider monitor? Some only cover one of the three main reporting agencies, while others include all of them. Will all of your financial accounts be monitored? What about online presence, social media accounts, email addresses, and so forth?
  • Plan Options. Can you choose among multiple plans, or does the service only offer a few? Can you get a plan that meets your needs (e.g. a family plan for your dependent children, coverage for yourself and a partner)?
  • Cost. How much will you pay, monthly or annually? Will those costs increase after an introductory period? How do the fees compare with rival identity theft protection plans?
  • Reputation. What do other customers have to say about their experience with the company? Did they have any issues that weren't adequately resolved by the service's support team? Has the service been rated by the BBB?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best providers of identity theft protection available today. We hope this information helps you choose the service that offers the most peace of mind at the best price.

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